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in repository libautodie-perl.

      from  0b68143   update changelog
       new  901e1a1   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  7788cbd   Update debian/changelog
      adds  b891723   Module::Starter skeleton only
      adds  db39f2e   Added files from perl-5.10 branch
      adds  388775e   Imported autodie, added tests, initial tests for // vs || 
in Fatal
      adds  e1033eb   Internal release
      adds  d1d0e4a   Makefile
      adds  3d327b6   README
      adds  6aa4370   Fatal updates
      adds  32c130c   Boilerplate tests
      adds  2b512a6   Pod coverage tests
      adds  509cecf   Tests for recv working correct with returning empty 
string but success.
      adds  e0e1dcb   Updated to skip tests on socketpair emulation. Always 
tests recv() w/undef
      adds  8268176   New test: Send with non-socket should autodie
      adds  ba00546   Initial skeleton of autodie::exceptions
      adds  e09aad9   Added version.
      adds  474baa7   Added basic autodie::exception skeleton
      adds  04f8995   Added loading of autodie::exception
      adds  803976e   Modestly better errors from autodie::exception.  Still 
      adds  5899da6   Checkpoint entry after muddled hacking.
      adds  5ea58fa   All tests passing!  Basic exception hierarchy working.  
      adds  8099851   Be strict, sooner.
      adds  9da44c9   Broken check-in!  Working on cache tables returning 
CORE::, and exception creation using fully-qualified subroutine names so that 
our exceptions can properly identify the target subroutine.
      adds  c0bf35e   Expanding tags now adds CORE:: to subs, and our CORE:: 
message dispatch works.
      adds  90ef42b   Strict compliment, fixed some latent errors in test suite.
      adds  85a78d0   Added space at start of the line-and-file message 
appended to stringified errors.
      adds  ae8f395   Fixed error where first ever fatalised sub would 
sometimes get re-fatalised.
      adds  747569e   More documentation on Fatal and autodie.  No code changes.
      adds  47c0873   The module name will be autodie, not Fatal, even though 
it includes Fatal.
      adds  ea64ce8   Added pretty-printer for 3-arg open with tests. Split out 
separate format_default sub, for pretty-printers that wish to decline.
      adds  f000cec now consistently uses 4-space indents everywhere.
      adds  55408d0   Added developer documentation.  Retabbed and removed 
      adds  4f04be0   Nicer-looking TODO test: Using fatal after autodie is an 
      adds  84f3efc   Using Fatal 'foo' after no autodie 'foo' now really is an 
      adds  a51dab5   Ignore .*.swp files
      adds  3c8e64f   Added TODO:  Consider bare autodie to be the same as 
autodie qw(:all)
      adds  606a484   Basic tests for proposed system functionality.
      adds  6141e94   Commented out diag that resulted in funny-looking results 
under Win32
      adds  a62e5f9   Experimental code to enable system to be used with 
      adds  f8db234   Changed dist refernces from Fatal to autodie.
      adds  fe0a9a7   Merge branch 'master' into system
      adds  1fd8c30   system tests are not applicable in the master branch yet.
      adds  4cc18f7   Basic design notes, to record what's been decided, bugs, 
and what's yet to be done.
      adds  90ff298   Fixed POD errors.
      adds  2167a90   Further discussion about design (particularly system)
      adds  f1a26f0   Added author information, primarily so I can test my 
      adds  7de6b70   Added single-quotes around $! in custom format strings.
      adds  ad75d13   It's mostly decided that errors from Fatal will suck, 
ones from autodie rock.
      adds  b7fbad7   Here's all the things I need to do off the top of my head.
      adds  a920738   Added tests for full backwards compatibility.
      adds  80eef69   Added Klingon programming proverb...  In Klingon!  Thanks 
Mark Reed and Roland Giersig.
      adds  248347f   Don't clobber context, fix casing of package variables.
      adds  dd22b48   Class variables actually start with a capital now.
      adds  33f174c   Tests to see if we've clobbered context.
      adds  6e95129   Expanded context-clobbering tests to include Fatal when 
called with :void.
      adds  107c289   Fatal no longer clobbers context!  This ancient bug falls 
at last!
      adds  5220278   Extra parens make dh-make-perl happy.
      adds  4a68566   Added TODO documentation for format_open.
      adds  75625a7   Make sure $@ doesn't get clobbered by anything in 
      adds  1b0c108   Fixed syntax error introduced in last edit.  Oops!
      adds  cffb61e   Updated to custom Module::Install 0.75. My custom M::I 
includes a few bugfixes that haven't gone to CPAN yet.
      adds  54d2fbd   Fatal is now fully backwards compatible with its 
pre-autodie version.
      adds  1c6e4b9   Removed Fatalisation of sin(), which doesn't make sense 
to be Fatalised.
      adds  2b63fc6   Add more tests for user-defined subs
      adds  fe8b7a0   Merge branch 'master' into system
      adds  2973a18   Tests for autodying system()
      adds  770a2a0   Support for Fatalised system() via IPC::System::Simple.
      adds  b7f560f   Added documentation.  Split out _init method.
      adds  1bd7a9e   Rationalisation of autodie::exception API.  More TODO 
items from it.
      adds  8072662   Removed ->call from autodie::exception. ->function now 
does the right thing.
      adds  842a340   Hey hey hey!  We have tests checking for old ISS versions.
      adds  3df8119   Added huge amounts of documentation on how 
autodie::exception works.
      adds  a25be6e   Added tests for all recommended simple accessors for 
      adds  8b868e1   Best practice notes for Fatal.  Better proverbs for 
      adds  f264711   All modules now share the same version number.
      adds  557c09c   Added tests and modules to manifest.
      adds  9de541f   Autogenerated manifests are go!  Use 'make manifest' to 
get one.
      adds  9297dab   Bare autodie now implies ':all'.  Fixed inheritance booch 
from a couple of commits back.
      adds  9d9d7c5   Added more documentation and gotchas.
      adds  87759f3   Fixed double-fatalise error with system();
      adds  90545b6   WIP: system with proper exception objects.
      adds  11b9ea0   Documentation fixes
      adds  14cbe9a   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  0b2a184   Merge branch 'master' into system2
      adds  364f6ff   autodie now properly fatalises system()!
      adds  6411d82   Removed debugging.
      adds  1f78af8   We love these people.  They made autodie happen!
      adds  2262c04   Pod tweaks to fix indentation error on perldoc 5.10
      adds  ae6b274   system tests skipped if IPC::System::Simple not installed
      adds  f5a08ca   Fixed ISS version testing.  Added more tests for correct 
err msg on system fails.
      adds  b05ea12   Added AUTHORS and autodie/exception/
      adds  155d0c3   Release time!  Huzzah!
      adds  36fccfd   Bumped version number after release.
      adds  dd80639   system does return a real object now.
      adds  8c98311   Bumped version to developer release for CPAN distribution.
      adds  77e5c1f   git, please ignore autodie-*.tar.gz
      adds  66e2f7e   Tweaked boilerplate tests to remove windows-specific 
      adds  db9fab7   Bumped to 1.10_03.  Fixed backcompat tests on non-English 
      adds  6f0e88c   Made all $VERSIONs more friendly to static code analysis. 
