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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository libhttp-browserdetect-perl.

      from  62b7dc5   Update changelog
       new  45369b1   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  3266097   Update debian/changelog
      adds  a7bfe99   first commit
      adds  c321470   Increased version to 1.00 Reordered changes in Changes 
file Applied patch from RT #47271 (Denis F. Latypoff) Updated documentation 
      adds  b0bb84f   Switched to Module::Build from ExtUtils::MakeMaker 
Re-organized file structure
      adds  adbe8df   Build.PL should have been in previous commit
      adds  af9ad92   Re-organized tests and expanded coverage to check major 
and minor methods
      adds  24be054   Finished adding tests for major and minor.  Commented out 
4 tests which return undef version numbers rather than 0 -- don't know whether 
the current behaviour is correct.o
      adds  aba34da       - Manually added patch for Iceweasel from RT #41263 
(merlynkline)     - Added test for RT #41541 and RT #41263 (merlynkline)     - 
curl added back to list of supported browsers RT #27878 (RT #Toni Cebrián)     
- Added test for RT #8547 (Steve Purkis)     - Added test for RT #30705 
(david.hilton.p)     - Applied patch and added test for RT #7443
      adds  53d172a   More formatting changes
      adds  449cb5c   Removed more errors about uninitialized warnings
      adds  24fcbb5   Added typical .gitignore for Module::Build distributions
      adds  eba11af   RT #48727: Fixed version bug for Safari >4.0. Added 
"KHTML, like Gecko" exclusion and updated tests.
      adds  925589d   Added Robin Smidsrod to Acknowledgements.  Increased 
version to 1.02 for release.
      adds  4bb2128   Added mobile() method with support for various handsets 
(Richard Noble). perltidied source.
      adds  d2ba054   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  6a727c0   Added Perl::Critic author tests.  Some formatting changes 
to code.  Moved useragent test config to a YAML file.  Added a 
language() method.
      adds  2857aca   Added iphone() and ipod() methods.
      adds  9521058   Added android() method.
      adds  de37ad9   Fixed RT #12259 (guest) Netscape 6 version detection. 
Fixed RT #52007 (Josh Ritter) Chrome browser false positives.
      adds  d12ec33   Added country() method
      adds  4e02de3   Bumped up version # for release.
      adds  91c68e6   Fixed RT #31847 (Mike Clarke) SCO/Unix false positives
      adds  1e1380a   Added missing file t/useragents.yaml to MANIFEST
      adds  58ac999   Added realplayer() and _realplayer_version() methods RT 
#52355 (Marc Sebastian Pelzer). Added engine_string(), engine_version(), 
engine_major(), engine_minor() methods.
      adds  7fc1da6   Fixed format of minor numbers for engine_minor.
      adds  73795d8   added Windows 7 detection
      adds  70131c5   public_version(), public_major() and public_minor() added.
      adds  491147f   Updated POD coverage.
      adds  4b5e4dc   Added ipad(), device() and device_name() methods.
      adds  a931a48   Fixed spelling error in POD
      adds  68025ca   Better language detection
      adds  dbde01e   Better language detection.
      adds  60c4140   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  e27e12e   Google toolbar no longer triggers false positive for 
      adds  9d95084   Fixed release date in Changes
      adds  85a619c   added ps3 and psp including all corresponding properties 
(browser,engine,device name)
      adds  fd2bbd2   Fixed casing of Sony device names to be in line with 
      adds  48e1cd9   Increase version # for release.  Update Changes.
      adds  ec28d49   added googlebot mobile to browser list
      adds  f5c87a1   added msn and msnmobile user agents
      adds  adf6e4f   Tweaked IE version regex (maybe not the best name for it) 
in order to add support for GoogleBot Mobile (patch from Luke Saunders).
