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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.303

Angelos Karageorgiou (1):
      New engine: HTTP::Proxy::Engine::Threaded

Ashley Pond V (2):
      multiple documentation fixes

Masahiro Nagano (2):
      check threads enabled
      "Pod coverage testing is running under the AUTHOR_TESTING mode only

Philippe "BooK" Bruhat (512):
      Initial revision
      Basic files to get the project started
      Module requirements
      method new
      tests for new()
      First working version
      modified accroding to the post
      A simple example proxy.
      now logging Response as well
      split the init() method
      LWP::UA version
      Uses the correct encapsulated interface for accessors.
      init testing
      new files
      changes for 0.02
      Some more documentation.
      verbose option
      One more test
      The init methods are now private
      ideas for testing HTTP::Proxy
      last remarks
      some more todos and documentation
      new manifest 0.02
      A few more TODOs
      changes for 0.02
      licence added
      Here is a roadmap for future version of HTTP::Proxy.
      A new url() method.
      test the accessors, and make sure tests won't fail is port 8080 is used
      Schwern gave me some tricks to make the forked tests look better
      0 means NO logging, except for errors
      cleaned up the test output
      Changes to
      test for unsupported protocols
      check the control and control_regex attributes
      better subprocess handling
      multiline logging handled correctly
      Shifted the roadmap, so as to release this version, that works.
      Child processes are now preforked, and to the accept() by themselves
      new tests added
      Changes for 0.03
      removed useless stuff about signals.
      We make sure that :
      ready to ship
      one last thing
      A pass of perltidy, plus better handling of ftp and gopher requests
      Accept connections from other hosts.
      Changed the way the HTTP response is sent.
      Renamed t/20simple.t as t/20dummy.t (this is a dummy HTTP server)
      a better default error message
      more things in the TODO, next time I'll remove version numbers from the 
      Reworked the tests, and checked that the Proxy-Connection Header is
      version 0.04
      new files in the manifest
      Correct one subprocess error message,
      Correct support for HTTP methods:
      Added support for the Via: header
      Here is the documentation for all the filter stuff.
      tests for via headers, and better messages
      This is a major change to the proxy.
      The filters must be correctly initialised, so that headers and body 
      Filter everything.
      reworked TODO
      New files for the web site
      Skip the html/ directory when building distributions.
      typo in url
      information about the mailing list
      Turn the filter* methods into private methods by preprending a _
      more to do, including window support
      test for the internal filter routines
      typo s/Proxy/Server/
      remove useless modules
      Changes for 0.05
      new test file
      I gave more thought to the way the data should be processed, and
      Better forking:
      Changed the whole logging system.
      more TODO
      Removed the HUP handler for now: it is not used yet, and SIGHUP does
      Added a new generic test for pod.
      also test .pod files, in case I add some
      Yet another zombie reaping scheme, with no signal handler!
      Some changes to the test suite, since a new helper module has been added.
      more TODO from reading the RFC and libwww
      Removed the use of AUTOLOAD.
      The proxy now supports persistent connections!!
      A series of test to check that persitent connections work as
      some more details about the project
      Changes in version 0.07
      tests for timeout()
      New files in this release (and in 0.06, oops)
      a warning about version 0.06
      Added a new utility method to check that the web connection
      Make sure that our proxy does not use the system proxy for reaching
      Skip the tests if the web does not work.
      An example anonymi[sz]ing proxy.  Does the same as Randal's proxy
      A new class HTTP::Proxy::FilterStack to handle the filters
      Removed the tests that used an obsolete internal method.
      Added new tests to check that the proxy doesn't add a Date and Server
      Removed the added Date: and Server: headers (in a better way) in
      Even more TODOs than ever.
      The new example script
      Getting reading for release...
      There was a big bug in the test suite for the keep-alive.
      Oops. Declare your variables, my boy.
      Just in case somebody without Test::Pod would download and run the tests
      oops, forgot that require does not import
      Better wait for the correct child process (even though this information is usually dead slow. I need a simple and quick 200.
