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        at  bb91fd9   (tag)
   tagging  48d7827eada0331681e3d16789d9c61518b0c9ea (commit)
  replaces  upstream/0.28
 tagged by  Salvatore Bonaccorso
        on  Sat May 30 22:54:25 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.30

Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker (1):
      Fix erroneous 'use 5.008' in Makefile.PL

David E. Wheeler (1):
      Recommend Inline::C, not just Inline.

David Golden (250):
      initialize with .gitignore
      import boilerplate
      ignore M::B build files
      added META file
      added initial failing tests and stub documentation
      basic capture and tee working on linux
      tightened up code; added some docs
      capture and tee working on unix
      updated docs, prereqs, gitignore
      first Changes entry
      first list of Todos
      made example interactive
      bump version to 0.02
      doc fixes
      more todo
      fixed bug: use scalar <$_> when getting output in map
      fixed system() quoting in tests for Win32
      timestamp Changes
      bump version to 0.03
      have Build.PL generate Makefile.PL again
      test tee under system(); fix labels in capture tests
      generate API subs dynamically; refactor open() calls
      added capture_merged and tee_merged
      less todo
      tighten code and pass perl::critic
      typo fix
      test capturing no output at all
      begin testing scalar filehandles on STDOUT/STDERR
      finished tests for STDOUT/ERR open to scalar
      perl doesn't appear to  allow opening STDOUT/STDERR to scalar ref so stop 
worrying about it
      heavily refactored code
      more todo
      On Win32, add small pause before killing subprocesses
      added cover_db/ to gitignore
      prep for 0.03 release
      updated manifest
      bump version to 0.04
      refactor tests
      capture and tee work with closed STDOUT (XXXX but hackish)
      finished refactoring tests
      testing stderr and stdin closed
      closed filehandles test OK
      all close() replaced with _close(); cleaned up debugging cruft
      improve test coverage; remove unreachable code
      timeout if subprocesses don't start; note Changes
      fix typo
      check for file descriptor leaks
      timestamp for release; less todo
      add to MANIFEST
      update distmeta
      bump version to 0.05
      fixed synopsis 'use' line
      more todo
      increase Win32::Sleep to 250 ms
      more todo
      update meta for 0.05 release
      ensure exit code is preserved after capture/tee
      update version to 0.06
      test with large amounts of data
      initial crude approach for in-memory filehandles
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// 
into scalar-fh
      merged capture on in-memory STDOUT working, if still crude
      back off version to 0.05_51 since these changes need dev testing
      test in-memory files on all three filehandles
      work in progress
      in-memory STDIN passing tests
      remove unused conditional cruft
      cleanup a _debug line
      capture/tee on tied STDOUT/ERR pass tests
      minor tweaks to STDIN caching
      added support for tied STDIN
      document additional features
      updated POD and todo
      Changed die to Carp::confess()
      Fix test bugs found on 5.6.2
      Mock PerlIO where not available
      fix opening to lvalue on 5.6.2
      cleanup skip message; don't skip tied files on 5.6.2
      check for fd leaks when stdin/out/err closed
      stop leaking fds when proxying std handles
      reorder proxy closing for 5.6 compatibility
      don't test tied handles on 5.6; more fd leak tests
      Simple layer preservation added (still broken for edge cases)
      fix capture bugs for utf8 if output handles closed
      first cut at refactoring tests as HOP
      fix how unicode is passed to system() call
      add EXPORT_TAGS with 'all'; tweak debug message
      add HOP testing for tee
      strip 'perlio' from layers
      Basic capture/tee/merged HOP tests working on Win32
      Merge branch 'layers'
      remove old-style tests
      rename new-style capture and tee tests
      test for ':all' tag export
      all tests updated to use HOP style; tie class for tests uses utf8
      make Test::Builder failure output take utf8 without complaining
      fix test for catching SIGALRM exit on Win32
      added layer diagnostics
      strip perlio from list of unique layers
      Mark unicode tied handle tests as TODO
      update MANIFEST
      don't binmode utf8 on 5.6
      fix proxy binmode bug
      skip tied STDIN test on Windows
      documentation updates - notes on limitations
      no critic
      updated Changes; add documentation note about layers
      update metafiles
      For Win32, close suprocesses on EOF isntead of killing them
      On Win32, add time-out to subprocess wait()
      Add prophylactic exit 0 to tests (hunting win32 heisenbug)
      removed unused test library
      bump version to 0.06; fix Changes & meta for release
      ignore MYMETA
      do a simpler test for $? preservation (without alarm)
      bump version to 0.07 and note Changes
      mock PerlIO::get_layers for Perl 5.8.0