Added test for such.
      adds  754c6f6   First steps in a 5.8 port; removing the 'use 5.010' lines.
      adds  5cdf1f4   Removed many 5.10'isms, including //, ~~, and given/when.
      adds  22ab1a9   Removed support on 5.10 fieldhashes to move more towards 
5.8 support.
      adds  8b87f32   5.8 compat: a::e::matches no longer uses smart-match for 
      adds  b8c9f40   Removed more uses of //, esp in initialisation of %^H
      adds  97ff955   a::e::system fieldhash dep removed.  5.8 will force || in 
fatalised subs (kludge).
      adds  1ef565c   Make sure our send/recv tests always try to send 
      adds  1f3bab0   Altered send/recv test to try and (correctly, to trigger 
an error) send on STDIN.
      adds  5cbef83   Updated recv.t tests to work across more systems and 
ignore SIGPIPE.
      adds  ef41391   Tweaked require back to 5.10, we're not 5.8 clean yet.
      adds  ccb64ae   Bumped versions.  Updated Changes with last release (a 
little late, oops).
      adds  50cfd06   Rudimentary caching of generated code.
      adds  c7c7131   Added (failing) test to ensure that 'no autodie qw(:tag)' 
works correctly.
      adds  65ce550   Kludgy support for Perl 5.8, using dark magick from 
      adds  558747f   Added XXX in code, this dev release breaks autodying user 
      adds  2527bdf   Merge branch 'master' into 5.8
      adds  09dde36   (5.8) Nuking subs at end of lexical scope moved into own 
      adds  3c4b842   Perl 5.8 autodie support is working!  Huzzah!
      adds  377c0f5   TODO list of things for 5.8
      adds  4c23ee0   Merge branch '5.8'
      adds  1b45db1   Perl 5.8 code no longer executed under 5.10 in 
      adds  6d62a30   Updated test cases, Makefile.PL listed as needing only 5.8
      adds  18e93b6   Context/user-sub tests skipped in 5.8, which does not yet 
support these.
      adds  6c7ba16   Improved recv.t to not die horribly on failure.  Added 
TODOs for 5.8
      adds  132c400   Scope::Guard required for Perl 5.8.  lex58.t tests 
skipped without ISS.
      adds  3225075   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  e3decac   Still test for correct buffer contents and return even if 
recv() died.
      adds  537d081   Added release date for 1.10_05
      adds  b34d048   Bumped to version 1.10_06
      adds  ec998c7   Fixed spelling errors in context.t, thanks to Stennie.
      adds  54c408c   Corrected minor pod errors and omissions.
      adds  c99aaaa   5.8 is not reporting the caller correctly.
      adds  b2c74be   Fixed incorrect number of skipped tests for socketpair 
emulation machines.
      adds  113251f   Fixed a bug that would cause unwanted interactions 
between autodie and autobox.
      adds  e0aa24e   %^H can leak across file boundries.  Investigate and fix.
      adds  3151bdb   Fixed typo where I wrote 'autodie' meaning 'autobox'.
      adds  219a33a   Added (failing) test to detect leaks of %^H across file 
      adds  f2fe454   Check for continuing health of exotic system out of 
autodie scope.
      adds  7f4a444   Cleaned up leak detection tests.
      adds  a524413   5.8 reports the correct filename.  Added tests to ensure 
      adds  9cc3084   5.8 error objects now correctly report the calling 
      adds  807a7ac   Updated with new manifest files.
      adds  6e02d50   Clarified gotchas section of documentation.
      adds  b447cbb   Added kwalittee tests.  Pod tests converted to be 
      adds  5cae9ba   We now reinstate user subs at the end of lexical scope in 
      adds  6e775c5   Added tests for autodying user-subs leaking over the 
entire package.
      adds  f87af03   I think we're restoring subs that are already fatalised.
      adds  c73942a   User-subs seem to be immune to compile-time cheating. 
Therefore, I don't think we can implement pure-perl, properly lexical user subs 
in 5.8 without invoking the dark arts of XS.
      adds  61cec2c   Support for lexical user-subs is out for Perl 5.8.
      adds  f5ec7da   Detection for (failing) attempts to reinstate user-subs 
in 5.8 added.
      adds  da59dc8   Correction of minor syntax and logic errors detected 
under 5.10 test run.
      adds  18cdc44   Ikegami, thank-you so very much for your advice.  You are 
      adds  68d4714   Overhauled lexical subs production with ikegami's help!
      adds  f9c4e27   Lexical user subs work in 5.8!  Huzzah!
      adds  eed46a3   +context_lexical.t, +kwalitee.t
      adds  da0e355   Added blog and repository information to META.yml
      adds  dd8b758   New release!  Codename "Chocolateboy", 1.10_06
      adds  02984ce   Housekeeping of version numbers for next release.
      adds  3b7bb60   Documentation improvements and cleanup.
      adds  4ae94f0   Figure out core vs site_perl issues.
      adds  303adaa   We want some more testing of putting user subs when 'no 
autodie' is in effect.
      adds  f7292cb   Added basic tests to see if sysopen() still works with 
      adds  96161a6   fork() should be defined or die
      adds  209bac0   Test fcntl
      adds  135ef29   Code decrufting.  Remove dead comments and constants.
      adds  413982c   Removed 5.10 hints tracking code.  We now use the 5.8 
codebase for everything.
      adds  e8c42df   Less warnings from tests.
      adds  bc4347a   TODO: Investigate why backcompat.t fails under 
      adds  9b1de01   We can ignore cover_db
      adds  71188ec   We can ignore cover_db in MANIFEST
      adds  8700f69   Added t/sysopen.t
      adds  36ce02b   Merge branch 'master' into one_true_way
      adds  8454eb6   More chainsawing out of 5.10 code.  Broke a minor test, 
but it can be fixed.
      adds  59abe19   autodie::exception::Match is better exercised in 5.8
      adds  4e23f00   speeling fixes in Changes
      adds  213b108   Merge branch 'master' into one_true_way
      adds  66ffa2f   Removal of (some) 5.8 vs 5.10 discrimination in tests.
      adds  08bb0e3   Re-enabled failing 'use autodie' vanilla tests, but we 
seem to have leaks.
      adds  c49b114   backcompat.t no longer fails under Devel::Cover
      adds  0ec92bf   Merge branch 'master' into one_true_way
      adds  e651b14   'use autodie qw(open open)' no longer causes open to 
stick in autodying mode.
      adds  d3be6e3   Repeating function names in arguments to autodie no 
longer causes them to stick.
      adds  dae3062   Extra documentation particularly for 5.8.  Ability to 
detect wrong
      adds  fc7519a   Documentation reminder: exotic system no longer clobbered.
      adds  0d2fc8c   Release time!  Codename: Ikegami, in thanks for getting 
lexical subs working.
      adds  927d4af   Added t/repeat.t
      adds  e5d6bb6   Corrected POD errors.
      adds  515fc23   Made exceptions.t less warny under 5.10.  Really 
releasing Ikegami now. ;)
      adds  c6a566b   Scope::Guard is now a requirement for 5.10 as well as 5.8
      adds  cc20d78   Correct some spellos in the POD
      adds  2d2b2d3   Corrected bodgy indenting.
      adds  7a573da   replace cygwin TZs with more common usage:   
      adds  fd1ce5e   Removed kludge that forced || to be the only scalar test 
in 5.8
      adds  8f8d35b   Removed TODO in || vs // tests, as last patch fixes this 
      adds  c0dd320   Bumped version number ot 1.10_08
      adds  e0dfa76   autodie now knows about fork() returning defined for 
success.  Tests needed.
      adds  4bef4dd   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  b0a2a4a   todo.t removed because we have passing tests for 
everything that was in it.
      adds  662cbae   todo.t is dead.  Huzzah!
      adds  970d6e6   Added tests for fork()
      adds  3e01cc4   Ignore autodie-*/ build directories.
      adds  d6d0f71   Todo is dead, and should stay that way.
      adds  bb0f6fd   Added t/fork.t
      adds  5a82dc1   _remove_lexical_subs renamed to _install_subs
      adds  37084f4   Think about padwalker integration. It'd be real pretty.
      adds  bf04476   Internal documentation tidy-up.
      adds  48094bf   Fixed nasty bug where autodie/Fatal could use filehandles 
from the wrong pkg.
      adds  86d1f35   Leaks into other files are detected and avoided!
      adds  ae262de   Insist on changing package before evaluating scope-guard. 
