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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository libtext-csv-xs-perl.

      from  9a4e413   releasing package libtext-csv-xs-perl version 1.17-1
      adds  09d4472   Started using git with 0.33
      adds  de5b89e   Skip leading empty lines in CSV-XLS conversion Empty 
lines inhibit *_char detection and column count initialisation
      adds  cff90d5   MANIFEST.SKIP will filter all .git files on make distclean
      adds  6916e24   Tel git and MakeMaker what to ignore
      adds  0f04ed9   More stuff to ignore
      adds  e96a593   Upped Copyright to 2008
      adds  95a6d13   Stuff to skip on distcheck
      adds  95dbb85   Add all prereq's, even if from core
      adds  d481689   Typo
      adds  5cf1ae5   More stuff to ignore
      adds  9bf7dd8   Release 0.33
      adds  b5636e5   0.33 was shipped with an old META.yml
      adds  ed0afba   use warnings;  for 5.6.x and up local $^W = 1; for 5.005
      adds  971dbf5   A better way to modify use warnings for 5.005
      adds  acb5a51   Tested on Cygwin and Strawberry
      adds  caf4798   implement blank_is_undef implement new () fail 
diagnostics update docs update TODO start with extended diagnostics in docs
      adds  d48babd   Speed comparisons take too long
      adds  d029886   .tgz target
      adds  2881699   Fixed allow_whitespace issue found by blank_is_undef 
tests Re-enabled the allow_whitespace tests. Their unexpected passed were due 
to escape_char setting, which is still to be fixed
      adds  54b20a4   5.005 shortcomings better documented
      adds  4826d52   Make clear what we do for 5.005
      adds  faf763a   Fixed parse error that passed for q{1, "bar",2} with 
escape_char + Reversed an erroneous test result in the funny combo section More 
      adds  df42959   The ongoing job of documentation
      adds  93eaf28   Extended diagnostics tests Extended XS coverage (now 97.7 
%) Removed error 2033
      adds  91a544b   Should be in last commit
      adds  56b90e0   Prepare for 0.35 release
      adds  9fb449c   auto-load IO::Handle when needed Updated ppport.h
      adds  dedbb56   Generated coverage files are not for GIT
      adds  0523d34   No coverage files in distribution
      adds  b4bd388   ppport.h takes care of the aTHX_ if Perl_ prefix is not 
present Devel::PPPort++ again!
      adds  629f2d7   Tested with threads
      adds  074c905   GIT => GitHub
      adds  bb2f46d   github =>
      adds  6dd2fa1   It's mine. It's all mine
      adds  48c0201   Copied GIT repo to public mirror Fix leak / make meta 
info available to getline () + tests
      adds  d0a0c25   Add suggested Text::CSV::Encoding example
      adds  8648db0   Implement new getline_hr () method + hr_keys ()
      adds  8e0e076   Tests for new getline_hr () and hr_keys () [ RT:34474 ]
      adds  d45b4ff   Corrected misspelled variable names in XS
      adds  ed2db07   Functions are now =head2 type doc entries (Mark Stosberg) 
A wish for bind_keys () in TODO
      adds  2b95026   Move hr_keys () to column_names () column_names () 
accepts arrayref Documentation A bit more strict.
      adds  90d4dd8   Looks like this might be a nice RC for 0.38
      adds  c5ee655   Type and small textual change
      adds  8a67d05   Integrate non-XS errors into the Error Diag system for 
      adds  055a767   SetDiag returns the error SV hashref tests now have its 
own test file
      adds  2aa52ec   prevent duplication of the message
      adds  9c7531c   Testcase for error 2023 (Michael P Randall) Prepare for 
0.38 RC?
      adds  1c916cc   For 'release -t'
      adds  3ba9e3f   Skip release files
      adds  268e350   More 'release' stuff
      adds  ce53d02   bind_columns phase 1 remove overhead of TWO sv's 
insideField & insideQuotes merged to a single sv hv_fetch () => hv_fetchs ()
      adds  b300210   Cleanups and preliminary av_fetch work
      adds  3193256   bind_columns () work!
      adds  ee8a869   no dumper data, add a few todo notes
      adds  65d306d   Skip xx files, skip META.yml in base dir
      adds  2a8c017   .releaserc out of git
      adds  10c0ba5   Lost another 7% of code, and increased maintainability
      adds  f6c22f4   Show off!
      adds  9f7ba45   Make the jump to 0.40. It's well worth that
      adds  8f0d7b1   More tests, More fixes, more validations Unpack "C" is 
more reliable as oposite to pack "C" than ord () A typo
      adds  76a1022   Last minute docs
      adds  eae27c8   bind_columnS () => SYNOPSIS
      adds  4bd8f1e   error_diag () subclassable cover test ran on XS: more 
work needed obviously typo in bind_columns () docs
      adds  c2757e2   error_diag () now always knows both contexts error_diag 
() reliably sub-classable docs updated
      adds  18fa7fb   more error_diag () docs for class method
      adds  6bdcfe0   void context of error_diag () too noise when no error 
      adds  dcd6b16   Add (document) error 1000 in XS
      adds  3711703   examples/csv2xls now uses getline () some sandbox files 
better test for getline in t/75_hashref.t (makamata) document return value of 
getline () with bind_columns ()
      adds  550d4c8   examples/csv2xls cleanup and tested
      adds  3553681   add required perl version to META.yml should not harm 
anyone, as I am the only one doing 'make tgzdist'
      adds  3b649a4   Release 0.41
      adds  f4cfa67   Generate META.yml myself. I won't use Build.PL
      adds  314a74a   indent fix
      adds  8dcd871   print () and column_names now work on $sth->{NAME_lc}
      adds  8b961f6   Array-refs now accept scalars with magic Good enough a 
change to warrant a release. Just need some tests.
