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      from  7af0d9d   update changelog
       new  bdcb8c2   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  9edd3ba   Update debian/changelog
      adds  57d9577   initial import of Pod::Simple 0.90 from CPAN
      adds  921fe98   import Pod::Simple 0.91 from CPAN
      adds  6bfd43a   import Pod::Simple 0.92 from CPAN
      adds  54dc5a3   import Pod::Simple 0.93 from CPAN
      adds  916a46c   import Pod::Simple 0.94 from CPAN
      adds  48d7dcf   import Pod::Simple 0.95 from CPAN
      adds  67346fe   import Pod::Simple 0.96 from CPAN
      adds  79695b4   import Pod::Simple 0.97 from CPAN
      adds  a6876ea   import Pod::Simple 0.98 from CPAN
      adds  e7d6134   import Pod::Simple 2.01 from CPAN
      adds  6234ff8   import Pod::Simple 2.02 from CPAN
      adds  2c19197   import Pod::Simple 2.03 from CPAN
      adds  d6a6354   import Pod::Simple 2.04 from CPAN
      adds  d8e219f   import Pod::Simple 2.05 from CPAN
      adds  011585b   import Pod::Simple 2.06 from CPAN
      adds  0cd5255   import Pod::Simple 3.01 from CPAN
      adds  17e9fb6   import Pod::Simple 3.02 from CPAN
      adds  a3641a2    r1481@lilal:  allison | 2005-11-17 18:53:41 -0800  Russ 
Allbery's patch to allow whitespace substitution for Pod::Man and  Pod::Text.
      adds  053805d    r1515@lilal:  allison | 2005-11-17 20:13:31 -0800  Russ 
Allbery's patch for Pod::Text and Pod::Man.
      adds  124588d    r1516@lilal:  allison | 2005-11-17 21:31:43 -0800  Patch 
from Graham Barr to fix the item body in a <dl> list so that  <dd></dd> tags 
are added correctly.
      adds  a32769b    r1517@lilal:  allison | 2005-11-17 22:19:44 -0800  Patch 
from Graham Barr to default $Computerese and $LamePad to empty  strings so the 
HTML output by Pod::Simple::HTML validates.
      adds  f480ebc    r1521@lilal:  allison | 2005-11-21 12:33:57 -0800  
      adds  a09bd74    r1522@lilal:  allison | 2005-11-21 13:51:17 -0800  Russ 
Allbery's doc patch for the "preserve whitespace" feature.
      adds  0701b8e    r1523@lilal:  allison | 2005-11-21 14:11:22 -0800  Time 
      adds  0824ab5    r1524@lilal:  allison | 2005-11-21 14:15:37 -0800  Add 
      adds  3ed21f2    r1525@lilal:  allison | 2005-11-21 14:16:55 -0800  I 
like having META.yml around to compare to previous versions.
      adds  cdc7d73    r1886@lilal:  allison | 2005-12-04 13:28:31 -0800  First 
scratch at an XHTML validating substitute for Pod::Simple::HTML.
      adds  7e2b025    r1887@lilal:  allison | 2005-12-04 17:29:37 -0800  A 
first set of tests (need to convert to remove Test::More dependency).
      adds  01e7135    r1888@lilal:  allison | 2005-12-04 17:39:33 -0800  Add 
tests for basic block types.
      adds  ba5e8d3    r1889@lilal:  allison | 2005-12-04 17:47:47 -0800  Bring 
XHTML formatter closer into line with expected output from Pod::Simple.
      adds  b506f2c    r1909@lilal:  allison | 2005-12-07 09:48:29 -0800  
Adding more complete link construction.
      adds  641e9f4    r2012@lilal:  allison | 2005-12-13 23:19:40 -0800  Add a 
test for a custom block type.
      adds  88ed29b    r2013@lilal:  allison | 2005-12-14 00:16:21 -0800  
Adding more complete header and footer features to the XHTML formatter.
      adds  338002b    r2016@lilal:  allison | 2005-12-14 00:38:34 -0800  
Update to match changes in XHTML formatter.
      adds  5f008c8    r2178@lilal:  allison | 2005-12-17 15:49:15 -0800  
Adding 'reinit' method, to allow parser objects to be reused in limited  
circumstances when the user requests it.
      adds  df8d90f    r2180@lilal:  allison | 2005-12-19 14:22:28 -0800  
Change the name of a method to more accurately reflect what it does.
      adds  d982a8d    r2182@lilal:  allison | 2005-12-19 16:20:41 -0800  Add 
url prefixes and postfixes.
      adds  044b484    r2814@lilal:  allison | 2006-01-15 16:26:21 -0500  
Adding tests for new reinit method.
      adds  b686d6f    r2815@lilal:  allison | 2006-01-15 16:30:06 -0500  
Commenting the new reinit method.
      adds  0c7e570    r2818@lilal:  allison | 2006-01-16 20:44:23 -0500  
Adding test for new reinit functionality.
      adds  d899486    r2819@lilal:  allison | 2006-01-16 20:50:17 -0500  
Update version for new release.
      adds  efedb40    r2820@lilal:  allison | 2006-01-16 21:10:52 -0500  
Renaming directory to eliminate ^ from name.
      adds  f919e0f    r2821@lilal:  allison | 2006-01-16 21:16:41 -0500  
Eliminate ^ from directory name.
