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      from  5028bba   update changelog
       new  78ab5ae   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  5d1f5c3   Update debian/changelog
      adds  941fb9f   Initial commit
      adds  6179666   Added exception handling and compat_mode
      adds  6468129   More tests
      adds  78e90c7   Generate lib/Net/Twitter/ with TT2; API defined in 
      adds  3b7d266   Build .pm from TT2 template IFF inc/.author exists
      adds  9cb4ab7   Remove implicit Net::Twitter requirment
      adds  32a6a7d   Documented the API module.
      adds  c88a9cc   Added support for the Twitter Search API
      adds  19957c8   Minor optimizations
      adds  b055e8e   Factored Search API out into its own module
      adds  6e2c467   Factored the compat bits out into their own module.
      adds  a924c71   Separate code and doc for into .pm and .pod
      adds  345c51d   Amend Compat refactor: missed an instance of _response.
      adds  ce8925e   Added resources to Makefile.PL for inclusion in META.yml
      adds  3ddd423   Bring dependecies up-to-date
      adds  09b82c6   Documentation
      adds  bb326c9   Integrated Net::Twitter::Lite::Search into the 
      adds  1b9b207   Use the "following" terminology recommended by Twitter.
      adds  2a95444   Added tests for Search API
      adds  334b28a   Minor doc patch to correct terminology
      adds  7dbdf22   Added support for the new Social Graph REST API methods
      adds  80d094c   Moose hygiene
      adds  d6ba7a1   Added Error class and updated error handling accordingly 
in Compat.
      adds  97d61bd   Upgraded Module::Install
      adds  c7a191a   Brought the API up-to-date with Twitter
      adds  253a286   Updated tests; fixed minor bugs
      adds  44dcfb6   Updated the Search API
      adds  f58bdd8   Attempting to factor out APIs into roles (work in 
      adds  6300fb3   Refactoring APIs into Roles (in progress)
      adds  9d589af   Added custom Meta::Method for introspection
      adds  8f17a6f   Tests up-to-date (except for POD tests)
      adds  2b4b2fb   Renamed _ua to ua; consistency with Net::Twitter
      adds  e48dd92   Additional changes for legacy Net::Twitter compat
      adds  08927fc   Removed ::Lite; preparing to replace Net::Twitter
      adds  14e992d   Additional changes to rename Net-Twitter-Lite to 
      adds  f809f46   Update version number
      adds  4ae9b65   Factored legacy support into roles; compose roles in 
      adds  02f19f1   Legacy modules ::Identica and ::Search
      adds  727e4db   Replaced troublesome import method with MX::Traits
      adds  065b198   Moved "identica" from Legacy to API::REST
      adds  e4b84c3   Overridden N:T:new broke derived classes
      adds  0324d7d   Documentation and additional compat mods.
      adds  85f1be7   Additional documentation; all POD tests pass.
      adds  7682be4   Support HASH ref arg to new.
      adds  4d74659   Add namespace::autoclean to dependencies
      adds  cdea188   Correct module names / POD NAME sections
      adds  a18f34c   Prepare a new dev release _02
      adds  1776dd7   Doc fixes; auto_install
      adds  5d1a593   Moved Net::Twitter to N::T::Core; N:T simply used for 
construction. Added legacy option.
