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      from  c4b613a   Update patch metadata
       new  843b018   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  0972b52   Update debian/changelog
      adds  2f7a3d3   New repository initialized by cvs2svn.
      adds  e900222   *** empty log message ***
      adds  04826aa   Initial check-in of the lobotimized XML-RPC implementation
      adds  af57bfb   Small change to how data is extracted
      adds  8586a69   A great deal of change and addition. Most noteworthy is 
the integration of the Net::Server package, and the removal of the label in 
accept_loop (which had problems anyway).
      adds  7f20b45   Mostly cleanup and changes for fitting with the Server 
      adds  5e1a9db   Added an -except clause to add_default_methods and 
documented it.
      adds  24aaca8   More changes to method-handling, mainly in terms of 
allowing more control over the path in which XPL files are searched for, and an 
easier time of adding a whole directory-worth of methods.
      adds  b79ce83   One small doc fix, and turned this into an auto-loaded 
      adds  b096e3d   Changed the architecture again
      adds  e4c8e90   Changes from work @ work
      adds  e479008   More fleshing out, this should now be almost ready to test
      adds  9682878   Various adjustments and work from stuff @ work
      adds  afc0af4   Renamed to .base extension
      adds  4daf88b   These are all the .text files re-named
      adds  ed79294   Added entity and attr declarations for "package". Removed 
the three character entities because XML pre-defines them anyway.
      adds  5abd0fe   Template files for the Apache::RPC::Server version of 
      adds  be4c0b5   Various adjustments based on new functionality/syntax for 
      adds  9710f57   Some DTD additions, large-scale changes to the batch-mode 
processing (--base option). Docs updated.
      adds  74804c9   Re-arrangements and additions
      adds  4605c55   Some re-arrangements for the method base-files, and 
changing the construction of that part of the %PM_FILES hash to allow for 
methods in places other than the top-level dir.
      adds  a59b2eb   *** empty log message ***
      adds  4d6f9f7   Pulled the old legacy __CRIS from the names
      adds  00f2cfb   Removed the <package> stuff
      adds  a311655   Added (but purposely not yet documented) the call() 
method. Made server_loop() the only game in town by merging the accept_loop 
code with it and keying off of the presence/absence of an HTTP::Daemon 
instance. Docs updated for this part of the change.
      adds  777b785   Decided not to mess with the whole package thing, so this 
change yanks it all
      adds  c434271   Made a tweak to load_XPL_file so that it doesn't assign 
code blocks that have a language attribute that is something other than "perl".
      adds  52fff32   Wow-- pretty well screwed that up last try.
      adds  3084389   Some more minor additions, plus a init_handler routine to 
be installed as a PerlChildInitHandler.
      adds  321c8e3   Updated comment docs a little, added a LICENSE section to 
the pod docs. Added the start of dynamic loading of methods, including storing 
the source file name and mtime on the table structure. Went through and 
replaced all areas that were still using UNIX-centric file naming and changed 
to File::Spec usage.
      adds  074b6e8   Added a LICENSE section to the pod docs.
      adds  2ada86e   Changed UNIX-centric file naming to use File::Spec. 
Dropped the method-package stuff. A little more cleaning on the 
usable-as-a-subclass front, and most of the docs are in place.
      adds  b145939   Added a LICENSE section to the pod docs
      adds  b542571   Extended the docs with material for the "Specifying 
Server Methods" section.
      adds  00eb668   *** empty log message ***
      adds  ad4c298   Sample elements and support files
      adds  216817c   Notes regarding XML::Parser and Apache
      adds  c457e3b   Added ex/ files
      adds  c9233c6   Changed XML::Parser requirement
      adds  6b83f35   A number of adjustments, mostly to the base-file format.
      adds  d4b308f   Changes to reflect syntax change in make_method
      adds  251240f   Large-scale editing, and testing cycle; work while in OKC
      adds  60ea5b9   Tasklist
      adds  38fcbaa   Set-up for initial release (0.25)
      adds  92d0f86   Added extra CLEAN args for pod2html artifacts
      adds  02a6fed   Bumped release number, eased XML::Parser requirement
      adds  aa2079e   Small change to how response headers are set up, small 
change to output means so that this may work as a stacked handler at some 
future point.
      adds  02aa88f   More sub-class-friendly way of setting some of the 
instance attributes
      adds  3b5c9f3   Just documentation updates/enhancements
      adds  d6008f7   Updates for 0.26
      adds  d312f71   Added a couple of convenience methods to RPC::XML::fault 
for fetching the error code and error string. Documented.
      adds  ed2cc28   Tidied up to use the Test module and just be a little 
      adds  e6b4aa4   as_string() method of RPC::XML::base64 was using 
incorrect container tags.
      adds  5bd5a0e   This suite attempts to test all the datatype classes, 
with as much completeness as possible.
      adds  c308364   A couple more typo-fixes in base64.
      adds  72d7cf0   *** empty log message ***
      adds  9a121c1   Added the two new test suites
      adds  ca60c9d   Added a specific-version requirement for File::Spec (to 
guarantee splitpath)
      adds  f19e445   Test suite for the RPC::XML::Parser class.
      adds  a155d81   Clean-up and clarification work on the documentation.
      adds  7588cfd   *** empty log message ***
      adds  e17c2ba   *** empty log message ***
      adds  7cd5ab9   Bumped VERSION for new release
      adds  5da4465   Added a clause in the BEGIN block to remove the 
Apache::RPC::Server entry in the list of modules if mod_perl is not available. 
Otherwise, the resulting test failure may confuse people.
      adds  6aa8050   Commentery changes and some stylistic tweaks (object 
syntax related)
      adds  b5cefa4   Template rpm specfile for generation of RPM and SRPM 
files. Critical values filled in by MakeMaker.
      adds  db33224   Copied RPM/SRPM functionality from Perl-RPM and 
Image::Size. Like Image::Size, this uses an external template rather than an 
in-line spec file from __DATA__.
      adds  585152b   Renamed this file
      adds  66c8fe5   Changes to the name of the template spec file and the 
generated spec file
      adds  2e2d41f   Abstraction of the method-manipulation code from 
      adds  aac2aa8   Checkpoint for laptop
      adds  a1a7cdf   Subtle little buglet in RPC::XML::string::as_string that 
was decoding the string before pasting the value into the XML. This was causing 
& and related characters to be transmitted unencoded.
      adds  fd0b158   I like this version of RPC::XML::string better-- delay 
the entity encoding until XML stringification, thus it isn't done for usual 
value() retrieval. This has the added bonus that the class can be a subclass of 
RPC::XML::simple_type and the new() and value() methods can be inherited from 
      adds  224ec28   Added two more tests to check the encoding of 
RPC::XML::string objects
      adds  8501106   Shortened to just
      adds  e880279   *** empty log message ***
      adds  ed17d9c   Renamed check() to is_valid() and added a clone() method 
that makes a new object from an old, pointing to the same code-ref but copying 
the signature array.
