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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.19

H.Merijn Brand (437):
      Started using git with 0.33
      Skip leading empty lines in CSV-XLS conversion
      MANIFEST.SKIP will filter all .git files on make distclean
      Tel git and MakeMaker what to ignore
      More stuff to ignore
      Upped Copyright to 2008
      Stuff to skip on distcheck
      Add all prereq's, even if from core
      More stuff to ignore
      Release 0.33
      0.33 was shipped with an old META.yml
      use warnings;  for 5.6.x and up
      A better way to modify use warnings for 5.005
      Tested on Cygwin and Strawberry
      implement blank_is_undef
      Speed comparisons take too long
      .tgz target
      Fixed allow_whitespace issue found by blank_is_undef tests
      5.005 shortcomings better documented
      Make clear what we do for 5.005
      Fixed parse error that passed for q{1, "bar",2} with escape_char +
      The ongoing job of documentation
      Extended diagnostics tests
      Should be in last commit
      Prepare for 0.35 release
      auto-load IO::Handle when needed
      Generated coverage files are not for GIT
      No coverage files in distribution
      ppport.h takes care of the aTHX_ if Perl_ prefix is not present
      Tested with threads
      GIT => GitHub
      github =>
      It's mine. It's all mine
      Copied GIT repo to public mirror
      Add suggested Text::CSV::Encoding example
      Implement new getline_hr () method + hr_keys ()
      Tests for new getline_hr () and hr_keys () [ RT:34474 ]
      Corrected misspelled variable names in XS
      Functions are now =head2 type doc entries (Mark Stosberg)
      Move hr_keys () to column_names ()
      Looks like this might be a nice RC for 0.38
      Type and small textual change
      Integrate non-XS errors into the Error Diag system for consistency
      SetDiag returns the error SV
      prevent duplication of the message
      Testcase for error 2023 (Michael P Randall)
      For 'release -t'
      Skip release files
      More 'release' stuff
      bind_columns phase 1
      Cleanups and preliminary av_fetch work
      bind_columns () work!
      no dumper data, add a few todo notes
      Skip xx files, skip META.yml in base dir
      .releaserc out of git
      Lost another 7% of code, and increased maintainability
      Show off!
      Make the jump to 0.40. It's well worth that
      More tests, More fixes, more validations
      Last minute docs
      bind_columnS () => SYNOPSIS
      error_diag () subclassable
      error_diag () now always knows both contexts
      more error_diag () docs for class method
      void context of error_diag () too noise when no error occured
      Add (document) error 1000 in XS
      examples/csv2xls now uses getline ()
      examples/csv2xls cleanup and tested
      add required perl version to META.yml
      Release 0.41
      Generate META.yml myself. I won't use Build.PL
      indent fix
      print () and column_names now work on $sth->{NAME_lc}
      Array-refs now accept scalars with magic
      More examples
      Add examples/csv-check
      $sep cannot be defined there. remove misleading code
      parse errors try to remember failing position
      make leakcheck
      Skip valgrind.log for git and distribution and cleanup when needed
      worth noting for the public. might raise reliability :)
      Extended Magic support in Combine
      Alternate leak checking using Test::Valgrind
      Update error 2023
      allow_loose_quotes inside quoted fields
      perl5.005 is really to old to really care about
      Fixed the error position returned as third arg in error_diag ()
      I need a location to put user files.
      Removed double-double quote from TODO
      Up version, and report it
      Added examples/ (attempt to fix bad CSV)
      test.csv is a better default name
      Forgot to pack examples/
      a tiny cleanup
      in examples add die on failed close calls
      Use Test::MinimumVersion (not distributed)
      version check on module itself too through hack
      moved to sandbox, as it is never distributed
      Version check now in xt/
      Added option -F to examples/csv2xls
      All passes as expected now for perl version checks
      file was renamed
      Don't want to see the indirected call
      Nailed the UTF-8 issues for parsing
      Missing from ppport.h. This way we can still support perl5.005
      Nailed the UTF-8 issues for combining
      Text::CSV already implements the wrapper
      Skip a few tests in automated testing
      Accept UTF8 without { binary => 1 }
      Lift the maximum number of bound columns
      Add -n option to to suppress fields with newlines
      -o option for
      A parsing speed comparator
      Text::CSV_PP already supports bind_columns (). Still with the 255 limit.
