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 tagged by  Damyan Ivanov
        on  Fri Jun 12 12:03:53 2015 +0000

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tagging package librpc-xml-perl version debian/0.79-1
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Alessandro Ranellucci (2):
      Use utf8::encode() instead of utf8::downgrade()
      Replace utf8::downgrade() with utf8::encode() in length() too

Christian Walde (1):
      skip passwd test on windows

Damyan Ivanov (7):
      Add debian/upstream/metadata
      Update debian/changelog
      Imported Upstream version 0.79
      Merge tag 'upstream/0.79'
      Suggest libcgi-pm-perl | perl (<< 5.19)
      Declare conformance with Policy 3.9.6
      releasing package librpc-xml-perl version 0.79-1

James Green (1):
      Replace indirect object notation with direct

Niko Tyni (1):
      Update patch metadata

Randy J. Ray (172):
      Admin file
      Per RT#42033: Add ErrorContext to the creation of XML::Parser objects.
      Pattern excluding XPL files was too liberal
      Support for declaration of namespaces in XPL code.
      Merge branches 'master' and 'namespaces'
      Forgot to update the version, and forgot a POD change.
      Interim fix for encoding issues, prior to the mega-encoding work.
      Merge commit 'HEAD'; commit 'b2acc9a'
      Follow-up to previous commit, some serialization-related problems.
      RT #34132: Based on a patch from the requestor, added support for <nil/>.
      RT #27778: Fix problems with child-process management on Windows.
      Applied a regexp-fix from Joakim Mared for stringification of doubles.
      RT#35106: Make the behavior of RPC::XML::array constructor work as 
      Update the copyright year and license information, and add contact data.
      RT #34559: Allow control of LWP::UA timeouts from within client class.
      Small hack to the existing SSL hack for Socket6 problems.
      Since Scalar::Util requires 5.006, make that the base required Perl 
      Prep work for 0.65 release.
      Eclipse-related data
      RT #47219: Re-did the detection of compression availability.
      RT #47220: Net::Server tests are not (currently) viable on Windows.
      RT #47221: Applied a patch from, for better Windows 
      All modules now use the "warnings" pragma.
      Prep for 0.66 release.
      RT #47219: Mis-read the patch from previous fix, this actually fixes it.
      Admin for 0.67 release (plus permissions-fix on two test files)
      Minor clean-up of old CVS/SVN keyword references.
      Converted parsing to be from a specific class to a parser-factory style.
      Admin tweaking
      Cleaner approach to scrubbing symbol tables.
      New tests, and developer-specific tests changed to only run in my copy.
      One more patch for Windows compatibility with temp files.
      Fixes based on Perl::Critic and other best-practices techniques.
      Also made changes based on Perl::Critic.
      Expanded definition of the interface to include push-parsing methods.
      Slight tweak to make this 5.6.1-compatible.
      Support user-adjustment of server-based faults, and normalize the existing
      Fix encoding of return values from call() when the method called is of 
      Bug fix
      Re-visit how arrays and structs are smart-encoded and constructed, so as 
      Minor additions
      Prep for 0.67 build
      RT #49406: Make Base64 data-type allow zero-length data.
      Hand-applied a patch (most likely from Bill Moseley) to extend the 
      Fixed another corner-case for the url() test.
      Fixed a case from previous work that caused "undef" warnings.
      Restore backwards-compatibility for projects that use RPC::XML::Parser
      RT#50413: Incorrectly called server_fault() as if it were a coderef.
      Forgot to adjust version number
      Applied patch from Frank Wiegand to fix a POD problem.
      Some additional regexp issues on dateTime.iso8601, to handle
      Fixed some minor doc errors.
      Moved the 'require' of some libraries to the point where they are
      Fix file perms
      POD fix
      Implement support for XML::LibXML in the parser-factory.
      Reflect new GitHub path in docs
      Doc fixes.
      Prep for 0.70 release
      Moved author-only tests to xt/, updated MANIFEST.
      Add test suite 28_parser_bugs_50013.t, which was omitted from last 
      Re-engineered the author-only/release tests, since they're no longer in
      Prep for 0.71 release
      Bump version number for CPAN
      RT#52662: Fix requirement specification on XML::LibXML.
      Some more clean-up of the docs, removing a redundant section.
      Prep for 0.72 release
      Rename of t/28_parser_bugs_50013.t to fit more universal scheme for
      RT #54183: Provide handling of SIGPIPE when sending the response to the 
      Forgot to add the new test suite to MANIFEST.
      Forgot to update the module version number.
      Fix typo in reftype() call.
      RT #54494: Fix handling of blessed references in smart_encode().