      adds  a3d10c6   Distribution is now managed with Dist::Zilla
      adds  5c44b88   Changing README extension for GitHub readability
      adds  85e657e   Updated MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  afec3fc   Firefox Mobile (Fennec) is now detected as mobile RT 
      adds  3b2b9c8   Double digit Opera version numbers now detected correctly
      adds  5839e3a   Fixed uninitialized value warnings for Safari (Heiko) RT 
      adds  0f30be0   Re-releasing after some folders unintentionally included 
in build
      adds  d4d17d8   Added Heiko Weber to Acknowledgements
      adds  49d94a9   Fix bug in returning minor version: > should be ->
      adds  86f15d3   Start testing public_version, public_major, public_minor
      adds  49af503   Make capitalization of "Win2k3" os_string in 
documentation match code
      adds  3f62b53   Support Safari public versions before 3.0 & add lots of 
User-Agent unit tests
      adds  f0362eb   Improve detection of KHTML
      adds  aa5ead4   Clean up some Firebird mentions; list all browser strings
      adds  08f8b85   Change tests to use values of "0"
      adds  fb07e4e   Merging in changes from Jon Jensen: Added support for the 
< 3.0 Safari public versions
      adds  a823b01   Support Mobile Safari (a superset of Safari) and many new 
User-Agent strings
      adds  42c13c0   Remove seemingly bogus "Internetf Explorer" bereft of 
      adds  dc924cc   Add support for ELinks
      adds  5892333   Add more support and tests for Links, and fix an old test
      adds  7cc2632   Bumped up version # for release. Noted Jon Jensen's work 
in the Changes.
      adds  bace616   Support for Netfront and Safari on Kindle
      adds  059904a   Adds WebOS detection
      adds  faa405f   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.19
      adds  eda4598   Updating acknowledgements
      adds  960419d   Add support for facebook robot
      adds  7444ae7   Be more selective in marking search and seek as robots
      adds  2aac948   Checking in changes prior to release of 1.20
      adds  5406909   Test suite now uses YAML rather than YAML::Tiny as 
YAML::Tiny 1.46 was breaking the test suite.
      adds  e5cf237   Detect Firefox 3.6 dev release called Namoroka
      adds  31e943c   Bumps up version to 1.22 prior to release
      adds  e50c7e5   Fixes quoting of UserAgent strings which contain colons.
      adds  5fb48bf   added a browser_properties() call that exposes all the 
browser "properties" includes relevant test but is disabled by default for now 
(doesn't pass)
      adds  cd5ddce   Added firefox variants to @ALL_TESTS so that they will be 
available as object members This will allow browser_properties() test to pass 
once I've updated the useragent.yaml
      adds  15a269e   device is also a browser property
      adds  1a51afd   bugfix: Chrome is not a Netscape variant Fixes issues 
where a Chrome string would return 1 to a ->nav45up check
      adds  33b59b2   Merge branch 'bugfix'
      adds  da8f486   bugfix: Some WebKit/KHTML browsers returned 1 on ->gecko
      adds  beee8ed   Added regression test for previous "Chrome is not 
Netscape" issue
      adds  e4500c4   Merge branch 'bugfix'
      adds  d6ee8b5   enabled the browser_properties() test
      adds  cbcda6e   Fixed remaining broken test and added ->wince (Windows CE)
      adds  23ee5f5   Merge
      adds  559b606   Moves useragent config in test suite from YAML to JSON
      adds  332295b   useragents.yaml no longer exists
      adds  26cb457   Detect java user agent as a robot
      adds  87e9fda   Jakarta Commons-HttpClient is a java client
      adds  ed06302   Merged pull request #6 from gbarr/java-robot.
      adds  76f01e2   Updates Changes and bumps up version to 1.23 ahead of 
      adds  0e95884   Removes left over references to YAML
      adds  9d939ed   Removes dependency on Modern::Perl, which was 
accidentally introduced
      adds  d19eb42   Fix complaints about iceweasel test being defined twice
      adds  f33b50a   test that the module loads without errors
      adds  2e692b8   Merge pull request #9 from ptf/patch-1
      adds  2891a55   Adds Paul Findlay to list of contributors
      adds  42790f4   Adds Opera Tablet to mobile devices
      adds  9a89de0   Pod cleanup. Bumps version to 1.25
      adds  4a47147   Fixes Pod typo. Bumps version to 1.26
      adds  a3703b2   Add mobile robots to mobile test
      adds  44425cf   Merge pull request #13 from uwe/master
      adds  2d5aaa0   Google and MSN mobile bots are now detected as mobile 
agents (Uwe Voelker)
      adds  832bb21   Add Internet Explorer 9
      adds  cc728ff   Add Internet Explorer 10
      adds  aa1aba2   Merge pull request #14 from dougwilson/master
      adds  847e66e   Bumps version to 1.28
      adds  40e8415   Adds ios method for iphone, ipod and ipad
      adds  31df882   Tweaks language regexes to reduce false positives.