      adds  fc13bfc   More examples new t/76_magic.t - tests for magic
      adds  aa8b3f8   Add examples/csv-check
      adds  867acd0   $sep cannot be defined there. remove misleading code
      adds  a248f6c   parse errors try to remember failing position
      adds  c4b0d81   make leakcheck
      adds  aff488e   Skip valgrind.log for git and distribution and cleanup 
when needed
      adds  8070b7b   worth noting for the public. might raise reliability :)
      adds  abeee28   Extended Magic support in Combine more/better tests needed
      adds  9b3d647   Alternate leak checking using Test::Valgrind
      adds  4aec25e   Update error 2023
      adds  4ae80bf   administration
      adds  ab300ab   allow_loose_quotes inside quoted fields document SetDiag 
(), and allow reset
      adds  487bb33   perl5.005 is really to old to really care about
      adds  8907710   Fixed the error position returned as third arg in 
error_diag () Made examples/csv-check use this even more vebose
      adds  f557d07   I need a location to put user files. No need for backup 
or VCS
      adds  e8ee64e   Removed double-double quote from TODO
      adds  e4a33e9   Up version, and report it
      adds  180d273   Added examples/ (attempt to fix bad CSV)
      adds  0223e50   test.csv is a better default name
      adds  044da0a   auto-lint
      adds  f4a749b   Forgot to pack examples/
      adds  3eb4e8d   a tiny cleanup
      adds  9ab829c   in examples add die on failed close calls
      adds  357ca55   Use Test::MinimumVersion (not distributed)
      adds  891a1f2   version check on module itself too through hack
      adds  93abdc8   moved to sandbox, as it is never distributed
      adds  41d61ec   Version check now in xt/
      adds  f9a4371   Added option -F to examples/csv2xls
      adds  b0f3c8d   All passes as expected now for perl version checks
      adds  c1fed69   file was renamed
      adds  b2c692a   Don't want to see the indirected call
      adds  27365b1   Nailed the UTF-8 issues for parsing More source code 
      adds  f6710c5   Missing from ppport.h. This way we can still support 
      adds  bf33c10   Nailed the UTF-8 issues for combining
      adds  a9f2c90   Text::CSV already implements the wrapper
      adds  a1a726e   Skip a few tests in automated testing
      adds  d85edd8   Accept UTF8 without { binary => 1 } Fixed a few pod typo's
      adds  a032e25   Lift the maximum number of bound columns
      adds  ba95885   Add -n option to to suppress fields with 
      adds  1a1802a   -o option for I want the *first* part of the 
list, not the last, so I can check in short lines
      adds  28b0d1f   A parsing speed comparator
      adds  4fb99d5   Text::CSV_PP already supports bind_columns (). Still with 
the 255 limit.
      adds  dc173a5   Compare speed tables
      adds  abf98e8   Prepare for 0.51
      adds  eedd15b   Using undef for hash keys is a bad plan
      adds  db677d7   column_name () fix, test, and documentation
      adds  a4515cf   Mention in changelog, prepare for 0.52
      adds  72d4bab   SvUPGRADE is a safer choice than sv_upgrade (Lubomir 
Rintel) RT #37529
      adds  c2220c8   bring docs in sync with reality for msg 2023
      adds  273c92f   Default eol for print is $\
      adds  ff0bbc0   examples/csv-check should default to CSV, not to ;
      adds  0151ef9   Tests for SetDiag (0) Tests for Eroor 2030 cover -test 
runs again (ccache disabled it)
      adds  d204269   Two more situations covered
      adds  8d259da   More coverage, more tests
      adds  520627e   Allowable whitespace already skipped 50 lines up Test for 
the fail position
      adds  d678166   Still some more docs. Maybe one day it'll be complete
      adds  4671e9e   Reorder docs to promote print ()
      adds  71d1e73   Check META.yml before using it Bump to using YAML 1.4 
Example require perl 5.006
      adds  85e1b3b   Release 0.53
      adds  790ef93   Raised minimum from 5.005 to 5.005_03
      adds  d61baa1   added checkmeta to tgzdist
      adds  533c969   Refer to web-site, not git repo itself Small typo in 
      adds  7acaaf2   0.53 is out in the wild already
      adds  c946efa   IO failure in print () was not propagated (ilmari, 
      adds  3fedc15   nano-optimizations
      adds  5c3e56b   Improve documentation on eol
      adds  ebe7607   Unicode on perl-5.8.[0-2] sucks. Don't use it! Test error 
codes in expected IO failures Force $/ and $\ to expected values in IO tests
      adds  e366588   Allow SetDiag to be used as class method Error code tests 
for 65_allow
      adds  b277b77   Cleanup diag setting
      adds  4f3fdf6   Add Debian_CPANTS.txt to cleanup
      adds  bfb17f3   Better to remove it immediately after use
      adds  25b9a77   Some people complain about the most stupid things. Its 
that I generate my META.yml myself, so I can silence those stupid complaints
      adds  4db6ccd   Document the MS/Excel separation character Include 
Text::CSV::Separator in SEE ALSO Some small typo fixes
      adds  a222f6c   fixed ref in see also
      adds  fc504be   Hint that eof is not an error per se (RT#40047)
      adds  bfedf20   Update to ppport.h 3.14_01
      adds  75ba66d   Updated docs (Unicode, TODO, Release Plan)
      adds  f1676bd   Default for eol is "", undef now treated as "" Undef 
treated as 0 for boolean attributes Don't print $\ twice (eol prevails over $\ 
in ->print ())
      adds  fa8526f   By the time _set_attr_N () is called, the _CACHE has been 
created If not, other tests in bind_columns () have caused a return
      adds  1b83518   Trailing whitespace in pod removed Sync up doc with 
latest Text::CSV::Encoded
      adds  d5221b1   YAML declared 1.4 (META.yml) instead of 1.1 (YAML)
      adds  badca60   Extra YAML checks using Parse::CPAN::Meta
      adds  8e9a5d1   Dropped support for perl-5.005
