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carnil pushed a change to branch master
in repository libsvn-hooks-perl.

      from  be3c4e8   update changelog
       new  f871a6c   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  1b83673   Update debian/changelog
      adds  1fcd4ee   Initial directory structure.
      adds  a669c73   Initial version imported to Google Code.
      adds  200061a   Using getpwuid instead of $ENV{USER}
      adds  6bfa6dc   Skipping some tests if Email::Send::IO is not available.
      adds  2e73714   Restructuring the test directories.
      adds  85e96cd   bumpping version
      adds  15ace05   bumpping minor version
      adds  5699f3b   Including SVN::Notify in the Makefile.PL prerequisites 
      adds  91c3319   do not replay the log message in the error message.
      adds  39092bf   Removing LICENSE file because it was inconsistent with 
the license information in META.yml.
      adds  5425318   More todos
      adds  40f4a8f   Checking for internal errors in the JIRA plugin
      adds  b04687e   bumpping version
      adds  5370bc5   Improving SVN::Hooks::UpdateConfFile.
      adds  73eb8e2   UpdateConfFile: The files to be updated can be specified 
via Regexps and they can be copied to subdirectories of /repo/conf.
      adds  1a95c2b   Minor error in Bumping version.
      adds  dadc388   UPDATE_CONF_FILE second argument is evaluated as a string 
when the first argument is a Regexp. This allows for the interpolation of 
      adds  7f3fee3   making work_ok print stderr on failure
      adds  847d70d   bumping version
      adds  8685f82   The svn-notify.t test was not checking for the svn 
      adds  f9783cc   Using $^X instead of /usr/bin/perl in the hook sheband. 
This was suggested by Andreas J. Koenig to correct installation problems that 
were very common in the cpantesters infrastructure. (Thanks!)
      adds  be3b9d4   Removing shebangs from the tests
      adds  92a3186   bumpping version
      adds  73c346a   defining $ENV{PERL5LIB} explicitly in the hook scripts
      adds  81ea11e   bumpping version
      adds  d3e65f2   using lib instead of defining PERL5LIB, which does not 
      adds  0a97db2   bumpping version
      adds  550f621   correcting a bug in CheckStructure
      adds  145a970   implementing the 
SVN::Hooks::CheckStructure::check_structure function
      adds  bf0aad9   bump to version 0.15
      adds  1b77b07   acceptting relative paths in sub check_structure and 
better documenting it
      adds  4ee86e4   changing the versioning scheme and bumpping the version 
      adds  7d78c74   reverting r44
      adds  2551713   Documenting the VALUE argument
      adds  655547e   Implementing the plugin AllowPropChange
      adds  46e217a   bumpping to version 0.16
      adds  2df867a   deprecating AllowLogChange
      adds  8593b8b   adding AllowPropChange to MANIFEST
      adds  38c3c7b   bumpping version
      adds  9a957ad   Implementing the plugin
      adds  83d0753   updating copyright notice
      adds  ab7cba6   telling Emacs to use cperl-mode
      adds  adc96d9   bumpping to version 0.17
      adds  ef7f502   marking JiraAcceptance plugin as deprecated
      adds  e6d6d72   exchanging match operators
      adds  e8fc93f   inserting a missing "each" operator
      adds  8ad6b64   bumpping version
      adds  8797673   with no calls to CHECK_JIRA always apply the defaults
      adds  5292bfa   bumpping to version 0.19
      adds  a89a5c9   typo
      adds  2039b3d   reverting r63
      adds  d1169ea   better documenting the CHECK_JIRA behaviour
      adds  217187a   updating documentation
      adds  8e225d1   bumpping to version 0.20
      adds  ff49a34   typo
      adds  b40236e   skipping pod tests by default
      adds  6aefb30   bumpping to version 0.21
      adds  fe5899e   Implementing the CheckCapability hook.
      adds  82e2db5   Returning 1 from every directive so that the user does 
not need to return it explicitly from the configuration file.