      adds  8b3b990   Bumps version to 1.30
      adds  380c5c9   Updates README for 1.30 release
      adds  f30b12e   Add detection for Windows Phone
      adds  81c3f2e   Add device name detection for Windows Phone
      adds  cc1c71f   Merge pull request #16 from 
      adds  3ce9a43   Bumps version to 1.31
      adds  af29ee9   Adds new UserAgents for testing RealPlayer
      adds  6df42fc   Narrowed test for Realplayer
      adds  0e4902a   Added UA strings to useragents.json
      adds  d9b357e   Merge
      adds  6425784   Fixes language detection for AOL browser
      adds  35af825   Fixes config for failing browser tests
      adds  1a4dfc9   Tweaks AOL browser language regex
      adds  030232b   Bumps version to 1.32
      adds  d05fe89   Adds back UserAgent tests which were mistakenly deleted 
in a merge
      adds  172b528   Add detections for the Trident engine
      adds  db7e1b7   Merge pull request #17 from 
      adds  37dacce   Bumps version to 1.33
      adds  fbbed1e   Added "BlackBerry" to browser_string()
      adds  db8fa74   Updated browser_string() documentation.
      adds  848e5b6   Merge pull request #19 from joatis/BlackBerry
      adds  2b49909   Bumps version # for release
      adds  c345360   Removed Duplicate blackberry from @ALL_TESTS
      adds  1ded168   Merge pull request #20 from joatis/BlackBerry
      adds  2f7a738   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  05e3fa4   Doc updates for 1.34
      adds  f75817d   add "/" to check puf.
      adds  1819781   add 3 user agent(Puffin for iPad, iPhone and 
      adds  d422225   Merge pull request #21 from ktat/master
      adds  d63fdd3   Bumps version to 1.35
      adds  a3dce20   change detection of yahoo robot. '' is 
the part of android app id of
      adds  88955cf   Merge pull request #23 from ktat/master
      adds  f09123b   Bumps version to 1.36
      adds  3c13ddf   Add nintendo mobile browsers (Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS)
      adds  5153889   Merge pull request #24 from cho45/nintendo
      adds  bc2c289   Adds kindle, dsi, n3ds to device and device_name methods
      adds  f1c0e6c   Removes outdated installation help
      adds  e0c3944   splitted all tests into several arrays based on categories
      adds  a2794d7   refactoring
      adds  fcf0738   Merge branch 'property-categories'
      adds  cd97030   less ancient variable declaration, like upstream
      adds  b05b583   Added missing devices in POD's for device, device_name
      adds  3bf1f02   fixed win-based device names and added POD
      adds  cef839f   added missing properties to some UA tests
      adds  082926a   Methods should return undef in list context
      adds  793d06a   Merge pull request #26 from tamias/master
      adds  eea723c   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
      adds  1faab95   whitespace fixes
      adds  30bc9bd   Merge pull request #27 from obilodeau/master
      adds  5779391   Bumps version to 1.39
      adds  939cbbd   Realplayer Browser Fix
      adds  217cb12   RealPlayer Browser vs. plugin fix
      adds  c0d852c   Merge branch 'RealPlayerFix' of 
git:// into joatis/realplayer
      adds  3f19fdf   Bumps up version to 1.40
      adds  affd076   Updates README
      adds  7da29d7   exposing in the package namespace the various test arrays
      adds  b53ab5a   Merge pull request #33 from obilodeau/master
      adds  de9b898   Bumps version to 1.41
      adds  8c03796   Fixes release data for 1.41
      adds  6785a81   Revert "Fixes release data for 1.41"
      adds  922fae9   Tidy
      adds  1369b57   Adds bot detection for askjeeves, baidu and googleadsbot 
(Bill Rhodes)
      adds  6c88603   Fixes new useragent tests
      adds  a4c34d0   sorts keys when iterating for consistency across perl 
      adds  f24533b   Merge pull request #35 from thomblake/master
      adds  3bdb3f8   Bumps version to 1.42
      adds  0e0e5ad   Sort keys only
      adds  728a689   Enables Travis CI
      adds  d3c0a0c   Updates Travis CI settings
      adds  cdf7d7f   Overrides default test command for Travis CI
      adds  04f22b2   Another attempt to override test command for Travis CI
      adds  ba5d810   Bumps version to 1.43
      adds  1519000   Fixes Travis email notification syntax
      adds  d7e2a72   Fixes "sort (...) interpreted as function" which was 
causing failing tests
      adds  8437c00   Bumps version to 1.44
      adds  14e4595   Removes Data::Dump from deps
      adds  1d59e5a   Support Windows Phone 8.0 devices
      adds  d951dd2   Merge pull request #39 from dougwilson/feature/wp8-os
      adds  c2a635d   Fix mistaken WAP detection for Nokia Windows Phones
      adds  ab587f8   Merge pull request #41 from 
      adds  b1026db   Ensure that the product version is caught at the end of 
the product token, per RFC 2616.
