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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.003+dfsg

Adrian Yee (1):
      small typo fix in Imager::Transformations

Arnar Mar Hrafnkelsson (161):
      Initial revision
      Added STATUS, other updates are just from touching files.
      Added flip() and docs to and i_flipxy() to image.{c,h}.
      Switched from xy naming for flip() to hv.
      Added a testcase for copy() and flip() methods, fixed a bug in i_flipxy()
      Fixed an overflow bug in png.c where reading images with a palette or
      Fixed bug reporting, updated Changes.
      Just code layout changes and logging.
      Added type=>gif for write_multi docs.
      Fixed png stripping alpha of all images.  Minor changes to png test.
      Removed the t/t10formats.t test as all of its functionality is now in 
      Fixed png transparency handling
      Added checks if there is no global colormap and a local colormap to avoid
      ImageNum in i_readgif_low() was a file global variable which was never
      Added more logging to quant.c.  Removed global variables from gif.c.
      Removed a bunch of unused variables and fixed an attempt to print out a
      Changed free() to myfree() in quant.c.
      Made Makefile.PL run $Config{make} lib/Imager/ so it exists
      Some tests were logging into the wrong files and t50basicoo.t was using
      Added all the test images to the MANIFEST and re added since the
      Uninitialized variable used in filters.c.
      Fixes crop() method so it is consistent with documentation.
      Fixes to logging in iolayer.c and minor iolayer issues with tiffs in
      Added map.c which implements mapping images through tables.
      Simplified interface.
      Fixes to i_map function and map method.  Added a testcase for both.
      Added documentation to map method in and made some minor fixes
      Made TODO into a seperate file and removed it from the Changes file.
      Added mng to the TOOD, and added a warning to the Makefile.PL if gif/ungif
      Removed bench/* from MANIFEST (but not CVS).  Also moved transbench.perl
      If tiff format was not supported then then all tests after 4 appeared to 
      Fixed // in filters.c.  And things that didn't work in perl 5.004_04
      Fixed warnings for 5.004_04.
      Fixed so that IM_MANUAL doesn't lose the giflib version check.
      Version number change for 0.38 CPAN upload
      Fixed a bug which caused compile and runtime errors with IM_NOLOG=1
      Added a temporary circle antialiasing routine.
      Adds aa circle into export_ok list.
      Compile time error fix if IM_NOLOG=1 was chosen
      Removed i_writeppm and put in i_writeppm_wiol instead.
      Replaced i_readraw() and i_writeraw() with the equivalent _wiol functions.
      Updated png to use _wlio functions, and fixed a filename error for ppm 
      Clean up after changing some formats to use iolayer.
      More fixes still for iolayer changes.
      Switched all of jpeg to iolayer functions, removed older functions and 
did some
      Misc fixes.
      Adds reading capabilities for certain variants of targa, writer code has 
not been
      Adds reading of non colour mapped targa images.
      Added i_bumpmap_complex and corresponding filterentry and documentation.
      Fixes some warnings about unused variables and missing prototypes.
      Rewrote most of tga.c so that It now should be able to read all variants 
      Updated Changes file for recent diffs
      Preliminary support for writing targa files.  Compression not working yet.
      Added support for writing paletted targa images.
      Various Changes to the memory accounting code, myrealloc() added.
      Code to free up resources for Imager::IO objects.
      tga.c should now support reading/writing all variants of targa files.  XS 
      Cleaned up io.h, io.c which had functions not used any more, removed 
      Completed the calling interface from perl to c for targa images.
      Adding test for targa images.
      Counter correction.
      Closed memory leaks when an error occurs during load of targa images.  
      Fixes to the scale function so that edges are handled by extending the 
      Changes file updated.
      Removed C++ comments that SunSPro and HPUX cc were not liking.  Also 
      Updated README with 2001 copyright and email address to bug us with.
      Fixed warnings for ~0 for unsigned int variables.  Also a fix for a bug
      Added static to all internal functions for image.c and palimg.c
      Added casts for pointer assignments in pnm.c.  Removed old stale code from
      Updated TODO
      This test was logging to the wrong logfile.
      Fixed i_transform2() so malloc(0) doesn't happen.  Also corrected pod 
errors and
      Added .exp files for exporting symbols for plugins on AIX, plugins now 
      Fixed some mlog() messages using uninitialized variables.
      Removed unused variable, commented out unused function.
      Fixed an endianness bug in tiff reading and switched the inclusion order 
      Minor improvement on include paths for freetype2.
      Increased buffersize for iolayer buffer chains.
      Added io_buffer for reading from scalars.  Also added test cases.  Added
      changed malloc to mymalloc in error.c and Added reading from scalars for 
      Changes entries and iolayer test added to manifest.
      Removed empty default case, causes problems on sun/hpux cc.
      Added an Imager::log_entry() function and some extra logging
      Fixed most outstanding memory leaks that are revealed in the test cases.
      Added Destroy method for Imager::Font::TT and moved to that package name
      Minor memory leak fixes.
      Missing myfree() in the default path of bmp loading.
      Fixed missing myfree() in bmp.c.
      Release version.
      Finished antialiased polygon drawing routines.
      A segfault bug fixed in polygon.c where it would crash when invalid 
      Bug fixes for the polygon rendering code where naming the same pixel twice
      Clarified what version of libtiff is required.
      Added memory pools to make clean up of temporary buffers simpler.
      Added read support for sgi .rgb files.
      Forgot to add this file for last commit.
      Added rgb.c to MANIFEST
      Added a seperate pod for primitives drawing.
      Added Draw.pod to MANIFEST
      Added documentation for simple transforms in a separate pod.
      Added Image Type pod draft.
      Moved tag handling and general tags into ImageTypes and format
      Filter pod added.
      Added Engines pod, moved masked images to ImageTypes, and moved convert()
      Moved the Quantization option docs to ImageTypes.
      Moved last bits of docs (unedited) to Files.pod.
      Moved last bits out docs of
      Added a better Synopsis section which still needs work and some
      Modified tiff test to write to the testout directory.
      Minor doc change.
      Added Filters.pod instead of .pm!
      Removed wrongly named file.
      format change.
      Formatting change.
      Removed old cruft from image.* and minor changes to rgb.c.
      Added more verbose ok messages.
      Hack to prevent crashing when libtiff wants to check the filesize of a 
      Minor pod changes.
      Bumped version to 0.40pre1.
      Sky's patch so Makefile.PL picks up libraries in correct order.
      Fix for pod to make work with 5.005_03
      Fixed memory leak in freetype 1 cache.
      Added Imager version to output log.
      Tab fixes :)
      Bumped version to 0.40pre2
      Removed heading of logo example in pod.
      Added t/ to MANIFEST.
      Bumped version to 0.41 for trivial gif test fix.
      Doc Patches from Cogent.
      Added checks to flood fill functions for seed pixel being outside of
      Fixed missing check that cause out of bounds access on bitmaps for flood 
      flood fill fix added to changelog.
      Second attempt at flood fix.
      (Hopefully) last fix for flood fill crash.
      Switched i_draw to i_line, added endpoint boolean condition,
      Modified i_line_aa to use a modified bresenham algorithm.  This method
      Fixed empty string handling for tt font driver.
      Fixed missing word in pod doc, thanks Juerd.
      watermark was using a hardcoded size for watermarks (how embarrasing!).
      Fixed tiff handling of images all contained in a single strip
      Doc patch so people know where to look for new().
      Fixed r= instead of r=> in 4 places!
      temporary scaling test code, proper defaults for crop().
      Added extra paths for rgb.txt on solaris.
      Removed cruft since not all formats supported loading with iolayer.
      Support for probing for fileformats.
      Fixed broken 'not ok' message.
      More support for autodetection of formats, still some error comes up in
      More debugging for auto probing of image types.
      Autodetection of fileformat as loading.
      Removed wierd extra code.
      Added breaks into switch statements.
      Changes to t50basicoo.t test... not working yet.
      Typo fix.
      Fixed return type not being on seperate line.
      Added extra parameters to rubthrough so only a subimage of
      Added preliminary support for adding image based fonts.
      Whitespace change.
      Removed half finished speedhack for 3ch8bit images so I can release a new 
      All the little fixup changes for the 0.42 release.
      Prepare 0.43 release because of silly ft2 test skip problem.

Brian Fraser (1):
      [rt #93272] use absolute paths for plugins on android

David Steinbrunner (5):
      typo fix
      typo fixes
      typo fix
      typo fixes
      typo fix

Mark A. Stratman (1):
      fix the link in the getheight() entry in the method index

Philip Gwyn (2):
      [ #65386] really fix #62885
      [ #65385] Patch for Imager::Color->hsv

Robin 'cheese' Lee (1):
      fix SYNOPSIS code to make the variable names match

Slaven Rezic (1):
      my_strerror is defined since perl 5.21.x

Tony Cook (1842):
      added pod for internal and external symbols
      libpng support for Win32
      removed junk left over from when I tried to use a typemap to require
      added test to check for crash in set_internal() (and it's normal
      fixed the problem with 2 references to the one i_color object after a
      notes Win32 libpng and set_internal changes
      actually call the function now
      actually test that the colour is being set
      Win32 support (specifically VC++)
      Win32 jpeg support
      note about Win32 jpeg support
      Win32 handling for checking for libtiff
      note on Win32 libtiff support
      updated Win32 section to indicate more image file formats supported.
      see the patch :)
      C level error handling code
      basic test code for error reporting
      invalid ppm file, test file for t/t05errors.t
      error handling code
      noted addition of error handling code
      read failures of pnm files now report low-level errors
      access to lower-level error messages
      added low-level error handling module
      added error codes and calls to m_fatal() on fatal errors
      added declarations for error handling code
      added error reporting code
      I'm suprised the errno.h is needed, but here it is
      1 colour images don't make much sense to giflib, make sure it always has 
      regression test for writing single colour images with translate='giflib'
      note some gif fixes
      added function to check giflib version
      previously testing with giflib3 gave errors on all the callback
      minor clarifications on producing transparent gifs
      added another transparency quantization method
      added a new transparency ordered dither (works better for displays)
      added support for od_tiny ordered dither and made it the default for
      minor doc fix
      changes to claim a palette entry if the caller wants transparency and
      added test to write a partially transparent gif image is needed for tests
      oops, tiff only handles 3-channel images so far
      note some changes
      documented options for reading raw images
      document the interleave option for reading raw images
      extracted from t10formats and added some new tests
      didn't include the new test in the count for when there's no gif support
      nicer skip message
      we can lose that FIXME, I think
      added error reporting code
      modified gif read code to report errors rather than abort
      some error reporting in image writing
      extracted gif tests from t10formats.t and added a few more
      added code to report errors from gif file reading/writing
      extracted jpeg tests from t10formats.t
      extracted png tests from t10formats.t and adjusted tests slightly
      extracted ppm tests from t10formats.t
      tiff tests extracted from t10formats.t
      noted a bunch of changes, switched to space based formatting
      added new test scripts
      oops, added new tests without adding skips for when there's no gif support
      oops, put code before declaration
      had broken handing for the giflib version
      forgot to change this one after fixing t105gif.t
      document the "tiny" option for tr_orddith
      since we use fork(), autoflush will help it work...