      adds  935175a   Bug fixes: agentclass_args type; error handling
      adds  ff8267e   Fixed useragent_args usage; added test for same
      adds  5a9bab1   Fixed: POD/README errors in generated docs
      adds  4553baf   Identica fixes: string to bool conversion; mentions => 
      adds  baa2b36   Update Changes for prior commit
      adds  4de38d6   Integrated Tatsuhiko Miyagawa's OAuth support as a trait
      adds  24737f7   Restructured: roles/traits moved to Net/Twitter/Role/
      adds  d4ebeac   merged oauth branch into master
      adds  3cf156b   Recreated the identica -> mentions/replies fix; minor POD 
      adds  5833f4f   Updated tests for identica mentions/replies hack
      adds  8cfe825   Updated description for friendship_exists
      adds  1ca2b9a   Fixed: typo that rendered $nt->get_authorization_url lame
      adds  387801f   UTF-8 encode get/post parameters
      adds  49eaa38   Fixed the latin-1/UTF-8 issue, thanks to miyagawa
      adds  8a520a7   CPAN release 3.0
      adds  607e664   Add version numbers to existing modules to make PAUSE 
      adds  38f8cf8   Never use UNIVERSAL::can as a function
      adds  89f80f1   Updated required version numbers
      adds  c0ef599   Typo fix and notes, courtesy of mgrdcm
      adds  0cc6545   Prep for CPAN release
      adds  dbd5571   Updated documentation based on feedback from "mister bray"
      adds  8477ad6   Ironic: corrected a spelling error in an error message
      adds  9f3ae4b   $@->error should not rely on having an error object from 
      adds  ca18bad   Workaround for some JSON backends that don't decode 
booleans properly
      adds  a52c729   Fixed API path for blocking_ids
      adds  e42cf2d   Fix: identica requires "user_timeline/<id>.json" form 
when id is passed
      adds  baebcf9   Missing paren in doc sample code
      adds  a3f16f8   friends, followers, and favorites also in 
<method>/<id>.json form when id is passed
      adds  c06ca4c   Improved tests for bools; added test for end_session
      adds  a573f8b   Never set the twitter_error to a string
      adds  94f126a   Fixed: accept exta args as a HASH ref (search behaved 
this way in 2.12)
      adds  7ee5561   Added saved_searches API methods
      adds  bdf5344   Added a section describing the Net::Twitter::Lite 
      adds  f1bcee4   Updated OAuth support to include desktop app PIN numbers
      adds  760bed1   Updated Changes
      adds  25b811c   Fixed doc typo
      adds  47f07e2   Added initargs user/pass for compat with NT 2.12
      adds  ba8cfcf   Fix TwitterVision POD and example
      adds  a5b1067   Added appropriate 'requires' to Moose Roles
      adds  cd7d505   Merge branch 'master' into oauth
      adds  3331227   Full implementation of OAuth 1.0a using Net::OAuth
      adds  e494ab7   Fixed typo and added a date to the changelog
      adds  2e9108a   Started a FAQ section in the POD
      adds  1d165aa   Added an "else" case for completeness; we shouldn't hit 
this case
      adds  dab5e73   Improved implementation of token and url accessors
      adds  bbd921e   Added authenticate option to API calls
      adds  a111ee7   Validate method attribute names passed to constructor
      adds  7653bbb   Added a geocode search example to the FAQ
      adds  eea52b1   Make Net::Twitter safe for subclassing
      adds  aa85917   Twitter API update: new_direct_message prams; new 
show_friendship method
      adds  bf9f044   CPAN release 3.03000
      adds  6ffde91   Improved subclassing support and added subclass tests
      adds  97f11dc   Require meta-method "authenticate" (simplifies building 
      adds  214ca30   Proprely subclassed Net-Twitter user classes
      adds  526409a   CPAN release
      adds  fad81b0   Moved "isa" handling from Core to Net::Twitter where it 
      adds  c08f122   Modified tests so they'll be properly sxip without a 
recent version of LWP:UA
      adds  324f884   Make set_error_return_val *more* private
      adds  6b07ffc   Removed documentation for previously deleted method 
      adds  be632a8   Removed inc/ from the repos; no sense versioning 
generated files
      adds  01ceb8c   Use a better nonce algorithm to avoid duplicates in 
forked procs
      adds  b0b4e94   Updated documentation for OAuth 1.0a: callback parameter 
      adds  a8e8ced   CPAN release 3.03002
      adds  bcba09d   Fixed a typo in Makefile.PL: s/require/requires/
      adds  4fc4dfb   Removed JSON workaround for booleans
      adds  9b926fd   Inflate Twitter HASH returns to objects (role 
      adds  c47c70e   CPAN Release 3.04000
      adds  afbfa39   Use Moose::Meta::Class instead of Class::MOP::Class
      adds  78c1050   Added a simple load test
      adds  55fabb1   For robustness, conditionally set ( is => bare ).
      adds  139c1f6   UTF-8 support for all JSON handlers
      adds  ed8268a   Added ssl and netrc options from Net::Twitter::Lite
      adds  1d599fc   Added decode_html_entities option; decodes entities in 
"text" fields.