This should avoid any package-based filehandle leaks
      adds  ec202c3   Fixed documentation.  Leaking is a problem in every perl.
      adds  d7f35ef should now properly override the default Fatal 
on intall.
      adds  7e193b8   Leaking bug is fixed (DOCO changes)
      adds  a539d75   Rearranging of TODO items and priorities.
      adds  18e1027   Documented the 'used only once' bug.
      adds  d351cea   Crickey!  We can now subclass autodie and 
      adds  23c91ca   Strewth mate, don't forget that MANIFEST.
      adds  c1e157b   Reminder: Make backcompat for Fatal internal interfaces 
      adds  2379b76   Moved autodie::exception objects from inside-out to 
      adds  5832655   Inline relevant portions of Scope::Guard. We are now 
dependency free!
      adds  2d35703   Documentation adjustments; removal of stale cruft from
      adds  723b16e   throw() is for internal/child use only in autodie.
      adds  2490ade   Removal of old design notes.  These have all been 
      adds  cca14e9   Removal of old design notes.
      adds  2626d8f   Release time!  1.11_01 "Aristotle"
      adds  2544843   Retabbed
      adds  61d0f4e   autodie now checks open() for undef, not merely false.
      adds  a902631   Added lethal.t, a test for basic sub-classing.
      adds  fbc72df   Added t/lethal.t and t/usersub.t
      adds  c115bfa   Added t/usersub.t
      adds  2bac1c2   We can (again) detect an illegal 'use Fatal' when 'no 
autodie' is in effect.
      adds  5156ce3   Added sysopen(), fcntl() and exec() to tags.
      adds  ce4c155   Vanilla autodie means :default, not :all.  Created 
:system for system/exec.
      adds  c8dee67   TODO: Test/add fileno.
      adds  d3d6ca2   Moved internal tests from Fatal.t to internal.t
      adds  265bfe7   Added support for fileno.
      adds  c38808f   Added support for exec().
      adds  5700192   This TODO has been in Fatal for about a decade now.
      adds  916e9a2   We now correctly support 'no autodie' being used on user 
subs.  Huzzah!
      adds  167dfc7   Documentation improvements.
      adds  12c374c   expanded roles
      adds  e81c961   Documentation/category improvements.  Preparing for 
      adds  bf6f872   Extra resources in preparation for release.
      adds  4f0d802   Bump to version 2.00. Documentation updates.
      adds  1a8d5b0   Documentation improvements.
      adds  d2e4ebf   Adjusted version to 1.99.  I figure we'll want some 
tweaks before 2.00.
      adds  c4684e3   1.99 release
      adds  4a6750a   Credit to BrowserUk and Jured, who are awesome.     
BrowserUk - Came up with the name 'lethal'.     Jured - Came up with the name 
      adds  c996ffa   Makefile.PL is no longer executable.  Thanks CPANTS!
      adds  1e5a952   Makefile.PL is no longer executable.
      adds  2f81698   Internal test changes to ease integration with core.
      adds  c68f8b0   More portability tweaks for core integration.
      adds  7c41c91   Whitespace changes to make git more happy.
      adds  c261c9e   chdir added to defaults and :filesys
      adds  0429987   Simple script for merging autodie into core.
      adds  1909a15   Does use Fatal qw(system) make sense?
      adds  855f51c   Added (failing) tests for errno being empty in 
      adds  2613ca8   Documentation that will become a perl tip
      adds  813905f   More errno tests.
      adds  569525c   Ignore and doc/perl-tip.pod
      adds  2ce004e   More descriptive changes tags.
      adds  f3889f8   Spelling errors and a couple of other fixes
      adds  79e07a3   Standard PTA perl-tip distribution license. You may 
distribute this in full provided the copyright and license remains attached.
      adds  4d2455a   RT #38614 - Exceptions should end with a newline.
      adds  06cc027   Bugfix: RT#38614, stringified autodie::exceptions now end 
with a newline.
      adds  caf2c56   Version bump to 1.99_01
      adds  1b4d0c1   RT #38598 marked as TODO tests.
      adds  cfe1b70   Current working version is 1.99_01
      adds  c038953   Bugfix: RT #38598. The errno attribute on 
autodie::exceptions is now set correctly.
      adds  675453b   fork tests should no longer fail mysteriously on Solaris
      adds  1b22117   backcompat.t should no longer mysteriously fail under 
5.8.3 and before.
      adds  cbbd407   Upgrade to Module::Install 0.75
      adds  355a109   RT #38066 - exceptions from system() now report the 
correct line number.
      adds  1a5d5b3   Release time.  v1.991
      adds  5059ba7   RT #38845, detect missing space in :void error.
      adds  69d3c51   Include missing space in ERROR_VOID_LEX.
      adds  8583704   Added link to perl tip
      adds  0f966af   unlink, rename and chdir are now included in the :filesys 
      adds  e121a47   TODO list revision.
      adds  ddeeeaa   binmode added to :file.  Spurious unopened warnings 
      adds  f7a6daf   Removed link to TODO list in autodie docs.
      adds  dfb4ba9   Added closedir() to :filesys tag.
      adds  e1fc8ff   Added t/files.t
      adds  cf04ae2   Added support for dbmopen and dbmclose.
      adds  8822d27   1.992 released
      adds  43d6d4b   Bump to 1.992
      adds  65768f6   RT #39172: The :dbm tag is now properly documented. 
Thanks to Darren Duncan for spotting this.
      adds  2feff48   Updated with 5.8+ info and new resources.  autodie no 
longer needs 5.10
      adds  e45db6e   Thanks to Darren Duncan for spotting documentation 
      adds  25f58ae   RT #39172 closedir() has been documented as being in the 
:filesys tag.
      adds  3fbd1c9   Bumped to version 1.993
      adds  48b815f   Upgrade to Module::Install 0.77
      adds  a4b26ab   Feedback section added to documentation.
      adds  34662d2   Added release time to Changes.  This got left out of the 
official release. Oops!
      adds  14c12d4   Test stub for flock.
      adds  87a0497   flock handler added
      adds  6c23e77   Fixed poor code generation on flock()
      adds  edfd4e0   TODO: Investigate error handling on code generation 
      adds  939df1a   Merge branch 'master' into flock
      adds  1a11c25   Documentation on flock implementation.
      adds  2b13d1f   Test stub for flock.
      adds  ddc92ae   More rigourous tests on flock.
      adds  0cf81a8   flock() added to :file category
      adds  49dbe3b   Added _format_flock handler for flock.
      adds  365bece   Merge branch 'master' into flock
      adds  1a52668   Fixed late-loading Fcntl constant resolutions problems.
      adds  e2959d2   Fixed late-loading Fcntl constant resolutions problems.
      adds  2cdd8db   Greatly increased checking coverage of Perl's built-ins.
      adds  834ce81   Autodie tests for mkdir and rmdir
      adds  629d060   Renaming file to be more accurate
      adds  c36993f   Made all .t files executable
      adds  04ec859   Tests for unlink()
      adds  39c9ed4   Added a few more sanity tests
      adds  a13f48e   New tests from Jacinta.
      adds  b0f8c49   Initial support for truncate in autodie.
      adds  accf15f   Updated truncate test to use \*STDOUT to pass filehandles.
      adds  a693249   Merge branch 'truncate'
      adds  c7d7d6e   Merge branch 'master' into flock
      adds  eceaea5   Tests for EWOULDBLOCK style flock
      adds  97ebf69   EWOULDBLOCK aware version of flock handler.
      adds  f8f4b06   Function specific notes on flock().
      adds  5b4b893   Makefile.PL recommends -> feature() for 
      adds  d11b7ce   Skip .swp files.
      adds  c1de2d2   New tests from Jacinta now in MANIFEST.
      adds  fe22868   Merge branch 'master' into flock
      adds  a9bdba6   Much better error reporting on failure to replace subs 
and built-ins.
      adds  7174c79   Fixed error in flock handler that stopped it from being 
      adds  3ef2934   Version bump to 1.994.  Added version tag support to 
      adds  9bbc7df   Test permission fixes.
      adds  0997eb3   Added author-only perlcritic tests.
      adds  a2be2bc   Yet another test permissions fix.
      adds  22f325a   Supressed spurious critic warnings.
      adds  56db08e   Only enable special flock() handler on systems that 
      adds  4db3673   Unhappy special-cases for supporting EWOULDBLOCK under 
      adds  037e9bd   Skip some truncate tests on systems that think STDOUT is 
      adds  336212d   Moved system notes into 'function specific notes'.
      adds  5a7c1c2   Documented function-specific notes.
      adds  e5c4d3e   Even better error messages from flock!  \o/
      adds  c852dd1   Release time!  Added timestamp.
      adds  9206caf   Removed not-really-working feature() code from Makefile.PL
      adds  e23de28   Better version info for META.yml
      adds  af97b23   META.yml has more correct version information.
      adds  9c865e3   truncate.t now provides more diagnostics on failure.
      adds  b762951   Note that dump-autodie-tag-contents depends upon 
      adds  468c8c6   Ignore autodie build directories properly.
      adds  bfffde7   Module::AutoInstall lets users know about 
      adds  fc6768b   Manifest update
      adds  911a4b5   Tests for better looking connect() errors.