      Large-scale code clean-up driven by Perl::Critic. All critic flags
      Forgot to add t/90_rt54494_blessed_refs.t when it was created.
      Prep for 0.73 release.
      Make this suite skip all tests on Windows platforms.
      Clean up some run-time "use of undefined value" messages.
      RT #58323: Started as making the parser interfaces correctly report errors
      RT #58240: Applied a patch from Martijn van de Streek that adds access to 
      Allow the parsing of <nil /> tags when they are encountered, even if
      This test sporadically fails, so enhance the error message for more info.
      Applied perlcritic to the make_method tool.
      RT#62916: Fixed dateTime.iso8601 stringification.
      Used warnings::unused to find unused vars.
      Realized there were no boundary tests for ints.
      Control/admin file changes for 0.74 release.
      Somehow, t/13_no_deep_recursion.t never got added.
      RT#65154: Fixed cut/paste error in error message.
      Merge pull request #2 from dragon3/master
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Added new test suite to MANIFEST, fixed spelling.
      Merge pull request #3 from yannk/master
      Undo a change to this suite from yannk's pull.
      Added MYMETA.yml to ignore.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      More perlcritic-driven clean-up.
      Add the silly ".DS_Store" of MacOS to ignore.
      Fixed external entity handling on MacOS.
      Took out warnings on external entities blocking.
      Added cover_db (Devel::Cover storage area).
      Additions to increase code coverage in
      Turns out this wasn't exporting RPC_I8.
      Made 5.8.8 the new minimum-required perl.
      Improved arguments-checking in send_request.
      Fixed error-cases in usage of File::Temp->new().
      Parser clean-ups/bug-fixes from better tests.
      Roll and into
      Fixed regexp for methodName validation.
      First round of Devel::Cover-inspired improvements.
      Fixes and such from Devel::Cover analysis.
      Fixes for file-based method loading/reloading.
      RPC::XML::Procedure test-coverage improvement.
      Last round of RPC::XML::Procedure test coverage.
      Documentation clean-up and update.
      Changes from new Perl::Critic::Bangs policies.
      Added MYMETA.json to ignore.
      Adjustments to reflext moving from t to xt.
      Removed some error checks that can never fail.
      Code-coverage-driven changes and added tests.
      Fixes from new Perl::Critic policies.
      Removed usage of AutoLoader completely.
      Removed some dead code and better did the aliases.
      RT#67694: Fix a potential infinite-loop condition.
      Preparation for 0.75 release.
      Oops, forgot t/25_parser_negative.t.
      Fixed typos in docs pointed out by Debian team.
      Better version of the fix for infinite loops.
      Forgot to bump version number.
      This test was still testing RPC/XML/
      Clean up test suite to work with older Test::More.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      These tests had failures when run as root.
      Moved the 64-bit "TODO" tests to a SKIP block.
      RT#65616: Fix for slow methods killing servers.
      RT#55628: Improve flexibility of date parsing.
      Preparation for 0.76 release.
      Fix a test failure on Windows.
      RT#70408: Fix spelling error in man page.
      Fix to handle cases where server creation fails.
      RT#67486: Add port to Host hdr in client requests.
      RT#65341: Added forgotten library File::Temp use.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Forgot to bump version number.
      Merge pull request #4 from wchristian/windows_fix
      Changed 64-bit test from use64bitint to longsize.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Checkpoint refactoring and additional tests.
      Add ignore of t/
      RT#72780: Check for a possible parser failure.
      RT#71452: Correct handling of dateTime parameters.
      Renamed t/30_method.t to t/30_procedure.t.
      Added a Makefile artifact.
      RT#77992: Make it work with Net::Server again.
      Admin files changes for 0.77 release.
      A patch to loop detection in smart_encode from Dag-Erling Smørgrav.
      RT#83108: Fixed a spelling error. Some other fixes, too.
      Force key-ordering in struct as_string and serialize.
      Undo the previous change and fix the test.
      Replaced direct evals with Module::Load usage.
      Fixed a message string.
      Merge pull request #5 from alexrj/utf8-encode
      Finish the uft8 encode vs. downgrade change.
      Merge pull request #6 from dctabuyz/master
      Merge pull request #7 from kvar/master
      Bump version numbers on modules changed in github pulls.
      Admin files for 0.78 release.
      Test clean-up/fixes to address CPAN test failures.
      Perl::Critic clean-up of test suites.
      Fix to prevent a new sprintf-related warning.
      Merge pull request #8 from jkg/docfixes
      Preparation for 0.79 release.