      adds  698a4f8    r2822@lilal:  allison | 2006-01-16 21:21:27 -0500  
Renaming to fit 8.3 naming scheme.
      adds  cd72aeb    r2823@lilal:  allison | 2006-01-16 22:05:03 -0500  
Renaming directories to eliminate ^ from names.
      adds  37f8d0f    r2824@lilal:  allison | 2006-01-16 22:08:06 -0500  
Renaming directories to eliminate ^ from names.
      adds  8c3aa6a    r2825@lilal:  allison | 2006-01-16 22:09:27 -0500  
Renaming directory to eliminate ^ from name.
      adds  d4285a4    r2826@lilal:  allison | 2006-01-16 22:24:59 -0500  
Renaming to bring closer to 8.3 naming scheme (though not actually there  yet).
      adds  e5e17b9    r2827@lilal:  allison | 2006-01-16 23:09:16 -0500  Steve 
Peters' changes to test files for distribting in core Perl.
      adds  4d45a38    r2828@lilal:  allison | 2006-01-16 23:11:05 -0500  
Renamed files for cross-OS compatibility.
      adds  4a22a41    r2829@lilal:  allison | 2006-01-17 00:49:16 -0500  Craig 
Barry's changes to fix module name extrapolation on VMS.
      adds  18a1bb9    r2830@lilal:  allison | 2006-01-17 00:53:11 -0500  Fix a 
coredump while parsing perltoc. (Core change #26702: Remove the  greedy 
quantifier from inside the grouping (?:) so that it and the  greedy quantifier 
on the (?:) don't fight each other until the C stack  is exhausted.)
      adds  0c6e66b    r2846@lilal:  allison | 2006-01-17 18:26:18 -0500  
Better testing on the new reinit method.
      adds  4a40cb6    r2848@lilal:  allison | 2006-01-18 11:56:39 -0800  
Missed two $_ uses.
      adds  74265b0    r2849@lilal:  allison | 2006-01-18 11:59:34 -0800  
Preparing for 3.04 release.
      adds  253c859    r2850@lilal:  allison | 2006-01-18 16:49:57 -0800  
      adds  0b70b25    r2861@lilal:  allison | 2006-01-19 12:19:11 -0800  Patch 
from Craig Berry for older VMS systems that don't allow multiple  dots in 
      adds  a134587    r3087@lilal:  allison | 2006-01-25 11:06:18 -0800  Patch 
for 5.6.1 sent in by anonymous guest on
      adds  3cb078c   Converting tests to 8.3 naming convention.
      adds  8f98ce5   Adding comments before renaming to make up for 
self-documentation of long names.
      adds  a2ca7a9   Renaming to 8.3 standard.
      adds  438f2df   Renaming test_lib directories.
      adds  d9a7fdc   Shortening directory name.
      adds  b4f85b3   Add a note about the unimplemented corpus.
      adds  f39752c   Shortening the names of text output files.
      adds  ebbef6a   Shortening filenames of more sample files.
      adds  059fe5f   Shortening filenames of corpus files.
      adds  952d14e   Patch from JHEDDEN to pass core tests when Encode isn't 
      adds  c0fe963   Applied test patch from KWILLIAMS for 5.005_04 
      adds  dbfb6c3   Preparing for release with changelog entry.
      adds  7cd0899   Skip tests that are failing on Debian, and provide an 
alternate test where needed.
      adds  461d0ab   Refining skip tests for Debian.
      adds  7276046   Using a real skip in the final example.
      adds  8267cd7   Updating version for release.
      adds  6e3a6cf   Preparing for release.
      adds  6fcc895   Preparing for release.
      adds  0c31f21   Applying patch from Christopher Madsen to fix a Gentoo 
problem with architecture directories.
      adds  1a4810e   One more update preparing for release.
      adds  e4e3884   fix for RT#35812 and RT#34579 (duplicates); copy $1 
before passing to catfile
      adds  ed169d9   fix RT#20222: using the result of parse_from_file ($self) 
is not a useful exit status, and parse_from_file will croak on error
      adds  94679cd   fix RT#29439 by requiring a that works
      adds  e7ea9c9   Up the version to 3.06, preparing for upcoming release.
      adds  fbd5800   Start adding new entry to changelog, preparing for 
upcoming release.
      adds  4e99fdd   rewrite history
      adds  61e8343   fix easy-seeming bugs (?)
      adds  ff304d3   apply (failing) tests from RT#4896
      adds  2227d7f   include entity in url of complex link
      adds  6f47a05   rework url-handling to fix RT#4896
      adds  c5f9b6c   update changes
      adds  5a19cb7   add myself to maintainers
      adds  a75d55b   assigning to $ell does not help change $treelet
      adds  021ab32   do not dumper
      adds  d5ecd49   clarify url-finding; rename * to *_part for clarity; 
provide scope for temp lexicals; add text|url to list of formats
      adds  8ad7a93   make it possible to use a pre-existing parser to test
      adds  a0e637c   failing test for RT#25679
      adds  fbd477e   skip and document
      adds  2f52f57   fix RT#25679
      adds  ffdd21e   yay
      adds  c13571b   Resolve "Uninitialized value" warning reported by David 
Wheeler, add a test for it.
      adds  ee14ef9   Add Pod::Simple::XHTML to the MANIFEST for inclusion in 
the release tarball.
      adds  8082fc3   Add a feature to parse additional text after =begin 
target as a block title. Resolves RT#16935.