      adds  39dc7b8   Merge pull request #40 from bluefeet/master
      adds  14850d3   Updates Changes for 1.45
      adds  8340ad5   Removes PodCoverageTests
      adds  f114b6c   Updates contributor list
      adds  ddc6c66   Updates README
      adds  fd43ea5   Add Windows 8 detection
      adds  861b3a7   Merge pull request #42 from dougwilson/feature/win8
      adds  c56d92e   Bumps version to 1.46
      adds  8ce2ed3   Distinguish version of Windows Phone
      adds  d86e775   Merge pull request #43 from 
      adds  7b3317f   Enable warnings and trap warnings in tests
      adds  df5caf6   Merge pull request #44 from dougwilson/feature/warnings-on
      adds  21c0d84   Bumps version to 1.47 prior to release
      adds  9e30a78   Add Obigo browser detection
      adds  740f3af   Merge pull request #46 from 
      adds  4a23e40   Bumps version to 1.48
      adds  7ebda7a   Fix language/country detection for Safari
      adds  ef5819e   Merge pull request #47 from 
      adds  38142dd   Bumps version to 1.49.
      adds  9e4eeba   Add Firefox OS detection
      adds  eb4d006   Bumps version to v1.50.
      adds  70d6d0f   Add Firefox OS detection
      adds  293a2bc   Merge pull request #48 from dougwilson/feature/firefox-os
      adds  f151309   (android) tablets
      adds  b7b49a7   test case
      adds  074233a   test user agent
      adds  1998c5d   tablet detection
      adds  0f4813e   Fixes one failing tablet test.
      adds  94388aa   Use Test::Most and Test::FailWarnings.
      adds  b9ea984   Bumps version to 1.51
      adds  ac88fc4   (android) tablets
      adds  1921964   test case
      adds  caa97cd   test user agent
      adds  a8d83b6   tablet detection
      adds  2787fc5   Merge pull request #45 from yeahoffline/master
      adds  858d4a6   Updates prereqs for Travis CI.
      adds  3c727f5   Fixes warning when MSIE does not have a minor version.
      adds  2eb07d8   Bumps version to 1.52.
      adds  961c6d7   Add BlackBerry PlayBook detection
      adds  ddfcefe   Merge pull request #56 from 
      adds  7c2c72f   Detect IE on ARM as tablet
      adds  5647461   Merge pull request #57 from 
      adds  c2dcd27   Split version parsing into two expressions
      adds  1d69ba2   Merge pull request #60 from 
      adds  64fc148   Tweak dzil plugins.
      adds  51f5b8c   Updates Changes and bumps version to 1.53.
      adds  c598c3d   Updates README for 1.53.
      adds  35cd108   v1.53
      adds  c3aba5e   Fix generic version parsing to not cross whitespace
      adds  4b3789c   Merge pull request #61 from 
      adds  62e300a   Compare Safari build numbers by parts instead of floats
      adds  b9b7391   Merge pull request #62 from 
      adds  adb1505   Removes Exporter.
      adds  0464f76   Bumps version to 1.54.
      adds  8e3a76d   Updates gitignore.
      adds  1239af0   v1.54
      adds  474e3ba   Add all current Google robot user agents
      adds  8fe61e1   Merge pull request #63 from 
      adds  c10f4ba   Adds Test::CPAN::Changes to dzil.
      adds  a501f79   Updates README.
      adds  9bf5ad2   Bumps version to 1.55.
      adds  bea98c1   v1.55
      adds  8c70371   Adds experimental and undocumented robot_name method.
      adds  69751e2   Bumps version to 1.56
      adds  c854e17   v1.56
      adds  1cce5b7   Return once the correct browser string has been found.
      adds  27a5243   Return once the correct browser string has been found.
      adds  2897dae   Return robot name as browser_string if browser == bot.