      adds  180315e   Revert "Dropped support for perl-5.005"
      adds  b40a41b   $\ Fix only works in perl5.8 and up. Sorry for the users 
of older perl's, but they never found it anyway
      adds  d7173cd   Don't bootstrap twice. Don't know how/when it came in 
      adds  596f20f   Small typo in test message (RT#40410, JPL)
      adds  bf7985d   Parse error test on "\0 (RT#40507)
      adds  18bac20   Fixed allow_loose_escapes bug disclosed by RT#40507
      adds  c2982ba   Wrong e-mail in META.yml
      adds  144bdc3   Missing $IO argument in bind_columns example (docs only)
      adds  8914508   Upped Copyright to 2009
      adds  41eaa53   All examples have copyright notice
      adds  185347c   Added warning for parse () [RT#42261]
      adds  e8a1b89   Small optimisations (Goro Fuji, RT#42517)
      adds  bc2a4f3   ppport.h updated to 3.15
      adds  0618cf5   xt test needs a tmp folder
      adds  5e09d80   Add literal git clone command to README
      adds  38b423b   check before commit next time
      adds  5ea2c4d   Optimize getline/print method calls to only convert the 
fixed string to SV once upgrade ppport.h to 3.16 (3.15 + patch)
      adds  d89d8d6   report what perls realease tested with
      adds  9eb18d4   executable
      adds  c59f8a1   Update Changelog
      adds  9078d27   Decode *_char attributes for perl 5.8.3 and up
      adds  f22d499   Remove CSV_XS.gcda and friends before make cover
      adds  0192b07   5.8.2 is also safe. nothingmuch checked
      adds  ca8190f   Don't overwrite experimental ppport.h
      adds  8d582f3   Prepare for thread-optimisation patch
      adds  d3de9e8   That *is* covered since 0.53
      adds  2fa4726   Optimize for threaded perls, non-threaded perls won't 
      adds  ca62c2e   cover runs stack unless you delete cover_db run with 
different perl versions to get full coverage
      adds  d0aa980   Devel::PPPort now from production version 3.16
      adds  6180aea   valgrind found a possible uninitialized value
      adds  9a46e6b   restriction in print () was only for really old perls
      adds  88fff60   vincent++; #RT 43927
      adds  f62b7a1   Tests added for RT#43927
      adds  09d7bcf   revert part of 6180aea, as 88fff60 made that redundant
      adds  5a276c3   0.61
      adds  12a5eac   Prevent warnings in older perls (without utf8)
      adds  263b97f   just to be consistent
      adds  71a6ca5   All known errors are covered and/or documented. TODO 
      adds  07b1c81   Unicode TODO dropped. All covered, or use 
      adds  a804600   Documented the examples
      adds  ac389d2   typo
      adds  cc0bed8   don't run xt tests if there is no Test::MinimumVersion
      adds  31e619c   Fixed allow_whitespace with sep_char = TAB (RT#44402)
      adds  84306ae   end-of-string returns EOF (parse () vs getline ())
      adds  b009a69   add resources/repository to META.yml
      adds  5166326   Fixed allow_whitespace with sep_char = TAB (RT#44402)
      adds  271cd75   Skip perlio tests for perl older than 5.8, as perlio was 
experimental in 5.6
      adds  6f98bbc   Up Devel::PPPort to 3.17
      adds  47c7bf0   eol => undef did not initialize eol_len, which might 
cause crash dumps
      adds  9e79298   Add example for getting the tarball from git
      adds  4d7f4db   Changelog
      adds  f3c43d0   add configure_requires to META.yml
      adds  d613b8d   0.64
      adds  6fd6512   More tests for the illegal whitespace combo
      adds  8806e73   Initial know errors can now be checked on number (1002) 
More tests for illegal combinations
      adds  e5af777   Add an option to csv-check to verify UTF-8 correctness
      adds  e359acf   Nicer report line in csv-check
      adds  22112b7   Add leaktrace target for checking memory leaks with 
      adds  f6a1421   All error_diag () returns should now be dual-var (both 
numeric and string context valid) Correct documentation for error_diag () 
return value in case of contructor failure (Slaven, RT#46076)
      adds  cd239f0   typo
      adds  4ee5958   prevent needless copies
      adds  6169ce9   Remove (3) from L<..> links (Slaven, RT#46078)
      adds  c5a7928   Reordered examples in doc to show best method first
      adds  2d45ce1   Documentation grammatical fix (John P. Linderman, 
      adds  4919b77   Fail if first arg to new () is not a hash ref
      adds  f979506   Implement empty_is_undef
      adds  95c25f1   Update to Devel::PPPort-3.19
      adds  ead2dbd   Typo fixes in doc
      adds  277d67b   Ignore some more temp stuff
      adds  b089eca   Typo in documentation (Herwin Weststrate, RT#47613)
      adds  2985fed   Add auto_diag attribute error_diag () uses warn () in 
void context instead of STDERR
      adds  60f33ed   removed ALLOW_ALLOW ifdef's. Unlikely they will ever be 
      adds  0bd4fb6   small addition to docs for error_diag/auto_diag
      adds  b825f26   FIX: reset attributes (after they have been set) with 
      adds  781bd8b   Add tests from Text::CSV here as they are generic enough 
to test anyway
      adds  82a13ce   Note auto_diag / autodie plans
      adds  f2dcfd9   code cleanup (mhx)
      adds  0ea6b61   prevent warning in threaded builds (mhx)
      adds  80ca8ba   Fix empty_diag typo for attribute handler (Devel::Cover++)
      adds  ff0fe13   Fix AUTOMATED_TESTING erroneous skip Split Subclass to 
it's own file
      adds  8ab4ff3   One more perl to cover
      adds  211e084   perl5.005 needs a bit of help
      adds  9248034   auto_diag now localizes to +1 if autodie is active
      adds  98302c5   Make the output file name guess a bit safer
      adds  0d25b09   Note change in ChangeLog
      adds  4b998d7   Recommend recent perl
      adds  1434e39   Added csvdiff to examples/
      adds  3b753ee   Rewrote SYNOPSIS to be more like a real-world code 
example Reordered docs.