      adds  dd615e2   utf-8 encode arguments sent to twitter
      adds  d6fd9ef   CPAN release 3.04003
      adds  d77e736   Fixed test: plan run twice when LWP:UA not recent
      adds  8dc7323   Bug fix: invalid OAuth signatures on POST requests
      adds  300b29f   Fixed OAuth/unicode conflict
      adds  daad1a8   Silence Net::OAuth's double encoding warning.
      adds  b7dcc1f   Fixed infrequent OAuth signature failures
      adds  c49ef16   Added new API methods: home_timeline, retweet, 
      adds  4c8b2ec   Removed JSON::DWIW as a JSON handler (it lacks support 
for JSON::Any's utf8 option)
      adds  37a1cc4   CPAN release 3.05000
      adds  ce0c1ce   Added get_authentication_url for "Sign in with Twitter" 
authentication flow
      adds  46f916a   Updated "source" option doucmentation (closes RT 48786)
      adds  0d75eb2   CPAN release 3.05001
      adds  1e0d1ec   Fixed minor typo in a comment
      adds  81ae6b1   Work around perl bug requiring encoded keys when client 
uses "use utf8"
      adds  308e12a   Removed deprecated is_authorized from examples in pod 
(thanks to Nigel Metheringham)
      adds  8cc989e   URI 1.35 breaks unicode; require 1.40
      adds  6b1a5b7   multipart/from-data posts for update_profile_image and 
      adds  d8db23c   Added synthetic "since" argument
      adds  7f37dc2   Search API has a different timestamp format that the REST 
      adds  bf7edcb   Added 'retweets' REST API method
      adds  6d65454   Add test_requires Test::More 0.88 for done_testing
      adds  f40e8e0   Test::More 0.88 should be required
      adds  da34ae8   Should require in 'requires' either JSON::XS or JSON - 
for module packagers, especially automatic, and META.yml.
      adds  91021aa   Add 'Encode' to deps
      adds  02a031a   Prefer native test_requires over compat build_requires
      adds  6ead55f   Added versions to DateTime* deps (closes RT#50069)
      adds  bc1dc0d   CPAN release 3.07001
      adds  b2d1c69   synthetic "since" parameter fixed; added support for 
"YYYY-MM-DD" format
      adds  c780dd3   Documented the cursor parameter for friends, followers, 
friends_ids, and followers_ids.
      adds  ccb8753   CPAN release 3.07002
      adds  e2be473   Added new API method: report_spam
      adds  7f74a06   Twitter account name change: @net_twitter => @perl_api
      adds  175262f   Fixed: cached request_token results in stale 
authentication/authorization urls
      adds  79dc990   CPAN release 3.07004
      adds  1821d20   return user_id and screen_name from request_access_token 
(Roberto Etcheverry)
      adds  c2d6da7   Updated attribution in CONTRIBUTORS to include email and 
twitter name
      adds  745154c   Lists API start
      adds  59310c2   Working draft implementation (at least for the few 
methods hand tested)
      adds  c2207b4   Documented API::Lists (first draft)
      adds  727aa7f   Fixes and mods resulting from manual testing the Lists API
      adds  ce2aad1   prepare a CPAN dev release
      adds  fe2b06a   Tighter regex for http method checking
      adds  b22732a   Added notice of upcoming API changes to API::Lists
      adds  14998de   Merge branch 'lists-api'
      adds  fc85768   CPAN releases 3.08 (includes Lists API)
      adds  584391a   Fixed: ssl setup for both REST and Lists APIs
      adds  a5df6a6   Added users_search/find_people API method; updated 
default apiurl
      adds  50b2313   Updated netrc option to accept a machine name
      adds  f389bc5   CPAN release 3.09000
      adds  ee81c44   Added documentation for the lat/long parameters to update
      adds  4dc7b80   Addded trends_available and trends_location methods
      adds  569419a   Added Role::RateLimit
      adds  3c5c26c   Fixed: ssl option not applied when both Lists and REST 
API traits used
      adds  1d8cec8   Added a RETURN VALUES section to pod and update "search" 
method docs
      adds  00b157b   CPAN release 3.10000
      adds  841edfc   Skip new rate_limit tests unless LWP >= 5.819
      adds  fcf974a   Stricter check for array containing statuses.