      adds  fec06c8   Document the method to browser_name madness.
      adds  73d2504   Tidy everything.
      adds  7dfcf28   Bumps version to 1.57
      adds  6e5e4a1   v1.57
      adds  86d9477   Stop calling the user_agent method internally.
      adds  6eab7bb   Fixes bug where Yahoo! Slurp reported as Firefox.
      adds  83ea241   Return better names for Googlebot News, Images and Video.
      adds  7443017   Bumps version to 1.58.
      adds  04df79b   v1.58
      adds  b2da31e   Fixes bug where OS X was identified just as 'Mac'
      adds  69f537d   Adds linkchecker bot.
      adds  6b7ddea   Adds os version parsing for OS X, WinPhone and Android.
      adds  0c0ff2d   Adds os_version parsing for iOS.
      adds  c76a9e9   Adds os_version parsing for Firefox OS.
      adds  9353af6   Adds YandexImages bot.
      adds  000b622   Update iOS os_string to match on 3 point version numbers.
      adds  0a206de   Adds archive.org_bot to robots.
      adds  0ffdfd6   Return robot_name from browser_string() was a bad idea.
      adds  c792ec0   Bumps version to 1.59.
      adds  3ef5fce   v1.59
      adds  a74c1ca   Fix order of preference when returning os_string.
      adds  00317d9   Remove code which has been superceded by 
      adds  9605c57   Bumps version to 1.60.
      adds  747f0d1   v1.60
      adds  56317f3   Revert "Remove code which has been superceded by 
      adds  e230c53   Re-order use statements in t/01-detect.t.
      adds  f3b18a3   Bumps version to 1.61.
      adds  a4e5539   v1.61
      adds  e3a3a54   Change semantic of 'return unless' to 'return undef'
      adds  e4b0dbb   Merge pull request #67 from SkylosianEnterprises/master
      adds  13719c6   Bumps version to 1.62
      adds  21e26c2   Disables Perl::Critic.
      adds  27d5cfe   v1.62
      adds  c4a1bdc   Add detection for Internet Explorer 11
      adds  2c7c094   Merge pull request #68 from dougwilson/feature/ie11
      adds  4405dba   Add detection for Windows 8.1
      adds  8150f73   Merge pull request #69 from dougwilson/feature/win81
      adds  300e095   Bumps version to 1.63.
      adds  18353c0   v1.63
      adds  469a84b   Add detection for Opera 15+
      adds  a86f2a0   Merge pull request #72 from dougwilson/feature/opera15up
      adds  5b8aa8e   Bumps version to 1.64.
      adds  bda9602   v1.64
      adds  e3e7e59   os_version for firefox in Mac
      adds  b1148ee   Merge pull request #73 from swuecho/master
      adds  8de08e0   Bumps version to 1.65
      adds  df97942   v1.65
      adds  76bc004   Add detection for IE Compatibility View
      adds  cc0859a   Merge pull request #75 from 
      adds  08427c5   Fixes older dates in Changes.
      adds  e1d6f26   v1.66
      adds  8a694ab   Add detection for tablet Firefox OS
      adds  bd128c8   Merge pull request #78 from 
      adds  ecfb9f4   Bumps version to 1.67
      adds  470bdde   v1.67
      adds  3d6c62d   Added Yandex & Ahrefs bot machines
      adds  c342e73   Merge pull request #76 from Perlover/new/yandex_ahrefs
      adds  7541eb6   Adds tests for Ahrefs and Yandex bots.
      adds  04f63a3   Bumps version to 1.68.
      adds  86cad69   v1.68
      adds  d95ddd2   Add detection for BlackBerry 10 devices
      adds  0b6df5d   Merge pull request #80 from dougwilson/feature/bb10
      adds  65c7ced   Bumps version to 1.69
      adds  f711fac   v1.69
      adds  6942b38   Avoid false positive Sun matches on Samsung devices
      adds  55db055   Add some new User-Agent strings on Android, Mac OS X, 
Windows, Linux
      adds  bd15053   Merge pull request #81 from jonjensen/master
      adds  13306c2   Adds tidyallrc.
      adds  3fcdd50   Bumps version to 1.70
      adds  f0d6ea1   v1.70
      adds  7c9843d   Fix warnings on "frakenagent"
      adds  2d43b75   Merge pull request #84 from dougwilson/fix/fraken-agent
      adds  5e051ce   Bumps version to 1.71.