      adds  81dfb09   All (or almost all, at least) the method-related code has 
been re-written to use the RPC::XML::Method class instead. Makes for much 
cleaner code at this level, particularly around the validity tests and such.
      adds  13d8246   More functionality added, allowing for the (base) server 
class to delegate almost all method-related functionality to here, except for 
the actual invocation (and I'm still debating that one).
      adds  8a4c904   Removed all the indention that was put in to make the XML 
readable. Since this is no longer a "reference implementation", there is no 
longer the need for the extra characters being sent down the pipe.
      adds  90dd2b0   Moved a huge chunk of the man page (all the XPL syntax 
stuff) to the RPC::XML::Method man page. Changed the absolutisms of 
RPC::XML::Method in the server code to allow a user-specified class. Some 
tweaks to other doc areas.
      adds  f0aa089   Added some more functionality, introduced AutoLoader into 
the mix, and added the documentation (including a big chunk from 
RPC::XML::Server, the XPL stuff).
      adds  353263e   *** empty log message ***
      adds  4d9c224   Added the lib/RPC/XML/ file
      adds  fcde6a5   Went back and put in some tests in the routines that 
manipulate the lists of signatures, to catch cases in which a newly-added (or 
deleted?) signature could cause the re-hashing of the table to fail. Added 
apropos docs to the man page.
      adds  0d093bc   Some cleanup in the docs and a lot in the new() method, 
so that it is both clearer to the end-user and more consistent with 
      adds  2724bb7   Update for 0.28
      adds  7785f5b   Removed some documentation verbage that was a hold-over 
from previous (deprecated) work.
      adds  0a8ebc5   Updated the code blocks to use the RPC::XML::Method 
object API for info
      adds  5b399ad   Updated the version numbers on these four to reflect 
changes in the code
      adds  9e67e39   Test data for the XPL-style reading in of methods (for 
RPC::XML::Method tests)
      adds  762e21b   Test suite for RPC::XML::Method class
      adds  c3dad07   Test suite for RPC::XML::Server class
      adds  ba67c07   Various and minor fixes/enhancements, mostly while on 
vacation. See ChangeLog.
      adds  e72714b   Added new test suites and related files
      adds  61995ac   Notes for 0.29
      adds  db4b26a   VERSION => 0.29
      adds  7d1c3f0   Fixed a bug in the way new() handled the 'host' and 
'port' parameters when 'no_http' was specified. Also re-did the way url() 
builds the string when 'port' is 80 or 443.
      adds  58d4da1   Code cleanup and a fix to get_server() when called to 
retrieve an existing server (only found since Apache::RPC::Status started using 
this context).
      adds  e16919d   Fix from Blizzard ( to control 
timeout on HTTP::Daemon
      adds  e1f3cbd   Bumped version number up to 0.30. Also re-did the 
handling of XPL generation, which had been using the % syntax of GNU make. This 
should be more portable.
      adds  c29bb1b   Checkpoint changes from vacation
      adds  cab1749   Documentation fixes
      adds  76d8ddd   This is the second checkpoint of this module. 85-95% of 
the functionality is now in place, and the documentation is at about 80%.
      adds  c8f2fe7   Added load test for Apache::RPC::Status
      adds  a394808   More work on the docs, and some weird bug hunting.
      adds  39b23e1   For 0.30
      adds  2ab4455   Added Apache::RPC::Status
      adds  0a62e8f   Oops
      adds  3896091   Fixed a potentially nasty bug in the command-line-switch 
specification of code files, and clarified some things in the pod section.
      adds  f1f7ed2   sync
      adds  400cc69   Support for "procedure" as a container tag
      adds  66d3533   Reflect that "proceduredef" is now available as a 
      adds  2d499df   This has become RPC::XML::Procedure. This is maintained 
as a stub for now.
      adds  3ee78ea   This is the new RPC::XML::Method. The thought is that 
having this, and ::Method as an empty subclass, allows for easy distinction 
between procedures and methods.
      adds  0980d94   Added entries for all the (current) modules
      adds  4d99115   Minor errors discovered during the development of 
regression tests.
      adds  aa7254b   Bump version numbers to reflect that code has changed.
      adds  0289b3b   Added an is_fault() method to the datatype base-class, so 
that the client can return data more directly, and programs can test data 
objects for fault-ness without using ISA. Also cleaned-up and corrected some 
      adds  e6ca545   Some minor clean-up and sanity tests
      adds  469c80a   Added more tests, bringing the current total to 40. All 
of the packaged methods (the introspection API + system.multicall) are tested 
now, as a part of this suite.
      adds  25dd5b3   Did some re-engineering of the interfaces simple_request 
and send_request. Also added (and documented) support for configurable 
callbacks to trigger on errors and on faults (separately or combined).
      adds  54caf6d   * Changed to use RPC::XML::Procedure rather than 
RPC::XML::Method * Took out the "method_class" stuff that was silly anyway * 
Explain the distinction between procedures vs. methods in the docs * Explained 
the setting of default namespaces for XPL-loaded code * Put support for procs 
vs. methods in the dispatch() routine
      adds  06feccf   Did some clean-up in the eval the creates the closure 
when reading an XPL file. Also now force the eval'd code to execute in a 
specific namespace, to prevent it defaulting to main.
      adds  7b96093   admin file
      adds  d77603c   Short routines shared by more than one test suite
      adds  792029b   Moved the start_server and find_port routines to a 
separate file so that they can be used by other tests. Had to include use of 
File::Spec to portable read them in under Test::Harness.
      adds  381f2c0   New test suites. Set 50 is for the client class, and set 
60 tests most of what set 40 tested for servers, except that it tests on a 
server that uses the Net::Server module, rather than the HTTP::Daemon module. 
It also skips if the Net::Server module is not available.
      adds  398b873   Removed completed items.
      adds  a285a38   Added new files
      adds  cbabfee   Did some cleaning up around the handling of the callbacks.
      adds  66eff05   Some adjustments to the workings when Net::Server is 
engaged, discovered while writing the test suite.
      adds  0d4c510   Bumped version number, added some detrius to the 
      adds  ec4650b   typo
      adds  3953241   Added counterpart functions to most of the *_method_* 
routines with the name "proc" instead, for sake of symmetry. Documented.
      adds  de54f09   For release 0.35
      adds  05a1473   for 0.35
      adds  a367485   Fixes to correct a file omission in the 0.35 release
      adds  3a522f4   README
      adds  03dcf03   Info changes
      adds  f3e8013   Changed use of ::Method to ::Procedure
      adds  bd8076b   Fixed a bug in auto-loading methods
      adds  b3cb1ee   Bumped version
      adds  f9b4557   Applied and tweaked a patch from a user. Signal-handling 
in server_loop() had issues, this should fix most of them.
      adds  2ed01e3   Fixed small problem in new() where it was looking for an 
Apache::Server instance to get info from.
      adds  6e0e839   Small change because some systems get a trailing / on the 
      adds  99614e8   Small tweak to reflect that an error message has 
corrected grammar
      adds  e95a549   Small fix to grammar in an error message
      adds  4ce0528   Syntactic support for "functiondef" as a top-level 
container tag
      adds  bb175a9   Changes to the way code is encoded in <code> blocks, 
support for <functiondef>
      adds  2b8a221   Abstracted out the code-invocation from the server class. 