      adds  1169347   Exclude 2012-EOF from auto-diag
      adds  3826c39   note what autodie is likely to support:
      adds  a26f60e   tiny typo
      adds  0e88249   remove from untracked
      adds  0f51184   Add HTML output option to csvdiff example
      adds  c92bf2b   Add git link to examples folder Document csvdiff example
      adds  faa8ccf   leaktest
      adds  991f273   Add META.yml to MANIFEST to please Module::Release for 
older versions of ExtUtils::MakeMaker that modify MANIFEST itself instead of 
the generated one for the distribution
      adds  3b8f886   Three missing end quotes
      adds  bf80fb0   examples/csv-check now shows detected eol
      adds  3ebad08   Remove dead code
      adds  a5a610f   Optimized caching. All cache changes now in XS
      adds  a626289   Auto detection of eol => "\r" in streams
      adds  f30370d   Rewrite of the cache broke verbatim (or silently fixed a 
bug) New functionality is more important. just adjust the expectations
      adds  1167bad   Cache diagnostics A bit of code cleanup and re-ordering
      adds  c469e42   Tests for auto-detecting \r EOL
      adds  3ddb843   Code cleanup Thread-safe Remove Data::Peek
      adds  74021a4   need extra defines for older perls
      adds  4eff3ee   Fix for older perls. Not worth optimizing anyway
      adds  5cf686e   csv-check requires a file, so it can open it twice and 
auto-detect QUO, SEP and EOL
      adds  5da35dd   Use PerlIO (Scalar::IO would also do) to read the data 
onmy once. Made analyzing streams possible again
      adds  8c14fe2   Add quote_space attribute
      adds  7817d99   Forbid \r and \n in sep_char, quote_char, and escape_char
      adds  100725d   Upped copyright to 2010
      adds  4fad317   fix typo
      adds  7dfe935   Prevent double encoding by detecting IO layer(s)
      adds  a06459c   stop searching after first encoding layer found
      adds  e3d7760   Simpler approach for utf8 encoded layers.
      adds  c253e5d   Check required/recommended module versions
      adds  9eed581   Text::CSV_XS->error_diag () in void context now warns 
instead of doing nothing
      adds  f3b835e   Add tests for error_diag () in void context
      adds  e6c01cb   BOM notes
      adds  9739e57   auto_diag also used for new () itself
      adds  d31c818   cast issue found by HP-UX compiler
      adds  682f426   Introduce quote_null attribute (RT#55200)
      adds  1992391   Warn if multiple column length's detected Allow "undef" 
for disabling quote_char Allow "tab" for sep_char
      adds  aaceab2   Allow csv-check to use Text::CSV_PP Allow escape char to 
be set from CLI
      adds  5dfdce7   Remove dangling )
      adds  e9a1119   Note position in error_diag message
      adds  82d073e   Make csv2xls do auto-diag
      adds  23a2fc2   Enrich examples/csv2xls
      adds  4ca51a0   Dropped YAML spec to 1.0
      adds  1fe765c   Detlev's test case proving inconsistency between XS and PP
      adds  7d03b12   Integrate Detlev's test case
      adds  c1ed5f8   Correct for valgrind's new log. Looks GOOD!
      adds  be985d3   Improve date conversion in examples/csv2xls
      adds  de367c1   Tested under perl-5.12.0 (and 21 other versions of perl)
      adds  ddaeb1d   Added a note about EBCDIC data files
      adds  a8b430e   Test suite is now safe for parallel test (prove --shuffle 
      adds  7b20ebb   Fixed typo in doc
      adds  293ee6d   more spelling fixes (aspell)
      adds  bc02082   correct count in header. (ignored but sane)
      adds  dbac893   Incorporated test for RT#58356
      adds  d2ae30b   nothing really
      adds  a2e292e   Check spelling before release
      adds  99c5489   Step one of implementing support for weird eol
      adds  6075904   finish eol implementation
      adds  0141e02   take into account that $/ can be undefined
      adds  fd51bc0   Clarify doc for always_quote to not quote undef fields
      adds  91b4828   Also test eol on scalar-io
      adds  e032909   t/46_eol_si is guarded for 5.6.0
      adds  371da21   CH_EOLX returned in more places
      adds  38f5a9c   EOLX is not optional in \r\n sequence
      adds  c5dea0a   A lot of debugging
      adds  e393e26   Test case completion for EOLX
      adds  1040c43   Remember in the object that fields were UTF8 in Combine ()
      adds  899ea5b   Grmphf. I hoped ppport defined sv_utf8_upgrade ()
      adds  2265bb5   Clarify UTF8 process for print () and combine ()
      adds  8ae0a63   Fixed undefinedness of $\ in print (RT#61880)
      adds  8af835e   Test _cache_diag
      adds  f90fab8   cover+ more easy to change
      adds  8dbc568   Windows doesn't support STDERR redirection as used in 
      adds  fd358b7   Add speed comparison stuff from CSV talk
      adds  0190e03   Some RT test cases
      adds  225503a   Speed comparison enhancements
      adds  c65bf23   New Devel::Cover approach. Needs Devel::Cover-0.73 or 
      adds  a7def94   Now that eolx works, remove some dead code
      adds  6eefe05   Internals now use warn () instead of (void)fprintf 
(stderr, ...)
      adds  40fdaf6   Better parsing for eol = \r and set as such (RT#61525)
      adds  83d5ee4   Workaround for AIX cpp bug (RT#62388, Jan Dubois)
      adds  933b84d   Debug code was leaking (Jan Dubois)
      adds  a9ceee5   More code coverage, more eol(x) testing
      adds  b0d9d12   Parse speed comparison updates
      adds  655add7   Version 0.77 broke MacOS exported CSV files with only \r
      adds  3f58074   Lyle's test case.
      adds  6b97516   Add test file for macosx CSV
      adds  89771bb   Tests for macosx file
      adds  bcf8c6c   Use correct type for STRLEN (HP-UX/PA-RISC/32)
      adds  9e6b2d4   more casting
      adds  7316b51   More coverage
      adds  84fdf18   More code coverage
      adds  12852ba   Add a regression test for _PP fail that Ruslan detected
      adds  1dddd0e   Implement getline_all ()
      adds  ab6bf7a   Stupid threads ...