      adds  09edd4d   Perms fix-up
      adds  a9fcab6   Added open.t for carefully testing messages from open().
      adds  2b596a5   Improved error messages from 2-argument open.
      adds  42eb3cb   tlhIngan "Hegh Dolth" testing pragma stub added.
      adds  bbeedf5   Version bump to 1.995
      adds  e0e4d97   Added open.t to MANIFEST
      adds  fc094d3   Documented: We no longer print ugly GLOB(0x...) messages, 
but use $fh instead.
      adds  411d0d7   Release time!  1.995
      adds  c593c83   Renamed reH::Hegh to pujHa'ghach
      adds  7096f27   We now provide an exception_class() method for child 
classes to override. This method should return a string containing the class to 
use when throwing exceptions.  It's significantly easier than overriding 
      adds  7d4feb8   Added tests and error checking for our exception_class 
      adds  707942e   Fixed nasty bug where multiple autodie modules would 
share caches.
      adds  5533edd   Updated manifest.
      adds  3b20b05   Added missing version tag exports and tests for this.
      adds  b078be0   Added translation notes.
      adds  cca9d25   Version bump to 1.996
      adds  36649b1   Critic no longer complains about our really-needed string 
      adds  6134a08   pod-critic: exception_class is considered private for 
      adds  8305d29   Release time!
      adds  d15495b   Added critic.t and socket.t to non-core tests.
      adds  f35eb14   Version bump to 1.997
      adds  4a78d86   Don't test exception objects on Test::More 0.84 or above.
      adds  99f4630   Removed Module::AutoInstall from build system.
      adds  cdf77a7   Tweaks to pujHa'ghach::Dolth in line with my OSDC talk.
      adds  5949ec5   Yes, AutoInstall is really gone.
      adds  3e13e0c   Permission fixes.
      adds  7e77782   exception_class.t: Worked around overloaded 
stringification with apostrophe bug.
      adds  d61fa9d   mkdir.t and unlink.t no longer chdir for their tests.
      adds  884aae9   Better documentation of used only once bug.
      adds  b418327   In determining whether tests based on truncate() are 
worth running, truncate.t calls truncate() inside an eval, which should handle 
the case where the function doesn't exist.  But since the return value is not 
checked, it doesn't handle the case where a simple truncate operation fails.  
The attached patch remedies that.
      adds  0ba1157   rm trailing whitespace
      adds  02178aa   rm trailing whitespace
      adds  c544774   rm more trailing whitespace
      adds  62b738d   Bump version to 1.998 and release!
      adds  eb65a8a   Removed no longer loved Module::AutoInstall code from 
      adds  4ee3878   Added (failing) tests for autodie::exception->caller
      adds  ae76443   Added test for user-defined context bugs. Described in
      adds  7a9c89b   Documented tests. Expanded user-context to poke some 
      adds  8ca199f   Stub hints file user-defined subs.
      adds  7c62126   Added Sub::Identify code for resolving subs.  Added tests.
      adds  8ed0f2c   Very basic provision for supplying hints, and tests.
      adds  98c42cd   autodie hints are now proper methods, not silly subs.
      adds  cc31df3   Basic tests for File::Copy in both list and scalar 
      adds  b4ad38d   Autodie treats system() as a core sub internally.
      adds  ddc034a   Merge branch 'master' into hints
      adds  30adf70   Hinting support working!  Huzzah!
      adds  412113e   Fixed misleading synopsis in autodie::exception::system.
      adds  edd8e8a   Merge branch 'master' into hints
      adds  89ab221   Setting hints stub
      adds  14bf2f3   (Failing) tests for module-supplied hinting mechanisms.
      adds  db04618   autodie now propagates correctly into string eval.
      adds  19f8a4e   Merge branch 'master' into hints
      adds  9ec7828   List context tests actually done in list context.
      adds  010a382   TODO caller tests are marked as such.
      adds  add1a97   TODO caller tests are marked as such.
      adds  a4001be   Merge branch 'master' into hints
      adds  579dbf3   TODO test is now passing
      adds  f44df19   Fixes to make hints.t test correctly under 5.8
      adds  411a6b1   Tweaks to mark string eval tests as TODO on 5.8
      adds  963feac   Documented: String eval + 5.8 = bug.
      adds  999dd1e   Merge branch 'master' into hints
      adds  e0fa168   5.8 TODOs are now only enabled on 5.8 (not on 5.10 as 
      adds  487474b   Merge branch 'master' into hints
      adds  2ef6812   Provisional fixes for caller bug
      adds  0aa9084   Merge branch 'master' into caller-bug
      adds  40762c6   Additional tests for autodie::exception caller/line.
      adds  6374b3b   Merge branch 'master' into caller-bug
      adds  4cc9664   Expanded caller.t to do external file tests.
      adds  7a45db1   Merge branch 'master' into caller-bug
      adds  f1e8fd2   autodie::exception->caller() now reports correctly.  And 
it works! ;)
      adds  1bdf8ce   MANIFEST += t/lib/
      adds  557efa3   Merge branch 'master' into hints
      adds  17ffc95   Small amount of hints docs and validation.
      adds  925e075   Comments only: Identify uncompatible sections with legacy 
      adds  52c392a   Added internal-backcompat.t for internal interface 
      adds  52d3362   More TODOs.
      adds  b3ac9a1   Rearranged Changes in order of importance for current 
      adds  ad347f6   Bump to 1.999 for release.
      adds  a395fbf   Added missing timestamp on 1.999 release.
      adds  a1c5c73   Merge branch 'master' into int-backcompat
      adds  b6cc6fe   RT #43784 - Fixed spacing in comment in autodie::exception
      adds  ba2d864   Merge branch 'master' into int-backcompat
      adds  5933249   Added tests for one_invocation.
      adds  80a5131   Backcompat interface fixes for one_invocation.
      adds  5ee5bf9   Changes: Documented backcompat fixes for internal Fatal 
      adds  32fe911   write_invocation tests.
      adds  c5ac4c5   Backcompat changes for write_invocation.
      adds  b762a06   Fixed iternal error in write_invocation for unexpected 
      adds  185526c   Merge branch 'master' into int-backcompat
      adds  3f31916   write_invocation backcompat tests and code tweaks.
      adds  d141c87   _make_fatal isn't backwards compatible.  Cry me a river.
      adds  28e4c3e   Merge branch 'master' into hints
      adds  baf6233   Damian is awesome, thanks for the great hinting interface
      adds  9c4bdf3   Tidyup of hints code in preparation for new hinting 
      adds  c0ea333   Kludgy but working(!) hinting interface for list context.
      adds  479a017   Basic implementation of scalar hints in 5.10
      adds  1eb391f   File::Copy always returns zero, regardless of context.  
That's why we're doing this whole hint thing to begin with.
      adds  727a33e   Fixed list_mirror to emulate empty return properly.
      adds  c3cddf2   Removed unwanted quotes from require.  Thanks 
      adds  6eed7e9   Documentation changes with regards to system().
      adds  1e5ab76   Prove with less typing.
      adds  34a1092   Ignore .prove
      adds  c30db6f   Merge branch 'master' into hints
      adds  847e18b   Updated File::Copy hints to check for false only.
      adds  a0510f7   MANIFEST += t/lib/
      adds  f5baaf4   Code hints are always passed the full return value for 
      adds  b3a877a   XXX - Broken code - Half implementation on hints finder.
      adds  9742d66   Fixed bug where hints lookups were failing.
      adds  fb7ce81   Upgrade Module::Install to 0.87.
      adds  47993f6   Upgrade Module::Install to 0.87.
      adds  73ac397   Merge branch 'master' into hints
      adds  3e22524   Hints provider tests
      adds  9e6225a   Always prepend package to hints when appropriate.
      adds  b9ecbf3   Expanded on documentation
      adds  b594b92   Insisting on hints now works. Fixed croak() getting 
      adds  ec1e322   removed extraneous :
      adds  09c3eb0   replaced missing );
      adds  727f393   Examples (corrected for issues) and tests for them
      adds  a511848   Merge commit 'origin/hints' into hints
      adds  b5968cc   Fixed compile errors
      adds  56f6679   Insist on hints.  Add extra debugging to test output.
      adds  4b02334   does autodie::hints::provider.  Remove fail keywords.
      adds  5d136ed   Added dummy autodie::hints::provider for inheritance.
      adds  79b2244   Int document: We pass array references to hints functions.
      adds  dabbf6c   Updated manifest with new hints files and tests.
      adds  09c70b6   Hints provider class complains loudly if we call its 
      adds  83b6188   Hints_pod_examples now inherits from 
      adds  9e54d82   Hints are now always on rhs
      adds  c7d2d31   Force subroutines hints to always be called in scalar 
      adds  8c47ffc   Test subs now return array or test element, depending on 
      adds  1d64d32   Returns are now always passed as a list to hinting subs. 