      adds  2f8cad4   Fixed retweeted_{to,fo}_me API URLs (RT#52784)
      adds  103a670   Updated changes for the retweeted URLs fix
      adds  ec8021e   Fixed netrc with API::Lists; added option netrc_machine
      adds  a540dca   Oops! Fixed bug in new test in 
t/10_net-twitter-regression.t (oh, the irony!)
      adds  115f7dc   Fixed: doc bug - created_at
      adds  9b43ecf   Provide package names for "anonymous" classes; more 
informative when perl reports errors
      adds  b5629cd   Lists API overhaul; fixes, new parameters, doucmentation, 
      adds  f361698   Documentation: Lists API synopsis, Paging and Cursor 
      adds  ed7c4f3   CPAN release 3.11000
      adds  e4fcfd6   Lists API calls now honor synthetic args authenticate and 
      adds  c05d5e3   Use Moose 0.94 with native traits (resolves CPAN testers 
failing reports)
      adds  880d12a   Renaming "retweeted_of_me" REST API call to the correct 
      adds  67fd262   Made retweeted_of_me an alias for retweets_of_me to 
prevent breaking existing code.
      adds  03abc7c   CPAN release 3.11003 - Moose dep 0.90
      adds  7c44693   Removed extraneous tarball from the distribution (no code 
      adds  a9df812   Fixed typo in POD
      adds  36be4f1   FAQ: How do I get Twitter to display something other than 
"from Perl Net::Twitter?
      adds  53be02a   Added unicode test
      adds  737eb35   Oops! Needed a plan
      adds  31ca4d6   Fixed utf8 encoding error for latin1 using Basic Auth; 
accept pre-constructed user agent object via ua argement to new
      adds  0f8676a   Fixed: "since" synthetic arg with InflateObjects role 
      adds  bf3a09a   Fixed: image updates should accept a singel array ref 
argument (RT#54422)
      adds  81c0737   Fixed: unicode.t skip needed number of tests to skip 
      adds  0cdf609   Added xAuth support
      adds  2940d7e   Change log: xAuth
      adds  513cded   xAuth tested
      adds  750781a   CPAN release 3.11007
      adds  f8f25ea   Added new api methods: reverse_geocode, geo_id; new 
params to "update"
      adds  4d0ff67   Added SimulateCursors trait for compatibility
      adds  3fc17ae   Use newly documented "preferred" oauth endpoints:*
      adds  1d130a5   BUILDARGS should accept a HASH
      adds  89bf175   Import Sclar::Util::blessed in the POD Synopsis to make 
it clear callers need to do so (RT#55283)
      adds  717ad1e   Added RetryOnError trait
      adds  9ae7cb9   CPAN release 3.11009
      adds  7483d4b   Added lookup_users API method
      adds  c2f39f2   Fixed: introspection to autogenerate POD for lookup_users
      adds  0ce0ddc   make the webapp example multi-user safe
      adds  d8328d0   tests for new lookup_users method; better late than never
      adds  34afa8d   added fallback. (Note: Because Test::More 0.95_01 doesn't 
calls stringification in 'is'.)
      adds  bbc2afc   Merge git://
      adds  5c6ee69   cpan release 3.11012
      adds  05d8445   fixed: t/51_since.t was actually attempting to connect to 
      adds  b39e336   Added new API methods: retweeted_by and retweeted_by_ids
      adds  4751783   fixed path for retweeted_by_ids
      adds  a3e2a01   CPAN release 3.12000
      adds  5debdbb   fixed: just plan once!
