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in repository libmouse-perl.

      from  44a79e7   update version in IGNORE-VERSION
       new  8149fce   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  f1b1417   Update debian/changelog
      adds  c3398f5   Import Mouse
      adds  7e68124   Begin adding brute-force tests for "isa"
      adds  9f15f9e   Expand the isa tests a bit, all that's left is population 
of valid/invalid values
      adds  b250019   Add the attribute to the metaclass before installing the 
      adds  7ee01d7   Future-proof init_arg => undef, that needs tests though
      adds  186657a   isa -> type_constraint
      adds  d60c78b   Begin adding Mouse::TypeRegistry. All that's there for 
now is Bool
      adds  a707f58   Check type constraint in the setter
      adds  ccea810   Add predicates to the informational Mouse::Attribute 
      adds  5aa30ce   Verify type constraints in the constructor
      adds  e118b33   Tests for bool, lock down the error message in the test
      adds  b6e1128   Tests for builder
      adds  1be6103   builder now called in the constructor
      adds  f5fbe3c   Tests and implementation for Undef/Defined types
      adds  1f2b478   Use "undef" and avoid uninitialized warnings when the 
value we're type checking is undef
      adds  dfaf319   Refactor the input of the type-constraint tests, tests 
are now complete, they just fail miserably
      adds  0f636a9   Implementations for all of the types except ClassName
      adds  27a2246   Nums are Strs too
      adds  31f5a7f   Implementation of ClassName, borrowed from Moose
      adds  ca73a20   If we re-import Mouse, don't thrash the class's 
      adds  de9a434   Use methods on attribute instead of poking directly in 
the hash
      adds  2434d21   More methodification, change some names to be what 
Moose::Meta::Attribute uses
      adds  b17094c   Use Scalar::Util/Carp imports for brevity
      adds  6caea45   Some doc updates
      adds  149a044   Eek my original name is showing!
      adds  446d2d2   Ignore autogenerated files
      adds  3301fa5   Unknown type constraints are now interpreted as 
blessed($value) eq $type
      adds  ab27a55   Improve doc coverage, remove some needless methods
      adds  af745d5   Factor out canonicalize_handles into a separate method
      adds  e3d9dc7   Test that a badly typed default explodes
      adds  c021207   Fix type_constraint always being set to undef
      adds  d2e2ac4   More glob/fh type tests
      adds  fb706f5   Little nits
      adds  8156371   Test count fixes
      adds  6feb83f   Improve coverage of TypeRegistry
      adds  9367e02   Tests and implementation for builder with lazy and clearer
      adds  5d5a3b5   Make sure that predicate plays well with builder
      adds  010a2b1   Make sure that eager builder does not run after clearer
      adds  636c002   Moose compat: throw an error on $self->reader(value)
      adds  398327c   Moose compat: required error message tweak
      adds  4eb1339   Moose compat: lazy-no-default error message
      adds  e6ac69d   Fix a test bug where a value was being assigned to a 
reader and then checked for undef :)
      adds  8473108   Moose compat: no longer an error to have a trigger on a 
readonly attribute
      adds  085c18e   Don't use meta in the reference test, Moose doesn't like 
it being invoked as a function
      adds  f89acac   Moose compat: Remove Mouse::Class->attributes method in 
favor of get_attribute_map
      adds  c3cc364   Moose compat: handles are not canonicalized in the meta 
attribute's storage, instead at handle generation time
      adds  2a674d2   Moose compat: the details of load_class. Check whether 
the package has any methods, etc
      adds  3645b31   Moose compat: the weak_ref reader is spelled is_weak_ref, 
don't weaken nonreferences
      adds  f3c1ccc   Moose compat: init_arg is not used for the hash key, name 
      adds  384072a   Use the correct hash keys with init_arg in the constructor
      adds  e8b3db4   use overload::StrVal in type-constraint errors
      adds  f3e05df   Finish the use of overload::StrVal, in 
      adds  58af95b   Begin moving Moose::Attribute and Moose::Class into 
      adds  306290e   Finish moving Mouse::Attribute and Mouse::Class into 
      adds  79af4b5   have ClassName check use is_class_loaded
      adds  7ecc212   Some ClassName simplification and fixes
      adds  bf13404   Replace is_class_loaded with version from Class::MOP
      adds  3e8e32b   Revert to an earlier t/025-more-isa which gave better 
test coverage
      adds  262801e   Various is_class_loaded/load_class nits
      adds  9694b71   Invalid class names should throw an exception
      adds  615d5d5   Add failing tests for auto_deref, where I'll pick up next 
      adds  3cf6800   Implementation of auto_deref
      adds  45ea862   Some errors for auto_deref
      adds  0fff36e   Lots of doc
      adds  dca275b   Some final touches on the doc. This is 0.01.
      adds  7954442   Ignore SIGNATURE file
      adds  126765f   v string not portable
      adds  692e1bc   use teh Squirrel
      adds  103ad0e   i speak english, i learn it from a book
      adds  d25ab49   more explaining
      adds  303b7f4   number squirrel.t
      adds  9acd019   Improve BUILD/DEMOLISH tests to cover ordering
      adds  2230a6a   Fix the order that BUILD methods are called in (thanks 
Robert Boone)
      adds  043a69f   Whoops, was loading Moose instead of Mouse..
      adds  ad67865   Update Changes
      adds  eb061d5   Improve test code coverage of Squirrel
      adds  8e1a28a   Bit more doc
      adds  f8b285d   Prepare for release 0.02
      adds  8517d2f   Use Class::Method::Modifiers 1.00 for before/after/around
      adds  879a325   Add a test file for method modifiers
      adds  da4cb91   Add support for ->new({...})
      adds  b7a7482   Doc updates
      adds  3606224   Test that subclassing looks at the superclass' attributes 
in the constructor (it doesn't!)
      adds  72b88a8   Add compute_all_applicable_attributes
      adds  28d2694   Use compute_all_applicable_attributes instead of 
get_attribute_map in the constructor, a test for the former
      adds  66eea16   Add has_attribute, rewrite Changes to be Moosier :)
      adds  d56e838   Add the Point example from Moose's tests. Except for 
method and type constraint stuff, it all passes. cool.
      adds  39d3892   Add t/029-new.t for testing the constructor
      adds  069668c   More tests for attributes and new
      adds  986ff64   tests for has_attribute
      adds  1f67998   Add test for undef init_arg
      adds  491e592   Add support for undef init_arg
      adds  74be997   0.03
      adds  66efb1c   Bump to 0.04
      adds  7e2909e   Begin adding tests for has +foo
      adds  8fd9e61   Move validate_args out into a separate method
      adds  1bfebf5   Begin adding support for has +name
      adds  45959ff   implement lazy_build
      adds  9b2c1c4   failing test for inheriting from non Mouse class
      adds  bb73340   fix the failing test, only call ->meta on a linearized 
isa member if ->can('meta')
      adds  2e7e86c   lazy_build arg processing copied from Moose
      adds  a5fe401   is_lazy_build
      adds  e16608b   changelog
      adds  a3525e9   changelog date
      adds  6af45c5   version bump to 0.05
      adds  995061c   Begin writing tests for Mouse::Role
      adds  f9e6839   Begin adding Mouse::Role
      adds  8da998d   Blow up when someone tries to use a role extends
      adds  964eaf7   Adjust the Role::extends error message to match Moose's ;)
      adds  7238120   Test that before/after/around live, and defining a sub 
within a role
      adds  26482d3   Make sure that "has" doesn't blow up
      adds  00c0e9c   Make sure "with" works
      adds  eb812bd   Make sure that required/excludes don't explode
      adds  4377514   Export and test blessed and confess
      adds  9ffa533   Begin writing tests for Mouse::Meta::Role
      adds  a2227e7   Begin adding a Mouse::Meta::Role which is accessible 
through Role->meta
      adds  6cbacbf   symbol lineup is mandatory
      adds  acf0f64   Begin actually filling out Mouse::Meta::Role
      adds  513854c   Give Meta::Role a name method
      adds  05c74c2   Test that "has" adds an attribute to the role
      adds  0fc8adb   Stub 'has_attribute' and make 'has' use 'add_attribute'
      adds  83d0a1f   Make has_attribute actually work
      adds  086c223   Begin writing tests for role application
      adds  3ab0ee8   Implement "with" but no role application quite yet
      adds  e7dff5d   Tweaks to "with"
      adds  e5f31f1   Forgot "if @_", oops :)
      adds  da0c885   Begin filling out role application
      adds  274b6cc   Get attributes in role application working!
      adds  6681e09   Update Changes
      adds  e71d803   Need to unimport Mouse::Role's keywords
      adds  ce2ee56   Begin adding Squirrel::Role
      adds  9fc566e   Begin adding tests for Squirrel::Role
      adds  d128843   Test fixes
      adds  7bbf018   Fix tests for Squirrel::Role
      adds  ddd4992   Be nice to Moose::Role::unimport in older moose
      adds  7a59f4e   clone_{object,instance}
      adds  7840048   Make Role::with die
      adds  20b968d   no_plan is so lazy :)
      adds  ba33632   Have Role->get_attribute return a reference instead of a 
      adds  2c09851   no_plan is so lazy
      adds  69ac1dc   Some fixes and test improvements for roles
      adds  0ba3591   Make it so Mouse doesn't overwrite attributes
      adds  efe5989   Rename the 402 test, it's about role attributes
      adds  f650b4b   Ensure that the local class wins over a role, and that 
the role over a parent class
      adds  d574882   BUILDARGS
      adds  b3bfbec   Make sure that with "A", "B" throws an error
      adds  3652e8c   Style changes :)
      adds  dbf0216   Add some more tests for lazy_build
      adds  bf6d766   Still more lazy_build tests
      adds  93f0889   POD and basic test for is_lazy_build
      adds  028b550   Small fix to improve coverage, I wish Devel::Cover 
handled a ||= "true value"
      adds  a02698f   Ensure that "has '+nonexistent'" fails
      adds  f7b11a2   Doc for some of the new meta methods
      adds  93d190e   Add canonicalize_args, factor lazy_build 
canonicalization/validation into the right spot
      adds  1a0f080   Clean up the clone tests, better error message on cloning 
the wrong things
      adds  4661ee6   More tests for clone
      adds  e42bee4   Better error message for clone_instance("foo")
      adds  442125d   Document BUILDARGS
      adds  cadd5b5   Doc for Mouse::Role
      adds  8591e81   Bump the dep on CMM, since it has the prototype fix
      adds  cbe29bd   silence BUILD used only once warning
      adds  df5525b   Failing test for unimport killing a method with the same 
name as a keyword
      adds  b57f7ba   TODOify failing unimport tests
      adds  c0085d1   splice out the trigger results so we ensure we don't call 
trigger extra times
      adds  6c5498d   Ensure that trigger is always a coderef
      adds  ca7941e   Allow trigger to be a hashref.. :)
      adds  1bbaa8e   We need Attribute->validate_args to take a hashref 
instead of a hash
      adds  506db55   Canonicalize the coderef version of trigger to a hashref 
      adds  4e757c9   Support before and after triggers in the setter
      adds  d072124   Support before and after triggers in the constructor
      adds  3b5febd   Some tests for before/after triggers in Mouse
      adds  cbdd0fa   Add support for an "around" trigger in the setter
      adds  de23149   Small test refactor to avoid having to duplicate this 
trigger tree
      adds  d056600   Some simplification of the inlined type check
      adds  2b09160   Add (failing) tests for before/after/around triggers on 
      adds  fe5fe06   Implement around triggers in the constructor
      adds  80be11c   Flesh out Changes, because I want to release soonish..
      adds  02755b2   We already know $args->{trigger} is true in this codepath
      adds  84357c9   Doc for the new trigger. Yikes. Save me perigrin!
      adds  97661b7   Moose error compat
      adds  181502b   Moose compat: Rename attribute->class to 
      adds  d16fe7d   Metaclass->add_method
      adds  724c77c   Keep track of the instantiated metaclass in 
associated_class, use the MOP better, etc
      adds  c5cbafa   Add the lamest changelog entry ever
      adds  9baf5d6   More consistent header
      adds  a7f212f   Remove dependency on Test::Warn by catching the warning 
ourself in the one test file we use it in
      adds  faa5cb7   Update some doc
      adds  ed00ef3   Bump to 0.06
      adds  e2a1372   Saved by the peri grin! (trigger doc)
      adds  60e2164   Add a stub make_immutable for some Moose compat
      adds  844fa04   Deprecate hash-triggers
      adds  5c557f4   Bump to 0.07
      adds  84ef660   Moose extending Mouse test & minor fixes
      adds  c02bacc   
      adds  4fd5e34   Failing tests for method modifiers in a role
      adds  c2f128e   Add get_before_method_modifiers etc
      adds  fc0e0bb   Add support for adding method modifiers to a role 
      adds  84e9b28   Fix which add-modifier method gets called
      adds  50dc6ee   Refactor regular class method modifier addition to go 
through the metaclass
      adds  d99db7b   On role apply, apply all method modifiers
      adds  a08e715   Remove before/around triggers
      adds  921038c   Remove MRO::Compat from Mouse::Object, it now uses the 
metaclass method
      adds  9b28c1d   Remove blessed from Mouse::Object because it's not used
      adds  eaad7da   Remove dependency on Sub::Exporter for Mouse (Mouse::Role 
to come)
      adds  b32e8fb   Drop Sub::Exporter from Mouse::Role
      adds  023bf9e   ..and the Makefile.PL
      adds  2badb84   Make requires/excludes an error until they are implemented
      adds  4093c85   Mouse::Util for pure-perl implementations of functions we 
depend on, in case the dependencies are unavailable
      adds  00ca1c6   use Mouse::Util 'get_linear_isa' instead of MRO::Compat 
      adds  8fcbe7f   Mouse::Util::blessed
      adds  58fe9fb   looks_like_number
      adds  d8aea26   reftype (which is used by openhandle but not Mouse 
      adds  29312fc   openhandle
      adds  cacfab6   Skip t/021-weak-ref if we don't have Scalar::Util
      adds  626cd94   weaken for Mouse::Util which will load up Scalar::Util
      adds  01db075   Remove dependency on Scalar::Util
      adds  4e31595   Remove dep on CMM by just delay-loading
      adds  465af41   Changes
      adds  577be39   Alter the weaken support a bit
      adds  f38ce2d   doc
      adds  7778398   one day a stray empty line will kill me
      adds  eab013b   Bump to 0.08
      adds  a505311   We need consistency for this one
      adds  7fe1b68   Simplification of blessed, we don't need to lift the refs 
      adds  4d02abf   We don't need to do both eval and Module::Name -> 
Module/ munging
      adds  8c831d0   Begin replacing Test::Exception with a Moose::Util :test
      adds  5816d47   Add throws_ok to Mouse::Util
      adds  0a3a19a   Test::Exception!
