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  replaces  upstream/2.4.1
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sat May 30 22:12:28 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 2.4.2

Brett (1):
      Resolve [ #61613] Compile failed for version 0.71 on cygwin.

Chris Prather (5):
      doc patch for lazy_build
      if you are gonna blame me, get the spelling correct
      Add dump method from Moose::Object into Mouse::Object
      set perl version to 5.008 and document 5.6.2 bugs in POD
      add minimum version for Test::More and Test::Exception so that we at 
least test the same standards as Moose

Daisuke Maki (14):
      branch correctly
      just a simple XSLoader for now
      024 fails, but successfully loads and uses the XS versions of 
Scalar::Util functions
      attempt to require MRO::Compat. If that fails, use our own
      oops, copied the wrong sub
      change location
      put a hack around in there
      don't attempt to require Scalar::Util if we're going this far trying to 
      check for has_default too
      reverting change: the correct answer is,
      I want parameterized types... I want it!
      properly commit the newly created parameterized type to the registry 
      Make coercion work for parameterized types
      oops, that used confess

Daisuke Maki (lestrrat) (6):
      implement Maybe
      fix portability between Moose/Mouse's class_type
      move stuff from Meta::Attribute to Util::TypeConstraints, work with $_ 
and such
      Add a dummy TypeConstraint namespace so you can treat them as objects
      Export find_type_constraint
      look under %TYPE first

Dann (3):
      suppress warnings when we use around and has "+..."
      use Data::Util to make modifier fast if Data::Util is installed
      refactored out fast method modifier as Class::Method::Modifiers::Fast and 
used Class::Method::Modifiers::Fast

David Steinbrunner (3):
      typo fix
      typo fix
      typo fix

FUJI Goro (gfx) (17):
      add failing tests for #17
      disabled metaclass cache in Mouse::Meta::Role::Application (#17)
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 2.3.0.
      Merge pull request #35 from gfx/fix-for-blead-perl
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v2.4.0.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 2.4.1.
      Merge pull request #37 from kentfredric/master
      fix #38; avoid warnings introduced in perl 5.21.x
      update changes
      add a test file for #29
      Merge pull request #43 from gfx/skip-test-if-thread-is-disabled
      close #39; avoid warnings in perl 5.21.x
      ignore 017_issue29.t temporarily (related to #29 and #42)
      fix #40, #41
      update autogenerated files
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 2.4.2.

Fuji Goro (7):
      XS(foo) must be external
      Remove debug messages because xsubpp problems have been resolved
      Resolve RT #70569: Prototype mismatch: sub 
Mouse::Util::get_linear_isa($;$) vs none at Mouse/ line 131
      Ignore MYMETA.json
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.94.
      More tests
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.95.

Fuji, Goro (269):
      Add RT57144.t, but it is not fixed yet...
      Workaround RT #57144, caused by Perl_call_sv()'s bug
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.57.
      PERL_CONTEXT has been chaned in 5.12
      Fix mouse_call_sv_safe() again
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.58.
      Update Makefile.PL
      Disable a part of tests on 5.13.0
      Improve error messages
      Fix a test
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.59.
      Update podspell.t
      Move overload stuff to XS
      Tidy and docs for meta type constraint class
      Make code simple
      Docs on Mouse::Util
      Generalize inheritable class accessors
      Cleanup Makefile.PL, etc.
      Inheitance of non-Mouse classes now produces wranings
      Fix add_metaclass_accessor stuff
      Clean up
      Split role application to a module like Moose
      Cleanup duplicated code
      chomp white spaces
      chmod -x
      Remove unused imports
      Clean up
      Make mouse_throw_error in XS more robust
      Fix apply_all_roles()
      Make M::M::Method->wrap compatible
      Add some testing stuff to t/lib/
      Add a tool to import tests
      Regenerate test files
      Fix tests
      Add test_status.log for authors
      Make compatibility tests optional. Its is almost useless now.
      Rename non-portable filenames
      Add testing notes
      Revert autogenerated tests. Tests should not changed radically.
      Cleanup failing tests
      Update meta info
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.71.
      Update ignore files
      Don't include tests on native traits
      Update t/lib/
      s/Moose/Mouse/g more completely
      Update failing tests (by author/
      Update t/lib
      Reorganize t/020_attributes/
      Resolve some TODO tests about type constraints
      Fix invalid interpolations in pure perl accessors
      Make ScalarRef accept ref to ref in pure perl type constraints
      Reorganize t/050_metaclasses/
      Reorganize t/100_bugs/
      Reorganize t/300_immutable/
      Reorganize t/400_mouse_util
      Rename a too-long-length name
      Make the interface of composite role more comatible
      Test fix
      Fix t/lib/
      Fix a tool
      Revert "Fix t/lib/"
      Allow $obj->new in pure Perl
      Fix destructor fallbacks in pure Perl
      Fix Changes
      Remove some TODO tags
      Clean up
      Remove the no-inline version of attribute initialization code
      Remove _coerce_and_verify method, which is no longer used
      Add a benchmark for new_object()
      Fix a test
      Avoid Test::Exception problems with T::E::LessClever
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.72.
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.73.
      Add failing tests
      Fix get_all_attributes() for DFS-based diamond-inherited classes
      Avoid compiler's warnings
      Make get_all_attributes() sorted by their definition order
      Add an error check
      Mouse internal cache must be started with '_mouse_cache'
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into merge-0.74
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.75.
      Avoid a warnings
      Duplicated role_type() and class_type() no longer throw the error
      Fix the delegation rule
      Fix a cache data name in method delegation
      Update tests
      Fix failng tests
      Workaround 5.6 problems
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.76.
      Fix 'does' check in pure Perl
      Import tests for Test::Mouse
      Fix superclass validation
      Fix pods
      Refactor get_method stuff
      Cleanup XS
      Update Mouse::Spec
      Change Makefile.PL always create the test target 'test_pp'
      Update podspell.t
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.77.
      Update SYNOPSIS of Mouse::Role, urged by ADAMK (RT #61782)
      Fix a problem that Mouse::Object::DESTROY might refer to released objects 
(as undef)
      Resolve RT #61852, thanks to Vincent Pit
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.78.
      Fix a mis-use of [ap]THX_ (thanks to Vincent Pit)
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.79.
      Resolve RT #61906, reported by Syohei Yoshida.
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.80.
      Fix a problem; roles with bare-attributes could affect cache invalidation
      Add tests
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.81.
      Fix a typo
      Add failing tests, needed by MouseX::NativeTraits testing
      Fix type constraints to get $tc->type_parameter correctly
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.82.
      Tweaks for type constraints; note that type constrains are overloaded
      Remove long deprecated method: M::M::Module::_metaclass_cache
      Update benchmarks
      Fix 'Int' type constraint for dualvars (like $!)
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.83.
      Fix tests for portability
      Display xsubpp settings to make CPAN testers more informative
      Make Makefile.PL more smart
      Use Module::Install::TestTarget
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.84.
      Fix an error message to compatible with Moose
      Make docs more alike to Moose
      Add TODO
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.85.
      No duplicate check for role_type()
      Revert "No duplicate check for role_type()"
      Fix role application to instances;
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.86.
      Add info
      Clean up
      Tweaks for coercions
      Lazy initialization of coercions
      Fix type composition
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.87.
      Make some C symbols static
      Update SEE ALSO sections
      Fix for SL4A where doesn't exist even if Perl >= 5.10.0
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.88.
      Don't abuse CPP macros
      Encourage function inlining
      Use UNLIKELY()
      Change layout to make code more clear
      Don't define Mouse::blessed() and Mouse::confess()
      Disable foreign class warnings (PERL_MOUSE_STRICT will enable this)
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.89.
      Use GvCV_set() for bleadperl
      Workaround a Test::Builder2 (2.00_06)'s threading issue.
      Support DOES()
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.90.
      $type_constraint->check() accepts extra arguments
      Make check() accept extra args
      Hmm, the same warnings as Moose seems difficult.
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.91.
      Resolve RT #67412: C++ stule comments cause prolems in AIX
      Resolve RT #67019: example/ didn't work
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.92.
      Fix author/requires.cpanm
      Make sure weak attributes remain weak when cloning (Moose 2.0007)
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.93.
      Fix documents
      Add a failing test for RT #69237 (lazy+threads)
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Set gitweb
      Mouse::Util::does_role() respects $thing->does() method
      restore changes 0.95..0.97
      fix packaging stuff
      resolve RT#75313 and RT#77227 ($@ issues)
      modify meta information
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.98.
      Resolve RT#73592
      Resolve RT#75093 warning about weak_ref
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.99.
      better handling for the in_global_destruction flag
      fix an AUTOLOAD related bug
      off the thread test. FIXME!
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.00.
      fix circular dependency (hanekomu++)
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.01.
      Merge pull request #2 from dex4er/fix_default_errsv
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.02.
      Merge pull request #3 from schwern/bug/maybe_type
      resolve a test case
      fix spelling tests
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.03.
      impl $attr->default($instance) for compatibility with Moose
      add a test file
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.04.
      Merge pull request #4 from creaktive/master
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.05.
      resolve RT#84518, caused by hash ramomization
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.06.
      Merge pull request #5 from schwern/bug/perlcritic
      Merge pull request #6 from schwern/feature/trigger_third_arg
      use Test::Spellunker instead of Test::Spelling
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.07.
      fix spelling
      use Test::Spellunker::load_dictionary()
      requires M::I::XSUtil to support PURPERL_ONLY=1
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.08.
      add MANIFEST to the repo
      RT 82945
      fix pod syntax
      handle ERRSV in a simpler way
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.09.
      modernize pod
      bundle Try::Tiny
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.10.
      include Try::Tiny
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.11.
      close #7; fix a memory leak
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.12.
      close #8; resolve RT #88295; fix for 5.19.x
      use github issues for the issue tracker
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.13.
      Merge pull request #12 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      Merge pull request #13 from hiratara/role-conflict-and-inheritance
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 2.0.0.
      fix a typo in 00-load.t
      Merge pull request #14 from gfx/minillaize
      Merge pull request #21 from syohex/update-minimum-version
      Merge pull request #20 from tokuhirom/xs_version-5.8.8-fix
      Merge pull request #24 from tokuhirom/json-boolean
      Merge pull request #26 from gfx/correct-require-perl-version
      Merge pull request #27 from gfx/issue-17