      adds  d7d5009   Added friendships_incoming and friendships_outgoing 
      adds  e429e79   Fixed tests: plan was called twice when LWP was too old
      adds  b336b32   Added support and documentation for optional timeline 
parameter skip_user
      adds  8d917ec   Workaround twitter API skip_user bug
      adds  1b8f3a8   CPAN release 3.13000
      adds  816b0ba   Accommodate 2 base URLs for the Search API; SSL support 
for Serach API
      adds  f5abc13   Use Net::OAuth's support for XAuth (replace our homegrown 
      adds  b30e244   Use POST with Authorization header for XAuth (per Twitter 
      adds  8d485fe   Revert "Accommodate 2 base URLs for the Search API; SSL 
support for Serach API"
      adds  87d6476   Reworked search/trends base URL split for the Search API
      adds  9a6ab08   CPAN release 3.13001
      adds  1448bd9   fixed: generate new OAuth authorization header on retry 
(RetryOnError trait)
      adds  608d474   Refactored Lists API to use Net::Twitter::API
      adds  6b030b5   CPAN developers release 3.13002_01
      adds  3ffe68f   Removed redundant aliaes declarations; added 
base_url_method to the method attribute options
      adds  7fcdbbc   CPAN developers release 3.13002_02
      adds  c0ffa5a   CPAN developers release 3.13002_03
      adds  00d7251   MooseX::MiltiInitArg and -T (taint) don't get along
      adds  c9146dd   CPAN release 3.13003
      adds  e40302d   Fixed: OAuth signature bug (RT#58493)
      adds  4187a8c   CPAN release 3.13004
      adds  6ddeef4   Don't use ags for signature on multi-part mime posts
      adds  8478167   Fixed "since" (sythetic arg) filtering
      adds  4d91985   Fixed off by one error in since filtering
      adds  5666152   CPAN release 3.13005
      adds  e114281   Fixed unicode.t (bumped skip count for optional module)
      adds  97724e7   Fixed incompatibility between "since" filtering and 
      adds  cf119f9   Pod fix: missing comma
      adds  db5b983   fix doc typo -- ouath_verifier -> oauth_verifier
      adds  5364a1c   attributions
      adds  261192d   fix doc typo -> remove ::OAuth
      adds  1ab4b1b   Merge
      adds  3611aef   decode_html_entities now decodes all fields (incl source 
in search results)
      adds  930d4ef   CPAN release 3.13007
      adds  2825b47   use HTTPS for all OAuth token negotiation steps
      adds  0e94109   CPAN release 3.13008
      adds  ef27eba   Use twitter error message from various twitter error 
      adds  299f7dc   CPAN dev release 3.13008_01
      adds  8f8da86   Fixed stack trace filter
      adds  13a569c   Fixed: walking on $@; localized in 
      adds  40c4291   Test the various known/guessed twitter error formats
      adds  7d15647   Updated documentation to reflect the death of Basic Auth
      adds  d3afada   OAuth support for (assist from barbie)
      adds  93d3458   Use Authorization header for OAuth token requests instead 
of query parameters
      adds  cdd16db   CPAN release 3.13009
      adds  c417b8f   Automatically load the OAuth trait if consumer_key is 
      adds  b6f4ad9   Runtime test for optional Crypt::SSLeay when required
      adds  0e77eea   fixed: circular ref / memory leak in RateLimit trait
      adds  a7c488e   minor restructuring for my sanity
      adds  06d3e9b   Added #newtwitter API methods
      adds  76bc80a   CPAN release 3.14000
      adds  adab851   Make Crypt::SSLeay a hard requiremnet
      adds  e5a6c66   FIX: 2 tests fail on MSWin32
      adds  fa66377   Fixed: use File::Spec tests that failed in Win32 
      adds  394f633   add required version for Devel:StackTrace prereq
      adds  61a798f   Added dependency on Digest::HMAC_SHA1
      adds  b794534   Fixed trends_location (RT #65506)
      adds  84169b0   add two new params: trim_user and include_entities
      adds  5ccbea5   Merge branch 'master' of into franckcuny-master
      adds  2595760   CPAN release 3.14003
      adds  11ae46a   transparency: use named private subs instead of anonymous 
      adds  77d4f56   Added tests dependency: Test::Exception (closes RT #65786)
      adds  6a89bb1   Add method for Lists API members/create_all endpoint
      adds  a9ac537   CPAN release 3.15000
      adds  60db256   Added parameters for the search method
      adds  eb5346f   Replaced Test::Exception with Test::Fatal
      adds  368024a   Set searchapiurl default for identica; Net::Identica 