      document the 'fd' option for $img->(read|write)
      simple image used for testing palette retrieval by Imager::read()
      added note about getting the palette for Imager::read()
      Imager::read() can now retrieve the palette optionally returned by
      added tests to make sure the correct palette was coming back from
      minor fix to code layout changes
      hashboxes work now
      fixed a really stupid bug I introduced to Addi's colormap builder when
      fixes to quant.c and a minor enhancement
      simple benchmark for image copying
      implementing read/put horizontal line of pixels
      add read/write row of pixels to image interface
      noted row-based access to images
      oops, forgot to free the memory I allocated
      add the extra attributes that PPDs want
      note some possible changes (which haven't been implemented)
      just an idea...
      changed Imager::read() to always return an arrayref of Imager::Color
      useful for ignoring junk from builds
      discussion from IRC of some interfaces/features
      document ideas and discussion from IRC
      incorporated Micksa's faxable tiff support
      Micksa's original faxable tiff patch
      skip tests if there's no gif support
      see patch
      implement the convert() method for converting between numbers of channels
      we now have a convert() method
      lose the debug code
      noted problem with libpng 1.0.1
      make filenames match test number
      regression test for bug loading some images in png.c 1.1
      support saving to pgm file
      oops, this is done
      yes, another attempt at supporting the Netscape loop extension
      talk about getting gif working better
      this is what the convert() method does
      make write_multi a bit simpler to use
      reference to design/represent.txt
      hardly started discussion of internal image representations
      Addi's notes on scan converting polygons with anti-aliasing
      did some more work on this...
      prevent undefined value warnings
      added some tests to check how we handle variously damaged GIFs
      removed t10formats.t
      oops, missed updating the last test number
      fix handling for no giflib
      oops, shoule use myfree() instead of free()
      had a trailing newline
      forgot this
      was sizeof(int *)
      fixes (and tests for) several problems in i_readgif_low()
      forgot to skip new tests
      skip tests that we've added
      initially completed version, could use polishing
      remove testout on make clean
      added tests for the tiff OO interface
      refer to the right test
      split Imager::Font into base *::Type1 and *::Truetype, which should
      interface consistency
      small discussion with sky for extra font drawing parameters
      pointer to a description of how unsharp mask works
      fix some problems in handling glyph dimensions with freetyp2.c
      start of bmp support (just writing so far)
      compressed BMP files for testing
      Windows BMP file support
      added OO interfaces for some filters
      various JPEG fixes
      suggested by coral (IRC)
      implement fountain fills similar to most paint programs
      based on discussion with lathos on IRC
      support for generic fills for box and arc, with solid, hatched
      better scale* fills
      drop some whitespace
      an extra stipple
      Added some source code docs
      minor error handling in bmp.c
      both done
      didn't handle wiol versions of writeppm
      should use binmode
      mis-handling for hues
      see how this goes - updated the test result after getting the same on 3 
      maybe I'll learn to type one day
      better error handling
      generates a page that demonstrates various combining modes
      forgot to add change note for this
      this is asked about occasionally
      simple benchmark for scaling
      make it a bit more portable - old pnmscale complains
      fixed cut off of left of first character if it went to left of CP
      fixed the font problems
      make write errors for jpegs cause errors at the top level
      writing a paletted image as GIF should be a bit more efficient
      prevent const char * to char * conversion warning
      an idea
      have ->arc() call i_circle_aa when drawing a solid aa complete circle
      image based fills
      implement unsharp mask
      clamp low end too
      clamp i_conv() at both ends
      supposedly FT2 supports all of these
      oops, forgot to return a value
      yep, we need these
      stop ft1.x support dropping descenders
      added double/sample image support
      been fixed
      test for dropping of % sign
      some fixes to double/sample image support
      initial cut
      minor documentation clarification
      added POD to trans2.c
      better error checking of automatic fill conversions
      tests missing from MANIFEST
      oops, Imager/Font/ missing from manifest
      make it possible to run automated tests by adding the IM_SUPPRESS_PROMPTS
      fix some range checking for the fountain fill segment type
      check the ft2 library too
      only STRLEN types can be the second parameter of SvPV
      added some docs, need to add more
      added some more POD
      prevent warnings/errors under 5.004_04
      missing binmode
      fix errors and some warnings on Win32
      release some memory
      have error.c free a non-leak when using the debug malloc
      fix memory leaks, gif screen size calculations
      the examples were misleading. 2 people have been caught out, expecting
      move the combining function call outside the general fills (simplifies
      fix polygon() call sequence
      make color values smarter for the drawing functions
      more tiff tags support
      4-bit/sample paletted tiff
      test 8-bit/pixel paletted TIFF
      might be valid this time
      packbits compression instead
      - read paletted tiff images into Imager paletted images
      added has_chars() method to Imager::Font::FreeType2
      freetype 2 bounding box function didn't know UTF8 (doh!)
      write paletted images as paletted for tiff
      Leolo expressed a desire for .ico support - I thought of a few more
      initialize the index when packing 4 bit data into bytes
      avoid allocating huge data structures on the stack
      claes' afm patch
      split IM_INCPATH and IM_LIBPATH with $Config{path_sep}, so they work
      enhanced iolayer
      irc log of documentation layout discussion
      some ideas
      initial cut
      more GIF docs
      an idea
      ascii pbms weren't treated correctly
      more gif docs
      new docs
      modify the Freetype2 font code to pick it's own encoding rather than
      use the font's first character map if we don't find a unicode map (FT1)
      fix calculation of descender for FT2, it was calculating the minimum
      didn't set default for bounding_box() utf8 parameter (caused a warning
      explain what I was trying to explain in IRC
      some updates
      added getpixel()/setpixel() methods
      added information about the mailing list to a SUPPORT section
      mention #imager
      round the hsv to rgb results a little more nicely for integer RGB
      added Artur's OSX dlload() emulation, with minor changes
      merge write to gif tags updates
      examples in Imager::Files
      fix spelling error in message
      removed the items we've done
      *** empty log message ***
      forgot the ticket number
      quote a few hash keys to prevent warnings on 5.004
      mark end of 0.40pre1 changes
      document the t1log option to Imager::init()
      Ticket #369 - writing grayscale images to GIF
      update skip count
      - handle the presence of the default broken giflib better,
      - i_box_cfill() went into an infinite loop on fountain fills
      disable the alarm after the test
      make sure we have alarm() support
      get it right
      hide some more symbols that OSX complains about
      use INT2PTR if available
      try to fix OSX warnings
      - hide more of our Darwin dlload emulation to prevent runtime
      difference() method
      hide or rename any symbols that are likely to conflict with other
      note the change
      DSO_close wasn't returning a value on Win32
      give the output a good alpha channel if it doesn't have one
      clarify the crop() documentation just for merlyn
      - handle the first "buggy giflib" test more portably.  Previously
      text, text, text
      it was meant to be skipn(), and output the skipped numbers correctly
      quote the use of min in type=>min, and at least give it some basic
      - document the values for the read() and write() method type
      support UTF with Freetype 1.x
      second argument to SvPV() must have type STRLEN
      complex lines
      log of discussion on IRC
      various changes from trying to build on testdrive
      has_chars() support for freetype 1.x
      - handle UTF8 strings passed to T1 low-level functions
      we want the low-level functions too
      - mc_web_map was storing colors with an alpha of 0
      - update the URLs for libpng and zlib
      fixed issue reported in ticket 1748, and added smoke tests that should
      - the default tifflib warning handler was crashing on Win32
      fixed some minor test code hiccups
      - implemented i_t1_has_chars(), tests for same
      - Debian woody supplied FT2.0.9, which didn't support
      Note that only FT2 supports transforms so far.
      - some older FT1 don't define TT_MS_LANGID_ENGLISH_GENERAL,
      image fills with images with channels not at 4 were broken
      - added comment support the postfix transform2() expression
      - added log() and exp() functions to transform2()
      - skip the right number of tests when FT2 isn't available
      - only call FT_Get_Postscript_Name() on FT 2.0.6 and later
      - refer the user to appropriate documents in the example in
      the scale() method now warns if scalled in a void context
      font.c now only uses the defined T1Lib error codes
      define aTHX_ when perl doesn't (perl 5.004 for example)
      - update ppport.h and remove the duplicate definitions from
      - there would be a link or load time error on m_init_log() if
      - moved some variable definitions to the right place
      - the Win32 font driver now uses DEFAULT_CHARSET rather than
      - the pnm reader read maxval for ppm/pgm files and then ignored it,
      - previously, if you supplied to_paletted and empty color map
      - added the C<builtin> color specifier and the
      - added the equals() method to Imager::Color.
      - the rotate() and matrix_transform() methods now accept a 'back'
      - removed a warning generated by the new matrix_transform() test
      - the image resulting from a crop is now the same type as the
      transfer from temp CVS
      - the parameters to crop() weren't handled correctly in most
      - the changes to scale() had some problems with integer vs floating point
      - the FT2 glyph_names() method didn't do correct error handling
      - the XS code for i_tt_glyph_name() used unsigned char to store a
      - renamed io.h to imio.h to prevent problems building under cygwin.
      - change the "double-include" protection macro that imio.h uses.
