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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository libtest-exception-perl.

      from  b0426a5   releasing package libtest-exception-perl version 0.38-1
      adds  f86aed8   * Stuck latest release of Perl code in subversion 
      adds  940240a   * Removed generated files and dead wood
      adds  ff14c5f   * Added svn:ignore for generated files * t/pod.t now uses 
      adds  6ff1af1   * Made Test::Harness 2.03 a requirement
      adds  040d69d   * Added releases directory for old releases * Tweaked 
some Test::Exception tests
      adds  18b7d7d   * Rearranged directories a bit
      adds  b52985a   removed some unnecessary MANIFEST files from repository
      adds  c179c57   Test::Block 0.07
      adds  1d0bd08   Test::Class and Test::Exception now work with new 
      adds  66bb39b   T::E 0.18 changes
      adds  d427aa0   rearrange everything under one dir
      adds  6137d17   rearrange everything under one dir, part 2
      adds  e7133ed   Rename perl to trunk to stick with normal subversion 
naming conventions
      adds  e4a83bc   Moving to Module::Build
      adds  2350580   Moved to Module::Build
      adds  196afc4   
      adds  e12afa9   
      adds  6345559   fixed lives_and bug
      adds  eb9c4e0   updated copyright dates and removed generated README docs 
from repo
      adds  a6a9cd2   changes for 0.21
      adds  e594b11   some changes to T::E
      adds  69dd168   now test import properly
      adds  215e4c2   deals with exception classes that override isa
      adds  a83d4ec   added link to annocpan
      adds  c25fc6d   some  updates
      adds  fe328be   optional description to lives_and now really is optional
      adds  7214c69   optional description to lives_and now really is optional
      adds  8ef8eeb   can now have empty test description for throws_ok
      adds  d5e8b6a   test coverage now at 100%
      adds  7ebc168   misc tidying
      adds  5d88d4d   moved $file to projects
      adds  f779bcf   Now requires Sub::Uplevel 0.13
      adds  5b323cd   * Got test coverage to 100% * Cleaned up style of code a 
      adds  da4c6b3   Moved to Test::Pod::Coverage
      adds  f5efa7e   Added Test::Perl::Critic testing
      adds  e3fb59c   Cosmetic POD changes
      adds  f78bf51   More cosmetic doc changes
      adds  e4fd5a4   * Not going to make the next release, and probably fixed 
by the Sub::Uplevel upgrade
      adds  0d88d2f   * Added some warnings
      adds  9fe4744   Won't make next release
      adds  5034dc7   All tests now run tainted with warnings
      adds  b480272   * Removed use warnings since their seems to be an odd 
interaction with Test::Builder::Tester
      adds  6ca9d6d   * Updated Test::Builder dependency coz of format change 
issue in one release
      adds  37a1a4e   * Updated tests so that they used warnings
      adds  8e7a71a   * Added delicious links to POD * Added section of 
skipping T::E tests if not installed
      adds  468df39   Added regression test for RT bug 11846
      adds  e5a0ed8   Move all the developer tests into a separate directory so 
they don't run by default
      adds  af5897c   Renamed so test and config file have same pattern
      adds  81f3f06   Remove the stuff we moved to /developer
      adds  b16e09e   We no longer sign stuff
      adds  bf7bb78   Updated the changes file
      adds  7a31fcc   * Final doc changes for 0.22 release
      adds  d9d03fe   Added Paul McCann's last name
      adds  87614aa   added some missing acknowledgements
      adds  648fce3   * Made preservation of $@ explicit in the synopsis
      adds  63d14e9   * Added a spelling checker * Fixed some spelling mistakes
      adds  2c60042   * Updated changes
      adds  66ca6ab   Updated the version number
      adds  3581587   Added dependency on Test::Simple
      adds  6eb83d3   prep for 0.26
      adds  9bca71d   Moved to ispell
      adds  a1f3344   Updated the docs, added some failing test cases
      adds  5db6b01   Skip the edge case tests for now...
      adds  bbb4921   Should now pass on Vanilla/Strawberry Perl
      adds  d2e78bd   Added some acks and commented on using exit() in evalled 
      adds  b967163   Documented changes.
      adds  d99e945   Added missing words
      adds  78caf85   Now "$0" rather than '$0' <sigh>
      adds  b44d16e   '$0' should have been "$0"
      adds  42199a9   Fixed windows failures due to platform specific paths