      adds  66f4210   Storing updated META.yml file, generated during 
distribution build.
      adds  0700389   make dependency on HTML::Entities optional
      adds  2fed5ad   Add Test::More to the list of requirements.
      adds  642e7a5   do not try to test HTML::Entities if it is not installed
      adds  16d1931   Prepare to launch 3.07.
      adds  03155f9   fix RT#36446
      adds  13f6e4b   note fix
      adds  99d5ae9   Patch from David Wheeler, resolves RT #45829.
      adds  52bed38   Add credit for encoding fix.
      adds  c404f8b   Preparing for 3.08 release.
      adds  789e974   Preparing to release 3.08.
      adds  53c173b   Add support for an index (TOC) in the XHTML output.
      adds  e6bf47e   Add `strip_verbatim_indent` attribute. This allows one to 
strip leading whitespace from verbatim blocks. You can specify what text to 
strip, or pass a code ref that can calculate what to strip based on the 
contents of the verbatim block itself.
      adds  da00042   Added the `nocase` option to the accessors in PullParser. 
Original patch from Graham Barr, used for Documentation and 
tests from yours truly.
      adds  9af2162   Removed redundant code from Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch.
      adds  6392419   Added `search_class()` to Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch
      adds  2921375   Fix invalid XHTML meta tag.
      adds  ce5b330   Added regression for XHTML. It fails, and I am not sure 
where to fix it.
      adds  1ac6b65   Encode entities everywhere, not just in verbatim blocks 
and code spans.
      adds  e08aa44   Fixed misplaced TOC in XHTML output -- it was appearing 
before the <html> tag!
      adds  a0d6647   Fix XHTML to output definition lists when it should, 
rather than (broken) unordered lists.
      adds  2bab112   Fix XHTML so that multiparagraph list items work 
      adds  9632f5c   Apply an updated URL patch from Leon Brocard. Closes RT 
      adds  3aaf40c   Add note about URL update.
      adds  6164d73   Fixed test failures with older versions of HTML::Entities 
(RT #43903 from Salvador Tercia).
      adds  65d14f0   Comment.
      adds  3098596   8-char file names for aged OSs (RT #40450).
      adds  a85ebd7   Changing the version of Pod::Escapes in the 'use' 
statement to match the one required in Makefile.PL.
      adds  4e38e74   Add a patch and test for entity decoding in 
Pod::Simple::XHTML for RT #49615.
      adds  ebf9054   Change CSS files generated by HTMLBatch to be no more 
than 8.3 characters long. (RT #40450 from Renee Baecker)
      adds  9952039   Add paragraph html tags to expected output.
      adds  f75b424   Put the paragraph tags on the *output* instead of the 
input. Include the new test in the count.
      adds  5c9da75   Restrict the entity decoding to the special 'sol' and 
'verbar' entities for now.
      adds  f61ef6d   Add changelog entry for entity decoding.
      adds  6e0e86e   Merging in updates to perlpod and perlpodspec from perl 
      adds  5c20614   Updating documentation for 'complain_stderr' to reflect 
actual behavior. Resolves RT #39268.
      adds  e161572   Fixed a bug in Pod::Simple::HTML where a definition term 
item with no corresponding definition item would be output with no closing 
</a></dt>. (RT # 37107 from Kevin Ryde).
      adds  574891a   Added handling for numeric entities in Pod::Simple::XHTML.
      adds  08de1f1   Changelog additions for numeric entities, plus general 
      adds  e1fe004   A POD tag found inside a complex POD tag (e.g., "C<<< 
C<foo> >>>") is now properly parsed as text and entities instead of a tag 
embedded in a tag. This is in compliance with `perldoc perlpod` (RT #12239 from 
Michael Schwern).
      adds  025ad5b   Update date and version preparing for release.
      adds  29e949e   There is no LICENSE file in this distro.
      adds  b0fb24f   Add license and author to the makefile template so 
META.yml can be generated properly.
      adds  2bcb933   Copying in updated META.yml generated for 3.09 release.
      adds  3013713   Updating version to the most recent significant 
      adds  1cb654d   Converted test files that had DOS enedings to have Unix 
endings (RT #50922 from Steve Hay).
      adds  de0c20f   Skip tests on VMS where the lack of filename case 
preservation can wreak havoc (RT #51184 from Craig A. Berry).
      adds  e5cea25   Fix nested definition lists in XHTML output.
      adds  2291e9b   Updated MANIFEST -- some files were missing from the last 
release or two.
      adds  9ac27b2   Incremented version number to 3.10.
      adds  8469d50   Remove MANIFEST.SKIP from the MANIFEST.
      adds  d2ddd3c   Restore index (TOC) to HTMLBatch output. RT #52324.
      adds  14f4d06   Add tests for link output in plain text.
      adds  53ca907   Add tests for link output in HTML. The manpage inks need 
to be fixed.
      adds  e5facee   Added tests for links in XHTML output. Some quite broken, 
need fixing.
      adds  b0e9cdb   Add metadata to `META.yml`.
      adds  2500272   Skip `.git` in the `MANIFEST`.
      adds  0b664a6   I kant spel.
      adds  f6805a5   Updated `MANIFEST.SKIP` via `#!include_default`.
      adds  fa2e758   Fix man links in Pod::Simple::HTML output
      adds  78ea3a4   Use prefix/postfix instead of printf format for man URLs. 