      - updated download locations for the various libraries that Imager
      base test file
      test image for offset value
      - more information on gif library versions in README and Makefile.PL
      - creating an image where the size of the allocated image buffer would
      more test bmp files
      initial version
      - set i_format to jpeg for jpeg files and test for it
      - set i_format to png when reading png files and test for it
      winrgb2.bmp wasn't a 2-color (1-bit) file
      - added many bad BMP files to test various code paths in bmp.c, and
      - added tools/imager to the distribution.  This is still very
      various BMP test files added
      - the BMP reader now validates the bfOffBits value from the BMP header
      - added --palette action to tools/imager
      - i_img_pal_new() now releases the image object memory if creation
      more test entries
      changed re-include macro name to avoid conflicts with cygwin's io.h
      - set i_format to gif when reading gif files and test for it
      - set i_format to pnm when reading pnm files and test for it
      - set i_format to tga when reading tga files and test for it
      - set i_format to tiff when reading tiff images and test for it
      - test t/t35ttfont.t no longer requires TTFONTTEST to be set (and
      - quant.c now checks for integer overflow allocating its image data
      - i_readraw_wiol() now checks for image creation failure
      caption isn't complete yet
      - some tests were using $Config{ivsize} when they should have been
      had wrong name there <sigh>
      prevent warning from size difference on some platforms
      - tools/imager has been removed from the MANIFEST, it's way too late
      release plans and minor change to tools/imager (avoid Died message)
      need better include macros
      - image.h had no prototype for i_ft2_bbox_r() and it was being called
      update information about giflib bugs
      - make the inclusion of NO_META dependent on the version of EU::MM.
      note about META.yml
      - built 0.43_03 for testing
      set the release date
      put the default FreeBSD FT1 header locations after the FT2 locations
      - finish off a sentence in the "Producing an image from a CGI script"
      - method index didn't include errstr() needs a concept index
      -document that you don't want the FT2 freetype.h in the include path
      probing TODOs
      Release 0.44
      want to drop that big ppm
      - the plugins Makefile has long produced an error after all tests were
      update for the other 2 cases too
      initial work, just basic file reading/writing so far
      - Makefile.PL now checks the directories specified by $Config{locincpth}
      - we were undefing the wrong macro (used as an include guard) when
      - add a note to the README on how to get font suitcases and dfont files
      - add dfont to the list of extensions supported by ft2
      - added concept index to's POD
      - the gradgen filter now does the same color value conversion that
      Multiple master test font
      - added trivial multiple master support via the FT2 driver
      - added .pcf and .pcf.gz to the list of extensions supported by ft2
      test for warnings reading a tiff image
      - the tiff reader now puts warning messages produced during reading into
      - the i_xres and i_yres tags are now stored in a resolution similar
      - added tiff_resolutionunit_name tag when reading tiff files
      - Makefile.PL now attempts to use freetype-config to configure freetype 2
      working release notice
      cookbook updates
      had =cut instead of =back
      - avoid complaining about include/lib directories we pull from
      removed junk entry
      - Makefile.PL now builds imconfig.h with #defines for libraries
      - scanning for required include files is now down by directory rather
      - Makefile.PL now accepts command-line options to set include and library
      - added simple examples to most of the filters documented in
      - calculate the sum of the coefficients once rather than for every
      - explicitly document there are no PNG specific tags.
      - more examples in Imager::Draw
      missed setting it for centimetres
      - minor cleanup of Imager::Fill
      various TODOs done, new ones added
      link to the cookbook
      - eliminate unused variables and static functions
      revert the precalculation of the sum of the coefficients - it
      some stuff done, moved 0.44 down to the end
      - the right-side bearing used to adjust the final width wasn't being
      add entries for the filters to the concept index
      more todo
      fix some function headers, removed some junk code
      some stuff done
      - add scaleX/scaleY to the method index and gives them some examples
      a little more detail
      - call read() instead of open() in the example code in,
      - reading an image with an idstring of 128 or more bytes would result
      clarify that the change was specific to TGA images
      test with a long TGA id
      added testimg/longid.tga used to test the long idstring bug
      base for hand-edited test tga images
      base for hand edited JPEG file
      - calling the read() method for a format not included in the Imager build,
      convert to Test::More
      convert to Test::More
      convert to Test::More
      convert to Test::More
      make sure we can see the supplied copy of Test::More
      - the convert, crop, rotate, copy, matrix_transform, to_paletted, to_rgb8,
      initial version
      fix the second argument in the synopsis
      Initial version
      size reduced to reduce dist size
      minor typo
      - correct email addresses in the README file, and include bug reporting
      - added README for samples directory, describes and
      - Imager::Cookbook wasn't included in the MANIFEST
      CGI samples
      - added samp-form.cgi and samp-image.cgi to the samples directory to
      updates, rearranged to get the stuff still needed at the top
      - Makefile.PL now adds rules to generate a suitable META.yml to the
      new samples
      - added sample code for handling images uploaded via a HTML form.
      converted to Test::More
      - newer versions of GIMP add a line to gradient files before the
      - the segments parameter supplied to the fountain filter and the
      - fix a few compiler warnings
      - Imager::Font::BBox advance_width() method was falling back to
      missed a SKIP: label for use on non-Win32
      found a bug
      converted to Test::More
      - the FT 1.x was comparing versus an uninitialized variable when
      some stuff done
      added use strict
      convert to Test::More
      - Imager::Font::BBox objects now have right_bearing() and display_width()
      converted to Test::More
      fix a warning
      - Imager::Font::BBox objects now have right_bearing() and display_width()
      remove old #if ed out code
      - Imager::Font::BBox objects now have right_bearing() and display_width()
      skip the right number for when there's no FT1
      right bearings done
      - Imager::Matrix2d->rotate() would only rotate around the supplied
      - the internal i_tags_get_string() function now acts correctly for
      added alignment tests
      changed alignment tests a bit
      - the FT1.x driver now supports the align parameter correctly.
      - the Win32 font driver bounding_box() method now puts accuarate values
      something got done!
      put the detail output file in a saner place
      - removed the bug reporting email address to prevent spammers stripping
      Support mingw built perl
      more stuff TODO
      - the internal function used to probe file formats if the type
      something done
      - the setcolors() had a fencepost error making it impossible to
      got something done
      - fix the filter examples in Imager::Filter so they don't indicate that
      - prevent warnings from Makefile.PL when there's no libraries found
      - Imager no longer assumes that MSVC is the only native Win32
      fix broken commit
      - fixed an inverted condition checking the giflib version, and
      - add tests to exercise hatch fills for floating images.  This code is
      added C< use lib 't'; > where needed
      add missing SKIP label
      was missing use lib 't';
      added Test::More files to MANIFEST
      - work around junk that pkg-config sends to stderr on FreeBSD 4.10
      - use a temp file to avoid messing with echo on Win32 when building
      make sure meta.tmp is cleaned up
      - add some Mac OS X notes to the README
      0.44_01 release
      META.yml updated version number
      - t/t105gif.t wasn't handling buggy giflibs correctly
      note to use the right make under Win32
      0.45 release
      prep TODO for next release
      add to my workload
      release notes
      - give the colorcount() and maxcolors() methods their own entries and
      what do we do about incomplete files?
      added issue numbers
      re-arrange for priority
      put off antialiasing work
      more stuff to do
      - added tiff_bitspersample and tiff_photometric tags to tiff images
      - loading filter DLLs/DSOs had an off-by-one error allocating a buffer
      - remove old #if 0 code from Imager.xs
      more to do
      - convert t/t15color.t to Test::More
      - prevent warnings when looking up a GIMP color with no palette
      - added VERSION numbers to most .pms
      - convert t/t104ppm.t to Test::More
      - convert t/t107bmp.t to Test::More
      - implement/test/document set_file_limits()/get_file_limits() methods,
      - new example for convert() method based on Leolo's query
      - implement getscanline(), setscanline() and getsamples() methods.
      - limit limits.c to C89
      - move include t1lib out of image.h to font.c, since nothing it
      added a brief tutorial
      - Imager::Font->new() for the tt (Freetype 1.x) driver now correctly
      more minor POD fixes
      - renamed lib/Imager/ to lib/Imager/Cookbook.pod - CPANTS
      premature commit the last time
      - add samples/
      add page parameter to read() method when reading TIFF files
      more to do
      - added samples/, and notes on adding a border in
      - added sampled/, and notes on shearing/rotating text in
      - maxcolors now must be at least 1 when creating a paletted image.
      - converted t/t022double.t to use Test::More
      - t1 library re-initialization modified to support T1Lib 5.1.0
      - setmask() now returns true on success and reports a missing mask
      - converted t/t021sixteen.t to use Test::More
      - added t/t91pod.t
      - expand Imager::ImageTypes:
      - add samples/
      fix typo
      - fixes to verbose mode in Makefile.PL, also added a -v switch so you
      - arc(..., fill=> ...) wasn't handling concave areas correctly
      - the order of the returned values for Imager::Font's align() method
      - arc(..., fill=> ...) wasn't handling concave areas correctly
      - check the correct directory when adding the cygwin Win32 API include
      - filled polygons using a complex fill with combine != 0 (none) didn't
      - the straight edges of filled arcs weren't being drawn correctly,
      remove unused code
      - implemented valign=>'end' for Imager::Font->align
      - added samples/
      add link to ico format
      add rt URL to a fixed bug
      fix some rt URLs
      - improved missing argument handling a little for the string() method
      - linkify a bit more
      report errors to right place when we can
      - expand Imager::Draw:
      - add smoke test for nearest_color filter
      - added integer overflow checks to many memory allocation calls
      - added experimental EXIF decoding when reading JPEG files.
      - read/write i_xres, i_yres, i_aspect only tage with JPEG files,
      fix stupid bug in align_string()
      skip some extra tests when freetype 1.x not available
      - the has_chars() method now checks the font objects utf8 flag as well
      - clean up Imager::Font documentation:
      fix the bug number
      - decode the EXIF GPS IFD as well
      minor documentation touchups
      0.45_01 bump
      commit META.yml
      - some test scripts weren't fixing @INC correctly
      more incorrect test counts on missing libs
      0.45_02 commit
      - change the use in t/t91.pod to require version 1.00 of Test::Pod
      - minor changes to Imager::Transformations
      think about 0.47
      - bump version to 0.46
      - switched to subversion - changed $VERSION that was based on Revision
      - outputting a single space using the Freetype 1.x driver (type=>'tt')
      - bump to 0.46_01 for testing
      - bump to 0.47
      - set the locale to "C" properly when testing ft1.x error messages
      - don't destroy image before creating it in error handling in bmp.c
      - extra concept index entries
      - start of external Imager API access:
      make more C89 compliant
      - added sample files missing from MANIFEST
      - constify the Imager API
      - document Imager::Filter::Mandelbrot
      - convert dynfilt/flines.c to Imager::Filter::Flines
      - minor changes for older perl/ExtUtils::MM
      - deal with freetype-config --cflags returning the directories
      - reword and provide an example for non-proportionally scaling an
      - error messages when writing TIFF images were always
      - convert t/t103raw.t to Test::More
      - reading a raw image no longer exits on a short read or read error,
      - added typemap type names to types in Imager::API.