      Compare speed tables
      Prepare for 0.51
      Using undef for hash keys is a bad plan
      column_name () fix, test, and documentation
      Mention in changelog, prepare for 0.52
      SvUPGRADE is a safer choice than sv_upgrade (Lubomir Rintel) RT #37529
      bring docs in sync with reality for msg 2023
      Default eol for print is $\
      examples/csv-check should default to CSV, not to ;
      Tests for SetDiag (0)
      Two more situations covered
      More coverage, more tests
      Allowable whitespace already skipped 50 lines up
      Still some more docs. Maybe one day it'll be complete
      Reorder docs to promote print ()
      Check META.yml before using it
      Release 0.53
      Raised minimum from 5.005 to 5.005_03
      added checkmeta to tgzdist
      Refer to web-site, not git repo itself
      0.53 is out in the wild already
      IO failure in print () was not propagated (ilmari, RT#38960)
      Improve documentation on eol
      Unicode on perl-5.8.[0-2] sucks. Don't use it!
      Allow SetDiag to be used as class method
      Cleanup diag setting
      Add Debian_CPANTS.txt to cleanup
      Better to remove it immediately after use
      Some people complain about the most stupid things. Its that I generate my 
META.yml myself, so I can silence those stupid complaints
      Document the MS/Excel separation character
      fixed ref in see also
      Hint that eof is not an error per se (RT#40047)
      Update to ppport.h 3.14_01
      Updated docs (Unicode, TODO, Release Plan)
      Default for eol is "", undef now treated as ""
      By the time _set_attr_N () is called, the _CACHE has been created
      Trailing whitespace in pod removed
      YAML declared 1.4 (META.yml) instead of 1.1 (YAML)
      Extra YAML checks using Parse::CPAN::Meta
      Dropped support for perl-5.005
      Revert "Dropped support for perl-5.005"
      $\ Fix only works in perl5.8 and up. Sorry for the users of older perl's, 
but they never found it anyway
      Don't bootstrap twice. Don't know how/when it came in there
      Small typo in test message (RT#40410, JPL)
      Parse error test on "\0 (RT#40507)
      Fixed allow_loose_escapes bug disclosed by RT#40507
      Wrong e-mail in META.yml
      Missing $IO argument in bind_columns example (docs only)
      Upped Copyright to 2009
      All examples have copyright notice
      Added warning for parse () [RT#42261]
      Small optimisations (Goro Fuji, RT#42517)
      ppport.h updated to 3.15
      xt test needs a tmp folder
      Add literal git clone command to README
      check before commit next time
      Optimize getline/print method calls to only convert the fixed string to 
SV once
      report what perls realease tested with
      Update Changelog
      Decode *_char attributes for perl 5.8.3 and up
      Remove CSV_XS.gcda and friends before make cover
      5.8.2 is also safe. nothingmuch checked
      Don't overwrite experimental ppport.h
      Prepare for thread-optimisation patch
      That *is* covered since 0.53
      Optimize for threaded perls, non-threaded perls won't notice
      cover runs stack unless you delete cover_db
      Devel::PPPort now from production version 3.16
      valgrind found a possible uninitialized value
      restriction in print () was only for really old perls
      vincent++; #RT 43927
      Tests added for RT#43927
      revert part of 6180aea, as 88fff60 made that redundant
      Prevent warnings in older perls (without utf8)
      just to be consistent
      All known errors are covered and/or documented. TODO dropped
      Unicode TODO dropped. All covered, or use Text::CSV::Encoded
      Documented the examples
      don't run xt tests if there is no Test::MinimumVersion
      Fixed allow_whitespace with sep_char = TAB (RT#44402)
      end-of-string returns EOF (parse () vs getline ())
      add resources/repository to META.yml
      Fixed allow_whitespace with sep_char = TAB (RT#44402)