Fuji, Goro (gfx) (6):
      fix for tests
      add {{NEXT}} placeholder to Changes
      fix tests
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 2.1.0.
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 2.1.1.
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 2.2.0.

Goro Fuji (2):
      Replace CRLF to LF with all the files
      Add a test file for RT #53286

Ingy dot Net (1):
      xsheler.h should be cleaned by `make clean` (Ingy dot Net)

Jesse Vincent (1):
      Moose's make_immutable returns true allowing calling code to skip

Joel Bernstein (1):
      Fix test failures when user does not have C::Method::Modifiers(::Fast) 

John SJ Anderson (1):
      test showing issue with 'use 5.010' and strictures (#40)

Kent Fredric (1):
      Fix #36; Excess dependency on Test::Exception::LessClever

Masahiro Honma (2):
      Don't use methods which conflicted.
      Output warnings when the method used by class is changed in the next 
version of Mouse

Matt S Trout (1):
      fixup Makefile.PL to generate Mouse/ so we actually have a working 
'make dist' and new contributors actually produce something that's safe to 
PAUSE (remember, kiddies, just fucking make it fucking easy to fucking install)

Michael G. Schwern (3):
      Add maybe_type() from Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
      Get perlcritic tests working for PC 1.118.
      Make trigger pass in the old value for Moose compatibility.

NAKAGAWA Masaki (1):
      Meta::Class->does_role searches isa for Moose compatibility

Nick Woolley (4):
      Implemented Moose::Object::does, borrowing from Moose::Object.
      Implemented Mouse::Role->does; modified Mouse::Meta::Class->initialise
      Modified glob asignment to be coderef assignment.  As suggested by
      Added a new test, essentially the code posted in RT bug #42992.  It

Piotr Roszatycki (1):
      Use workaround for Perl-RT #69939 only if Perl is older than 5.14

Ricardo SIGNES (8):
      doc undef for init_arg!
      should accept subclasses
      test for isa improvement
      default needs invocant
      more specific
      mark 033 todo