      - make skip when Inline::C not available less verbose
      - convert t/t07iolayer.t to Test::More
      - handle the possibility of strerror() returning NULL.
      - supply C<imager> parameter to filters so we can register filters
      minor POD fix in Imager::Color::Table
      - eliminate many -Wall warnings
      - update README to match unbuggy giflib
      - change faxable output to use a more fax natural PHOTOMETRIC_MINISWHITE,
      - change faxable output to use a more fax natural PHOTOMETRIC_MINISWHITE,
      more todo
      - make scale() fail if an invalid type is supplied (previously
      - smarter warning removal
      - scale() can now expect an Image::Math::Constrain object as a scaling
      - sick of $opts{scalefactor} in scale(), give it a scalar to call it's
      - check $Config{ldflags} and $Config{ccflags} for places to search for
      - add tests for scaleX()/scaleY()
      - rotate()s back parameter now accepts color names like other methods
      - convert t/t69rubthru.t to Test::More
      - minor clean up of rubthrough() method
      - expand Imager::Transformations:
      point dyn loader users at external filters docs
      - eliminate sign warning from image.c
      - more memory allocation integer overflow auditing
      - make win32.c const happy
      - make win32.c const happy
      add PROTOTYPES lines to XS that were missing them
      put the prototypes line in the right place
      prevent duplicate probe messages for freetype 1.x probing
      - added version/level to the API function table structure
      - fix/simplify META.yml generation - we now generate META.yml at
      bump to 0.47_01
      - removed unused hashinfo() function from Imager.xs
      - bump to 0.48
      - handle short EXIF user_comment fields correctly, previously Imager
      - tifflib 3.8.0 with MDI (Microsoft(tm) TIFF) support produces a
      get the regexp right this time
      - some jpeg.c logging calls didn't include parameters enough to match
      - free the TIFF object correctly when reading a TIFF image and the
      - i_gsampf() (used to implement getsamples() for floating point samples)
      - writing to a PNG file was leaking one memory block
      - some error paths when reading GIF images weren't closing the GIF
      - bump to 0.49
      New changes will be listed most recent first, and is generated from
      Actually get the changes in the right order.
      removed unreachable code (mymalloc() succeeds or exit()s)
      Skip Inline tests when we're in a directory containing spaces in the
      initial targets for 0.50
      malloc_state() no longer writes to stdout when Imager is built without
      rename some private functions to private names
      POD coverage tests, as a TODO for now
      prevent the parseiptc method from warning when there's no IPTC data to
      remove the reference to IRC from SUPPORT, I'm not paying enough
      fixed incorrect filename for t/t93podcover.t in MANIFEST
      iolayer modifications:
      io_glue_destroy() now uses an extra callback to handle type specific
      more iolayer goodness:
      More iolayers work:
      - i_test_format_probe() now attempts to detect MS Windows Icon/cursor 
      - added support for registering file readers
      make the targa probe even stricter
      - implement reading MS Windows icon files
      add format probes for SGI RGB, ILBM, XPM, PCX, FITS, Photoshop, EPS
      backport fix for RT issue 18397
      fix range checking on IFD entry data types.  This could cause various
      add AUTHOR, SEE ALSO, REVISION sections
      Specifying the bottom edge of the source image to paste was broken in
      - Calling setpixel() with color set to [ 0, 0, 0 ] would crash with
      changed the title to better reflect what it documents - model, not
      minor updates, make it clear in the title this documents the C level.
      added "kwalitee" test script:
      give lib/Imager/ a version number
      added kwalitee test script to the MANIFEST
      fix documentation nit
      rename, to *.pod since they contain no code
      add sample
      add support for file write plugins
      clarify that FORMATGUESS is only used when writing to a file.
      document parseiptc()
      use the ExtUtils::MakeMaker prompt() function to ask about including
      Makefile was generating lib/Imager/APIRef.pod, not
      implement a flood_fill that stops at a given color rather than filling
      include stddef.h for size_t
      document the image file limit functions for the API
      handle a missing Changes file when checking if we need to generate one.
      bump to 0.51_01 for release
      add missing parameter required by format in wiol_empty_output_buffer
      META.yml changed due to release
      long delayed renaming of m_fatal() to i_fatal() to match Imager's
      extra jpeg tests to improve code coverage of jpeg.c
      setcolors() and addcolors() can now accept non-object colors like most
      add more iolayer tests
      added error handling tests for bad colors supplied to addcolors()
      don't include the line number in the From comment so since unrelated edits
      svn:ignore some more profiler files and other junk
      add more pod coverage tests (and the coverage needed)
      addition memory allocation checks
      update to a newer ppport.h and modify Imager.xs a bit based on its
      make sure the method index includes all documented Imager methods and
      bump to 0.51_02
      minor changes for compatibility with 5.005_03
      implement limited writes as a closure instead of as an overloaded
      we search /usr/local/include by default but we weren't searching
      move linker flags from freetype-config/pkg-config up to the front to
      it's libgif not libguf
      the cookbook said we couldn't limit image sizes, but we can now.  Fix
      add some examples using the i_xres and i_yres tags
      attempting to render a space non-antialiased from freetype 2 could
      CMYK jpeg images were being read as 4 channel images, even though they
      newer versions of libtiff were choking on the bad values corel was
      report the error if we can't read the alpha test images
      cast 2 signed/unsigned char pointer conversions to prevent warnings
      set eol-style so that generation doesn't make svn burp
      make the selection of a transfer function check that it's getting the
      bump to 0.51_03
      bounding_box() for t1 driver fonts was treating spaces as empty space
      bounding_box() for the t1 driver wasn't converting from UTF8 to ascii
      add a magic entry to detect XWD files
      commit changes to SpaceTest font source caused by exports
      add dummy test to dynfilt to since it was confusing smoke testers
      add detection of BZIP2 and gzip data
      added examples for fh, fd, file, data and callback mechanisms for
      add some basic examples of using data, fd, fh, callback parameters
      add an example of reading exif tags
      document the direction of Imager's co-ordinate system
      added a cookbook entry for converting files from one format to another
      bump to 0.52
      there was a C< *(char *)0 = 0 > left in a code path uncovered by the
      bump to 0.53
      basic todo for 0.54
      Removed the query asking if GIF support should be disabled, since
      you need to load Imager to use the API, Imager::API now tells the user
      finally found which file contained the POD errors that
      added pixel type 'index' to getscanline() and setscanline() for
      Merged in the scale branch:
      move the existing dynfilt test into dynfilt/t, update it to use
      to_rgb8 doesn't crop but the void content warning said it did
      remove t/t60dyntest.t from the MANIFEST, since we moved it
      the rubthrough() method now supports destination images with an alpha
      comparisons against $ExtUtils::MakeMaker::VERSION were warning when
      convert scale.c to so we have 8 bit/sample and double/sample
      note on relative speeds of the scaling mechanisms
      Changes to GIF support:
      skip the loop tests with older (un)giflibs
      rubthrough done
      skip the right number of tests when gif not available
      read_multi() now falls back to calling read() and write_multi() now
      add .perl files to the t94kwalitee struct tests and fix the non strict
      add generated .c files to make clean
      This is primarily a feature release:
      work around compilation problem reported in
      the string() method would not output the string "0"
      The gif_disposal and gif_user_input tags weren't being set to the
      Add UTF8 support to the Win32 font driver
      the decription of the page parameter didn't belong in the description
      break out of the search loop early when we find the right utf8 code
      use SvPV to get the length of text to draw rather than strlen(), add
      fix test skip counts for missing/available platforms.
      fixed a variety of problems:
      convert t/t00basic to Test::More and have it try to load all of the core 
      added tests for the overflowing box changes, fix draw
      minor documentation tweaks
      fix a pod error introduced in the previous commit
      switch to Test::More in a few more test scripts, eliminate the
      avoid various compiler warnings
      avoid most compilter warnings produced by GCC 4.1
      convert ok(... eq ..., ... ) to is(..., ..., ...)
      fix check for MSVC
      link zlib in using the default installed library name on Win32 instead of 
as libz.
      Test::More is now a pre-requisite for Imager, so remove it from the
      include meta-spec in META.yml as required by the spec
      work around a bug in some intermediate versions of Test::More, fixed in 
current releases
      search $Config{incpath} for headers too, why this was left out I don't 
      bump to 0.55:
      release notes
      Various changes:
      fill out files missing froom MANIFEST
      remove unused variables from the typemap entry
      simpler creation of coverage reports
      change C<allow_partial> to C<allow_incomplete> to match the tag name
      forgot to commit the matching test changes
      correct i_lines_read for direct color bmp files
      coverage tests for incomplete files - both error and allow_incomplete
      the image data offset wasn't validated when reading a 240bit bmp
      fix test count
      pgm.pgm was missing from MANIFEST
      the OUTPUT typemap entry for the Imager type was adding an extra
      release tasks for 0.56
      add tests for mono make_colors
      switch to a manually built Changes file
      sanity test new ft2 rendering
      generate the %attr hash ourselves instead of with Data::Dumper since
      more to do
      more to do
      attempt to work around a compiler bug in the gcc pre-4.0 that shipped
      add a new sample
      fix the entry
      flush output from i_tt_dump_names() to attempt to resolve #24859
      improve the unsharpmask documentation (I hope)
      flush test output too, to be safe (RT 24859)
      0.56 release
      release targets
      add X org dist's rgb.txt location to search path
      add to_rgb16 method
      make getpixel/setpixel report failure consistently and document it
      document setpixel return values
      use a convolution kernel size based on the stddev rather than a
      document some more test functions
      document the difference() method's mindist parameter, and debug it.
      remove debugging image save
      changed t82inline.t to always rebuild the Inline::C generated module
      document to_rgb16
      add to_rgb16 to changes
      mark gaussian done
      ignore generated gaussian.c
      commit bmp security fixes to HEAD
      improve freetype 1.x text output efficiency
      update the 0.57 release notes with the CVE number
      remove some dev code that was writing an extra image file
      fix rendering on alpha channel images for the FreeType 1.x driver.
      use the channel mask in i_tt_cp() to avoid calls to i_gpix()
      fix rendering on alpha channel images for the T1lib driver.