      adds  429ce01   We no longer depend on Test::Exception
      adds  9458ce9   Fixes for $Test::Builder::Tester, we want to invoke new 
to get our own instance
      adds  c13900f   Skip some tests if we don't have Class::Method::Modifiers
      adds  ea0b9e3   Doc that we have implementations for throws_ok and 
      adds  5dbc65e   Changes
      adds  7e3ed32   Facts!
      adds  d1c1b99   Note our deplessness
      adds  fc9f898   Credit Yuval, he's done a bunch of hacking
      adds  6beb7db   Small doc tweaks
      adds  00136d6   Notify us of what versions of everything we have from 
Mouse::Util (and if it even loaded)
      adds  42d7df0   Run all of Mouse::Util at BEGIN time
      adds  fb0394a   Don't construct a Test::Builder at BEGIN time, only once 
throws_ok or lives_ok is called
      adds  f1db776   First stab at generating Mouse::Tiny
      adds  802c525   Ignore the generated Mouse::Tiny
      adds  2da0530   Bail out of Mouse::Tiny if Mouse is loaded -- we already 
have all the classes
      adds  30f4536   Tests for Mouse::Tiny + Mouse
      adds  347a022   Move generate-mouse-tiny into author/ so blib doesn't 
grab it
      adds  ad66d24   Ignore .prove
      adds  66cff61   Failing test for mixing in a method from a role
      adds  d72006c   use Carp so Carp::croak is defined (fixes some test 
      adds  fc3207c   We need to skip the moose_extends_mouse tests in the 
absense of Moose
      adds  95700a5   Delete the role test for now, we need to track Class 
methods and all sorts of things first
      adds  274aea6   Changes, 0.09
      adds  7a02432   Bump to 0.10
      adds  081ecb9   Include CMOP and Moose versions in the dependency display
      adds  46fce5c   Include CMM, why not
      adds  ca63d17   doc undef for init_arg
      adds  b0e7066!
      adds  693a0d0   Require Moose 0.59 for these tests (not sure when this 
was fixed; and it's only for a test we know now works :))
      adds  de252f0   require Moose 0.59 doesn't work, need to use: 
      adds  4bccf70   Remove the version number copied from oose
      adds  2498d94   Changes
      adds  6430d96   Bump to 0.11
      adds  5253d13   doc patch for lazy_build
      adds  ed1eec3   Localize $_ only if we're checking a type constraint
      adds  71b948d   Throw an error if a method eval fails
      adds  7f7406a   inlined_name which quotes
      adds  85ccd3e   Various optimizations to regular accessors
      adds  d10fd51   Inline the key in predicate and clearer too
      adds  e4b38f4   Update Changes
      adds  35e1cb9   If we have nothing left to do for the accessor, we can 
return during set
      adds  7de1347   Small fixes
      adds  ccd73de   Factoring
      adds  5f46c4b   Bump to 0.12
      adds  2651ba9   branch correctly
      adds  fdec46f   add TODO
      adds  59089ec   support requires on Mouse::Role.
      adds  2e92bb8   - added Moose::Util::apply_all_roles - added 
Moose::Meta::Role->get_method_list - added Moose::Meta::Class->get_method_list 
- copy methods on Moose::Meta::Role->apply
      adds  b1b8155   Mouse::Role supports 'with'
      adds  4aaa2ed   support alias option on 'with'
      adds  3118622   don't require Test::Exception on production environment =)
      adds  8dd9385   test related things is moved to t::Exception
      adds  5937215   updated todo list
      adds  4188b83   added to coerce feature
      adds  f374ae8   oops add test for coerce
      adds  26eaf09   oops
      adds  32af348   fixed bug, problem of coercer feature is moose compat
      adds  3c40a22   added to coerce moose compat test case
      adds  fc1d836   - inject object constructor when call 
meta->make_immutable. - this change makes Obj->new 225% faster
      adds  ecc6e3b   added to class_type
      adds  41cdacc   micro optimization
      adds  24ad3f6   Make the constructor close over the metaclass, and bless 
into the right class (so subclassing works)
      adds  ba2da7f   Use t::Exception for this test
      adds  c12edd9   performance tuning
      adds  8dcbf65   Close over $key so we don't need to do an assignment or 
variable lookup in the constructor
      adds  95e0838   Inline $from
      adds  c91862e   Assign the value of the parameter to a lexical so we 
don't have to continually look it up in the args hash
      adds  bbf64e7   generate DESTROY method for performance improvement
      adds  e8ba7b2   Use fewer assignments when doing a coercion in the 
      adds  7bf66a9   Use fewer assignments when doing a coercion in the 
      adds  f262f14   Better variable names
      adds  b9add21   add tests 't/*.t t/*/*.t';
      adds  b6ffa10   move 80x tests to 800_shikabased
      adds  47f36c0   added role_type on Mouse::TypeRegistry
      adds  78b163f   SKIP test case "Class::Method::Modifiers required for 
this test"
      adds  cc4c21f   update todo list
      adds  eab8154   move Test::Exception to inc/. suggested by autarch++
      adds  3b8fe10   overload::StrVal is needed
      adds  b0000b3   oops... i forgot s/Moose/Mouse/ orz
      adds  61a02a3   more more moose way to type constraints
      adds  654a7ee   (JUST A IDEA) copied from Scalar-List-Util/Util.xs
      adds  11ac534   just a simple XSLoader for now
      adds  eae8075   024 fails, but successfully loads and uses the XS 
versions of Scalar::Util functions
      adds  214c3ab   attempt to require MRO::Compat. If that fails, use our own
      adds  2131374   oops, copied the wrong sub
      adds  64959bc   change location
      adds  3f8f481   put a hack around in there
      adds  e15d73d   Exporter::Heavy is too heavy.And, this is enough in a lot 
of case .
      adds  9524350   don't attempt to require Scalar::Util if we're going this 
far trying to optimize
      adds  bc37d50   remove trash
      adds  5439cf9   added MouseX::Types, MouseX::Types::Mouse
      adds  03478c1   remove of a lot of copied document
      adds  2774c5e   add mluti option with test
      adds  5c12655   we want to use older Exporter
      adds  45f2e6a   micro optimization
      adds  ae3edb8   added Mouse::Meta::Class->create(_anon_class)? code taken 
from Class::MOP++
      adds  21498b0   add with qw( Role1 Role2 ) support
      adds  ca3bebb   do not use same variable name twice.
      adds  63d74d7   bug fixed: BUILD method doesn't works
      adds  8da6834   shortcut the flow for micro optimization.
      adds  4a1986d   micro optimization
      adds  32f9386   this argument is not needed
      adds  381f326   optimized
      adds  368e3d4   mv t/800_shikabased/007-create_class.t 
      adds  085a5c2   oops remove t/800_shikabased/007-create_class.t
      adds  d3982c7   more optimized of TypeRegistry
      adds  adebd0a   support of isa or ( isa => ' Str | Undef ')
      adds  2b9094e   oops, revert of revision 6879
      adds  eec1bb4   support of isa or ( isa => ' Str | Undef ')
      adds  6da1e93   support MouseX::Types's  isa or ( isa => Str | Undef )
      adds  8a7f2a8   micro optimized
      adds  713a2a0   optimaized default values in constructor
      adds  0e503bd   set instance to attributes default code
      adds  b3b74cc   optimize for constructor and attribute
      adds  ee0db4b   add immutable test
      adds  0ecefe8   Encapsulation
      adds  ddca6c8   added benchmark script
      adds  0c15085   inject empty DESTRUCT method for performance improvement.
      adds  0a0814d   always inject method to DESTROY
      adds  dd03427   display module version in benchmark script
      adds  f172d4e   revert XS related things. this is no advantage orz
      adds  74f2f83   revert XS related things
      adds  272a193   - depend to Scalar::Util when perl5.6.x - refactor the 
mro::get_linear_isa loader.
      adds  302b675   oops
      adds  bcd39bf   bug fixed when perl 5.8
      adds  152789f   added 'get' in benchmark script
      adds  cbf062f   change directory structure
      adds  44b31b5   skip temporary file for vim
      adds  6c169c5   use Scalar::Util directly
      adds  f2560fd   call by full path
      adds  7ef6934   added more test cases
      adds  1e7a7ba   added test case for compatibility
      adds  8632b6f   improvement the compatibility with Moose.
      adds  323adb6   update todo list
      adds  1fbefea   implement to subtype's as is moose way
      adds  2f6fade   pre load class in class_type
      adds  2f66592   oops, add testcase ( subtype 'Foo' => as 'Bar'; AND 
subtype 'Foo'; )
      adds  39c8464   Steal the octal-defaults test from Moose, thankfully 
Mouse passes everything :)
      adds  0fa84b9   Mouse::Util provides throws_ok and lives_ok unless 
Test::Exception is version 0.27
      adds  9a8a1b5   More fixes for requiring Test::Exception 0.27
      adds  295123f   Implement and export dies_ok
      adds  3fc40cf   should accept subclasses
      adds  285764d   test for isa improvement
      adds  826828b   Update Changes
      adds  695dcce   
      adds  4423150   Tweak changes for release
      adds  41ceffa   reader/writer
      adds  c217840   default needs invocant
      adds  17c2c4c   more specific
      adds  de51e71   Bump to 0.13
      adds  a9d1cb9   Fix for default in a constructor reported and tested by 
rjbs :)
      adds  3b10730   mark 033 todo
      adds  7cd9681   Bring shika-based up to trunk
      adds  80a59a1   Merge in shika-based!
      adds  97c0bae   Remove build-dep on Sub::Uplevel, Test::Exception can 
install it (makes us look a smidge better)
      adds  b4ea7f4   Remove TODO file, yay
      adds  07d18a6   Remove pointless shebang in each module
      adds  1ab26db   Use Test::Exception in this test
      adds  f671555   Comments, style
      adds  a56aa0e   Anchor this exclusion regex so "has_list" etc will work
      adds  ad95800   Tweaks to metaclass
      adds  949ee85   Anchor this same regex in Mouse::Meta::Role
      adds  a4d5249   More tweaks
      adds  4a957f0   For class constraints, it's good enough to be a subclass 
of that class!
      adds  b955333   Need to specify is => 'rw' for the test to be closer to 
      adds  9a16e6d   Make this coerce test more discriminating
      adds  c817e8f   Add tokuhirom and Yappo to AUTHORS
      adds  6d46df7   Test for init_arg => undef
      adds  9df6f0c   Generated constructor cleanup
      adds  b4160db   Add type constraint
      adds  9dcd7d2   Only inline BUILDARGS if the class has one that isn't 
      adds  7756897   Make the constructor code easier to read
      adds  f2becec   Ignore "used only once" warning
      adds  6052a73   if you are gonna blame me, get the spelling correct
      adds  7e38a84   Don't put MouseX files into Mouse::Tiny
      adds  25b0819   Changes.. too many to list right now
      adds  5b77603   MRO::Compat is the only module loaded by Mouse::Util now 
so we have to check it directly
      adds  fccd226   empty line
      adds  4216fc1   Bump to 0.14
      adds  1d6d25f   Fix the header in MouseX::Types
      adds  1595b99   0.13 and 0.14 Changes
      adds  8aeec00   Bump to 0.15
      adds  a1a1f1f   Missing features aren't!
      adds  6ef4ff5   Begin renaming some test files so it's easier to test 
      adds  c87751d   Okay, these are the right names
      adds  f5bbae5   Remove Anti
      adds  abe28e1   Finish renaming these test modules
      adds  dc4a7ab   Add the script I've been using to munge tests to run 
against Moose
      adds  c1d04ab   Skip squirrel tests when munging s/Mouse/Moose/
      adds  7daedff   Test that we don't export sugar into main
      adds  ee413bc   Begin renaming Mouse::TypeRegistry to 
      adds  3b46bd4   Finish renaming Mouse::TypeRegistry to 
      adds  0d9fea2   "type" sugar for when you're not subtyping anything
      adds  3fa6f35   More uses of type in the tests
      adds  003c529   Better linear-isa tests (using the meta API)
      adds  20e25eb   Rename the method to verify_against_type_constraint since 
Moose renamed it too
      adds  99ba3cc   Moose::Tiny is not the same as Mouse::Tiny
      adds  6c41694   HashRefa looks like a typo
      adds  cceb0e2   Rename the has from %SUBTYPE to %TYPE
      adds  abe4e88   Style
      adds  7dbebb1   Keep track of the source package of each type; other 
      adds  ef42c7f   Only set @ARGV if it's empty
      adds  da9a5e9   Coerce a type that won't fail us later (damn you Moose)
      adds  0d062ab   You can redefine types in the original package
      adds  7f408f4   Remove the redefine type tests for now, they'll go in a 
separate file
      adds  a5fc1e9   class_type shouldn't load the class (Moose compat; no 
easy fix :/)
      adds  7af7011   Don't do the use_ok test
      adds  b6a2be4   Don't try to import Mouse's sugar into main here
      adds  475666e   Need to specify package names
      adds  2608b11   Same API as Moose for Mouse::Meta::Attribute->new
      adds  1a72f15   Begin stealing more Moose meta API
      adds  dd3c04d   We do need to copy %options so we can use 
$options{superclasses} later
      adds  0033da8   Write the anon-class test such that we can run it against 
Moose, and if we create anonymous classes during Mouse load it'll be okay
      adds  bcc5080   Rename this class to avoid a type collision
      adds  108a7c1   Better test here; check the error message
      adds  cbc437f   Typo fix
      adds  9090e5f   MouseX::Stop::it!
      adds  47b5feb   suppress warnings when we use around and has "+..."
      adds  4859d49   use Data::Util to make modifier fast if Data::Util is 
      adds  fa9a3ca   refactored out fast method modifier as 
Class::Method::Modifiers::Fast and used Class::Method::Modifiers::Fast
      adds  139d92d   Use Exporter for Mouse::Util::TypeConstraints
      adds  b5fadb9   MouseX::Types can now use MUTc->export_to_level
      adds  47cd318   Benchmarking indicates that exists($_[1]) is faster than 
scalar(@_) >= 2
      adds  c5146d2   Failing test for using a custom message in a subtype
      adds  0f1dae9   Fix prototype on message {...}
      adds  a68fed5   TODOify it for now
      adds  96dbfdb   Document more changes
      adds  4ea7ed0   More changes
      adds  8c1b1ec   Add a shim Mouse::TypeRegistry that warns and sends you 
over to Mouse::Util::TypeConstraints
      adds  815f725   Extra ;
      adds  c7a6403   Ensure that we're not blowing away an inherited 
      adds  e3e524d   We can't support this yet, so TODO and make sure we won't 
introduce bugs later
      adds  6a1d183   Settle for respecting inline_constructor for now
      adds  5860085   Don't require there to be a BUILDARGS method; fix undef 
      adds  d44f0d0   Implement basic usage of "enum" type constraints
      adds  e600730   Implement override/super
      adds  a22b1fe   Note enum and override/super implementations in Changes
      adds  d8b10b3   Back out the exists($_[1]) change since 
exists($array[$element]) doesn't work so well for undef in @_
      adds  478cab2   Need to ignore override and super in the method list
      adds  4786262   MouseX::Types is now in its own dist
      adds  354cc11   Avoid the warning about exporting sugar into main
      adds  7ca7510   Doc adjustments
      adds  a7387a2   Use Any::Moose instead!