Sergiy Zuban (1):
      test for inconsistent validation of Bool type

Shawn M Moore (434):
      Import Mouse
      Begin adding brute-force tests for "isa"
      Expand the isa tests a bit, all that's left is population of 
valid/invalid values
      Add the attribute to the metaclass before installing the accessors
      Future-proof init_arg => undef, that needs tests though
      isa -> type_constraint
      Begin adding Mouse::TypeRegistry. All that's there for now is Bool
      Check type constraint in the setter
      Add predicates to the informational Mouse::Attribute attributes
      Verify type constraints in the constructor
      Tests for bool, lock down the error message in the test
      Tests for builder
      builder now called in the constructor
      Tests and implementation for Undef/Defined types
      Use "undef" and avoid uninitialized warnings when the value we're type 
checking is undef
      Refactor the input of the type-constraint tests, tests are now complete, 
they just fail miserably
      Implementations for all of the types except ClassName
      Nums are Strs too
      Implementation of ClassName, borrowed from Moose
      If we re-import Mouse, don't thrash the class's superclasses.
      Use methods on attribute instead of poking directly in the hash
      More methodification, change some names to be what Moose::Meta::Attribute 
      Use Scalar::Util/Carp imports for brevity
      Some doc updates
      Eek my original name is showing!
      Ignore autogenerated files
      Unknown type constraints are now interpreted as blessed($value) eq $type
      Improve doc coverage, remove some needless methods
      Factor out canonicalize_handles into a separate method
      Test that a badly typed default explodes
      Fix type_constraint always being set to undef
      More glob/fh type tests
      Little nits
      Test count fixes
      Improve coverage of TypeRegistry
      Tests and implementation for builder with lazy and clearer
      Make sure that predicate plays well with builder
      Make sure that eager builder does not run after clearer
      Moose compat: throw an error on $self->reader(value)
      Moose compat: required error message tweak
      Moose compat: lazy-no-default error message
      Fix a test bug where a value was being assigned to a reader and then 
checked for undef :)
      Moose compat: no longer an error to have a trigger on a readonly attribute
      Don't use meta in the reference test, Moose doesn't like it being invoked 
as a function
      Moose compat: Remove Mouse::Class->attributes method in favor of 
      Moose compat: handles are not canonicalized in the meta attribute's 
storage, instead at handle generation time
      Moose compat: the details of load_class. Check whether the package has 
any methods, etc
      Moose compat: the weak_ref reader is spelled is_weak_ref, don't weaken 
      Moose compat: init_arg is not used for the hash key, name is
      Use the correct hash keys with init_arg in the constructor
      use overload::StrVal in type-constraint errors
      Finish the use of overload::StrVal, in verify_type_constraint
      Begin moving Moose::Attribute and Moose::Class into Moose::Meta::*
      Finish moving Mouse::Attribute and Mouse::Class into Mouse::Meta::*
      have ClassName check use is_class_loaded
      Some ClassName simplification and fixes
      Replace is_class_loaded with version from Class::MOP
      Revert to an earlier t/025-more-isa which gave better test coverage
      Various is_class_loaded/load_class nits
      Invalid class names should throw an exception
      Add failing tests for auto_deref, where I'll pick up next time
      Implementation of auto_deref
      Some errors for auto_deref
      Lots of doc
      Some final touches on the doc. This is 0.01.
      Ignore SIGNATURE file
      Improve BUILD/DEMOLISH tests to cover ordering
      Fix the order that BUILD methods are called in (thanks Robert Boone)
      Whoops, was loading Moose instead of Mouse..
      Update Changes
      Improve test code coverage of Squirrel
      Bit more doc
      Prepare for release 0.02
      Use Class::Method::Modifiers 1.00 for before/after/around
      Add a test file for method modifiers
      Add support for ->new({...})
      Doc updates
      Test that subclassing looks at the superclass' attributes in the 
constructor (it doesn't!)
      Add compute_all_applicable_attributes
      Use compute_all_applicable_attributes instead of get_attribute_map in the 
constructor, a test for the former
      Add has_attribute, rewrite Changes to be Moosier :)
      Add the Point example from Moose's tests. Except for method and type 
constraint stuff, it all passes. cool.
      Add t/029-new.t for testing the constructor
      More tests for attributes and new
      tests for has_attribute
      Add test for undef init_arg
      Add support for undef init_arg
      Bump to 0.04
      Begin adding tests for has +foo
      Move validate_args out into a separate method
      Begin adding support for has +name
      Begin writing tests for Mouse::Role
      Begin adding Mouse::Role
      Blow up when someone tries to use a role extends
      Adjust the Role::extends error message to match Moose's ;)
      Test that before/after/around live, and defining a sub within a role
      Make sure that "has" doesn't blow up
      Make sure "with" works
      Make sure that required/excludes don't explode
      Export and test blessed and confess
      Begin writing tests for Mouse::Meta::Role
      Begin adding a Mouse::Meta::Role which is accessible through Role->meta
      symbol lineup is mandatory
      Begin actually filling out Mouse::Meta::Role
      Give Meta::Role a name method
      Test that "has" adds an attribute to the role
      Stub 'has_attribute' and make 'has' use 'add_attribute'
      Make has_attribute actually work
      Begin writing tests for role application
      Implement "with" but no role application quite yet
      Tweaks to "with"
      Forgot "if @_", oops :)
      Begin filling out role application
      Get attributes in role application working!
      Update Changes
      Need to unimport Mouse::Role's keywords
      Begin adding Squirrel::Role
      Begin adding tests for Squirrel::Role
      Test fixes
      Fix tests for Squirrel::Role
      Make Role::with die
      no_plan is so lazy :)
      Have Role->get_attribute return a reference instead of a list
      no_plan is so lazy
      Some fixes and test improvements for roles
      Make it so Mouse doesn't overwrite attributes
      Rename the 402 test, it's about role attributes
      Ensure that the local class wins over a role, and that the role over a 
parent class
      Make sure that with "A", "B" throws an error
      Style changes :)
      Add some more tests for lazy_build
      Still more lazy_build tests
      POD and basic test for is_lazy_build
      Small fix to improve coverage, I wish Devel::Cover handled a ||= "true 
      Ensure that "has '+nonexistent'" fails
      Doc for some of the new meta methods
      Add canonicalize_args, factor lazy_build canonicalization/validation into 
the right spot
      Clean up the clone tests, better error message on cloning the wrong things
      More tests for clone
      Better error message for clone_instance("foo")
      Document BUILDARGS
      Doc for Mouse::Role
      Bump the dep on CMM, since it has the prototype fix
      Failing test for unimport killing a method with the same name as a keyword
      TODOify failing unimport tests
      splice out the trigger results so we ensure we don't call trigger extra 
      Ensure that trigger is always a coderef
      Allow trigger to be a hashref.. :)
      We need Attribute->validate_args to take a hashref instead of a hash
      Canonicalize the coderef version of trigger to a hashref version
      Support before and after triggers in the setter
      Support before and after triggers in the constructor
      Some tests for before/after triggers in Mouse
      Add support for an "around" trigger in the setter
      Small test refactor to avoid having to duplicate this trigger tree
      Some simplification of the inlined type check
      Add (failing) tests for before/after/around triggers on constructor
      Implement around triggers in the constructor
      Flesh out Changes, because I want to release soonish..
      We already know $args->{trigger} is true in this codepath
      Doc for the new trigger. Yikes. Save me perigrin!
      Moose error compat
      Moose compat: Rename attribute->class to attribute->associated_class
      Keep track of the instantiated metaclass in associated_class, use the MOP 
better, etc
      Add the lamest changelog entry ever
      More consistent header
      Remove dependency on Test::Warn by catching the warning ourself in the 
one test file we use it in
      Update some doc
      Bump to 0.06
      Saved by the peri grin! (trigger doc)
      Add a stub make_immutable for some Moose compat
      Deprecate hash-triggers
      Bump to 0.07
      commit 84ef660f3af9eb7802a34ed7a8ce3cdc9c52d79f
      Failing tests for method modifiers in a role
      Add get_before_method_modifiers etc
      Add support for adding method modifiers to a role metaclass
      Fix which add-modifier method gets called
      Refactor regular class method modifier addition to go through the 
      On role apply, apply all method modifiers
      Remove before/around triggers
      Remove MRO::Compat from Mouse::Object, it now uses the metaclass method
      Remove blessed from Mouse::Object because it's not used
      Remove dependency on Sub::Exporter for Mouse (Mouse::Role to come)
      Drop Sub::Exporter from Mouse::Role
      ..and the Makefile.PL
      Make requires/excludes an error until they are implemented
      Mouse::Util for pure-perl implementations of functions we depend on, in 
case the dependencies are unavailable
      use Mouse::Util 'get_linear_isa' instead of MRO::Compat directly
      reftype (which is used by openhandle but not Mouse directly)
      Skip t/021-weak-ref if we don't have Scalar::Util
      weaken for Mouse::Util which will load up Scalar::Util
      Remove dependency on Scalar::Util
      Remove dep on CMM by just delay-loading
      Alter the weaken support a bit
      one day a stray empty line will kill me
      Bump to 0.08
      We need consistency for this one
      Simplification of blessed, we don't need to lift the refs stricture
      We don't need to do both eval and Module::Name -> Module/ munging
      Begin replacing Test::Exception with a Moose::Util :test
      Add throws_ok to Mouse::Util
      We no longer depend on Test::Exception
      Fixes for $Test::Builder::Tester, we want to invoke new to get our own 
      Skip some tests if we don't have Class::Method::Modifiers
      Doc that we have implementations for throws_ok and lives_ok
      Note our deplessness
      Credit Yuval, he's done a bunch of hacking
      Small doc tweaks
      Notify us of what versions of everything we have from Mouse::Util (and if 
it even loaded)
      Run all of Mouse::Util at BEGIN time
      Don't construct a Test::Builder at BEGIN time, only once throws_ok or 
lives_ok is called
      First stab at generating Mouse::Tiny
      Ignore the generated Mouse::Tiny
      Bail out of Mouse::Tiny if Mouse is loaded -- we already have all the 
      Tests for Mouse::Tiny + Mouse
      Move generate-mouse-tiny into author/ so blib doesn't grab it
      Ignore .prove
      Failing test for mixing in a method from a role
      use Carp so Carp::croak is defined (fixes some test failures)
      We need to skip the moose_extends_mouse tests in the absense of Moose
      Delete the role test for now, we need to track Class methods and all 
sorts of things first
      Changes, 0.09
      Bump to 0.10
      Include CMOP and Moose versions in the dependency display
      Include CMM, why not
      Require Moose 0.59 for these tests (not sure when this was fixed; and 
it's only for a test we know now works :))
      require Moose 0.59 doesn't work, need to use: Moose->VERSION('0.59')
      Remove the version number copied from oose
      Bump to 0.11
      Localize $_ only if we're checking a type constraint
      Throw an error if a method eval fails
      inlined_name which quotes
      Various optimizations to regular accessors
      Inline the key in predicate and clearer too
      Update Changes
      If we have nothing left to do for the accessor, we can return during set
      Small fixes
      Bump to 0.12
      Steal the octal-defaults test from Moose, thankfully Mouse passes 
everything :)
      Mouse::Util provides throws_ok and lives_ok unless Test::Exception is 
version 0.27
      More fixes for requiring Test::Exception 0.27
      Implement and export dies_ok
      Make the constructor close over the metaclass, and bless into the right 
class (so subclassing works)
      Use t::Exception for this test
      Close over $key so we don't need to do an assignment or variable lookup 
in the constructor
      Inline $from
      Assign the value of the parameter to a lexical so we don't have to 
continually look it up in the args hash
      Use fewer assignments when doing a coercion in the constructor
      Use fewer assignments when doing a coercion in the constructor
      Better variable names
      Update Changes
      commit 826828bf24c48f98a6653459714bd841ed8485b8
      Tweak changes for release
      Bump to 0.13
      Fix for default in a constructor reported and tested by rjbs :)
      Bring shika-based up to trunk
      Merge in shika-based!
      Remove build-dep on Sub::Uplevel, Test::Exception can install it (makes 
us look a smidge better)
      Remove TODO file, yay
      Remove pointless shebang in each module
      Use Test::Exception in this test
      Comments, style
      Anchor this exclusion regex so "has_list" etc will work
      Tweaks to metaclass
      Anchor this same regex in Mouse::Meta::Role
      More tweaks
      For class constraints, it's good enough to be a subclass of that class!
      Need to specify is => 'rw' for the test to be closer to right
      Make this coerce test more discriminating
      Add tokuhirom and Yappo to AUTHORS
      Test for init_arg => undef
      Generated constructor cleanup
      Add type constraint
      Only inline BUILDARGS if the class has one that isn't Mouse::Object's
      Make the constructor code easier to read
      Ignore "used only once" warning
      Don't put MouseX files into Mouse::Tiny
      Changes.. too many to list right now
      MRO::Compat is the only module loaded by Mouse::Util now so we have to 
check it directly
      empty line
      Bump to 0.14
      Fix the header in MouseX::Types
      0.13 and 0.14 Changes
      Bump to 0.15
      Missing features aren't!
      Begin renaming some test files so it's easier to test Moose
      Okay, these are the right names
      Remove Anti
      Finish renaming these test modules
      Add the script I've been using to munge tests to run against Moose
      Skip squirrel tests when munging s/Mouse/Moose/
      Test that we don't export sugar into main
      Begin renaming Mouse::TypeRegistry to Mouse::Util::TypeConstraints
      Finish renaming Mouse::TypeRegistry to Mouse::Util::TypeConstraints
      "type" sugar for when you're not subtyping anything
      More uses of type in the tests
      Better linear-isa tests (using the meta API)
      Rename the method to verify_against_type_constraint since Moose renamed 
it too
      Moose::Tiny is not the same as Mouse::Tiny
      HashRefa looks like a typo
      Rename the has from %SUBTYPE to %TYPE
      Keep track of the source package of each type; other cleanups
      Only set @ARGV if it's empty
      Coerce a type that won't fail us later (damn you Moose)
      You can redefine types in the original package
      Remove the redefine type tests for now, they'll go in a separate file
      class_type shouldn't load the class (Moose compat; no easy fix :/)
      Don't do the use_ok test
      Don't try to import Mouse's sugar into main here
      Need to specify package names
      Same API as Moose for Mouse::Meta::Attribute->new
      Begin stealing more Moose meta API
      We do need to copy %options so we can use $options{superclasses} later
      Write the anon-class test such that we can run it against Moose, and if 
we create anonymous classes during Mouse load it'll be okay
      Rename this class to avoid a type collision
      Better test here; check the error message
      Typo fix
      Use Exporter for Mouse::Util::TypeConstraints
      MouseX::Types can now use MUTc->export_to_level
      Benchmarking indicates that exists($_[1]) is faster than scalar(@_) >= 2
      Failing test for using a custom message in a subtype
      Fix prototype on message {...}
      TODOify it for now
      Document more changes
      More changes
      Add a shim Mouse::TypeRegistry that warns and sends you over to
      Extra ;
      Ensure that we're not blowing away an inherited constructor
      We can't support this yet, so TODO and make sure we won't introduce bugs
      Settle for respecting inline_constructor for now
      Don't require there to be a BUILDARGS method; fix undef warning
      Implement basic usage of "enum" type constraints
      Implement override/super
      Note enum and override/super implementations in Changes
      Back out the exists($_[1]) change since exists($array[$element]) doesn't
      Need to ignore override and super in the method list
      MouseX::Types is now in its own dist
      Avoid the warning about exporting sugar into main
      Doc adjustments
      Use Any::Moose instead!
      Changes time
      Don't put into Mouse::Tiny
      We no longer have shebangs in pm files, so stop removing package lines
      Don't need to filter out MouseX any more
      We backed this baby out
      Bump to 0.16
      Factor out some bits of get_method_list so I can write
      Implement get_all_method_names
      Upgrading Moose fixed test failures in these files for somebody, so
      Support for anonymous enums: enum [elements]
      Name for Mouse::Role
      Throw a better error message when using a method modifier without CMM
      Describe which versions of Moose we need when we skip these tests
      Skip these tests if you have an old Moose
      Include CMMF in t/000-load
      Update Changes
      Load mro directly if Perl is recent enough (Nicholas Clark)
      Changes, bump to 0.17 for release
      Bump to 0.18
      Throw a more useful error when users try to use a parameterized type,
      Just always depend on Scalar::Util 1.14
      More gitignore files
      No need to skip these tests, since tokuhirom++ implemented role-role
      No real reason for MOUSE_DEBUG these days
      0.18 changes
      No reason to do a string eval here
      Bump to 0.19
      Don't use a method modifier in a test, since they may not be available
      Avoid depending on method modifiers again
      0.19 changes
      Bump to 0.20
      Remove third argument to trigger
      Fix use of meta-attr in trigger
      Fix version check
      Fix another keyword regex
      Turn the throws_ok failures into TODO tests
      Need to actually be tests to be usefully todo'd
      TODO package A;our @VERSION passing is_class_loaded
      Forbid undef passed to new for Moose compat
      Update error message to match Moose's
      throws_ok -> todo
      Move 0.20 changes into the right section
      More 0.20 changes
      Add wu-lee to authors
      Deprecate Squirrel
      Be more damning of Mouse, more Squirrel deprecation
      Bump to 0.21
      Update Changes
      0.21 date
      Bump to 0.22
      Clean up verify_against_type_constraint
      Use $value instead of $_ in the constructor, since $_ is getting
      Make sure that role overrides work as specced
      0.22 Changes
      Bump to 0.23
      If the metaclass has been collected, use mro::linearized_isa directly
      mro::get_linear_isa -> Mouse::Util::get_linear_isa
      0.23 date
      Bump to 0.24
      This fails with older Moose. Not sure which version, but it's just a test
      0.24 changes
      Don't warn about squirrel deprecations
      Bump to 0.25
      0.25 Changes
      Bump to 0.26
      Some more pro-Moose propaganda
      You need CMM::Fast not Data::Util (which it uses)
      Maintenance section
      Transfer copyright to II
      0.27 changes
      Bump to 0.28
      Typo fix
      autodie in
      Only unlink Mouse::Tiny if it exists, otherwise autodie pitches a fit
      Skip class_type etc stack frames when checking the package that defines a 
      Error message fix