All tests now pass!  Huzzah!
      adds  7adc71e   Better diagnostics in Perl 5.8
      adds  b6bcfcc   t/hints.t now runs only 5.8, but only uses subroutine 
      adds  996eede   Fixed bug saying smart-match hints couldn't be used in 
      adds  8bdcc0d   Merge branch 'hints' of 
into hints
      adds  d63fabc   Removal of bizzaro_system test.
      adds  46a0c51   'fail' keyword now supported for hints.
      adds  d97cd5c   Remove TODOs I don't want TODONE
      adds  fcd128f   Skip hints_pod_examples under 5.8.x.
      adds  c917936   Syntactic fixes
      adds  b017fe1   Fixed serious bug where scalar hints were being checked, 
and then default hints applied anyway
      adds  e7e404f   Test corrections
      adds  8da7e15   Bump to 1.999_01 for release.
      adds  ea389bb   Basic documentation on the hints::provider abstract class.
      adds  45563d1   Documentation on hints roles.
      adds  ca9e7a8   Documentation improvements
      adds  11c4ed6   Added AUTODIE_HINTS to pod coverage exclude list
      adds  d74dede   Add tests for both isa and does for hints providers.
      adds  063a647   incomplete draft for TPR article
      adds  398abd2   Downgraded a number of XXXs into TODOs
      adds  e1b2ba1   Added proper diagnostics for lack of 5.8 hint support
      adds  5acaa42   Manifest update
      adds  0331c24   Make sure load_hints can find a package.
      adds  e8fc2fe   Enabled ability to provide easy roles via %DOES.
      adds  b9edec9   Merge branch 'master' into easy_does_it
      adds  a5a3873   Merge branch 'easy_does_it'
      adds  add300c   Documentation improvements
      adds  576fe69   Tests for glob slots accidentally being clobbered. See RT 
      adds  57d0b43   Permissions fix
      adds  5a437f6   Updated glob copy tests to work with autodie.  Inserted 
      adds  4d8aba2   Fixed bug where package scalars could be overwritten. 
Manifest updates.
      adds  8a7f54a   See also: Class::DOES
      adds  7d5ec8a   Removed old MANIFEST entries
      adds  98322c1   autodie::hints::provider is dead.  Huzzah.
      adds  97465e2   Typo fixes (via twitter)
      adds  0c9a569   Test fix-ups.
      adds  337d869   Copyright update
      adds  8eaea42   Clean-up of author tests and critic complaints
      adds  a8d2a4e   Typo fixes (via twitter)
      adds  d730094   Upgraded Module::Install to 0.91
      adds  cb087bd   Bump to version 2.00 in preparation for release
      adds  e160e69   Thank-yous for Jacinta, Ben and Glenn.
      adds  6c6b371   Minor documentation changes
      adds  8c95a7b   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  af36b45   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  3ae9b4a   Minor rewording tweaks
      adds  7ef1034   Documentation grammatical and syntax corrections.
      adds  082a522   No whinging about lower-case filehandles.
      adds  208ebd5   Added :2.00 tag
      adds  ecaf0dd   autodie::hints copyedit
      adds  687e561   Link to autodie::hints
      adds  7d81934   Extra thanks to Glenn
      adds  aa3813d   Release 2.0
      adds  7246a18   Fixed location of AUTHORS file on web
      adds  94c0870   Added hints to the core merge candidate list.
      adds  6aeca8e   Permission fixes.
      adds  f4915bb   Fixed up paths
      adds  d902993   Minor docs corrections and tweaks.
      adds  7f7b118   Merge commit 'origin/TJC'
      adds  8c414fa   Thank-you, Toby, for docufixes.
      adds  1fb3bbd   Perl 5.10.1 fixes
      adds  9cef14a   Less complaints from hints being coerced in 5.10.1
      adds  21a03de   pod-coverage.t no longer fails without Sub::Identify
      adds  3624069   5.8.x : inheritance is sufficient for role allegiance
      adds  2fe96c5   Bump to 2.01 and release.
      adds  c55a7a7   Add context()/return() to a::exception. Fix 
a::e->function() returns.
      adds  1a5f9cf   Add extra tests based upon my autodie 2.00 blog entries.
      adds  586e3e4   permission fixes
      adds  5dc61d7   Push to 2.02 and release
      adds  ab614fe   Fix booching test on 5.8.x because is not 
      adds  45270eb   Bump to 2.03 and release
      adds  12c7902   Removed oops where a debugging message was printed.
      adds  a72aad7   Reduce debug output from hints.t when testing the Perl 
      adds  fe193f2   Remove spurious failures from hints.t/File::Copy under 
Win32 and < 5.10.1
      adds  79a10c3   Bump to version 2.04.  Tag and release.
      adds  8b12854   RT #47520 - No double file/line messages. Better 2-arg 
open messages.
      adds  01ab9cc   Bump version to 2.05
      adds  ad99c5e   Update changes with release date/time.
      adds  aaf4bd7   Tests for autodie leaking near string evals.
      adds  71b72f8   Tests for explicitly plugging leaks with 'no autodie' 
near string evals.
      adds  a655449   Test autodie being first used in a string eval
      adds  39cbf6a   Double-checks to make sure there's no $@ clobbering, just 
in case.
      adds  1424bf7   Please do not use autodie with string evals.  Do not 
dispose of in fire.  Do not short circuit.  May contain traces of nuts.
      adds  5c45caf   Please do not use autodie with string evals.  Do not 
dispose of in fire.  Do not short circuit.  May contain traces of nuts.
      adds  1f5c806   Mark string evals as TODO on 5.10.x
      adds  9fa7442   Autodie once again works in string evals in 5.8.x
      adds  0cf6071   Thank-you, Vincent and rafl.
      adds  b5306ff   Don't use autodie in bizzaro filenames. Please.
      adds  3547320   String eval works again on 5.10.  Huzzah.
      adds  a4df0ef   Bump to 2.06 and release
      adds  c2b36d8   Autodie works inside 5.10 evals again
      adds  c6b409f   Added VMS to list of systems that don't obey File:Copy's 
      adds  6f8437f   File::Copy will still be weird on 5.10.1
      adds  13dbb87   Flock-sniff on older VMS systems no longer causes flock.t 
to fail.
      adds  9a9413c   a::exception->eval_error() returns $@ at the time autodie 
kicks in.
      adds  32bdc67   Increment to 2.06_01 and release
      adds  520e4ce   Basic tests for eval_error
      adds  5d9f905   Document changes from p5p contributions
      adds  edf56e5   Bump to 2.07
      adds  9e16e46   Thank-you to Elliot Shank for Perl::Critic integration
      adds  3f90b0d   Jured -> Juerd
      adds  d8a7b24   EXPERIMENTAL: Trivial support for detecting when autodie 
is in scope.
      adds  037738e   Allow for flock returning EAGAIN instead of EWOULDBLOCK 
on linux/parisc
      adds  6a0b6e5   Ignore .patch files
      adds  cd03571   Added support for chmod.
      adds  354721b   Fix handling of '@' in open() prototype
      adds  27ecb36   RT #52427 We now support multi-arg open
      adds  8f29e4c   Only run open/true if we can find true cmd
      adds  2320871   Updated to Module::Install 0.93
      adds  1013dff   Release 2.08
      adds  718895e   Sure would help if I could spell Nick's name
      adds  f3485d2   RT #48575 - Documentation typo.
      adds  62d1643   Fixed RT#48575 Doc typo thanks to David Taylor
      adds  20995df   Skip multi-arg open tests on Windows.
      adds  c6058e6   Bump to version 2.09
      adds  27ada05   Release 2.09
      adds  ab3f7f8   Really really skip multi-arg open tests on Windows.
