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 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sun Jun 21 02:56:02 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.014

Jonathan Yu (83):
      Added directories for Test::DistManifest and Video::FourCC::Info
      Initial commit of Test::DistManifest
      - Replaced PerlCritic's POD section to enforce 'LICENSE' instead of 
'COPYRIGHT' (which is used by CPANTS/Kwalitee)
      Updated svn:keyword property
      - Added SVN repository address
      Minor changes
      oops, forgot to update META-spec url too
      Updated the POD and the README to reflect this repository's location
      Minor comment updates
      - Added a test for circular dependencies (those that exist in both 
      - Updated to version 1.1.0
      Updated version in README
      - Added some tests
      Added the tests to MANIFEST
      commit 92b41fa8ff51885efe93ea18295730150921a261
      - Updated Makefile.PL
      Modified Changelog name to "Changes" (instead of CHANGES)
      - Added "^debian/" as a mask for MANIFEST.SKIP. This is where Debian 
package control files go, and so should not be considered part of the package. 
Hopefully this won't break anything :-)
      - CIRCULAR.SKIP became out of sync with the real MANIFEST.SKIP, and so 
was causing problems with debian/
      Clarified licensing restrictions
      - Add a more thorough description for the POD
      Updated prerequisite information in Build.PL and META.yml
      - Added simple bug fix for MANIFEST testing under Windows.
      - Modified the module so that it works portably (even with Win32, and 
other platforms File::Spec supports)
      - Updated 03core.t (header was old)
      - Enable svn:keywords: LastChangedBy Revision Id
      Fix OS detection routines
      - Removed use of Test::Prereq, because it needs to use CPAN to do its work
      - Removed prereq.t from the MANIFEST
      - Removed version-specific stuff from the README so I can be lazy (it was 
out-of-date anyway)
      - Updated version dependency for
      Updated META.yml
      - Added Win32 compatibility code. Closes the Win32 compatibility bug 
      Added Build.bat to MANIFEST.SKIP for Win32 builds...
      - Added .tmp to MANIFEST.SKIP
      - Updated to version 1.1.4, prepare for next release
      - Cleaned up documentation (minor fixes)
      - Bumped version to 1.1.5
      Added t/03warn-only.t to MANIFEST
      - Note that circular dependencies and parsing errors will always be 
considered fatal, regardless of MANIFEST_WARN_ONLY
      Updated t/03warn-only.t test with new semantics (always fail if parsing 
      These were some pretty important changes, bumped the version to 1.2.0 
      - Moved some small changes from MANIFEST.SKIP to CIRCULAR.SKIP
      Oops, noted the version was bumped when it wasn't. Fixed now.
      - Bumped version to 1.2.2
      Minor problem forgetting to bump one of the version numbers in META.yml
      Small POD fix
      Minor documentation fix
      - Updated META.yml
      Updated perlcriticrc with new preferences, removed "no critic" stuff for 
those in Test/
      "one dot only" in filenames. This breaks compatibility with OpenVMS.
      - Changed critic.rc to ignore PodSpelling policy (fixes a bug in Debian, 
BTS#538115 -- when Pod::Spell and other dependencies are installed)
      - No more versioned dependency on
      Bump version to 1.2.3
      No longer test Perl::Critic during AUTOMATED_TESTING, only 
RELEASE_TESTING. Thanks to Elliot Shank for the discussion in a private mail.
      Updated the checkmanifest.t example file and synopsis, it now checks 
      - Added coverage information
      - Remove generated files from the repository
      Fixed line endings; they are all UNIX now
      Update Changes, prepare to cut a release
      Changed my mail address to
      Update MANIFEST.SKIP to include MYMETA.yml (prevents test failure)
      Re-release because the changelog was messed up last version
      Update release date per CPAN
      Update MANIFEST.SKIP according to new defaults provided by 
      Use the default MANIFEST.SKIP if ours can't be parsed
      note changes
      Some last POD fixes
      update tests
      update changelog
      No longer build a passthrough Makefile.PL
      prepare for a release today
      Fix line endings
      Update skip info in t/circular (hopefully this fixes failures)
      update coverage POD
      update pod
      add date to changelog. oops.
      + Fixes tests so that the "default MANIFEST.SKIP" test is
      bump to 1.009
      Move package to Dist::Zilla
      Try to drop a bunch of deps (we'll see what the smokers say)
      Update changelog corresponding to release 1.011

Karen Etheridge (62):
      ignore editor swap files
      use non-deprecated forms of these plugins
      move release test to xt/
      now take MANIFEST.SKIP content from ExtUtils::Manifest directly
      fix lib includes in tests
      update dependency list
      slightly stricter git checks
      more build files; more tests; more post-release things
      fix [Test::CheckDeps] version specification
      typo in config parameter
      include -TRIAL in tag name
      more data in Changes file for each release
      more tests
      remove duplicate [Git::Tag]
      modernize weaver.ini for Pod::Weaver 4
      remove necessary option override
      set starting copyright year
      tighter entries
      add dist name header
      add irc channel and mailing list info to metadata
      convert all timestamps to ISO-8601 and UTC
      reformat Changes file for nicer rendering on metacpan
      this plugin blows up :(
      remove use of taintperl, so as to allow running tests in a local::lib
      make this test pass with our dist using ExtUtils::Manifest 7.05_07
      switch this test to testing the lack of a MANIFEST.SKIP
      make this test not fail when run in the bare repository
      rename this test so it gets its own number
      fix spacing so this test matches t/03core.t
      add the missing test from t/03core.t
      create a barebones distribution with a clean MANIFEST and MANIFEST.SKIP
      move these test files into t/corpus
      expand the #!include_default, since Module::Manifest does not understand 
      update this file to reflect #!include t/corpus/Foo/MANIFEST.SKIP using 
ExtUtils::Manifest 1.70
      fix these tests to use our fake dist rather than ourselves
      rewrite this failing test, using a new corpus directory
      switch to my plugin bundle
      scan for prereqs automatically
      fix compile errors
      list contributors in pod
      test that our namespace is clean
      remove unneeded shebangs
      remove duplicate compile test
      simplify the loading of the test modules
      only run warning tests for authors, to prevent blocking installation
      minor pod changes
      add some keywords to metadata
      some more SEE ALSO modules
      add a TODO file (mentioned in CONTRIBUTING; will not be in the shipped 
      fix spelling errors
      fix pod-404 test
      final changelog
      increment $VERSION after release
      whitespace around $VERSION declaration
      remove unnecessary prereq
      link to related external issues
      depend on the pluginbundle version that no longer uses PkgVersion
      skip test when EUM is not new enough, depending on the version of EUMM or 
MBT the user has installed
      recommend the latest version of ExtUtils::Manifest

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.014


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