      removed --noprobe option, since probing is now required to scan
      remove debug code
      handle spaces in the found paths for freetype2
      fix a stupid logic error
      document Makefile.PL changes
      update TODO
      bump for 0.57_01
      various bits and pieces of documentation
      various minor documentation changes
      Imager 0.58 release
      fixes a regression introduced by the fixes for RT 11972
      - cropping outside the image would return an Imager object with
      0.59 release
      - in some cases it's possible for giflib/libungif to return color
      don't attempt to save the palette if we failed to read the image
      fuzz testing
      fixed various memory leaks that could occur when failing to read png,
      - to avoid confusion, channels not present in the image are returned as
      correct skip count for when gif libraries not available
      documentation tweaks
      oops, missed one
      more doc fixes
      spelling correction (Adam Kennedy)
      start tracking large sample support
      distribute Imager::LargeSamples
      - Finished/rewrote Arnar's old SGI RGB file format support, so Imager
      what to do for 0.60
      make it even clearer that scale() and variants don't modify the source
      remove repeated text in Imager::Files
      - improve the error message from errstr() when you try to load a font
      - transparency is now enabled by default when writing GIF images
      add mission SGI files
      correct for c89
      svn:ignore Win32 junk
      allow Imager to be loaded on Windows 98
      Imager doesn't load on Windows 98
      5.005_03 compatible access to SEEK_* constants
      5.005_03 compatible use of mkdir
      Gabriel Vasseur's patch, corrected just enough for it to compile.
      convert t/t90cc.t to Test::More and actually test a bit more
      added cleanup, documentation, further tests and grayscale support
      stuff done, more to do
      treat the ico mask as an alpha channel, since this is less confusing
      compiler warning cleanup
      build under c89
      fill out the large sample support docs
      did some of it
      add new gif_colormap_size tag
      include RT email address under SUPPORT
      0.60 release
      define 0.61 release goals
      Imager::Files still listed "rgb" as the type for SGI files, corrected
      added sample: - scale an animated gif
      add some detail to TIFF TODO
      make it easier to find out how to convert an image to greyscale
      more to do
      something done, more to do
      - correct handling of sz in matrix_transform() - this should allow
      - prevent a cast to integer warning on x64 builds in datatypes.c
      - some sub-directory tests depended on files produced by the parent
      - Imager::Font::Wrap doesn't correctly set savepos
      - test 171 in t/t01introvert.t was failing on perls configured to
      convert to Test::More
      convert more tests to Test::More
      the code for the transform2() uminus operator was missing a break.
      - the SGI RLE compression code could overflow its compression buffer
      fixed a type
      - validate chan_count for chans == NULL for each of the i_gsamp()
      - attempt to work around the test failure at
      more done
      - improve the error messages produced when attempting to read or write
      - improve the transform2() documentation
      we never write CMYK
      correctly generate the author key in META.yml
      - correctly blend a rotated (or matrix_transformed()) image when
      missed a changes note
      0.61 release
      0.62 goals
      read gimp gradients with more than 9 segments
      alpha channel fixes for mixing scaling
      fix broken link from the animated GIF entry in the concept index.
      formatting nit
      planning too far ahead
      merge in tiff re-work branch
      avoid a dangerous cast (in an unused function)
      fix the is_bilevel() method index entry
      more for 0.62
      work around limits of older libtiffs
      - on some perl's the infix expression parser test would fail due to
      Richard helped a lot
      refer to my original ticket for this
      can't add to a void *
      correct a C99ism
      updated TIFF information
      add filter large sample support table
      0.61_01 release
      the _T4 and _T6 macros aren't available in 3.5.5, so use the older
      0.61_02 release
      - samples/ sourced the base value for gif_top from
      work around the 5.005_0[45] B bug
      - work around Module::Depends::Intrusive bug #21229
      - the hardinvert filter no-longer inverts the alpha channel.
      more todo, some stuff done
      split out the calculations of the final scale factors/sizes so you can
      describe the color model
      add some tests for scale_calculate()
      test for pbm images matching the original
      more done
      fix the POD I just broke
      rearrange dynaload code to avoid some OS X issues
      remove support for OS X 10.2
      Imager no longer supports OS X 10.2
      - added the det() function to the transform2() engine.
      test that Parse::RecDescent is loadable to avoid problems like
      ignore filters.c, now it's generated
      Imager 0.62 release
      - Imager::Matrix2d->translate() now only requires one of the x or y
      - the font libraries are now only initialized when needed.
      Extra ways of calling translate(), shear()
      commit changes from draw branch
      - some TGA images weren't being detected correctly as TGA images
      missing test file
      remove some #if 0 code
      - writing a 2 or 4 channel image to a JPEG will now write that image as
      clean up some unused variables
      - writing a 2 or 4 channel image to a PGM/PPM will now write that
      add i_gsamp_bg/i_gsampf_bg functions, sample based versions of
      - writing a 2 or 4 channel image to a BMP file will now write that
      - mixing qtype scaling now sets all channels of a pixel to zero if
      - removed the pointless #! line from lib/Imager/Font/
      new plans
      warning clean up - clean up unusued variables, fix some const
      some of the changes were bugs, put them under the bug heading
      Imager 0.63 release
      TODO: elliptical arc
      - check that the result of fileno($fh) is defined rather than simply
      - Regression: filling a greyscale image with a hatch used the wrong
      - fixed a related problem for image fills.
      0.64 release
      add CVE for the security issue
      eliminate t/
      missed some t/ usage
      - In some cases when an error occurs reading those parts of a JPEG
      myfree_file_line no longer treats freeing a NULL pointer as an error
      - the gif_screen_height tag was overriding the screen width and being
      Imager 0.65 release
      forgot to commit (and release!) the version of Changes with the
      - an optimization skipping 0 src alpha values could cause the
      - 24-bit color .ICO/.CUR files can now be read.
      avoid a leaked reference if we create the colors array ref ourselves
      note the memory leak fix in Changes
      be more consistent with =item * for the I/O parameters
      extend the synopsis a little so people realize type is optional for
      - corrected a reference leak where writing GIFs would leak memory.
      - write out the image size in bytes field of a BMP correctly.
      - add limited tests for Imager::ExtUtils
      - re-arrange the POD for Imager::Font::BBox:
      0.66 release
      add file required for ICO tests
      0.67 release
      fix jpg to jpeg in the list of image file formats in the synopsis
      - correct documentation of default of raw image interleave read
      Imager::Files isn't a C<use>able module, make that more obvious by
      Imager::Font is pretty useless without Imager, so add C< use Imager; >
      look for .bat and .cmd files when probing for executables on MSWIN32
      note the last change
      fix synopsis to load the required modules
      - re-work the external libraries section of README:
      - use the new EU::MM META_MERGE facility instead of generating
      extract the installed tifflib version and don't use tifflib if it's
      portability to Windows/VC++
      update Changes with libtiff probe info
      add more context to libtiff probe comment
      0.67_01 release
      avoid using CHECK as a label, since 5.11.x chokes on it
      report library version numbers where we already have the XS for it
      re-work jpeg tests - move "no jpeg support" tests into t101nojpeg.t to
      separate no png support tests into a separate test file to avoid the
      re-work gif tests to move no gif available tests to a separate file
      separate tiff and no tiff tests
      rubthrough change
      Imager->new(file => $filename) does the obvious thing now
      various minor documentation updates and fixes
      0.68 release
      API documentation (mostly)
      call plan skip_all => ... instead of skip_all(...) in t102png.t
      changes note for test fix
      0.69 release
      release GifRow and comments memory on all error returns (revealed by
      handle zero length extensions correctly
      we don't prompt for gif support anymore
      - an integer division meant that preview scaling to below 1 pixel
      rename I_STRING to IM_STRING, since I_STRING conflicts with a perl
      0.70 release
      - the conv filter now enforces that the sum of the coefficients is
      add opacity adaption fills
      fix the docs to match the change from alpha -> opacity
      auto-convert the "other" parameter for opacity fills
      document some undocumented Makefile.PL parameters
      document opacity fill in changes, typo fixes, fix some alpha ->
      0.71 release
      correct cast
      allow trailing whitespace on #/code lines
      - use scanline oriented operations to flip images instead of pixel
      - fix POD nits
      make sure flipping paletted images is covered
      prevent double frees when Imager is loaded when threads are created
      add threads tests to the manifest
      0.71_01 release
      load threads so it doesn't abort with no threads
      0.71_02 release
      more threads tests adjustments
      0.71_03 release
      Imager 0.72 release (commit done way after release)
      merge circle outline branch
      revert the offset for AA filled arcs
      offset in the test code instead
      fix for replacement fill producing the wrong colour
      test the documented mechanism for drawing an arc through 0 degrees
      add examples of drawing arcs
      0.73 release
      handle missing libraries in read_multi()
      - fix spelling errors patched by Debian (please report the issues you
      huge spelling update and spell checking patch
      spell checking author test
      update the TIFF documentation
      add Imager::IO docs to the MANIFEST
      0.74 release
      - use PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT to slightly improve performance on threaded
      missed a PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT
      - an opacity fill based on a fountain fill would segfault when
      yep, some of this is bug fixes
      merge the thickline branch polygon fix
      0.75 release
      RT 58761: fix Imager->new(data => $data)
      - t/t50basicoo.t no longer depends on the other tests to generate its
      reading multi-image PNM files
      change note for multi-image pnm read support
      slight performance improvement for cases where the caller appears to
      don't test threads when running a coverage test, since Devel::Cover
      better test coverage for tiff processing
      update the documentation of hardinvert to match the change in 0.62.
      add the hardinvertall filter
      when probing for TIFF, set LD_RUN_PATH just as the Makefile does so
      grab the current development Devel::CheckLib, it has the fixes I use
      merge PNG branch and some clean-up
      use a test image file that's actually available
      report if the test code fails on a probe
      0.75_01 release
      add file missing from MANIFEST, and make test produce the load error
      0.75_02 release
      handle multiple library tests correctly in probe
      handle key iteration for the simulated %formats correctly
      retain compatibility with the original Devel::CheckLib, even if it
      update release notes
      0.75_03 release
      the align_string() method would ignore a string of "0" due to a
      the easy way to get Imager on Win32
      0.76 release
      update META.yml so PNG isn't indexed, and add some resources
      0.77 release
      make the svn repository URL more direct
      updates from Imager-File-PNG
      - add each library-directory/pkgconfig/ to the pkg-config search path
      use $Config{path_sep} instead of working it out on our own
      move the GIF file handling code into a sub-module
      remove the moved test files
      ignore more build products
      only prepend ./ to font filenames when passing them to T1Lib and
      return the real giflib version, rather than the dummy
      move TIFF into its own module
      move JPEG into it's own module
      test default color for box drawing
      note JPEG move
      re-work box() to avoid creating the default color object unless needed
      optimize filled box drawing
      more optimization - pretty minor returns
      fix X name lookup caching
      record benchmarks with the x color lookup fix
      clarify that Imager doesn't write EXIF data to images
      search more places for PNG headers and libraries
      note on the PNG / Imager::Probe change
      add test code for the JPEG probe
      0.77_01 release
      look at the correct %Config library and include paths
      move win32 font support in a new directory, and use Imager::Probe
      don't capture the test comment as the mkdir permission
      avoid a grocer's apostrophe
      note the move of the Win32 support
      don't index W32
      use the newer "W32" spelling of Win32 for the font driver
      ignore W32/testout and remove it on a clean
      use test files that exist
      don't display the raw text version of the gih header version to reduce 
      clean up various testout directories on a make clean
      note test against jpeg 8b
      flood_fill() wouldn't fill the right side of a single scan-line fill area.