      adds  2739030   v1.71
      adds  393cace   Adds .mailmap
      adds  98fc39d   s/File::Slurp/Path::Tiny/
      adds  d2173e8   Remove require_ok.
      adds  ca58352   Bumps version to 1.72
      adds  141446e   v1.72
      adds  9c81b5b   dzil tweaks.
      adds  a6171c7   Adds minimum Perl version.
      adds  5e9fbd4   Adds cpanfile.
      adds  70e5713   Bumps version to 1.73
      adds  583bb91   v1.73
      adds  49b19c8   Add detection for Majestic-12 bot
      adds  07a27db   Merge pull request #88 from dougwilson/feature/majestic-12
      adds  161afe1   Bumps version to 1.74
      adds  ea34979   Tidy everything.
      adds  3900c4b   v1.74
      adds  a931c93   Add detection for Chrome OS
      adds  e4d672a   Merge pull request #89 from dougwilson/feature/chrome-os
      adds  fa92ebf   Bumps version to 1.75
      adds  48c35aa   v1.75
      adds  82c8e7e   Encourage use of public_* and engine_* over version(), 
major() and minor().
      adds  72406e9   Adds perltidyrc
      adds  78afe69   First cut of making things faster:
      adds  89d58e0   More speedup: Intialize tests to empty, and then treat a 
missing entry as a 0, instead of creating a huge empty tests hash.
      adds  090e0f3   Add special case and test case for worm that creates 
"Safari/12x" entries (which will otherwise cause warnings, issue #85).
      adds  fbc6a3d   Remove self_or_default()
      adds  28e79a4   Clarify comment about "Safari/12x" worm
      adds  64e89fc   Split browser tests out into $self->{browser_tests}
      adds  6cc69c1   Move version testing into a separate hash and separate 
      adds  a2e0168   Make browser determination an if/then block (this breaks 
the tests, I think because it fixes a bug where ->chrome is true for IE 
spoofing Chrome)
      adds  3400112   Switch to using $self->{browser} to actually display the 
browser string. We broke more tests (but I still think the output changes that 
are breaking the tests are actually more correct).
      adds  6c5c239   Move device tests into a separate hash, computed on 
demand. We broke more tests.
      adds  38d5bb5   Split OS tests into a separate loaded-on-demand section
      adds  24549b5   * Shuffle things around and put them in more organized 
places * Make the naming of the big lists at the front consistent
      adds  3e925a3   Move robot tests to be loaded on demand (and move some 
browsers to be defined as browsers instead of robots).
      adds  61aa219   Add some "bug compatibility" for things that are 
currently making tests fail (in cases where it's straightforward to reproduce 
the old behavior).
      adds  323ca00   Clean up logic inside version detection (mostly, switch 
based on what browser we're using).
      adds  e6fdf80   Some small fixes and cleanups
      adds  afcd865   Clarify comment about bug compatibility
      adds  4a1a418   Start treating blackberry exactly the same as we used to 
as regards the safari tests and version numbers (with a note about possible bug 
compatibility; I'm not familiar enough to say whether this behavior is correct 
or not).
      adds  0d4375c   Miscellaneous small fixes and cleanups
      adds  2946f7d   * Fix some test results that seem clearly like they're 
expecting   the wrong behavior. * Add more bug compatibility to the code in 
ambiguous cases.
      adds  89a59b5   Minor / documentation adjustments
      adds  cd9ab64   * Add regression test based on recent web logs, with some 
manual   inspection * Add missing browsers to TODO * Many small fixes and 
tweaks based on results of regression   testing
      adds  7a367d7   Add some explanation to
      adds  cc37e77   * Add test suite calling things in random order to make 
sure lazy   loading is working correctly. * Fix two bugs with lazy loading: 
browser_properties now calls   _init_os, where it didn't before, and _init_core 
deletes   $self->{realplayer_version} and generally handles the Realplayer   
hackery more correctly.
      adds  0f597b1   Merge pull request #95 from andrewmoise/master
      adds  16e72af   Tidy.
      adds  6efa6b1   Formatting changes.
      adds  ea09484   Bumps version to 1.76
      adds  8a4dbd7   v1.76
      adds  4f19c19   Switch to using strings for version numbers.
      adds  c2abaab   Merge pull request #97 from 
      adds  8f17925   Update docs for version functions (now that they return 
strings again).