      adds  4d33522   Changes time
      adds  cae2769   Don't put into Mouse::Tiny
      adds  c9ef7f3   We no longer have shebangs in pm files, so stop removing 
package lines
      adds  26cf84a   Don't need to filter out MouseX any more
      adds  49e62c2   We backed this baby out
      adds  67fb42e   Bump to 0.16
      adds  4724d42   Factor out some bits of get_method_list so I can write 
      adds  60cfc6a   Implement get_all_method_names
      adds  f91c9c0   Upgrading Moose fixed test failures in these files for 
somebody, so depend on later versions (not sure what changed; maybe CMOP fix?)
      adds  2276cb1   Moose's make_immutable returns true allowing calling code 
to skip setting an explicit true value at the end of a source file.
      adds  0190472   Support for anonymous enums: enum [elements]
      adds  137498b   Name for Mouse::Role
      adds  1b79a11   Throw a better error message when using a method modifier 
without CMM
      adds  097f840   Describe which versions of Moose we need when we skip 
these tests
      adds  144b1d9   Skip these tests if you have an old Moose
      adds  5d2a417   Include CMMF in t/000-load
      adds  d8edb5a   Update Changes
      adds  388b8eb   Load mro directly if Perl is recent enough (Nicholas 
      adds  e257881   added Mouse::Util::apply_all_roles to @EXPORT_OK for 
Moose compatibility
      adds  df963a6   Add dump method from Moose::Object into Mouse::Object
      adds  949738a   Changes, bump to 0.17 for release
      adds  c3a8393   Bump to 0.18
      adds  5fa003b   Throw a more useful error when users try to use a 
parameterized type, with a meager todo test
      adds  abfdffe   added attribute metaclass support. This feature is 
required by MouseX::*
      adds  4f5b44a   micro optimization for method modifiers. do not eval 
      adds  a0c72ae   depend to Scalar::Util 1.14. because Scalar::Util < 1.14 
has a bug.
      adds  15ce26e   check for has_default too
      adds  3aadb77   reverting change: the correct answer is,     - when an 
attribute contains a trigger which may run upon       initialization, you need 
to make sure that the associated       trigger doesn't use another attribute, 
OR     - that attribute that gets used is declared with a "lazy"       
attribute, so that the accessor generates an inlined       initialization code
      adds  c477610   added .gitignore file for git-svn users
      adds  bfcc8a0   support Mouse->import({into_level => 1}). This feature is 
needed by any::moose based hacky classes(e.g. http::engine::middleware)
      adds  60f6eba   added YourClass->meta->add_attribute(foo => (is => 'ro', 
isa => 'Str')); support.
      adds  ec53d67   Just always depend on Scalar::Util 1.14
      adds  0864847   More gitignore files
      adds  a759da5   No need to skip these tests, since tokuhirom++ 
implemented role-role composition
      adds  2bc93d6   No real reason for MOUSE_DEBUG these days
      adds  423b969   0.18 changes
      adds  52c48ad   No reason to do a string eval here
      adds  c4ec764   Bump to 0.19
      adds  05b9dc9   oops. we want to use 'metaclass' in role, too :(
      adds  315b97c   I want parameterized types... I want it!
      adds  1f7ac33   properly commit the newly created parameterized type to 
the registry (cache!)
      adds  310ad28   Make coercion work for parameterized types
      adds  c1c9429   oops, that used confess
      adds  917aa1d   Don't use a method modifier in a test, since they may not 
be available
      adds  b769bed   Avoid depending on method modifiers again
      adds  f96bd2a   0.19 changes
      adds  df9e57e   0.19
      adds  aec5563   Bump to 0.20
      adds  56a558f   Implemented Moose::Object::does, borrowing from 
      adds  6719984   Implemented Mouse::Role->does; modified 
Mouse::Meta::Class->initialise to allow use as an instance method to make this 
      adds  bded451   Modified glob asignment to be coderef assignment.  As 
suggested by GFUGI in a comment attached to RT #42992. Indeed, we probably 
don't want to clobber package variables the role may have defined with the same 
name as a method.
      adds  51212d9   Added a new test, essentially the code posted in RT bug 
#42992.  It still fails pending the bug in Class::Method::Modifiers (RT #43167) 
being fixed, so marked as "TODO".
      adds  88b6c01   Remove third argument to trigger
      adds  9ca3f17   Fix use of meta-attr in trigger
      adds  8de42c4   Fix version check
      adds  3084f7a   Fix another keyword regex
      adds  6fbbcaf   Turn the throws_ok failures into TODO tests
      adds  1ea948d   Need to actually be tests to be usefully todo'd
      adds  2a902f4   TODO package A;our @VERSION passing is_class_loaded
      adds  c9aefe2   Forbid undef passed to new for Moose compat
      adds  33aaf11   Update error message to match Moose's
      adds  c91d12e   much faster impl. for constructor/accessor. this is a 
same behavior with Moose.
      adds  a510e63   implement Maybe
      adds  d9f8c87   fix portability between Moose/Mouse's class_type
      adds  321e527   move stuff from Meta::Attribute to Util::TypeConstraints, 
work with $_ and such
      adds  78b1382   Add a dummy TypeConstraint namespace so you can treat 
them as objects
      adds  ccf4422   Export find_type_constraint
      adds  94593ae   look under %TYPE first
      adds  376973b   make a subtype for each Mouse class This behavior is same 
as Moose.
      adds  0b3ce17   added comment
      adds  616d0d6   added Meta::Class->has_method($name)
      adds  e0b163e   more strict argument check. Mouse does not support 
Application::ToInstance yet
      adds  c68b411   added Meta::Class->add_attribute_list for Moose 
      adds  684db12   added Mouse::Meta::TypeConstraint and use it. 
Mouse::Meta::Attribute->type_constraint returns an object. and, 
find_type_constraint was deprecated.
      adds  4c03ed8   rebirth the find_type_constraint for backward 
      adds  86b9989   oops. i forgot to change make_immutable code.
      adds  89a97ba   t/900_bug/001_immutable_types.t: oops. 'package B' means, reserved namespace. and, fixed invalid usage of subtype.
      adds  28e0fb1   ignore *.old file
      adds  314fe30   generate moose compatibility test automatically
      adds  98bbe65   less deps in Makefile.PL
      adds  b7e3d8b   added benchmark case for setter, getter
      adds  f7fec86   Meta::Class->does_role searches isa for Moose 
      adds  17d5fef   use compiled type constraints. this change makes faster :)
      adds  ca5a9ec   split accessor generator from the Meta::Attribute. 
because, this code is complex enough to merit its own file!
      adds  1ae8a0d   refactoring the duplicated vars
      adds  3fee6f6   use compiled_constraints directly. performance 
      adds  53d4053   scope makes slower!mouse's constructer is faster than 
moose with this commit :)
      adds  766534c   Correct error message to include 'Maybe' as implemented 
parametric type.
      adds  5c5a61e   Adjusted default 'isa' typeconstraint construction to 
check if the specified type name is a known role, and constrain with 'does' 
instead of 'isa' if it is.  This brings Mouse in line with how Moose behaves 
for this case.  Testcase added to t/025-more-isa.t.
      adds  daa8612   Type coercions should be added to the front of the list 
in $COERCE_KEYS{$name}, not the back. This ensures they are checked in the 
correct order (as supplied in the declaration).
      adds  813197f   Fixed a bug in the compiled constructor - it was invoking 
BUILD methods in the reverse order.
      adds  13973ae   Added test for the correct BUILD order after 
immutable-ising a class.
      adds  792f751   Added test for the correct application order when 
multiple coercions exist for a single attribute, which was fixed in an earlier 
      adds  55fc05e   do not create a copy of argument, if not needed
      adds  bb3f31b   added benchmark script for C::A::Fast
      adds  31a5ba2   Changes to date added for wu-lee.
      adds  4e14530   Fixed bug in the immutable constructor.  It now 
redispatches to Mouse::Object->new if the invoking class is not the one it was 
contructed for, as Moose's implementation does.  Test case included.
      adds  65715de   Added latest bugfix to Changes.
      adds  ae7bec5   Whoops. This should have been included in the previous 
      adds  cecfb97   Added metaclass cache accessor methods (straight from 
Class::MOP). Mainly convenient to me for finding classes to ->make_immutable.
      adds  bf1b613   Added Changes note about metaclass accessors.
      adds  e73a983   fixed test count
      adds  d60824a   get_all_attributes
      adds  e9d57bd   throws_ok -> todo
      adds  cf33c3d   Move 0.20 changes into the right section
      adds  927982b   More 0.20 changes
      adds  ea6dc3a   Add wu-lee to authors
      adds  2df74b3   Deprecate Squirrel
      adds  6614c10   Be more damning of Mouse, more Squirrel deprecation
      adds  6b646f9   Bump to 0.21
      adds  0eaf53c   class-mop says 'The compute_all_applicable_attributes 
method has been deprecated.'
      adds  49a56bb   Fix test failures when user does not have 
C::Method::Modifiers(::Fast) installed
      adds  de65faf   compatibility test is generating automatically.ignore it.
      adds  4e8817b   fixed pod mark up bug. and added Test::Pod test.
      adds  d9b661d   Mouse 0.21 Changes
      adds  e693975   Document address of the public git repo.
      adds  5893ee3   Improve documentation for type constraints.
      adds  5d74128   eep, don't advise contacting nothingmuch directly for a 
commit bit.
      adds  c12fb37   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  518e303   Moose says 'The clone_instance method has been made 
private. The public version is deprecated.' we don't mention this method. 
remove test.
      adds  e82cf08   tckect #42992: Method modifiers affect all classes in the 
whole inheritance tree was resolved by patch from gfx++
      adds  29607c0   added typeconstraint's customizable error message support.
      adds  7a96b33   Update Changes
      adds  240454c   0.21 date
      adds  124fa02   Bump to 0.22
      adds  1763d4d   added workaround for autogenerated Moose test
      adds  0d6273f   bug fixed. test is very important things! 
Klass->does_role should check the parent classes.
      adds  f55f60d   Clean up verify_against_type_constraint
      adds  ab35ab2   Use $value instead of $_ in the constructor, since $_ is 
getting clobbered
      adds  e743afa   Make sure that role overrides work as specced
      adds  6d86b34   0.22 Changes
      adds  d5b41c0   Bump to 0.23
      adds  9e3c345   set perl version to 5.008 and document 5.6.2 bugs in POD
      adds  1397be4   add minimum version for Test::More and Test::Exception so 
that we at least test the same standards as Moose
      adds  aa1bb1a   Mouse::class_of
      adds  c26e296   If the metaclass has been collected, use 
mro::linearized_isa directly (fix by doy stolen from Moose)
      adds  dad3c1a   Changes
      adds  6ebf64d5  mro::get_linear_isa -> Mouse::Util::get_linear_isa
      adds  25db76e   0.23 date
      adds  eb6f444   Bump to 0.24
      adds  e578d61   latest moose inlining destructor by default
      adds  c2d7552   update the test code from latest moose repo
      adds  e0a5363   construct_instance is obsolated, use construct_instance 
      adds  448fbe3   Mouse code has a lot of '{' and '}',  q{} is dangerous. 
perl interpreter confused by q{}.
      adds  0d6e12b   added Mouse->init_meta
      adds  7d987c5   This fails with older Moose. Not sure which version, but 
it's just a test
      adds  34a9048   0.24 changes
      adds  b03fda9   Don't warn about squirrel deprecations
      adds  efeb6d0   Bump to 0.25
      adds  b79fc28   0.25 Changes
      adds  48bf3a6   Bump to 0.26
      adds  9cc87ff   Fix issue reported by ArjenL in #moose
      adds  f81e2ec   Add date to changelog
      adds  fc352e2   Bump to 0.27, Sartak style :)
      adds  16913e7   Some more pro-Moose propaganda
      adds  3fcf8a3   You need CMM::Fast not Data::Util (which it uses)
      adds  56be135   Maintenance section
      adds  3ef6ae5   Transfer copyright to II
      adds  9f91744   0.27 changes
      adds  2bcb073   Bump to 0.28
      adds  e650ba5   fixup Makefile.PL to generate Mouse/ so we 
actually have a working 'make dist' and new contributors actually produce 
something that's safe to PAUSE (remember, kiddies, just fucking make it fucking 
easy to fucking install)
      adds  df9418c   Typo fix
      adds  4954019   autodie in
      adds  e0541d4   Only unlink Mouse::Tiny if it exists, otherwise autodie 
pitches a fit
      adds  a3f4f68   make auto_deref also handles isa not only ArrayRef and 
HashRef, but also ArrayRef[Foo::Bar] and HashRef[Foo::Bar]
      adds  26b8407   update changes
      adds  93ac97d   bump to 0.29
      adds  faa45e5   Moose role class has ->meta in method_list since 0.90, 
update for that
      adds  9c3c9a0   Move MethodAccessor stuff to Attribute
      adds  6d68b10   Use mkpath instead of make_path in Makefile.PL
      adds  b5bc67d   Make generators private
      adds  74be9f7   Support is => 'bare' for compatibility
      adds  9c85e9d   Improve type constraint stuff
      adds  1feffa0   Make $role->get_method_list() include meta() (Moose 0.90 
      adds  c8c1aea   Warn about missing associated methoes, instead of die.
      adds  b5767a3   Move MethodAccessor stuff to Attribute
      adds  6a1f6d3   Use mkpath instead of make_path in Makefile.PL
      adds  dc38aa7   Make generators private
      adds  11d4152   Support is => 'bare' for compatibility
      adds  37dc67c   Improve type constraint stuff
      adds  8a16835   Make $role->get_method_list() include meta() (Moose 0.90 
      adds  a7d31de   Merge branch 'topic/more-compatible' of into topic/more-compatible
      adds  ab1a1cc   Add missing is => 'bare' to a test
      adds  88ed718   Fix meta() and initialize() for more compatibility
      adds  6ce584b   small test update
      adds  04e0cda   update Changes for 0.29
      adds  10389a8   bump version to 0.30
      adds  15b4faa   Merge branch 'master' into topic/more-compatible
      adds  324d360   Fix Changes
      adds  e0396a5   Save global variables (Mouse/
      adds  3a63a2e   Refactoring
      adds  cd2b920   Fix a bug related to the randomized hash keys.
      adds  23264b5   Move M::Util::(version|authority|identifier) to 
      adds  a81cc7b   Cleanup
      adds  afc7394   Creanup
      adds  5f6a73c   Changelogging
      adds  3370794   Add has_x_method_modifiers, but not yet tested
      adds  8536d35   Remove duplications and cleanup
      adds  eb05b8b   Add my name to Changes
      adds  fce211a   Use throw_error() instead of confess()
      adds  bf8497e   Add a test file for throw_error()
      adds  90fe520   (Re-)organize Method Accessor, implementing has ... 