      adds  5d17caa   Added no_retweet_ids REST API method
      adds  5489d13   Moved trends methods to API::REST
      adds  eaa8dd3   CPAN release 3.16000
      adds  99e0f18   Initial implementation of AutoCursor (in-progress)
      adds  d9fcddf   updated dependencies
      adds  9027e37   fixed broken test (sometimes I suck)
      adds  f61158d   Perpare developer release
      adds  b8c1551   Added a per-call override for AutoCursor max_calls
      adds  223b12c   Documented max_calls override
      adds  e05b71d   Better generated class names
      adds  50ecdf8   Added doucmentation to the main POD for RetryOnError and 
      adds  27969f6   CPAN release 3.17000
      adds  5292aa2   Added an Digest::SHA1 dependency
      adds  3495baa   Fixed intermittent AutoCursor bug (cause by Class::MOP 
anon class caching)
      adds  17138cc   CPAN Release 3.17001
      adds  6373ae2   fix bad whatis entry (patch from debian, closes RT #67203)
      adds  ffa14e8   use Digest::SHA instead of Digest::SHA1 (patch from 
debian closes RT #67202)
      adds  431eb45   convert MooseX::MultiInitArg to MooseX::Aliases
      adds  3e58876   add myself to contributors
      adds  e25ef68   updated Changes for Justin's MX:Aliases change
      adds  e3dfa7d   fixed typo in blocks/destroy params declaration
      adds  b70d315   Implemented the new Lists API
      adds  5d4e418   Marked friends/followers API methods deprecated
      adds  e461a5e   added geo_search, geo_search, similar_places, and 
add_place API methods
      adds  871f12e   added contributors and contributees API methods
      adds  f5bbfde   added get_languages and get_settings API methods
      adds  4876214   fixed spelling errors
      adds  eaa8a1c   added update_with_media API method
      adds  5d6c92f   CPAN developer release 3.18000_01
      adds  631a3bf   For friendships_exists, the parameters user_a and user_b 
are still accepted but not recommended. As a sequence of numbers is a valid 
screen name it is recommend to use the screen_name or user_id variant style 
parameters instead.
      adds  e51c3ff   Merge pull request #8 from l/master
      adds  694ec6e   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  0b6f0fd   POD fixes
      adds  cbcb834   Fixed friendship_exists for backwards compat
      adds  8ccf3fd   Replaced JSON::Any with JSON
      adds  c2879d3   Minor clean-up in preparation for release
      adds  490f675   Synthetic args prefixed with a dash (-)
      adds  ac5589f   Spelling
      adds  2622140   Generalized sythetic arguments handling
      adds  24c92a3   AutoCursor should not modify behavior when user passes a 
      adds  58e3c32   Fixed: AutoCursor
      adds  67c38cd   CPAN release 3.18001
      adds  ce75772   "trends" api method deprecated; warn and call 
      adds  f4cc03b   Fix typo, update limit for users/lookup per, mention that followers are 
returned in a semi-random order while friends are not.
      adds  ba9facd   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  207f1aa   Added API method members_destroy_all with alias 
      adds  4d3083e   Deprecated TwitterVision API support
      adds  9eaab0a   Added API method subscriptions; list_subscriptions is now 
      adds  86a85d3   Updated deprecation notices
      adds  42c5e75   Removed some crufty old documentation
      adds  56f9bf6   CPAN release 3.18002
      adds  237b437   Fixed mentions path statuses/mentions, not 
      adds  21ec439   Allow extra paramters to get_auth*_url methods
      adds  ee341ca   Release 3.18004
      adds  3c16595   add dist.ini
      adds  545c5c6   authordep not authordeps
      adds  ff64ce8   generate the README properly
      adds  bd6dbbd   merge in the META and indexing information from the 
      adds  f050415   kill old Makefile.PL
      adds  aad194e   Merge pull request #15 from Tamarou/dzilify
      adds  25e027c   Add Twitter API v1.1 support
      adds  9c007e5   WIP: folding v1.1 in
      adds  994889f   Basic tests for API v1.1
      adds  72e5c80   Added tests for API v1.1 to match current Twitter docs
      adds  fb1e7fa   Fixed missign `use HTTP::Response`
      adds  0c01727   First dev release for Twitter API v1.1
      adds  a26150e   Use the full path to the current perl interpreter
      adds  08e2e25   Developer release 4.00000_02 (built with dzil)