      Skip perlio tests for perl older than 5.8, as perlio was experimental in 
      Up Devel::PPPort to 3.17
      eol => undef did not initialize eol_len, which might cause crash dumps
      Add example for getting the tarball from git
      add configure_requires to META.yml
      More tests for the illegal whitespace combo
      Initial know errors can now be checked on number (1002)
      Add an option to csv-check to verify UTF-8 correctness
      Nicer report line in csv-check
      Add leaktrace target for checking memory leaks with Test::LeakTrace
      All error_diag () returns should now be dual-var (both numeric and string 
context valid)
      prevent needless copies
      Remove (3) from L<..> links (Slaven, RT#46078)
      Reordered examples in doc to show best method first
      Documentation grammatical fix (John P. Linderman, RT#46411)
      Fail if first arg to new () is not a hash ref
      Implement empty_is_undef
      Update to Devel::PPPort-3.19
      Typo fixes in doc
      Ignore some more temp stuff
      Typo in documentation (Herwin Weststrate, RT#47613)
      Add auto_diag attribute
      removed ALLOW_ALLOW ifdef's. Unlikely they will ever be undef
      small addition to docs for error_diag/auto_diag
      FIX: reset attributes (after they have been set) with accessor
      Add tests from Text::CSV here as they are generic enough to test anyway
      Note auto_diag / autodie plans
      code cleanup (mhx)
      prevent warning in threaded builds (mhx)
      Fix empty_diag typo for attribute handler (Devel::Cover++)
      Fix AUTOMATED_TESTING erroneous skip
      One more perl to cover
      perl5.005 needs a bit of help
      auto_diag now localizes to +1 if autodie is active
      Make the output file name guess a bit safer
      Note change in ChangeLog
      Recommend recent perl
      Added csvdiff to examples/
      Rewrote SYNOPSIS to be more like a real-world code example
      Exclude 2012-EOF from auto-diag
      note what autodie is likely to support:
      tiny typo
      remove from untracked
      Add HTML output option to csvdiff example
      Add git link to examples folder
      Add META.yml to MANIFEST to please Module::Release for older versions of 
ExtUtils::MakeMaker that modify MANIFEST itself instead of the generated one 
for the distribution
      Three missing end quotes
      examples/csv-check now shows detected eol
      Remove dead code
      Optimized caching. All cache changes now in XS
      Auto detection of eol => "\r" in streams
      Rewrite of the cache broke verbatim (or silently fixed a bug)
      Cache diagnostics
      Tests for auto-detecting \r EOL
      Code cleanup
      need extra defines for older perls
      Fix for older perls.
      csv-check requires a file, so it can open it twice and auto-detect QUO, 
      Use PerlIO (Scalar::IO would also do) to read the data onmy once. Made 
analyzing streams possible again
      Add quote_space attribute
      Forbid \r and \n in sep_char, quote_char, and escape_char
      Upped copyright to 2010
      fix typo
      Prevent double encoding by detecting IO layer(s)
      stop searching after first encoding layer found
      Simpler approach for utf8 encoded layers.
      Check required/recommended module versions
      Text::CSV_XS->error_diag () in void context now warns instead of doing 
      Add tests for error_diag () in void context
      BOM notes
      auto_diag also used for new () itself
      cast issue found by HP-UX compiler
      Introduce quote_null attribute (RT#55200)
      Warn if multiple column length's detected
      Allow csv-check to use Text::CSV_PP
      Remove dangling )
      Note position in error_diag message
      Make csv2xls do auto-diag
      Enrich examples/csv2xls
      Dropped YAML spec to 1.0
      Detlev's test case proving inconsistency between XS and PP
      Integrate Detlev's test case
      Correct for valgrind's new log. Looks GOOD!
