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carnil pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/0.12
in repository libsignatures-perl.

        at  9af39ab   (tag)
   tagging  24287dd15470e7ed6b9a2ad46019affc3914c2ac (commit)
  replaces  upstream/0.09
 tagged by  Salvatore Bonaccorso
        on  Mon Jun 8 20:10:49 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.12

Alex Kapranoff (1):
      Apply patch for newer perl by Colin Watson from RT

Alexandr Ciornii (1):
      Require ExtUtils::Depends 0.302

Father Chrysostomos (1):
      patch for RT#101076 - compile failure on perl 5.21.7

Florian Ragwitz (70):
      Initial commit.
      Add .gitignore.
      Fix off-by-one error.
      Support specifying a prototype using a proto fake attribute.
      Update Hooks::Parser prereq.
      Test :proto attribute.
      Support empty signatures.
      Test :proto in combination with other attributes.
      More basic tests.
      Tests for enabling/disabling + warnings.
      Add basic docs.
      Documentation for the methods intended to be overwritten.
      Add test for anon subs.
      Test undef in the signature.
      Add TODO tests for :proto checking.
      Add tests with weird use of whitespace to test some corner-cases.
      Make attribute lists with multiple colons work.
      Add references to similar modules.
      Add a basic DESCRIPTION. Mostly stolen from Ovid's Sub::Signatures.
      Document :proto attribute.
      Note that the METHODS are mostly intended for subclassing.
      Document TODOs.
      Add a test for subclasses.
      Fix doc typo.
      Improve doc wording.
      More doc clarifications.
      Thank Moritz.
      Don't require parent.
      Add changelog.
      Add tests for signatures in string evals.
      Adopt the latest Hooks::Parser api.
      Add test for error message with empty :proto attr.
      Make a proto attribute without arguments fail.
      Test that whitespace isn't stripped from proto.
      Don't strip whitespace from the proto passed to the callback.
      Fix some warnings.
      Update Hooks::Parser prereq.
      Don't dereference PL_parser.
      Don't mix code and declarations.
      More doc improvements.
      Fix another doc issue.
      Upgrade ppport.h so we get Perl_ppaddr_t on 5.8.
      Fix a doc typo.
      Add more tests for string evals and scoping.
      Set compile time hints so we can check if we're enabled or disabled at a 
given scope.
      Add a static pointer table for some houskeeping tasks.
      Add a c helper function to check $^H{ "${class}::enabled" }.
      Don't do magic unless our compile time hint is set.
      Tag entereval ops during compilation so signatures work on string evals.
      More doc improvements.
      More docs.
      Rename to signatures.
      Bump Hooks::OP::Check prereq version to not segfault in string evals.
      Bump Hooks::Parser prereq version for string eval support on 5.8.
      Add pod and pod coverage tests.
      Port to B::Hooks::OP::PPAddr.
      Version 0.02.
      Ignore a new prototype warning from blead.
      use style;
      Version 0.03.
      Add test case for something that used to blow up, but doesn't anymore.
      Depend on latest B::Hooks::OP::Check.
      Add repository and bugtracker urls to META.yml.
      skip weird string eval syntax error test.
      Version 0.04.
      Depend on B::Hooks::EndOfScope 0.08.
      Reenable the compile time failure test.
      Version 0.05.
      Version 0.06.

Karen Etheridge (32):
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'kappa-pulls/1'
      changelog for RT#95181
      convert to Dist::Zilla, plus a simple Makefile.PL for development
      update ppport.h to the version generated by the latest [PPPort]
      switch to a generated pod coverage test
      make spelling test pass
      Merge branch 'topic/dzilify'
      B::Hooks::Parser 0.12 is needed for a declared export list
      skip generating man pages for dev builds
      run ExtUtils::MakeMaker::Dist::Zilla::Develop out of inc/, so 
contributors don't have to install it
      now using [Git::Contributors]
      Makefile.PL is already excluded by the bundle
      also copy ppport.h back from the release, to keep it current
      changelog for RT#101076
      fix unparsable $VERSION declaration (RT#101095)
      ignore new EUMM artifacts
      explicitly declare the version required here
      eliminate a local plugin by using [MakeMaker::Awesome]
      make clean namespace test pass by not importing anything
      keep a $VERSION right in the repository, for simpler linking
      my bundle now never gathers inc/ExtUtils/MakeMaker/Dist/Zilla/
      add a placeholder .mailmap
      hardcode the distribution name in Changes, to reduce churn on each release
      add vim modeline to assist contributors
      fix parsing of attributes (closes #1)

Peter Martini (2):
      As of 5.19.2 or so, lex_stuff may have spaces,
      Create a new op instead of updating the buffer

Salvatore Bonaccorso (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.12

Steffen Schwigon (1):
      Minor documentation fixes.


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