Added a method called "call" that handles the actually calling and 
error-trapping of the code block the object encapsulates.
      adds  4b4d161   Added lib/RPC/XML/, changed comment on two 
      adds  645efa9   Added dependancy on etc/make_method to the method files, 
bumped version number
      adds  1b7b71c   A type of Procedure object that makes no tests or use of 
      adds  d1b4cfb   Some far-reaching changes made. Much of the actual 
calling of method-code was moved into the RPC::XML::Procedure class. The code 
within dispatch() and call() was simplified, and some redundancy was moved into 
get_method(), where it better belonged.
      adds  18eeeae   Changes for 0.40
      adds  6b557bb   Updated for 0.40
      adds  35686e9   Fixed an oversight in RPC::XML::response wherein a clone 
operation was never implemented. This caused a certain outside case where new() 
might return a null value incorrectly. Related to a problem reported by Sergey 
      adds  faa41c1   Wrap the call to XML::Parser::parse in an eval, so that 
badly-formed input doesn't kill a running server (or client). Reported by Kevin 
      adds  3deffb8   The call() method was still returning a 
RPC::XML::response object in one place, whereas all the return values should be 
data values, not containers. Reported by Sergey Scherbinin.
      adds  ce4370b   Changed version number for release
      adds  80eea19   Documentation issues for 0.41
      adds  729e10a   Small fix to the testing of the Content-Type header, so 
that it tests for the presence of text/xml within a potentially larger header, 
not just an eq test. Found by Ryan Barber (
      adds  b85057d   In time2iso8601, the initial parameter ($time) now 
defaults to calling the time() function.
      adds  ede5594   Fixed small (but significant) buglet in how 
RPC::XML::base64 objects are created within the state machine.
      adds  9b4312e   Added a call to content_type() in the block that handles 
HEAD requests, so that a HEAD response properly identifies the only content 
type the server sends.
      adds  296b24f   Include ref-tests on a couple of the tests, to avoid 
fatal errors.
      adds  83ce642   HTTP::Daemon is now truly loaded on-demand only. It won't 
show up in subclasses like Apache::RPC::Server that have no use for it. 
Compression is now supported via Compress::Zlib (if available). Methods related 
to it have been documented.
      adds  bfc6a41   Support for handling compressed content, both from the 
server and in terms of setting it for outbound messages.
      adds  841287a   *** empty log message ***
      adds  e21f969   *** empty log message ***
      adds  3b12ad0   Added support for compression.
      adds  03adcd5   Changes up to 0.42
      adds  19a9089   *** empty log message ***
      adds  6485b26   Bumped version number
      adds  55b162d   Inserted a sleep(1) to allow some sockets time to die.
      adds  0779f37   Make the provided system.methodSignature introspection 
hook behave like the accepted standard.
      adds  1e8155d   Reflect change to the code
      adds  989aadc   Nasty bug in handler around the compression support 
(using $self rather than $srv to call methods on). Fixed.
      adds  3d367b3   Added a credentials() method to set Basic Authentication 
information on the LWP::UserAgent object the client object stores.
      adds  ccf47d4   Added a helper for i4 (RPC_I4) that was somehow 
overlooked. Cleaned up docs around the list of data-classes, and added 
documentation of the "type" method, which has somehow been overlooked until now.
      adds  a06c404   Small fix to docs
      adds  1638b7f   Changes between 0.42 and 0.43
      adds  4f95985   Prep for 0.43 release
      adds  1d232c1   Fixed the export lists, removing some throw-backs to 
earlier design.
      adds  84dea05   Documentation fixes
      adds  f43d115   Multiple fixes: doc fixes all around, implementing the 
bytelength fix for non-US encodings, and the undef-in-regex fix around 
compression support.
      adds  3c4a854   Changes for the 0.44 release
      adds  2b7fb4b   Added an explicit EnternEnt event handler, to defend 
against XML eXternal Entity (XXE) attacks. Per suggestion by Gregory Steuck.
      adds  2d25b0d   Fixed the way it tests for the bytes pragma, and fixed an 
ordering problem in the same place.
      adds  64e78fc   Changes for 0.45 release
      adds  9923e15   Patches from Andrew Langmead and one other. One fixes 
compression problems, the other addresses corruption of the url() property.
      adds  19166f7   Changed the binary called for creating RPM files
      adds  ec735a1   Moved "1" terminator
      adds  3cde425   Use a variable to store a result, rather than call the 
method 4 or more times. Moved the "1" to a better place.
      adds  9c7dc5d   For 0.46 release
      adds  6e6ef83   Fixed handling of RPM-related stuff when not 
present (it is not part of distribution file). Bumped version number.
      adds  cdb5d14   Changed the usage of =head3 directives in the manual page 
to a =over/=back block instead. The =head3 directive requires a newer set of 
pod utilities, and would mean the package had trouble building on 5.005 
      adds  ade42e1   Simple, reasonably-sized binary file for testing base64 
with file-handles
      adds  531697c   Test suite for exercising the RPC::XML::base64 
file-handle support.
      adds  3379086   Tests to cover the serialize() methods of the various 
data classes
      adds  4ddc617   Added tests to exercise the to_file() method as well.
      adds  d87758e   Gutted and re-engineered most of the RPC::XML::base64 
class to enable support for filehandles instead of literal data. Added 
serialize() methods to all the data classes to support having the client and 
server classes stream data rather than build in-memory strings all the time. 
Added docs for all of this.
      adds  f7645ed   In order for the client and server classes to use 
serialization, they will have to derive the Content-Length header. These 
changes implement a length() method in all data classes, adds docs and adds 
      adds  7dd5075   Added the new test suites and a file used within t/ by 
the suites
      adds  a0432cd   Added the ability to spool Base64 data directly into 
filehandles and then pass those handles to the RPC::XML::base64 ctor. Also 
added options into the class ctor to control and tune the behavior. Documented, 
as well.
      adds  01a899e   Added tests for the Base64-to-filehandle functionality of 
the class.
      adds  2a65a5b   Changed the test for the bytes pragma in the BEGIN block 
so that it works with 5.00503.
      adds  2bb37ec   Add support for passing parameters to the creation of the 
RPC::XML::Parser object.
      adds  b962cfa   Qualify two calls to length() as being core calls, not 
      adds  a931ee5   Fixed credentials() to work correctly. I had 
misunderstood it previously.
      adds  0cad667   Added a test for the spool-to-file loop of the client 
      adds  a39847d   Many many changes. Most use of internal attributes 
changed to use accessors instead, in case of sub-classing. Changed the parse 
model for incoming messages to use the non-blocking Expat parser, and parse 
directly from the incoming stream using a call-back on the agent-request. 
