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gregoa pushed a change to annotated tag v1.57
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        at  855d1e1   (tag)
   tagging  9028175f6a3470fcfbe4357dbc6e177070ca5ad8 (commit)
  replaces  v1.56
 tagged by  Karen Etheridge
        on  Thu Jan 30 14:13:52 2014 -0800

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

David Golden (85):
      improve SYNOPSIS and new() documentation
      add documents() method
      move method & function docs before spec
      Fix read_string heuristics for decoding input
      Make the write method create UTF-8 encoded files
      update Changes
      Require Perl v5.8.1
      Improve read() for strict, safe behavior
      Improve write() for safe, strict behavior
      Stricter encoding handling
      Consistent exception handling
      Lazy load Config and Fcntl
      update documentation for work in progress on 2.000 release
      add support for readng quoted keys
      escape hash keys if necessary
      Merge branch 'prepare-for-2.00'
      stop skipping double quoted key TML test
      test quoted empty hash key
      bump Test::More prereq to 0.90 (done_testing, etc.)
      Merge pull request #16 from Perl-Toolchain-Gang/testml-clean
      convert 17_toolbar to testml
      Reorganize test plans; move alternate YAML parsing to xt
      note that 13_perl_smith.tml is broken for YAML::Syck
      convert 14_yaml_org to TestML
      Major test reorganization and rationalization
      Reorganize test running
      Split all 11_meta_yaml.t tests into separate tml files
      implement TestMLTiny slurp inline
      TestUtils can load TestMLTiny directly with 'use' now
      update tests for v5.8.1 minimum
      use like() for testing error string
      consolidate function export tests to t/01_api.t
      fix default export test
      add t/ as a guide to testing
      Rename TestMLBridge to TestBridge
      Move yaml_ok() into test_yaml_perl()
      Converted 03_regression into tml-local tests
      have TestMLTiny skip junk lines after single-line points
      migrate yaml_error() tests to .tml
      fix testml for new bridge
      Consolidate and reorganize read() tests
      remove unused load_ok test function
      moved remaining test functions to TestBridge
      consolidate write() tests
      Consolidate read_string tests. compatibility testing
      fix error_like function to respect test label argument
      Allow YAML without trailing newline
      cover read/read_string as object methods
      put 11_read_string.t tests into subtests
      covered and fixed error message for invalid UTF-8 strings
      note a parsing clause as unreachable and uncoverable
      test coverage for unquoting empty double quotes
      Removing t/tml-spec/rountrip.t
      Remove t/lib/
      Reorganize and standardize TestML testing
      reimplment t/tml in perl
      start splitting local tests up by spec topics
      split nullref tests by data type
      split 03_regression by data type
      make tml file names singular
      merge nesting.tml into collection.tml
      split 02_basic by data_type
      write_string called as class method returns empty string
      rename tml-world files with legacy names
      Only the first document can be implicit
      multi-line scalar doc starting on header is not supported
      test coverage for quotes in quotes
      fix xt comparison tests
      use own cmp_deeply instead of is_deeply
      drop embedded TestML::Tiny perl prereq to 5.008001
      add .travis.yml
      improve diagnostics
      fix unquoted key regular expression
      fix UTF-8 character escaping on Perl v5.8
      fix error_like return code
      set .travis.yml to notify #yaml
      Make read/write_string return undef on exception
      make Travis notify success only on change
      remove the documents method
      make all errows throw exceptions
      revise and reorganize Changes for exceptions and testing work
      clarify that the exception change provides consistency
      xdg comments
      remove mention of write_utf8_string from Changes, as it has been removed

Graham Knop (1):
      prevent warnings when Scalar::Util is missing or broken

Ingy döt Net (48):
      Call a hash a hash!
      Remove testing support for YAML::Perl.
      Fixed a bug with empty array elem
      A Tiny change to the year of the Snake!
      Add data driven test basics
      Implement TestMLTiny
      Replace t/02basic.t with testml!
      Fix a small bug in t/02_basic.tml and TestMLTiny
      convert t/03_regression.t to testml.
      Convert t/11_meta_yml.t to testml
      convert t/12_plagger.t to testml
      convert 16_nullrefs and 18_tap to testml
      finish migration to testml
      Make this a testml test, but SKIP it.
      Remove XXX
      Eliminate duplicate testml runner code.
      Make xt tests run
      Multifile runner is a Util function.
      Refactor to put things in the right places.
      Wrote a testml test runner for single or multiple files.
      Added a unicode test
      Got code point 0 passing.
      All first 2048 code points passing except 92 (\) and 160
      Start refactoring the unicode test.
      Document all control char tests.
      Finish pruning and documenting. 53 tests.
      this didn't get changed when bridge class was renamed
      First stab at using TestML::Tiny.
      Upgrade to CPAN version 0.000001
      Small doc changes
      Add .travis.yml fir for CI testing
      Switch the .travis.yml file to the style on devel
      latest testml-tiny
      Switch this test to use PointMarker
      Move the deprecated variable next its code
      Delete irrelevant commented out code
      Refactor regexes:
      Don't return after _error
      First pass review notes.
      move flock code down to bottom
      Move the code into more regular layout
      Rename internal functions
      simplify code and possibly use less resources.
      more language tweaks
      Doc comments and tweaks
      Make a few changes to stay under 80 char wide.
      oops. left in a 'use XXX'

James E Keenan (2):
      Add test demonstrating that CPAN #51491 has been fixed.
      Improve documentation for Load().

Jim Keenan (1):
      Boost test coverage

Karen Etheridge (18):
      make file permissions consistent (RT#89281)
      add a CONTRIBUTING file, copied from Path-Tiny
      documentation is literal here; also show a method that does not use 
      refresh CONTRIBUTING file, now autogenerated
      provide non-utf8 file encodings, for dzil5
      update CONTRIBUTING file
      for now, extract EOLTests until I figure out how to whitelist the problem 
      easiest just to mark our entire corpus as "bytes - do not munge"
      stop AutoPrereqs from trying to read undecodable files
      refresh CONTRIBUTING file
      add contributors to metadata
      exempt MBT from core checks, as Makefile.PL is still available as a 
      canonicalize contributor names and addresses
      drop ego lines from changelog
      rename this file to keep portability tests happy
      add VERSION section to pod
      move pragmas above the package declaration, to allow plugins to more 
happily hack in a version etc

jkeenan (3):
      Test failure to provide filename to write().
      Small grammar corrections to documentation.
      Remove unreachable code.


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