      adds  85162ba   autodie was leaking carp and croak
      adds  01fe32c   No longer leaking Carp functions. Thanks Schwern.
      adds  06907d0   Bumped version to 2.10.  Release!
      adds  3979600   Added POD explanation of lack of void context detection.
      adds  9a14db9   Autodie is explcitly context insensitive.
      adds  6ed1521   RT #59123: Skip multi-arg open tests on VMS.
      adds  2908eb4   RT #75527: compatibility with Carp 1.25
      adds  e6fb680   Merge pull request #10 from dolmen/fix/RT75527-Carp-1.25
      adds  9916fba   Thanks to Olivier Mengué for Carp fixes.
      adds  bccfa74   recv.t shouldn't assume STDIN is a file handle. Test with 
file handle made from opening a string.
      adds  b148bd4   Ignore new MYMETA temp files
      adds  7222979   Fix 5.15 test for backcompat message. A period was 
inserted at the end of the first line.
      adds  ed656ae   Merge pull request #9 from toddr/master
      adds  9d4f56b   Thanks TODDR.
      adds  614e392   TODDR's recv.t fixes.
      adds  8030efa   Upgrade M::I to 1.04
      adds  4bf092a   Eliminate eval "require $module".
      adds  989a288   Merge pull request #5 from schwern/bug/eval_require
      adds  7b7630d   Safer exception loading thanks to Schwern.
      adds  77edc47   Bumped version number to 2.11
      adds  3dc0917   Make autodie's open honor the open pragma.
      adds  f3fdd24   Add support for sysopen and read/write filehandles.
      adds  91a4d7a   Merge pull request #12 from schwern/bug/open_pragma
      adds  7e52ccd   Schwern is awesome. Open pragma goodness.
      adds  a3bbdf1   +x utf8_open.t for consistency.
      adds  6942083   Update to Module::Install 1.06
      adds  bbf36e2   Next release has new patches for open pragma.
      adds  9ee84d6   Added missing timestamp for 2.11 release
      adds  c8a8cac   Removed now redundant version_from.
      adds  f664b20   pod-coverage.t fixes.
      adds  1447320   Debian_CPANTS.txt added to .gitignore.
      adds  052a158   Bump to v2.12 for release.
      adds  011bb95   Release 2.12
      adds  3d978a2   Permission tweaks.
      adds  ed762f4   Support for more randomised hash-key lookups:
      adds  4c50b5c   Release 2.13
      adds  eba5e78   Updated copyright. Mention AUTHORS.
      adds  37c936c   add chown to :file; add chown/chmod to autodie doc
      adds  fc3bb86   bump to 2.14
      adds  889efa1   add chmod/chown :v213 and :default tests
      adds  d9dc84c   add chown tests
      adds  8c3fcac   Merge pull request #13 from RsrchBoy/topic/chown
      adds  7cb319b   Cheers to RsrchBoy for chmod support.
      adds  0be25d4   dist.ini, VERSION and ABSTRACTS to move autodie to dzil
      adds  487780d   Now builds. Not tested.
      adds  5f0b089   Now passes dzil test
      adds  c54f464   Updated MANIFEST.SKIP to be dzil friendly.
      adds  1980066   Remove Module::Install, now using dzil.
      adds  73bb6ee   Fixed up dzil deps.
      adds  ecfccf8   Bugtracker metainfo.
      adds  ac73323   Remove copyright year (dzil does that for us.)
      adds  8559315   Recommended modules listed.
      adds  c2a0539   Change to use AUTHOR_TESTING env variable for dzil 
      adds  835ccb8   Pod::Coverage hints in pod for dzil.
      adds  664c6ec   Merge branch 'master' into dzil
      adds  76a240b   Document chown addition.
      adds  a6f6cee   Merge branch 'dzil' into master.
      adds  96fcce0   Remove spurious executable bits.
      adds  6f61318   Real support for chown(). We now die if *any* file can't 
be chowned.
      adds  4c94b07   BUGFIX: chmod, chown, kill, unlink, utime now throw 
exceptions when they can't frobnicate all their things, even if they return 
      adds  cb64a0b   Removed the, uh, documented bugs from the TODO file which 
we just rediscovered and fixed.
      adds  9004291   Using dzil, no need for prove.
      adds  b304e3d   Don't test version tags on dev releases.
      adds  8a34a1e   v2.13_01
      adds  20bea38   Realistically, you want v5.8.4 of Perl at least.
      adds  3fad930   You want Perl 5.8.4 to run autodie.
      adds  96f4d58   Add more test recommends.
      adds  fe8e591   Skip chown tests on Win32.
      adds  36bc7fa   Skip chown on windows.
      adds  d140165   v2.13_02
      adds  7c7086a   Skip truncate tests on systems with dodgy File::Temp
      adds  fea7698   Skip truncate tests on systems with dodgy File::Temp
      adds  307fbd5   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  0525938   Win32 chown is a no-op.
      adds  0f7a6a7   More tests for exotic modes of open.
      adds  9cd76dc   Remove diagnostics.
      adds  348692e   Implement autodie::skip
      adds  4515603   Bump to 2.13_03
      adds  477f63f   Guess everything needs a version.
      adds  2c543a6   v2.13_03
      adds  a6fc434   Merge branch 'skipity_doo_dah'
      adds  f5038c3   Bump to 2.14.
      adds  b643e75   Added support and testing for utime.
      adds  d492e4f   Only run kwalittee.t on release.
      adds  7857c75   Added support for 'kill' (includes tests).
      adds  2604357   2.13_04 release
      adds  bd87770   v2.13_04
      adds  29f145f   Can has 2.14?
      adds  7899032   Tidy-up for 2.14 release.
      adds  52000d6   v2.14
      adds  4790015   Allow building on v5.8.4 again. Also switch dzil to 
      adds  036a421   v2.15
      adds  36f6544   Typo fix: ulink -> utime
      adds  da6c236   Fix GH #17, fixes for 5.8.x/DOES.
      adds  2f35c4a   More fixes for 5.8.x. GH #17
      adds  6530a36   v2.16
      adds  1646ad1   Silence "smartmatch is experimental" warnings in autodie
      adds  f9aa5f6   5.17.11+ smart match is experimental changelog.
      adds  6a6d0f5   Import tags for 2.17 release.
      adds  7650d9c   Added TravisCI support via dzil
      adds  682f8f2   Spelling fixes courtesty dsteinbrunner (RT #84897).
      adds  399e2e0   fix broken GitHub links
      adds  94e1a01   Merge pull request #18 from Lx/fix-broken-github-links
      adds  863b635   Changelog: Fixed links thanks to Lx (GH #18)
      adds  59a93fd   v2.17
      adds  ef0cc2a   Bump internal versioning table.
      adds  ebb9bcd Add a cache for CORE subs that can be reused
      adds  75b79f0   dup word correction
      adds  2335973   Merge pull request #19 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      adds  b80a49f   Spelling corrections in comments
      adds  e857b72   Merge pull request #20 from dsteinbrunner/patch-2
      adds  0fe1e2e   Merge branch 'master' into cache_improvements
      adds  0dd30e9   Check for lexical autodie leakage of utime (and other 
reusable subs).
      adds  a24dbb1   Check for lexical autodie leakage of utime (and other 
reusable subs).
      adds  9618593   Update plan for version_tag.t
      adds  404bcf2   Merge branch 'master' into cache_improvements
      adds  8560158   Add Test::Spelling to test-recommends for travis-ci
      adds  b44d267   Avoid running author tests for other modules in travis-ci.
      adds  2cdbfde   AUTOMATED_TESTING and NONINTERACTIVE_TESTING set for 
entire install phase.
      adds  ba789ba   Merge branch 'master' into cache_improvements
      adds  0b9e5b0   Fatal: Conditionally compile the leak guard in caller 
      adds  678ef34   Fatal: Add lexical vs non-lexical CORE sub cache
      adds  8004af3   Fatal: Fix two mistakes with core subs.
      adds  e370da6   International documentation on cache imprvemets.
      adds  252b81b   Test for a basic scope leak with rename (as well as open).
      adds  e8f836b   Merge branch 'master' into cache_improvements
      adds  ab21252   Checking for filename sensitive leakguards being cached.