Lastly, added (and documented) support for outgoing messages above a certain 
size to be spooled to disk first, then sent from the open filehandle. This is 
in anticipation of the need at Tellme, [...]
      adds  5e4c599   Added support in the parse() method to create a 
streamable parser object using the parse_start method of XML::Parser.
      adds  55a759a   Oops. Left a debugging line in.
      adds  347bb97   Added a second test in the new segment, to also test the 
file-spool-with-compression branch of the client code.
      adds  53761cc   Added support for passing arguments to 
LWP::UserAgent::new() in the constructor for the client. Documented.
      adds  b278d6e   Implemented large-message spooling and parsing of 
requests with the non-blocking Expat parser. Also normalized some direct 
references to attributes to instead use accessor methods. Added and documented 
the attributes for message_file_thresh and message_temp_dir.
      adds  e585748   Bumped version number
      adds  83c3ff1   Updated; removed items that have been done, added new ones
      adds  7363898   Porting the compression-of-responses code to the Apache 
module pointed out a bug in spooling the compressed data to files.
      adds  2d7f472   Damn it-- another one. Did none of this get exercised by 
the test suite?
      adds  a1edd75   Adapted the message-to-file, spooling, et al code from 
RPC::XML::Server. Not tested yet, must switch to tremere to test.
      adds  d2f5233   Debugging changes.
      adds  17c84a3   For 0.50 release
      adds  c727d8d   Notes regarding Apache2/mod_perl2
      adds  34a8f8b   Added README.apache2
      adds  efc612d   Removed an extraneous print (to a read-only FH, no less).
      adds  a0e7511   Added second arg to skip() calls for older versions of 
the Test module
      adds  d0008eb   Added a second argument to all calls to 
MIME::Base64::encode_base64, to suppress newlines at the end of each 76-char 
column. This is to accomodate some broken Java libraries.
      adds  a6d279f   Force a default value for compress_re so that no warnings 
are triggered when it gets used.
      adds  84109d1   Changes for 0.51 release
      adds  9629a4b   Some encoding problems regarding changes to base64 and 
      adds  d529596   Omit Apache2 files for now
      adds  fbc3f6b   Try to get rpm building to work again with forced install 
      adds  f4ad7bb   Really got the warning, this time. Also got some lurking 
pseudo-problems where variables not declared don't error under auto-load, but 
would otherwise.
      adds  cc5bf24   More changes, to work under rpm 4.1 and also to clean up 
the Requires list.
      adds  c7cd1fd   Fixed a nasty bug that was keeping all the additional 
headers from getting sent back with responses. That this even worked with my 
own client class is amazing.
      adds  b1b2889   Fixed a small error in SYNOPSIS
      adds  9a5becd   Changes for 0.52
      adds  93ad429   Changlog issue
      adds  85f4897   Eliminate a warning under 5.00503
      adds  1fe43b7   Changes to the opening of files for base64 data. The 
existing method didn't work under 5.00503.
      adds  9b2fb7b   Version bump and changes for PPD files
      adds  e848436   Added consideration to the filehandle-length tests for 
Win-ish offsets.
      adds  d5a91f7   Added a forgotten binmode() call at one point in the 
base64-to-file support.
      adds  e9f8d60   Notes for 0.53
      adds  0a240bc   Win32 problem was due to \n in serialization
      adds  c16345c   Small syntax nit
      adds  0281c57   Added a test for struct keys that contain XML special 
characters, and also made several syntax-pedantry changes.
      adds  a4b9531   Clean-up change to the escaping of special XML chars in 
RPC::XML::string as_string method. Now applying the escaping to struct keys 
when turning them into XML (both in as_string and serialize).
      adds  dab3bcc   Patch from Tim Peoples to implement a "NoCompression" 
PerlSetVar directive to disable compression on demand.
      adds  86900db   Swapped a lc+regexp operation for a simple 
string-comparison. More efficient and also friendlier to non-USASCII locales.
      adds  d893255   Two doc typoes.
      adds  46e5588   Updated docs regarded struct member-name entity encoding, 
and added some coverage of the ways of initializing structs.
      adds  e87c2ab   Applied a patch from Chris Darroch to allow better 
handling of arguments in RPC::XML::Server::server_loop. While the HTTP::Daemon 
portion was fine with collapsing the arg list into a hash, the Net::Server 
portion actually has documented behavior when it sees the same argument more 
than once, and collapsing to a hash caused these extra arguments to be lost.
      adds  efe1160   Fixed some parsing errors in the DTD.
      adds  0bb1366   Added to the $CLEAN list and bumped the version number
      adds  8e2da9b   Changes from a patch provided by Tim Peoples: Add support 
for undef values to smart_encode and the string class as_string method.
      adds  865f2c1   When an error is signaled for a bad signature, the 
offending signature is now returned as part of the error message.
      adds  f85e785   Changes for 0.54 release
      adds  3af8edf   *** empty log message ***
      adds  6698f9a   Fix from Thomax G. to the loop-invariance near line 1403, 
for a bug that mostly appears with openACS-based clients.
      adds  4e8044f   *** empty log message ***
      adds  4eeeafc   Clarify in the message emitted why the tests are skipped 
when Net::Server is not available.
      adds  48cb2e0   Fix based on input from several sources: The 
Content-Encoding header was not being set correctly for responses when 
compression was applied to the response message.
      adds  bbff21a   Applied a fix from the Debian maintainer of this package 
for their distribution, David Parrish: auto-reloading of methods was not 
actually stuffing the new data into the calling object.
      adds  b756fa5   Start delivering ChangeLog.xml.
      adds  cf0b9de   Applied a patch from a user to fix a problem with reading 
PerlSetVar values withing a <Location> block (worked fine in <Perl> blocks), as 
well as a small addition to the examples in the docs.
      adds  3bc709b   Version bump.
      adds  60131d8   Notes for release
      adds  b804430   *** empty log message ***
      adds  1db64de   Small change to the generated XML, to add an "encoding" 
setting to the XML preamble.
      adds  2488fb3   Very minor changes, to make the test work with older 
Perls and/or Test modules.
      adds  8b73df1   Add "encoding" settings to all XML preambles, and make 
the scalar variable "$RPC::XML::ENCODING" an importable symbol, should users 
want to change the default encoding. Not currently documented, since this is 
technically a break from the XML-RPC spec.
      adds  0fc63f9   Traced a bug that was causing test failures in 
50_client.t to a bug in version 5.800 of the LWP package. Now, Makefile.PL 
explicitly requires 5.801 or higher, and the test suite skips the two tests 
that are broken by it, in cases where the system is still at 5.800 or older.
      adds  929198d   Fix to the error-handling for a failed 
LWP::UserAgent->request call in send_request (thanks to Jasper Cramwinckel). 
