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abe pushed a change to branch master
in repository libcpan-changes-perl.

      from  c8f8846   update changelog
       new  9c99a6e   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  417ed26   Update debian/changelog
      adds  098454e   Initial commit
      adds  09c55db   add Test module
      adds  d195deb   release date
      adds  f1e6315   add repo info
      adds  3f6b571   Make tests compatible with Test::More that ships with 
perl 5.10.0 (Fixes RT #65543)
      adds  0ffe7b1   bump ver.
      adds  9684741   prep release
      adds  6b33be7   Allow more than one space between version and date
      adds  7c44068   Add space before date fix to Changes
      adds  2cbfb38   Handle the case where a change starts with no leading 
whitespace, and still parse continuation lines correctly.
      adds  26c7fab   Add no leading space fix to Changes
      adds  17df861   prep release
      adds  73a745a   remove done_testing from a test
      adds  54b66b2   update self.t
      adds  9d8bdc7   Attempt to squash warnings for undefined dates and add 
rudimentary version sorting when dates are equal
      adds  67ba426   support for a NEXT token
      adds  ab97503   add to Changes
      adds  182b5a1   Proper definition of whitespace between version and date 
(Fixes RT #65678)
      adds  9eb201c   prep release
      adds  64b5b41   Add proper version sorting via
      adds  7b37b5b   prep release
      adds  d2e108b   mention manifest update
      adds  fef0baf   Wrap version parsing in eval()
      adds  c661872   perltidy
      adds  25a3544   prep release
      adds  64c436c   Handle inconsistent indentation between releases. Be more 
strict about parsing rules for grouping lines.
      adds  1af4711   Be more lenient when parsing dates. Timestamps (e.g. Tue 
Mar 29 08:32:16 2011) are now parsed and converted to W3CDTF.
      adds  9d59a1b   add RT # to changelog
      adds  f39d8d1   Be more strict about date validation in 
      adds  d298dfa   Parse the default Dist-Zilla date format
      adds  db9b336   Sort releases() by version first for greater consistency
      adds  597e6f1   Use's LAX regex for finding versions
      adds  869b637   add 'delete_empty_groups' methods
      adds  27d62cd   prep release
      adds  015a3d5   Handle more date/time formats during parsing
      adds  bc1ec0d   prep release
      adds  c85e286   more date-related parser updates
      adds  4768471   fix regex. requires perl 5.10.0
      adds  bb9bc4b   prep release
      adds  c424266   Eliminate extra whitespace when release data is not 
defined (RT #67441)
      adds  5e08a1d   Require 0.79, which introduced the $LAX regexp 
(RT #67613)
      adds  44fbb10   bump test number
      adds  cae899a   add the option to sort groups
      adds  3ead277   Merge branch 'sort-groups' of into yanick-sort-groups
      adds  0b7ddd6   changed option to group_sort. tidied. changelog.
      adds  3dbb13c   prep release
      adds  b655713   i meant date, not data
      adds  d32c5b3   change regex delimiter to improve synhi under Vim
      adds  9519adc   assert that the current version has changes
      adds  932cd99   Merge pull request #5 from rjbs/master.
      adds  f8bdd6c   use regex from
      adds  f3f5609   use version, remove old regex.
      adds  2c548d0   Add $VERSION to Test::CPAN::Changes so it plays nice with 
the toolchain.
