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gregoa pushed a change to annotated tag debian/0.40-1
in repository libtest-exception-perl.

        at  b89d98c   (tag)
   tagging  b4983fcdf40cf2e4a1f6316c74a90a6dec73ba1c (commit)
  replaces  debian/0.38-1
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sat Jun 27 21:25:31 2015 +0200

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tagging package libtest-exception-perl version debian/0.40-1
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Adrian Howard (15):
      Changes from 0.29 CPAN release - absent from svn repo
      * Start of prep for 0.30 release
      * Ignore generated files in git
      look to the percriticrc in xt/
      Switched to 0.30_1 as release - let cpantesters play with it before a 
proper release
      Ignore build artifacts
      -   Upped version number
      more acks
      ... and remember to update $VERSION in the code - really must move to 
      And more acks
      Updated changes, added todo.txt, updated MANIFEST.SKIP to exclude
      new readme
      Upgraded to 0.31
      prep for next version
      Updated false failing test caused by changes to diagnostic format

Chad Granum (8):
      Fix things for the new Test::Builder stuff (Test-More - master)
      Fix some missing parens
      Better fix for Test::Builder alphas
      Merge pull request #7 from haarg/stream-load-test
      Version Bump
      Update for Test::Stream change
      Version Bump
      Update for a change to Test::Stream

David Golden (1):
      full-disclosure about Sub::Uplevel in DESCRIPTION

Graham Knop (1):
      use Test::Stream if it is loaded, not if it can be loaded

Karen Etheridge (17):
      switch from Module::Build to ExtUtils::MakeMaker
      tighten up entries
      fix MANIFEST.SKIP, commit MANIFEST, add an author test to check them
      Test::Spelling already does this check, and uses other backends too
      fix spelling tests
      remove unneeded shebangs from author tests
      update prerequisites
      release 0.37
      fix repo links in metadata
      release 0.38
      switch to using github as the issue tracker
      punctuation in abstract
      see also Test::Warnings
      see also Test::Fatal
      remove executable bits from all files
      declare proper authority in metadata
      Merge pull request #9 from dagolden/warn-about-sub-uplevel

Peter Rabbitson (3):
      Failing (and fully reproducible) test of the bizarre copy error
      The bizarre-copy bug fix as per Nicholas' advice in
      This extends starcktrace.t to show more clearly why @DB::args can not

adrianh (72):
      * Stuck latest release of Perl code in subversion repository
      * Removed generated files and dead wood
      * Added svn:ignore for generated files
      * Made Test::Harness 2.03 a requirement
      * Added releases directory for old releases
      * Rearranged directories a bit
      removed some unnecessary MANIFEST files from repository
      Test::Block 0.07
      Test::Class and Test::Exception now work with new Test::Simple
      T::E 0.18 changes
      rearrange everything under one dir
      rearrange everything under one dir, part 2
      Rename perl to trunk to stick with normal subversion naming conventions
      Moving to Module::Build
      Moved to Module::Build
      commit 2350580a11e4e4aa78a606cb685bd20115730f04
      commit 196afc4c0ba2f4bd8a785b1fea971ba7bf7e02bc
      fixed lives_and bug
      updated copyright dates and removed generated README docs from repo
      changes for 0.21
      some changes to T::E
      now test import properly
      deals with exception classes that override isa
      added link to annocpan
      some  updates
      optional description to lives_and now really is optional
      optional description to lives_and now really is optional
      can now have empty test description for throws_ok
      test coverage now at 100%
      misc tidying
      moved $file to projects
      Now requires Sub::Uplevel 0.13
      * Got test coverage to 100%
      Moved to Test::Pod::Coverage
      Added Test::Perl::Critic testing
      Cosmetic POD changes
      More cosmetic doc changes
      * Not going to make the next release, and probably fixed by the 
Sub::Uplevel upgrade
      * Added some warnings
      Won't make next release
      All tests now run tainted with warnings
      * Removed use warnings since their seems to be an odd interaction with 
      * Updated Test::Builder dependency coz of format change issue in one 
      * Updated tests so that they used warnings
      * Added delicious links to POD
      Added regression test for RT bug 11846
      Move all the developer tests into a separate directory so they don't run 
by default
      Renamed so test and config file have same pattern
      Remove the stuff we moved to /developer
      We no longer sign stuff
      Updated the changes file
      * Final doc changes for 0.22 release
      Added Paul McCann's last name
      added some missing acknowledgements
      * Made preservation of $@ explicit in the synopsis
      * Added a spelling checker
      * Updated changes
      Updated the version number
      Added dependency on Test::Simple
      prep for 0.26
      Moved to ispell
      Updated the docs, added some failing test cases
      Skip the edge case tests for now...
      Should now pass on Vanilla/Strawberry Perl
      Added some acks and commented on using exit() in evalled code.
      Documented changes.
      Added missing words
      Now "$0" rather than '$0' <sigh>
      '$0' should have been "$0"
      Fixed windows failures due to platform specific paths
      Patch from Dave for new Sub::Uplevel
      Expressed minimal perl version as 5.006001

gregor herrmann (5):
      Imported Upstream version 0.40
      Merge tag 'upstream/0.40'
      Update debian/changelog
      Update debian/upstream/metadata (Bug-Database).
      releasing package libtest-exception-perl version 0.40-1


This annotated tag includes the following new commits:

       new  89c474b   Merge tag 'upstream/0.40'
       new  80e77af   Update debian/changelog
       new  436009a   Update debian/upstream/metadata (Bug-Database).
       new  b4983fc   releasing package libtest-exception-perl version 0.40-1

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