      adds  f4a1773   bumpping to version 0.22
      adds  7dc17f2   Improving the distro kwalitee. As per
      adds  ba2a0f2   adding kwalitee test
      adds  957f9a0   removing shee-bang from test
      adds  e632bc9   cleaning up all testing flag files
      adds  6142227   bumpping to version 0.23
      adds  793acfd   adding perlcritic test
      adds  a1c61c1   placating main perlcritic issues
      adds  a210591   The actuator must be called after the destination file is 
      adds  9ba85ff   Spelling errors patch by Angel Abad
      adds  858db4d   bumpping to version 0.24
      adds  221a3cf   Adding post_action pseudo-check to CHECK_JIRA
      adds  e38cec9   adding a post_action example
      adds  3ad568c   correcting an example in the POD
      adds  d4c4024   changing comment
      adds  06743fe   Bumpping to version 0.25
      adds  c084b2b   implementing DENY_EXEMPT_USERS directive
      adds  a3ac39b   bumpping to version 0.26
      adds  747952c   substituting DENY_EXCEPT_USERS for DENY_EXEMPT_USERS
      adds  6618f60   Bumpping to version 0.27
      adds  66e0089   typo
      adds  22daa66   checking usability of svn commands
      adds  a440e8f   bumpping to 0.28
      adds  293d259   Updating link to contrib page.
      adds  f2ab9e3   more todos
      adds  6f1a6ed   making a test use a restrict context
      adds  d538680   fixing test
      adds  b2b652f   allowing custom error messages in the DENY_FILENAME 
      adds  3e2bdc2   bumpping version to 0.29
      adds  1a3ae3c   adjusting for new regexp stringification in Perl 5.13.5
      adds  6404ef2   bumpping to version 0.30
      adds  bb0a39d   Corrects CheckJira projects verification
      adds  320bd80   Implements the SVN::Hooks::Generic plugin
      adds  b1ab4f5   bump to version 0.31
      adds  7d68f01   I forgot to add these files before 0.31
      adds  7f2211f   correcting argument passing to some hooks
      adds  50b2426   checking some hooks
      adds  710b2fa   typo
      adds  ab3b30d   bump to version 0.32
      adds  2954cdc   some SVN versions do not pass the leading slash to the 
lock path
      adds  95f7c18   improving the documentation a little
      adds  406c2ab   avoid use lib if PERL5LIB is empty
      adds  0aa7c0a   quote variable interpolation in a regex
      adds  ee77abe   bump to version 0.33
      adds  1db38df   migrando .cvsignore para svn:ignore
      adds  7fb608a   Feature branch to develop the new kind of generic 
      adds  d210056   not working yet
      adds  e0011ff   removing %SVN::Hooks::Inits function hash
      adds  b8710cd   moving initializers around
      adds  c536402   simplifying global variables
      adds  b093c72   adding a new test
      adds  0702954   saving the hook script and configuration in the test 
directory for debugging
      adds  3356d34   Adjusting use of $SVN::Hooks::Repo
      adds  fa632a4   ajusting to work with prove
      adds  72f2ca2   making it possible to debug a hook
      adds  94376e7   Turning the plugin state into local variables instead of 
a global hash
      adds  10f0b64   Getting rid of %SVN::Hooks::Confs and simplifying the 
plugin setup
      adds  8bf147e   noticing in the documentation that is now 
      adds  b5995bb   rebase
      adds  1266dd8   reintegrate ^/branches/generics
      adds  187e7a4   revising TODO
      adds  c96d9ef   adjusting Perl::Critic configuration
      adds  3a49467   adjusting Test::Pod::Coverage configuration
      adds  eade979   bumpping version to 0.90
      adds  95350c1   branching to port to Windows
      adds  f004476   passando trĂªs testes
      adds  7dba7f2   passing six tests more
      adds  31d8354   passing all tests
      adds  e6b84da   add another Regexp argument to CHECK_JIRA_CONFIG to 
specify the format of JIRA project keys
      adds  4a01e5f   correcting the syntax of examples
      adds  88d9481   functor was not passing the $path argument to the command
      adds  344411c   [RT#69343] configuration files should be optional
      adds  c7d8e20   bumpping version to 0.91
      adds  43ed394   rebase
      adds  f2acb66   Don't mess with $ENV{PATH} anymore
      adds  3f9c659   rebase
      adds  db94863   reintegrate ^/branches/windows
      adds  43fea57   bumpping to version 1.00
      adds  248ddb9   Updating copyright year range
      adds  faab4d3   avoiding dependency from File::Slurp
      adds  e8ce6fa   bumpping to version 1.01
      adds  ee86ac8   Porting Makefile.PL to Windows and adjusting dependency 
from SVN::Look version
      adds  a643198   Supporting absolute file names for configuration files
      adds  acc6371   Adding URI::file to the dependencies
      adds  f3f3a5e   bumpping to version 1.02
      adds  dd1cfd2   Passing SVN::Look object to check_one and 
check_all_svnlook checks
      adds  7fd212b   grokking username with svnlook
      adds  dfedf85   bumpping version to 1.03
      adds  be0c497   enhancing META.yml
      adds  3fa056d   cleanup
      adds  bdf1efd   implementing new directive DENY_FILENAMES_PER_PATH
      adds  5241e76   bumpping to version 1.04
      adds  40e5944   enhancing documentation
      adds  5464e8c   Fixing a bug in DENY_FILENAMES_PER_PATH.