reader => $r, accessor => $a, writer => $w
      adds  a41c066   Add Meta/Method/
      adds  a2096df   Fix tests for accessors
      adds  44566ed   Remove an unused method
      adds  4f9945f   A tiny tweak
      adds  6cfa1e5   Mouse::Role improved
      adds  ad022aa   Make anonymous classes work correctly
      adds  8bc2760   Use scalar(caller) instead of caller in list context
      adds  00ca32f   Add TODO
      adds  33cc81a   this test fails with older moose
      adds  5bbb261   Merge branch 'master' into topic/more-compatible
      adds  7056dec   Fix typos in tests
      adds  9c6ff00   Release date
      adds  ba55dea   Add my name to AUTHORS
      adds  5ad574d   Remove a version check
      adds  8c0a77a   Update .gitignore and add MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  ff68706   More compatibility
      adds  8e55c04   Remove xt/compatibility/* at make clean
      adds  3c42966   Changelogging
      adds  08f7a8d   Fix Makefile.PL to remove old xt/compatibility/* tests, 
and organize Mouse::Util
      adds  7b133c9   Change, Fix, Improve
      adds  809fc2c   Changelogging
      adds  912fa38   Note failures in 5.10.1, but I don't know why it happens
      adds  f6e5ada   version 0.31
      adds  bf9f3f9   Add Mouse->moose_version for compatible Moose version, 
and fix Makefile.PL
      adds  9298904   Fix tests
      adds  df951c8   Copy .shipit from Moose
      adds  09584bc   Add some test files
      adds  8f98ed2   Add a comment
      adds  2e33bb5   Add Mouse::Util::english_list()
      adds  60b5c3b   Implement confliction checks in roles
      adds  7a50b45   Add various things
      adds  b2a583f   Changelogging
      adds  2ba7f7c   version 0.32
      adds  f6ac0f1   Remove unused test files
      adds  b884834   CRLF to LF
      adds  53c495c   Fix the timing triggers are invoked
      adds  02eb9de   Add a test file
      adds  0fb36f7   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.32.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  1d86420   Fix RT #49902
      adds  6d28c5c   Always load Mouse::Util first, which will be load 
Mouse::XS in the future
      adds  39f9498   Changelogging
      adds  382b734   Fix init_meta and related stuff
      adds  b4bd06f   Fix
      adds  73766a2   Fix type constraint issue
      adds  27828c6   Add a test file for type constraints
      adds  d4571de   Tweaks for type constraints.
      adds  1a7f114   Squirrel::Role also produces warnings
      adds  47a8794   Changelogging
      adds  2cb8b71   Add placeholders of augment() and inner() to
      adds  de3f9ba   Add tests for recipes, just copied from Moose
      adds  0740bdf   Fix errors
      adds  bc71de5   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.33.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  59a2944   Release date
      adds  bfaf1f2   crlf :(
      adds  3814651   Resolve a todo (method confliction)
      adds  8e64d0f   Add some tests
      adds  993e62a   Move features used only for testing to t/lib/Test/
      adds  a497c7d   Fix class_type
      adds  2efc0af   Refactor the constructor of Attribute
      adds  d3f79b3   Add Mouse::Spec for required Moose version
      adds  121acb8   Fix Makefile.PL to use Mouse::Spec
      adds  1b9e472   Refactor many many things
      adds  85a83be   Add tests related to attribute traits
      adds  639f39e   version 0.33_01
      adds  4fcab48   Skip a test requiring method modifiers
      adds  ef9070c   Merge branch 'blead'
      adds  87ca293   Refactor attribute constructor
      adds  2cea7a5   Deprecate clone_instance
      adds  ea24987   Tidy
      adds  5387558   Tidy
      adds  2732b6d   Add Devel::Cover and Devel::NYTProf stuff to .gitignore 
and MANIFEST.skip
      adds  eb88905   Make sure to work on 5.6.2
      adds  284ca75   Make a test TODO
      adds  1820fff   Improve documents
      adds  2104d77   Add pod tests
      adds  7a1781a   Changelogging
      adds  179ac6c   Move some test files
      adds  72e6027   Remove unused import
      adds  3fac36b   Add a benchmark for method modifiers
      adds  4402b4b   Add a benchmark based on author/bencharks/
      adds  5a21a2b   Update MANIFEST.SKIP to remove author/benchmarks/* from 
      adds  f18ecf2   Update MANIFEST.SKIP to remove unexecuted tests
      adds  3fbade1   Implement own method modifiers
      adds  43e6a50   Method modifiers are implemented in Mouse
      adds  7ca5c5f   Tidy
      adds  bf8e5b9   Fix a test: package B conflicts the B module
      adds  a09601a   Fix various tests for new Mouse
      adds  32a0f86   Changelogging
      adds  4a29b63   Comment out 'does'
      adds  612d3e1   Fix tests and documents
      adds  5fd0bdc   Tiny tweaks suggested by NYTProf
      adds  f3bb863   No
      adds  a573851   Release date
      adds  834fbe1   Add a profile script
      adds  d2bd211   version 0.34
      adds  f1c70cb   Work around broken Test::Exception
      adds  8162517   Changelogging
      adds  b995be6   Add SEE ALSO to Meta Module
      adds  015e032   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.35.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  53ddfce   version++ in
      adds  0449307   Fix an issue that breaks a backward compatibility.
      adds  4a500b8   Add CheckVersionMatch to .shipit
      adds  15cc3e1   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.36.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  c6d8f5c   Fix compatibility issue on Ark
      adds  434ca26   Fix AUTHORS in pod for Module::Install to recognize 
e-mail addresses
      adds  134daa6   Fix a test
      adds  01afd8f   Fix has_method() for backward compatibility
      adds  b898bac   Add a "no warnings 'once'"
      adds  5bacd9b   Fix pods
      adds  7f42bc9   Add author/ to test external 
distributions that depend on Mouse
      adds  b5968db   Update .gitignore and MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  20d1456   Remove "native traits" from TODO, which won't be supported
      adds  e8e500b   version 0.37
      adds  7c738ee   Fix
      adds  0a46aaa   Changelogging
      adds  3192003   Fix Changelog
      adds  31c5194   Add descriptions to pods
      adds  bedd575   Tweaks for pods
      adds  44945c4   Add distributions to author/
      adds  0608c8c   Skip class_type etc stack frames when checking the 
package that defines a subtype
      adds  242604b   Revert "Skip class_type etc stack frames when checking 
the package that defines a subtype"
      adds  f7d4e5d   Add tests for $tc->is_a_type_of
      adds  a133bce   Add test on type constraints with complex parameters
      adds  f5ee065   Rewrite type constraint parser for union parameter: 
ArrayRef[ Int | Str ]
      adds  e3281ea   Remove 'Role' type from the document
      adds  2929db0   Changelogging
      adds  5c26929   Add a warning for an old style use of TypeConstraint
      adds  a254bf5   Add two test file about union types
      adds  e98220a   Fix union types and coercion
      adds  b20f7ca   Add a test for deprecated feature
      adds  57f0e31   Fix an issue that breaks backward compatibility
      adds  305b0c4   Move a test as t/052-unidefined-type-in-union.t
      adds  d21b0c5   Update Makefile.PL
      adds  3b89ea9   Refactor type constraints
      adds  24410e3   Fix subtype()
      adds  feb0e21   Remove unused methods
      adds  a15d137   CRLF to LF
      adds  ffbbf45   Move type coercion mechanism from Util/ 
to Meta/
      adds  8215d72   Tidy
      adds  06f35b3   Add a semicolon
      adds  1ca8d98   Copy two test files from Moose
      adds  e763d56   Deprecate two internal methods: coerce_constraint() and 
      adds  9561101   Remove debugging code
      adds  14d7595   Fix an issue tested in 
      adds  62225df   Copy two test files from Moose
      adds  d03295d   Add benchmarks about subtype and coercion
      adds  8447a47   Remove an unused method
      adds  97b7524   Changelogging
      adds  25f83ae   A tiny tweak
      adds  32258b3   Changelogging
      adds  b61e0c4   Changelogging
      adds  739525d   Remove some private or useless methods/functions from 
      adds  d16f42f   s/Moose/Mouse/ in a test
      adds  7727a2f   Fix some code for new APIs
      adds  3aac966   Tweaks
      adds  dd2d7f1   Add a benchmark for load_class()
      adds  fe1221a   Tidy
      adds  23274b8   Tiny tweaks
      adds  327475b   Changelogging
      adds  62a8b3c   Add MouseX::AttributeHelpers to author/
      adds  cc08dff   Remove the use of get_attribute_map()
      adds  3a68335   Deprecate compute_all_applicable_attributes() and 
      adds  926290a   Tidy
      adds  8d40c3b   Add a test file to extend metaclasses
      adds  9009aca   Mouse::Meta::Class and Mouse::Meta::Role are now 
extensible by extends()
      adds  cfa6d97   Fix a test
      adds  2a46466   Add get_read_method_ref and get_write_method_ref. Remove 
get_read_method and get_write_method.
      adds  a72478f   Add 2 test files
      adds  4f90d9a   Changelogging
      adds  b6c42ac   Fix tests
      adds  a55f82b   version 0.37_02
      adds  deb956b   Rename t/000-recipes to t/000_recipes
      adds  8f40866   Refactor create() and DESTORY() in Mouse::Meta::Module
      adds  e75f21d   Fix previous changes
      adds  2669196   Add a test file
      adds  df77fd7   Comment deprecated methods
      adds  deb9a0f   Cleanup
      adds  5164490   Fix pods
      adds  95b9522   Release date
      adds  152e575   Fix meta() method
      adds  7eb3a8d   Fix class/role creation
      adds  ad087d1   Fix issues on 5.6.2
      adds  8cf51b8   Fix clone_and_inherit_options() to take 'traits' and 
'metaclass' correctly
      adds  61b86c1   Remove the "Maintainance" section from the pod.
      adds  eba6833   Add tests for Mouse::Util::meta()
      adds  2e202fd   Changelogging
      adds  98ab513   Remove old, unused variables
      adds  85bd3f4   Refactor the override method modifier code to reduce 
      adds  78dc5ed   add_method() accepts method objects
      adds  768804c   Implement augment/inner
      adds  924c05c   Fix EOF
      adds  60ad2cb   Import Moose/t/010_basics/*.t
      adds  2b908b7   Add find_attribute_by_name()
      adds  8447b3b   Add a test for find_attribute_by_name() using 
      adds  53a7a31   Changelogging
      adds  f551168   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.37_02.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  69645eb   Fix a test
      adds  4ab51fb   Refactor install_accessor() and related stuff
      adds  3afcbb1   This is a Mouse::Exporter branch
      adds  d054750   For 'also'
      adds  db9fc23   Work for Mouse::Exporter
      adds  4ee3190   Fix do_unimport and related stuff
      adds  fea36fd   Use Mouse::Exporter
      adds  1ff34b4   Refactor and optimize Mouse::Exporter
      adds  82657d7   Add test for Mouse::Exporter
      adds  1bd3c83   s/group/groups/
      adds  0eb8691   Fix several issue on Mouse::Exporter
      adds  0421f7e   Fix t/010_basics/007_always_strict_warnings.t; Now 
Mouse::Exporter exists.
      adds  bc69ee8   Switch to Mouse::Exporter
      adds  62cb950   Changelogging
      adds  8cbcbb4   Tweaks and documenting Mouse::Exporter
      adds  d794b33   Make Mouse::Exporter to provide export_to_level() and 
export() for backward compatibility
      adds  4e24a2c   Add a regression test
      adds  420c0e9   Fix a bit
      adds  0bfc729   Refactor and optimize Mouse::Meta::Method::Accessor
      adds  66e667a   Improve tests
      adds  4128ec2   Tweaks for benchmarks
      adds  cd00d87   Refactor and optimize Mouse::Meta::Method::Accessor
      adds  380e1cd   More compatibility
      adds  8a3e5c5   Resolve TODO: Mouse::Util::TypeConstraints->unimport works
      adds  cf86307   Remove the TODO file
      adds  4352306   Retrieve @EXPORT, which is no longer used, but defined 
for backward compatibility
      adds  af8f95f   Changelogging
      adds  30b28db   Canonicalize the name of union types
      adds  fb6960c   Implement role application to instances
      adds  2dac5cb   Resolve a failing test
      adds  c379782   Fix an accessor generator to accept role application to 
      adds  9f74c40   Implement 'does' attribute in has()
      adds  e827cd7   Resolve 4 'failing' tests
      adds  1f0c967   Changelogging
      adds  92583b3   Fix a test
      adds  8f14f3a   version 0.37_03
      adds  edd20f4   Release date
      adds  99934a1   Fix Mouse::Exporter to work with Mouse::Tiny
      adds  0d2fef8   Fix author/ Now Mouse::Tiny is 
generated in the "make" command
      adds  5ea1528   Add newline to the end of the file
      adds  8d59c72   add_method() stores code references instead of a true 
      adds  71e7b54   Re-implement role composition, which was implemented but 
      adds  6fea087   Resolve 4 'failing' tests
      adds  c38b841   Changelogging
      adds  2d2e77f   Tiny tweaks
      adds  b1980b8   Very tiny tweaks
      adds  fc8628e   Add note to general methods
      adds  dc8e9f3 must depend on only standard 
      adds  9d0686b   Check superclasses not to inherit from roles
      adds  95ecd6f   Fix some issues on attributes
      adds  4060c87   Import tests for attribute from Mouse's tests
      adds  b8434ac   Fix subtype $name
      adds  620c320   Fix a possible syntax error in generated constructor
      adds  db53d2b   Resolve many 'failing' tests
      adds  b6331c0   A tweak for backward compatibility
      adds  6c778ba   Changelogging
      adds  1dc1f3f   Release date
      adds  fc44e30   version 0.37_04
      adds  b1a89a0   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.37_04.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  a300a25   Replace ChangeVersion with ChangAllVersions
      adds  c931365   Move non-useful, Moose-specific methods into 
      adds  8c9b95f   Remove Moose's comment
      adds  0126c27   Tidy for release
      adds  5d4810c   Add "optimize_as" sugar to TC
      adds  bddbe49   Remove a Moose-imcompatible warning
      adds  2efecf0   Add a VERSION section to
      adds  e6dc493   Add build_import_methods to Mouse::Exporter
      adds  6cc6c67   Add test to make anonymous classes immutable
      adds  a8391b1   Fix a bug about immutablizing anonymous classes
      adds  85dcdab   Fix tests for Moose compatibility
      adds  596dcb2   Replace a moose recipe
      adds  ef5db57   Import a moose cookbook recipe
      adds  594f414   Fix meta initialization in Mouse::Exporter
      adds  7fc043c   Add notes for Moose::Cookbook
      adds  f9aca0f   Add 4 recipe tests
      adds  8006ea0   Fix a typo
      adds  1639e48   Changelogging
      adds  9c72aa8   Changelogging
      adds  4dd75d5   Fix a test for ancient perls
      adds  e3ca3ad   Print messages in generating Mouse::Tiny
      adds  3f9d4c2   Fix Makefile.PL
      adds  6f16d3c   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.37_05.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  9704fe9   Creates role_type in Mouse::Role::init_meta
      adds  c9a3c0e   Tidy
      adds  b644ef5   Format Changes
      adds  920139b   Move t/*/t into t/001_mouse
      adds  32c94ba   Move t/100_with_moose t/810_with_moose
      adds  ad20156   Skip some tests for Moose
      adds  4c98ebb   Import Moose/t/100_bugs
      adds  9ae9702   Add regexp handles
      adds  7746ba3   Add localization of $@ and $? in DESTROY
      adds  7cfe5d5   Changelogging
      adds  925ef76   Resolve a 'failing' test, although it has some TODOs
      adds  ab4c67f   Resolve a 'failing' test
      adds  b3ae10c   Changelogging
      adds  f774b7d   Fix role application to instances
      adds  4331a3f   Tidy
      adds  ce5920b   Add a comment
      adds  455994c   Changelogging and release date
      adds  0fc9e95   Resolve a todo
      adds  79d6f21   Update MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  ed9c907   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.37_06.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  d050767   Merge branch 'blead'
      adds  83fd4df   Changelogging
      adds  a25ca8d   Add VERSION section to pods
      adds  ff012e5   Add "Incompatibility with Moose" section to Mouse::Spec
      adds  02cf53b   Update Makefile.PL
      adds  8bdd9cf   Add $VERSION to Mouse::Role to allow "use Mouse::Role 
      adds  e357566   Improve
      adds  29e174a   Changelogging
      adds  518b348   Changelogging, Mouse::Spec
      adds  4f74e48   Update documents
      adds  4b1994d   Fix a sentence in a pod
      adds  6106ed0   Changelogging
      adds  976891f   Add SYNOPSIS to Mouse::Spec
      adds  06a970a   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.38.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  2937689   Fix RT #50421
      adds  cf938ec   Add a test for RT #50421
      adds  c6e5eee   Fix RT #50422
      adds  4353bfe   Changelogging
      adds  9b9e4b6   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.39.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  de23678   Update Mouse::Spec
      adds  c73a0a9   Fix an issue in Mouse::Object::new to throw informative 
      adds  45bbec0   Add "use Mouse -traits => [...]" support, but not yet 
      adds  5d4df3f   added failing test case for RT#47744
      adds  341a304   Ignore fatal errors in "traits" resolution. This is a 
temporary change.