Yann Kerherve (1):
      Don't allow external entities

dctabuyz (2):
      added 'no_blanks' libxml option to skip blank XML::LibXML::Text nodes
      replace `\xd' character (CR) with `&#xd;' entity

dragon3 (1):
      Allow Host header

kvar (1):
      initialize $do_compress to 0 before checking whether the request is 

rjray (332):
      New repository initialized by cvs2svn.
      *** empty log message ***
      Initial check-in of the lobotimized XML-RPC implementation
      Small change to how data is extracted
      A great deal of change and addition. Most noteworthy is the integration of
      Mostly cleanup and changes for fitting with the Server class.
      Added an -except clause to add_default_methods and documented it.
      More changes to method-handling, mainly in terms of allowing more control 
      One small doc fix, and turned this into an auto-loaded lib.
      Changed the architecture again
      Changes from work @ work
      More fleshing out, this should now be almost ready to test
      Various adjustments and work from stuff @ work
      Renamed to .base extension
      These are all the .text files re-named
      Added entity and attr declarations for "package". Removed the three 
      Template files for the Apache::RPC::Server version of system.status
      Various adjustments based on new functionality/syntax for make_method
      Some DTD additions, large-scale changes to the batch-mode processing 
      Re-arrangements and additions
      Some re-arrangements for the method base-files, and changing the 
      *** empty log message ***
      Pulled the old legacy __CRIS from the names
      Removed the <package> stuff
      Added (but purposely not yet documented) the call() method. Made 
      Decided not to mess with the whole package thing, so this change yanks it 
      Made a tweak to load_XPL_file so that it doesn't assign code blocks that 
      Wow-- pretty well screwed that up last try.
      Some more minor additions, plus a init_handler routine to be installed as 
      Updated comment docs a little, added a LICENSE section to the pod
      Added a LICENSE section to the pod docs.
      Changed UNIX-centric file naming to use File::Spec. Dropped the
      Added a LICENSE section to the pod docs
      Extended the docs with material for the "Specifying Server Methods" 
      *** empty log message ***
      Sample elements and support files
      Notes regarding XML::Parser and Apache
      Added ex/ files
      Changed XML::Parser requirement
      A number of adjustments, mostly to the base-file format.
      Changes to reflect syntax change in make_method
      Large-scale editing, and testing cycle; work while in OKC
      Set-up for initial release (0.25)
      Added extra CLEAN args for pod2html artifacts
      Bumped release number, eased XML::Parser requirement
      Small change to how response headers are set up, small change to output 
      More sub-class-friendly way of setting some of the instance attributes
      Just documentation updates/enhancements
      Updates for 0.26
      Added a couple of convenience methods to RPC::XML::fault for fetching the
      Tidied up to use the Test module and just be a little cleaner.
      as_string() method of RPC::XML::base64 was using incorrect container tags.
      This suite attempts to test all the datatype classes, with as much
      A couple more typo-fixes in base64.
      *** empty log message ***
      Added the two new test suites
      Added a specific-version requirement for File::Spec (to guarantee 
      Test suite for the RPC::XML::Parser class.
      Clean-up and clarification work on the documentation.
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Bumped VERSION for new release
      Added a clause in the BEGIN block to remove the Apache::RPC::Server entry 
      Commentery changes and some stylistic tweaks (object syntax related)
      Template rpm specfile for generation of RPM and SRPM files. Critical 
      Copied RPM/SRPM functionality from Perl-RPM and Image::Size. Like 
      Renamed this file
      Changes to the name of the template spec file and the generated spec file
      Abstraction of the method-manipulation code from RPC::XML::Server
      Checkpoint for laptop
      Subtle little buglet in RPC::XML::string::as_string that was decoding the
      I like this version of RPC::XML::string better-- delay the entity encoding
      Added two more tests to check the encoding of RPC::XML::string objects
      Shortened to just
      *** empty log message ***
      Renamed check() to is_valid() and added a clone() method that makes a new
      All (or almost all, at least) the method-related code has been re-written 
      More functionality added, allowing for the (base) server class to delegate
      Removed all the indention that was put in to make the XML readable. Since 
      Moved a huge chunk of the man page (all the XPL syntax stuff) to the
      Added some more functionality, introduced AutoLoader into the mix, and 
      *** empty log message ***
      Added the lib/RPC/XML/ file
      Went back and put in some tests in the routines that manipulate the lists 