      Move freetype 2 support into its own module
      test image for flood fills
      Win32 build products
      don't index FT2/
      probe test code for FT2, including extending Imager::Probe and
      fix flood_fill some more
      fix test count
      add flood fill test image
      0.77_02 release
      use accessor functions to access deprecated members of the png_structp
      document briefly that color names are slower than color objects
      allow Imager::Probe to accept arrayrefs for incpath and libpath, and
      detect some more file types
      extra files from separate PNG
      ignores from sep dist
      svn url updates
      0.78 release
      note about JPEG for sample
      don't use a sub we don't define locally
      remove breakpoint from W32 Makefile.PL
      fill out the documentation of Imager::Test, and test the doc coverage
      fix typo
      load Imager::Color::Float in NCF
      reorganize convert.c to
      convert benchmark
      the convert() method now optimizes the case where all output
      set jpegquality to 100 as Dan suggested
      add sample
      update the copyright in the README
      correct synopsis
      add a stopword to pass spellcheck
      add the combine method
      fix for rt 62855
      report the error if we can't load the MM font
      note licensing of the makeblended font code in MMOne.pfb
      parse defines from the options returned by pkg-config --cflags
      older versions of EU::MM don't export WriteEmptyMakefile, but do provide 
      make the returned key match EU::MM
      document DEFINE key in return value
      use DEFINE from Imager::Probe
      F<> the filename to prevent a spell check error
      make finding out how to make a transparent image simpler
      correct changes - we search for font handlers not fonts
      sort MANIFEST ignoring case to match mkmanifest
      don't include .SKIP either
      update the MANIFEST and MANIFEST.SKIP
      Imager 0.79 release
      - images with an translucent alpha channel were not scaled correctly
      ignore build and test products
      ignore coverage test debris
      improve test coverage of Imager::Fountain
      improve coverage testing Imager::Color::Float and fix a bug
      convert t/t020masked.t to Test::More
      [ #64785] GIF encoding is very slower on Imager 0.78+
      update revision control urls in Makefile.PL, update Changes
      0.80 release
      add test coverage for masked images and fix a bug found by that
      [ #56513] update filter plugins documentation
      [ #29938] add matrix() method to Imager::Matrix2d
      expand the matrix multiply overload to allow mult by array ref or number
      whitespace cleanup
      update Changes with Leolo's patches
      fix formatting and spelling to match the rest
      RT#65088 make sure each test script that needs testout/ creates it
      handle a slightly different warning from libtiff 4.x
      move t1lib font support to a separate module
      remove duplicate mkdir testout/ from rebase
      t1 no longer needs a type check
      change note for splitting T1 out
      bump Imager::Font version
      [ #65665] add the preload class method
      file moved, it doesn't belong here anymore
      [ #65391] test/fix transform2 sat op
      0.81 release
      change version to avoid indexer confusion
      avoid using note() since it's not in older Test::More and I don't want
      [RT #65863] mostly eliminate i_has_format
      [RT #65864] eliminate calls to Test::More's note()
      [RT #65812] skip the threads tests on Test::More 2.00_*
      [RT #65749] add pod link check test and fix the broken links
      note the link checker test
      change the fallback for an unknown make_colors value to match the default
      tighten and fix the i_img_to_pal() test
      [RT #65955] handle LD_RUN_PATH ignores with -rpath in lddlflags
      [RT #9675] add the library detection summary back in and improve it
      note some changes which weren't noted
      0.82 release
      try to generate all coverage into the one cover_db
      update from the separate T1 distribution
      [RT #67963] make the check for a leading drive letter case insensitive
      update Changes for the T1 fix
      add an internal i_img_samef() and adapt is_imaged() to use it
      allow the preprocessor to omit #line directives
      allow box() to accept floating colors for filling areas
      test coverage and fix pass for compose()
      0.82_01 development release
      produce additional diagnostics on some TIFF tests
      0.83 release
      Imager now avoids inheriting from Exporter
      remove useless #define
      re-work document and test Imager's logging facility
      re-work META.yml validation and fix the detected errors
      test and add error reporting to to_*() family methods
      add to_rgb_double() method
      no longer export anything by default
      convert t/t05error.t to Test::More
      convert t/t55trans.t to Test::More
      clean up test files by default for some more test scripts
      JFIF file spec
      split 8-bit image implementation out of the megafile image.c
      [RT #68508] do error diffusion on gray scale if the supplied palette is 
all gray
      [RT #67912] writing GIFs now always uses the generated (or supplied) 
      check Affix::Infix2Postfix is available before testing transform()
      replace (imager|tony) with
      progressive JPEG support
      the PERL_INITIALIZE_IMAGER_PERL_CALLBACKS was checking the wrong version 
      report the mismatched version numbers if the Imager API version doesn't 
      correct the API i_get_image_file_limits() macro
      avoid warnings from comparing a dev version number from Exporter
      remove META.yml from MANIFEST, make dist adds it back in for the real dist
      fix ignores for Win32
      binmode lib/Imager/APIRef.pod to avoid diffs from line endings
      bump sub-module versions
      add Devel::CheckLib to each sub-module and ensure it stays packaged
      make it so we can release sub-dists from the Imager git tree
      correct type of length passed to i_utf8_advance()
      update sub-manifests
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      more manifest updates
      0.84 release
      switch to using size_t and i_img_dim strictly
      JPEG file format documentation (itu 81)
      avoid warning about gccversion being non-numeric
      0.84_01 development release
      [rt #69915] check image file limits when reading TIFF images
      avoid looping badly on IFD loops in TIFF images, assuming a recent enough 
      [rt #69194] include more information in read()/write() error messages
      note the IFD loop fix
      fix TIFF test count to include the new ifd loop tests
      [rt #69170] update the bundled Devel::CheckLib with original dist changes
      [rt #69242] don't leak memory when setscanline() is called with a bad 
palette index
      [rt #69008] depend on a CPAN::Meta that depends on JSON::PP
      update Changes for the last two commits
      [rt #70126] optimize the flines filter implementations
      basic clean up of Makefile.PL
      [rt #69147] detect and use snprintf() more
      [rt #69877] don't leave t1 marked as initialized if re-init fails
      sub-module version bumps and Changes notes in prep for dev release
      0.84_02 release
      note the getheight change
      update Imager dependency for W32/
      bump the version requirement to something EU::MM will check
      0.85 release
      add simple tests for the Imager::Test test_image functions
      document the new test image functions
      Merge the I/O buffering branch
      0.85_01 release
      [rt #71469] make default text color non-transparent
      [rt #71309] fix combine=0 fill color anti-aliasing
      [rt 69245] eliminate unused i_gif_opts type
      note some other changes
      [rt #70656] apply the last the Debian spelling fixes
      update patches information
      [rt #71653] i_log_entry() used the supplied string as a format string
      [rt #71641] provide a STRLEN typemap entry for older perls
      add extra ppport.h configuration to support older perls
      depend on Scalar::Util since we use it and older perls don't have it
      add overloaded eq to Imager::Matrix2d
      [rt #69879] various T1 improvments
      [rt #69158] *_has_chars() now returns PL_sv_yes/PL_sv_no
      Note the default font color change in a few more places
      [rt #68994] initialize the btm data structure more efficiently
      [rt #71607] update the README contributor list
      [rt #68993] check the number of conv coefficients is positive
      [rt #71675] make the APIRef synopsis ordering consistent
      [rt #71642] make vsnprintf() available on Win32
      provide XS OUTPUT clauses for i_transform2/i_transform
      ignore some more Win32 build products
      move a variable declaration to the top of a block for C89 compat
      fix what I broke in 91abfd10e623
      improve MSVC support some more
      unbreak library probes on non-Win32
      [rt #71643] search a few more places for libraries
      note the previous change
      0.85_02 release
      improve failure reporting for W32 tests
      0.86 release
      properly increment $VERSION for Imager::Matrix2d
      actually include the Imager::Test tests in the dist
      note the addition of the tests
      include the unknown words on STDERR for spelling failures
      [rt #72369] Document the return value of the filter() method
      [rt #68815] document i_psamp_bits() and i_gsamp_bits()
      don't include MYMETA.yml in MANIFEST
      [rt #69599] correctly handle 256 x 256 ICO files
      adjust the ICO over-size write failure tests for the new limits
      note the purpose of a complex test
      [rt #72475] make the error messages from read() match reality
      diag methods missing from the method index or are undocumented
      [rt #67911] add gray, gray4, gray16 preset color palettes
      update "Converting from one file format to another" for i_background
      [rt #72643] font drivers require Imager 0.86 for the alpha fix
      don't pass a ssize_t to a %d format string
      [rt #71564] fix i_render_color() to work in normal mode
      note the i_render_color() change
      0.87 release
      Update copyright year.