      adds  38e20f0   Link man pages in XHTML output.
      adds  90d5938   Various XHTML link fixes.
      adds  1fa38cd   Removed the `E<>` handling from P::S::XHTML.
      adds  9c34477   Fixed URL test user error. Mea Culpa.
      adds  1e61e81   Improved Text + URL output from Pod::Simple::Text.
      adds  b674302   Sync perlpod and perlpodspec with core.
      adds  a21e0c6   A couple of bug fixes from Graham Barr
      adds  ae33cd0   Add do_section() to Pod::Simple::HTML
      adds  879aa3e   Update Author, Support, and copyright info.
      adds  7ad3e6f   Wordsmith the "DESCRIPTION" a bit and write the README
      adds  6a79a4c   Sync  module version numbers to 3.11.
      adds  4001b33   Update `META.yml` and `ChangeLog` for 3.11 release.
      adds  f6ee2d3   Remove "All rights reserved" from all files
      adds  42f2254   Add some acknowledgements.
      adds  2f810ec   merge in xhtml html_h levels
      adds  ca1e25e   add html_h_levels to ::HTML, too
      adds  020e355   fix plans
      adds  b85655e   fix changelog errors
      adds  796a605   Add `batch_mode_page_object_init()` to Pod::Simple::XHTML
      adds  1347256   Allow `=begin html` to output correctly from P::S::XHTML
      adds  8333693   Kill `fullstop_space_harden`.
      adds  fbb5c2f   Bump version number to 3.12 and timestamp for release.
      adds  fa0f1e7   Remove deleted file from MANIFEST.
      adds  d3fd9af   Updated ChangeLog for 3.14.
      adds  6edb010   do not "use UNIVERSAL"
      adds  600f764   Give credit where credit is due.
      adds  e02b2ab   Reversed the change applied in release 3.09 to fix RT 
      adds  5a781aa   bump version number
      adds  9fd3643   fix version in README
      adds  6af7c7f   Timestamp for 3.14.
      adds  f04cb82   Remove `perlpod.pod` and `perlpodspec.pod`.
      adds  15f08fa   Remove MANIFEST and META.yml.
      adds  4ccf67a   Fix HTMLBatch stylesheet names.
      adds  d17d830   Remove inadvertent line break.
      adds  0c3488b   added closing slash for link tag in html_css
      adds  eff33f9   Note fix from HarleyPig.
      adds  0a63c7e   Perl 5.13 has become pickier.
      adds  f985548   some documentation
      adds  a622589   Credit where credit is due.
      adds  45826e8   Properly encode entities in URL in XHTML anchor tag.
      adds  51a052e   Strip white space from identities.
      adds  2681f07   Removing extraneous apostrophes, not relevant to the 
test, but causing failures with versions of HTML::Entities older than 3.46. See 
RT #60450.
      adds  c8873e4   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  85b2a65   Increment version number to 3.15.
      adds  bdbd2b5   Timestamp for 3.15.
      adds  2e1cee2   Make tests pass on case-insensitive file systems other 
than VMS.
      adds  6b4d49b   Make test pass on case-insensitive file systems.
      adds  85d1c08   Fix typos (spelling errors) in cpan/Pod-Simple/*.
      adds  9d7b1ef   fix Pod::Simple::XHTML to handle nested uls and ols + 
      adds  40f9881   replace invalid xhtml tag <nobr> with CSS equivalent + 
update test
      adds  c453c40   Note Pod::Simple::XHTML changes from felliott.
      adds  575b6f1   Full name.
      adds  6de1989   Make podchecker a lot happier.
      adds  30cca1c   Credit Michael Stevens.
      adds  859acfa   Fix "Minimal code" example.
      adds  d2ede56   s/parse_from_file/parse_file/ in Pod::Simple::HTML.
      adds  93e45ba   Fix double-underscore.
      adds  5bee7ac   Remove unnecessary use of Carp.
      adds  f953044   Add `html_charset` attribute to P::S::XHTML.
      adds  0f6dae5   Add `html_encode_chars` attribute to P::S::XHTML.
      adds  416bc47   Fix misspelling of `=encoding` in parser.
      adds  36720cb   Increment to v3.16.
      adds  97ccb8c   Timestamp v3.16.
      adds  39b3bbf   Increment to v3.17.
      adds  2f5d50c   Document tertiary methods.
      adds  b2e1d35   fixed a few typos
      adds  465e300   added backlink option, base on Pod::Html's backlink option
      adds  3ee2202   fixed typo in L<podpage> example
      adds  ce5fdaa   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  e1a4338   added backlink option, based on Pod::Html's backlink 
      adds  ccdaf3f   backlinks now link to the body tag, not the index tag (so 
they can exist if the index does not)
      adds  1455ce3   html body id attribute more unique and registered in 
$self->{ids} for idify()
      adds  a4c5ee1   Credit where credit is due.
      adds  16f734b   Fix typos.
      adds  c034496   I can never keep \Q and \E straight.
      adds  9a67b92   HTML body id attribute only exists if backlink flag is 
      adds  923a280   Allow =item text to be accessible outside of 
_handle_text. Use this feature to anchor =item directives in ::XHTML.
      adds  441b81a   Fix indentation and leftover statements
      adds  8741597   Fix the bug in which =item directives were not anchored 
and thus not linkable.
      adds  311a889   Provide an accessor to toggle the anchoring of =item 
definitions. Fix some formatting, too.