Also got a small glitch covered in one of the calls to the inflate() method in 
Compress::Zlib. Thanks to John Tobing for that one.
      adds  874e7dc   Tightened some numeric comparisons (for deciding to 
compress and/or spool to a file), and corrected a typo in an error message.
      adds  7a165e9   Adding the encoding to the request and response blocks 
messed up some of the tests in the 10_data.t and 15_serialize.t suites. Fixed.
      adds  d269137   Changed all URL references to the Artistic License from 
the (no longer valid) version to the (current, working) one.
      adds  6c7360d   Preparation for 0.56 release
      adds  96cb1be   Some minor changes to how values are read from the 
configuration, to reduce "use of uninitialized value" warnings in regex 
      adds  811ac98   The "system.status" method (both the general one and the 
one that is specific to Apache) now recognizes an optional boolean parameter 
that can keep the status call from counting against the "total_requests" struct 
value. This is to allow external monitors (status, health, etc.) to use that 
call without running up the value of that field needlessly.
      adds  971bd69   Based on a report from Brian Phillips, made adjustments 
in the smart_encode helper-routine to deal with blessed references. Anything 
that is derived from HASH or ARRAY is encoded as a struct or array, 
respectively. Anything derived from SCALAR is dereferenced and encoded as per 
usual. Carried this over to the class constructors, with special attention to 
the RPC::XML::simple_type class. Added tests to the suite for all of this, as 
      adds  6187951   Prep for 0.57 release
      adds  b8f2a2a   Applied patches from Stephen Veiss to fix a small bug in 
the encoding method of RPC::XML::string. Trying to encode the literal string 
"0" would result in a null string. The patches provided the fix and a specific 
test-case for the related suite.
      adds  726af4d   Applied a patch from Mike Pomraning to allow user-level 
functions to return RPC::XML::fault objects directly without them being further 
wrapped by intermediate layers.
      adds  452782f   Implemented a modified version of a patch from Lubomir 
Host that addresses an intermittent IOCTL problem when reading XPL files.
      adds  abc3453   Incremented package version number and put in warning of 
the impending move to XML::LibXML.
      adds  bccc774   Changes for release preparation
      adds  dda4f48   Eliminated the source of some "Modification of a 
read-only value..." errors. Patch from Juan Camacho.
      adds  137c5ba   Two new unit-test suites added; the first checks the 
validity of the POD docs in each module (correctness tests), the other checks 
that POD covers all the publically-visible API routines (coverage tests).
      adds  3ea85b8   Fixes to POD documentation (and/or inline comments) as 
uncovered by the added POD-oriented unit tests.
      adds  4d82b3c   admin file
      adds  b5f0870   The README.apache file is no longer relevant.
      adds  120c8fe   Fixed the logic around the setting of $no_def in new(); 
it was handling the no_default method-argument backwards.
      adds  2e31299   Applied a patch from Jos Boumans to add flexibility to 
the smart_encode() hack that tries to match bare Perl data to RPC classes.
      adds  5751684   Preparation for 0.59 release
      adds  12fde39   Forgot the two new test suites
      adds  1db09e5   Related to the main change of RT ticket #30849, fixes 
potential problem in the creation of temporary file names if a test script is 
run directly from the "t" directory. While at it, added a line with the 
Subversion "Id" keyword and set the "svn:keywords" property on all test scripts.
      adds  831ec19   Per RT ticket #30849, fix problem causes by having colons 
in temp-file names.
      adds  6dcb970   Copy of this file, for use with the ChangeLog.xml file in 
      adds  720b957   Applied a modified form of a patch submitted by Mike 
Rylander ( to make things work under SSL.
      adds  5b523de   Fixed the bug in RPC::XML::Server::process_request() 
could lead to an infinite loop if the client shuts down the socket before the 
full request is sent. Added a test script specific to this bug, to catch it if 
it reappears.
      adds  c37c655   Made a do-nothing branch in RPC::XML::smart_encode 
actually die with an error when a reference-type is passed in that cannot be 
converted. Added two tests to cover this, and took the opportunity to convert 
10_data.t to Test::More.
      adds  3dea1e4   Applied a patch from Chris Darroch to make the spawning 
of servers work in some corner-cases that were failing. All that was required 
was explicit specification of 'localhost' in the instantiation.
      adds  5517b9b   Set the svn:keywords property.
      adds  f2d2f51   Applied a patch from Masatake Daimon to improve the 
performance of the parser by reducing the (vast) number of string-concat 
operations. During this change, re-wrote the parser tests to use Test::More and 
have better diagnostics.
      adds  b8abbbd   Based on report in RT ticket #29351, fixed a bug that 
caused a server to incorrectly report the location and cause of an XML parsing 
error in the request. The actual bug and solution were different than initially 
reported in the ticket.
      adds  28ae972   Per RT ticket #31818, fix to the XML serialization of 
double values to conform to the XML-RPC spec, as it does not allow for 
exponential notation. This also required changes to the tests, as values were 
no longer being auto-truncated at 5 decimal places. Also finished cleaning up 
the t/10_data.t test suite with diagnostic messages on the tests that had not 
previously gotten them.
      adds  ec377c1   In response to concerns raised by a report of parsing 
problems, added XML entity encoding for ' and " (&apos; and &quot;) to the base 
RPC::XML module, and added a test to the parser suite to make sure it is 
correctly turning all core XML entities back into characters during the parsing 
      adds  dce09b2   Typo in a test diagnostic.
      adds  707c1c8   RT #34557: Provide access to client-side connection info 
to methods called on the server, by placing the data from get_peeraddr() (as 
abstracted through existing methods in HTTP::Daemon::ClientConn and 
Apache::Connection) into localized keys on the server object, as is already 
done with the method_name and signature pseudo-keys. Tests added to 40_server.t 
and docs updated.
      adds  f5e3d71   Added cover_db (generated by Devel::Cover) to svn:ignore, 
and deleted leftover .cvsignore files.
      adds  382d7a9   Updated all copyright/redistribution information with 
current year and correct/current URLs for Artistic and LGPL licenses.
      adds  6925548   Admin/prep work for 0.60 release.
      adds  fb54716   Converted to Test::More. Some cpan-testers reports were 
showing test 2 failing (RPC::XML::Parser). Hoping this might provide better 
feedback if the test continues to fail.
      adds  4530f04   Changed a test for "localhost:$port" in the server URL 
method to optionally allow localhost.localdomain, for those systems whose 
/etc/hosts cause the former to convert to the latter. Was causing false 
      adds  97d40d3   Test suites armored against server processes that die as 
a result of croak() or other calls within 3rd-party modules. The client and 
net_server suites were also converted to Test::More at this time.
      adds  b1c68fd   Fix for RT#36078, fix the URL testing on the server 
object to be less strict.
      adds  c4d2eb4   RT#30354 Implement the 'i8' type as an extension to the 
official RPC-XML spec.
      adds  2851ef8   Preparation for 0.61 release.
      adds  3d1c408   Some of the work in armoring the test suites against 
server-death changed the counts on tests and on call-counts in the 
system.status method. Some explicit re-starts didn't help.
      adds  0638b35   One more change-set needed for 0.61 to fix broken tests.
      adds  3deeca6   Extended the die message when $srv fails to allocate. 