Stanislaw Pusep (2):
      Fixed a leak introduced in Mouse 1.04
      Added the test for that leak

Syohei YOSHIDA (9):
      Update minimum perl version
      Correct required Perl versions(#25)
      Add 5.20 for travis-ci
      Merge pull request #30 from gfx/add-5.20-for-ci
      Fix versioning issue(#32)
      Don't specify version
      Merge pull request #33 from gfx/fix-version-issue
      Fix for blead perl
      Skip test for non-threaded Perls

Todd Rinaldo (1):
      tests with perl 5.14 produce deprecation warnings (Todd Rinaldo)

Tokuhiro Matsuno (92):
      support requires on Mouse::Role.
      - added Moose::Util::apply_all_roles
      Mouse::Role supports 'with'
      support alias option on 'with'
      don't require Test::Exception on production environment =)
      test related things is moved to t::Exception
      updated todo list
      - inject object constructor when call meta->make_immutable.
      micro optimization
      performance tuning
      generate DESTROY method for performance improvement
      update todo list
      move Test::Exception to inc/. suggested by autarch++
      overload::StrVal is needed
      oops... i forgot s/Moose/Mouse/ orz
      (JUST A IDEA) copied from Scalar-List-Util/Util.xs
      Exporter::Heavy is too heavy.And, this is enough in a lot of case .
      we want to use older Exporter
      micro optimization
      added Mouse::Meta::Class->create(_anon_class)?
      do not use same variable name twice.
      bug fixed: BUILD method doesn't works
      shortcut the flow for micro optimization.
      micro optimization
      this argument is not needed
      added benchmark script
      inject empty DESTRUCT method for performance improvement.
      always inject method to DESTROY
      display module version in benchmark script
      revert XS related things. this is no advantage orz
      revert XS related things
      - depend to Scalar::Util when perl5.6.x
      bug fixed when perl 5.8
      added 'get' in benchmark script
      change directory structure
      skip temporary file for vim
      use Scalar::Util directly
      call by full path
      added more test cases
      added test case for compatibility
      improvement the compatibility with Moose.
      update todo list
      added Mouse::Util::apply_all_roles to @EXPORT_OK for Moose compatibility
      added attribute metaclass support.
      micro optimization for method modifiers.
      depend to Scalar::Util 1.14.
      added .gitignore file for git-svn users
      support Mouse->import({into_level => 1}).
      added YourClass->meta->add_attribute(foo => (is => 'ro', isa => 'Str')); 
      oops. we want to use 'metaclass' in role, too :(
      much faster impl. for constructor/accessor. this is a same behavior with 
      make a subtype for each Mouse class This behavior is same as Moose.
      added comment
      added Meta::Class->has_method($name)
      more strict argument check. Mouse does not support 
Application::ToInstance yet
      added Meta::Class->add_attribute_list for Moose compatibility
      added Mouse::Meta::TypeConstraint and use it. 
Mouse::Meta::Attribute->type_constraint returns an object. and, 
find_type_constraint was deprecated.
      rebirth the find_type_constraint for backward compatibility
      oops. i forgot to change make_immutable code.
      t/900_bug/001_immutable_types.t: oops. 'package B' means, reserved 
namespace. and, fixed invalid usage of subtype.
      ignore *.old file
      generate moose compatibility test automatically
      less deps in Makefile.PL
      added benchmark case for setter, getter
      use compiled type constraints. this change makes faster :)
      split accessor generator from the Meta::Attribute.
      refactoring the duplicated vars
      use compiled_constraints directly. performance enhancement.
      scope makes slower!mouse's constructer is faster than moose with this 
commit :)
      do not create a copy of argument, if not needed
      added benchmark script for C::A::Fast
      fixed test count
      class-mop says 'The compute_all_applicable_attributes method has been 
      compatibility test is generating automatically.ignore it.
      fixed pod mark up bug. and added Test::Pod test.
      Mouse 0.21 Changes
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Moose says 'The clone_instance method has been made private. The public 
version is deprecated.'
      tckect #42992: Method modifiers affect all classes in the whole 
inheritance tree
      added typeconstraint's customizable error message support.
      added workaround for autogenerated Moose test
      bug fixed. test is very important things!
      latest moose inlining destructor by default
      update the test code from latest moose repo
      construct_instance is obsolated, use construct_instance instead
      Mouse code has a lot of '{' and '}',  q{} is dangerous.
      added Mouse->init_meta
      this test fails with older moose
      added failing test case for RT#47744
      Fixed XS_VERSION error while building on Perl 5.8.8
      Make 'Bool' type Moose compat.

