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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository libwww-mechanize-shell-perl.

      from  f9fd1df   update changelog
       new  5d15e45   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  233f717   Update debian/changelog
      adds  8acb4eb   Initial revision
      adds  03c33fa   Updated .cvsignore to include the Makefile
      adds  82a9f09   Updated MANIFEST and .cvsignore
      adds  c086753   Added .releaserc
      adds  e0195ac   Added Manifest.skip
      adds  223cf1a   Bumped version number due to a partial upload to CPAN
      adds  6e6d00f   Bumped the version again, because I am stupid
      adds  809a3b2   Bumped version two times because I am stupid
      adds  5556893   Added cvstest, also put it into MANIFEST.skip
      adds  3b8765a   Updated cvstest
      adds  54eb8c9   Another try with cvstest
      adds  f1a9622   Upgraded 99-pod.t to latest version
      adds  d841f43   Removed embedded files from cvs
      adds  2fc34bb   Finally removed embedded-*
      adds  a26b657   Added .cvsignore in t/
      adds  ecca52c   Added table handling Updated README Added history 
invariancy check for commands
      adds  4b11c4e   Added Perl 5.8
      adds  2365c7c   Updated changes file
      adds  4fdcbf3   Updated changes file, updated embedded tests
      adds  7211793   Updated changes file, updated embedded tests, updated 
normal tests to skip if no terminal is available
      adds  e172b21   Added test for HTML::TableExtract not present
      adds  d54f056   Silenced warnings
      adds  5d97e67   Added TODO list to
      adds  8b92bba   Changed nightly test to disttest instead of test
      adds  ee4661b   Changed system call from cd to getpwent[7] to get home 
directory on unix
      adds  667bbd2   Added UNIX browsing, more stability and some more tests
      adds  34bc366   Added missing test files
      adds  e54f6f0   Updated test 11, as it failed under Linux 5.6.1
      adds  2cde094   Fixed list bug in the options system
      adds  ca40641   Reenabled warnings in all tests
      adds  9b1fdb5   Silenced warning about redefinition in t/05
      adds  e4e703c   Silenced yet another warning
      adds  06915fe   Added detection of javascript, but no handler for that yet
      adds  bb6d468   Updated Changes to reflect that the first part of 
JavaScript handling came in
      adds  3f6469d   Added Opera example
      adds  d2c0cf7   Fixed bug in history creation. Added tests that created 
history compiles
      adds  c9d88c7   Added fillout command to test
      adds  6ff5153   Cleaned up compile-test for binaries
      adds  74091ce   Bumped version numbers
      adds  c029326   Added explicit Perl 5.6.1 to cvstest
      adds  e941528   Bumped version number
      adds  4a435c4   Added test for Pod::Constants
      adds  61b7aa7   Fixed typo in Changes. Added explanation to 00a*.t
      adds  076004b   Documentation update (file uploads/BUGS)
      adds  87dafcc   Added t/00a*
      adds  60a8b00   Various additions
      adds  a5edb34   Added beginnings of 'save' command
      adds  033720b   Save command is now there, but no tests
      adds  847f4ae   'save' command now exists and awaits testing
      adds  855158b   Added some more ideas about additional commands etc.
      adds  710c0b7   Added test that each line in the shell only adds one line 
to the shell history
      adds  a90eec0   Added 'ua' to t/06 and t/07
      adds  7de0dfe   Fixed bug (and added test) against unknown commands 
crashing the shell
      adds  380a4f3   Cleanup for next release. Added live auth testing
      adds  0c03bb2   Added t/12-comments.t to check for comment capability
      adds  b7c2673   Fixed stupid bug in warnings handler
      adds  943e946   Fixed a stupid bug in option handling
      adds  bf5e714   Fixed bugs in the tests
      adds  d50a95d   Fixed 'save' command
      adds  25bd155   Required WWW::Mechanize version is now 0.36
      adds  17edd09   Added an example of 'save' usage
      adds  579a20b   Fixed warning in t/07
      adds  0d1a89a   Spiced up 'ua' tests
      adds  58ff9e5   Added front-to-back testing via t/14
      adds  fe79670   Added front-to-back testing via t/14
      adds  e269f47   Preparing for release 0.19
      adds  6a51d97   Need v0.40 of WWW::Mechanize now
      adds  0a44f77   Fixed .rcfile semantics - a nonexisting .rcfile is not 
fatal anymore
      adds  b06eb28   More fixups for ReadLine
      adds  da4e1c6   Fixed t/02 output when File::Modified is unavailable
      adds  0cf9c09   Fixed t/06 when HTML::TableExtract is unavailable
      adds  ab53f76   Fixed t/02 output when File::Modified is unavailable 
      adds  63c1287   Silenced HTML::Form warning for readonly fields
      adds  db7a8b5   Silenced HTML::Form warning for readonly fields (also in 
the generated code)
      adds  dfb0d01   Made Term::Shell bug test a TODO test
