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  replaces  upstream/3.232
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Fri Jun 19 11:56:23 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 3.300

Baldur Kristinsson (1):
      Add support for WEBP, ICO and CUR file types

Brian Fraser (1):
      Avoid a sprintf() warning in Perl 5.21

David Steinbrunner (1):
      typo fixes

Geoff Richards (1):
      Add support for old OS/2 version of BMP header

Masahiro Nagano (1):
      bugfix for some jpeg file like

Neil Bowers (3):
      Added =encoding utf8 to pod - the accented character was causing a pod 
      Added Z<> to the =item [012] to resolve pod warning
      Added link to github repo to doc

Randy J. Ray (53):
      Per RT#43452, make the cache visible outside the lexical scope of the 
      Making large-scale house-keeping changes to the build/dist process. 
      Make the package buildable in a pure-Perl software stack.
      Admin file
      Prep work for rolling a 3.2 release
      Forgot to credit Craig MacKenna for his idea for the cache/shared mem 
      Ignore generated HTML
      The change-over to a Build.PL left imgsize not being installed.
      Some new files to ignore.
      Added patterns to .gitignore, added initial README.textile.
      Adjustments to the textile formatting. This will become a template for 
      Removed a stray colon causing errors with some Perl versions.
      Removed useless signature test, added QA tests, removed a duplicate test.
      Moved around some conditionally-needed libs to delay loading until/unless
      Prep for 3.210 release
      Small fix to the regex for detecting GIFs, per Slaven Rezic.
      Prep for 3.220.
      Large-scale code and documentation clean-up based on perlcritic
      Added new entries.
      Added MYMETA.yml to skip-list.
      Prep for 3.221 release.
      Textile oops.
      perlcritic clean-ups from new rules.
      RT#59995. Added support for Windows Enhanced Metafile Format (EMF).
      Forgot to bump the version number.
      Move the author/distro-sanity tests to an "xt" directory.
      Fixed mode on file.
      Build/admin file updates for 2.230 release.
      Turns out the 4 bounding-box ints for EMF are signed.
      More ignoring.
      Added MYMETA.json to ignore list.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Fixed so that default output now catches errors.
      Merge pull request #1 from kazeburo/master
      Merge branch 'master' of
      New test (and image) for JPG tag-offset issue.
      Multiple changes in this commit:
      Small change to swfmxsize for short-buffer issues.
      Build/admin file updates for 2.231 release
      Removed the "!" flag in pack template for EMF.
      New additions for files to ignore.
      Build/admin file updates for 2.232 release
      Merge pull request #4 from GeoffRichards/master
      Merge pull request #5 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      Merge pull request #6 from Hugmeir/master
      Bump version number.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge pull request #7 from neilbowers/master
      RT#41238: Modified patch from user for unpack dying.
      Merge pull request #9 from bk/master
      Fix some perlcritic issues.
      Build/admin file updates for 3.300 release.
      Forgot to change version number.