      adds  41d26d5   Part of TODO now done
      adds  9d1b27f   and getaline_hr_all ()
      adds  eb9997b   Implement splice-like arguments to _all methods
      adds  a3568cf   Threads still suck
      adds  8738758   made _all tests shared
      adds  a25005b   cover+, will it ever work as I hope?
      adds  c5a7b44   Use correct type
      adds  79018e3   Init eol_pos
      adds  a3a9797   More debug
      adds  62e23dc   Detect and set CR on one more instance
      adds  c245777   So, that nailed RT#61525
      adds  21b497a   Up copyright to 2011
      adds  1a39db8   perl 5.12.3 is stable
      adds  e432043   remove parens in function reference in docs
      adds  7d5e5d8   Add is_missing property for unparsed hash entries
      adds  02bef32   Re-flow the docs to max column 75
      adds  6e4580c   code cleaning after using lots of gcc's -W flags
      adds  e07a35d   Build fails on OpenVMS
      adds  7a47256   SetDiag was leaking.
      adds  d27d691   Update Changes
      adds  81b6487   # examples/csv-check requires 5.010 due to syntax
      adds  5432322   Change ChangeLog to UTF8
      adds  cd454d4   Doc typo fix (RT#66905)
      adds  3515872   Test files for RT#66474
      adds  7f13cf6   env for "blead" testing
      adds  f627f8c   Slight change to ease HTML indexing on CPAN
      adds  7f48227   Innocent addition to Makefile.PL to enable easy gcc 
      adds  f210e67   Add X<...> entries for =item's
      adds  b28d19e   Text::CSV_XS-0.15 is from 1998-08-21. Nor need to warn 
      adds  20a4ef3   Document overhaul. Make all links work
      adds  c3b4050   Some small doc tweaks
      adds  30257d5   More pod fixes
      adds  23cf75e   FAQ: How do I swap rows and columns
      adds  400ce47   Some test case from the past
      adds  60a69d9   Fix spurious auto_diag warning (RT#69673)
      adds  a103022   perl-5.14.1 is most recent stable
      adds  8b30238   MYMETA.yml/MYMETA.json are generated files
      adds  e40db61   ispell now seems to work too
      adds  21e61e6   New speed test results (new laptop)
      adds  1a383e3   Tested with all newer perls (up to and including 5.15.1)
      adds  5d786b9   test case for RT#69673
      adds  f9abe7d   Go for 0.83
      adds  c0f3626   Add plain split to speed compare
      adds  c695fb4   More cross-checks for META data
      adds  a7652d5   Make minimal version checks subtests
      adds  b44fe0a   NAME / DISTNAME in Makefile.PL
      adds  aa34214   Make all my ChangeLog's look more or less the same
      adds  cc7687c   Spreadsheet::WriteExcel doen't need ::Big anymore since 
      adds  7557f95   Introduce quote_binary attribute
      adds  01e0521   Update Devel::PPPort to 3.20
      adds  4f33d8d   Update copyright to 2012
      adds  d1e37de   Fixed a utf8::decode on undef (found by perl-5.15.7)
      adds  09dc2f6   Fixed localized $/ interference with other handles 
      adds  a7890f7   Perl-1.15.1 never existed (thanks ribasushi)
      adds  35922d9   Extra check on utf8 output (RT#74330)
      adds  1bafcc5   Nice to still be able to have it run on perl5.005
      adds  d98a9d3   examples/csvdiff now recognizes numerically sorted CSV 
      adds  dba5959   Document example comparing getline_hr vs bind_columns + 
      adds  39ad279   examples/csvdiff requires 5.010 due to syntax
      adds  5335448   typo
      adds  7865680   bench for latest doc change
      adds  b05d7be   casting
      adds  b34da1a   Fix for $/ in 0.86 broke parsing fields that contain 
excessive $/'s
      adds  fa66621   Introduce record_number
      adds  6d81dbf   tidy and typo. not important
      adds  da30d6e   Store complete record in _ERROR_INPUT for seekable streams
      adds  30f82a6   meta-spec in json is an integer
      adds  ad19535   Drop 5.005 support
      adds  ca581d8   move auto-require to a sub, so we can use #ifdef
      adds  0b3df83   Remove remnants of 5.005 support
      adds  29d2cbc   support tell/seek on error only for 5.14.0 and up
      adds  163e2a1   Even more 5.005 remnants
      adds  92508e1   HP-UX 10.20 has a real ancient compiler. nice to test 
with :)
      adds  27cefe2   No more $^W
      adds  be6c943   Tests for SvMAGIC with bound column
      adds  3906181   Clearing bound columns should also clear column names
      adds  779d361   fixes for varous magic test issues
      adds  662d7dc   Make the new requirement for 5.6.1 stand out just a bit 
      adds  2c148f7   Add attribution and release 0.90
      adds  40c2902   non-DEBUGGING perl needs -MPerl::Destruct::Level=level,2 
for leakchecks
      adds  d91234f   prevent longdoubletouble
      adds  ebd0d7e   Add leakrun
      adds  9a21d1a   test files in the sandbox are not to be kept in the vcs
      adds  a50ddb9   Add tests for resetting the utf8 flag
      adds  bb1c89b   Use 3-arg open and lexical handles in test
      adds  71dbc52   Rip out tell/seek
      adds  7f77817   Release 0.91
      adds  ff64890   Don't want it ignored for git even if it might change a 
      adds  a88b390   keep play-stuff around for longer
      adds  eb56949   Tests tags changed on CPAN
      adds  3a382a9   Allow bind_columns () for print ()
      adds  25c7235   More flexible in version parsing
      adds  d81a77d   Compare print speeds just as parse
      adds  b00a234   Don't check twice
      adds  663e314   Test case for RT#80680
      adds  8ec508e   1024k is extremely small in this time and age
      adds  c70dbfd   Fix RT#80680 - Buffer break halfway UTF8 + tests
      adds  bf1219e   META overhaul
      adds  b959ed5   Testing *my* module should not break on failing other 