      adds  90812d9   Added testing for 'open /re/'
      adds  3f8ced7   Fixed t/06
      adds  7a1f6d4   Fixed generated code, bumped version
      adds  88b1015   Added saving for history and script
      adds  08f7162   Fixed redirect behaviour
      adds  c0d5509   Added automatic generation of manually entered values
      adds  e231e3b   Made Test::HTTP::LocalServer into its own module
      adds  27e46af   Fixed fillout behaviour
      adds  0f4a51d   Fixed tests for reload() and autofill
      adds  0a2825e   Moved log-server into the right place. Also in MANIFEST 
      adds  236e45b   Added test for multiline eval
      adds  3c8bba8   Added tests for multiline eval in t/14
      adds  2d0b8ad   Moved onwards to WWW::Mechanize v0.42_001
      adds  685a578   Fixed autosync bug
      adds  836b72c   Fixed failing synopsis
      adds  d2b76af   Fixed documentation and embedded test (again)
      adds  e49a75f   Generalized cvstest
      adds  69c68c7   Generalized cvstest
      adds  b2ce38c   Fixed mocking of reload() function
      adds  5ac95c5   Fixed mocking of reload() function in t/07 as well
      adds  3a27575   Added t/19 for multivalues (preliminary, no 
implementation yet). Not in MANIFEST
      adds  91ea537   Factored out display of HTML into HTML::Display
      adds  fb87d07   Also added OSX and Win32
      adds  960c368   Updated MANIFEST
      adds  ce6b510   HTML::Display now builds
      adds  c9196ce   Linux compatibility fixes
      adds  4625474   Fixed parameter passing
      adds  700accd   Fixed Win32::OLE test
      adds  e103f54   Various browser module fixes
      adds  048f3e3   More browser module fixes
      adds  480cb69   Now, a class is only loaded if it dosen't provide a new() 
      adds  e49970e   Updated manifest
      adds  60c24da   Fixed tests
      adds  f9b44b6   Documentation fixes applied
      adds  345a09a   Added test (and fix) for 'restart' bug
      adds  d4931ed   Removed browsercmd documentation
      adds  0500f7b   Updated readme
      adds  a8d381e   This be v0.23
      adds  fe73bc1   Added VERSION to all HTML::Display modules
      adds  6d0cceb   Added test for HTML::Display
      adds  5751c1a   Weird version problem...
      adds  73d044a   HTML::Display has problems under Linux
      adds  964e11f   HTML::Display has $@ leaking
      adds  13c7575   Update HTML::Display test 00
      adds  97b17d2   Added functional embedded tests for HTML::Display::Dump
      adds  674beec   Compatibility changes
      adds  d551f3c   Fixed OLE usage under Linux
      adds  8f282e5   HTML::Display::Common testfix
      adds  035612b   Fixed t/20
      adds  de66663   Release v0.24
      adds  c5d39b6   Test fixes
      adds  cc98d70   Fixed more test bugs
      adds  6153f46   Fixed
      adds  62476e7   Prepared for v0.25
      adds  92610c1   Added RE support
      adds  bc9691f   Fixed HTML::Display so it actually works now
      adds  8b7cdb0   Preparing for v0.26
      adds  d48769d   Refactoring RE arguments
      adds  fef41b8   RE compilation should work again
      adds  62ed7c2   RE fillout test added
      adds  47862c3   Release v0.26 is eminent
      adds  dc57079   Added test for XXX todo markers
      adds  fddbc21   Added test for unix newlines
      adds  45d08a8   Added test for unix newlines (2)
      adds  12dfde5   Bumped version number
      adds  d705d1d   Added tick/untick. Made t/14 faster
      adds  e11dadc   Updated
      adds  bf6897a   Release v0.27
      adds  c7474c8   v0.28: added 'referer' and $PAGER
      adds  373f8ab   added RT email adress
      adds  f8237b5   Pod fixes
      adds  fecaaaa   Added tests for source_file
      adds  336de7a   Added coverage for shell()
      adds  ee6c096   Added coverage for 'no link given' path in save
      adds  cdeb760   Added Slaven Rezics bugfixes
      adds  46d9d65   Added inc::IO::Catch
      adds  1a3dc21   Added 'make cover' support
      adds  8478472   Devel::Coverage Makefile tweaking
      adds  8a0bfdb   Test cleanups
      adds  47b926e   Moved all $agent->links commands to list context
      adds  456595e   Added COLUMNS/LINES to 00-use again to fix Linux test
      adds  6a7dd8c   Fixed space-in-cpan-build-dir bug
      adds  243839f   Added $VERSION to Test::HTTP::LocalServer
      adds  20a3e14   Getting ready for 0.30
      adds  afb6821   Errors in t/06 and t/07
      adds  a011b2e   No more errors - getting closer to 0.30
      adds  2564aab   Updated Changes file
      adds  d7bc21c   Test 14,16 debugging
      adds  e642154   Added Perl itself as pager (instead of cat)
      adds  8b3c2f7   Needs Test::Harness, because otherwise spurious tests 
seem to fail
      adds  218b403   Works under Linux/5.6.1 now
      adds  6a13491   Nur 17/11 schlaegt fehl unter Win32
      adds  c1b8c20   Seemingly, under 5.8, sometimes Term::Shell gets mixed up 
references. t/06 should be fixed now.