      Correctly handles the maxserve parameter.
      Removed the informations about future capabilities/goals.
      some old things regarding connections
      Version 0.09 is ready to ship
      The base classes for Filters.
      - Changes to the HTTP::Proxy::FilterStack class to handle the new
      Doc patch: Correct description of the signatures
      HPHF::simple is a class that help you NOT write a subclass for your 
      Implement the push_filter method
      Correct the tests of the push_filter method.
      mv t/21headers.t t/50standard.t
      The test naming conventions
      push_filter: It's also an error if it's not an object
      A precendence error in the test prevented the check to be run correctly.
      This is one test I'll have to do some other way
      Add/remove some pod
      The test file for the FilterStack objects
      LWP::UA adds a Client-Date header just before returning the response...
      Documentation changes... Still need to explain that "buffer" thing
      The HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::lines filter and its test suite.
      HTTP::Proxy::HeaderFilter::simple and its test suite
      use less variables
      The HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::simple filter, and its test suite.
      Some descriptions for the archive files
      A filter that preserves tags, and its test suite
      Broken test in t/61simple.t
      Modified the push_filter method so that one can push several filters
      New test suite for push_filter
      Test that the correct filter sub will be run
      use private field names
      Add a new start() method for filters.
      Test use_ok on all .pm files
      a few more tests
      A filter that lets one arbitrary modify the text in (almost) any
      - more robust HTML parsing
      More utilities to dig in the HTTP::Proxy object and expose its internals.
      Both HTTP::Proxy::*Filter::simple classes now support start()
      Removed the blib/lib from the pathname of the modules
      Remove accents before doing the rot13 dance
      gives a little context
      shorter timeout
      make skip work
      Make sure the proxy will not send an empty chunk before the end
      This is a filter that lets the proxy pass the data through a HTML::Parser
      A filter that only lets header tags through.
      remove stupid comment
      Add Cookie2 to the list of no-no headers
      Made the parser a little better. But it's still not good enough
      A few more examples.
      Documentation patch
      what's left
      The beginnings of a Change log
      Should print only h* tags in the body, but not forget to close the body 
      A new mailing list, and at least one module that is meant to be used with
      Small doc patch
      The host() attribute actually works. Now the proxy runs on
      More docs and a new method.
      The log filters will not be available in version 0.10.
      More docs and a new method.
      some more comments
      small doc patches
      A word of warning about 0.10
      Test the modification of the data
      Test a complete filtering system.
      a little more documentation
      Tests for HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::htmlparser
      a few new files in this release ;-)
      Typos in the home page
      more tests to plan
      Changes for version 0.10
      pod patch
      More details about the output attribute
      A typo in the docs (thanks to Jim Cromie <>)
      Typo in the synopsis
      Make sure the filters point back to the proxy, by calling $filter->proxy
      via() documentation
      patches guidelines
      Point to the other README files
      This is htmlparser, not htmltext.
      Added support for matching in the query string.
      Avoid an annoying warning
      The short-circuit system should be working now.
      Correct support (and tests) for the hop by hop headers.
      A new example : a proxy requiring authentication (thanks to the new
      Document the new example
      maxchild can be set to 0 to prevent forking
      current changes
      Add support for Max-Forwards headers.
      Add a list of tests to add to the test suite
      new files
      Patch from Jim Cromie.
      More tests:
      A new internal method to handle response headers sent by the proxy:
      Correctly filter the response headers when LWP::UA does not call
      Make the pod tests compatible with the new Test::Pod
      The new test files
      Ready to ship 0.11
      A web site useful for testing
      HTTP::Proxy::HeaderFilter::standard now use the via() accessor, and
      Two fixes:
      The new HTTP::Proxy example.
      duplicate my @date declarations.
      duplicate my $ua declaration.
      Make sure the filter stack is reinitialised between requests.