      Improve date conversion in examples/csv2xls
      Tested under perl-5.12.0 (and 21 other versions of perl)
      Added a note about EBCDIC data files
      Test suite is now safe for parallel test (prove --shuffle -j6)
      Fixed typo in doc
      more spelling fixes (aspell)
      correct count in header. (ignored but sane)
      Incorporated test for RT#58356
      nothing really
      Check spelling before release
      Step one of implementing support for weird eol
      finish eol implementation
      take into account that $/ can be undefined
      Clarify doc for always_quote to not quote undef fields
      Also test eol on scalar-io
      t/46_eol_si is guarded for 5.6.0
      CH_EOLX returned in more places
      EOLX is not optional in \r\n sequence
      A lot of debugging
      Test case completion for EOLX
      Remember in the object that fields were UTF8 in Combine ()
      Grmphf. I hoped ppport defined sv_utf8_upgrade ()
      Clarify UTF8 process for print () and combine ()
      Fixed undefinedness of $\ in print (RT#61880)
      Test _cache_diag
      cover+ more easy to change
      Windows doesn't support STDERR redirection as used in t/80_diag
      Add speed comparison stuff from CSV talk
      Some RT test cases
      Speed comparison enhancements
      New Devel::Cover approach. Needs Devel::Cover-0.73 or higher
      Now that eolx works, remove some dead code
      Internals now use warn () instead of (void)fprintf (stderr, ...)
      Better parsing for eol = \r and set as such (RT#61525)
      Workaround for AIX cpp bug (RT#62388, Jan Dubois)
      Debug code was leaking (Jan Dubois)
      More code coverage, more eol(x) testing
      Parse speed comparison updates
      Version 0.77 broke MacOS exported CSV files with only \r
      Lyle's test case.
      Add test file for macosx CSV
      Tests for macosx file
      Use correct type for STRLEN (HP-UX/PA-RISC/32)
      more casting
      More coverage
      More code coverage
      Add a regression test for _PP fail that Ruslan detected
      Implement getline_all ()
      Stupid threads ...
      Part of TODO now done
      and getaline_hr_all ()
      Implement splice-like arguments to _all methods
      Threads still suck
      made _all tests shared
      cover+, will it ever work as I hope?
      Use correct type
      Init eol_pos
      More debug
      Detect and set CR on one more instance
      So, that nailed RT#61525
      Up copyright to 2011
      perl 5.12.3 is stable
      remove parens in function reference in docs
      Add is_missing property for unparsed hash entries
      Re-flow the docs to max column 75
      code cleaning after using lots of gcc's -W flags
      Update Changes
      # examples/csv-check requires 5.010 due to syntax
      Change ChangeLog to UTF8
      Doc typo fix (RT#66905)
      Test files for RT#66474
      env for "blead" testing
      Slight change to ease HTML indexing on CPAN
      Innocent addition to Makefile.PL to enable easy gcc warnings
      Add X<...> entries for =item's
      Text::CSV_XS-0.15 is from 1998-08-21. Nor need to warn anymore
      Document overhaul. Make all links work
      Some small doc tweaks
      More pod fixes
      FAQ: How do I swap rows and columns
      Some test case from the past
      Fix spurious auto_diag warning (RT#69673)
      perl-5.14.1 is most recent stable
      MYMETA.yml/MYMETA.json are generated files
      ispell now seems to work too
      New speed test results (new laptop)
      Tested with all newer perls (up to and including 5.15.1)
      test case for RT#69673
      Go for 0.83
      Add plain split to speed compare
      More cross-checks for META data
      Make minimal version checks subtests
      NAME / DISTNAME in Makefile.PL
      Make all my ChangeLog's look more or less the same
      Spreadsheet::WriteExcel doen't need ::Big anymore since 2007
      Introduce quote_binary attribute
      Update Devel::PPPort to 3.20
      Update copyright to 2012
      Fixed a utf8::decode on undef (found by perl-5.15.7)
      Fixed localized $/ interference with other handles (RT#74216)