      [rt #73371] describe how to build libgif etc on OS X
      describe the OS X README update
      libungif support was removed in 0.77_01, note that
      reformat the release date of 0.87
      rotate.c -> transition
      [rt #69261] fix incorrect image size and color calculations for rotate()
      [rt #73906] add some other image processing modules to SEE ALSO
      add to the valid links list so the previous commit passes the link check
      note Debian inconsistency
      ignore more generated files
      [rt #70014] re-work win32 text output to work in normal mode
      [rt #69244] remove long unused gif case from read
      [rt #74882] fix getsamples(target => \@foo, ...)
      change note for getsamples(target) fix
      re-work XS handling of channel lists
      add psamp(), psampf() to C image API
      initial XS interfaces to i_psamp()/i_psampf()
      allow imcover.perl to specify a subset of tests to run
      coverage tests for 8-bits/sample psamp/psampf
      i_psamp()/i_psampf() tests for 16-bit/sample images
      i_psamp()/i_psampf() coverage tests for double/sample images
      i_psamp()/i_psampf() bad channel count tests
      i_psamp()/i_psampf() coverage tests for masked images
      i_psamp()/i_psampf() coverage tests for paletted images
      don't supply a default for a missing channel list
      OO API
      we don't use D::C's pod coverage, don't collect it
      add offset and width parameters to setsamples() for new psamp/psampf
      document setsamples() new capabilities
      Changes note for the psamp/setsamples work
      Merge branch 'psamp'
      split Imager's typemap into internal, public and old perl bugfixes
      [rt #73697] re-work getpixel() and setpixel()
      Imager 0.88 release
      compare unpacked data to avoid unintelligble cpan testers output
      [rt #75258] fix the utterly broken i_gpixf() for paletted images
      [rt #71495] method index links now point at the method documentation
      [rt #75560] don't fallback to using DynaLoader when XSLoader fails
      [rt #70388] debug mymalloc() no longer builds a string, just stores the 
      0.89 release
      fix the brokeness introduced in 5ee60746
      fix the prototype for Imager::Test::is_imaged
      change note for 360e674ef3d
      re-work sample down-conversion to rounding
      document the i_comment common tag
      [rt #76736] fix BI_BITFIELDS handling
      start of a BMP file structure dumper
      unshipped regression tests for BMP files
      report basic information to the log for one scanline overflow
      handle odd-width BI_RLE4 width overflow
      odd run lengths for BI_RLE4 compressed BMP files were handled incorrectly
      change notes for the BMP updates
      [rt #76782] improve documentation and error reporting for missing I/O 
      PNG re-work: handle libpng 1.5 correctly
      more verbose probe output
      [rt #75869] make sure EU::MM can find libraries found via pkg-config
      change note for 535921f
      [rt #74043] handle static linking of libpng with libz
      fix a typo
      i_get_file_background[f]?() now return int
      ignore some build detritus for the manifest
      PNG re-work: improve error reporting for PNG read/write
      PNG re-work: provide perl level access to the libpng version number
      PNG re-work: test size limit handling of very wide or tall PNG images
      PNG re-work: simple tests for reading various images types
      PNG re-work: add more image type TODO tests
      PNG re-work: save png_bits and png_interlace tags
      WIP PNG re-work
      PNG re-work: simple structural dump script for PNG files
      PNG re-work: remove direct image access
      PNG re-work: remove obsolete comment and the associated unused code
      PNG re-work: implement paletted read
      PNG re-work: read 1 bit grey images as the common internal bilevel format
      PNG re-work: read 16-bit PNG as 16-bit
      PNG re-work: change note for the previous + some TODO
      PNG re-work: add more test images and fix the PNG/ MANIFEST
      PNG re-work: expand the tool a bit
      PNG re-work: test results of new and old read handlers
      PNG re-work: remove unused variables
      PNG re-work: collect more text tags
      PNG re-work: split out write handling
      PNG re-work: paletted file writes
      PNG re-work: handle writing bilevel files
      PNG re-work: support writing 16-bit/sample images
      PNG-rework: forward png flush output through to i_io_flush()
      PNG re-work: update Changes for the most recent changes
      PNG re-work: avoid the comment in qw() warning
      PNG re-work: update to dump IDAT data
      PNG re-work: ignore some build and test detritus for the PNG manifest
      PNG re-work: test tags from PNG reads and re-work a little
      PNG re-work: process the bKGD chunk into an i_background tag
      PNG re-work: fix line length calculations for
      PNG re-work: saving imager tags as PNG chunks
      PNG re-work: start documenting new tags
      PNG re-work: finish up the tag documentation
      PNG re-work: prepare for merge
      Merge branch 'png'
      update PNG Changes/.pm for release
      0.90 release
      yes 0.90 has been released
      elimintate IIM_new and IIM_DESTROY from Imager's internals
      [rt #77173] improve error reporting on an API version mismatch
      [rt #77063] improve rotate(degrees => ...) results.
      adjust the test error messages to match the new module load errors
      set_file_limits(reset => 1) now resets to defaults, not zero.
      added the check_file_limits() method to Imager
      [ #68910] write a brief security overview
      change notes for recent changes
      0.91 release
      support giflib 4.2
      change notes for giflib 4.2 support
      add a recipe to the cookbook
      allow JPEG/imexif.c to build on C89 compilers
      i_init_tt() has only been used internally to font.c, make it static
      include stdlib.h in the mandelbrot.c dynfilt for rand()
      remove various dangerous functions from the XS interface
      eliminate various unused variable warnings
      fix a static vs extern function mismatch
      allow building GIF/imgif.c on C89 compilers
      eliminate another unused impng.c variable
      add an unshipped test for checking sub-module versions are updated
      0.92 release
      WIP context objects
      WIP, more context changes
      WIP, it compiles
      WIP, OMG it works
      masked images weren't using the image allocation API
      implement reference counting for context objects
      update to IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update to IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update draw.c to IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update fills.c to IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update image.c with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update hlines.c to IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update img16.c to avoid mm_log()
      update img8.c to avoid mm_log()
      update imgdouble.c to avoid mm_log().
      re-work the context macros
      update I/O layers to accept a context on creation
      update limits.c with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update log.c with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update palimg.c with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update datatypes.c with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      remove more unused variable warnings
      don't define mm_log() with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      log more drawing primitives
      rebuild Imager::APIRef
      remove the obsolete and unused i_img_new() function
      hide the i_push_errorf() prototype for IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update bmp.c to IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      make dIMCTXio() public
      add some context dependent functions to the API
      test the API under IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      hide i_fatal() under IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      pick up im_ prefix functions too
      avoid i_push_errorf() and i_fatal() in a few more places
      add i_errors()/im_errors() to the API
      more i_fatal
      fix C89 and non-threaded builds
      fill out documentation
      eliminate some unused code
      make capturing IPTC content thread-safe
      bump version for iptc capture change
      test for uncommitted changes too
      avoid using globals when capturing TIFF warnings
      start a change note
      update manifest for missing files
      add mutex functions to the API
      avoid re-entrancy into libtiff using the mutex api
      avoid re-entrancy into giflib using the mutex API
      document threads support
      use stdc malloc instead of mymalloc()
      add the context slot APIs
      more TODOs
      thread-safe T1lib interface
      match error message strings to those from T1Lib
      provide better control over AA, and improve error handling
      update changes
      update changes for T1
      update MANIFEST for the T1 changes
      thread safety for the FT2 driver
      more thread docs
      update Changes for FT2 thread safety
      rename font.c to fontft1.c, since it only does FT1 now
      support threading with Imager's Freetype 1.x driver
      note the ft1 change in Changes
      add mutex functions to the API
      improved thread safety for Imager
      [rt #79029] add support for giflib 5.0
      note the 0.92_01 dev release
      allow freetype-config to be found on cygwin
      change note for 39bfc9d3d
      adding tracing for the slot APIs
      properly initialize slot_alloc in context objects
      return a value from test_mutex()
      revert threading changes, they aren't ready for the mainline yet
      make capturing IPTC content thread-safe
      match error message strings to those from T1Lib
      allow freetype-config to be found on cygwin
      avoid using globals when capturing TIFF warnings
      [rt #79029] support giflib 5
      bump versions of sub-modules that have been updated
      [rt #79922] catch an invalid matrix supplied to convert()
      force gif89a for transparency only when needed
      [rt #79989] setsamples() isn't 16-bit only
      various changes updates
      [rt #79251] note Image::ExifTool in a few places
      note the Image::ExifData change
      [rt #79990] don't copy setsamples() data parameter
      note the setsamples() change
      re-work GIF version setting to support the upcoming 5.0.1 mechanism
      update Changes
      check for the uninitialized gif89 bug in 4.2.0 and probe for the 5.0.1 api
      ignore build products on OS X
      initialize the SortFlag for colour maps for giflib 5.x
      Devel::CheckLib: remove generated .dSYM directories on OS X
      note .dSYM clean up change
      bump PNG and W32 versions since they've changed
      [rt #75878] pass --verbose through to Imager::Probe in sub-modules
      changes note for sub-module --verbose handling
      0.93 release
      doc cleanups for Imager::Fill
      add examples to the Imager::Fill documentation
      fix handling of yoff for untransformed image based fills
      avoid a race condition on parallel testing for T1/
      bump T1 version due to change for parallel testing
      [rt #81198] clarify the return value of getpixel()
      change notes up to date
      report the Freetype 2 library version to STDERR in the first FT2 test
      change note for reporting the FT2 library version
      [rt #65814] extra diagnostics
      WIP context objects
      WIP, more context changes
      WIP, it compiles
      WIP, OMG it works
      masked images weren't using the image allocation API
      implement reference counting for context objects
      update to IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update fills.c to IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update draw.c to IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update to IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      re-work the context macros
      update imgdouble.c to avoid mm_log().
      update img8.c to avoid mm_log()
      update img16.c to avoid mm_log()
      update hlines.c to IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update image.c with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update datatypes.c with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update palimg.c with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update log.c with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update limits.c with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      update I/O layers to accept a context on creation
      remove more unused variable warnings
      log more drawing primitives
      don't define mm_log() with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      rebuild Imager::APIRef
      hide i_fatal() under IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      test the API under IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      add some context dependent functions to the API
      make dIMCTXio() public
      update bmp.c to IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      hide the i_push_errorf() prototype for IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
      remove the obsolete and unused i_img_new() function
      fix C89 and non-threaded builds
      more i_fatal
      add i_errors()/im_errors() to the API
      avoid i_push_errorf() and i_fatal() in a few more places
      pick up im_ prefix functions too
      eliminate some unused code
      fill out documentation
      test for uncommitted changes too
      start a change note
      update MANIFEST for missing files
      add mutex functions to the API
      avoid re-entrancy into libtiff using the mutex api
      avoid re-entrancy into giflib using the mutex API
      document threads support
      use stdc malloc instead of mymalloc()
      add the context slot APIs
      more TODOs
      thread-safe T1lib interface
      provide better control over AA, and improve error handling
      thread safety for the FT2 driver
      more thread docs
      update Changes for FT2 thread safety
      rename font.c to fontft1.c, since it only does FT1 now
      support threading with Imager's Freetype 1.x driver
      note the ft1 change in Changes
      hopefully fix the seg fault on darwin
      allow coverage testing to test only .c code coverage
      pass extra imcover.perl command-line options through to Makefile.PL
      avoid trying to gcov unincluded files
      only define im_assert_fail() when assertions are enabled.