      Yet another example filter. Useful for writing bots.
      changes for 0.12
      remove warning for any undefined value
      show custom headers
      Too many "my", again.
      web_ok now accept a test URL
      A lot of new tests, in a single web site
      The new test file
      The new examples
      Add some informational data when trying to find out which process
      No need of a proxy to contact this server
      The new client_socket and x_forwarded_for accessors.
      Added support and tests for the X-Forwarded-For header.
      Yet another hack, because we are not connected to a client.
      forgot to update the test count
      Systematically test the default values.
      Do not send X-Forwarded-For back to the client
      Getting ready to publish 0.12
      - Replace all new HTTP::Response with HTTP::Response->new
      Make sure that filters can short-circuit CONNECT as well.
      Yet another example: an ad sites-blocking proxy
      Make the user/passwd encoding system more obvious
      A 1-second delay is good enough for reaping zombies and tidying up.
      The new client_headers method lets the filters peek in the Client-*
      Some more changes to the constants names, with comments.
      - Export all log names
      A new example file.
      A little cleanup of the TODO file
      A required module
      A few more information to log
      Yet another example, based on a response in
      This is a generated file
      Removed everything regarding control and control_regex, which
      Separate COPYRIGHT and LICENSE sections, as I was told these are
      Simple tests for the CONNECT method
      New tests
      New files added.
      A test for real HTTPS/SSL connections, using Crypt::SSLeay.
      Crypt::SSLeay is not a required dependency
      Add the new (but useless for now) test file to the MANIFEST
      Small doc patch. push_filter() has been supporting several
      Preparing to release 0.13
      Remove some warings in the test suites
      Description of the latest release
      New end() method supported in HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter subclasses.
      Added support for the end() method.
      Test that the start() and end() method are run.
      pod patch
      A new filter: HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::save
      Unified the log format. Better prefixes, and the pid is always shown
      Make the logs more consistent
      Let the module compile under 5.005_03
      Support for a 'status' attribute
      removed "use base" and replaced it by @ISA, so as to work with perl 
      bad links
      this is cleaner than using $^W
      support for transparent proxying
      test suite for transparent proxying
      article on
      Small patch to prevent deadlock with HTTP::Daemon under Win32
      A new option for the HPBF::save filter, thanks to Howard Jones.
      the filename routine will actually receive the HTTP::Message object
      set *all* parameters (thanks to Lucas Gonze)
      A new filter is available from CPAN
      A new proxy example.
      not an open proxy
      remove the empty line from the list
      Bork! Bork! Bork!
      When there are too many child process, the parent process now
      Some talks information
      correct link to the CSS
      The full HTTP::Proxy talk slides for YE2004
      the talks CSS
      don't forget the image
      correct link to the slides
      link back home
      Absolute path for the stylesheet.
      Changed all the examples interface so that parameters to new() can be
      Changes to the example files
      Let the AYB filter also change the images...
      close the listening socket in the child process...
      standard logs
      start() in filters is DEPRECATED
      start() is deprecated... it will be removed in 0.15
      start() is replaced with begin()
      do not call HTTP::Daemon url() method
      The so-called store-and-forward mechanism was a complicated idea.
      The Dragon Go Server filters, as shown in my YAPC::Europe 2004 talk
      DGS info
      SKIP the test on Win32  :-(
      Better English (thanks grinder)
      New modules
      Skipping the tests that hang under Win32 for 0.14
      code cleanup, and Win32 avoidance
      Continue Win32 avoidance...