      adds  59f43d8   Merge pull request #6 from broquaint/master
      adds  a7a0617   prep release
      adds  473f8ef   group regex should be non-greedy to strip ending 
      adds  00b52f5   fix doc link
      adds  8a23a0b   Merge pull request #9 from karenetheridge/master
      adds  1824c3b   use the public API rather than the literal regexp
      adds  46706e3   RT#76882: accept Changes entries with -TRIAL versions
      adds  aa48ded   Merge pull request #10 from 
      adds  55e49f1   bit of tidying
      adds  8dc3a05   releases() in CPAN::Changes also accepts entries ending 
in '-TRIAL'
      adds  1261c8a   prep release
      adds  c0e5eee   copyright year
      adds  d9f584d   adding utility script
      adds  adb127e   Merge pull request #11 from yanick/tidy_changelog
      adds  dbd9c38   don't delete '' group by mistake
      adds  d154a2c   Merge pull request #13 from yanick/delete-empty-groups
      adds  c6b0ba5   pod fix
      adds  35e3e4e   prep release
      adds  b94062b   Require Test::More 0.96 (RT #84994)
      adds  ef2e9ec   add --check and --help flags
      adds  d035b23   Merge branch 'master' of into szabgab-master
      adds  bc21d5f   add another preamble example and a note about suggested 
line length
      adds  eafde4f   properly handle multi-line preamble sections
      adds  68ab6e7   parse unknown release dates; separate note from date
      adds  70af5b2   add another common dev release term
      adds  2176a86   update Test::CPAN::Changes to not fail on missing/invalid 
dates, but warn instead
      adds  fdcc381   Missing dates are again invalid, parsable but 
non-spec-compliant dates throw a warning.
      adds  2b36c0d   update spec to talk about unknown dates and release note
      adds  e87dc19   Merge branch 'release-dates'
      adds  06b7f98   remove plan from tidy_changelog script
      adds  4dd5366   prep release
      adds  e8f8e98   sync versions and prep release
      adds  d5b254c   Fix extra whitespace for empty values after version (RT 
      adds  ffd70ef   allow T marker in W3CDTF to be optional. (RT #87499)
      adds  6ab0496   prep release
      adds  1d22055   typo fix
      adds  4492e7d   Merge pull request #15 from karenetheridge/patch-1
      adds  fbe28e4   Move 'use Text::Wrap' to module, which use it. Fix 
problem with usage of CPAN::Changes::Release class.
      adds  5877e33   Merge pull request #16 from tupinek/master
      adds  770ee08   Fix Dist::Zilla date parsing. Now puts timezone data in 
note section
      adds  86e6cce   prep release
      adds  8da94d7   prep release
      adds  aec479a   Fix reference issues when adding a release (RT #90605)
      adds  39439cc   prep release
      adds  3f83570   update spec and code to allow any non-word characters 
between version and date
      adds  52f9afd   use standard capture variables instead of ${^MATCH}
      adds  f90f7c5   compatible with 5.8
      adds  f1781ef   Merge pull request #18 from haarg/compatible
      adds  ee3b84d   Add "SEE ALSO" links to similar modules (RT #94636)
      adds  34af6de   prep release
      adds  a280638   add travis testing
      adds  ad2b44f   cut and paste gone wrong
      adds  927c9ab   whitespace
      adds  3ea73c6   add module::install to travis
      adds  dda0798   another shot at travis testing
      adds  21f2401   Factor logic pertaining to each Group within a release to 
its own object.
      adds  8aa6a29   Merge pull request #22 from kentfredric/use-groups
      adds  5cdb79d   prep release
      adds  5b413d0   Add test for moo accessor lazy building the value
      adds  dd3ea5f   Rework name definition to be lazier but still strict and 
      adds  09bbbc9   Merge pull request #23 from 
      adds  1851395   prep releasse
      adds  2ae6fac   Merge pull request #1 from bricas/master
      adds  8a35f5b   Add test for W3CDTF datetime with timezone.