      adds  6a8eecb   Fix a testname (poe-coverage-moose.t -> 
      adds  e726486   Add calculate_all_roles() to Meta::Class/Meta::Role
      adds  669d9f7   Make pod-coverage-moose.t pending
      adds  1372fcc   Add xt/external to MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  f3f04ee   Revert "Ignore fatal errors in "traits" resolution. This 
is a temporary change."
      adds  61fcd0d   Mouse and Mouse::Roles does export their sugars to main
      adds  b2b106d   Import tc tests
      adds  b910be9   Resolve some tests
      adds  c4b28dd   Fix subtyping issue
      adds  3d3b9c8   Add tests for subtyping issue
      adds  4c0e2aa   Modernize some tests
      adds  1f817ab   Changelogging
      adds  034587d   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.40.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  849b02a   Rename 800_shikabased/*.t to 001_mouse/8*.t (suggested by 
tokuhirom :)
      adds  3845bd9   Fix a typo in a test
      adds  e7cd419   Update Makefile.PL
      adds  2a7e621   Merge branch 'master' into blead
      adds  b842ace   Fix the NAME in Mouse::Meta::Method::Destructor
      adds  f8cbb12   Make method generators extensible
      adds  9010458   Rename ::Meta::Method::new to ::Meta::Method::wrap to fit 
to Moose
      adds  4340827   Lazy load Mouse::Meta::Role
      adds  60e446e   Use get_method_body(), instead of can()
      adds  02ce50c   Fix load.t
      adds  ea28c34   Fix load.t
      adds  5ed87e9   Update .gitignore for XS
      adds  da7930e   Update MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  0e81c55   Add XS stuff to Makefile.PL
      adds  df6dd01   Add first XS implementation
      adds  6e64f80   Fix
      adds  4316572   Move accessors into XS
      adds  2591e96   Move ::Meta::Module::namespace into XS
      adds  cccb83d   _get_code_ref() and get_linear_isa() in XS
      adds  2125ee6   Remove useless check code
      adds  7d96ae4   built-in type constraints in XS
      adds  32cf135   Tweaks for Makefile.PL
      adds  94fc8b3   Report $Mouse::VERSION and the backend (Pure Perl or XS) 
in load.t
      adds  83eab7b   Repeat test with MOUSE_PUREPERL=1 in "make test", adding 
"make test_pp" target
      adds  4358792   Use postamble() insteead of MY::postamble()
      adds  d899d3e   Add "documentation" attribute to Mouse::PurePerl
      adds  5124b71   Use get_code_ref()
      adds  ef20630   Tweak for Meta::Method
      adds  9354001   Implement XS accessor generators
      adds  000bf66   Tweak for benchmarks/
      adds  3ea28db   Ensure backward compatibility
      adds  2ed98f7   Update MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  b06ce1f   Version 0.40_01
      adds  95fa841   Rename a file
      adds  1d5ecd5   Implement a class_type generator
      adds  186fae6   Fix a typo in
      adds  3051863   Improve author/
      adds  745220d   More _generate_class_type_for()
      adds  d7d8d49   Split accessor generators into and
      adds  f028039   Add *.bs to MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  0e73c07   Remove mro_compat.h, which was accidentaly included
      adds  113a969   Fix a test
      adds  1a6d349   Fix
      adds  c0c20aa   Tweaks for XS accessors
      adds  53e42ea   Add two benchmark files
      adds  56ccf87   Changelogging
      adds  337e3b0   More compatibility to Moose
      adds  ddbad0b   Tidy
      adds  4dd800c   Ensure configure_requires 'ExtUtils::CBuilder'
      adds  02d8cd0   Do not import unused functions
      adds  34bdc46   Hack for XSLoader
      adds  3e44140   Move add_method into XS
      adds  926404f   Add methods to
      adds  c2562f1   Remove debuggign code
      adds  ccb38d0   Add document
      adds  4ab8bb8   Fix a typo in Changes
      adds  9d9e802   Compat for Moose
      adds  6650915   Resolve a failing test
      adds  4f41d79   Tweaks for compatibility
      adds  d41e07a   Resolve a failing test
      adds  9a5d1ed   Changelogging
      adds  b330ee2   Fix Mouse.xs
      adds  b397e30   No import
      adds  5dd5ede   No import
      adds  c6cb4ba   Improve Makefile.PL
      adds  b7d1f97   No import
      adds  29b12be   Remove debugging code
      adds  81bc067   Tidy
      adds  4737928   No meta programming in Mouse/Meta/
      adds  a5df48e   Tiny optimization
      adds  ca35258   No import
      adds  3feac48   Release date
      adds  28b86ab   Remove object files in "make clean"
      adds  065f79e   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.40_02.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  42108e9   Make is_class_loaded without any arguments fail loudly
      adds  2a9a211   Fix a test: is_class_loaded without arguments throws an 
      adds  bb543d7   Ensure the version of Module::Install::XSUtil
      adds  a2f1294   Tidy
      adds  8adc0b2   Add '|' operator to Meta::TypeConstraint (experimental)
      adds  9e94a14   Add comment to 810-isa-or.t
      adds  c489a47   Make type constraints always true
      adds  b880de9   Add tests for or-combination operator
      adds  b4d791b   Move parametarization code to Meta::TypeConstraint
      adds  766af1c   Changelogging
      adds  2b68f76   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.40_03.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  7b92a82   Change a message from Makefile.PL
      adds  98f255c   Use Carp::Always in Makefile.PL when Mouse is in 
development releases
      adds  43e49d9   Include Mouse::PurePerl first
      adds  f48920c   Change is-a predicate stuff
      adds  7801fbf   Fix a typo in
      adds  e354031   s/_generate_isa_predicte_for/generate_isa_predicate_for/; 
it's Mouse specific anyway.
      adds  4b55a02   Use bit-or, not simple assignment
      adds  646c037   Re-organize xs-src/
      adds  208ffae   Tiny optimization for XS accessors
      adds  7677097   Remove duplicated checks
      adds  9848c34   Remove an unused variable
      adds  441964c   Refactor generate_isa_predicate_for-related stuff
      adds  672bde7   Add "mouse_" prefix
      adds  016e468   Remove an old utility, mouse_is_instance_of()
      adds  af5eccc   mouse_tc is always true
      adds  d33d884   Refactor type constraint check function to make 
class_type faster
      adds  f6e3b8a   Refactor built-in type constraints
      adds  263728b   Tidy
      adds  e5e22af   Fix associate_method()
      adds  28ba5a2   Tidy
      adds  9220268   Add a comment
      adds  916eb82   Refactor tc parametarization
      adds  619338a   Implement type parameterization in XS
      adds  5a363f7   Add comments
      adds  c6821d1   Split benchmarks/ to two files
      adds  7ca3334   Ensure backward compatiblity
      adds  d2af4ec   Simplify compile_type_constraint
      adds  f790c46   Implement compile_type_constraint in XS
      adds  dfbc050   Change TC hierarchy in XS
      adds  6fe2272   Use shortnames for mouse_instance_*
      adds  6582d0e   s/\t/    /g;
      adds  19462c5   Generalize type constraint generation
      adds  8fa5f9b   Tidy and simplify mouse_attr_get()
      adds  6a97bbd   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.40_04.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  460eb22   Add memory leak tests for type constraints and accessors
      adds  db5e440   Tweaks for Mouse guts, and add Mouse::Util::_MOUSE_XS 
      adds  a52cca0   Tweaks
      adds  5644cfb   Delete a duplicated test file and add a new test file for 
      adds  ed2f9d7   Skip compatible test for Mouse::PurePerl
      adds  3bbf4ee   More newSVpvs_share()
      adds  f15868c   Tidy
      adds  aee7523   Changelogging
      adds  6e16843   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.40_05.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  a4b901a   Move XS Meta::Constraint stuff to the correct place
      adds  30e1100   Rename XS functions
      adds  5132ec4   Remove useless use of or-assign
      adds  80aa573   Make type check macros
      adds  1b81205   Shut up a warning "DPPP_newSVpvn_flags defined but not 
      adds  6ff81d8   Skip  BUILDALL in the default constructor, and 
DEMOLISHALL in the default destructor:
      adds  224bfdd   BUILDALL and DEMOLISHALL are no longer called by the 
default constructor/destructor.
      adds  da4432f   Implement get_all_attributes in XS
      adds  c5f6ad0   Fix a typo
      adds  cd658d1   Fix mro_get_linear_isa
      adds  743ca82   Tiny optimization
      adds  6872b0a   Remove an useless "use Scalar::Util" directive
      adds  1d859d4   Remove extra commas from pods
      adds  9229fe5   Add the README file
      adds  11c0f90   Add a example script
      adds  22e5275   Changelogging
      adds  75c9081   Add my name to Changes
      adds  0d61502   Changelogging
      adds  a39e954   Refactor XS metaclass object structure
      adds  047d7af   Tweaks for speed
      adds  884bf37   Update M::I::XSUtil to 0.17
      adds  64f6112   Tidy Makefile.PL
      adds  5ecfc2d   Add BUILDARGS tests
      adds  aa2d2e2   XS constructor
      adds  327413e   Add utility macros: newAV_mortal() and newHV_mortal()
      adds  6fab29c   Use new[HA]V_mortal()
      adds  d471277   Add $ignore_triggers option to _initialize_object()
      adds  0aad026   Add mouse_get_xa()
      adds  4e7e325   Add _initialize_object()
      adds  6423ed4   Change inline_constructor => 0
      adds  5c3750e   No -T in tests
      adds  fd16872   Optimize get_metaclass() in XS
      adds  9974d61   Fix a typo in the code
      adds  12872cc   Fix BUILDARGS logic
      adds  074a414   Add Mouse::Object::new in XS
      adds  7efbc77   Revert "Change inline_constructor => 0"
      adds  af04626   Move Mouse::Object::new to
      adds  53f38c5   Skip extending tests
      adds  bf1c5d5   Mouse:::Meta::Method::Constructor is used only in pure 
perl mode
      adds  1bbf836   Add mouse_initialize_metaclass()
      adds  a5c683f   DEMOLISH to XS
      adds  3c1c1e2   Print the status code in the profiling script
      adds  0097fc4   Remove "use Mouse::Meta::Method::Destructor"
      adds  855eff0   Name subroutines in add_method()
      adds  1e58239   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.40_06.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  3f2c3dc   Fix default and weak stuff
      adds  434bcb4   Add a test for weakref stuff
      adds  d241047   Define "inline" if not provided (mouse.h)
      adds  3001d9a   Make some functions static
      adds  cc7cd81   Make mouse_accessor_get_self() "static inline"
      adds  e058b27   Make some constants as class attributes
      adds  ace9830   Add MOUSE_mg_len(mg)
      adds  f259aaa   Add threading tests
      adds  bd0fe31   Move build tools to tool/
      adds  a6ad72d   Add author's tools to MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  2449078   Add a benchmark script
      adds  4e946ba   Remove a debugging method
      adds  ce61d03   Add tests for accessor robusity
      adds  d88e198   Add tests for constructor_class/destructor_class  as 
      adds  ba153b3   Tidy
      adds  007481b   Mouse::Object has meta() method
      adds  3fab876   Now handles => qr/regex/ is supported
      adds  542f20a   For Mouse::Util::MetaRole
      adds  41888e7   Import t/050_metaclass from Moose
      adds  f87debb   Add Mouse::Util::MetaRole
      adds  3c7ae14   Resolve 015_metarole.t
      adds  f12892e   Start to support "use Mouse -traits => ..."
