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gregoa pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/0.55
in repository libwww-mechanize-shell-perl.

        at  9083909   (tag)
   tagging  4204f228ef253bec0f337161fe60f355013088ff (commit)
  replaces  upstream/0.53
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Fri Jun 12 17:52:22 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.55

David Steinbrunner (1):
      Added repository cpan metadata

Max Maischein (30):
      Add .gitignore
      Move to git complete
      Adopt META.yml into repo
      Prepare Changes for a new release
      Add author-tests to MANIFEST
      Remove author test that does not apply
      Bump version, copyright
      Apply rt #59246
      Fix RT #59883
      Document changes
      Correct a previous release date
      Fix test to actually reference the proper module/distribution
      Note repo
      Bump the copyright
      Remove bogus failing test
      Add some more to-do changes
      Make test robust against 5.14
      Document changes
      Use instead of
      Streamline Exporter usage, bump version
      Fix stupid test thinko for 5.13+
      Merge pull request #2 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      Merge remote branch 'github/master'
      Bump version, regenerate META
      Silence new sprintf() warnings from Perl 5.21+
      Don't use CGI::param in list context
      Bump version to 0.54
      Move to MANIFEST.SKIP
      Fix last sprintf() warning in tests
      Bump version

corion (212):
      Initial revision
      Updated .cvsignore to include the Makefile
      Updated MANIFEST and .cvsignore
      Added .releaserc
      Added Manifest.skip
      Bumped version number due to a partial upload to CPAN
      Bumped the version again, because I am stupid
      Bumped version two times because I am stupid
      Added cvstest, also put it into MANIFEST.skip
      Updated cvstest
      Another try with cvstest
      Upgraded 99-pod.t to latest version
      Removed embedded files from cvs
      Finally removed embedded-*
      Added .cvsignore in t/
      Added table handling
      Added Perl 5.8
      Updated changes file
      Updated changes file, updated embedded tests
      Updated changes file, updated embedded tests, updated normal tests
      Added test for HTML::TableExtract not present
      Silenced warnings
      Added TODO list to
      Changed nightly test to disttest instead of test
      Changed system call from cd to getpwent[7] to get home directory on unix
      Added UNIX browsing, more stability and some more tests
      Added missing test files
      Updated test 11, as it failed under Linux 5.6.1
      Fixed list bug in the options system
      Reenabled warnings in all tests
      Silenced warning about redefinition in t/05
      Silenced yet another warning
      Added detection of javascript, but no handler for that yet
      Updated Changes to reflect that the first part of JavaScript handling 
came in
      Added Opera example
      Fixed bug in history creation. Added tests that created history compiles
      Added fillout command to test
      Cleaned up compile-test for binaries
      Bumped version numbers
      Added explicit Perl 5.6.1 to cvstest
      Bumped version number
      Added test for Pod::Constants
      Fixed typo in Changes. Added explanation to 00a*.t
      Documentation update (file uploads/BUGS)
      Added t/00a*
      Various additions
      Added beginnings of 'save' command
      Save command is now there, but no tests
      'save' command now exists and awaits testing
      Added some more ideas about additional commands etc.
      Added test that each line in the shell only adds one line to the shell 
      Added 'ua' to t/06 and t/07
      Fixed bug (and added test) against unknown commands crashing the shell
      Cleanup for next release. Added live auth testing
      Added t/12-comments.t to check for comment capability
      Fixed stupid bug in warnings handler
      Fixed a stupid bug in option handling
      Fixed bugs in the tests
      Fixed 'save' command
      Required WWW::Mechanize version is now 0.36
      Added an example of 'save' usage
      Fixed warning in t/07
      Spiced up 'ua' tests
      Added front-to-back testing via t/14
      Added front-to-back testing via t/14
      Preparing for release 0.19
      Need v0.40 of WWW::Mechanize now
      Fixed .rcfile semantics - a nonexisting .rcfile is not fatal anymore
      More fixups for ReadLine
      Fixed t/02 output when File::Modified is unavailable
      Fixed t/06 when HTML::TableExtract is unavailable
      Fixed t/02 output when File::Modified is unavailable (again)
      Silenced HTML::Form warning for readonly fields
      Silenced HTML::Form warning for readonly fields (also in the generated 
      Made Term::Shell bug test a TODO test
      Added testing for 'open /re/'