      adds  00522e6   Add explanation of why version() and friends are bad.
      adds  f496754   Merge pull request #98 from 
      adds  b1a6ac0   Add BrowseX detection
      adds  57fc721   Add Silk (and add doc and name for BrowseX).
      adds  ccb1f01   Remove BrowseX and Silk from TODO
      adds  9d7684d   * Fix capitalization on Konqueror * Add more generic 
tests for robots
      adds  e9518dc   Change 'scanner' to 'scan' in robot detection, to pick up 
      adds  8a8e37b   Make detection of Obigo consistent
      adds  2c9b198   Make more aggressive in finding 
unique user-agents
      adds  d338bd8   Merge pull request #99 from andrewmoise/add-some-browsers
      adds  79b4e78   Bumps version to 1.77
      adds  857594b   Adds tidyall test.
      adds  8cafc30   Tidy.
      adds  fb033d2   Add JSON tidying.
      adds  92b381c   Perl::Critic should be handled by tidyall.
      adds  1e7adea   Move tidy checking to dzil.
      adds  81ab804   Updates docs.
      adds  3839bf5   v1.77
      adds  910103b   Add new features to TODO
      adds  d502c11   Reorganize documentation (put more commonly used 
information at the front).
      adds  f47fdd0   Make java a robot, and add "lib" test to detect software 
      adds  ca455e3   Add AppleCoreMedia
      adds  09c0315   Remove TODO entries for completed things
      adds  67b1109   Various back compatibility and minor fixes, including: * 
Make blackberry stop setting safari tests * Make android stop setting linux 
tests * Make an $os for VMS
      adds  49a8ec2   Vastly update engine detection
      adds  db19e20   Update TODO; add idea for interface changes and remove 
engine detection TODO
      adds  84b1f15   Tidy
      adds  79d51f0   Add changes to "Changes" file
      adds  8572b78   Note that lib() generally implies robot()
      adds  1245e48   Add robot() and robot_string() to my ideal interface
      adds  bea8618   Merge pull request #101 from andrewmoise/misc-new-features
      adds  a92d107   Tidy
      adds  ea14eeb   Bumps version to 1.78
      adds  fa52c7f   v1.78
      adds  495cc46   * Update docs to add browser() method (we don't have that 
method   yet) * Change to storing tests and names of things in all lowercase   
      adds  ae1044e   Add browser() method, and make browser_string() return a 
slightly wider range of outputs
      adds  891fc02   Add regression tests for 'browser' method, and script 
that we used to add that field to the existing tests.
      adds  78fd84e   Start detecting and correctly classifying galeon, 
epiphany, seamonkey, and mozilla vs. netscape.
      adds  7f3bcb2   Simply version determination by making some generic 
methods that work for most browsers.
      adds  8be885d   Add and document robot_string(), implementing it for most 
general robots.
      adds  4eb1dcc   Only reset everything if we're actually modifying an 
existing object (at the top of _init_core() )
      adds  dffe7de   Add device_string() and more logic to detect devices
      adds  d73ce03   Change 'google' to be called 'Googlebot'
      adds  2c45786   Change 'Google mobile' to 'Googlebot mobile' in test
      adds  5ad0cbf   Update docs
      adds  d98d3a1   Tidy
      adds  200ebf2   Add work to Changes
      adds  ac31eb2   Add os() method and document OS version methods to come
      adds  17069d0   Add proper OS version detection
      adds  65c4019   * Make device_string less cryptic for android phones. * 
Remove _format_minor()
      adds  b14f0fa   Update user agents for Android device_string() change
      adds  5223558   Update documentation
      adds  cb41bb6   Tidy
      adds  a25f7d1   Adjust documentation on lib()
      adds  40d6a36   Simplify storage and parsing of os_version
      adds  900844d   Add browser_version() and friends, and update 
documentation. Also simplify version handling codeflow for browsers.