      Perl-1.15.1 never existed (thanks ribasushi)
      Extra check on utf8 output (RT#74330)
      Nice to still be able to have it run on perl5.005
      examples/csvdiff now recognizes numerically sorted CSV files
      Document example comparing getline_hr vs bind_columns + getline
      examples/csvdiff requires 5.010 due to syntax
      bench for latest doc change
      Fix for $/ in 0.86 broke parsing fields that contain excessive $/'s
      Introduce record_number
      tidy and typo. not important
      Store complete record in _ERROR_INPUT for seekable streams
      meta-spec in json is an integer
      Drop 5.005 support
      move auto-require to a sub, so we can use #ifdef
      Remove remnants of 5.005 support
      support tell/seek on error only for 5.14.0 and up
      Even more 5.005 remnants
      HP-UX 10.20 has a real ancient compiler. nice to test with :)
      No more $^W
      Tests for SvMAGIC with bound column
      Clearing bound columns should also clear column names
      Make the new requirement for 5.6.1 stand out just a bit more
      Add attribution and release 0.90
      non-DEBUGGING perl needs -MPerl::Destruct::Level=level,2 for leakchecks
      prevent longdoubletouble
      Add leakrun
      test files in the sandbox are not to be kept in the vcs
      Add tests for resetting the utf8 flag
      Use 3-arg open and lexical handles in test
      Rip out tell/seek
      Release 0.91
      Don't want it ignored for git even if it might change a lot
      keep play-stuff around for longer
      Tests tags changed on CPAN
      Allow bind_columns () for print ()
      More flexible in version parsing
      Compare print speeds just as parse
      Fix RT#80680 - Buffer break halfway UTF8 + tests
      Add diag_verbose attribute
      make error pointer more logical
      Change added on different box, merge back to correct version
      First set of extra sep tests + better aliasing of sep
      Tests, though failing
      Allow encoding on all output handles in csv ()

H.Merijn Brand - Tux (364):
      Don't check twice
      Test case for RT#80680
      1024k is extremely small in this time and age
      META overhaul
      Testing *my* module should not break on failing other modules
      GNU tar 1.23 delivers pax (POSIX 1003.1-2001) headers by default
      these attributes always exist
      test $csv->record_number ()
      Test getline_hr_all without colnames
      Test /setting/ diag to not-0
      Guard against beta releases of Encode (Xavier Guimard)
      Fix sv_cache init global-buffer-overflow (Reini Urban - RT#81469)
      Added comment, no solution, to analysing RT#81295
      Sandbox test for memleak found in RT#81539
      minor nits reported by clang
      Unescaped left brace in regex is deprecated (5.17.*)
      Skip some tests when Encode is not installed at all
      Skip UTF8/Encode test on older 5.8
      Initialize scalar-io in test
      Release and profit
      Introduce allow_unquoted_escape as workaround for RT#81295
      typo in doc
      META.jsn version 2, META.yml version 1.4
      Update copyright to 2013
      Introduce print_hr () for RT#76143
      Documentation changes
      (older) ANSI-C does not allow declarations midway
      No EBCDIC is maybe worth noting
      No need to require Test::Harness if unused (RT#82693)
      Update META checker
      Some documentation rewording
      parse ("") should return one empty field, not undef
      Running under 5.16.3 now. Versions/META
      Now that we know the record number, show it in auto_diag
      Regain the speed from 0.91 (buffer back to 1k)
      Keep the buffer-test scripts
      No need for hv_delete before a hv_store
      More efficient (re)setting of _ERROR_INPUT
      Better speed test
      Prepare for 0.97
      typo in doc
      Order, let there be some more logic
      The Lancaster Consensus changes the META-2.0 to 1.4 conversion
      Clarify eol documentation
      Move error_input () to XS
      older clang compiled perls cause epic fail
      Documents return value of bind_columns without arguments
      Fix automatic UTF-8 in getline/parse