      Fixed t/06
      Fixed generated code, bumped version
      Added saving for history and script
      Fixed redirect behaviour
      Added automatic generation of manually entered values
      Made Test::HTTP::LocalServer into its own module
      Fixed fillout behaviour
      Fixed tests for reload() and autofill
      Moved log-server into the right place. Also in MANIFEST ...
      Added test for multiline eval
      Added tests for multiline eval in t/14
      Moved onwards to WWW::Mechanize v0.42_001
      Fixed autosync bug
      Fixed failing synopsis
      Fixed documentation and embedded test (again)
      Generalized cvstest
      Generalized cvstest
      Fixed mocking of reload() function
      Fixed mocking of reload() function in t/07 as well
      Added t/19 for multivalues (preliminary, no implementation yet). Not in 
      Factored out display of HTML into HTML::Display
      Also added OSX and Win32
      Updated MANIFEST
      HTML::Display now builds
      Linux compatibility fixes
      Fixed parameter passing
      Fixed Win32::OLE test
      Various browser module fixes
      More browser module fixes
      Now, a class is only loaded if it dosen't provide a new() constructor
      Updated manifest
      Fixed tests
      Documentation fixes applied
      Added test (and fix) for 'restart' bug
      Removed browsercmd documentation
      Updated readme
      This be v0.23
      Added VERSION to all HTML::Display modules
      Added test for HTML::Display
      Weird version problem...
      HTML::Display has problems under Linux
      HTML::Display has $@ leaking
      Update HTML::Display test 00
      Added functional embedded tests for HTML::Display::Dump
      Compatibility changes
      Fixed OLE usage under Linux
      HTML::Display::Common testfix
      Fixed t/20
      Release v0.24
      Test fixes
      Fixed more test bugs
      Prepared for v0.25
      Added RE support
      Fixed HTML::Display so it actually works now
      Preparing for v0.26
      Refactoring RE arguments
      RE compilation should work again
      RE fillout test added
      Release v0.26 is eminent
      Added test for XXX todo markers
      Added test for unix newlines
      Added test for unix newlines (2)
      Bumped version number
      Added tick/untick. Made t/14 faster
      Release v0.27
      v0.28: added 'referer' and $PAGER
      added RT email adress
      Pod fixes
      Added tests for source_file
      Added coverage for shell()
      Added coverage for 'no link given' path in save
      Added Slaven Rezics bugfixes
      Added inc::IO::Catch
      Added 'make cover' support
      Devel::Coverage Makefile tweaking
      Test cleanups
      Moved all $agent->links commands to list context
      Added COLUMNS/LINES to 00-use again to fix Linux test
      Fixed space-in-cpan-build-dir bug
      Added $VERSION to Test::HTTP::LocalServer
      Getting ready for 0.30
      Errors in t/06 and t/07
      No more errors - getting closer to 0.30
      Updated Changes file
      Test 14,16 debugging
      Added Perl itself as pager (instead of cat)
      Needs Test::Harness, because otherwise spurious tests seem to fail
      Works under Linux/5.6.1 now
      Nur 17/11 schlaegt fehl unter Win32
      Seemingly, under 5.8, sometimes Term::Shell gets mixed up references. 
t/06 should be fixed now.
      fixed up tests for release
      Releasing 0.30
      Added manifest sanity check
      Fixed MANIFEST
      Added META.yml
      Added BooKs hint for local, efficient saving of big files
      Killed META.yaml
      Preliminary fix for target=_blank, v0.32
      Added 'form
      Fixed RT #5921
      This be 0.34
      This be 0.34
      Tested against 0.76, fixed missing form_name() mock
      Debian HTML::Display fix
      Fixed 'disable' in test
      Removed warnings from code
      Fixed MANIFEST
      Fixed MANIFEST.skip
      Added another *.ts file to the skipfiles
      This be 0.35
      Updated changes files
      Added 404 response as '/notfound/' to log-server
      Fixed syntax error
      Fixed C<auth> bug, 0.37
      This be v0.38
      Fixed manifest
      Disabled inline test generation
      Fix failing tests
      Added bugfix test for RT 22121
      Fixed showstopper
      Restored compatibility with W:M 1.22
      Make tests more resilient against HTTP_PROXY settings
      Fix CPAN tester failures
      Added title and headers commands
      Purged HTML::Display from distribution
      Purging HTML::Display remains from distribution
      Purging HTML::Display remains from distribution
      Getting ready for release
      Add compatibility with LWP 5.815+, defend against broken WWW::Mechanize 
      This be v0.47
      Release fixes
      This be 0.48
      This be 0.48

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.55


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