      adds  8447f84   GNU tar 1.23 delivers pax (POSIX 1003.1-2001) headers by 
      adds  47b0d43   these attributes always exist
      adds  75efefa   test $csv->record_number ()
      adds  643b7a3   Test getline_hr_all without colnames
      adds  9553f22   Test /setting/ diag to not-0
      adds  28a04b8   Guard against beta releases of Encode (Xavier Guimard)
      adds  9941ed0   Fix sv_cache init global-buffer-overflow (Reini Urban - 
      adds  4ba9f62   Added comment, no solution, to analysing RT#81295
      adds  e4eade4   Sandbox test for memleak found in RT#81539
      adds  c470d16   minor nits reported by clang
      adds  fcf7324   Unescaped left brace in regex is deprecated (5.17.*)
      adds  13f64d6   Skip some tests when Encode is not installed at all
      adds  2e66f44   Skip UTF8/Encode test on older 5.8
      adds  8fd591e   Initialize scalar-io in test
      adds  0cee5f2   avoid producing double references on per-line AVs in 
xsParse_all ()
      adds  13110b8   eliminate rav_free (), it's not longer used
      adds  14506ed   Release and profit
      adds  de50056   Introduce allow_unquoted_escape as workaround for RT#81295
      adds  d3a5a91   typo in doc
      adds  d7749f6   META.jsn version 2, META.yml version 1.4
      adds  d02f912   Update copyright to 2013
      adds  cbf0f11   Introduce print_hr () for RT#76143
      adds  b6657d0   Documentation changes
      adds  3630be4   (older) ANSI-C does not allow declarations midway
      adds  bf16474   No EBCDIC is maybe worth noting
      adds  ec798ed   No need to require Test::Harness if unused (RT#82693)
      adds  cfa1375   Update META checker
      adds  6e007b7   Some documentation rewording
      adds  caa6e74   parse ("") should return one empty field, not undef
      adds  8269d0d   Running under 5.16.3 now. Versions/META
      adds  9c10b65   Now that we know the record number, show it in auto_diag
      adds  32384b3   Regain the speed from 0.91 (buffer back to 1k)
      adds  735b187   Keep the buffer-test scripts
      adds  a261fad   No need for hv_delete before a hv_store
      adds  aa27fcb   More efficient (re)setting of _ERROR_INPUT
      adds  4d05e75   Better speed test
      adds  d9a99ef   Prepare for 0.97
      adds  9f14750   Add diag_verbose attribute
      adds  19afc94   make error pointer more logical
      adds  1b9d141   Change added on different box, merge back to correct 
      adds  8d74656   typo in doc
      adds  4f85f2a   Order, let there be some more logic
      adds  7bcf5c6   The Lancaster Consensus changes the META-2.0 to 1.4 
      adds  90325c6   Clarify eol documentation
      adds  e841851   Move error_input () to XS
      adds  44648db   Versions
      adds  658d9e6   older clang compiled perls cause epic fail
      adds  e13ce34   Documents return value of bind_columns without arguments
      adds  216ff34   Fix automatic UTF-8 in getline/parse
      adds  2803b6d   Fix automatic UTF-8 in getline/parse for SV's with \0
      adds  364c06b   5.10.0 has UTF8 failures I am not willing to work around
      adds  ab46e8a   SvCUR () causes havoc on perl-5.10.0 if UTF-8 SV contains 
      adds  e673005   Revert "5.10.0 has UTF8 failures I am not willing to work 
      adds  d20783d   The SvCUR () fault also roars its ugly head up to 5.12.1
      adds  77eb133   Note the default range excludes binary characters (Johan 
      adds  2ad38d6   Skip Devel::PPPort stuff for < 5.6.1
      adds  903657d   Make SvCUR work always
      adds  15b9ffa   1.00
      adds  eb0931d   Cache not re-read on getline_all
      adds  3603656   Better align cache_diag
      adds  9bb1e3c   Add example for reading only a single column
      adds  c42407d   test file for RT#86217, tich=ket moved to Clone queue
      adds  5294ba2   Don't store NULL in _ERROR_INPUT (RT#86217/Clone)
      adds  8cfa173   Prevent speed-loss for storing undef in ERROR_INPUT
      adds  870e8e7   Don't double-decode
      adds  407c5a6   Add decode_utf8 attribute (default is true)
      adds  7f83bac   Tidy
      adds  510e57e   Versions
      adds  25c5474   hireswallclock
      adds  9d5e2e4   done_testing for dist
      adds  681980d   Worth noting change from 10-07-2013
      adds  af8918a   Release 1.02
      adds  7e860e2   Update copyright to 2014
      adds  c149249   Currency format in csv2xls
      adds  26425a7   versions
      adds  f681caa   Implement RFC7111 - CSV fragments
      adds  264d0f2   Reference docs
      adds  01fe115   A Changelog entry would help
      adds  a887ba4   A small rewording for fragment docs
      adds  7ca9264   FAIL tests for rcf7111
      adds  944b240   get_columnd () with no argument now returns the empty list
      adds  e08dc0f   fragments (rcf7111) now also support AoH (was AoA only)
      adds  6b2ac80   left-over done_testing
      adds  fb409ff   move "types () to a more logical place
      adds  7d43f01   Start implementing *function* csv
      adds  bde98b8   Next step in implementation of "csv"
      adds  ba6e6a7   include fragment in docs
      adds  0772a88   More docs
      adds  2433a0e   removed debug statement, test script does not require 5.16
      adds  b8bcb28   typo fixes
      adds  c516ed0   binary is *always* on in csv ()
      adds  ac4a0e6   rather test clang manually
      adds  4ed1b37   Make csv () work for output
      adds  f643bac   rcf7111 error is 2013, not 2014
      adds  8f4e521   Doc fixes
      adds  45de504   Enable *STDOUT and *ARGV
      adds  aca8da9   tests for csv
      adds  188029b   put csv function in SYNOPSIS