Some testers are getting a failure here but I have no idea how or why.
      adds  23a9e79   Testers-service reports showed that the new i8 type was 
not auto-boxing correctly on true 64-bit machines. Turns out I had bogus values 
for the maximums and minimums, not just for 8-byte ints but also for plain 
4-byte ones as well.
      adds  66f642b   Prep for 0.62 release.
      adds  b182a48   Forgot to bump $VERSION.
      adds  0617b74   Prep for 0.63.
      adds  0d51c78   Further flexibility on the test of $srv->url(). This 
should (finally) catch any variation of 127.* address and/or host/domain naming 
that aliases to "localhost".
      adds  16ebd3b   Lingering problem from RT#30354, RPC::XML::Parser did not 
get the change committed that included parse-level support for <i8>. Also added 
tests for parsing RPC::XML::request object and all the data-type objects to the 
parser test suite (had they been there before, I would have caught this myself).
      adds  80e831e   Prep for 0.64 release
      adds  2ffc112   Admin file
      adds  b7de3ab   Per RT#42033: Add ErrorContext to the creation of 
XML::Parser objects. This makes for more useful error messages on 
      adds  20dbbac   Pattern excluding XPL files was too liberal
      adds  1f4df11   Support for declaration of namespaces in XPL code. Adds a 
new test suite and includes a rewrite/update of the method tests. Change also 
covers the make_method tool and the DTD for XPL files.
      adds  be28e26   Merge branches 'master' and 'namespaces'
      adds  2bd2acd   Forgot to update the version, and forgot a POD change.
      adds  b2acc9a   Interim fix for encoding issues, prior to the 
mega-encoding work. This makes the library correctly create octet-based 
messages, rather than letting UTF-8 leak in if it was passed in initially.
      adds  1745eba   Merge commit 'HEAD'; commit 'b2acc9a'
      adds  a0e3ddd   Follow-up to previous commit, some serialization-related 
problems. Not all instances of bytelength() had been removed after the previous 
slate of changes, and once that was done some tests in 15_serialize.t broke.
      adds  b7448ee   RT #34132: Based on a patch from the requestor, added 
support for <nil/>. Documentation is present, but a little sparse.
      adds  c22788c   RT #27778: Fix problems with child-process management on 
      adds  0c70856   Applied a regexp-fix from Joakim Mared for 
stringification of doubles.
      adds  1cd3b4a   RT#35106: Make the behavior of RPC::XML::array 
constructor work as expected. This led to adding use of Scalar::Util and 
cleaning up the places where I was still doing "UNIVERSAL::isa(...)" hacks to 
test refs without the risk of directly calling ->isa() on a 
potentially-unblessed ref.
      adds  edb8ef6   Update the copyright year and license information, and 
add contact data.
      adds  b3b1df8   RT #34559: Allow control of LWP::UA timeouts from within 
client class.
      adds  f6b4ee8   Small hack to the existing SSL hack for Socket6 problems.
      adds  4e1e006   Since Scalar::Util requires 5.006, make that the base 
required Perl version.
      adds  f6adc5a   Prep work for 0.65 release.
      adds  28ff23f   Eclipse-related data
      adds  d7469ec   RT #47219: Re-did the detection of compression 
      adds  8ce60bd   RT #47220: Net::Server tests are not (currently) viable 
on Windows. Also made script taint-safe.
      adds  b3f8e94   RT #47221: Applied a patch from, for 
better Windows testing.
      adds  32fc7eb   All modules now use the "warnings" pragma.
      adds  5abf764   Prep for 0.66 release.
      adds  67180ef   RT #47219: Mis-read the patch from previous fix, this 
actually fixes it. Also added a test suite to check for compression-detection.
      adds  c1a8fa9   Admin for 0.67 release (plus permissions-fix on two test 
      adds  da64377   Minor clean-up of old CVS/SVN keyword references.
      adds  b5da315   Converted parsing to be from a specific class to a 
parser-factory style. This included renaming the existing parser class and 
shuffling tests around.
      adds  7fdc8ee   Admin tweaking
      adds  1115ea4   Cleaner approach to scrubbing symbol tables.
      adds  6cc8cea   New tests, and developer-specific tests changed to only 
run in my copy.
      adds  e31cca2   One more patch for Windows compatibility with temp files.
      adds  03e00c1   Fixes based on Perl::Critic and other best-practices 
      adds  e021964   Also made changes based on Perl::Critic.
      adds  3c01cda   Expanded definition of the interface to include 
push-parsing methods. Documented these and added stubs to 
RPC::XML::Parser::XMLParser that throw exceptions when called by a 
non-push-parser instance. Reflected changes to test suite in MANIFEST.
      adds  4ed1f2c   Slight tweak to make this 5.6.1-compatible.
      adds  b45db29   Support user-adjustment of server-based faults, and 
normalize the existing faults.
      adds  b449b13   Fix encoding of return values from call() when the method 
called is of type Function (and thus has no strict signatures).
      adds  c7d9670   Bug fix
      adds  9a0fe50   Re-visit how arrays and structs are smart-encoded and 
constructed, so as to avoid cyclical data structure references.
      adds  06e1f7b   Minor additions
      adds  3c30f21   Prep for 0.67 build
      adds  8e62c64   RT #49406: Make Base64 data-type allow zero-length data.
      adds  22d7508   Hand-applied a patch (most likely from Bill Moseley) to 
extend the construction of dateTime.iso8601 data-types.
      adds  8eb6f33   Fixed another corner-case for the url() test.
      adds  4ffb86c   Fixed a case from previous work that caused "undef" 
      adds  80e32c5   Restore backwards-compatibility for projects that use 
RPC::XML::Parser directly.
      adds  2660dfe   RT#50413: Incorrectly called server_fault() as if it were 
a coderef.
      adds  c5805c6   Forgot to adjust version number
      adds  493632a   Applied patch from Frank Wiegand to fix a POD problem.
      adds  85d7834   Some additional regexp issues on dateTime.iso8601, to 
handle backwards-compatibility.
      adds  0ae7cd6   Fixed some minor doc errors.
      adds  b8b6674   Moved the 'require' of some libraries to the point where 
they are first needed, to delay loading until/unless necessary.