      Fix automatic UTF-8 in getline/parse for SV's with \0
      5.10.0 has UTF8 failures I am not willing to work around
      SvCUR () causes havoc on perl-5.10.0 if UTF-8 SV contains \0
      Revert "5.10.0 has UTF8 failures I am not willing to work around"
      The SvCUR () fault also roars its ugly head up to 5.12.1
      Note the default range excludes binary characters (Johan Vromans)
      Skip Devel::PPPort stuff for < 5.6.1
      Make SvCUR work always
      Cache not re-read on getline_all
      Better align cache_diag
      Add example for reading only a single column
      test file for RT#86217, tich=ket moved to Clone queue
      Don't store NULL in _ERROR_INPUT (RT#86217/Clone)
      Prevent speed-loss for storing undef in ERROR_INPUT
      Don't double-decode
      Add decode_utf8 attribute (default is true)
      done_testing for dist
      Worth noting change from 10-07-2013
      Release 1.02
      Update copyright to 2014
      Currency format in csv2xls
      Implement RFC7111 - CSV fragments
      Reference docs
      A Changelog entry would help
      A small rewording for fragment docs
      FAIL tests for rcf7111
      get_columnd () with no argument now returns the empty list
      fragments (rcf7111) now also support AoH (was AoA only)
      left-over done_testing
      move "types () to a more logical place
      Start implementing *function* csv
      Next step in implementation of "csv"
      include fragment in docs
      More docs
      removed debug statement, test script does not require 5.16
      typo fixes
      binary is *always* on in csv ()
      rather test clang manually
      Make csv () work for output
      rcf7111 error is 2013, not 2014
      Doc fixes
      Enable *STDOUT and *ARGV
      tests for csv
      put csv function in SYNOPSIS
      last minute doc changes
      perl-5.6.x does not yet support open my $fh, "<:encoding(...)", $file
      perl-5.8.0 does not allow ref \$io when $io is passed as *STDOUT
      need perl-5.8.5 for $io in getline when passed as *STDOUT
      add examples/ to MANIFEST
      No dist checks during release -t
      AoA is Array of Arrays
      Hmm, that would be a bad test
      edge case fails in threaded perl5.8.4
      And on we go
      Auto error_diag on failing csv ()
      Allow case insensitive attributes and attribute aliases
      Start callbacks support
      More docs, more evil tests
      More callback work
      Typo in ChangeLog
      Tests for output hook
      Typo in MANIFEST
      More callback fixes
      Pass current object to hook
      prevent AUTOLOAD failure for subclassing modules
      Damn threads
      test if callback is used on every line in getline_all
      Enhance the docs for eol a bit
      Summarize changes for 1.05
      Feedback: callbacks should also work on empty arrays and on non-IO 
      Note that callbacks are active outside the region returned by fragment
      hooks cannot work on combine
      Test if dependency chain didn't break
      Do not unlink file between tests: Windows might be unhappy
      Test callback declaration during construction
      More testing, doc completion
      better coverage options: I do not want to include CORE files in analisys
      err cannot be NULL
      more release testing
      Only close file handles in csv () for files
      perm-check now needs ID
      new callbacks for csv ()
      two small typoes
      L</...> is with a capital (abeltje)
      Allow csv (in => \"1,2")
      Support CODE ref for csv (in => sub {}, out => "file.csv");
      Document and test csv (in => sub { ... })
      Allow * in fragment cellspec's bottom-right cell
      Code cleanup
      No ScalarIO support for 5.6.x
      ANSI C error
      Oops, forgot to include new test in dist
      More tests for illegal rfc7111 specs
      changelog typoes
      Add example section for database dumps
      a few doc updates
      Don't use the same basic example twice
      Add TODO: cookbook entry
      Allow disjunct CSV cell fragments
      Discourage hashes for disjunct cell-base3d fragments
      Document disjunct cell fragments.