      adds  71682d8   bumpping to version 1.05
      adds  5024049   Checking if we have the svnlook command
      adds  3dc28d5   bumpping to version 1.06
      adds  f5072ad   Requiring at least version 1.4.0 of Subversion
      adds  2781006   being more informative in an error message
      adds  894e044   bumpping version 1.07
      adds  2c90286   properly detecting unmet dependencies
      adds  b96c113   typo
      adds  3bff797   Using $^X instead of $Config{perlpath} because I got some 
errors from CPANTesters
      adds  662e250   Dealing with empty $ENV{PATH}
      adds  af039f3   Delete needless use statements.
      adds  a060287   Deprecate SVN::Hooks::Mailer.
      adds  feaf378   Bump to version 1.08
      adds  a94e4a7   Add exemples directory
      adds  52de428   Add .gitignore after moving from Subversion to Git.
      adds  c6854dc   Increment .gitignore
      adds  70ae11c   Use $Config{perlpath} instead of S^X to invoke Perl
      adds  19608fd   Document importance of defining the PATH properly
      adds  dd889a8   Set PATH in the hooks used during testing
      adds  7c7dd4f   Placate t/pod-coverage.t for SVN/Hooks/
      adds  8841d10   Bump to version 1.09
      adds  cd57895   Increment .gitignore
      adds  58868f3   Pass the SVN::Look object as the third argument to the 
validator, generator, and actuator
      adds  932a2b7   Bump to version 1.10
      adds  b93a7e0   Update TODO list
      adds  d6ae493   Update MANIFEST
      adds  80aa698   Add MANIFST.SKIP file
      adds  8e4ec61   Update MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  c69e7e6   Add examples/
      adds  638caf3   Fix third argument to UpdateConfFile sub _functor
      adds  f138fa2   Update MANIFEST
      adds  b98a99e   Bump to version 1.11
      adds  880d182   Convert distribution to Dist::Zilla.
      adds  55195e6   v1.12
      adds  bd4417a   Add MetaResources to dist.ini
      adds  cc118c9   Improve documentation
      adds  8a91ed3   New TODO items
      adds  2e425a4   Fix RT#75547 by making Windows test scripts non-verbose.
      adds  a9be8e1   v1.13
      adds  6da6396   Fix typo
      adds  64b887c   Add example to avoid merges in 
      adds  9ea7838   Get rid of non-functional alternative hooks in the example
      adds  969bb20   v1.14
      adds  57b584a   Fix merge root detection
      adds  a65c06f   Optimize root detection by avoiding needless svnlook 
proplist commands
      adds  ebb726e   v1.15
      adds  96e00b7   Move from Google Code to GitHub
      adds  cb7c062   v1.16
      adds  1dad9be   Improve README
      adds  1d8dc74   Use Data::Util to make for clearer code
      adds  ec19edb   Reformat some code
      adds  bd2c3e2   v1.17
      adds  379c778   Implement option "exclude" for CHECK_JIRA
      adds  578ad4c   v1.18
      adds  5949ab4   Remove explicit version from SVN::Hooks::CheckJira
      adds  faf0c89   Fix example
      adds  a5a7f63   Fix comment
      adds  5d55927   v1.19
      adds  57d3c35   Make sure to treat every changed file in UpdateConfFile 
      adds  eb9c9f6   Allow spaces around the comma separating project keys
      adds  aa78776   CheckStructure: fix numeric else-clause detection
      adds  2672a4f   Fix some Perl::Critic warnings
      adds  b5f9847   v1.20
      adds  aef0554   UpdateConfFile: implement 'remove' option
      adds  25af25f   v1.21
      adds  e0d391d   CheckJira: accept and disregard spaces in the "projects" 
      adds  b9a25f7   v1.22
      adds  8d3ac7c   Use --force to svn propset an unknown revision property
      adds  8c4b079   v1.23
      adds  b27534c   Make CheckMimeTypes disregard symbolic links
      adds  5f386e3   Fix _post_where_to routine
      adds  f2e980b   Fix error message
      adds  957be6a   Make UpdateConfFile create non-existing directories
      adds  40426b4   v1.24
      adds  cb41ae7   Remove debugging lines from a test
      adds  ed1567e   Fix UpdateConfFile destination directory calculation
      adds  63f1d9a   Fix UpdateConfFile to directory detection
      adds  7c320cb   Test UpdateConfFile detection of invalid to directory
      adds  8f0059a   v1.25
      adds  6803771   Make hooks execute in the order they are defined
      adds  5ed7861   CheckJira: add directive CHECK_JIRA_DISABLE
      adds  87a3a50   TODO: internationalize the SVN::Hooks messages.