Tomas Doran (t0m) (3):
      Fix issue reported by ArjenL in #moose
      Add date to changelog
      Bump to 0.27, Sartak style :)

Vincent Pit (1):
      Implement Mouse::Util::TypeConstraints::register_type_constraint()

Yuval Kogman (19):
      v string not portable
      use teh Squirrel
      i speak english, i learn it from a book
      more explaining
      number squirrel.t
      implement lazy_build
      failing test for inheriting from non Mouse class
      fix the failing test, only call ->meta on a linearized isa member if 
      lazy_build arg processing copied from Moose
      changelog date
      version bump to 0.05
      Be nice to Moose::Role::unimport in older moose
      silence BUILD used only once warning
      Moose extending Mouse test & minor fixes

gfx (975):
      Move MethodAccessor stuff to Attribute
      Use mkpath instead of make_path in Makefile.PL
      Make generators private
      Support is => 'bare' for compatibility
      Improve type constraint stuff
      Make $role->get_method_list() include meta() (Moose 0.90 feature)
      Move MethodAccessor stuff to Attribute
      Use mkpath instead of make_path in Makefile.PL
      Make generators private
      Support is => 'bare' for compatibility
      Improve type constraint stuff
      Make $role->get_method_list() include meta() (Moose 0.90 feature)
      Warn about missing associated methoes, instead of die.
      Merge branch 'topic/more-compatible' of into 
      Add missing is => 'bare' to a test
      Fix meta() and initialize() for more compatibility
      Merge branch 'master' into topic/more-compatible
      Fix Changes
      Save global variables (Mouse/
      Fix a bug related to the randomized hash keys.
      Move M::Util::(version|authority|identifier) to M::Meta::Module
      Add has_x_method_modifiers, but not yet tested
      Remove duplications and cleanup
      Add my name to Changes
      Use throw_error() instead of confess()
      Add a test file for throw_error()
      (Re-)organize Method Accessor, implementing has ... reader => $r, 
accessor => $a, writer => $w
      Add Meta/Method/
      Fix tests for accessors
      Remove an unused method
      A tiny tweak
      Mouse::Role improved
      Make anonymous classes work correctly
      Use scalar(caller) instead of caller in list context
      Add TODO
      Merge branch 'master' into topic/more-compatible
      Fix typos in tests
      Release date
      Add my name to AUTHORS
      Remove a version check
      Update .gitignore and add MANIFEST.SKIP
      More compatibility
      Remove xt/compatibility/* at make clean
      Fix Makefile.PL to remove old xt/compatibility/* tests, and organize 
      Change, Fix, Improve
      Note failures in 5.10.1, but I don't know why it happens
      version 0.31
      Add Mouse->moose_version for compatible Moose version, and fix Makefile.PL
      Fix tests
      Copy .shipit from Moose
      Add some test files
      Add a comment
      Add Mouse::Util::english_list()
      Implement confliction checks in roles
      Add various things
      version 0.32
      Remove unused test files
      CRLF to LF
      Fix the timing triggers are invoked
      Add a test file
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.32.  Changelog diff is:
      Fix RT #49902
      Always load Mouse::Util first, which will be load Mouse::XS in the future
      Fix init_meta and related stuff
      Fix type constraint issue
      Add a test file for type constraints
      Tweaks for type constraints.
      Squirrel::Role also produces warnings
      Add placeholders of augment() and inner() to
      Add tests for recipes, just copied from Moose
      Fix errors
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.33.  Changelog diff is:
      Release date
      Resolve a todo (method confliction)
      Add some tests
      Move features used only for testing to t/lib/Test/
      Fix class_type
      Refactor the constructor of Attribute
      Add Mouse::Spec for required Moose version
      Fix Makefile.PL to use Mouse::Spec
      Refactor many many things
      Add tests related to attribute traits
      version 0.33_01
      Skip a test requiring method modifiers
      crlf :(
      Merge branch 'blead'
      Refactor attribute constructor
      Deprecate clone_instance
      Add Devel::Cover and Devel::NYTProf stuff to .gitignore and MANIFEST.skip
      Make sure to work on 5.6.2
      Make a test TODO
      Improve documents
      Add pod tests
      Move some test files
      Remove unused import
      Add a benchmark for method modifiers
      Add a benchmark based on author/bencharks/
      Update MANIFEST.SKIP to remove author/benchmarks/* from dist
      Update MANIFEST.SKIP to remove unexecuted tests
      Implement own method modifiers
      Method modifiers are implemented in Mouse
      Fix a test: package B conflicts the B module
      Fix various tests for new Mouse
      Comment out 'does'
      Fix tests and documents
      Tiny tweaks suggested by NYTProf
      Release date
      Add a profile script
      version 0.34
      Work around broken Test::Exception
      Add SEE ALSO to Meta Module
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.35.  Changelog diff is:
      version++ in
      Fix an issue that breaks a backward compatibility.
      Add CheckVersionMatch to .shipit
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.36.  Changelog diff is:
      Fix compatibility issue on Ark
      Fix AUTHORS in pod for Module::Install to recognize e-mail addresses
      Fix a test
      Fix has_method() for backward compatibility
      Add a "no warnings 'once'"
      Fix pods
      Add author/ to test external distributions that depend 
on Mouse
      Update .gitignore and MANIFEST.SKIP
      Remove "native traits" from TODO, which won't be supported
      version 0.37
      Fix Changelog
      Add descriptions to pods
      Tweaks for pods
      Add distributions to author/
      Add tests for $tc->is_a_type_of
      Add test on type constraints with complex parameters
      Rewrite type constraint parser for union parameter: ArrayRef[ Int | Str ]
      Remove 'Role' type from the document
      Add a warning for an old style use of TypeConstraint
      Add two test file about union types
      Fix union types and coercion
      Add a test for deprecated feature
      Fix an issue that breaks backward compatibility
      Move a test as t/052-unidefined-type-in-union.t
      Update Makefile.PL
      Refactor type constraints
      Fix subtype()
      Remove unused methods
      CRLF to LF
      Move type coercion mechanism from Util/ to 
      Add a semicolon
      Copy two test files from Moose
      Deprecate two internal methods: coerce_constraint() and 
      Remove debugging code
      Fix an issue tested in 
      Copy two test files from Moose
      Add benchmarks about subtype and coercion
      Remove an unused method
      A tiny tweak
      Remove some private or useless methods/functions from Mouse::Meta::Module
      s/Moose/Mouse/ in a test
      Fix some code for new APIs
      Add a benchmark for load_class()
      Tiny tweaks
      Add MouseX::AttributeHelpers to author/
      Remove the use of get_attribute_map()
      Deprecate compute_all_applicable_attributes() and get_attribute_map()
      Add a test file to extend metaclasses
      Mouse::Meta::Class and Mouse::Meta::Role are now extensible by extends()
      Fix a test
      Add get_read_method_ref and get_write_method_ref. Remove get_read_method 
and get_write_method.
      Add 2 test files
      Fix tests
      version 0.37_02
      Rename t/000-recipes to t/000_recipes
      Refactor create() and DESTORY() in Mouse::Meta::Module
      Fix previous changes
      Add a test file
      Comment deprecated methods
      Fix pods
      Release date
      Fix meta() method
      Fix class/role creation
      Fix issues on 5.6.2
      Fix clone_and_inherit_options() to take 'traits' and 'metaclass' correctly
      Remove the "Maintainance" section from the pod.
      Add tests for Mouse::Util::meta()
      Remove old, unused variables
      Refactor the override method modifier code to reduce duplications
      add_method() accepts method objects
      Implement augment/inner
      Fix EOF
      Import Moose/t/010_basics/*.t
      Add find_attribute_by_name()
      Add a test for find_attribute_by_name() using t::lib::Test::Mouse
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.37_02.  Changelog diff 
      Fix a test
      Refactor install_accessor() and related stuff
      This is a Mouse::Exporter branch
      For 'also'
      Work for Mouse::Exporter
      Fix do_unimport and related stuff
      Use Mouse::Exporter
      Refactor and optimize Mouse::Exporter
      Add test for Mouse::Exporter
      Fix several issue on Mouse::Exporter
      Fix t/010_basics/007_always_strict_warnings.t; Now Mouse::Exporter exists.
      Switch to Mouse::Exporter
      Tweaks and documenting Mouse::Exporter
      Make Mouse::Exporter to provide export_to_level() and export() for 
backward compatibility
      Add a regression test
      Fix a bit
      Refactor and optimize Mouse::Meta::Method::Accessor
      Improve tests
      Tweaks for benchmarks
      Refactor and optimize Mouse::Meta::Method::Accessor
      More compatibility
      Resolve TODO: Mouse::Util::TypeConstraints->unimport works
      Remove the TODO file
      Retrieve @EXPORT, which is no longer used, but defined for backward 
      Canonicalize the name of union types
      Implement role application to instances
      Resolve a failing test
      Fix an accessor generator to accept role application to instance
      Implement 'does' attribute in has()
      Resolve 4 'failing' tests
      Fix a test
      version 0.37_03
      Release date
      Fix Mouse::Exporter to work with Mouse::Tiny
      Fix author/ Now Mouse::Tiny is generated in the 
"make" command
      Add newline to the end of the file
      add_method() stores code references instead of a true value
      Re-implement role composition, which was implemented but broken
      Resolve 4 'failing' tests
      Tiny tweaks
      Very tiny tweaks
      Add note to general methods must depend on only standard libraries
      Check superclasses not to inherit from roles
      Fix some issues on attributes
      Import tests for attribute from Mouse's tests
      Fix subtype $name
      Fix a possible syntax error in generated constructor
      Resolve many 'failing' tests
      A tweak for backward compatibility
      Release date
      version 0.37_04
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.37_04.  Changelog diff 
      Replace ChangeVersion with ChangAllVersions
      Move non-useful, Moose-specific methods into t/lib/Test/
      Remove Moose's comment
      Tidy for release
      Add "optimize_as" sugar to TC
      Remove a Moose-imcompatible warning
      Add a VERSION section to
      Add build_import_methods to Mouse::Exporter
      Add test to make anonymous classes immutable
      Fix a bug about immutablizing anonymous classes
      Fix tests for Moose compatibility
      Replace a moose recipe
      Import a moose cookbook recipe
      Fix meta initialization in Mouse::Exporter
      Add notes for Moose::Cookbook
      Add 4 recipe tests
      Fix a typo
      Fix a test for ancient perls
      Print messages in generating Mouse::Tiny
      Fix Makefile.PL
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.37_05.  Changelog diff 
      Creates role_type in Mouse::Role::init_meta
      Format Changes
      Move t/*/t into t/001_mouse
      Move t/100_with_moose t/810_with_moose
      Skip some tests for Moose
      Import Moose/t/100_bugs
      Add regexp handles
      Add localization of $@ and $? in DESTROY
      Resolve a 'failing' test, although it has some TODOs
      Resolve a 'failing' test
      Fix role application to instances
      Add a comment
      Changelogging and release date
      Resolve a todo
      Update MANIFEST.SKIP
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.37_06.  Changelog diff 
      Revert "Skip class_type etc stack frames when checking the package that 
defines a subtype"
      Merge branch 'blead'
      Add VERSION section to pods
      Add "Incompatibility with Moose" section to Mouse::Spec
      Update Makefile.PL
      Add $VERSION to Mouse::Role to allow "use Mouse::Role VERSION"
      Changelogging, Mouse::Spec
      Update documents
      Fix a sentence in a pod
      Add SYNOPSIS to Mouse::Spec
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.38.  Changelog diff is:
      Fix RT #50421
      Add a test for RT #50421
      Fix RT #50422
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.39.  Changelog diff is:
      Update Mouse::Spec
      Fix an issue in Mouse::Object::new to throw informative messages
      Add "use Mouse -traits => [...]" support, but not yet completed
      Ignore fatal errors in "traits" resolution. This is a temporary change.
      Fix a testname (poe-coverage-moose.t -> pod-coverage-moose.t)
      Add calculate_all_roles() to Meta::Class/Meta::Role
      Make pod-coverage-moose.t pending
      Add xt/external to MANIFEST.SKIP
      Revert "Ignore fatal errors in "traits" resolution. This is a temporary 
      Mouse and Mouse::Roles does export their sugars to main
      Import tc tests
      Resolve some tests
      Fix subtyping issue
      Add tests for subtyping issue
      Modernize some tests
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.40.  Changelog diff is:
      Rename 800_shikabased/*.t to 001_mouse/8*.t (suggested by tokuhirom :)
      Fix a typo in a test
      Update Makefile.PL
      Merge branch 'master' into blead
      Fix the NAME in Mouse::Meta::Method::Destructor
      Make method generators extensible
      Rename ::Meta::Method::new to ::Meta::Method::wrap to fit to Moose
      Lazy load Mouse::Meta::Role
      Use get_method_body(), instead of can()
      Fix load.t
      Fix load.t
      Update .gitignore for XS
      Update MANIFEST.SKIP
      Add XS stuff to Makefile.PL
      Add first XS implementation
      Move accessors into XS
      Move ::Meta::Module::namespace into XS
      _get_code_ref() and get_linear_isa() in XS
      Remove useless check code
      built-in type constraints in XS
      Tweaks for Makefile.PL
      Report $Mouse::VERSION and the backend (Pure Perl or XS) in load.t
      Repeat test with MOUSE_PUREPERL=1 in "make test", adding "make test_pp" 
      Use postamble() insteead of MY::postamble()
      Add "documentation" attribute to Mouse::PurePerl
      Use get_code_ref()
      Tweak for Meta::Method
      Implement XS accessor generators
      Tweak for benchmarks/
      Ensure backward compatibility
      Update MANIFEST.SKIP
      Version 0.40_01
      Rename a file
      Implement a class_type generator
      Fix a typo in
      Improve author/
      More _generate_class_type_for()
      Split accessor generators into and
      Add *.bs to MANIFEST.SKIP
      Remove mro_compat.h, which was accidentaly included
      Fix a test
      Tweaks for XS accessors
      Add two benchmark files
      More compatibility to Moose
      Ensure configure_requires 'ExtUtils::CBuilder'
      Do not import unused functions
      Hack for XSLoader
      Move add_method into XS
      Add methods to
      Remove debuggign code
      Add document
      Fix a typo in Changes
      Compat for Moose
      Resolve a failing test
      Tweaks for compatibility
      Resolve a failing test
      Fix Mouse.xs
      No import
      No import
      Improve Makefile.PL
      No import
      Remove debugging code
      No meta programming in Mouse/Meta/
      Tiny optimization
      No import
      Release date
      Remove object files in "make clean"
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.40_02.  Changelog diff 
      Make is_class_loaded without any arguments fail loudly
      Fix a test: is_class_loaded without arguments throws an error
      Ensure the version of Module::Install::XSUtil
      Add '|' operator to Meta::TypeConstraint (experimental)
      Add comment to 810-isa-or.t
      Make type constraints always true
      Add tests for or-combination operator
      Move parametarization code to Meta::TypeConstraint
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.40_03.  Changelog diff 
      Change a message from Makefile.PL
      Use Carp::Always in Makefile.PL when Mouse is in development releases
      Include Mouse::PurePerl first
      Change is-a predicate stuff
      Fix a typo in
      s/_generate_isa_predicte_for/generate_isa_predicate_for/; it's Mouse 
specific anyway.
      Use bit-or, not simple assignment
      Re-organize xs-src/
      Tiny optimization for XS accessors
      Remove duplicated checks
      Remove an unused variable
      Refactor generate_isa_predicate_for-related stuff
      Add "mouse_" prefix
      Remove an old utility, mouse_is_instance_of()
      mouse_tc is always true
      Refactor type constraint check function to make class_type faster
      Refactor built-in type constraints
      Fix associate_method()
      Add a comment
      Refactor tc parametarization
      Implement type parameterization in XS
      Add comments
      Split benchmarks/ to two files
      Ensure backward compatiblity
      Simplify compile_type_constraint
      Implement compile_type_constraint in XS
      Change TC hierarchy in XS
      Use shortnames for mouse_instance_*
      s/\t/    /g;
      Generalize type constraint generation
      Tidy and simplify mouse_attr_get()
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.40_04.  Changelog diff 
      Add memory leak tests for type constraints and accessors
      Tweaks for Mouse guts, and add Mouse::Util::_MOUSE_XS symbol
      Delete a duplicated test file and add a new test file for Mouse::PurePerl
      Skip compatible test for Mouse::PurePerl
      More newSVpvs_share()
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.40_05.  Changelog diff 
      Move XS Meta::Constraint stuff to the correct place
      Rename XS functions
      Remove useless use of or-assign
      Make type check macros
      Shut up a warning "DPPP_newSVpvn_flags defined but not used"
      Skip  BUILDALL in the default constructor, and DEMOLISHALL in the default 
      BUILDALL and DEMOLISHALL are no longer called by the default 
      Implement get_all_attributes in XS
      Fix a typo
      Fix mro_get_linear_isa
      Tiny optimization
      Remove an useless "use Scalar::Util" directive
      Remove extra commas from pods
      Add the README file
      Add a example script
      Add my name to Changes
      Refactor XS metaclass object structure
      Tweaks for speed
      Update M::I::XSUtil to 0.17
      Tidy Makefile.PL
      Add BUILDARGS tests
      XS constructor
      Add utility macros: newAV_mortal() and newHV_mortal()
      Use new[HA]V_mortal()
      Add $ignore_triggers option to _initialize_object()
      Add mouse_get_xa()
      Add _initialize_object()
      Change inline_constructor => 0
      No -T in tests
      Optimize get_metaclass() in XS
      Fix a typo in the code
      Fix BUILDARGS logic
      Add Mouse::Object::new in XS
      Revert "Change inline_constructor => 0"
      Move Mouse::Object::new to
      Skip extending tests
      Mouse:::Meta::Method::Constructor is used only in pure perl mode
      Add mouse_initialize_metaclass()
      DEMOLISH to XS
      Print the status code in the profiling script
      Remove "use Mouse::Meta::Method::Destructor"
      Name subroutines in add_method()
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.40_06.  Changelog diff 
      Fix default and weak stuff
      Add a test for weakref stuff
      Define "inline" if not provided (mouse.h)
      Make some functions static
      Make mouse_accessor_get_self() "static inline"
      Make some constants as class attributes
      Add MOUSE_mg_len(mg)
      Add threading tests
      Move build tools to tool/
      Add author's tools to MANIFEST.SKIP
      Add a benchmark script
      Remove a debugging method
      Add tests for accessor robusity
      Add tests for constructor_class/destructor_class  as attributes
      Mouse::Object has meta() method
      Now handles => qr/regex/ is supported
      For Mouse::Util::MetaRole
      Import t/050_metaclass from Moose
      Add Mouse::Util::MetaRole
      Resolve 015_metarole.t
      Start to support "use Mouse -traits => ..."
      Resolve 013_metaclass_traits.t, but not completed
      Remove a resolved test
      Resolve a "failing" test
      Resolve two "failing" tests
      Fix compatibility tests
      Fix many
      Add metaclass compatibility stuff
      Add pod to Mouse::Tiny
      Fix _reconcile_with_superclass_meta
      Add public method list as TODO
      Add pod to Mouse::TypeRegistry as a deprecated module
      Add pod coverage test, but it does not test yet
      Mouse test suite requires Moose 0.93
      Rename XS funcs which generate XSUBs
      Fix metaclass compatibility resolution
      Remove method list without explanations
      Add a constant, MOUSE_XS
      Add a comment
      A tiny tweak
      Change class holders to simple readers
      Remove an unused function: XS_Mouse_simple_accessor()
      Add new test files
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.40_08.  Changelog diff 
      Fix meta method constructors
      Fix add_method to accept overloaded CODE references correctly
      Fix a error message in apply_all_roles
      Add immutable_optins
      Skip class unload stuff in global destruction
      Port (get|has)_package_symbol from Class::MOP
      No duplication
      Rename a macro to define a class holder
      Tweaks in Makefile.PL
      Add a comment
      Add a description
      Update the repository information
      Fix a meta slot name
      Fix a bug that segv caused on 5.6.2 with -traits
      Resolve skipped tests (for 5.6.2)
      Fix benchmarks/
      Clean the code up
      Tidy Changes
      Add some tests
      Fix XS loading code
      Fix has()
      Add meta() method to method metaclasses
      Fix a prototype-related problem on 5.8.x
      Add a test for C3 classes
      Add a message in Makefile.PL
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.40_09.  Changelog diff 
      Remove mentions to Class::Method::Modifiers
      Make accessor generators extensible
      Fix the parameterized HashRef constraint routine
      Add tests for magical vars and hash iterators
      Fix Makefile.PL to add author's tests correctly
      Fix a typo
      Add function list to pod
      Fix tests
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.41.  Changelog diff is:
      Fix a PAUSE indexing issue
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.42.  Changelog diff is:
      Fix the pod of Mouse
      Remove has_package_symbol and add_package_symbol
      Add documents for attributes
      Add documents to Mouse::Spec
      Tweaks for
      Add a note for Mouse::XS, which requries Perl 5.8.1 or later
      Fix a typo in the pod
      Fix the hierarchy of type constraints: Num and Int are a subtype of Str
      Add some document
      Make Mouse/Tiny.pod
      Fix benchmarks/
      Add a comment to Changes
      Tiny optimization for DESTROY
      Add a benchmark for destructors
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.43.  Changelog diff is:
      Use Module::Install::XSUtil 0.19
      Fix typos
      Add Test::Mouse
      Improve enum to accept "enum($name, $arrayref)" construction
      More robust tests for threads
      Add duck_type to Mouse::Util::TypeConstraints
      Add a benchmark for duck_type
      Optimization for duck_type
      Add duck_type to the function list
      Add coerce() to the function list
      Add a test file for duck_type
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.44.  Changelog diff is:
      Fix accessor filenames
      Add with_immutable to Test::Mouse
      Add set_value/get_value/has_value/clear_value to Attribute
      Switch to duck typing
      Implement make_mutable :)
      Add tests for get_value etc
      Add filesystem portability test (indicated by RT #52828)
      Rename for portability to resolve RT #52828
      Fix BUILDALL in XS
      Add tests for BUILDALL/DEMOLISHALL
      Tiny tweaks
      Avoid autovivification
      Rename variable names for clearity
      Lazy load for Delegation class
      Move is_immutable into XS
      Change the internal delegation code
      Change the signature of verify_type_constraint_error [IMCOMPATIBLE]
      Fix an issue that anonymous type constraint can't be defined
      Add resolution of conflitcting extention
      Rename: s/verify_type_constraint_error/_throw_type_constraint_error/g; 
It's Mouse specific.
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.45.  Changelog diff is:
      Tweaks for 5.6.2
      Add 'use warnings FATAL => "recursion"' to
      Revert "Add resolution of conflitcting extention"
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.4501.  Changelog diff 
      CRLF to LF
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Revert "Add a test file for RT #53286"
      Apply a patch to support handle => sub { ... }, contributed by Frank Cuny.
      Clean up deprecations
      Remove long-deprecated features uses Mouse::Util::TypeConstraints
      Fix Str() and ScalarRef()
      Clean up mouse_tc_ScalarRef()
      Fix type casts incompatible with c++ (delected by -Wc++compat)
      Move tied hash checks