      Some cleanup in the docs and a lot in the new() method, so that it is both
      Update for 0.28
      Removed some documentation verbage that was a hold-over from previous
      Updated the code blocks to use the RPC::XML::Method object API for info
      Updated the version numbers on these four to reflect changes in the code
      Test data for the XPL-style reading in of methods (for RPC::XML::Method 
      Test suite for RPC::XML::Method class
      Test suite for RPC::XML::Server class
      Various and minor fixes/enhancements, mostly while on vacation. See 
      Added new test suites and related files
      Notes for 0.29
      VERSION => 0.29
      Fixed a bug in the way new() handled the 'host' and 'port' parameters when
      Code cleanup and a fix to get_server() when called to retrieve an existing
      Fix from Blizzard ( to control timeout on HTTP::Daemon
      Bumped version number up to 0.30. Also re-did the handling of XPL 
      Checkpoint changes from vacation
      Documentation fixes
      This is the second checkpoint of this module. 85-95% of the functionality 
      Added load test for Apache::RPC::Status
      More work on the docs, and some weird bug hunting.
      For 0.30
      Added Apache::RPC::Status
      Fixed a potentially nasty bug in the command-line-switch specification of 
      Support for "procedure" as a container tag
      Reflect that "proceduredef" is now available as a container-tag
      This has become RPC::XML::Procedure. This is maintained as a stub for now.
      This is the new RPC::XML::Method. The thought is that having this, and 
      Added entries for all the (current) modules
      Minor errors discovered during the development of regression tests.
      Bump version numbers to reflect that code has changed.
      Added an is_fault() method to the datatype base-class, so that the client
      Some minor clean-up and sanity tests
      Added more tests, bringing the current total to 40. All of the packaged 
      Did some re-engineering of the interfaces simple_request and
      * Changed to use RPC::XML::Procedure rather than RPC::XML::Method
      Did some clean-up in the eval the creates the closure when reading an XPL
      admin file
      Short routines shared by more than one test suite
      Moved the start_server and find_port routines to a separate file so that 
      New test suites. Set 50 is for the client class, and set 60 tests most of 
      Removed completed items.
      Added new files
      Did some cleaning up around the handling of the callbacks.
      Some adjustments to the workings when Net::Server is engaged, discovered 
      Bumped version number, added some detrius to the cleaning-list
      Added counterpart functions to most of the *_method_* routines with the 
      For release 0.35
      for 0.35
      Fixes to correct a file omission in the 0.35 release
      Info changes
      Changed use of ::Method to ::Procedure
      Fixed a bug in auto-loading methods
      Bumped version
      Applied and tweaked a patch from a user. Signal-handling in server_loop() 
      Fixed small problem in new() where it was looking for an Apache::Server
      Small change because some systems get a trailing / on the URL
      Small tweak to reflect that an error message has corrected grammar
      Small fix to grammar in an error message
      Syntactic support for "functiondef" as a top-level container tag
      Changes to the way code is encoded in <code> blocks, support for 
      Abstracted out the code-invocation from the server class. Added a method
      Added lib/RPC/XML/, changed comment on two others
      Added dependancy on etc/make_method to the method files, bumped version 
      A type of Procedure object that makes no tests or use of signatures
      Some far-reaching changes made. Much of the actual calling of method-code 
      Changes for 0.40
      Updated for 0.40
      Fixed an oversight in RPC::XML::response wherein a clone operation was 
      Wrap the call to XML::Parser::parse in an eval, so that badly-formed input
      The call() method was still returning a RPC::XML::response object in one 
      Changed version number for release
      Documentation issues for 0.41
      Small fix to the testing of the Content-Type header, so that it tests for 
      In time2iso8601, the initial parameter ($time) now defaults to calling the
      Fixed small (but significant) buglet in how RPC::XML::base64 objects are
      Added a call to content_type() in the block that handles HEAD requests, so
      Include ref-tests on a couple of the tests, to avoid fatal errors.
      HTTP::Daemon is now truly loaded on-demand only. It won't show up in
      Support for handling compressed content, both from the server and in 
terms of
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Added support for compression.
      Changes up to 0.42
      *** empty log message ***
      Bumped version number
      Inserted a sleep(1) to allow some sockets time to die.
      Make the provided system.methodSignature introspection hook behave like 
      Reflect change to the code
      Nasty bug in handler around the compression support (using $self rather 