      adds  d6c64f2   TODO
      adds  5332f8d   Resolve 013_metaclass_traits.t, but not completed
      adds  c104959   Remove a resolved test
      adds  76768b6   Resolve a "failing" test
      adds  21db409   Resolve two "failing" tests
      adds  98e392b   Fix compatibility tests
      adds  8aba926   Fix many
      adds  b636939   Add metaclass compatibility stuff
      adds  3654f7f   Add pod to Mouse::Tiny
      adds  29422d0   Fix _reconcile_with_superclass_meta
      adds  6b82419   Add public method list as TODO
      adds  8551447   Add pod to Mouse::TypeRegistry as a deprecated module
      adds  5b5be19   Tidy
      adds  c20736c   Add pod coverage test, but it does not test yet
      adds  5eef6e9   Mouse test suite requires Moose 0.93
      adds  a17f631   Rename XS funcs which generate XSUBs
      adds  d9659f8   Fix metaclass compatibility resolution
      adds  ecb77ca   Remove method list without explanations
      adds  ecd4a12   Add a constant, MOUSE_XS
      adds  e0b77af   Changelogging
      adds  93fe8a5   Add a comment
      adds  957474a   A tiny tweak
      adds  2468f1d   Change class holders to simple readers
      adds  f2dbeb5   Remove an unused function: XS_Mouse_simple_accessor()
      adds  aebf20a   Add new test files
      adds  f7e41ed   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.40_08.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  e78cd29   Fix meta method constructors
      adds  24d5564   Fix add_method to accept overloaded CODE references 
      adds  9ad5862   Fix a error message in apply_all_roles
      adds  cfef75f   Add immutable_optins
      adds  39a8df6   Skip class unload stuff in global destruction
      adds  f18345f   Port (get|has)_package_symbol from Class::MOP
      adds  6bc5b49   No duplication
      adds  ae34e07   Tidy
      adds  787f84c   Rename a macro to define a class holder
      adds  f116192   Tweaks in Makefile.PL
      adds  9023297   Add a comment
      adds  a010dc3   Add a description
      adds  2a3e3aa   Update the repository information
      adds  36d75a0   Fix a meta slot name
      adds  3bb9e54   Fix a bug that segv caused on 5.6.2 with -traits
      adds  2df86e3   Resolve skipped tests (for 5.6.2)
      adds  57d5cc8   Fix benchmarks/
      adds  9ee0e57   Clean the code up
      adds  00822cc   Tidy Changes
      adds  b4d1723   Add some tests
      adds  923a04b   Fix XS loading code
      adds  34c8209   Fix has()
      adds  3821b19   Add meta() method to method metaclasses
      adds  ce5a769   Fix a prototype-related problem on 5.8.x
      adds  35c4ef0   Add a test for C3 classes
      adds  92ff14d   Add a message in Makefile.PL
      adds  506fb74   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.40_09.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  8b13ad6   Remove mentions to Class::Method::Modifiers
      adds  21276ee   Changelogging
      adds  bb4204b   Make accessor generators extensible
      adds  a1cf053   Fix the parameterized HashRef constraint routine
      adds  24dd8fe   Add tests for magical vars and hash iterators
      adds  125dc1a   Fix Makefile.PL to add author's tests correctly
      adds  a9cf013   Fix a typo
      adds  5482cd4   Add function list to pod
      adds  4f21a0b   Fix tests
      adds  cf59b71   Tidy
      adds  4c0fe06   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.41.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  d76a3e9   Fix a PAUSE indexing issue
      adds  5176a3e   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.42.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  ed940a7   Fix the pod of Mouse
      adds  ca861dd   Remove has_package_symbol and add_package_symbol
      adds  b940eb4   Add documents for attributes
      adds  dad32ff   Add documents to Mouse::Spec
      adds  b231729   Tweaks for
      adds  450e8bf   Add a note for Mouse::XS, which requries Perl 5.8.1 or 
      adds  f2334e4   Fix a typo in the pod
      adds  dba2e14   Fix the hierarchy of type constraints: Num and Int are a 
subtype of Str
      adds  e229d5a   Add some document
      adds  c565ffb   Changelogging
      adds  4831115   Make Mouse/Tiny.pod
      adds  6b37a79   Fix benchmarks/
      adds  e83a2ae   Add a comment to Changes
      adds  f8beb87   Tiny optimization for DESTROY
      adds  b988c85   Add a benchmark for destructors
      adds  4819ed3   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.43.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  fdee07c   Use Module::Install::XSUtil 0.19
      adds  f638735   Fix typos
      adds  73e9153   Add Test::Mouse
      adds  ec0ef25   Changelogging
      adds  f152b09   Improve enum to accept "enum($name, $arrayref)" 
      adds  aff73a9   More robust tests for threads
      adds  ebe9106   Add duck_type to Mouse::Util::TypeConstraints
      adds  b33887a   Tidy
      adds  32aaae0   Add a benchmark for duck_type
      adds  ce89cb6   Optimization for duck_type
      adds  58e41d6   Changelogging
      adds  c9cc688   Add duck_type to the function list
      adds  87f1f3d   Add coerce() to the function list
      adds  276dbb2   Changelogging
      adds  5d3ab42   Add a test file for duck_type
      adds  a4cbb3c   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.44.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  f35b50f   Fix accessor filenames
      adds  adb5eb7   Move BUILDALL and DEMOLISHALL into XS
      adds  b6f6340   Add with_immutable to Test::Mouse
      adds  751de1a   Add set_value/get_value/has_value/clear_value to Attribute
      adds  6a4ab70   Switch to duck typing
      adds  32490a7   Implement make_mutable :)
      adds  db6e462   Add tests for get_value etc
      adds  63d3339   Changelogging
      adds  41e3a7e   Add filesystem portability test (indicated by RT #52828)
      adds  36e85b8   Rename for portability to resolve RT #52828
      adds  f50e50d   Fix BUILDALL in XS
      adds  e699602   Changelogging
      adds  289e543   Add tests for BUILDALL/DEMOLISHALL
      adds  7ad9df7   Tiny tweaks
      adds  21df8e4   Avoid autovivification
      adds  060f922   Rename variable names for clearity
      adds  5d7c30f   Tidy
      adds  feaa708   Lazy load for Delegation class
      adds  80efe91   Move is_immutable into XS
      adds  cbb8105   Change the internal delegation code
      adds  2a96ea8   Change the signature of verify_type_constraint_error 
      adds  4f24c59   Fix an issue that anonymous type constraint can't be 
      adds  f178e75   Changelogging
      adds  a1d1c5c   Add resolution of conflitcting extention
      adds  da23cd4   Rename: 
s/verify_type_constraint_error/_throw_type_constraint_error/g; It's Mouse 
      adds  81fd550   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.45.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  029463f   Tweaks for 5.6.2
      adds  e950b35   Add 'use warnings FATAL => "recursion"' to
      adds  5e3cb4c   Revert "Add resolution of conflitcting extention"
      adds  267711f   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.4501.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  278448b   CRLF to LF
      adds  346a3ab   Replace CRLF to LF with all the files
      adds  de821fd   Add a test file for RT #53286
      adds  e2b6c75   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  2984d37   Revert "Add a test file for RT #53286"
      adds  7bc0142   Apply a patch to support handle => sub { ... }, 
contributed by Frank Cuny.
      adds  8b0573c   Clean up deprecations
      adds  ac3bb63   Remove long-deprecated features
      adds  7cd845c uses Mouse::Util::TypeConstraints
      adds  939c3d8   Changelogging
      adds  9848d3e   Fix Str() and ScalarRef()
      adds  bcf612a   Clean up mouse_tc_ScalarRef()
      adds  1b36441   Fix type casts incompatible with c++ (delected by 
      adds  6463e83   Move tied hash checks
      adds  95ce77e   Update the copyright information
      adds  8c235ea   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.46.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  ba1f50a   Move Mouse::Meta::Attribute::_process_options into XS
      adds  6ad7799   Use sv_true() instead of SvTRUE(), which is too large to 
      adds  31113a4   Fix a message
      adds  accc9fc   Don't create scopes as much as possible
      adds  fbba35c   Fix a typo
      adds  0c5c364   Merge some tests to one file
      adds  28e0434   Merge extends.t and auto-subclass.t into subclass.t
      adds  cc368f6   Merge default-code.t to default.t
      adds  8bfccdd   Merge clearer.t and predicate.t to predicate-and-clearer.t
      adds  d0773d2   require Class::Method::Modifiers::Fast 0.041; this is 
because it requries gfx's Data::Util correctly.
      adds  1375639   Add the CAVEATS section for the call_sv() failures
      adds  5f69227   Clearify the issue on RT#69939
      adds  3e073eb   Makefile.PL requires Module::Install::XSUtil 0.21
      adds  3310ddf   Add conflicting checks to Makefile.PL
      adds  1a8951d   Fix a typo in docs
      adds  bd76a69   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.47.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  134f7bc   Fix the class for init_meta()
      adds  1e2f288   Improve Makefile.PL not to test Moose compatibility when 
the main tests fail
      adds  2053291   Use Mouse::Object::BUILDARGS, because it's safe and 
      adds  85a74fc   Fix magic handling in type constraints (reported by 
      adds  feb3c29   More tests for magic handling
      adds  96cd240   Remove imcompatible tests
      adds  ede063c   Changelogging
      adds  02bf7ed   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.48.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  ca8e67d   Fix RT #54203 (reported by chocolateboy) that setters 
might return undef.
      adds  06afbf3   Use mouse_name instead of literals
      adds  d39ac61   Optimize coercion
      adds  7333770   Fix a memory leak in generate_isa_predicate_for()
      adds  01e830f   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.49.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  45f22b9   Change a terminology; s/applicant/consumer/;
      adds  c10b6ba   Make Mouse::Tiny smaller
      adds  4b7f0b1   Mouse::Tiny shouldn't include Test::Mouse
      adds  c6b8ac4   Refactor mouse_get_xa()
      adds  da1d264   The Mouse dist does no longer include Test::Exception. 
The latest version, 0.29, seems good.
      adds  3aa1e09   Remove some todos in tests
      adds  81f6c72   Make several role attribute tests todo
      adds  410c356   Resolve a todo
      adds  733f404   Catch up to Moose 0.94 metaroles
      adds  3d7c6ec   Use new API for metaroles
      adds  6e96640   Changelogging
      adds  47c7387   Apply a patch contributed by chocolateboy (RT #54383) to 
allow "use Mouse::Tiny VERSION"
      adds  4c99ea9   Add method decls in meta type constraint class.
      adds  de0d415   $tc->coerce() throws an error if it has no coercion, as 
Moose's tc does.
      adds  5af3624   Add Mouse::Util::quoted_english_list()
      adds  aba0f13   Simplify Mouse::Meta::Role::Composite::_apply_methods()
      adds  b64e200   Correct 'does' method
      adds  0cf6f1b   The default maxdepth of 'dump' method is now 3, instead 
of 2.
      adds  e9148d1   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  53f661a   Reduce duplicated code
      adds  013ee5f   Support modifier by regexp
      adds  f99b08b   Resolve a failing test: method_modifier_with_regexp
      adds  b0b9f25   Update document
      adds  241dd25   Update docs for metaroles
      adds  31e71b6   Update example/
      adds  40e57f0   Make add_method update %DB::sub for profilers
      adds  12d46d0   Update pod_spell.t
      adds  6d5a627   Add a DB::sub test to xt/
      adds  6475f69   Update tests
      adds  6514735   Support the global destruction flag in DEMOLISH()
      adds  1fc9491   Changelogging
      adds  097778c   Add todo tests: mouse_extends_moose.t
      adds  6cdf0e2   Revert "Add todo tests: mouse_extends_moose.t"
      adds  add53fb   Add an arg check to appply_metaroles()
      adds  668f695   Add tests for traits
      adds  71367d2   Fix tool/ to replace 
      adds  536e3c3   Refactor Meta::TypeConstraint
      adds  b3d7fe4   Fix a typo
      adds  7d2a0f1   Mouse::Meta::Attribute->new warns about unknown, or 
misspelled, arguments (compat to Moose 0.84)
      adds  0d5a1d7   Changelogging
      adds  05a12aa   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50_01.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  3bf1e61   Update Changes
      adds  fc83f4c   Add type_parameter() and __is_parameterized() to 
      adds  7850806   Add assert_valid() to Meta::TypeConstraint
      adds  45eea07   Resolve several failing tests
      adds  a2db83e   Add argument currying for delegation
      adds  c28783e   Changelogging
      adds  2b82d75   Add prototypes
      adds  e128626   Implement strict constructors, which will warn unkown 
constructor arguments
      adds  06c067b   Changelogging
      adds  7fa0bc1   Add make_immutable to the SYNOPSIS
      adds  fc89f89   Work around 5.6.2 warnings
      adds  29cb82b   Add tests for strict constructors
      adds  d990f79   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50_02.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  2e73a65   Add a benchmark for strict constructors
      adds  7fc1f78   Skip tests for strict constructor on Moose
      adds  df44825   Implement the built-in type hierarchy
      adds  7042582   Fix a possible segv on DESTROY
      adds  7fc19c3   Don't set package_defined_in automatically, because Moose 
doesn't do that.
      adds  6fffa61   Make editors happy.
      adds  4fbbc65   Mention to MouseX::NativeTraits
      adds  cb80a70   Optimize Method::Delegation
      adds  21ee5bb   Tidy delegation routine
      adds  d503a4f   Resolve a todo: if you set both 'isa' and 'does' on an 
attribute, the 'isa' must do 'does'
      adds  4aaed9e   Fix docs. The phrases "Fewer than 1%" and "over 96%" are 
very confusing, so I removed them.
      adds  4bc73e4   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50_03.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  637d4f1   Make Mouse::Util::load_class return the argument class 
name, which can remove several temporary variables.
      adds  01f892f   Export load_class and is_class_loaded to the Mouse:: 
package in Mouse::Util
      adds  0ffc418   Move is_valid_class_name into XS
      adds  9b923ac   Remove a fat semicolon
      adds  74690b2   Refactor get_linear_isa()
      adds  3b48bcc   Clean up warnings
      adds  72dc2c9   Remove extra spaces and comments; no functionality changes
      adds  8801a6e   Tidy the pp constructor generator
      adds  cb60d0b   Move method modifier manipulators into XS
      adds  70a9222   Tidy _generate_destructor
      adds  81c629e   More tests for strict constructor
      adds  431e481   Use @CARP_NOT instead of %Carp::Internal
      adds  950f02e   Add an example for Mouse error checking
      adds  077f2ef   Fix a typo
      adds  467c481   Make roles smarter
      adds  1194aed   Introduce install_subroutines() to reduce direct stash 
      adds  d67f600   Implement install_subroutines in XS
      adds  d06d926   Simplify error check routines in XS
      adds  cc13188   Tidy Meta::TypeConstraint
      adds  c357351   Remove an internal constant, _MOUSE_VERBOSE
      adds  5763357   No
      adds  f3e1112   Make does_role accept a role meta object
      adds  e57a506   Deprecate Mouse->export and Mouse->export_to_level.
      adds  c216893   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50_04.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  fa4ac64   Reset stash iterators
      adds  f10b7c0   Use mcall1s() instead of raw perl API
      adds  a901dc2   Reduce SvGETMAGIC()
      adds  28e3abd   Use more mcall1
      adds  caf77af   Tidy the xs code
      adds  3c0dcf2   Add author/requires.cpanm for co-developpers. "cpanm < 
author/requires.cpanm" will install all you need.
