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gregoa pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/0.30
in repository libserver-starter-perl.

        at  2082b12   (tag)
   tagging  0d223cfbc3d724a164172ea6f6e479c717b1fdf1 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/0.27
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sat Jun 27 20:37:05 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.30

Alexandr Ciornii (1):
      will not work on Windows

Bugdebugger (5):
      Include a proper LICENSE file
      Include a missing requirement for testing
      Add MYMETA.* files to MANIFEST.SKIP
      Add a few files to .gitignore
      Automagically set the provided modules in META.yml

Chia-liang Kao (1):
      make sure exec works for program with space in path

Haruka Iwao (3):
      Add --backlog option to change listen backlog from command line.
      start_server: Add --backlog option description to POD
      Add --backlog option to change listen backlog from command line.

Karen Etheridge (1):
      add repository to META.yml

Kazuho Oku (111):
      s/--pid_file/--pid-file/, move logic to pm, unlink on exit
      add --log-file option, remove debug message
      releng for 0.08
      add .git to skiplist
      add --singal-on-hup option
      --status-file option that writes out the # of workers running, useful to 
detect the completion of a graceful restart
      refactor command line argument handling, change the format of the status 
file (so that the generation and the process ids will be stored), add the 
--restart function (still under dev.)
      use Pod::Usage for doc
      implement --restart
      releng for 0.09
      req List::MoreUtils
      support for unix sockets with --path option
      remove socket file on shutdown
      releng for 0.11
      Merge pull request #1 from rbuels/patch-1
      Merge pull request #2 from chromatic/patch-1
      Merge pull request #3 from chromatic/patch-2
      Merge pull request #4 from clkao/master
      Merge commit '0ef253ca39a7abe1ba5b5bd83267bccd7bbab672' into 
      Merge pull request #8 from kazeburo/master
      releng for 0.13
      Merge pull request #10 from kazeburo/patch-1
      use defined to handle directories named "0" (amends prev. merge)
      releng for 0.14
      Merge pull request #11 from limitusus/master
      releng for 0.15
      unset env var when the definition is removed within the envdir (also do
      update the test to check the envdir file removal issue
      Merge branch 'kazuho/issues/rm-in-envdir'
      releng for 0.16
      Merge pull request #12 from yuryu/feature/option-backlog
      releng for 0.17
      ignore tmp/
      update inc/Module/Install
      rollback lib/Server/ to 0.14
      reimplement kill_old_delay (passes t/05-killolddelay.t)
      [refactor] do not restart in the loop (prepare for auto_restart)
      [refactor] simplify the code by converting _start_server to a closure
      reimplement auto_restart (use alarm(1) if the flag is used, this does 
cause spurious wakeup every second but is not (at-least) a degradation)
      adjust the timings (the result is
      reimplement --envdir
      reimplement enforced auto restart
      reimplement the umask adjustment
      reimplement changes in 0.15,0.16 minimizing the changes (merge branch 
'kazuho/refactor/env-and-auto-restart', #13)
      Merge branch 'kazuho/refactor/env-and-auto-restart'
      adjust the timings of t/01-starter.t so that there would be a one-second 
interval bet. the changes in states and the tests (log at
      adjust the timings so that autorestart would never happen during the 
transient state
      releng for 0.18_02 (#13)
      releng for 0.19
      use `die` in signal handler to skip syscall restarts
      remove debug log
      fix race condition (the result of `wait` should be stored directly into 
the result var)
      Merge pull request #14 from kazuho/kazuho/remove-proc-wait3
      releng fro 0.20_01
      switch from `like` to `ok`, as `$s =~ qr/^...$/m` may fail errorneously 
on osx
      interrupt detection should use `$pid == -1`
      Merge branch 'kazuho/remove-proc-wait3'
      releng for 0.20_02
      add .DS_Store to MANIFEST.SKIP
      no need to declare Getopt::Long as a dependency (bundled since Perl5)
      do not depend on List::MoreUtils
      do not depend on Scope::Guard
      add test for Server::Starter::Guard
      releng for 0.21
      adjust MANIFEST.SKIP not to include .DS_Store in subdirs
      Merge pull request #15 from karenetheridge/topic/resources
      switch from IO::Socket::INET to raw socket i/f (as a preparation to 
support IPv6)
      add test for `host:port` style
      implement ipv6 support like `--port=[::1]:port`
      display a nice message if Perl (or is too old
      in POD, describe how to use IPv6
      Merge pull request #16 from kazuho/kazuho/ipv6
      releng for 0.22
      set IPV6_V6ONLY for v6 bind addresses (amends #16)
      releng for 0.23
      fix bug that causes a infinite loop in shutdown (amends #14)
      redirect STDOUT,STDERR to log-file _after_ all the setup is complete
      treat as pipe output if value of `--logfile` starts with a `|`
      add doc for `--log-file`
      add --daemonize option
      create pid file after daemonization
      Merge pull request #17 from kazuho/kazuho/daemonize
      releng for 0.24
      set SO_REUSEADDR (fix regression in fa5ce0e)
      Merge pull request #18 from kazuho/kazuho/set-reuseaddr
      add Test::SharedFork as test dep
      skip the v6-related test if IPv6 is not available
      Merge pull request #19 from kazuho/kazuho/test-wo-ipv6
      releng for 0.25
      no need to specify version for Test::Requires
      remove copyright line from the LICENSE file
      Merge branch 'kazuho/pr/20'
      do not hard-code perl path to /usr/bin (NetBSD installs perl under 
      Merge pull request #21 from kazuho/kazuho/shebang-portability
      releng for 0.26
      Merge pull request #22 from miyagawa/shebang
      Merge pull request #23 from miyagawa/minil
      ignore files created by OS
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.27.
      update pod
      Merge branch 'kazuho/pr/24'
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.28.
      Merge pull request #29 from tokuhirom/feature/do-not-close-if-fd-zero
      Merge pull request #30 from tokuhirom/feature/reopen-stdin
      Merge pull request #26 from chorny/master
      Merge pull request #28 from tokuhirom/feature/stop
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.29.
      Merge pull request #32 from tokuhirom/status_file_created
      Merge pull request #31 from tokuhirom/win32-hell
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.30.