      adds  8889bbc   Provide test cases for the new anchor_items feature
      adds  69039c3   Allow recursiveness of survey() to be toggled on/off
      adds  c041e87   Add test cases for $search->recurse(0)
      adds  62ac70b   Merge branch 'fixsearch' of
      adds  6c6c20d   Remove 'my' declaration to fix bug
      adds  47c7419   Adds a link to Github page for use by metacpan and
      adds  18a01e4   Clarifies behaviour of content_seen method.
      adds  3b77cc3   Merge pull request #12 from oalders/master
      adds  9f601e4   Make the home page.
      adds  52c35e4   Update ChangeLog and clarify anchro_items docs.
      adds  ee2630a   Timestamp v3.17.
      adds  d922b89   Skip MYMETA in MANIFEST.
      adds  5c1d8d1   Increment to v3.18.
      adds  00460e5   Add support for \r as a line separator
      adds  70740f2   Merge pull request #13 from marcgreen/exp
      adds  320d3f0   Silence warnings.
      adds  2ffd5bf   Note \r fix.
      adds  3942aa3   Update documentation for \r being a line separator
      adds  9dd1c30   Merge pull request #14 from marcgreen/exp
      adds  77391b2   Fix long-standing test failure.
      adds  3a30176   Timestamp v3.18.
      adds  8ee2080   Increment to v3.19.
      adds  5d44f18   Update test for recurse flag to avoid test failures when 
run in parallel
      adds  18bfd93   Merge pull request #15 from marcgreen/exp
      adds  a5bd338   Record parallel test failure fix in ChangeLog.
      adds  4556df1   Add a 'pod_handler' option to Pod::Simple, similar to 
      adds  7cff25f   Merge pull request #17 from 
      adds  94aebaa   Note addition of "pod_handler" and eol tests in ChangeLog.
      adds  10b39e3   Add 'parse_empty_lists' attribute for completeness.
      adds  7b1744e   Turn unless/else into if/else to adhere to PBP
      adds  328b8d1   Change empty =over/=back block to have list_type "empty" 
instead of "block".
      adds  c754128   Fix typo
      adds  904a41b   Merge pull request #18 from marcgreen/parse-empty-lists
      adds  dce6cfb   Give credit where credit is due.
      adds  34bcefd   Implement 'whiteline_handler' attribute.
      adds  805d691   Merge pull request #21 from marcgreen/whiteline-handler
      adds  d57d40f   Add a todo regarding valid E<>'s content
      adds  8a1a44b   Merge pull request #22 from marcgreen/entity
      adds  0b4de44   Note addition of `whiteline_handler` in ChangeLog.
      adds  b6c2eba   Fix bug that incorrectly parsed =begin/=ends inside =overs
      adds  7be3d3c   Merge pull request #23 from marcgreen/begin-in-over
      adds  95b78ec   Add 'raw' attribute to L<> treelet that contains the 
L<>'s raw contents.
      adds  9e03ac2   Update small documentation errors
      adds  94f4a97   Merge pull request #19 from marcgreen/raw-attribute
      adds  28b9b5b   Allow directives that Pod::Simple autocloses to be 
recognized in subclasses.
      adds  50f9605   Use Test::More instead of Test, add name to tests
      adds  ab75660   Merge pull request #20 from marcgreen/fake-closer
      adds  309020c   Blacklist what doesn't make a whiteline instead of 
whitelisting what does
      adds  20bd11e   Merge pull request #24 from marcgreen/whiteline-handler
      adds  842e2f1   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  0475635   Changes.
      adds  7fe661d   Make Pod::Simple::XHTML compatible with 
      adds  ff61c5f   Initial commit.
      adds  ea25df2   Merge pull request #16 from kablamo/batch_compatibility
      adds  373ae72   Minor stylistic change to
      adds  5ab0b9a   Timestamp v3.19.
      adds  9c493be   Increment to v3.20.
      adds  25e952f   Remove `done_testing`. Patch from Paul Howarth.
      adds  f2b4c7d   Fix regex quoting.
      adds  4de9c36   Fix test failure on VMS.
      adds  b0f493e   Don't emit __top href unless there is alo a TOC (index).
      adds  a2a82d6   Be more consistent in creating XHTML IDs.
      adds  a61859e   Die on multiple settings of pull parser source.
      adds  d38fba6   Timestamp v3.20.
      adds  73b8e43   Increment to v3.20.
      adds  c11562c   Fix some typos.
      adds  b67b902   Whine on first non-ASCII byte-sequence and use it to 
guess Latin-1 vs UTF-8
      adds  000a107   Merge pull request #26 from grantm/encoding-warnings
      adds  e2e6134   Note Grant McLean's contributions.
      adds  da6313e   Don't turn on codes_in_verbatim by default for the XHTML 
      adds  55d4216   Merge pull request #27 from gisle/codes_in_verbatim
      adds  c3a30b3   Note "codes_in_verbatime" change in XHTML.
      adds  a025f8d   Better advice on how to override handle_text in subclass
      adds  8a084ce   Replace the "not-totally-brilliant wrapping algorithm" 
with Text::Wrap
      adds  bb255b8   Join subsequent text segments before passing them to 
      adds  678687d   Introduce handle_code method
      adds  fd41e0d   Merge pull request #28 from gisle/handle_code
      adds  df8e6f9   Adjust new corpus lines for new line wrapping.