      adds  9b07c65   Fix match string for regexp (escape +, which is regexp 
      adds  9036956   Merge pull request #20 from tupinek/master
      adds  cae1357   use quotemeta on date portion of string (#20)
      adds  766cbda   changelog
      adds  7117f19   distar-ify
      adds  40e3695   use done_testing
      adds  571fcc3   pod tests required for developers
      adds  437f0b3   kill use_ok
      adds  e281b79   dos2unix
      adds  90d8360   clean up travis config
      adds  e5cd267   validate empty note on timestamps
      adds  239da65   improved formatting for timestamp test
      adds  e0687e2   include test corpus in manifest
      adds  a39529d   remove ending blank line when serializing
      adds  5044fc9   use undef for non-existant notes/dates
      adds  8f79f9f   when serializing, indent groups by 2 and entries by 4 (or 
2 if no groups)
      adds  add34b8   add spaces around group names when serializing
      adds  74031af   remove changelog heading for unreleased version
      adds  ab77b15   Bumping version to 0.400001
      adds  e09db20   update changelog
      adds  6bfbf7e   avoid wrapping long tokens like URLs, and don't wrap on 
      adds  18d266d   require version 0.9906 to ensure $LAX is available
      adds  43660a6   groups shouldn't have extra brackets in them
      adds  03525c0   Try to decode latin1 or UTF-8 files when reading
      adds  3e5ba55   changelog cleanup
      adds  9ccc03e   changelog prereq bump
      adds  8d42657   changelog group bracket fix
      adds  570f7b3   changelog encoding improvement
      adds  3eb6b40   Release commit for 0.400001
      adds  6b3ed59   Imported Upstream version 0.400001
       new  f24eb99   Merge tag 'upstream/0.400001'
       new  90f3830   Update debian/changelog

The 4 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                              |  12 +
 MANIFEST                             |  21 +-
 META.json                            |  65 ++++
 META.yml                             |  23 +-
 Makefile.PL                          | 100 ++++-
 {script => bin}/tidy_changelog       |   2 +-
 debian/changelog                     |   9 +-
 debian/upstream/metadata             |   5 +
 inc/Module/                | 470 -----------------------
 inc/Module/Install/           |  83 ----
 inc/Module/Install/            | 154 --------
 inc/Module/Install/     | 114 ------
 inc/Module/Install/          |  93 -----
 inc/Module/Install/       | 418 --------------------
 inc/Module/Install/       | 722 -----------------------------------
 inc/Module/Install/        |  29 --
 inc/Module/Install/          |  64 ----
 inc/Module/Install/       |  63 ---
 lib/CPAN/                  |  24 +-
 lib/CPAN/Changes/            |  12 +-
 lib/Test/CPAN/             |   2 +-
 maint/Makefile.PL.include            |  12 +
 t/corpus/group-brackets.changes      |   2 +
 t/corpus/latin1.changes              |   2 +
 t/corpus/timestamp.changes           |   3 +
 t/corpus/utf8.changes                |   2 +
 t/delete_empty_groups.t              |   4 +-
 t/dist-zilla-changes.t               |   5 +-
 t/moo_lazy_subclass.t                |   1 -
 t/read_basic.t                       |   6 +-
 t/read_different-indentation.t       |   6 +-
 t/read_dist-zilla.t                  |   6 +-
 t/read_encoded.t                     |  33 ++
 t/read_group-brackets.t              |  16 +-
 t/read_group.t                       |   6 +-
 t/read_line-continuation.t           |   6 +-
 t/read_multiple_releases.t           |   6 +-
 t/read_no-leading-space-for-change.t |   6 +-
 t/read_no_date.t                     |   4 +-
 t/read_preamble.t                    |   6 +-
 t/read_space-before-date.t           |   6 +-
 t/read_timestamp.t                   |  19 +-
 t/read_unknown_date.t                |   6 +-
 t/read_version-date-separator.t      |   6 +-
 t/rt90605.t                          |  44 ++-
 t/self.t                             |   6 +-
 t/serialize.t                        |  59 +--
 t/sort_groups.t                      |   6 +-
 t/valid_dates.t                      |   4 +-
 xt/release/pod.t                     |   3 +-
 xt/release/pod_coverage.t            |   4 +-
 51 files changed, 430 insertions(+), 2350 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 META.json
 rename {script => bin}/tidy_changelog (99%)
 mode change 100644 => 100755
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 create mode 100644 maint/Makefile.PL.include
 create mode 100644 t/corpus/latin1.changes
 create mode 100644 t/corpus/utf8.changes
 create mode 100644 t/read_encoded.t

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