      adds  dc747d1   versions
      adds  000d627   last minute doc changes
      adds  ccfaa61   perl-5.6.x does not yet support open my $fh, 
"<:encoding(...)", $file
      adds  edc355c   perl-5.8.0 does not allow ref \$io when $io is passed as 
      adds  1686f27   need perl-5.8.5 for $io in getline when passed as *STDOUT
      adds  0751c9b   add examples/ to MANIFEST
      adds  fbaaed0   No dist checks during release -t
      adds  13f0ae6   AoA is Array of Arrays
      adds  5262b76   Hmm, that would be a bad test
      adds  e03d2d9   edge case fails in threaded perl5.8.4
      adds  2dbacf6   And on we go
      adds  b34f078   Auto error_diag on failing csv ()
      adds  4ef258b   Allow case insensitive attributes and attribute aliases
      adds  38c42ed   Start callbacks support
      adds  1ec1bd0   More docs, more evil tests
      adds  1989b3e   More callback work
      adds  8588670   Typo in ChangeLog
      adds  4cbb706   Tests for output hook
      adds  f71b569   Typo in MANIFEST
      adds  fb3720b   More callback fixes
      adds  1248881   Pass current object to hook
      adds  a2c254d   prevent AUTOLOAD failure for subclassing modules
      adds  e322a7e   Damn threads
      adds  ece72a9   test if callback is used on every line in getline_all
      adds  4ba17e7   Enhance the docs for eol a bit
      adds  9447b4d   Summarize changes for 1.05
      adds  4f3d2a0   Feedback: callbacks should also work on empty arrays and 
on non-IO parse/print
      adds  eac9c51   Note that callbacks are active outside the region 
returned by fragment
      adds  8ddae3b   hooks cannot work on combine
      adds  67f1e23   Test if dependency chain didn't break
      adds  aa014d3   Do not unlink file between tests: Windows might be unhappy
      adds  3057a5c   Test callback declaration during construction
      adds  479f620   More testing, doc completion
      adds  54d85c5   better coverage options: I do not want to include CORE 
files in analisys
      adds  c279357   err cannot be NULL
      adds  efb58bd   more release testing
      adds  2f85a57   Only close file handles in csv () for files
      adds  9383ffe   perm-check now needs ID
      adds  a8a60ca   Versions
      adds  915664f   new callbacks for csv ()
      adds  aaafeb2   two small typoes
      adds  856d509   L</...> is with a capital (abeltje)
      adds  f1e2c07   Allow csv (in => \"1,2")
      adds  ba79020   Support CODE ref for csv (in => sub {}, out => 
      adds  27081d1   Document and test csv (in => sub { ... })
      adds  e3ff03b   Allow * in fragment cellspec's bottom-right cell
      adds  308b058   Code cleanup
      adds  41e3f3f   No ScalarIO support for 5.6.x
      adds  f58e506   ANSI C error
      adds  390bfa8   Oops, forgot to include new test in dist
      adds  65f0f7c   More tests for illegal rfc7111 specs
      adds  0de1afc   changelog typoes
      adds  3b9ed13   Add example section for database dumps
      adds  f1d798e   a few doc updates
      adds  f6d6777   Don't use the same basic example twice
      adds  dcbe8a4   re-indent
      adds  4d451f2   versions
      adds  359ecdc   Add TODO: cookbook entry
      adds  a1eef42   Allow disjunct CSV cell fragments
      adds  0fbc218   Discourage hashes for disjunct cell-base3d fragments
      adds  ab42ecd   Document disjunct cell fragments.
      adds  8bcd19e   Finish Allow disjunct CSV cell fragment lists
      adds  3fefffe   Disjunct -> disjointed
      adds  336ce52   Docs for combined cell fragments
      adds  ee2b676   Doc overhaul
      adds  334cc81   Skip test if module unavailable
      adds  a8ef11d   More doc fixes
      adds  1dd754e   next bunch of L<C<...>|/...>
      adds  9c8313f   Add W3C's "Metadata Vocabulary for Tabular Data"
      adds  07dce5c   RT#95711
      adds  068369c   Next batch of L<C...>|/...>
      adds  992f706   Last batch of L<C<...>|/...>
      adds  d974134   Grammar
      adds  577459c   Prepare for release (test with 5.20.0)
      adds  a7c1269   Housekeeping
      adds  be7866b   Missed defined-or need in csv2xls (RT#95787)
      adds  c2d2df5   typo in Changelog
      adds  b1b3abf   Type in comment
      adds  f45fc69   try test clang perl again
      adds  f8aac17   sort example for PM
      adds  d652c2a   Versions, release 1.09
      adds  3b6656e   Support for scalar ref in out: csv (out => \(my $x = ""), 
      adds  f5dddac   Support voor multi-byte sep_char
      adds  149d142   First set of extra sep tests + better aliasing of sep
      adds  c47bc8c   Tests, though failing
      adds  f43a8df   Make UTF-8 sep working :)
      adds  675e74e   Call csv *function* test last
      adds  c8fc26d   accept sep as new attribute spelling
      adds  aa77ece   perl-5.20.0 is now main development perl
      adds  9df8205   Make "sep" a real alias for "sep_char"
      adds  4e4b7d7   I want -MCSV to be -MText::CSV_XS=csv
      adds  9753a6e   doc update for sep
      adds  b38eae7   typo in error message
      adds  646ed73   micro-optimization for alignment
      adds  9ec7300   document Data::Peek being loaded for -MCSV
      adds  9bab9be   open my $fh, "<:encoding(xxx)", \$scalar; # fail
      adds  fa8efd4   Make sep a buffer instead of a pointer
      adds  5231e46   sep_char => *sep
      adds  04020a5   further cleanup
      adds  b8e34c2   with sep_len <= 8, cache size 48 is enough
      adds  c9b240b   Increase test run-time for speed
      adds  d46bec8   XS part rewrite of cache
      adds  541d93b   More eol cleanup
      adds  f425eaa   That was also missing in the old code.