      adds  9da067c   Note changes from Gisle.
      adds  80c02cd   Timestamp v3.21.
      adds  d726880   Increment to v3.22.
      adds  241c801   Don't whine about non-ASCII bytes in code/comments
      adds  1d4ffe8   Merge pull request #29 from grantm/encoding-warnings
      adds  64faba5   Give credit where credit is due.
      adds  1e6a3fe   Timestamp v3.22.
      adds  5cb92a1   Add a test for double anchors, in TODO block.
      adds  29306b7   Eliminate nested tags in XHTML TOC items.
      adds  903da7c   silently skip transcoding step if Pod::Simple is passed a 
character string rather than a byte string
      adds  e2178e9   document that parser expects octets
      adds  18c3e79   Merge branch 'encoding-warnings' into expect-chars
      adds  0425bad   implement 'parse_characters' option This option allows 
the user to supply POD source that has already been decoded to Perl's internal 
character format
      adds  80eec15   Merge pull request #37 from grantm/expect-chars
      adds  65359b5   Separate callback for {start,end}_code
      adds  d083631   Handle nested C<...> codes
      adds  009a0fc   Merge pull request #32 from gisle/master
      adds  b88be07   suppress spurious warnings
      adds  9a83dde   Merge pull request #38 from grantm/expect-chars
      adds  8199271   Update ChangeLog for v3.23.
      adds  97d6336   Increment to v3.23.
      adds  0f96e0a   Fix unintentially-updated version in ChangeLog.
      adds  362a76d   Increment to v3.24.
      adds  c34d95f   Fix one other typo of seekrut missed in 16f734b
      adds  ccbfd74   Merge pull request #39 from jibsheet/master
      adds  6b6793c   Remove `bugtracker` to let default stand.
      adds  1cca188   encoding heuristic should be applied to first non-ASCII 
byte sequence rather than to any byte sequence in the same chunk as the first 
non-ASCII byte
      adds  097be32   add tests for encoding heuristic corner cases These tests 
use undeclared CP1252 since a plausible Latin-1 POD source that can be detected 
as UTF-8 is much harder to contrive.  This also documents our expectation that 
'smart quote' symbols in CP1252 will be rendered as control character if no 
=encoding was declared.
      adds  48d9e11   Merge pull request #40 from grantm/encoding-heuristic
      adds  cfd7345   Add encoding fix note to ChangeLog.
      adds  c58317f   Don't end XHTML IDs with punctuation
      adds  0195964   Merge pull request #41 from Smylers/no_trailing_punc_id
      adds  2537201   Note de-punctuationifcation of XHTML IDs change.
      adds  0d15bec   Fix Github URLs to https://
      adds  177944a   Merge pull request #42 from dolmen/fix/github-https
      adds  77fd8d4   Fix test failure on Perl 5.6.2.
      adds  b9d5e09   Install into "perl" dirs only between 5.9.3 and 5.11.0.
      adds  32df686   fix Pod::Simple hash order dependency in tests
      adds  ab19c40   Merge pull request #43 from rjbs/master
      adds  9ed2b72   Credit @demerphq.
      adds  6b6c9d6   Eliminate warnings.
      adds  0f9a3e8   Inline parse_characters and _try_encoding_guess
      adds  66b6076   Close over encoding object in transcoder
      adds  5089872   Merge pull request #45 from ilmari/speedup-parse
      adds  e07b57a   Note inlining improvement from @ilmari.
      adds  5a01eba   Add warning for invalid "=item [text]"
      adds  e2bb6fe   suppress errors in item tests
      adds  1fe5991   Merge pull request #44 from rjbs/master
      adds  59be9b7   Note =item mismatch contribution from @marcgreen.
      adds  61e3452   Demonstrate a regression when C<> is used in a =headN 
      adds  17c7b67   Fix regression with C<> formatting codes inside =headN 
      adds  1ca92b9   Merge pull request #46 from 
      adds  549dfa3   Note fix for C<>s in the TOC.
      adds  8bfed74   Loosen up man page matching.
      adds  a4bb544   Fix reversed mapping of "keyboard" to "kbd" in
      adds  015f0d0   Add pre and tt to HTML tagmap.
      adds  a2047c4   Skip X<> tags when searching for titles in the pull 
      adds  84cd234   Timestamp v3.24.
      adds  4cbd31f   Increment to v3.25.
      adds  8f5efde   Remove useless code.
      adds  b39e7e3   Nicer warning for =item type mismatch.
      adds  244abfd   Timestamp v3.25.
      adds  8af5165   Increment to v3.26.
      adds  fa41915   Skip encoding tests when Encode is not installed.
      adds  fc97ecd   Add `encoding()` and `deteted_encoding()`.
      adds  a95646c   Scream in invalid encoding.
      adds  0887c5f   Timestamp v3.26.
      adds  462378d   Increment to v3.27.
      adds  a8b5d9b   bring in Pod::Checker warning about =over without =back
      adds  5fd8207   whine when L<> starts or ends with whitespace
      adds  1490734   issue a warning on raw | or / in L<text|link> text
      adds  e5f0d29   tests for recently added warning
      adds  886e83c   Merge pull request #48 from rjbs/master
      adds  3d9ac2f   Note new warnings thanks to @rjbs.
      adds  26ade9d   Add regression test for encoding behavior.
      adds  d2bac20   Prevent output of =encoding in most cases.