      adds  d202164   use Module::Install::AuthorTests for co-developpers
      adds  73d8d59   Fix an error
      adds  3db78d2   Refactor pp method generators
      adds  1f1cccc   Moose used an incorrect cast at the C-level resulting in 
errors with >2**32 IV's on 32 bit systems
      adds  9ab5eba   The last commit didn't correctly catch 1 v.s. 1.5, use 
Perl's fmod function to check this
      adds  b2aabd2   Merge remote branch 
      adds  9c1874d   Shorten a test file name
      adds  7324ed5   Add a todo to test metaclass compatibility
      adds  c0b18af   Fix metaclass imcompatibility issue
      adds  98a8fd1   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50_05.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  e088c5f   Method::Constructor and Method::Destructor must be loaded 
in pure Perl mode
      adds  1adf864   Work around RT #55048 for Mouse::PurePerl
      adds  6e1e5b3   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50_06.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  f031f4d   Revert "Refactor pp method generators"
      adds  8ab2c6a   Fix a possible panic, caused by triggers (reported by 
Nobuo Danjou)
      adds  8068066   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50_07.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  3f1fa30   Add Net::Google::DataAPI to author/
      adds  718b5d9   Reinplement the type parser. Now it throws syntax errors 
e.g. "ArrayRef[]" or "ArrayRef[Int".
      adds  d18ffd1   Changes and docs
      adds  e8c583d   Makefile.PL accepts --author option, to install author's 
      adds  2462603   Add user module testing using Test::DependentModules
      adds  2a3edbe   Add some author's prereqs
      adds  25431bc   Fix triggers
      adds  188ff28   Set correct parents for enum_type and duck_type
      adds  86ab88e   Update README
      adds  a062712   Fix metaclass compatibility
      adds  ce706f1   Remove CheckVersionsMatch, add UploadCPAN
      adds  81eaf8e   Make Meta::Method comparable like Class::MOP::Method
      adds  8a3fa34   Turns on FATAL => 'recursion' by "use Mouse"
      adds  78a4b12   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50_08.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  01e1124   Add xt/07_vars.t
      adds  230dd14   Remove unused vars, suggested by Test::Vars
      adds  a4b1516   Introduce Test::Perl::Critic
      adds  77fc67d   Remove vars.t
      adds  66a33f3   Fix a module name
      adds  0cfe08a   Fix an issue on the Int type constraint, to accept 2*46 
as Int and to refuse 2**46+0.5 as Int
      adds  107f668   Ensure M::I::XSUtil 0.22
      adds  123fd4f   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50_09.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  21f7fab   Resolve a todo to pass pod-coverage-moose
      adds  1a3ecab   Rearrange test files
      adds  1f6046f   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.51.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  a41b51b   Add an example using NativeTraits
      adds  15a4c57   Clean up author/; see also 
      adds  dfe6ae8   Ensure to use Mouse in Any::Moose
      adds  31c3393   Add Test::Requires to dependencies
      adds  21da4e8   Fix an env setting
      adds  be0ba85   Remove the cache of load_class()
      adds  c757632   $tc->check into XS
      adds  25ba356   Make Mouse::XS reloadable
      adds  678d190   Make a private function static
      adds  b3cd4c1   Workaround RT #69939
      adds  9bd5683   Use PL_statusvalue directly, instead of useing $?
      adds  5bc4e0b   Tiny tweaks
      adds  8478787   Remove caveats about RT#69939
      adds  fdef448   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.52.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  d72533c   Rename a wrong-named test file
      adds  cb6a972   Fix clone_object() to ignore hehaviours without init args
      adds  60cd9f1   Tweaks
      adds  6cd9dfb   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.53.
      adds  6cff6b7   Add a test file for RT #56523
      adds  52b9f5f   Apply a patch from Michael G Schwern
      adds  1759509   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.54.
      adds  3823fbc   Comment out a debug output
      adds  20a1232   Workaround a bug with threads. cleaning stash with 
threads can cause panic or SEGV.
      adds  ca980dc   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.55.
      adds  6c7491f   Resolve RT #56837 (reported by Sanko Robinson), based on 
his patch
      adds  a59572a   Rename a test directry name to be clear
      adds  f15e804   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.56.
      adds  a534714   Add RT57144.t, but it is not fixed yet...
      adds  9a87d68   Workaround RT #57144, caused by Perl_call_sv()'s bug
      adds  1d7d294   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.57.
      adds  5433f84   PERL_CONTEXT has been chaned in 5.12
      adds  8fcdb99   Fix mouse_call_sv_safe() again
      adds  af4995e   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.58.
      adds  ec7a942   Update Makefile.PL
      adds  07e8d64   Disable a part of tests on 5.13.0
      adds  ef53a04   Improve error messages
      adds  d6ae4e2   Fix a test
      adds  8f0a070   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.59.
      adds  cabc933   use Data::Util directly, instead of 
Class::Method::Modifiers::Fast. - Class::Method::Modifiers::Fast is minor 
module on CPAN - It's verbosity layer for this purpose. - 
Class::Method::Modifiers::Fast->install_modifier is undocumented method. - This 
patch makes bit faster(i hope).
      adds  2b36fd6   Skip a test that fails on some platforms
      adds  f07982d   Resolve RT #57975: "Exception caught:" prefixes on 
"re-thrown" exceptions have been removed
      adds  b5956f0   Follow Moose's new feature: BUILDALL is called by 
new_object(), not by Mouse::Object::new
      adds  537873b   Make type constraint messages compatible with Moose's 
index 81d5d35..2dd7afb 100644 --- a/lib/Mouse/Meta/ +++ 
b/lib/Mouse/Meta/ @@ -164,7 +164,7 @@ sub get_message {      } 
     else {          $value = ( defined $value ? overload::StrVal($value) : 
'undef' ); -        return "Validation failed for '$self' failed with value 
$value"; +        return "Validation failed for '$self' with value $value";     
 }  }
      adds  13b9990   Make clone_object() into PurePerl
      adds  17ae597   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.60.
      adds  fcdc12a   Fix possible memory leaks, which occurs when constructor 
components throw errors.
      adds  3700831   Ensure M::I version >= 0.99
      adds  f0e1969   Fix the Perl_call_sv() problem again, and tests for it
      adds  0f96002   Compat version is 1.05
      adds  913b596   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.61.
      adds  652b2a9   Fix threading tests for bad perls:
      adds  4bb9246   Avoid compiler's warnings on older perls
      adds  3a2ccd7   Add __set_strict_constructor
      adds  51ca4f9   Revert __set_strict_constructor
      adds  fb4ddd8   Make strict_constructor public
      adds  da4b121   Avoid compiler's warnings
      adds  0a3d3fd   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.62.
      adds  01f38ab   This fixes RT#59460. (Curtis Jewell)
      adds  35ce550   Implement 
      adds  184f8f5   Import a latest test file for register_type_constraints() 
and fix tc class
      adds  7e0e683   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.63.
      adds  d6ceb35   Use new macro CvGV_set() (see perl5133delta)
      adds  beb51b3   Add $attr->insertion_order
      adds  df7e472   Add illigal inheritance process (Moose 1.09 feature)
      adds  4a07d07   Fix illegal option process, add tests for it
      adds  8609b28   Resolve a failing test file although some are skipped
      adds  0dc6305   Resolve a failing test file
      adds  2fbd752   Remove long deprecated methods in M::M::Attribute
      adds  d88885b   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.64.
      adds  f3e4c7e   Avoid compiler's warnings
      adds  6e646df   Add tiny tweaks stolen from Class::XSAccessor 1.07
      adds  ba98f74   Revert "Add tiny tweaks stolen from Class::XSAccessor 
      adds  fc65056   Use STATIC_INLINE, which will be introduced at 5.14.0
      adds  fe5044b   Split common stuff
      adds  5ab8f62   Support PERL_ONLY env var
      adds  b6f6f7b   Resolve RT#61076 (improve error messages)
      adds  2bb7654   'alias' and 'excludes' in with() are deprecated
      adds  7f46837   Avoid warnings on compatibility tests
      adds  b4d32ab   Catch up Moose's change 
      adds  92b5b93   Remove a duplicated macro: LooksLikeNumber
      adds  e8faa78   Changelogging
      adds  0001057   Switch to M::I::TestAssemble (xaicron++)
      adds  f47ebad   Revert "Switch to M::I::TestAssemble (xaicron++)"
      adds  6d97be6   Fix tests for Test::Builder2
      adds  a0d746d   Remove long deprecated methods
      adds  1038bfa   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.65.
      adds  ab2ab07   Fix a Changes log
      adds  29012b5   Update Moose compat version
      adds  af1c2a6   Cleanup Makefile.PL
      adds  339fdf5   Fix LooksLikeNumber() macro
      adds  083e49a   Fix an error message for method modifiers
      adds  5c71361   Add test for method modifiers
      adds  aa3b1c1   Workaround older perl's bug that caused segv by releasing 
      adds  c4f4f5e   Better version checks for conflicting modules
      adds  6741954   Fix for perl 5.6.2
      adds  c06ab42   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.66.
      adds  533ed4d   Oops! Add missing dependencies
      adds  12f4a95   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.67.
      adds  8e4a10a   Switch to use_xshelper(), which is provided by 
M::I::XSUtil 0.30
      adds  8d5287a   Remove XS method modifier stuff which depend on 
      adds  1b49089   Tweaks for method modifiers
      adds  503ed64   Docs
      adds  d588873   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.68.
      adds  7712ea9   Tweaks
      adds  d908858   Inlucde xshelper.h to the dist even if it is generated by 
Makefile.PL (XSUtil)
      adds  08ee26f   No import() for confess()
      adds  d686eec   Tweaks for method modifiers
      adds  4bef84e   Docs and comments
      adds  6e1e488   Tweaks
      adds  e2962c1   Tests
      adds  bdef60b   Workaround Test::Builder2's problem that it loads the XS 
stuff of 'Mouse', which could cause SEGV
      adds  19baa93   Add a test
      adds  498584c   Update .gitignore
      adds  70cc261   Update MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  a35fd8b   Docs
      adds  aa36910   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.69.
      adds  1134f69   Make Delegations work with method modifiers
      adds  86eb0b5   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.70.
      adds  ad66516   Update podspell.t
      adds  6e647ca   Move overload stuff to XS
      adds  3a29a08   Tidy and docs for meta type constraint class
      adds  a4faea1   Tidy
      adds  13f78bb   Make code simple
      adds  a672bf8   Docs on Mouse::Util
      adds  fad9907   Generalize inheritable class accessors
      adds  2af8801   Cleanup Makefile.PL, etc.
      adds  902174e   Inheitance of non-Mouse classes now produces wranings
      adds  8d85517   Tests
      adds  ea2bc86   Changelogging
      adds  b4dc931   Fix add_metaclass_accessor stuff
      adds  4cc4f8e   Clean up
      adds  823419c   Split role application to a module like Moose
      adds  837d9c5   Cleanup duplicated code
      adds  33aa919   Docs
      adds  ba05bb8   chomp white spaces
      adds  2866c94   Changelogging
      adds  b36cef5   chmod -x
      adds  fab6020   Tidy
      adds  bc76ed1   Remove unused imports
      adds  89681b0   Clean up
      adds  dcce259   Make mouse_throw_error in XS more robust
      adds  80b463b   Fix apply_all_roles()
      adds  f530c77   Make M::M::Method->wrap compatible
      adds  77e324a   Add some testing stuff to t/lib/
      adds  0bdc9d3   Add a tool to import tests
      adds  fde8e43   Regenerate test files
      adds  091253a   Fix tests
      adds  18661ab   Add test_status.log for authors
      adds  972340a   Make compatibility tests optional. Its is almost useless 
      adds  37a972b   Rename non-portable filenames
      adds  39465a1   Add testing notes
      adds  8845df4   Changelogging
      adds  9864f0e   Revert autogenerated tests. Tests should not changed 
      adds  c47cf41   Cleanup failing tests
      adds  fe096e7   Update meta info
      adds  43c1bb1   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.71.
      adds  7dfa90a   Update ignore files
      adds  677ad8d   Don't include tests on native traits
      adds  65a61ae   Update t/lib/
      adds  8547683   s/Moose/Mouse/g more completely
      adds  1743c02   Update failing tests (by author/
      adds  1eb43e0   Update t/lib
      adds  1f5ce14   Reorganize t/020_attributes/
      adds  5a592ad   Resolve some TODO tests about type constraints
      adds  f411847   Fix invalid interpolations in pure perl accessors
      adds  4068a8f   Make ScalarRef accept ref to ref in pure perl type 
      adds  6217087   Reorganize t/050_metaclasses/
      adds  ee5e6a0   Reorganize t/100_bugs/
      adds  16504b1   Reorganize t/300_immutable/
      adds  43fb75d   Reorganize t/400_mouse_util
      adds  720fe8f   Rename a too-long-length name
      adds  c5940ba   Tidy
      adds  09263a6   Changelogging
      adds  92d8789   Make the interface of composite role more comatible
      adds  23320fd   Test fix
      adds  72aac36   Fix t/lib/
      adds  c3d7c8b   Comments
      adds  c667698   Fix a tool
      adds  3eae79d   Revert "Fix t/lib/"
      adds  c83feef   Allow $obj->new in pure Perl
      adds  b17191d   Fix destructor fallbacks in pure Perl
      adds  c511de8   Fix Changes
      adds  475ddfa   Remove some TODO tags
      adds  a3a0064   Cleanup
      adds  84f321d   Clean up
      adds  a3a09e3   Remove the no-inline version of attribute initialization 
      adds  8314965   Remove _coerce_and_verify method, which is no longer used
      adds  74de0f8   Comments
      adds  61714b5   Add a benchmark for new_object()
      adds  ab68869   Tweaks
      adds  79a725f   Fix a test
      adds  f7f4955   Avoid Test::Exception problems with T::E::LessClever
      adds  01d4f72   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.72.
      adds  4bc0a68   Resolve [ #61613] Compile failed for version 
0.71 on cygwin.
      adds  b0d52f0   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.73.
      adds  51b0597   Tweaks
      adds  cfdb93c   Add failing tests
      adds  abc8d59   Fix get_all_attributes() for DFS-based diamond-inherited 
      adds  05089b6   Avoid compiler's warnings
      adds  bc97157   Tidy
      adds  f6c81f0   Tweaks
      adds  abbcd12   Make get_all_attributes() sorted by their definition order
      adds  7934584   Add an error check
      adds  4b58033   Tweaks
      adds  e8ad67f   Mouse internal cache must be started with '_mouse_cache'
      adds  1d76ae6   Cleanup
      adds  6ec37ed   Docs
      adds  1c8a712   Test::Builder2 2.00_01 must be loaded first
      adds  dc5cf9e   Skip threading tests on Test::More 2.00_01
      adds  68ad9d6   Fix inlined method generations
      adds  74dd795   Add test requires again
      adds  c7ed2dd   No "use metaclass"
      adds  825f7cd   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.74.
      adds  98278c0   Error message fix
      adds  145d678   Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into merge-0.74
      adds  ad2193e   Changelogging
      adds  32ec255   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.75.
      adds  b68e184   Avoid a warnings
      adds  f1a8bff   Duplicated role_type() and class_type() no longer throw 
the error
      adds  cd81020   Fix the delegation rule
      adds  73468da   Fix a cache data name in method delegation
      adds  1249708   Update tests
      adds  7c41989   Fix failng tests
      adds  73063f7   Tidy
      adds  7a7601b   Workaround 5.6 problems
      adds  a7e3b78   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.76.