      Finish Allow disjunct CSV cell fragment lists
      Disjunct -> disjointed
      Docs for combined cell fragments
      Doc overhaul
      Skip test if module unavailable
      More doc fixes
      next bunch of L<C<...>|/...>
      Add W3C's "Metadata Vocabulary for Tabular Data"
      Next batch of L<C...>|/...>
      Last batch of L<C<...>|/...>
      Prepare for release (test with 5.20.0)
      Missed defined-or need in csv2xls (RT#95787)
      typo in Changelog
      Type in comment
      try test clang perl again
      sort example for PM
      Versions, release 1.09
      Support for scalar ref in out: csv (out => \(my $x = ""), ...)
      Support voor multi-byte sep_char
      Make UTF-8 sep working :)
      Call csv *function* test last
      accept sep as new attribute spelling
      perl-5.20.0 is now main development perl
      Make "sep" a real alias for "sep_char"
      I want -MCSV to be -MText::CSV_XS=csv
      doc update for sep
      typo in error message
      micro-optimization for alignment
      document Data::Peek being loaded for -MCSV
      open my $fh, "<:encoding(xxx)", \$scalar; # fail
      Make sep a buffer instead of a pointer
      sep_char => *sep
      further cleanup
      with sep_len <= 8, cache size 48 is enough
      Increase test run-time for speed
      XS part rewrite of cache
      More eol cleanup
      That was also missing in the old code.
      Revert "Notes removed by 'git notes remove'"
      Simplified the cache coding
      Reset new cache to all NULL
      Code cleanup
      Promise the intent to support multi-byte quotation
      No need for dSP here
      Fixes for 5.6.x
      int != IV
      Make clang happy
      We might need to parse this once we have all multi-byte stuf working
      prep for release so I can test on HP-UX and win32
      1.10 has been uploaded. next is 1.11
      step one towards multi-byte quotation
      remind me of running before release
      Fixed eof (RT#97742)
      rename CH_QUO to CH_QUOTE
      reorder docs and add examples for each attribute
      Next step in prepare for multi-byte quotation
      add is_QUOTEX (not yet used) and diag
      Check for attribute conflicts early
      I can haz UTF-8 quotation in output :)
      csv (in => [..]) now defaults to *STDOUT for out
      Setup for testing UTF-8 quotation
      non-UTF8 multi-byte quote attr tests
      two extra diags for used_by
      Tests for UTF8 quotes
      Parsing UTF-8 Quotes now also work \o/
      fix escaping binary quotation in print
      decode utf8 if utf8-quote in field
      Fix quote => "x" in new () where x is a single char
      Add csv (… key => "key")
      add JSON (jcsv) to
      Single_Level_CCS_2014 data examples not for public consumption
      New attribute "key" for csv ()
      1.11 released
      Add Text::CSV::Slurp to "SEE ALSO"
      Add field index to diag
      Add field number to error_diag (doc)
      Fixed a possible missed multi-byte EOL
      Fixed non-IO parsing multi-byte EOL
      used-by test now also checks from cpantesters
      increase speed test size to minimize noise
      new used-by tests checking
      move EOLX test to CCC
      back to 1/10/100 (fields1 already had 7 fields)
      Added comments
      next batch of adding comments based on flow analysis
      Simplify code flow
      EOF is less likely than anything else
      some errors in the comment examples
      Add see-also for PapaParser and csvkit
      some rearranging
      New refs need spellcheck pass
      Trailing whitespace and new resources
      Allow hashref for csv ()'s headers attribute
      Extend doc for status: RT#78580 from Text::CSV
      Note requirement of keep_meta for is_quoted and is_binary
      Fix parallel testing issue
      Add dependencies that not require a module
      Allow csv () as method
      Another module indirectly using Text::CSV_XS
      Rename quote_null to escape_null
      Give meaning to keep_meta_info on output
      shelve the "validate" idea
      Preparing for 64bitall test farm