      More Win32 fork/threads avoidance
      don't plan twice
      The test mostly passes under Win32, except for that annoying dialog box 
that says:
      doc patch, info about save and complete filters
      more doc patch
      store&forward is now complete
      Doc patch
      document the method signatures
      clean up info about filter_file
      Tawk wike Elmer
      same as eg/
      use multiple proxies
      the tracker proxy
      Removed filter_file, but added end()
      also use Build.PL
      new files to ignore
      don't plan twice
      new files
      ignore talks
      Better Pod coverage
      More recent version of the pod tester
      remove META.yml (autogenerated)
      require the same versions in Build.PL and Makefile.PL
      more TODO
      Changes for 0.14
      Add pod coverage tests
      pod coverage ok
      pod coverage ok
      Small doc patches (L<>)
      Better Pod coverage
      Better pod coverage
      Better pod coverage
      start() is deprecated in version 0.15
      better pod coverage
      Better pod coverage
      Add a period at the end of the copyright line
      Move the documentation at the end of the file
      start is deprecated
      use strict in all modules, for kwalitee
      Test more toroughly
      New select_filters() method in HTTP::Proxy::FilterStack that ensures
      New example:
      deprecation message
      Add a message regarding directory creation
      new files
      select the filters in all cases
      don't forget to select the filters
      new files to ignore
      improve kwlalitee by documenting all methods
      link back
      Quickier access to the header
      support for webdav method (until I find a better interface)
      pod patches
      Changes for version 0.15
      Remove the shitloads of warnings that are spit because HTTP::Daemon
      The front-end and parent class for the proxy engines
      A basic engine that does not fork
      The current algorithm for forking child processes.
      update the proxy so that it uses the engines.
      Some tests for the engine objects
      max_clients is now a base Enginge method, delegated by the proxy
      removed useless defaults
      New log constant,
      alias the old accessors to the new ones
      max_requests_per_child is a proxy method
      Test the new and the deprecated accessors
      max_clients is a base class method now
      better synopsis
      only remobe the Content-Length if there are active response body filters
      all/active in scalar context
      The correct value for $^O
      the power of 2 is 128
      don't forget to select the 'filters' for CONNECT too
      New response/request accessors.
      revert (the tests fail)
      select the filters here as well
      test for deprecated methods
      also issue a warning when the deprecated methods are used
      add tmp/ to the skip list
      Changes for version 0.16
      Documentation patch
      clean up the TODO list
      New description
      update todo
      ajout robots.txt
      fix css url
      make the Makefile.PL work correctly with Build.PL
      A new filter that removes ads from yahoogroups
      Using your own agent is not recommended, anyway
      According to Apache configuration items, the actual name I want for
      new files
      doc patch (RT Ticket #7775)
      update mailing list subscription info
      This example script will change all https:// links into http:// links.
      revert the previous commit
      add support for WebDAV/DeltaV methods
      description of eg/
      a little warning
      A cleaner version of, which allows it to peek selectively
      When no 'peek' option is given, peek at every host
      add a blank line between each block of information
      add support for a new option: header
      more todo
      le bon css
      recent talks
      a longer description
      small doc patches, big thanks
      reordered the documentation to make the filters appear early
      Doc patch
      stub doc about the new attributes/parameters
      Please match on the query string when asked for it! (bug found by Simon 
      small code cleanup
      use the correct arg name
      avoid a warning
      add support for Location: headers
      doc patch
      patch the example
      add a stash to the proxy
      tests for the stash() method
      a little TODO
      Add a is_protocol_supported that checks if the proxy accepts the given
      document is_protocol supported
      doc for apache like attributes
      remove the warnings for deprecated stuff in the tests
      Changes for 0.16
      bug in 0.15
      new files
      use strict, and unfold an error
      HTTP::Proxy in the press!
      put all the articles in the press section
      directly use WNOHANG, and add a SYNOPSIS
      bump up version number and doc patch
      A very first draft of a HTTP::Proxy::Engine::ScoreBoard engine,
      A new log subset, to be used by Engines
      ENGINE log/error messages
      it's a hash ref not an array ref
      we cannot trap KILL, but we can trap TERM.
      Better logging, and better reaping too
      new engine file
      Changes for version 0.17
      close RT ticket 14898
      make the code agree with the doc
      I should have read MIME::Base64's documentation better
      small doc patch : ENGINE log entry
      Close RT ticket #18243 (Stephen Steneker):
      peek at all text/* responses
      The example.
      bump up version number
      the new known_methods() method
      tests for known_methods()
      Changes for 0.18
      new example file in 0.18
      correct RT bug #14548:
      Correct the documentation according to Max proposal in RT #14548
      ERROR messages are always logged.