      adds  5715fef   Remove $VERSION assignments; let dzil do it
      adds  dfc4d1b   Build pod and README in the dzil build directory
      adds  185a86b   Fixed: skip errant prereqs
      adds  ae92879   Work around dzil's inability to DWIW with generated 
README and pod
      adds  58585bf   dzil handles pod coverage and syntax tests differently
      adds  0c88376   Factored out deprecated methods into their own test
      adds  0d5cd55   Fixed spelling errors and spelling tests
      adds  76b23e9   Initial Twitter API v1.1 migration manual
      adds  3d1959d   Minor fixes (oembed, friendship_exsits); updated 
migration manual
      adds  eda6c88   Release 4.00001
      adds  d51a831   Fixed duplicate VERSION declaration in
      adds  21dd196   Fixed broken link (extra semicolon)
      adds  7bfafc5   Convenient access to Twitter's numeric error code
      adds  d124b1a   Added item for rate_limit_status
      adds  abf9ef2   Removed Test::NoWarnigs to accommodate HTTP::Message 6.03
      adds  932681d   Minor modifications to make dzil run quieter
      adds  e7f3c9c   Release 4.00002
      adds  8cecfc7   Fixed typo
      adds  d9d9f30   Fixed URI encoding issue (Twitter API v1.1 is more 
      adds  0d5d703   Release 4.00003
      adds  1eac9df   Release 4.00004
      adds  73a97a3   Missing function for owned lists
      adds  0b3233d   Fix documentation
      adds  7567909   Rename of the function
      adds  79d5d6b   Merge pull request #19 from eleniS/master
      adds  8c8f322   Remove Makefile.PL (cuft - we've moved to Module::Build)
      adds  b9499a3   Refined get_lists, list_subscriptions, list_ownerships
      adds  c5172b5   Release 4.00005
      adds  88d1956   Tidy attribute declarations
      adds  4aed11c   Fix =over placement for twitter_api_method parameters
      adds  5d9f343   Add path_suffix parameter to twitter_api_method
      adds  b1cb4b7   Merge pull request #22 from sartak/tidy-api-module
      adds  cee7d1d   fixes misspelling of search in documentation
      adds  dd0bb3d   Merge pull request #23 from spazm/documentation_typo_fix
      adds  4aa0647   Release 4.00006
      adds  1d3de0c   Doc fix: RateLimit not compatible with Twitter API v1.1
      adds  121021e   Permit PUT as an HTTP method
      adds  0779680   Merge pull request #26 from sartak/master
      adds  540b6b1   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  9087a56   Fix grammar
      adds  5eebf0e   Fix readability of STDOUT
      adds  6091936   Merge pull request #29 from cmlh/master
      adds  8de7ea4   Release 4.00007
      adds  ba285a0   typo fix
      adds  41ff915   typo fix
      adds  d283d05   typo fix
      adds  95f1d22   typo fixes
      adds  d0c84c6   Merge pull request #36 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      adds  6655cbf   Fix OAuth failure for UTF8 parameters (#21)
      adds  fa64d64   Add missing dependency: LWP::Protocol::https (#25)
      adds  cd9c747   Fix Class::MOP::load_class deprecated (#35)
      adds  dd8285c   Remove reliance on MooseX::Aliases (#35)
      adds  f0cc899   Carp not cluck; test warnings
      adds  5684714   Expand Carp::Clan list (RT#77306)
      adds  a6707dc   Fix update_with_media with utf8 status (RT#72814)
      adds  981c6a2   Update Changes for fix update_with_media
      adds  3160869   Add API method retweeters_ids
      adds  bd2cfea   Release 4.010000
      adds  741faae   Fix documentation bug
      adds  017f9e4   Warn unless ssl option to new (deprecation cycle)
      adds  02b629a   Add blank lines for dzil VERSION assignment
      adds  bf10bd1   Fix POD bugs
      adds  effd163   twitter_error_text function
      adds  3df40cf   Merge pull request #41 from antipasta/master
      adds  0545308   Fix POD bugs
      adds  31e93d9   Release 4.01003
      adds  652f6dc   use HTTP::Request::Common when possible, put query params 
in content, content-type added
      adds  d45822b   Merge pull request #43 from SocialFlowDev/master
      adds  9da488e   Release 4.01004
      adds  14206cf   upload images endpoint
      adds  78f94f3   Remove unused code
      adds  f3eab16   Add media_ids param to statuses/update endpoint
      adds  877b52d   Changed to
      adds  9a7136d   Merge pull request #47 from 
      adds  a48dce1   Release 4.01005
      adds  87a32e4   Add muting_ids.