      adds  88cb73b   Timestamp v3.27.
      adds  abd64bc   Increment to v3.28.
      adds  3cdc311   Don't use done_testing.
      adds  c0fc99a   Fix improper test skip calculation.
      adds  312fe0c   Timestamp v3.28.
      adds  2ecb60d   Increment to v3.29.
      adds  2f88289   Avoid "unsupported encoding" test failure on Perl 5.6.
      adds  7d29e97   No need to require constant, as we do not use it.
      adds  f0d93fa   typo fix
      adds  fc1d606   typo fix
      adds  8a675ad   typo fixes
      adds  db168ba   typo fix
      adds  4f75712   typo fix
      adds  89bb360   typo fix
      adds  a1df667   typo fixes
      adds  5eac331   typo fixes
      adds  917a263   Merge pull request #49 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      adds  ec99987   Credit where credit is due.
      adds  2655adb   fix encoding directive after guessed encoding
      adds  46561ec   Test for =encoding specified after detection.
      adds  95cbad5   Add test for when declared encoding disagrees with 
previously-detected encoding.
      adds  2899721   Credit @haarg and Pat Dumas.
      adds  b08957b   Add .travis.yml for CI.
      adds  b174dd0   Test search() for *all* modules, not just a 
randomly-selected one.
      adds  cc72f43   Don't ask Sean.
      adds  835d0a0   Tidy the description of the different Pod::Simple 
      adds  7f0cff5   Emphasize the four different steps to subclassing
      adds  cc38e52   Fixed erroneous output file name in some test debugging 
      adds  aef433a   Accept '>&STDERR' to better emulate 
      adds  a3bb63c   Document STDERR support and credit Florent.
      adds  49a2c8a   gitignore swp files
      adds  1677d85   added attribute top_anchor to hold the string that is 
added to each file
      adds  de57263   Fix the Text::Wrap overflow policy.
      adds  49926f3   Update Simple.pod
      adds  4f12de2   Fix src attribute on script tag to use matching quotes
      adds  74dcbbb   Credit XHTML fix and update Travis hosts.
      adds  b7b60d9 Generalize for non-ASCII platforms
      adds  f1e4a99 Better printing on EBCDIC
      adds  c370617 EBCDIC fixes
      adds  be135cf Generalize for non-ASCII 
      adds  b72a3a7   Add comment from Karl about why we use an explicit 
character class.
      adds  b49f3a7   Credit Karl.
      adds  2977483   Merge EBCDIC fixes from Karl Williamson.
      adds  e34832c   Append CSS only once.
      adds  5fa5a91   Document Pod::Simple::Search::recurse.
      adds  22cdd28   Deprecate Perl < 5.6.
      adds  cb884b5   Don't die on two =encoding directives in a row.
      adds  52de002   Add TODO tests for `=begin html` bug.
      adds  bb23b85   Preserve newlines in `=begin html` blocks in the HTML 
      adds  cfb63f4   Timestamp v3.29.
      adds  0deb9bd   Increment to v3.29_1.
      adds  31942ec   Tighten up the first pass at command recognition.
      adds  3f62a26   Work around floating-point precision issue.
      adds  df3120d   Fix wording in various paragraphs for Subclassing
      adds  987c770   Credit @rwstauner.
      adds  fc19611   Sync @INC handling between find() and survey().
      adds  f13d010   Note change to find().
      adds  639da72   Bump VERSION to 3.29_2
      adds  01b29c6   xhtml01.t: Generalize for non-ASCII platforms
      adds  b012e8c Fix debug statement
      adds  b201d8f   Generalize the t/search* fcns for non-ASCII platforms
      adds  d36122b   Generalize NBSP and SHY handling for non-ASCII platforms
      adds  806e6d0 Generalize BOM handling for non-ASCII 
      adds  6cb7a0c   Fix some escapes to work on non-ASCII platforms
      adds  58150b2   Fix encoding guessing to work on EBCDIC platforms
      adds  306c32b EBCDIC enhancement
      adds  21b9a13 Generalize for non-ASCII platforms
      adds  bb33df1   corpus.t: Allow to work on platforms without -u diff 
      adds  65fd417   corpus.t: Skip on EBCDIC
      adds  a52f7c0   Generalize XHTML name detection for non-ASCII platforms
      adds  95735d9   encod04.t: Fix-up two tests
      adds  0e5609e   encod04.t: Generalize for EBCDIC
      adds  0b60e3a   encod04.t: White-space only
      adds  82fdd27   Pod::Simple now works on EBCDIC platforms
      adds  56c7e4c   Clarify docs
      adds  c1c48df   Bump VERSION to 3.29_3
      adds  b38f29b   Default to CP1252 instead of ISO 8859-1
      adds  b7746e3 Fix bad regex pattern
      adds  9eb5dc8 Fix inadvertently modified regex
      adds  7e9f309   t/ Don't crash on early Perl EBCDICs
      adds  9fff016   t/encod04.t: Fix so will run on Perls < v5.8
      adds  bc785a5   encod04.t: Skip a test on early Perls
      adds  1f552c2   Fix cp1252 for early Perls
      adds  c71eb6a   Sync version.
      adds  fb9d6f4   Merge branch 'ebcdic' from @khwilliamson.
      adds  c1d77b4   Timestamp v3.29_3.
      adds  43f2218   Increment to v3.29_4.
