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 tagged by  gregor herrmann
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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.15

Andrew Main (1):
      Compatibility fix for perl 5.13.7 and greater

Vincent Pit (167):
      Initial import
      This is 0.01
      Delete obsolete entries whenever possible
      Help the compiler optimize the PL_op->op_private hack
      Don't vivify when aliasing
      Regenerate t/21-array.t without extraneous spaces at the end of each line
      Factor the common part of t/20-hash.t and t/21-array.t into a new 
      Fix segfaults for "keys %$x"
      Delete exists/delete ops from the map when the pragma isn't in use
      Plain dereferencing shouldn't have a different behaviour
      Don't autovivify in keys/values
      Update ck_root() comment
      Run t/23-hash-specific.t under taint mode
      If we fetch from the pointer table, the entry must exist (or segfault in 
a more explicit way)
      Test keys/values on true references
      A crude warning test
      Test "use autovivification"
      This is 0.02
      Really test non-ref arrays and hashes
      Better test descriptions
      rv2xv introducing a gv don't need to be overridden
      Reset the original pp whenever possible in pp_rv2xv
      Classify aliasing constructs in the "store" category
      Rename tests
      Also test arrays without aelemfast optimization
      Store UVs more portably into the hint
      The hint in a_hint() need not to be const
      Only generate the non-ref test once
      Also handle old-style dereferencing "$$hashref{key}"
      Cover a_ck_padsv()
      Eliminate a quadratic behaviour at compile time
      This is 0.03
      Factor the rv2xv recheck logic
      Handle array and hash slices
      Kwalitee test overhaul
      Only look up to the first require scope for the require propagation 
      Give an explicit value to dynamic_config
      Put prerequisites in their own separate hash
      Build the $name and the main $file from $dist
      Re-indent WriteMakefile() arguments
      Update ptable.h
      Rename t/21-hash-specific.t to t/22-hash-kv.t
      Test keys/values @array
      s/specific/kv/ in the array test generator
      Add a caveat about dereferencing slices
      Bump copyright year
      This is 0.04
      Handle non-numeric hints
      "leys" typo in POD
      This module doesn't care bout MULTIPLICITY, so remove the relevant cruft 
from Makefile.PL
      This is 0.05
      Make sure a_defined() calls get magic before testing for definedness
      Improve the require propagation workaround
      Fix cloning of hints object when the require propagation workaround is 
      Introduce A_THREADSAFE and A_FORKSAFE
      When a thread exits, teardown what we set up
      Note that A_THREADSAFE only has a meaning with a threaded perl
      This is 0.06
      Require perl 5.8.1
      Use a PPCODE: section in CLONE
      Add a basic thread safety test in t/50-threads.t
      Improve the thread destructor trick
      Add a sample benchmark
      Bench several levels of dereferenciation
      Replace !a_defined() by a_undef()
      Improve the benchmark
      Make a_map_fetch() a simple macro around ptable_fetch() in the 
non-threaded case
      Use the new CLONE_PARAMS API with perl 5.13.2
      Test numerous autovivifications
      Get rid of CALL_FPTR()
      Ignore MYMETA.yml
      Skip threads tests unless perl version is 5.13.4 or greater
      POD overhaul
      Document and test vivification of function arguments
      Run lengthy tests with Test::Leaner
      Update ptable.h
      Force linking against the perl dll when using gcc 3.4 on Windows
      Remove the #ifdef wrapping the mutex locks/unlocks
      Remove trailing whitespace
      Make it easier to tweak the parameters of t/50-threads.t
      Fix rare segfaults and bugs with threads
      Move all run-time tweaks to the peephole optimizer
      Get rid of ENTERn/LEAVEn
      Spaces vs tabs
      Clarify our policy towards C++ compilers
      This is 0.07
      Fix building on Windows
      Switch to qw<>
      Bump copyright year
      This is 0.08
      Always skip seen ops in our peep replacement
      Only declare dMY_CXT when really needed
      This is 0.09
      The last argument to hv_fetch is the lvalue flag, not the hash
      Encode the README file in UTF-8
      Ignore MYMETA.json
      Update bundled Test::Leaner to 0.04
      Add META.json
      Replace $] by "$]"
      This is 0.10
      Minor POD tweaks
      Reorder the members of the a_op_info struct a bit
      Make sure the POD headings are linkable
      Threads tests may not be able to spawn all the threads
      Preserve the PATH environment variable when running a sub-perl on cygwin
      Require Module::ExtractUse 0.24 for the Kwalitee test
      Quote version numbers in Makefile.PL
      Bump copyright year
      More POD and wording tweaks
      Silence "unused return values" for POPs calls
      Kill Debian_CPANTS.txt suffixes as well
      Update author tests, and add a POD spelling test
      Port module loading in tests to VPIT::TestHelpers
      Add BUILD_REQUIRES to WriteMakefile()
      Don't run the POD spelling test in taint mode
      Update VPIT::TestHelpers to e8344578
      Bump copyright year
      This is 0.11
      Get rid of t/99-kwalitee.t
      Update the bug tracker URL in META after the upgrade
      Stop bundling author tests
      Replace check functions in a thread-safe way
      Remove trailing whitespace
      No tabs please
      Remove obsolete kwalitee workarounds
      Make Perl version numbers more readable
      Update bundled Test::Leaner to 0.05
      This is 0.12
      Use run_perl() from VPIT::TestHelpers
      Add a testdeb target to Makefiles
      In the rpeep replacement, don't check every op for recursion
      Don't cleanup thread local storage before END blocks are executed
      Nullify thread local storage entries when they are freed
      Do nothing after that the thread local storage has been freed
      Add support for PERL_OP_PARENT
      Silence an "unused variable" compiler warnings on threaded perls
      Warn about the global slowdown
      Bump copyright year
      This is 0.13
      Test that infinite loops don't crash
      Also mark the unstack ops in our peephole optimizer
      This is 0.14
      Really be compatible with the OP_PARENT feature
      Update VPIT::TestHelpers to 3c878c7c
      Replace STATIC by static
      Update the ActivePerl/gcc-3.4 hack for EUMM 7.04
      Factor the error messages in a separate helper function
      Add support for OP_MULTIDEREF
      Test multideref support
      Add a couple of missing break; statements in pp_multideref()
      Also check for definedness for MDEREF_[AH]V_vivify_rv2[ah]v_[ah]elem
      Make multideref work with stores
      Silence a couple of compiler warnings
      Also test stores in t/44-multideref.t
      Specify the lists in the iterator object
      Sanitize the return value of a_do_multideref()
      Document that the multideref implementation is only used for exists/delete
      Update VPIT::TestHelpers to 2a6ac0f1
      Rename A_CHECK_MUTEX_* to A_CHECK_*
      Revamp module setup/teardown
      Update ptable.h
      Bump copyright year
      Make sure gv ops seen by multideref are cleaned from the global table
      Add a missing aTHX for Win32 builds
      Destroy the op map mutex at end time
      This is 0.15

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.15


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