      New test script for log() and logmask()
      let one define an end() method for a HTTP::Proxy::HeaderFilter::simple
      Add a default "filter" that does nothing, in case one simply wants
      Recent changes on HPHF::simple
      older changes listed as well
      bump up version number to 0.19
      doc coverage
      new test files
      new TPJ url at DDJ
      Changes for version 0.19
      Removed HTTP::Proxy::FilterStack from HTTP::Proxy
      Correct bug listed in RT Ticket #3184, which caused the chunked encoding
      favicon file
      Documentation patch: no $headers object is passed to the filter()
      update the description
      add information about the SVN repository
      Add a will_modify() method to let the filter warn if it "will modify"
      Add support for will_modify() in all HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter subclasses
      simple test for will_modify
      support for will_modify() in HTTP::Proxy::FilterStack
      active() is now named will_modify()
      update the copyright date
      apply patches provided by KWILLIAMS in RT #20303
      remove ugly tabs
      documentation for HTTP::Proxy::FilterStack
      remove useless error messages
      add a few more items to the ignore list
      test the default will_modify() for HPBF::simple
      set the default value for will_modify()
      test for HTTP::Proxy::FilterStack::will_modify()
      new test file
      Changes for version 0.20
      Amos Shapira wants to have a count of the remaining kids in the Legacy
      Amos Shapira also wants to have a count of the remaining kids in the
      add quotes to keys
      use the HPBF::complete filter
      in 0.21, the default engine will be ScoreBoard
      a first list of Changes for 0.21
      add support for multiple Proxy-Authorization headers

Philippe Bruhat (BooK) (143):
      actually call the filename coderef when provided
      explicitely switch to the Legacy engine for this test
      make the test pass again, even with a lousy DNS
      remove useless test
      make the test pass again, even with a lousy DNS
      fix in HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::save
      revert back to HTTP::Proxy::Engine::Legacy being the default engine
      expose a bug in HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::save
      fix the filename coderef bug
      avoid a warning when running the test
      expose more bugs in HTTP::Proxy::BodyfFilter::save
      filename is empty, not undef, and the _hpbf_save_fh key may exist, but 
should be false
      tell us why the eval failed
      actually make a difference between '' and undef
      finalize the filename and filehandle test
      better initialization/finalization, and pass the test suite again
      make all .pl example files executable
      example script that saves Flash videos
      update the README with all example scripts details
      create a subdirectory with the date
      tests for HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::save initialization parameters
      avoid a warning
      more parameter tests
      test cut_dirs when bigger than the path depth
      fix a bug with cut_dirs
      remove a warning
      add more tests
      check a WONTSAVE case
      finally clean up the keep_old mess
      bump up version number to 0.21
      documentation patch + update acknowledgements
      new files added to the distribution
      Changes for version 0.21
      doc patch, thanks to TOKUHIROM
      one more change for 0.21
      one change forgotten in 0.21
      test CONNECT without hammering on ssh server
      first changes for 0.22
      make the process more explicit in the documentation
      updated HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::complete documentation
      preparing version 0.22
      add tests for HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::complete
      improve coverage
      test the will_modify() method for fomters that do not change the data
      use a regex for the error code
      sleep a little more to avoid random errors
      add the list of open RT bugs in the TODO
      add t/67complete.t to the MANIFEST
      cleanup files created by HPBF::save
      Changes for 0.22
      add a link to the SVN::Web interface
      HTTP::Proxy::GreaseMonkey, a new module depending on HTTP::Proxy
      do not use sysread to connect to the server
      add a mime parameter to eg/
      do not print out binary POST data
      the opposite of splitpath() is catpath() not catdir()
      a long standing TODO item, so that HTTP::Proxy works with apt-get
      catpath() doesn't like an undef argument
      bump up version number to 0.23