      remove trailing spaces
      note Changes
      remove trailing spaces
      drop support for 5.8.0
      timestamp Changes
      update MANIFEST.SKIP
      more elegant code, courtesy of APagaltzis
      handle errors in captured coderef
      bump version to 0.08
      prep Changes for release
      add files to MANIFEST
      avoid timeouts during testing
      preserve eval errors through a capture
      clarify Changes
      convert to dzil
      finish dzilizing the distribution
      bump Changes
      fix timeout so that zero should disable it
      bump Changes
      Don't use Test::Differences 0.60 or greater
      bump Changes
      update dist.ini
      Add README and META
      use usleep during tee startup loop if available
      turned off todos and provided various fixes, but incomplete
      updated Changes and meta files
      modify internal API flags to prepare for capture_stdout/err
      Improved documentation of limitations
      capture_stdout/err working with simple capture_stdout test
      capture_stderr working with simple test
      tee_stdout simple test working
      fixup test counts
      tee_stderr simple test working
      fix capture/tee_stderr problem with string handles and ties
      updated documentation for new functions
      updated Changes
      Capture functions also return coderef return values
      Add support for custom capture handles
      update for new version generation style
      bump Changes
      fix t/18-custom-capture test on Windows
      updated meta
      bump Changes
      Fix comments in custom capture test file
      Capture only appended data from filehandles
      ignore generated DEBUG file
      updated meta
      updated Changes
      refactor duplicative code and fix up poor style
      Fix spelling errors and make xt tests happy
      bump Changes
      add tests for empty/no output
      Ensure _slurp returns empty string
      comment out debugging code
      Updated Changes and meta files
      bump Changes
      document FCGI tied handle problem and workaround
      bump Changes
      Added test using Inline::C
      Added Inline as TestRecommends prereq and updated meta files
      work around blead bug involving quotemeta when testing with STDIN closed
      put debug function on one line for easy comment toggling
      updated META file in repo
      Documentation fixes
      bump Changes
      Don't reopen STDIN unless it is proxied
      Avoid reopening STDIN
      improve documentation around scalar/tied handles
      enable tied STDIN test on Win32
      updated Changes and meta
      bump Changes
      Fixed tied stdin test; add "all tied" test
      Copy STDIN on win32
      streamline _debug for win32 tee start
      improve docs about limitations
      always localize tied STDIN before redirections
      updated changes
      add test for all handles tied with broken tie class
      updated meta
      bump Changes
      skip reading back in void context
      bump Changes
      work around PerlIO bug that lost layers on original handles
      bump Changes
      check layers on output side of PerlIO for STDOUT/STDERR
      fix nested capture_merged
      updated readme, meta, perlcritic, stopwords
      bump Changes
      expand synopsis slightly
      improve debug mode diagnostic output
      added -C0 to tee subprocesses
      ensure post-proxy layers are detected correctly
      Skip closed STDIN tests under PERL_UNICODE
      updated Changes
      updated README and META
      bump Changes
      issue tracker is now github
      bump Changes
      clarify not to use @_ in capture block
      updated meta files
      update Changes
      update dist.ini and support files
      shut up Perl::Critic
      bump Changes
      close security hole opening semaphore file in /tmp
      updated dist.ini and cpanfile
      update distribution meta files and add .travis.yml
      bump Changes
      updated Changes
      bump Changes
      Check for Inline::C, not Inline
      modernize repo layout; add VERSION to .pm file
      update Makefile.PL for new dzil release
      After release: bump $VERSION and timestamp Changes
      make Inline::C recommended, not required
      After release: bump $VERSION and timestamp Changes
      fix Makefile.PL
      Improve docs for PERL_CAPTURE_TINY_TIMEOUT
      flush STDOUT/STDERR at the end of capture just in case
      remove Inline::C from tests
      After release: bump $VERSION and timestamp Changes
      Stop closing Win32 tee pipes with CloseHandle
      Update Makefile.PL
      After release: bump $VERSION and timestamp Changes
      updated Changes
      update Makefile.PL

Salvatore Bonaccorso (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.30

unknown (8):
      ignore Build.bat
      simplify tee testing until it works on win32
      ignore *.tmp
      rewritten but not working for tee yet
      working on Win32, but only sometimes; not using temp files yet
      win32 tee working -- added flag files to detect when subprocesses are 
      added simple example program (also useful for testing)
      cleaned up code and docs


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