      adds  efafdfd   TODO: Implement a "case insensitive" plugin
      adds  f979f82   TODO: Increment SVN::Hooks::Notify to send emails in HTML
      adds  3c6eed1   Change indentation on Changes file
      adds  3b00049   v1.26
      adds  5829b17   Fix copyright period
      adds  ba46f2c   Make 'hook order' test system independent
      adds  45c47ac   Improve module's abstract
      adds  35c98f6   UpdateConfFile: fix detection of out of conf destination
      adds  96c3163   CheckJira: Fix default value for CHECK_JIRA_CONFIG 4th arg
      adds  63f2463   Placate Perl::Critic
      adds  7853842   v1.27
      adds  21f0b56   Add REPOSITORY section to documentation
      adds  9978d15   Document new argument for start-commit hook in svn 1.8
      adds  ef41259   Placating dzil
      adds  91348a1   Update dist.ini
      adds  4f30dc0   Replace README by brian d foy's README.pod template
      adds  66aea60   v1.28
      adds  5f21aa1   Imported Upstream version 1.28
       new  1e87bb9   Merge tag 'upstream/1.28'
       new  90a431a   Update debian/changelog
       new  2c3125e   Update copyright years for upstream files
       new  b0f7b98   Update copyright years for debian/* packaging files
       new  e16eac6   Declare compliance with Debian policy 3.9.6
       new  674ce9d   Wrap and sort fields in debian/control file
       new  93d3f32   Mark package as autopkgtestable
       new  0fc6772   Update debian/changelog file

The 10 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                          |  12 +++++
 LICENSE                          |   8 +--
 MANIFEST                         |   4 +-
 META.yml                         |  97 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------
 Makefile.PL                      |  14 ++++--
 README                           |  26 ----------
 README.pod                       | 103 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 debian/changelog                 |  11 ++++-
 debian/control                   |  11 +++--
 debian/copyright                 |   4 +-
 debian/upstream/metadata         |   6 +++
 dist.ini                         |   8 ++-
 lib/SVN/                 |  29 ++++++-----
 lib/SVN/Hooks/  |   9 ++--
 lib/SVN/Hooks/ |   9 ++--
 lib/SVN/Hooks/ |  11 ++---
 lib/SVN/Hooks/       |   9 ++--
 lib/SVN/Hooks/        |   9 ++--
 lib/SVN/Hooks/  |   9 ++--
 lib/SVN/Hooks/   |   9 ++--
 lib/SVN/Hooks/  |   9 ++--
 lib/SVN/Hooks/     |   9 ++--
 lib/SVN/Hooks/   |   9 ++--
 lib/SVN/Hooks/         |  13 ++---
 lib/SVN/Hooks/  |   9 ++--
 lib/SVN/Hooks/          |   9 ++--
 lib/SVN/Hooks/          |   9 ++--
 lib/SVN/Hooks/  |   9 ++--
 t/release-kwalitee.t             |   9 +++-
 t/release-pod-coverage.t         |  11 +----
 t/release-pod-syntax.t           |   4 +-
 31 files changed, 306 insertions(+), 192 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 README
 create mode 100644 README.pod
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata

Alioth's /usr/local/bin/git-commit-notice on 

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