      Update the copyright information
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.46.  Changelog diff is:
      Move Mouse::Meta::Attribute::_process_options into XS
      Use sv_true() instead of SvTRUE(), which is too large to inline
      Fix a message
      Don't create scopes as much as possible
      Fix a typo
      Merge some tests to one file
      Merge extends.t and auto-subclass.t into subclass.t
      Merge default-code.t to default.t
      Merge clearer.t and predicate.t to predicate-and-clearer.t
      require Class::Method::Modifiers::Fast 0.041; this is because it requries 
gfx's Data::Util correctly.
      Add the CAVEATS section for the call_sv() failures
      Clearify the issue on RT#69939
      Makefile.PL requires Module::Install::XSUtil 0.21
      Add conflicting checks to Makefile.PL
      Fix a typo in docs
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.47.  Changelog diff is:
      Fix the class for init_meta()
      Improve Makefile.PL not to test Moose compatibility when the main tests 
      Use Mouse::Object::BUILDARGS, because it's safe and flexible.
      Fix magic handling in type constraints (reported by sunnavy)
      More tests for magic handling
      Remove imcompatible tests
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.48.  Changelog diff is:
      Fix RT #54203 (reported by chocolateboy) that setters might return undef.
      Use mouse_name instead of literals
      Optimize coercion
      Fix a memory leak in generate_isa_predicate_for()
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.49.  Changelog diff is:
      Change a terminology; s/applicant/consumer/;
      Make Mouse::Tiny smaller
      Mouse::Tiny shouldn't include Test::Mouse
      Refactor mouse_get_xa()
      The Mouse dist does no longer include Test::Exception. The latest 
version, 0.29, seems good.
      Remove some todos in tests
      Make several role attribute tests todo
      Resolve a todo
      Catch up to Moose 0.94 metaroles
      Use new API for metaroles
      Apply a patch contributed by chocolateboy (RT #54383) to allow "use 
Mouse::Tiny VERSION"
      Add method decls in meta type constraint class.
      $tc->coerce() throws an error if it has no coercion, as Moose's tc does.
      Add Mouse::Util::quoted_english_list()
      Simplify Mouse::Meta::Role::Composite::_apply_methods()
      Correct 'does' method
      The default maxdepth of 'dump' method is now 3, instead of 2.
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50.  Changelog diff is:
      Reduce duplicated code
      Support modifier by regexp
      Resolve a failing test: method_modifier_with_regexp
      Update document
      Update docs for metaroles
      Update example/
      Make add_method update %DB::sub for profilers
      Update pod_spell.t
      Add a DB::sub test to xt/
      Update tests
      Support the global destruction flag in DEMOLISH()
      Add todo tests: mouse_extends_moose.t
      Revert "Add todo tests: mouse_extends_moose.t"
      Add an arg check to appply_metaroles()
      Add tests for traits
      Fix tool/ to replace class_of()
      Refactor Meta::TypeConstraint
      Fix a typo
      Mouse::Meta::Attribute->new warns about unknown, or misspelled, arguments 
(compat to Moose 0.84)
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50_01.  Changelog diff 
      Update Changes
      Add type_parameter() and __is_parameterized() to Meta::TypeConstraint
      Add assert_valid() to Meta::TypeConstraint
      Resolve several failing tests
      Add argument currying for delegation
      Add prototypes
      Implement strict constructors, which will warn unkown constructor 
      Add make_immutable to the SYNOPSIS
      Work around 5.6.2 warnings
      Add tests for strict constructors
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50_02.  Changelog diff 
      Add a benchmark for strict constructors
      Skip tests for strict constructor on Moose
      Implement the built-in type hierarchy
      Fix a possible segv on DESTROY
      Don't set package_defined_in automatically, because Moose doesn't do that.
      Make editors happy.
      Mention to MouseX::NativeTraits
      Optimize Method::Delegation
      Tidy delegation routine
      Resolve a todo: if you set both 'isa' and 'does' on an attribute, the 
'isa' must do 'does'
      Fix docs. The phrases "Fewer than 1%" and "over 96%" are very confusing, 
so I removed them.
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50_03.  Changelog diff 
      Make Mouse::Util::load_class return the argument class name, which can 
remove several temporary variables.
      Export load_class and is_class_loaded to the Mouse:: package in 
      Move is_valid_class_name into XS
      Remove a fat semicolon
      Refactor get_linear_isa()
      Clean up warnings
      Remove extra spaces and comments; no functionality changes
      Tidy the pp constructor generator
      Move method modifier manipulators into XS
      Tidy _generate_destructor
      More tests for strict constructor
      Use @CARP_NOT instead of %Carp::Internal
      Add an example for Mouse error checking
      Fix a typo
      Make roles smarter
      Introduce install_subroutines() to reduce direct stash manipulation
      Implement install_subroutines in XS
      Simplify error check routines in XS
      Tidy Meta::TypeConstraint
      Remove an internal constant, _MOUSE_VERBOSE
      Make does_role accept a role meta object
      Deprecate Mouse->export and Mouse->export_to_level.
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50_04.  Changelog diff 
      Reset stash iterators
      Use mcall1s() instead of raw perl API
      Reduce SvGETMAGIC()
      Use more mcall1
      Tidy the xs code
      Add author/requires.cpanm for co-developpers. "cpanm < 
author/requires.cpanm" will install all you need.
      use Module::Install::AuthorTests for co-developpers
      Fix an error
      Refactor pp method generators
      Merge remote branch 'origin/more_than_32_bit_Int_on_32_bit_systems'
      Shorten a test file name
      Add a todo to test metaclass compatibility
      Fix metaclass imcompatibility issue
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50_05.  Changelog diff 
      Method::Constructor and Method::Destructor must be loaded in pure Perl 
      Work around RT #55048 for Mouse::PurePerl
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50_06.  Changelog diff 
      Revert "Refactor pp method generators"
      Fix a possible panic, caused by triggers (reported by Nobuo Danjou)
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50_07.  Changelog diff 
      Add Net::Google::DataAPI to author/
      Reinplement the type parser. Now it throws syntax errors e.g. 
"ArrayRef[]" or "ArrayRef[Int".
      Changes and docs
      Makefile.PL accepts --author option, to install author's prerequisites
      Add user module testing using Test::DependentModules
      Add some author's prereqs
      Fix triggers
      Set correct parents for enum_type and duck_type
      Update README
      Fix metaclass compatibility
      Remove CheckVersionsMatch, add UploadCPAN
      Make Meta::Method comparable like Class::MOP::Method
      Turns on FATAL => 'recursion' by "use Mouse"
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50_08.  Changelog diff 
      Add xt/07_vars.t
      Remove unused vars, suggested by Test::Vars
      Introduce Test::Perl::Critic
      Remove vars.t
      Fix a module name
      Fix an issue on the Int type constraint, to accept 2*46 as Int and to 
refuse 2**46+0.5 as Int
      Ensure M::I::XSUtil 0.22
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50_09.  Changelog diff 
      Resolve a todo to pass pod-coverage-moose
      Rearrange test files
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.51.  Changelog diff is:
      Add an example using NativeTraits
      Clean up author/; see also t/800_with_external/*.t
      Ensure to use Mouse in Any::Moose
      Add Test::Requires to dependencies
      Fix an env setting
      Remove the cache of load_class()
      $tc->check into XS
      Make Mouse::XS reloadable
      Make a private function static
      Workaround RT #69939
      Use PL_statusvalue directly, instead of useing $?
      Tiny tweaks
      Remove caveats about RT#69939
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.52.  Changelog diff is:
      Rename a wrong-named test file
      Fix clone_object() to ignore hehaviours without init args
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.53.
      Add a test file for RT #56523
      Apply a patch from Michael G Schwern
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.54.
      Comment out a debug output
      Workaround a bug with threads. cleaning stash with threads can cause 
panic or SEGV.
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.55.
      Resolve RT #56837 (reported by Sanko Robinson), based on his patch
      Rename a test directry name to be clear
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.56.
      Skip a test that fails on some platforms
      Resolve RT #57975: "Exception caught:" prefixes on "re-thrown" exceptions 
have been removed
      Follow Moose's new feature: BUILDALL is called by new_object(), not by 
      Make type constraint messages compatible with Moose's
      Make clone_object() into PurePerl
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.60.
      Fix possible memory leaks, which occurs when constructor components throw 
      Ensure M::I version >= 0.99
      Fix the Perl_call_sv() problem again, and tests for it
      Compat version is 1.05
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.61.
      Fix threading tests for bad perls:
      Avoid compiler's warnings on older perls
      Add __set_strict_constructor
      Revert __set_strict_constructor
      Make strict_constructor public
      Avoid compiler's warnings
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.62.
      This fixes RT#59460. (Curtis Jewell)
      Import a latest test file for register_type_constraints() and fix tc class
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.63.
      Use new macro CvGV_set() (see perl5133delta)
      Add $attr->insertion_order
      Add illigal inheritance process (Moose 1.09 feature)
      Fix illegal option process, add tests for it
      Resolve a failing test file although some are skipped
      Resolve a failing test file
      Remove long deprecated methods in M::M::Attribute
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.64.
      Avoid compiler's warnings
      Add tiny tweaks stolen from Class::XSAccessor 1.07
      Revert "Add tiny tweaks stolen from Class::XSAccessor 1.07"
      Use STATIC_INLINE, which will be introduced at 5.14.0
      Split common stuff
      Support PERL_ONLY env var
      Resolve RT#61076 (improve error messages)
      'alias' and 'excludes' in with() are deprecated
      Avoid warnings on compatibility tests
      Catch up Moose's change d21262bd42c2539c47e5d41e7506710ecd27ad65
      Remove a duplicated macro: LooksLikeNumber
      Switch to M::I::TestAssemble (xaicron++)
      Revert "Switch to M::I::TestAssemble (xaicron++)"
      Fix tests for Test::Builder2
      Remove long deprecated methods
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.65.
      Fix a Changes log
      Update Moose compat version
      Cleanup Makefile.PL
      Fix LooksLikeNumber() macro
      Fix an error message for method modifiers
      Add test for method modifiers
      Workaround older perl's bug that caused segv by releasing CVs
      Better version checks for conflicting modules
      Fix for perl 5.6.2
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.66.
      Oops! Add missing dependencies
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.67.
      Switch to use_xshelper(), which is provided by M::I::XSUtil 0.30
      Remove XS method modifier stuff which depend on Data::Util.
      Tweaks for method modifiers
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.68.
      Inlucde xshelper.h to the dist even if it is generated by Makefile.PL 
      No import() for confess()
      Tweaks for method modifiers
      Docs and comments
      Workaround Test::Builder2's problem that it loads the XS stuff of 'Mouse',
      Add a test
      Update .gitignore
      Update MANIFEST.SKIP
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.69.
      Make Delegations work with method modifiers
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.70.
      Test::Builder2 2.00_01 must be loaded first
      Skip threading tests on Test::More 2.00_01
      Fix inlined method generations
      Add test requires again
      No "use metaclass"
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.74.