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 3.300

rjray (122):
      New repository initialized by cvs2svn.
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Fixed a bug in jpegsize and added some clarity to docs and comments.
      Added imgsize, a simple script that sizes images from the command-line.
      Updated for v1.1.
      Initial revision
      Updated for v1.1
      Assignment of $Image::Size::revision caused an error due to q//.
      Revised by Bernd Leibing <> to use var
      Changed imgsize to imgsize.PL (from patch by Bernd Leibing
      Notes for 1.2 and credits to Bernd Leibing <>
      Image::Size 2.0 package: Changed list of files for those added and 
      Updated for Image::Size 2.0.
      Specified GNU zip as compressor.
      New tests for new formats, new error reporting.
      Updated for Image::Size 2.0.
      Image::Size 2.0 package: better GIF, JPG and PNG handling. Added PPM 
      Notation of the changed error syntax.
      Updated for release 2.2.
      Updated for 2.2
      Small patch to set binmode for OS/2, etc. that need it. Also change to
      Fixed it so that the imgsize script gets removed for make clean or make
      Fixed usage of AutoLoader to 5.004 standards and fixed glitch in XPM 
      Documented specifics of new (2.3) release.
      Fixed tiny bug in jpeg code that failed to return "JPG" as the 3rd
      Changed for 2.4.
      Release 2.5: Support for TIFF images
      Fixed some problems with reading of XPM and XBM headers. In the case of 
      Isn't it amazing how flexible that XPM format is with regards to 
      Incorporate changes from Cloyce Spradling.
      Updated for release 2.6
      Corrected numerous documentation errors and make the base imgsize routine
      Changes for release 2.7.
      Changes for the release of version 2.8.
      Added support for BMP files, changed VERSION to 2.8.
      Added a test for the new BMP support.
      Added some docs and better error-handling.
      Added attributes to the WriteMakefile call for ActiveState PPM (only done
      Four changes: fix to GIFs that are GIF87 but have GIF98a-style indicators;
      Updated for release 2.9.
      Moved some things around, and added two significant changes: no longer 
      Updated for release 2.10
      Change the version number for this release due to CPAN treating 2.10 as
      Changed a lingering address to the current.
      Initial check-in
      A basic step-by-step for those whose Perl lacks MakeMaker support 
      Checkpoint for the sake of CVS synchronization on laptop. All (known) bugs
      Admin file
      corrupted file
      GIF-named-JPG to replace dave.jpg
      Updated html_imgsize test and replaced image for test 6
      Changed dave.jpg to pak38.jpg
      Change history moved here from README
      Added ChangeLog
      Updated for 2.902
      Changes are numerous. See the 2.902 entry in ChangeLog for details.
      Base checkpoint to pacify CVS
      Minor fix from CPAN Testers Group for workability on Macs
      *** empty log message ***
      Changes for 2.904 release
      Bumped version number for CPAN
      Added PREREQ_PM clause for detecting File::Spec
      Changed from imgsize.PL to plain imgsize, thanks to MakeMaker features
      Reflect change to imgsize script
      Added copyright notice so that Debian could use the module
      Oops-- forgot to bump $VERSION. This warrants move from 2.904 to 2.91.
      Updates for minor release
      Manually added a patch from Dan Klein to close files that imgsize opens.
      Notes for 2.92
      Sample Flash file from Dmitry Dorofeev <>
      Added code from Dmitry Dorofeev <> to handle ShockWave/Flash
      Forgot to credit Dmitry in the docs.
      Added test file for Flash support
      Added test for Flash support
      Changes for 2.93
      Basic RPM specfile template to allow for building a noarch RPM and SRPM 
      Adapted parts of the Perl-RPM Makefile.PL to enable building of RPM and 
      Renamed this file
      Changes to the name of the template spec file and the generated spec file
      Test file for PSD (PhotoShop) support
      *** empty log message ***
      Added entry for the PSD test file
      Added test for PSD code, using recently-supplied image
      Corrected a bug in psdsize(), credited source of the PSD test image, and
      Changes for version 2.94
      Added manual disabling of the cache, and added support for PCD images.
      Changes for 2.95 release
      Silly typo in PCD code
      *** empty log message ***
      Fixed some lingering e-mail addresses, cleared up the docs per 
      Notes and version number changes for 2.97 release
      Small change to step #2
      Fixed some documentation issues and a small buglet in an error message.
      Bumped the version number. Wouldn't have to keep remembering this if I'd 
      Changes for 2.98
      Applied two patches from Ville Skytt� <>, providing 
MNG and
      Updates for 2.99
      Small change in the block that sets up read from a scalar ref, to avoid
      Way-long-overdue code cleanup.
      Bumped version number and moved the trailing "1;" for safety-sake.
      Changes for 2.991 release
      Abandoning this
      Update for 2.992
      Added support for Flash 6/FlashMX.
      Syncing upwards the deletion of .cvsignore.
      Merge of the local copy as of release 3.0.
      MIME types
      Trying to fix MIME
      Massive check-in to reproduce history from drive crash. This will 
      Last change to bring the repository up to 3.01 level.
      Adjustments to SVN properties.
      Adjustment to SVN properties.
      Removing META.yml and SIGNATURE from permanent place in MANIFEST. Removing
      Changed the copyright info and the licensing. Added COPYRIGHT and LICENSE
      Small patch from to fix CWS-related error.
      Restored for users who don't have Module::Build installed.
      Admin changes for 3.1 release.
      Various and sundry changes for 3.1.1.
      Misspelled a prereq name.
      Fix URL/specification of the license info for LGPL.


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