      Added a credentials() method to set Basic Authentication information on 
      Added a helper for i4 (RPC_I4) that was somehow overlooked. Cleaned up 
      Small fix to docs
      Changes between 0.42 and 0.43
      Prep for 0.43 release
      Fixed the export lists, removing some throw-backs to earlier design.
      Documentation fixes
      Multiple fixes: doc fixes all around, implementing the bytelength fix for
      Changes for the 0.44 release
      Added an explicit EnternEnt event handler, to defend against XML eXternal
      Fixed the way it tests for the bytes pragma, and fixed an ordering 
problem in
      Changes for 0.45 release
      Patches from Andrew Langmead and one other. One fixes compression 
      Changed the binary called for creating RPM files
      Moved "1" terminator
      Use a variable to store a result, rather than call the method 4 or more 
      For 0.46 release
      Fixed handling of RPM-related stuff when not present (it is not 
      Changed the usage of =head3 directives in the manual page to a =over/=back
      Simple, reasonably-sized binary file for testing base64 with file-handles
      Test suite for exercising the RPC::XML::base64 file-handle support.
      Tests to cover the serialize() methods of the various data classes
      Added tests to exercise the to_file() method as well.
      Gutted and re-engineered most of the RPC::XML::base64 class to enable 
      In order for the client and server classes to use serialization, they will
      Added the new test suites and a file used within t/ by the suites
      Added the ability to spool Base64 data directly into filehandles and then 
      Added tests for the Base64-to-filehandle functionality of the class.
      Changed the test for the bytes pragma in the BEGIN block so that it works 
      Add support for passing parameters to the creation of the RPC::XML::Parser
      Qualify two calls to length() as being core calls, not methods
      Fixed credentials() to work correctly. I had misunderstood it previously.
      Added a test for the spool-to-file loop of the client code.
      Many many changes. Most use of internal attributes changed to use 
      Added support in the parse() method to create a streamable parser object 
      Oops. Left a debugging line in.
      Added a second test in the new segment, to also test the
      Added support for passing arguments to LWP::UserAgent::new() in the
      Implemented large-message spooling and parsing of requests with the
      Bumped version number
      Updated; removed items that have been done, added new ones
      Porting the compression-of-responses code to the Apache module pointed 
out a
      Damn it-- another one. Did none of this get exercised by the test suite?
      Adapted the message-to-file, spooling, et al code from RPC::XML::Server. 
      Debugging changes.
      For 0.50 release
      Notes regarding Apache2/mod_perl2
      Added README.apache2
      Removed an extraneous print (to a read-only FH, no less).
      Added second arg to skip() calls for older versions of the Test module
      Added a second argument to all calls to MIME::Base64::encode_base64, to
      Force a default value for compress_re so that no warnings are triggered 
      Changes for 0.51 release
      Some encoding problems regarding changes to base64 and eol-characters
      Omit Apache2 files for now
      Try to get rpm building to work again with forced install roots
      Really got the warning, this time. Also got some lurking pseudo-problems 
      More changes, to work under rpm 4.1 and also to clean up the Requires 
      Fixed a nasty bug that was keeping all the additional headers from getting
      Fixed a small error in SYNOPSIS
      Changes for 0.52
      Changlog issue
      Eliminate a warning under 5.00503
      Changes to the opening of files for base64 data. The existing method 
      Version bump and changes for PPD files
      Added consideration to the filehandle-length tests for Win-ish offsets.
      Added a forgotten binmode() call at one point in the base64-to-file 
      Notes for 0.53
      Win32 problem was due to \n in serialization
      Small syntax nit
      Added a test for struct keys that contain XML special characters, and also
      Clean-up change to the escaping of special XML chars in RPC::XML::string
      Patch from Tim Peoples to implement a "NoCompression" PerlSetVar 
directive to
      Swapped a lc+regexp operation for a simple string-comparison. More 
      Two doc typoes.
      Updated docs regarded struct member-name entity encoding, and added some
      Applied a patch from Chris Darroch to allow better handling of arguments 
      Fixed some parsing errors in the DTD.
      Added to the $CLEAN list and bumped the version number
      Changes from a patch provided by Tim Peoples: Add support for undef 
values to
      When an error is signaled for a bad signature, the offending signature is 
      Changes for 0.54 release
      *** empty log message ***
      Fix from Thomax G. to the loop-invariance near line 1403, for a bug that
      *** empty log message ***