Masahiro Nagano (3):
      dir opt
      $opts->{dir} is undef via start_server

Robert Buels (1):
      correct type exitting -> exiting

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa (3):
      Added --signal-on-term
      use #!perl so that it will be rewritten by MakeMaker.
      modernize the build tool and use Minilla.

Tokuhiro Matsuno (13):
      Added file descriptor duplication feature.
      Close original sock after dup2, and pass the duplicated fd to child
      --port option format should be 'port=fd' instead of 'port:fd'.
      Added `--stop` option.
      Do not close STDIN if fd 0 was binded to socket.
      Reopen STDIN after close.
      Use flock to detect process termination.
      remove debugging stmt
      Get lock before printing
      Flush file handle explicitly.
      renumbering test case
      do not run tests on win32
      Do not unlink status_file if the process doesn't create it.

Tomoya Kabe (1):
      New features

chromatic (2):
      Fixed a couple of documentation typos.
      Minor typo fixes.

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.30

kazuho (33):
      haven't even run yet
      add impl, not tested :-p
      add tests
      add tests
      add restart test
      add restart test
      no more use of SIGUSR2
      add tests for Net::Server::PreFork
      add dependencies, do not kill the old worker if the new worker dies too 
      configurable interval
      add startup fail test, refine messages
      add script
      update Makefile.PL, adjust timing
      pod! pod! pod!
      remove NS::PreFork
      remove NS::PreFork
      add assertion, remove unused dependencies
      add file
      add README, Changes, incr version
      log my pid
      require perl 5.8, Test::TCP 0.11, incr VERSION
      signals received just after spawning worker processes were dismissed
      use $^X, or tests will fail on hosts using a different installation of 
perl from one installed to /usr/bin/perl)
      bugfix: start_server did not shutdown upon receiving SIGINT while the 
worker is failing to start up, releng 0.06
      fix typo (thanks to markstos)
      --port now omittable, to support daemons not binding to any TCP ports

yappo (1):
      added --pid_file option


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