      adds  c9bc242   * Add engine() and engine_beta() * Update documentation
      adds  3a4d961   Various fixes to Linux and FreeBSD os_string() output
      adds  55075fd   Make engine() much simpler
      adds  316c926   Update Changes and TODO
      adds  0f524eb   Tidy
      adds  4617ccd   Remove the $check argument
      adds  419b28f   Start testing a bunch of the new methods that we missed 
starting to test when we added them, and fix some minor problems this uncovered
      adds  1267074   Strip a bunch of NULLs out of the test suite
      adds  ba4de60   * Change 'msie' engine to 'ie', so it matches everything 
else * Remove all the null tests for a cleaner diff * Commit the revised that made the cleaner test suite
      adds  efd5dbf   Stop differentiating various editions of Linux (for 
backwards compatibility)
      adds  a033c51   Add doc update to Changes
      adds  47b1da9   Tidy
      adds  17de9c6   * Remove deprecated user_agent() with argument usage. * 
Add some newly created functions to t/04-random-order.t
      adds  7f7f4a4   Update Changes and tidy
      adds  4907955   Merge pull request #103 from andrewmoise/new-interface
      adds  71ee267   Tidy
      adds  d18776f   Bumps version to 2.00
      adds  cd59958   v2.00
      adds  2cffbbd   Reindent malware entry
      adds  8c48b96   Make make-more-useragents able to parse just a list of 
user-agents, and add a bunch of new fields to its detection
      adds  1097469   * Handle "CriOS" entries correctly (issue #102) * Only 
detect java when no browser is detected, and make UCBrowser   a detected 
browser (issue #70)
      adds  f35a4e8   Detect "tablet" on Kindle Fire (and Chrome on Android 
tablets in general).
      adds  9950713   * Distinguish Android tablets in device_string * Start 
using $device_string for something in _init_device()
      adds  f58a91d   * Handle CriOS, rubylib, golib, and Dalvik * Detect 
"Mobilesafari/" as Mobile Safari * Detect "Windows 2000" as Win2k * Only detect 
NCR Unix on word boundary * Try tighter detection of robot names based on 
fragments * Fix apache log parsing in, and do IPv6 logs
      adds  ff3bc80   * Add apache http client detection * Add proper detection 
for old Windows versions in Opera * Fix up Android tablet detection * Add a ton 
of test cases taken from my log (some just adding to   TODO that aren't yet 
implemented) * Fix java detection to be more strict
      adds  548476a   Tidy
      adds  58cef7f   * Fix detection of SCO Unix to trigger fewer false 
positives * Correct detection of (most) robots based on "+http://blah";
      adds  745a2d2   Tidy
      adds  01e13a3   Merge pull request #105 from andrewmoise/fix-some-bugs
      adds  22e0400   Bumps version to 2.01
      adds  f9200c6   Updates README
      adds  dbcc3f3   Tidy tests.
      adds  2189888   v2.01
      adds  1013e82   Imported Upstream version 2.01
       new  8751e9e   Merge tag 'upstream/2.01'
       new  40c927d   Update debian/changelog
       new  1eedb79   Update years of upstream and packaging copyright.
       new  d8fe3aa   Add debian/NEWS to mention a breaking change.
       new  a2a5443   Unconditionally build depend on libmodule-build-perl.
       new  22454f9   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.6.
       new  e8d6b21   Mark package as autopkgtest-able.
       new  8d67077   releasing package libhttp-browserdetect-perl version 

The 10 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Build.PL                                        |     4 +-
 CONTRIBUTORS                                    |    47 +-
 Changes                                         |    58 +
 INSTALL                                         |     1 -
 LICENSE                                         |     6 +-
 MANIFEST                                        |     7 +-
 META.json                                       |    20 +-
 META.yml                                        |    13 +-
 Makefile.PL                                     |     8 +-
 README                                          |   786 +-
 TODO                                            |    24 +
 cpanfile                                        |     3 +
 debian/NEWS                                     |    10 +
 debian/changelog                                |    12 +
 debian/control                                  |     5 +-
 debian/copyright                                |     4 +-
 debian/upstream/metadata                        |     8 +
 dist.ini                                        |     7 +-
 lib/HTTP/                       |  3386 ++--
 t/01-detect.t                                   |    74 +-
 t/03-language.t                                 |     2 +-
 t/04-random-order.t                             |   103 +
 t/                                  |    49 +
 t/                       |   127 +
 t/more-useragents.json                          | 18948 ++++++++++++++++++++++
 t/{release-cpan-changes.t => release-tidyall.t} |    12 +-
 t/useragents.json                               |  4256 +++--
 27 files changed, 24948 insertions(+), 3032 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 debian/NEWS
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 create mode 100644 t/04-random-order.t
 create mode 100644 t/
 create mode 100644 t/
 create mode 100644 t/more-useragents.json
 copy t/{release-cpan-changes.t => release-tidyall.t} (54%)

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