      adds  f4f8e0c   Merge pull request #48 from pjcj/muting_ids
      adds  f36217b   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  5bc0824   Aliases for mutes, muting_ids, muted_ids
      adds  597368b   Default `ssl => 1`
      adds  1519ded   Release 4.01006
      adds  e73c8cd   Bump required version of IO::Socket::SSL
      adds  ba78813   fix minor typo
      adds  d760ca2   Merge pull request #50 from zmughal/master
      adds  23f9575   added method lookup_statuses
      adds  5f4fa2c   Merge pull request #51 from SocialFlowDev/master
      adds  a1d13e8   Expand ARRAYREF id arg to comma seperated list
      adds  4b4965e   Release 4.01007
      adds  4353547   added muting / mutes_list, create_mute, and destroy_mute
      adds  e2e2f4d   Merge pull request #52 from ashleywillis/master
      adds  ac738b0   Release 4.01008
      adds  c0b34cd   updated documentation: example for more search 
parameters, 'rpp' is replaced by 'count' as per
      adds  25a135f   Merge pull request #54 from hatorikibble/master
      adds  2714dfa   Add AppAuth role for OAuth2, app authentication
      adds  85aeaea   Add simple AppAuth test; clean up
      adds  10305c3   Fix invalidate_token
      adds  5ab6ddc   Prepare release; add AppAuth to main POD
      adds  29f42d7   Solved the case of the missing POD
      adds  4585bdf   Imported Upstream version 4.01010
       new  27ca762   Merge tag 'upstream/4.01010'
       new  a18ad99   Update debian/changelog
       new  1b534e1   Update years of packaging copyright.
       new  71efa45   Add (build) dependency on libio-socket-ssl-perl.
       new  f046af2   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.6.
       new  c381b23   Drop version from libmodule-build-perl build dependency.
       new  d582555   Mark package as autopkgtest-able.
       new  276b8dc   releasing package libnet-twitter-perl version 4.01010-1

The 10 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Build.PL                                   |   3 +-
 Changes                                    |  19 ++++
 MANIFEST                                   |   2 +
 META.yml                                   |   5 +-
 README                                     |  74 +++++++------
 debian/changelog                           |  12 +-
 debian/control                             |   7 +-
 debian/copyright                           |   2 +-
 debian/upstream/metadata                   |   6 +
 lib/Net/                        |   4 +-
 lib/Net/                         |  11 +-
 lib/Net/Twitter.pod                        |  86 +++++++++------
 lib/Net/Twitter/                     |   8 +-
 lib/Net/Twitter/                    |  32 ++----
 lib/Net/Twitter/                   |   4 +-
 lib/Net/Twitter/Manual/MigratingToV1_1.pod |   4 +-
 lib/Net/Twitter/                   |   4 +-
 lib/Net/Twitter/Role/API/          |   4 +-
 lib/Net/Twitter/Role/API/           |   4 +-
 lib/Net/Twitter/Role/API/       |  67 +++++++++++-
 lib/Net/Twitter/Role/API/         |  10 +-
 lib/Net/Twitter/Role/API/Search/  |   4 +-
 lib/Net/Twitter/Role/API/  |   4 +-
 lib/Net/Twitter/Role/API/         |   4 +-
 lib/Net/Twitter/Role/API/    |   4 +-
 lib/Net/Twitter/Role/            | 170 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 lib/Net/Twitter/Role/         |   4 +-
 lib/Net/Twitter/Role/     |   4 +-
 lib/Net/Twitter/Role/             |   4 +-
 lib/Net/Twitter/Role/              |   4 +-
 lib/Net/Twitter/Role/          |   4 +-
 lib/Net/Twitter/Role/       |   4 +-
 lib/Net/Twitter/Role/    |   4 +-
 lib/Net/Twitter/Role/          |   4 +-
 lib/Net/Twitter/                  |   4 +-
 t/99-pod_spelling.t                        |   6 +
 t/app-auth.t                               |  29 +++++
 37 files changed, 473 insertions(+), 152 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 create mode 100644 lib/Net/Twitter/Role/
 create mode 100755 t/app-auth.t

Alioth's /usr/local/bin/git-commit-notice on 

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