      note () was added in Test::More-0.82
      Simplify code path for old perl
      hires wallclock not present in historic perl
      removed check: STDOUT is default for in => CODE
      Check csv defaults and error
      Check that I can overrule auto_diag
      Test::Cover++ - more tests
      DIE != __DIE__
      Fix quote_binary (#RT100676)
      Add tests for MAX_*_LEN
      Test for XS example with utf-8
      Change doc encoding to utf-8
      Basic "key" checks for csv ()
      Check fragments with column_names for row and col too
      More illegal fragment specs test
      fix csv (out => ..., headers => { b => "a" })
      versions and updated ppport.h
      Test illegal cache setting (cover warn in XS)
      test (illegal) error_input calls
      the "official" comment for Devel::Cover
      uncoverable: comments
      Update copyright to 2015
      forgot one 2015
      No SCALARIO test in 5.6.x
      Small fixes for 5.8.0
      New ideas
      Move to github
      skip module for unmet prereqs in used-by (not Text::CSV_XS)
      first stab at implementing csv (filter => { });
      Change csv ()'s void context behavior
      off-by-one error. fields are documented to be one-based in filter
      fix and test \"skip"
      filter tests
      Make filter work on hashes too
      Document usage of after_parse as validator
      keep the headers in csv ()'s void context
      multi-byte quotation was implemented in 1.11
      Doc changes
      Note perl6 support plans
      Misleading comment
      Remove perl recommendation from META as it breaks cpan clients
      some README remains from the github move
      filter made more useful (access to other fields)
      incorporate META updates from other projects
      Enable overruling $csv in csv ()
      Typo in doc
      Try out travis
      Don't ship .travis.yml
      try if beta osx passed travis
      Show travis on IRC
      Allow encoding to be shortened to enc in csv ()
      versions (including new Devel::PPPort)
      sync: no ChangeLog date check on meta-check
      Document that Unicode for sep and quo are allowed
      Allow "filter" to change values
      remove a stray diag
      Add say (print with default eol => $\)
      combine constructs a record, not a string (doc)
      Make a reference to the perl6 version in SEE ALSO
      Yet another META validator
      And back to 5.20.2
      Cached record number
      Allow sep=; on first line (RT#100304)
      Keep csv-1203 spec
      doc and test sep=
      A sample fail file
      SKIP doesn't work because of hard fail
      more deps, more deps to skip downriver
      ChangLog shipped devel state :(
      Add quote_empty attribute
      sync META work
      Add database NULL documentation
      typo in (new) doc
      Auto-spawned csv functions should inherit attributes
      We have perl-5.22.0 (RC2 released today)
      keep test script
      Skip (new) downriver that are failing not because of me
      The performance impact is bigger than expected. Try again
      bad cut/paste in test comment
      release is neigh
      Add () in expression
      Guard tests against $PERL_UNICODE
      Remove garbage left by 5.6.1
      5.22.0 is out, no more testing in 5.21.x
      5.8.x doesn't like :raw on open in scalario
      harmless typo, but still wrong
      tested under 5.22.0, so we get a new ppport.h
      some perlcritic finds
      don't shadow $csv
      combine perl5.2x.x tests versions to one line
      keep_meta_info is numeric, not boolean
      Numeric options were sometimes interpreted as boolean
      Safer meta_info use
      A few more tests for keep_meta_info >= 10

Martin P.J. Zinser via RT (1):
      Build fails on OpenVMS

Sven Schöling (1):
      SetDiag was leaking.

TONYC via RT (1):
      fixes for varous magic test issues

Tony Cook (2):
      avoid producing double references on per-line AVs in xsParse_all ()
      eliminate rav_free (), it's not longer used

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.19


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