      adds  ba224d2   Fix file perms
      adds  37ae35d   POD fix
      adds  6f94c6b   Implement support for XML::LibXML in the parser-factory.
      adds  c363d27   Reflect new GitHub path in docs
      adds  2407155   Doc fixes.
      adds  eccfbe4   Prep for 0.70 release
      adds  8cc9534   Moved author-only tests to xt/, updated MANIFEST.
      adds  eb38e38   Add test suite 28_parser_bugs_50013.t, which was omitted 
from last release.
      adds  9d27372   Re-engineered the author-only/release tests, since 
they're no longer in the t/ directory and thus should not interfere.
      adds  0249411   Prep for 0.71 release
      adds  974f28e   Bump version number for CPAN
      adds  afc23bd   RT#52662: Fix requirement specification on XML::LibXML.
      adds  dd5dcb9   Some more clean-up of the docs, removing a redundant 
      adds  b924eb3   Prep for 0.72 release
      adds  b234042   Rename of t/28_parser_bugs_50013.t to fit more universal 
scheme for test suites that directly address specific RT bugs.
      adds  984e381   RT #54183: Provide handling of SIGPIPE when sending the 
response to the client, in case they've terminated the connection.
      adds  d5a354d   Forgot to add the new test suite to MANIFEST.
      adds  3195d63   Forgot to update the module version number.
      adds  8773524   Fix typo in reftype() call.
      adds  cd38fc5   RT #54494: Fix handling of blessed references in 
      adds  2664b6b   Large-scale code clean-up driven by Perl::Critic. All 
critic flags down to severity 1 now removed.
      adds  e5a2f98   Forgot to add t/90_rt54494_blessed_refs.t when it was 
      adds  509400a   Prep for 0.73 release.
      adds  a853722   Make this suite skip all tests on Windows platforms.
      adds  7f70bb3   Clean up some run-time "use of undefined value" messages.
      adds  61de588   RT #58323: Started as making the parser interfaces 
correctly report errors when passed null-length strings or "0" values. Turned 
out that the error return interface from was not consistent with 
the rest of the system, so fixed that as well.
      adds  12dc29c   RT #58240: Applied a patch from Martijn van de Streek 
that adds access to the HTTP::Request object to called method code.
      adds  cd498bd   Allow the parsing of <nil /> tags when they are 
encountered, even if $RPC::XML::ALLOW_NIL is not set. Only limit the generation 
of these tags.
      adds  f828864   This test sporadically fails, so enhance the error 
message for more info. Also alter the test slightly, hoping it fixes the random 
      adds  4ef6b98   Applied perlcritic to the make_method tool.
      adds  e787398   RT#62916: Fixed dateTime.iso8601 stringification.
      adds  81e3fab   Used warnings::unused to find unused vars. These are 
declarations that were missed by Perl::Critic.
      adds  2537bdb   Realized there were no boundary tests for ints. This 
revealed problems with i8 smart-encoding, but I don't have a fix for it yet. 
Marked two tests as "TODO" so their failure is acceptable for now.
      adds  d247cd8   Control/admin file changes for 0.74 release.
      adds  69eba1c   Somehow, t/13_no_deep_recursion.t never got added.
      adds  d0f0019   RT#65154: Fixed cut/paste error in error message.
      adds  db97548   Allow Host header
      adds  b86ad63   Merge pull request #2 from dragon3/master
      adds  281b75b   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  51448ca   Added new test suite to MANIFEST, fixed spelling. Also 
added "plan tests" line to the test suite.
      adds  bc3a6e6   Don't allow external entities
      adds  c7dfbfc   Merge pull request #3 from yannk/master
      adds  2e5292c   Undo a change to this suite from yannk's pull.
      adds  2a645dd   Added MYMETA.yml to ignore.
      adds  cd3cc33   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  70e5e86   More perlcritic-driven clean-up. This is mostly POD 
sections, but also includes heavy re-working of etc/make_method and parts of 
      adds  72e77f3   Add the silly ".DS_Store" of MacOS to ignore.
      adds  ed371c5   Fixed external entity handling on MacOS. Also made small 
change to the test suite to be cleaner.
      adds  2c63eeb   Took out warnings on external entities blocking. Now it 
blocks silently. Also cleaned up some docs.
      adds  409a3ca   Added cover_db (Devel::Cover storage area).
      adds  c17c8f0   Additions to increase code coverage in
      adds  1a92f35   Turns out this wasn't exporting RPC_I8.
      adds  235afd8   Made 5.8.8 the new minimum-required perl. Also dropped 
the utf8_downgrade hack, which affected an xt test.
      adds  7edab9c   Improved arguments-checking in send_request.
      adds  f82de55   Fixed error-cases in usage of File::Temp->new(). 
File::Temp::new croaks on errors, doesn't return undef like I thought.
      adds  a4a7135   Parser clean-ups/bug-fixes from better tests. 
Statement-level coverage for both modules now at 100%.
      adds  11db881   Roll and into Remove and from distro.
      adds  6124191   Fixed regexp for methodName validation.
      adds  343e66b   First round of Devel::Cover-inspired improvements. These 
are the changes to the test suites to increase coverage of the code.
      adds  d04bd3c   Fixes and such from Devel::Cover analysis.
      adds  b8f9437   Fixes for file-based method loading/reloading. New tests 
in the suite, and re-working of the ugliest hacky part of this package.
      adds  ffb4ccf   RPC::XML::Procedure test-coverage improvement. Also 
removed some unneeded code.
      adds  105d7d2   Last round of RPC::XML::Procedure test coverage. This is 
mostly in t/40_server.t, though some bugs were found and addressed in the 
modules and in t/30_method.t.
      adds  010bc4a   Documentation clean-up and update.
      adds  b801e54   Changes from new Perl::Critic::Bangs policies.
      adds  cf2320f   Added MYMETA.json to ignore.
      adds  2da2abf   Adjustments to reflext moving from t to xt. Also made 
changes to xt/02_pod_coverage.t to reflect changes to modules.
      adds  fd93112   Removed some error checks that can never fail.
      adds  681a9a7   Code-coverage-driven changes and added tests.
      adds  8f30897   Fixes from new Perl::Critic policies.
      adds  72b0b1e   Removed usage of AutoLoader completely.
      adds  294c25c   Removed some dead code and better did the aliases. This 
required a change in t/40_server.t for a private sub that no longer exists. 
Also updated xt/02_pod_coverage.t for private subs that have no pod.
      adds  9babd1c   RT#67694: Fix a potential infinite-loop condition.
      adds  f256248   Preparation for 0.75 release.
      adds  65824ec   Oops, forgot t/25_parser_negative.t.
      adds  6ac04c1   Fixed typos in docs pointed out by Debian team.
      adds  5fd094c   Better version of the fix for infinite loops. This is the 
patch originally suggested by the Eric Cholet, who found the bug.
      adds  e040721   Forgot to bump version number.
      adds  b721074   This test was still testing RPC/XML/ Rewrote to 
remove that but include the (forgotten) module. That test has to 
be conditional on the presence of XML::LibXML.
      adds  e63c1a7   Clean up test suite to work with older Test::More. Also 
specify a minimum Test::More that supports subtest().
      adds  2669bab   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  73aa084   These tests had failures when run as root. 