      abort under automated testing if we can't find threads support code
      test thread context handling for logging
      don't clone the error stack
      tests for context handling of the error stack
      clean up some old junk in log.c
      handle the race between writing the head and tail of an entry between 
      properly initialize slot_alloc for new contexts
      avoid some possible race conditions for context slots
      document when the slot destructor is called
      test image file limits are thread localized
      convert t68map.t to Test::More
      allow supplying make options to imcover.perl and abort on make failure
      check for the remnant from thread creation in _valid_image
      consistently use _valid_image() internally to ensure image validity
      restore ABI level 5 compatibility
      note ABI compatibility restoration
      update skip messages to match Imager's new threads support
      improved support for threads
      bump FT2 version to differentiate from Imager 0.93_02
      release Imager 0.94
      correct the version for improved threads support
      use PerlIO_* calls to read/write if supplied a fh
      support for perl 5.6
      support tied file handles
      change note for the file handle changes
      Support tied/layered fh parameters for read()/write()
      test Imager::IO::new_fh() itself with a perlio handle
      [rt #82743] fix the Graphics::Magick link
      move most of README to lib/Imager/Install.pod
      change note for README to Imager::Install move
      PNG supports more sample sizes now
      make's report more verbose
      test code now reports the (compile-time) library version
      change note for the JPEG version reporting change
      update sub-module READMEs
      skip t/x30podlinkcheck.t if Pod::Parser 1.50 not available
      handle older perls for the new perlio integration
      [rt #83212] avoid a possible bad optimizer on centos 5.9
      change note for the rotate change
      avoid a probably unwarranted compiler warning
      [rt #83434] fix a POD list mixing named and bulleted items
      update Changes with recent fixes
      mark mm_log() for the API with the right gcc -Wformat magic
      avoid undefined behaviour adding integers
      fix some compiler warnings
      remove an unused variable declaration
      fix some internal FT2 documentation
      tests and fixes for correct handling of get magic in FT2
      tests and fixes for corrrect handling of magic in T1
      fix error handling in the bounding_box() wrapper method
      fix error handling for invalid utf8 for T1
      fix channel output for FT2
      prefer static first
      pull some basic tests all fonts should pass into Imager::Test
      test that sub-module MANIFESTs include all the files the main MANIFEST 
      use the standard font tests for FT2 too
      use the standard font tests for Freetype 1.x (TT) too
      document can_glyph_names()
      fix T1 test sample output
      some Changes updates
      implement standard font tests for Imager::Font::W32
      properly test UTF8 handling for FT1, and fix it
      more Changes updates
      [rt #83454] document that font errors are in Imager->errstr
      missing variable initialization for glyph_names for FT2
      allocate the correct number of stack entries for glyph_names()
      0.94_01 release
      report the version of Inline used during testing
      pre-5.10 perlio doesn't report read errors properly, skip tests
      FT2: fix some format string/argument type mismatches
      JPEG: fix some format string/argument type mismatches
      TIFF: fix some format string/argument type mismatches
      skip testing UTF-8 overloaded test on pre-5.8
      enable the debug log for the standard font tests
      update Changes to date
      0.94_02 release
      use SvPVbyte() where appropriate for i_io_*write()
      [rt #84106] document transform() vs bounding_box()
      also check individual files get version bumps on changes
      changes updates
      update Changes
      release prep: update font handlers to depend on next release
      bump Imager::Test version, which should have been done for 0.94_02
      0.95 release
      [rt #84596] rearrange Imager's test files
      [rt #84963] force C locale for gcc -print-search-dirs
      [rt #74875] add unshipped test for unclosed pod in C sources
      escape a / in the link text of an L<> causing pod failures
      update unshipped spell checking to work with Debian wheezy
      [rt #85143] remove an errant trailing ' from a =head1 NAME
      [rt #85413] add a test for standard POD headings and fix the errors found
      update Changes
      modify xt/x90cmpversion.t to produce a report on sub-modules updated
      update JPEG/Changes
      Imager 0.96 release
      add pod structure test to the manifest
      [rt #74540] handle the TIFF SampleFormat tag
      [rt #84963] Imager::Color::rgba() now returns integer samples
      [rt #69243] use the AV* typemap for i_poly_aa() and i_poly_aa_cfill()
      [rt #69243] use the AV* typemap for i_matrix_transform()
      re-work the XS clean up Changes note
      [rt #69243] reformat i_matrix_transform() XS
      [rt #69243] change i_map() to use the AV* typemap
      [rt #69243] reformat i_map() XS
      [rt #69243] modify i_transform() XS to use the AV* typemap
      [rt #69243] add the T_AVARRAY typemap and use it
      [rt #69243] use T_AVARRAY for i_gradgen too
      [rt #69243] use the HV * typemap for DSO_call()
      [rt #69243] use SysRet for i_addcolors() return value
      [rt #69243] use the typemap for i_get_pixel()'s return value
      [rt #69243] re-work XS for i_getcolors()
      [rt #69243] simplify XS for i_findcolor()
      [rt #69243] slightly simplify XS for i_gsamp()
      [rt #69243] remove unnecessary warning comment from i_gsampf()
      [rt #69243] greatly simplify XS for i_gpixf()
      [rt #69243] use names for i_tags_addn() instead of ST(n) and handle magic
      [rt #69243] use names for i_tags_add() instead of ST(n) and handle magic
      [rt #69243] simplify XS for i_tags_find() and i_tags_findn()
      [rt #69243] simplify XS for i_new_fill_hatchf?() and handle magic
      [rt #69243] use names instead of ST(n) for i_new_fill_image() and magic
      [rt #69243] greatly simplify XS for i_bezier_multi()
      [rt #69243] move our special typemap entries to the private typemap
      [rt #69243] a summary change note for most of the XS changes
      gcov the derived .c file as well as the .xs or .im file
      re-work much of Imager.xs, using typemaps where possible
      the "fix" for 69243 is complete enough for now
      test an uncovered part of the internal hlines object api
      [rt #85746] add support for libpng 1.6
      add a drop shadow entry to the cookbook and a sample too
      [rt #73359] draw non-AA text using FT2 in normal mode
      [rt #73359] draw non-aa text in alpha combining mode for FT1
      update Changes
      [rt #83478] use psamp/gsamp to implement i_ft2_cp()
      update Changes with the FT2 gsamp/psamp change
      [rt #73359] un-TODO the test for FT1
      fix various GCC warnings, mostly initialized but otherwise unused 
      fix a format string error introduced in the XS re-work
      fix the test skip count for 350-font/030-ttoo.t
      adjust the IEEEFP check for older versions of perl
      skip an alarm using test if the perl signal detection is broken
      Imager 0.96_01 release
      Changes typo fixes
      [rt #86659] treat a libpng header/lib version mismatch as probe failure
      [rt #86658] scan MANIFEST for pod to check, not blib
      [rt #86658] add a missing AUTHOR heading
      [rt #86659] PNG benign error support is more complex than a version check
      update Changes for the PNG work
      0.96_02 release
      Imager 0.97 release
      avoid reading beyond the end of the line buffer in rubthrough
      make sure T1lib anti-aliasing is properly setup for non AA text
      remove github references
      [ #88993] use the correct width drawing non-AA for FT1
      change note for the TT non-AA fix
      [rt #87338] Imager::Font::Wrap no longer requires the image parameter
      [rt #87650] change setpixel()'s return value
      change notes to date
      [rt #86428] search a few more places for libraries/headers
      change note for 306618c39
      [rt #86951] note preferred patch submission mechanism
      typo fixes in the sources of APIRef.pod
      typos in Imager::Font
      test for duplicate words in POD
      various typo fixes from David Steinbrunner and some other typo fixes
      [rt #89567] be a bit more obvious about raw channels
      [rt #88220] add extra diagnostics to 010-iolayer.t
      0.98 version bump for release
      allow Imager::IO->new_buffer() to accept a reference
      document Imager::IO::new_buffer() changes
      [RT #92738] improve XS for i_io_read()/i_io_raw_read()
      update Changes for recent commits
      [rt #94292] add jpeg_optimize to enable optimized Huffman tables
      update Changes
      also replace IM_PSAMP() in Imager::Preprocessor
      rt #94413: autolevels no longer color-skews
      changes entry for autolevels fix
      RT #94717 libpng 1.6.10 no longer considers CRC errors benign
      Changes notes for 4593278bee25
      don't confuse git over directory name vs branch name
      ensure we always produce the same Imager::Regops
      replace SV_COW_DROP_PV with an actual value
      actually document the change in read buffer values
      sacrifice a chicken to the spell-checker gods
      Imager 0.99 release
      add support for giflib 5.1.0
      fix SV type probing to not break pre perl 5.12
      skip the unnecessary palette benign error before 1.6
      note what release broke older perls
      Imager 0.99_01 test release
      revert 3e00cb90493 and update ppport.h
      [rt #97086] initialize the blue entry in each palette entry
      update Changes
      [rt #97108] support Inline 0.57 and later
      update Changes for the Inline fix
      eliminate Imager's internal MAXINT macro
      change note for MAXINT removal
      0.99_02 release
      fix the skip check for using qr// objects as a buffer
      improve error reporting for an iolayer test failing on some smokers
      note the iolayer test changes
      Imager 1.000 release
      Change note for strerror() fix
      [RT #99507] don't apply the icon mask to images with an alpha channel
      [rt #99959] fix Imager::Matrix2d::rotate()'s centre point hanling
      GIF: avoid leaving trash behind when the 4.2.0 version bug fails
      Changes updates
      more verbose probe output
      note probing verbosity in Changes
      switch FT1 probing to use Imager::Probe
      make --enable and --disable work again
      update Changes for the FT1 and --enable/disable fixes
      Devel::CheckLib: handle the gcc-4 symlink on Cygwin
      make sure the Mandelbrot and Flines filters are built
      1.001 release
      [perl #101682] speed up color filled circle calculations
      [perl #101682] define i_circle_aa_fill() and use it
      C level support for filling multiple polygons in one call
      don't match against horizontal lines
      access to poly_poly from perl as polypolygon()
      bump IMAGER_API_LEVEL since I added APIs
      polygon documentation
      improved polygon support
      update Changes with circles and polypolys
      zero unfilled channels in color returned by getpixel()
      add colorchannels(), alphachannel() and colormodel() methods
      change note for colormodel() etc
      more types documentation for the API
      we don't need to bump API level twice in the same release
      1.002 release
      [rt #103786] prevent fills crossing 4-connected boundaries
      add a few extra flood fill tests
      more flood_fill tests
      changes updates
      1.003 release

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.003+dfsg


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