      adds  fe54d81   Fatal: Avoid generating leak guards via string eval
      adds  57e38be   'Sup Perl::Critic. That string eval? Yeah, we know what 
we're doing. :)
      adds  b80dda1   truncate() and chdir() aren't reusable. Sadface.
      adds  1b02263   Fatal: Cache lexical subs better
      adds  2641107   truncate() and chdir() are reuseable after all! <3
      adds  7b3887b   Fatal: Don't generate code if we got the compiled copy
      adds  48e24a9   Checking for filename sensitive leakguards being cached.
      adds  7e94017   Merge branch 'master' into cache_improvements
      adds  47633f7   Additional tests on truncation, including dancing between 
      adds  afa0ddc   Merge branch 'master' into cache_improvements
      adds  2e6032b   Further comments on why truncate() is okay to cache.
      adds  6bac9ad   Merge branch 'cache_improvements' into tmp
      adds  f5e50f1   Note that we have more truncate tests.
      adds  d1e4cb3   Merge branch 'master' into cache_improvements
      adds  02c095e   Praise for Niels Thykier, hero of the free people!
      adds  6c06c26   Benchmarking files for testing times.
      adds  b94f36b   Use a trampoline cache. Leaked core subs are fast again!
      adds  fe00746   Call timing benchmark.
      adds  4133318   Optimise away one call to caller()
      adds  83fb120   Tests for \*FH and *FH style calls to truncate().
      adds  59e41a4   Merge branch 'master' into cache_improvements
      adds  ff4fe35   Documentation for release.
      adds  e2c64ba   v2.18
      adds  19e9e69   Bump tags to :2.19
      adds  0ad222b   Tests for leak guard failure with slurpy subs. GH #22
      adds  15d9e47   Remove test debugging messages.
      adds  e3224b9   Fatal: Fix CORE leak trampoline for slurping args
      adds  b054a01   Merge pull request #22 from nthykier/fix-core-leak-calls
      adds  61f2d29   core-trampoline-slurp.t test fixes.
      adds  723bb99   Document GH #22 fixes for leaky slurpy core subs.
      adds  aa6aed6   v2.19
      adds  9014953   Version bump
      adds  97be05f   s{http://github}{https://github}
      adds  3dd6bed   Merge pull request #24 from dolmen/patch-1
      adds  0a69681   Fatal: Optimize out calls to fill_protos
      adds  d82a108   Fatal: special case "@" prototypes in fill_protos
      adds  50a0807   Fatal: Refactor the use of set_prototype
      adds  582c355   Fatal: Merge the two parts of the leak guard
      adds  30fcc61   Fatal: Rewrite leak_guard to get rid of $leaked variable
      adds  0be44af   Fatal: Fix a bug in _make_core_trampoline with ";" 
      adds  5669fff   Fatal: Reuse a variable rather than re-computing
      adds  02e1640   Fatal: Rewrite _expand_tag to improve its efficiency
      adds  7769a91   Fatal: Introduce helper method for {,un}import
      adds  09d8417   Merge pull request #25 from 
      adds  69c7561   Summary of changes from GH #25
      adds  24ff4f3   v2.20
      adds  c8d79dc   Bump internal version tags after release.
      adds  9dbe4da   Fatal: Reusable trampolines
      adds  276a288   Fatal: Call _install_subs once per {,un}import
      adds  d34cd82   Fatal: Move compilation of wrappers into its own sub
      adds  68e2803   Fatal: Restructure %Cached_fatalised_sub table
      adds  ed7c623   Fatal: Lazily compile wrapped CORE:: subs
      adds  e57c5c9   Fatal: Smarter handling of CORE subs in nested autodie
      adds  82e1d2e   Fatal: Remove unused local of $" and $! under autodie
      adds  9ab0959   Fatal: Expand $TAGS{':all'} immediately
      adds  b8abad0   Fatal: Remove dead assignment and re-factor another 
      adds  865e9f1   Fatal: Fix typo in comments
      adds  28763dc   Fatal: Remove redundant variable in the leak-guard
      adds  26d52d1   Fatal: Reduce the overhead of import and _make_fatal
      adds  4ebc51c   Fatal: Fix return value of _expand_tags
      adds  e2d669f   Merge pull request #28 from nthykier/lazy-compile
      adds  d260871   RT #88076. Compatiblity with Carp 1.32
      adds  5acaea3   Changelog for 2.21. Summary: Thykier rules.
      adds  e96ef48   v2.21
      adds  88afa67   Version tag bump
      adds  86e1749   RT #88444: Testing patches for bleadperl compatibility.
      adds  882b293   v2.22
      adds  b9b27df   Hey travis, don't test half of CPAN.
      adds  cafcaeb   Actually travis, quietly don't test half of CPAN.
      adds  1c0e6e7   Less quietly install modules via cpanm/travis.
      adds  f8f7ff4   Manual patch for travis/Config::Tiny.
      adds  690cb45   Internal version bump. We should have a dzil plugin for 
      adds  931a97d   Pod::Coverage::TrustPod testing recommends
      adds  705bbb2   Tweak to avoid confused Pod::Coverage test.
      adds  d86987d   More wacky travis/pod-coverage false bug advoidance.
      adds  b1c36d6   autodie::exception: Avoid passing undef to sprintf call 
      adds  0aa08de   Merge pull request #40 from nthykier/rt-55170
      adds  c90b2a1   Add a note that autodie doesn't check print
      adds  b3220c9   Merge pull request #38 from autarch/patch-1
      adds  9d8bb72   Fatal: Avoid weakening "use strict;" [RT#74246]
      adds  1d754fe   Merge pull request #37 from nthykier/rt-74246
      adds  323cb48   Changelog: No longer weaken autodie.
      adds  88cd395   Fatal: fix autodie qw(foo ! foo)
      adds  e17c061   Merge pull request #29 from nthykier/github-issue-26
      adds  e46fecc   Niels Thykier is a hero. Document `foo ! foo` in 
      adds  6d81c39   benchmarks: Compare the same thing and add ""
      adds  fba7630   benchmarks/ Add missing call to run
      adds  9ab6e59   Merge pull request #31 from 
      adds  916584c   Changelog: Improved benchmarking from Niels Thykier.
      adds  ce6e282   t/open.t: Work around android only having a built-in true
      adds  1c8c775   t/open.t: true is also a shell builtin in embedded QNX NTO
      adds  1fcd4dc   Merge pull request #44 from Hugmeir/master
      adds  f3ac837   Document @Hugmeir's awesome fixes for Android/Blackberry 
in GH #44.
      adds  c0322de   v2.23
      adds  5f676d2   Version bump. We should get dzil to do this for us.
      adds  6cba5ed   Word on the street is travis now supports 5.8. Yay.
      adds  f7d9abe   Update travis-ci and dist.ini to smoke off a dzil-free 
      adds  3b61e9e   Stop old perls thinking DOES needs docs.
      adds  c261b70   get_code_info doesn't need pod docs.
      adds  19b1d7b   cpanm install with recommends
      adds  001a146   travis-ci: Use recent perl w/dzil to build, but travis 
perl to test!
      adds  9c2bb76   Updated readme
      adds  f0ff72f   Remove obsolete boilerplate.t
      adds  d4bbb6e   Add a stack trace when $Carp::Verbose is true
      adds  3c812b4   Merge pull request #35 from nthykier/github-issue-34
      adds  e58f805   Niels is a total hero! Document Carp::Always support!
      adds  dbcf911   Tweak regexps to be more 5.8 compatible.
      adds  605df4a   Move scope guard package into its own module
      adds  abdd7f1   Add module to abstract away "on end of scope" calls
      adds  fc39bba   Implement a proper "scoped-hook-stack"
      adds  a98136a   Properly re-install subs removed by "no autodie;"
      adds  ac2c3aa   Add POD documentation to new modules
      adds  d711744   autodie::S::GuardStack: Fix typo of _pop_hook
      adds  a37affb   Merge remote-tracking branch 'nthykier/rt-72053'
      adds  abd192a   Changelog: Document fixing lexical scope fixes.
      adds  9cf7b1b   Remove unncessary instances of $real_proto
      adds  d043e61   Merge pull request #42 from nthykier/refactoring-2.23
      adds  c3a789e   Mention the print thing in the SYNOPSIS too
      adds  d3883d9   Merge pull request #39 from autarch/patch-2
      adds  4b62e01   Clarify/Shorten example of autodie not checking print.