      adds  56deb12   No more beta.
      adds  c3e7f36   Assume .pod is always Pod.
      adds  e1c73da   Whitespace.
      adds  48cbdb1   Require that .pod files contain Pod.
      adds  18bfb2c   Prefer .pod over .pm and .pm over .pl.
      adds  5c2650b   Timestamp v3.29_4.
      adds  65f766b   Fix version.
      adds  1b008ca   Increment to v3.29_5.
      adds  f19fcf9   Timestamp v3.29_5.
      adds  0aa2028   Do case-insensitive comparisons.
      adds  eba1847   Increment to v3.29_6.
      adds  c169da7   Add case-insensitive and -preservation smarts to Search.
      adds  e14ce46   Sort .pod before .pm and .pm before .pl.
      adds  3cb0fd1   Better handle searching for Pod::*.
      adds  96fc5c6   Simplify survey() file ordering.
      adds  a24999f   Timestamp v3.29_6.
      adds  f0da5bd   Increment to 3.29_7.
      adds  1d2e5c3   Increment to v3.30.
      adds  e4473b0   Timestamp v3.30.
      adds  a4a6ed5   Imported Upstream version 3.30
       new  25748e2   Merge tag 'upstream/3.30'
       new  df994f9   prepare changelog for the next release
       new  355383c   drop spelling.patch, applied upstream
       new  6810d7d   drop inc/Module/* in d/copyright, there's no inc/ anymore
       new  8d33b41   Declare conformance with Policy 3.9.6
       new  abc9a15   releasing package libpod-simple-perl version 3.30-1

The 8 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 ChangeLog                                          | 111 +++++++++++++++
 MANIFEST                                           |   5 +
 MANIFEST.SKIP                                      |   1 +
 META.json                                          |   5 +-
 META.yml                                           |  39 +++---
 Makefile.PL                                        |   2 +-
 README                                             |   2 +-
 debian/changelog                                   |  15 +-
 debian/control                                     |   3 +-
 debian/copyright                                   |   6 -
 debian/patches/series                              |   1 -
 debian/patches/spelling.patch                      | 154 ---------------------
 debian/upstream/metadata                           |   5 +
 lib/Pod/                                  |  79 ++++++-----
 lib/Pod/Simple.pod                                 |  18 +--
 lib/Pod/Simple/                         | 137 +++++++++++++++---
 lib/Pod/Simple/                          |  12 +-
 lib/Pod/Simple/                            |   5 +-
 lib/Pod/Simple/                       |   4 +-
 lib/Pod/Simple/                        |  10 +-
 lib/Pod/Simple/                             |  55 +++++---
 lib/Pod/Simple/                        |  14 +-
 lib/Pod/Simple/                      |   4 +-
 lib/Pod/Simple/                          |   2 +-
 lib/Pod/Simple/                         |   2 +-
 lib/Pod/Simple/                       |   9 +-
 lib/Pod/Simple/               |   2 +-
 lib/Pod/Simple/             |   2 +-
 lib/Pod/Simple/              |   8 +-
 lib/Pod/Simple/                  |   2 +-
 lib/Pod/Simple/                              |  53 ++++---
 lib/Pod/Simple/                           | 142 ++++++++++++-------
 lib/Pod/Simple/                       |   5 +-
 lib/Pod/Simple/Subclassing.pod                     |  71 ++++++----
 lib/Pod/Simple/                             |  15 +-
 lib/Pod/Simple/                      |   8 +-
 lib/Pod/Simple/                        |   2 +-
 lib/Pod/Simple/                        |   2 +-
 lib/Pod/Simple/                    |  61 +++++---
 lib/Pod/Simple/                   |   2 +-
 lib/Pod/Simple/                            |  50 +++++--
 lib/Pod/Simple/                     |  23 +--
 t/                                   |  26 ++++
 t/basic.t                                          |   6 +-
 t/corpus.t                                         |   6 +-
 t/corpus/enc_char_directive.txt                    |  13 ++
 t/corpus/{encwarn02.xml => enc_char_directive.xml} |   9 +-
 t/corpus/enc_char_wrong_directive.txt              |  13 ++
 ...{encwarn02.xml => enc_char_wrong_directive.xml} |  16 ++-
 t/corpus/encwarn01.xml                             |   2 +-
 t/corpus/lat1frim.xml                              |   2 +-
 t/enc-chars.t                                      |  25 +++-
 t/encod04.t                                        | 148 ++++++++++++--------
 t/html01.t                                         |  19 ++-
 t/render.t                                         |   2 +-
 t/search10.t                                       |  20 ++-
 t/search12.t                                       |  19 ++-
 t/search20.t                                       |  19 ++-
 t/search22.t                                       |  19 ++-
 t/search26.t                                       |  15 +-
 t/search28.t                                       |  13 +-
 t/search50.t                                       |  87 ++++++------
 t/xhtml01.t                                        |  22 ++-
 63 files changed, 1031 insertions(+), 618 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 debian/patches/series
 delete mode 100644 debian/patches/spelling.patch
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 create mode 100644 t/
 create mode 100644 t/corpus/enc_char_directive.txt
 copy t/corpus/{encwarn02.xml => enc_char_directive.xml} (80%)
 create mode 100644 t/corpus/enc_char_wrong_directive.txt
 copy t/corpus/{encwarn02.xml => enc_char_wrong_directive.xml} (65%)

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