      HTTP::Proxy: finally fix forwarding of CONNECT requests
      HTTP::Proxy: improve CONNECT support
      HTTP::Proxy: CONNECT support: remove some quite probably dead code
      HTTP::Proxy: CONNECT support: forward errors from upstream proxy, except 
for 407
      t/23connect.t: ensure the test passes by preventing the server to close 
the connection too early, and by removing env proxies
      Changes for version 0.23
      add a description
      HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::save: typo (extra ; ) in the SYNOPSIS. Spotted 
by Laurent Gautrot. (some perltidy added)
      wait a little for the client to read data
      t/23connect.t: fix by Marek Rouchal (#38995)
      HTTP::Proxy: fix a bug that caused an empty list of filters after a 
short-circuit response
      recent versions of split_header_words() (from LWP) return lowercase keys 
(fix to RT #43249 by Maurice Aubrey)
      also remove headers listed in Connection
      t/23connect.t: skip this test for now
      now include META.yml in version control
      Changes for version 0.24
      Fix typo in example code (spotted by Peter Burkholder)
      Call eod() when the response has no body (fix for bug #48310)
      Tip for using HTTP::Proxy::Engine::Legacy under Win32
      HTTP::Proxy::Engine::Threaded: ad documentation
      small documentation fixes
      small documentation fixes
      update permissions
      do not test loading HTTP::Proxy::Engine::Threaded on an unthreaded Perl
      skip all diveintomark tests
      Changes for version 0.25
      HTTP::Proxy::Engine::Threaded: make the worker() method private
      Avoid 'Use of "goto" to jump into a construct is deprecated' warning
      small rewrite of the HTML::Parser check
      documentation update
      add a link to the github repository
      remove reference to the old website
      remove META.yml, it's a generated file
      the site disappeared from the Internet
      Changes for version 0.26
      revive the diveintomark tests using
      fix missing documentation
      only remove the Accept-Encoding header from the request when we know 
we'll actually look at the response body
      Changes for version 0.27
      use File::Spec to compute portable file names
      remove the Accept-Encoding header as soon as there is a body filter
      document the deletion of Accept-Encoding
      the proxy must be initialized for the filterstack to be ready
      Changes for version 0.28
      pick a random port for the proxy, to avoid clashes with local running 
      Changes for version 0.29
      do not test files with a ? in their name on MSWin32
      Change the error level from CONNECT to SOCKET
      switch to a 3 decimals versioning scheme
      Changes update
      Changes for v0.300
      POD tests are really only meant for RELEASE_TESTING
      Changes for version 0.301
      encode most files in utf-8
      dzil's PkgVersion requires a blank line after the package line
      $VERSION is handled by dzil
      remove files generated by dzil
      make it possible to load HTTP::Proxy::Engine::Threaded with an unthreaded 
      pod tests will be added by dzil
      known undocumented subroutine
      dzil configuration
      Merge branch 'dzil'
      unindent the Changes file
      update copyright dates
      this module has several authors
      list contributors in the META file
      generate a Build.PL
      Changes for version 0.302
      HTTP::Proxy stopped using AUTOLOAD in 2003
      manually enter contributors from the git history
      fix typos in the Changes file
      extract more contributors from the Changes file
      Proposed patch for RT #90414
      contributor from RT #85632
      contributor from RT #62950
      contributor from RT #90414
      use http scheme instead of https for testing CONNECT with TCP
      contributor from RT #38995
      one .PL file is enough, so keep Makefile.PL only
      remove obsolete MANIFEST.SKIP
      do not push my ugly and outdated TODO list to CPAN
      Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ReportVersions::Tiny is deprecated
      updated .gitignore
      Changes for version 0.303

Salve J. Nilsen (3):
      Add configure_requires and test_requires to Build.PL
      Add a .gitignore file; update MANIFEST files
      Downgrade a disconnect error; Bump version

Slaven Rezic (1):
      add port to Via header

Tom Hukins (4):
      Make the tests pass in a FreeBSD jail
      Fix test failures in POD tests
      Cope gracefully with a missing test dependency
      Documentation fix

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.303


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