      adds  3220607   fixed up tests for release
      adds  41c6f9c   Releasing 0.30
      adds  b82c8d7   Added manifest sanity check
      adds  9d7ee4d   Fixed MANIFEST
      adds  56a5dde   Added META.yml
      adds  6fa645c   Added BooKs hint for local, efficient saving of big files
      adds  f8dda7d   Killed META.yaml
      adds  837aae1   Preliminary fix for target=_blank, v0.32
      adds  eed4051   Added 'form
      adds  66b172c   Fixed RT #5921
      adds  5fb0974   This be 0.34
      adds  c1b0bca   This be 0.34
      adds  56c1168   Tested against 0.76, fixed missing form_name() mock
      adds  deb8f07   Debian HTML::Display fix
      adds  0a5d415   Fixed 'disable' in test
      adds  1e8090d   Removed warnings from code
      adds  d5ee1db   Fixed MANIFEST
      adds  16f45af   Fixed MANIFEST.skip
      adds  a0f2d21   Added another *.ts file to the skipfiles
      adds  ae88c7d   This be 0.35
      adds  1400224   Updated changes files
      adds  026610e   Added 404 response as '/notfound/' to log-server
      adds  706b5c3   Fixed syntax error
      adds  0114397   Fixed C<auth> bug, 0.37
      adds  ffd47fe   This be v0.38
      adds  502e93a   Fixed manifest
      adds  4e0af32   Disabled inline test generation
      adds  b67791d   Fix failing tests
      adds  dd3985a   Added bugfix test for RT 22121
      adds  3025a37   Fixed showstopper
      adds  0b9eee1   Restored compatibility with W:M 1.22
      adds  bfe613a   Make tests more resilient against HTTP_PROXY settings
      adds  b4b28fe   Fix CPAN tester failures
      adds  bea48cf   Added title and headers commands
      adds  dc0a34b   Purged HTML::Display from distribution
      adds  63a53ee   Purging HTML::Display remains from distribution
      adds  d78b95c   Purging HTML::Display remains from distribution
      adds  35424b2   Getting ready for release
      adds  0accce0   v0.46
      adds  79f590f   Add compatibility with LWP 5.815+, defend against broken 
WWW::Mechanize API
      adds  f3f2510   This be v0.47
      adds  3ad5e51   Release fixes
      adds  b7bdae6   This be 0.48
      adds  95f845b   This be 0.48
      adds  9c9f62c   Add .gitignore
      adds  13bb22f   Move to git complete
      adds  cb1f617   Adopt META.yml into repo
      adds  321680f   Prepare Changes for a new release
      adds  422780a   Add author-tests to MANIFEST
      adds  fe2c61e   Remove author test that does not apply
      adds  8c87120   Bump version, copyright
      adds  596635d   Apply rt #59246
      adds  9c38973   Fix RT #59883
      adds  467de62   Document changes
      adds  0fae5af   Correct a previous release date
      adds  22d95f2   Fix test to actually reference the proper 
      adds  8c116a0   Note repo
      adds  beca66a   Bump the copyright
      adds  a703d1e   Remove bogus failing test
      adds  f571116   Add some more to-do changes
      adds  19e978f   Make test robust against 5.14
      adds  06e5f4f   Document changes
      adds  3f492b0   Use instead of
      adds  9d126aa   Streamline Exporter usage, bump version
      adds  966feca   Fix stupid test thinko for 5.13+
      adds  c4eb208   Added repository cpan metadata
      adds  a412cb4   Merge pull request #2 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      adds  204b408   Merge remote branch 'github/master'
      adds  d1d84d4   Bump version, regenerate META
      adds  333e314   Silence new sprintf() warnings from Perl 5.21+
      adds  b298f97   Don't use CGI::param in list context
      adds  bd6aae4   Bump version to 0.54
      adds  c08b9ad   Move to MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  5a2a4a5   Fix last sprintf() warning in tests
      adds  72b2ac3   Bump version
      adds  4204f22   Imported Upstream version 0.55
       new  71767bb   Merge tag 'upstream/0.55'
       new  845c614   Update debian/changelog
       new  399de68   Reformat debian/control with cme
       new  b964241   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.6.
       new  d588737   Add explicit (build) dependency on libcgi-pm-perl.
       new  d5143e2   Update years of packaging copyright.

The 8 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 .gitignore                     |  12 +++++
 Changes                        |   8 +++
 MANIFEST                       | 116 ++++++++++++++++++++---------------------
 META.json                      |   4 +-
 META.yml                       |   4 +-
 debian/changelog               |   8 ++-
 debian/control                 |   9 ++--
 debian/copyright               |   2 +-
 debian/upstream/metadata       |   5 ++
 inc/Test/HTTP/log-server       |   2 +-
 lib/WWW/Mechanize/     |   2 +-
 t/14-command-identity.t        |   1 +
 t/16-form-fillout.t            |   1 +
 t/18-browser-autosync.t        |   3 +-
 t/99-manifest.t                |   2 +-
 16 files changed, 106 insertions(+), 74 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 .gitignore
 rename MANIFEST.skip => MANIFEST.SKIP (96%)
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata

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