      adds  e972d1c   Fix 'does' check in pure Perl
      adds  18cab6b   Cleanup
      adds  5ca7318   Docs
      adds  dc54249   Changelogging
      adds  ca5d8e2   Import tests for Test::Mouse
      adds  7778ab1   Fix superclass validation
      adds  80a014b   Fix pods
      adds  cf267e6   Refactor get_method stuff
      adds  05e658d   Cleanup XS
      adds  2fd74ba   Comment
      adds  9abaecf   Tidy
      adds  9293fc9   Comments
      adds  3d27a7b   Tweaks
      adds  c2a2fa5   Update Mouse::Spec
      adds  0b54ae3   Changelogging
      adds  758664c   Change Makefile.PL always create the test target 'test_pp'
      adds  39fc1ee   Update podspell.t
      adds  fc7e5b5   Comments
      adds  26f0aa1   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.77.
      adds  f536666   Update SYNOPSIS of Mouse::Role, urged by ADAMK (RT #61782)
      adds  bdf225b   Fix a problem that Mouse::Object::DESTROY might refer to 
released objects (as undef)
      adds  7e030e4   Resolve RT #61852, thanks to Vincent Pit
      adds  6a7756c   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.78.
      adds  66aa0bf   Tweaks
      adds  48a4a7b   Fix a mis-use of [ap]THX_ (thanks to Vincent Pit)
      adds  c6a03cb   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.79.
      adds  0464d33   Resolve RT #61906, reported by Syohei Yoshida.
      adds  b11787b   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.80.
      adds  6f09819   Fix a problem; roles with bare-attributes could affect 
cache invalidation
      adds  0d8640d   Add tests
      adds  ce1cb32   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.81.
      adds  be06d3b   Fix a typo
      adds  e15a70e   Add failing tests, needed by MouseX::NativeTraits testing
      adds  eed39df   Fix type constraints to get $tc->type_parameter correctly
      adds  eaa30ab   Tweaks
      adds  999072a   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.82.
      adds  74c6212   Tweaks for type constraints; note that type constrains 
are overloaded
      adds  dbf2d5d   Tweaks
      adds  22be7db   Tidy
      adds  401ad01   Tidy
      adds  54bc3ef   Tidy
      adds  891a9d5   Remove long deprecated method: 
      adds  7deba16   Update benchmarks
      adds  7f88103   Fix 'Int' type constraint for dualvars (like $!)
      adds  bf6f1f4   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.83.
      adds  c74a9e8   Fix tests for portability
      adds  8030a9a   Display xsubpp settings to make CPAN testers more 
      adds  9c96124   Make Makefile.PL more smart
      adds  38f4a55   Use Module::Install::TestTarget
      adds  59afef9   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.84.
      adds  2c689df   Fix an error message to compatible with Moose
      adds  0f91374   Make docs more alike to Moose
      adds  532546a   Add TODO
      adds  1746908   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.85.
      adds  ef223de   No duplicate check for role_type()
      adds  63da74f   Revert "No duplicate check for role_type()"
      adds  7d4507b   Tests
      adds  23791e4   Fix role application to instances;
      adds  420d69e   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.86.
      adds  b910af2   xsheler.h should be cleaned by `make clean` (Ingy dot Net)
      adds  03eb836   Add info
      adds  3f1bd57   Clean up
      adds  559f353   Tweaks for coercions
      adds  568f88f   Lazy initialization of coercions
      adds  f43060b   Fix type composition
      adds  fd2b172   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.87.
      adds  91ee66c   Make some C symbols static
      adds  c8d7c63   Update SEE ALSO sections
      adds  8d33c73   Tidy
      adds  4a5a984   Fix for SL4A where doesn't exist even if Perl >= 
      adds  66e3df7   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.88.
      adds  bce7d15   Don't abuse CPP macros
      adds  53142ed   Encourage function inlining
      adds  e0f85c2   Tidy
      adds  4d62966   Use UNLIKELY()
      adds  bf93015   Change layout to make code more clear
      adds  590e40d   Don't define Mouse::blessed() and Mouse::confess()
      adds  dca8126   Tidy
      adds  e639528   Disable foreign class warnings (PERL_MOUSE_STRICT will 
enable this)
      adds  5b3e767   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.89.
      adds  952a7ae   Use GvCV_set() for bleadperl
      adds  9e69967   Workaround a Test::Builder2 (2.00_06)'s threading issue.
      adds  d8ac424   Support DOES()
      adds  95637ed   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.90.
      adds  31a596e   $type_constraint->check() accepts extra arguments
      adds  89d7a4b   Make check() accept extra args
      adds  a797dd8   Hmm, the same warnings as Moose seems difficult.
      adds  8cf6cb3   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.91.
      adds  9acbbf0   Resolve RT #67412: C++ stule comments cause prolems in AIX
      adds  d9332e8   Resolve RT #67019: example/ didn't work
      adds  d468e99   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.92.
      adds  7f62736   Fix author/requires.cpanm
      adds  f1575d9   Make sure weak attributes remain weak when cloning (Moose 
      adds  6336eb1   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.93.
      adds  031f47e   tests with perl 5.14 produce deprecation warnings (Todd 
      adds  87f8118   Fix documents
      adds  c4988b3   Add a failing test for RT #69237 (lazy+threads)
      adds  f640eab   XS(foo) must be external
      adds  274f716   Remove debug messages because xsubpp problems have been 
      adds  b2571a4   Resolve RT #70569: Prototype mismatch: sub 
Mouse::Util::get_linear_isa($;$) vs none at Mouse/ line 131
      adds  a1a2469   Ignore MYMETA.json
      adds  983d58a   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.94.
      adds  85b15d5   More tests
      adds  14cf9b5   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.95.
      adds  c7ec86f   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  4076242   Set gitweb
      adds  31aa629   Mouse::Util::does_role() respects $thing->does() method
      adds  5c4c4df   restore changes 0.95..0.97
      adds  c6abd12   fix packaging stuff
      adds  d313fd2   resolve RT#75313 and RT#77227 ($@ issues)
      adds  5705717   modify meta information
      adds  ab0c7a6   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.98.
      adds  4b83645   Resolve RT#73592
      adds  125758c   Resolve RT#75093 warning about weak_ref
      adds  25337ae   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.99.
      adds  216902e   better handling for the in_global_destruction flag
      adds  336df04   fix an AUTOLOAD related bug
      adds  2affa8b   off the thread test. FIXME!
      adds  7d68eab   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.00.
      adds  23bf3db   fix circular dependency (hanekomu++)
      adds  ec7738f   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.01.
      adds  857d7c6   Use workaround for Perl-RT #69939 only if Perl is older 
than 5.14
      adds  73677d2   Merge pull request #2 from dex4er/fix_default_errsv
      adds  abb91e8   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.02.
      adds  47b2930   Add maybe_type() from Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
      adds  6e3423d   Merge pull request #3 from schwern/bug/maybe_type
      adds  59519c3   resolve a test case
      adds  7e00ac8   fix spelling tests
      adds  6aea67b   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.03.
      adds  3a56552   impl $attr->default($instance) for compatibility with 
      adds  429cf5b   add a test file
      adds  eb6a37d   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.04.
      adds  2882e2f   Fixed a leak introduced in Mouse 1.04
      adds  5f06c47   Added the test for that leak
      adds  acb10e1   Merge pull request #4 from creaktive/master
      adds  86cecab   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.05.
      adds  e4374d6   resolve RT#84518, caused by hash ramomization
      adds  a2b9cd6   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.06.
      adds  a32b2d2   Get perlcritic tests working for PC 1.118.
      adds  768c250   Merge pull request #5 from schwern/bug/perlcritic
      adds  792a1b6   Make trigger pass in the old value for Moose 
      adds  ae71e3d   Merge pull request #6 from 
      adds  9537fb8   use Test::Spellunker instead of Test::Spelling
      adds  5467db0   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.07.
      adds  9bb3fd5   fix spelling
      adds  c687e05   use Test::Spellunker::load_dictionary()
      adds  b6e14a5   requires M::I::XSUtil to support PURPERL_ONLY=1
      adds  daf58d3   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.08.
      adds  e0ca25c   add MANIFEST to the repo
      adds  0d9c49c   RT 82945
      adds  fbe4fa3   fix pod syntax
      adds  df7b236   handle ERRSV in a simpler way
      adds  ce16298   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.09.
      adds  09dfe4a   modernize pod
      adds  0de1458   bundle Try::Tiny
      adds  689b605   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.10.
      adds  362081b   include Try::Tiny
      adds  4ec2387   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.11.
      adds  f378af9   close #7; fix a memory leak
      adds  85f53db   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.12.
      adds  03af4fe   close #8; resolve RT #88295; fix for 5.19.x
      adds  90eb4a2   use github issues for the issue tracker
      adds  bbef2ea   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.13.
      adds  a9ea852   typo fix
      adds  c1b0a93   typo fix
      adds  6af9b90   typo fix
      adds  da3b6dd   Merge pull request #12 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      adds  973201a   Don't use methods which conflicted.
      adds  a84f28b   Output warnings when the method used by class is changed 
in the next version of Mouse
      adds  c43a019   Merge pull request #13 from 
      adds  d170611   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 2.0.0.
      adds  0a8f798   fix a typo in 00-load.t
      adds  235592a   Switch to minilla.
      adds  b40b3e2   Merge pull request #14 from gfx/minillaize
      adds  c9ae4b5   Include MANIFEST.SKIP for ignoring auto generated files 
from distribution tar ball.
      adds  df29987   Added .travis.yml
      adds  8f5c9c2   Remove xt/002-pod_spell.t. Minilla runs spelling test.
      adds  251cc28   We need to specify the directory name for c_source.
      adds  31bb43e   Depended on latest ExtUtils::ParseXS(Older EU::PXS can't 
parse xs-src/MouseTypeConstraints.xs).
      adds  cfa146b   EU::ParseXS 3.23 does not relased yet!
      adds  6ee4f81   fix for tests
      adds  e3528e6   add {{NEXT}} placeholder to Changes
      adds  e4d26e0   fix tests
      adds  d3901e4   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 2.1.0.
      adds  a8cb018   Update minimum perl version
      adds  d615fba   Merge pull request #21 from syohex/update-minimum-version
      adds  eaa484c   Fixed XS_VERSION error while building on Perl 5.8.8
      adds  d3eeffb   Merge pull request #20 from tokuhirom/xs_version-5.8.8-fix
      adds  2f3364b   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 2.1.1.
      adds  2c0b0ea   test for inconsistent validation of Bool type
      adds  9f8564e   Make 'Bool' type Moose compat.
      adds  95ca760   Merge pull request #24 from tokuhirom/json-boolean
      adds  fc04b4d   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 2.2.0.
      adds  47b991d   Correct required Perl versions(#25)
      adds  0d568b7   Merge pull request #26 from 
      adds  928f5d7   add failing tests for #17
      adds  596942c   disabled metaclass cache in 
Mouse::Meta::Role::Application (#17)
      adds  6422ae1   Merge pull request #27 from gfx/issue-17
      adds  97bb87a   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 2.3.0.
      adds  9f7d84a   Add 5.20 for travis-ci
      adds  3a0a42b   Merge pull request #30 from gfx/add-5.20-for-ci
      adds  09887b5   Fix versioning issue(#32)
      adds  4120867   Don't specify version
      adds  79b2c49   Merge pull request #33 from gfx/fix-version-issue
      adds  fc28126   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v2.4.0.
      adds  c11abd2   Fix for blead perl
      adds  26f2ef4   Merge pull request #35 from gfx/fix-for-blead-perl
      adds  d365616   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  6a79b99   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 2.4.1.
      adds  dce4fdc   Fix #36; Excess dependency on Test::Exception::LessClever
      adds  b477682   Merge pull request #37 from kentfredric/master
      adds  c00b048   fix #38; avoid warnings introduced in perl 5.21.x
      adds  31b327f   update changes
      adds  c88e2ef   add a test file for #29
      adds  17e6546   Skip test for non-threaded Perls
      adds  e187a9f   Merge pull request #43 from 
      adds  a9cdac1   test showing issue with 'use 5.010' and strictures (#40)
      adds  3430b89   close #39; avoid warnings in perl 5.21.x
      adds  3eb4f9f   ignore 017_issue29.t temporarily (related to #29 and #42)
      adds  9a25259   fix #40, #41
      adds  9a215d4   update autogenerated files
      adds  62b4913   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 2.4.2.
      adds  549af4a   Imported Upstream version 2.4.2
       new  b8fc191   Merge tag 'upstream/2.4.2'
       new  122b7d9   Update debian/changelog
       new  384b00c   Update years of packaging copyright.
       new  d6b69d3   Drop build dependency on 
       new  f4aa926   Consolidate debian/copyright.
       new  c2324a2   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.6.
       new  ae38d55   wrap&sort d/control
       new  e93ad87   Mark package as autopkgtest-able.
       new  48de25d   releasing package libmouse-perl version 2.4.2-1

The 11 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                              |  6 ++++
 MANIFEST                             |  2 ++
 META.json                            | 17 ++++++-----
 META.yml                             | 47 +++++++++++++++--------------                            |  4 +--
 cpanfile                             |  1 -
 debian/changelog                     | 20 +++++++++----
 debian/control                       |  8 ++---
 debian/copyright                     | 58 ++----------------------------------
 debian/tests/pkg-perl/skip-syntax    |  3 ++
 debian/upstream/metadata             |  7 +++++
 lib/                         |  4 +--
 lib/Mouse/                | 25 ++++------------
 lib/Mouse/Meta/          |  2 +-
 lib/Mouse/Meta/              |  2 +-
 lib/Mouse/Meta/             |  2 +-
 lib/Mouse/Meta/Method/    |  2 +-
 lib/Mouse/Meta/Method/ |  2 +-
 lib/Mouse/Meta/Method/  |  2 +-
 lib/Mouse/Meta/Method/  |  2 +-
 lib/Mouse/Meta/             |  2 +-
 lib/Mouse/Meta/               |  2 +-
 lib/Mouse/Meta/Role/   |  2 +-
 lib/Mouse/Meta/Role/     |  6 ++--
 lib/Mouse/Meta/Role/        |  2 +-
 lib/Mouse/Meta/     |  2 +-
 lib/Mouse/                  |  2 +-
 lib/Mouse/                |  2 +-
 lib/Mouse/                    |  4 +--
 lib/Mouse/                    |  4 +--
 lib/Mouse/                    |  9 ++++--
 lib/Mouse/Util/    |  2 +-
 t/900_mouse_bugs/017_issue29.t       | 30 +++++++++++++++++++
 t/900_mouse_bugs/018_issue41.t       | 30 +++++++++++++++++++
 34 files changed, 169 insertions(+), 146 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 debian/tests/pkg-perl/skip-syntax
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 create mode 100644 t/900_mouse_bugs/017_issue29.t
 create mode 100755 t/900_mouse_bugs/018_issue41.t

Alioth's /usr/local/bin/git-commit-notice on 

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