      Clarify in the message emitted why the tests are skipped when Net::Server 
      Fix based on input from several sources: The Content-Encoding header was 
      Applied a fix from the Debian maintainer of this package for their
      Start delivering ChangeLog.xml.
      Applied a patch from a user to fix a problem with reading PerlSetVar 
      Version bump.
      Notes for release
      *** empty log message ***
      Small change to the generated XML, to add an "encoding" setting to the XML
      Very minor changes, to make the test work with older Perls and/or Test 
      Add "encoding" settings to all XML preambles, and make the scalar variable
      Traced a bug that was causing test failures in 50_client.t to a bug in 
      Fix to the error-handling for a failed LWP::UserAgent->request call in
      Tightened some numeric comparisons (for deciding to compress and/or spool 
to a
      Adding the encoding to the request and response blocks messed up some of 
      Changed all URL references to the Artistic License from the (no longer 
      Preparation for 0.56 release
      Some minor changes to how values are read from the configuration, to 
      The "system.status" method (both the general one and the one that is
      Based on a report from Brian Phillips, made adjustments in the
      Prep for 0.57 release
      Applied patches from Stephen Veiss to fix a small bug in the encoding 
method of
      Applied a patch from Mike Pomraning to allow user-level functions to 
      Implemented a modified version of a patch from Lubomir Host that 
addresses an
      Incremented package version number and put in warning of the impending 
      Changes for release preparation
      Eliminated the source of some "Modification of a read-only value..." 
      Two new unit-test suites added; the first checks the validity of the POD 
      Fixes to POD documentation (and/or inline comments) as uncovered by the 
      admin file
      The README.apache file is no longer relevant.
      Fixed the logic around the setting of $no_def in new(); it was handling 
      Applied a patch from Jos Boumans to add flexibility to the smart_encode() 
      Preparation for 0.59 release
      Forgot the two new test suites
      Related to the main change of RT ticket #30849, fixes potential problem
      Per RT ticket #30849, fix problem causes by having colons in temp-file 
      Copy of this file, for use with the ChangeLog.xml file in root.
      Applied a modified form of a patch submitted by Mike Rylander 
      Fixed the bug in RPC::XML::Server::process_request() could lead to an
      Made a do-nothing branch in RPC::XML::smart_encode actually die with an 
      Applied a patch from Chris Darroch to make the spawning of servers work in
      Set the svn:keywords property.
      Applied a patch from Masatake Daimon to improve the performance of the
      Based on report in RT ticket #29351, fixed a bug that caused a server to
      Per RT ticket #31818, fix to the XML serialization of double values to 
      In response to concerns raised by a report of parsing problems, added XML
      Typo in a test diagnostic.
      RT #34557: Provide access to client-side connection info to methods 
called on
      Added cover_db (generated by Devel::Cover) to svn:ignore, and deleted 
      Updated all copyright/redistribution information with current year and
      Admin/prep work for 0.60 release.
      Converted to Test::More. Some cpan-testers reports were showing test 2
      Changed a test for "localhost:$port" in the server URL method to 
      Test suites armored against server processes that die as a result of 
      Fix for RT#36078, fix the URL testing on the server object to be less 
      RT#30354 Implement the 'i8' type as an extension to the official RPC-XML 
      Preparation for 0.61 release.
      Some of the work in armoring the test suites against server-death changed 
      One more change-set needed for 0.61 to fix broken tests.
      Extended the die message when $srv fails to allocate. Some testers are 
getting a failure here but I have no idea how or why.
      Testers-service reports showed that the new i8 type was not auto-boxing 
correctly on true 64-bit machines. Turns out I had bogus values for the 
maximums and minimums, not just for 8-byte ints but also for plain 4-byte ones 
as well.
      Prep for 0.62 release.
      Forgot to bump $VERSION.
      Prep for 0.63.
      Further flexibility on the test of $srv->url(). This should (finally) 
catch any variation of 127.* address and/or host/domain naming that aliases to 
      Lingering problem from RT#30354, RPC::XML::Parser did not get the change
      Prep for 0.64 release


This annotated tag includes the following new commits:

       new  843b018   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  0972b52   Update debian/changelog
       new  5ad4520   Merge tag 'upstream/0.79'
       new  f887684   Suggest libcgi-pm-perl | perl (<< 5.19)
       new  0b5ef96   Declare conformance with Policy 3.9.6
       new  d0e34d5   releasing package librpc-xml-perl version 0.79-1

The 6 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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