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 2.4.2

markstos (3):
      Document address of the public git repo.
      Improve documentation for type constraints.
      eep, don't advise contacting nothingmuch directly for a commit bit.

sunnavy (7):
      make auto_deref also handles isa not only ArrayRef and HashRef, but also 
ArrayRef[Foo::Bar] and HashRef[Foo::Bar]
      update changes
      bump to 0.29
      Moose role class has ->meta in method_list since 0.90, update for that
      small test update
      update Changes for 0.29
      bump version to 0.30

tokuhirom (8):
      use Data::Util directly, instead of Class::Method::Modifiers::Fast.
      Switch to minilla.
      Include MANIFEST.SKIP for ignoring auto generated files from distribution 
tar ball.
      Added .travis.yml
      Remove xt/002-pod_spell.t. Minilla runs spelling test.
      We need to specify the directory name for c_source.
      Depended on latest ExtUtils::ParseXS(Older EU::PXS can't parse
      EU::ParseXS 3.23 does not relased yet!

wu-lee (12):
      Correct error message to include 'Maybe' as implemented parametric type.
      Adjusted default 'isa' typeconstraint construction to check if the
      Type coercions should be added to the front of the list in
      Fixed a bug in the compiled constructor - it was invoking BUILD
      Added test for the correct BUILD order after immutable-ising a class.
      Added test for the correct application order when multiple coercions
      Changes to date added for wu-lee.
      Fixed bug in the immutable constructor.  It now redispatches to
      Added latest bugfix to Changes.
      Whoops. This should have been included in the previous commit.
      Added metaclass cache accessor methods (straight from Class::MOP).
      Added Changes note about metaclass accessors.

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason (2):
      Moose used an incorrect cast at the C-level resulting in errors with 
>2**32 IV's on 32 bit systems
      The last commit didn't correctly catch 1 v.s. 1.5, use Perl's fmod 
function to check this

大沢 和宏 (34):
      add TODO
      added to coerce feature
      oops add test for coerce
      fixed bug, problem of coercer feature is moose compat
      added to coerce moose compat test case
      added to class_type
      add tests 't/*.t t/*/*.t';
      move 80x tests to 800_shikabased
      added role_type on Mouse::TypeRegistry
      SKIP test case "Class::Method::Modifiers required for this test"
      more more moose way to type constraints
      remove trash
      added MouseX::Types, MouseX::Types::Mouse
      remove of a lot of copied document
      add mluti option with test
      add with qw( Role1 Role2 ) support
      mv t/800_shikabased/007-create_class.t t/800_shikabased/008-create_class.t
      oops remove t/800_shikabased/007-create_class.t
      more optimized of TypeRegistry
      support of isa or ( isa => ' Str | Undef ')
      oops, revert of revision 6879
      support of isa or ( isa => ' Str | Undef ')
      support MouseX::Types's  isa or ( isa => Str | Undef )
      micro optimized
      optimaized default values in constructor
      set instance to attributes default code
      optimize for constructor and attribute
      add immutable test
      implement to subtype's as is moose way
      pre load class in class_type
      oops, add testcase ( subtype 'Foo' => as 'Bar'; AND subtype 'Foo'; )


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