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 tagged by  Karen Etheridge
        on  Tue Aug 20 21:57:42 2013 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
version 1.51

adam (55):
      Adding YAML::Tiny
      Completed debugging all empty file cases
      Adding comparison to the tests
      Adding error messages
      Added some tiny sample documents
      Skip documens that fail to parse
      Adding the most basic header handling
      Adding write_sting for trivial documents
      Don't add the empty document if we don't hit a header
      Bits and pieces
      Bug fixes
      Hopefully can handle scalar documents
      Adding list test
      More tests
      Added support for a one-element list
      Add dump support for a plain list
      Add dump support for a plain list
      Completed support for a single-element list
      Adding support for lists with more than one element in it
      Adding preamble for release
      Moving preamble
      Preparing for release
      Adding support for one-line root hashes
      Adding write support for undefs
      Adding multiple-element hash
      Preparing for release
      Incrementing version
      Removing the use of auto_install
      Starting to add nested HASH support
      Fixing obvious bugs
      Merging in the new tests
      Added (hopefully) half the parser
      Implemented the basics
      Incrementing to 0.03
      Adding support for implicit document start, colon hash keys and single 
      Adding several new features, and now support Plagger and vanilla.yml
      Incrementing version for release
      Updating vanilla.yml file and adding more plagger tests
      Integrated the syck compatibility to the test library
      Adding a YAML::Syck dependency when AUTOMATED_TESTING is enabled
      Updating tests based on revalation that YAML::Syck can't handle 
non-single documents
      Preparing for 0.10 release
      Bug fixes
      A ton of things ended up with the wrong newlines, correcting
      Adding multi-line support
      Adding back the syck test
      Preparing for release
      Fixing docs
      Fixing export
      iBug fix
      Fixing preamble
      Adding DumpFile and LoadFile support (98):
      A few changes
      Bug fix
      Adding new modules from laptop
      Bug fix, additional null hash format supported
      Adding failing test case
      fixing some bugs, skipping some bugs that the other guys have
      Preparing for release
      Committing more broken test cases
      Adding support for |-
      Adding additional test case
      More bug fixing
      Fixing the hitchiker bug
      Adding support for null hash/array
      Fixing some cases where I wasn't handling trailing whitespace
      More bug fixing
      Added support for open hash/array at EOF
      Syncing various stuff
      Adding a multi-byte META.yml sample
      Preparing for a release
      Adding support for null length reference documents
      Preparing for incremental release
      Trying to fix a bug
      Updating to newer tests
      Adding to the test count
      Converting to ExtUtils::MakeMaker
      Converting M:I to EU:MM for ::Tiny modules
      Adding a new test file
      Removing the dep on perl
      Preparing for release
      Fixing version
      Minor bug fix
      Bug fix
      Fixing support for unprintable characters
      Correcting version
      Removing explicit dependencies if they are not needed
      Various improvements
      Preparing for production release
      Adding additional test
      Adding better support for version headers
      Bug fix
      Completing the spec
      Clearing all non-patch bugs
      Adding scalar test
      Updating copyright
      Add small patch to "allow non-unicode byte to be first hash key char"
      Bug fixes
      Re-adding the license key
      Adding support for document ends
      Skip Syck in a case we know it fails
      Switching to production version
      Makefile.PL tweaking (mostly build_require to test_requires)
      Better error handling
      Correcting test count
      Emergency bug fix release
      Small tweaks to YAML::Tiny
      Preparing for release
      Test fixes
      Adding support for _write_scalar sub-classing
      Moving to prod release
      Moving to prod release
      Adding minimal case
      Fixing the pathalogical case
      Incrementing for release
      Correcting copyright
      Working towards unicode suport
      Fixes for quotes and escaping
      Synchronised some code in the test suite back from Parse::CPAN::Meta
      More details in the error message
      Final error tweaks for release
      Final error tweaks for release
      Ready to go
      Fixing generation of quoted true/false/null values, so they can be read 
by the Ruby YAML parser.
      Performance fix
      Minor documentation and test changes
      Moved author tests to xt
      Fixed a case that YAML::Perl doesn't support
      Updated comparison YAML versions
      Get the test stuff right this time
      Newline fix
      One last nudge
      Save a k or so
      Save a k or so
      Minor tweaks
      Checking and cleaning Ingy's code for a dev release
      Initial experimental conversion back from exceptions to the documented 
      Tidy for release
      Switching to production release
      Only depend on the other YAML implementions during release_testing
      Only depend on the other YAML implementions during release_testing
      Fix for Scalar::Util older than 1.18
      Don't pollute META.yml with YAML test modules
      Major parsing bug fix
      Major parsing bug fix
      Bug fixes (4):
      use compatibility layer in Makefile.PL
      move modules from PREREQ_PM to BUILD_REQUIRES
      new version of compatibility code (2):
      Add IO layer arg to slurp().
      One more UTF8 check (1):
      r2291@ingy:  ingy | 2006-07-05 22:35:08 -0700 (10):
      Export Load and Dump by default, because other YAML modules do that.
      Test checkin from ingy...
      Bump version # and update Changes file.
      Remove dos line endings from Changes file.
      Remove dos line endings from YAML::Tiny.
      Test for line comments.
      Handle inline comments in many places.
      Forgot to uncomment this line
      Throw errors for plain scalars that YAML does not allow. is terrible about inline comments. Disabling all tests. (2):
      utf8 and BOM support
      fix floating point failure (4):
      Adding a test file for YAML::Syck/YAML::Tiny compatibility. (Round-trip 
problem because YAML::Syck places whitespace after the initial '---')
      add failing test for Spreadsheet-Read's META
      space to tab
      use Carp; Otherwise Carp::croak() isn't found


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