      adds  f389a0b   Document recent patches from Niels and Dave.
      adds  473d980   Make stack-traces look nicer.
      adds  bc8e12f   Add versions for Scope modules.
      adds  015efd9   Don't try to open files in the distribution for writing
      adds  547efdb   Merge pull request #46 from afresh1/master
      adds  21f2b25   Document GH #46 in Changelog.
      adds  cf67475   Note that the Carp::Always trace isn't always as pretty 
as we'd like.
      adds  33aa3fb   v2.24
      adds  322757b   Bump version number after release
      adds  58781d1   Spelling fixes in autodie::ScopeUtil
      adds  be15d43   v2.25
      adds  c54e15f   Bump version after release.
      adds  193d864   in truncate.t, close $tmpfile before opening again
      adds  a95dc44   Merge pull request #54 from nthykier/rt-96609
      adds  5acb841   Added test case for breakage with open pragma
      adds  a38f545   fix open pragma overriding explicit layers
      adds  1e829b9   Merge pull request #53 from haarg/open-pragma-override-fix
      adds  3a123a0   Support running autodie+tests locally without versions
      adds  3e8081a   t/version.t: Fix typo of Fatal::Version
      adds  60d8ac2   Merge pull request #55 from nthykier/versionless-locally
      adds  3e04eed   autodie: Mention that "kill" is guarded under the 
      adds  9445b76   Merge pull request #56 from nthykier/rt-97320
      adds  b982d08   .travis.yml: Add Perl5.20
      adds  e9411db   Fix O_CREAT without O_TRUNC in utf8_open.t
      adds  6fabd46   Fix weird error during global destruction
      adds  5c2c6f9   Merge pull request #58 from 
      adds  2a08223   Allow checking for exception equality and string 
      adds  04a7ca5   overload in 5.10 resets fallback each time its called.
      adds  5d82a67   Merge pull request #57 from 
      adds  7f420fe   RT#100688: Clean up tempfiles created in truncate.t
      adds  fd7ba84   autodie::exception::system: "use base" -> "use parent"
      adds  dd4e95b   autodie::hints: drop Exporter inheritance
      adds  c7cfc42   t/lib/*.pm: "use base qw(Exporter)" -> "use Exporter 5.57 
      adds  7dcd7aa   t/*.pm: s!use base!use parent!
      adds  4ce733d   Merge pull request #59 from dolmen/base-to-parent
      adds  5def376   Update the changelog for the next version
      adds  646663f   t: Add test for Import::Into integration
      adds  b958b47   autodie::exception: Hide buffer argument for (sys)read 
and syswrite
      adds  06444ba   Fatal: Move up a variable to enable more reuse
      adds  aa1ede1   Fatal: Remove a redundant if
      adds  0bf601c   Fatal: Rewrite/Reorder some comments
      adds  fc4e23a   Fatal: Remove umask from ":default"
      adds  140b897   Fatal: Stop protecting fileno [RT#75199]
      adds  9c1dbb2   Changes: Document changes to fileno and umask
      adds  bbd5a1d   autodie: Replace our @ISA with "use parent"
      adds  42d5f3e Strip out import-into.t test
      adds  9b2d4a0 Mention the GitHub issue tracker for bugs
      adds  9ef764b   autodie: Mention that some builtins have prototype issues
      adds  0151de7   dist.ini: List Import::Into as a Prereqs / TestRecommends
      adds  d3ddc0e   Fatal: Correct ":2.16" tag to point to "v225"
      adds  64c2a8d   t: More tests for Fatal :lexical
      adds  dc33f2b   t: Make some of the tests TODO because they are not 
      adds  f4c53bd   v2.26
      adds  5fe8984   Bump version after release
      adds  5658eb7   dist.ini: Ensure Import::Into is not a required test 
      adds  11b9283   Hard coded directory separator causes test failure
      adds  60dde2d   Merge pull request #62 from nanis/nanis-fix-system-t
      adds  53cfa65   Fatal: Deprecate direct usage of :lexical
      adds  1c9d5ec   t/internal.t: Remove TODO tests with #61 closed
      adds  feb2af9   Fatal: Fix typo in a comment
      adds  fb4db69   .travis.yml: Set "sudo: false" to use Travis linux 
      adds  35ba5b5   Fatal: The wrappers for exec and system can be reused
      adds  f5b251e   t: Remember to require autodie in my::pragma
      adds  8bd94b3   CHANGES: Update to reflect current changes since v2.26
      adds  46b3dcc   RT#101377: Bump Import::Into test version to 1.002004
      adds  e1cafec   Changes: Add entry for the last commit
      adds  a380333   Changes: fix typo
      adds  f9c8fc0   Rename ScopeUtil to Util and prepare for more utilities
      adds  7683e41   Move "fill_protos" to autodie::Util
      adds  e7a4280   Move "make_core_trampoline" to autodie::Util
      adds  741d6f5   Move install_subs into autodie::Util
      adds  dec3641   Add chmod formatter which outputs mode in octal
      adds  458fb9c   Add mkdir formatter which outputs mode in octal
      adds  bd467e3   Add _beautify_arguments helper function
      adds  a019025   Add _octalize_number helper
      adds  9771142   Make "octalize" regex more readable
      adds  1080b7b   Fix "octalize" regex to match single digit number
      adds  95070c6   Use the '#' flag to ensure leading 0 for octal
      adds  4aa934c   Change _octalize_number formatting
      adds  2662d92   Add _trim_package_name helper function
      adds  318e4c9   Fix error for Perl <5.14
      adds  623a39b   Merge pull request #66 from bugdebugger/refactoring
      adds  b45b613   v2.27
      adds  cbfbb21   Imported Upstream version 2.27
       new  441230f   Merge tag 'upstream/2.27'
       new  4be1328   Declare conformance with Policy 3.9.6
       new  9fa081f   Add Testsuite control entry
       new  dfdea57   releasing package libautodie-perl version 2.27-1

The 6 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                              |  78 +++++++++++
 LICENSE                              |   8 +-
 MANIFEST                             |   7 +-
 META.json                            |   9 +-
 META.yml                             |   8 +-
 Makefile.PL                          |  11 +-
 cpanfile                             |   5 +-
 debian/changelog                     |  12 +-
 debian/control                       |   4 +-
 debian/upstream/metadata             |   7 +
 dist.ini                             |   3 +-
 lib/                         | 251 +++++++++++------------------------
 lib/                       |  28 ++--
 lib/autodie/Scope/           |   2 +-
 lib/autodie/Scope/      |   7 +-
 lib/autodie/             |  80 -----------
 lib/autodie/                  | 250 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 lib/autodie/             | 159 +++++++++++++++++-----
 lib/autodie/exception/      |   4 +-
 lib/autodie/                 |   4 +-
 lib/autodie/                  |   2 +-
 t/                  |   2 +-
 t/chmod.t                            |   9 +-
 t/dbmopen.t                          |  14 +-
 t/exceptions.t                       |   2 +
 t/import-into.t                      |  26 ++++
 t/internal.t                         |  46 +++++--
 t/lib/          |   2 +-
 t/lib/         |   2 +-
 t/lib/ |   2 +-
 t/lib/          |   2 +-
 t/lib/                  |   2 +-
 t/lib/Some/                 |   2 +-
 t/lib/autodie/test/             |   2 +-
 t/lib/autodie/test/au/   |   2 +-
 t/lib/autodie/test/        |   2 +-
 t/lib/autodie/test/        |   2 +-
 t/lib/                      |   2 +-
 t/lib/my/                  |   2 +-
 t/lib/my/                   |  17 +++
 t/lib/pujHa/                 |   2 +-
 t/lib/pujHa/ghach/           |   2 +-
 t/mkdir.t                            |  18 ++-
 t/read.t                             |  19 +++
 t/system.t                           |   2 +-
 t/truncate.t                         |   4 +-
 t/utf8_open.t                        |  12 +-
 t/version.t                          |  11 +-
 t/version_tag.t                      |   4 +-
 49 files changed, 788 insertions(+), 365 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 delete mode 100644 lib/autodie/
 create mode 100644 lib/autodie/
 create mode 100644 t/import-into.t
 create mode 100644 t/lib/my/
 create mode 100644 t/read.t

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