      adds  3ae90e2   Patch from Dave for new Sub::Uplevel
      adds  f5b29b9   Expressed minimal perl version as 5.006001
      adds  3437773   Changes from 0.29 CPAN release - absent from svn repo
      adds  888bcc3   * Start of prep for 0.30 release * Added dates to changes 
      adds  7b05cd9   * Ignore generated files in git * Don't add git files to 
manifest * Move developer tests to xt/
      adds  12f368c   look to the percriticrc in xt/
      adds  3a355a1   Failing (and fully reproducible) test of the bizarre copy 
      adds  2f6200a   The bizarre-copy bug fix as per Nicholas' advice in in
      adds  23e5d84   This extends starcktrace.t to show more clearly why 
@DB::args can not be visible during test_exceptin tests. Implement explicit 
hiding of @DB::args by simply emptying the global (this looks like a safe thing 
to do).
      adds  51e8daf   Switched to 0.30_1 as release - let cpantesters play with 
it before a proper release
      adds  9ae439b   Ignore build artifacts
      adds  145bbd2   -   Upped version number -   Added Peter Rabbitson to the 
acknowledgements section -   Added some clarifying documentation to respond to 
      adds  9a25d0d   more acks
      adds  3966153   ... and remember to update $VERSION in the code - really 
must move to dist::zilla
      adds  87eb490   And more acks
      adds  984fc3f   Updated changes, added todo.txt, updated MANIFEST.SKIP to 
exclude todo.txt, marked test that was failing under T::B 2 to a TODO until we 
figure out what it should do.
      adds  ca533ec   new readme
      adds  811f5d3   Upgraded to 0.31
      adds  946e89d   prep for next version
      adds  f2754cf   Updated false failing test caused by changes to 
diagnostic format in upcoming Test::Simple 0.99 release
      adds  8eee8d0   Fix things for the new Test::Builder stuff (Test-More - 
      adds  12ed6f5   Fix some missing parens
      adds  51ebfea   Better fix for Test::Builder alphas
      adds  8998da4   use Test::Stream if it is loaded, not if it can be loaded
      adds  a188c7b   Merge pull request #7 from haarg/stream-load-test
      adds  a8ff148   Version Bump
      adds  6439361   switch from Module::Build to ExtUtils::MakeMaker
      adds  2ab0204   tighten up entries
      adds  0477eb1   fix MANIFEST.SKIP, commit MANIFEST, add an author test to 
check them
      adds  99afe42   Test::Spelling already does this check, and uses other 
backends too
      adds  72ae256   fix spelling tests
      adds  45f3b1a   remove unneeded shebangs from author tests
      adds  a9a3703   update prerequisites
      adds  94025e3   release 0.37
      adds  d7f9290   fix repo links in metadata
      adds  775113a   release 0.38
      adds  e8a8ee6   switch to using github as the issue tracker
      adds  77b4dc2   punctuation in abstract
      adds  5a12f65   see also Test::Warnings
      adds  39d59f4   see also Test::Fatal
      adds  e3bfd6e   remove executable bits from all files
      adds  52e6447   declare proper authority in metadata
      adds  0afe2af   full-disclosure about Sub::Uplevel in DESCRIPTION
      adds  56b0537   Merge pull request #9 from dagolden/warn-about-sub-uplevel
      adds  d14ce2c   Update for Test::Stream change
      adds  db29f1e   Version Bump
      adds  8e6787b   Update for a change to Test::Stream
      adds  cf080e1   Imported Upstream version 0.40
       new  89c474b   Merge tag 'upstream/0.40'
       new  80e77af   Update debian/changelog
       new  436009a   Update debian/upstream/metadata (Bug-Database).
       new  b4983fc   releasing package libtest-exception-perl version 0.40-1

The 4 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                  |  6 +++++
 MANIFEST.SKIP            | 68 +-----------------------------------------------
 META.json                | 12 ++++-----
 META.yml                 |  9 ++++---
 Makefile.PL              |  4 +--
 debian/changelog         |  7 +++++
 debian/upstream/metadata |  3 +--
 lib/Test/    | 19 ++++++++++----
 t/Exception.t            |  0
 t/preserve.t             |  0
 t/return.t               |  0
 xt/documented.t          |  0
 xt/pod.t                 |  0
 13 files changed, 42 insertions(+), 86 deletions(-)
 mode change 100755 => 100644 t/Exception.t
 mode change 100755 => 100644 t/preserve.t
 mode change 100755 => 100644 t/return.t
 mode change 100755 => 100644 xt/documented.t
 mode change 100755 => 100644 xt/pod.t

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