Permissions-based negative tests were incorrectly passing.
      adds  8008995   Moved the 64-bit "TODO" tests to a SKIP block. Non-64-bit 
systems will skip, rather than fail, these tests.
      adds  cc02b29   RT#65616: Fix for slow methods killing servers. Applied 
and modified patch from person who opened the ticket.
      adds  c2e33bc   RT#55628: Improve flexibility of date parsing. This adds 
the ability to pass any ISO 8601 string to the RPC::XML::datetime_iso8601 
      adds  2abadd8   Preparation for 0.76 release.
      adds  23ea1e4   Fix a test failure on Windows.
      adds  4f2493a   RT#70408: Fix spelling error in man page.
      adds  978c926   Fix to handle cases where server creation fails.
      adds  d5a1043   RT#67486: Add port to Host hdr in client requests.
      adds  eae9b44   RT#65341: Added forgotten library File::Temp use.
      adds  b1ba901   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  253ec4b   Forgot to bump version number.
      adds  20994f8   Changed 64-bit test from use64bitint to longsize. On some 
systems (such as OS X), use64bitint can be true even when in 32-bit mode.
      adds  e0362fc   skip passwd test on windows
      adds  59fc7b0   Merge pull request #4 from wchristian/windows_fix
      adds  64e3409   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  865cf9a   Checkpoint refactoring and additional tests. Work is not 
complete here, but the Net::Server changes demand immediate attention.
      adds  ab8cc7e   Add ignore of t/
      adds  427bddc   RT#72780: Check for a possible parser failure. One 
instance of XML::Parser failing to parse the extern entities test. Cannot 
reproduce, so wrap it in a "skip" block for now.
      adds  b1680ac   RT#71452: Correct handling of dateTime parameters. 
Existing code in lib/RPC/XML/ did not properly handle parameters of 
the dateTime.iso8601 type. Also, there were no tests for these.
      adds  8dcd490   Renamed t/30_method.t to t/30_procedure.t.
      adds  7b07a7d   Added a Makefile artifact.
      adds  de7c117   RT#77992: Make it work with Net::Server again.
      adds  a0845dd   Admin files changes for 0.77 release.
      adds  4c9208b   A patch to loop detection in smart_encode from Dag-Erling 
Smørgrav. Some other minor bits.
      adds  ae9a69e   RT#83108: Fixed a spelling error. Some other fixes, too.
      adds  f6cee93   Force key-ordering in struct as_string and serialize. Was 
getting some intermittent bug reports of failures in t/15_serialize.t that 
amounted to the keys in a fault struct not being in consistent order.
      adds  3361769   Undo the previous change and fix the test. The previous 
change didn't feel right, so this rolls it back and fixes the problem at the 
level of the test, instead.
      adds  e340f5f   Replaced direct evals with Module::Load usage. Also did 
some doc tweaks as well.
      adds  10b4ccc   Fixed a message string.
      adds  1d35237   Use utf8::encode() instead of utf8::downgrade()
      adds  0379d06   Replace utf8::downgrade() with utf8::encode() in length() 
      adds  c00cd56   Merge pull request #5 from alexrj/utf8-encode
      adds  e63f767   Finish the uft8 encode vs. downgrade change.
      adds  860168f   added 'no_blanks' libxml option to skip blank 
XML::LibXML::Text nodes
      adds  42e81e7   replace `\xd' character (CR) with `&#xd;' entity
      adds  fd84f87   Merge pull request #6 from dctabuyz/master
      adds  154647c   initialize $do_compress to 0 before checking whether the 
request is compressed
      adds  856da31   Merge pull request #7 from kvar/master
      adds  c22977c   Bump version numbers on modules changed in github pulls.
      adds  0ae6764   Admin files for 0.78 release.
      adds  70f6e31   Test clean-up/fixes to address CPAN test failures.
      adds  93f34fa   Perl::Critic clean-up of test suites.
      adds  a2399e7   Fix to prevent a new sprintf-related warning.
      adds  58c384f   Replace indirect object notation with direct
      adds  4072c88   Merge pull request #8 from jkg/docfixes
      adds  924316c   Preparation for 0.79 release.
      adds  65e1428   Imported Upstream version 0.79
       new  5ad4520   Merge tag 'upstream/0.79'
       new  f887684   Suggest libcgi-pm-perl | perl (<< 5.19)
       new  0b5ef96   Declare conformance with Policy 3.9.6
       new  d0e34d5   releasing package librpc-xml-perl version 0.79-1

The 6 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 ChangeLog                       |  55 +++-
 ChangeLog.xml                   |  67 ++++
 META.json                       |   6 +-
 META.yml                        |  34 +--
 Makefile.PL                     |   4 +-
 README                          | 107 +++----
 debian/changelog                |  11 +
 debian/control                  |   3 +-
 debian/upstream/metadata        |   6 +
 lib/Apache/RPC/status.code      |   4 +-
 lib/RPC/XML/Parser/ |  23 +-
 t/00_load.t                     |  75 +++--
 t/10_data.t                     | 258 ++++++++--------
 t/11_base64_fh.t                | 196 ++++++------
 t/12_nil.t                      |  14 +-
 t/13_no_deep_recursion.t        |  28 +-
 t/14_datetime_iso8601.t         |  18 +-
 t/15_serialize.t                |  58 ++--
 t/20_xml_parser.t               | 122 +++++---
 t/21_xml_libxml.t               | 115 ++++---
 t/25_parser_negative.t          |  19 +-
 t/29_parserfactory.t            |  61 ++--
 t/30_procedure.t                | 144 +++++----
 t/35_namespaces.t               |  45 ++-
 t/40_server.t                   | 658 ++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------
 t/40_server_xmllibxml.t         | 602 +++++++++++++++++++++---------------
 t/41_server_hang.t              |  58 ++--
 t/50_client.t                   | 180 +++++++----
 t/51_client_with_host_header.t  |  10 +-
 t/60_net_server.t               | 212 +++++++++----
 t/70_compression_detect.t       |  68 ++---
 t/90_rt50013_parser_bugs.t      |  16 +-
 t/90_rt54183_sigpipe.t          |  59 ++--
 t/90_rt54494_blessed_refs.t     |  37 ++-
 t/90_rt58065_allow_nil.t        |  72 +++--
 t/90_rt58323_push_parser.t      |  26 +-
 t/                       |  75 ++---
 37 files changed, 2116 insertions(+), 1430 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata

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