      adds  8601964   Revert "Notes removed by 'git notes remove'"
      adds  b74eb9c   Simplified the cache coding
      adds  f07dd03   Reset new cache to all NULL
      adds  7c55e97   Code cleanup
      adds  92fc115   Promise the intent to support multi-byte quotation
      adds  bd95a76   No need for dSP here
      adds  eb35470   Fixes for 5.6.x
      adds  70fe1c7   int != IV
      adds  936600f   Make clang happy
      adds  9755e24   We might need to parse this once we have all multi-byte 
stuf working
      adds  21d2b85   prep for release so I can test on HP-UX and win32
      adds  3980075   1.10 has been uploaded. next is 1.11
      adds  672f4e3   step one towards multi-byte quotation
      adds  7706f30   remind me of running before release
      adds  f3c9089   Fixed eof (RT#97742)
      adds  8dcb90a   rename CH_QUO to CH_QUOTE
      adds  219bc2a   reorder docs and add examples for each attribute
      adds  645abe6   Next step in prepare for multi-byte quotation
      adds  d967645   add is_QUOTEX (not yet used) and diag
      adds  e21ddcf   Check for attribute conflicts early
      adds  6e5ca1b   I can haz UTF-8 quotation in output :)
      adds  08c561e   csv (in => [..]) now defaults to *STDOUT for out
      adds  3f5719c   Setup for testing UTF-8 quotation
      adds  c8055e5   non-UTF8 multi-byte quote attr tests
      adds  d9bb8d5   two extra diags for used_by
      adds  c9e0d6d   Tests for UTF8 quotes
      adds  e111c3f   Parsing UTF-8 Quotes now also work \o/
      adds  90bc766   fix escaping binary quotation in print
      adds  8c18e24   decode utf8 if utf8-quote in field
      adds  dc41b5d   Fix quote => "x" in new () where x is a single char
      adds  ec7bd9e   Add csv (… key => "key")
      adds  de76469   add JSON (jcsv) to
      adds  40a80d3   Single_Level_CCS_2014 data examples not for public 
      adds  83d1246   New attribute "key" for csv ()
      adds  9d94add   1.11 released
      adds  cab0808   Add Text::CSV::Slurp to "SEE ALSO"
      adds  ea0a174   Add field index to diag
      adds  7594c96   Add field number to error_diag (doc)
      adds  9d828db   Fixed a possible missed multi-byte EOL
      adds  05695f0   Fixed non-IO parsing multi-byte EOL
      adds  a622b98   used-by test now also checks from cpantesters
      adds  93be3f3   increase speed test size to minimize noise
      adds  04cc2c2   new used-by tests checking
      adds  3145d09   move EOLX test to CCC
      adds  1a8f78b   back to 1/10/100 (fields1 already had 7 fields)
      adds  b285914   Added comments
      adds  7cd618e   next batch of adding comments based on flow analysis
      adds  c1efb82   Simplify code flow
      adds  ce5666a   EOF is less likely than anything else
      adds  131f8c6   some errors in the comment examples
      adds  322e426   Add see-also for PapaParser and csvkit
      adds  c40f9ec   some rearranging
      adds  40e980e   New refs need spellcheck pass
      adds  9ccba78   Trailing whitespace and new resources
      adds  84aa865   Allow hashref for csv ()'s headers attribute
      adds  968147d   Allow encoding on all output handles in csv ()
      adds  ee6a8fd   Extend doc for status: RT#78580 from Text::CSV
      adds  e555add   Note requirement of keep_meta for is_quoted and is_binary
      adds  6471f33   Fix parallel testing issue
      adds  9ef4523   Add dependencies that not require a module
      adds  ff8ea0b   Allow csv () as method
      adds  ab70ac8   Another module indirectly using Text::CSV_XS
      adds  8928e27   Rename quote_null to escape_null
      adds  f4faa29   Give meaning to keep_meta_info on output
      adds  1ff5175   shelve the "validate" idea
      adds  9a2ba4e   Preparing for 64bitall test farm
      adds  2d3cfa8   note () was added in Test::More-0.82
      adds  350a7f5   Simplify code path for old perl
      adds  0eb0faf   hires wallclock not present in historic perl
      adds  c0ce4b8   removed check: STDOUT is default for in => CODE
      adds  eb4c0ea   Check csv defaults and error
      adds  695241f   Check that I can overrule auto_diag
      adds  17da499   Test::Cover++ - more tests
      adds  03ae9ec   DIE != __DIE__
      adds  b150f18   Fix quote_binary (#RT100676)
      adds  bb2bb2d   Add tests for MAX_*_LEN
      adds  9965e5c   Test for XS example with utf-8
      adds  c314dbe   Change doc encoding to utf-8
      adds  af6773a   Basic "key" checks for csv ()
      adds  2b93e9d   Check fragments with column_names for row and col too
      adds  7171ad5   More illegal fragment specs test
      adds  649ad39   fix csv (out => ..., headers => { b => "a" })
      adds  5cc04e9   versions and updated ppport.h
      adds  d726ba9   Test illegal cache setting (cover warn in XS)
      adds  e4730cf   test (illegal) error_input calls
      adds  8980349   the "official" comment for Devel::Cover
      adds  69a3489   uncoverable: comments
      adds  1cb9154   Update copyright to 2015
      adds  dcd22bb   forgot one 2015
      adds  cad6f54   No SCALARIO test in 5.6.x
      adds  4e51ee6   Small fixes for 5.8.0
      adds  c1cb68b   New ideas
      adds  7a91268   Move to github
      adds  334786f   skip module for unmet prereqs in used-by (not 
      adds  6aa10b4   first stab at implementing csv (filter => { });
      adds  6462a45   Change csv ()'s void context behavior
      adds  4e2315b   off-by-one error. fields are documented to be one-based 
in filter
      adds  1ba7a00   fix and test \"skip"
      adds  bc168a0   filter tests
      adds  4c16def   Make filter work on hashes too
      adds  6127ca9   Document usage of after_parse as validator
      adds  f3b42ca   keep the headers in csv ()'s void context
      adds  5cd4352   multi-byte quotation was implemented in 1.11
      adds  490eb81   Doc changes
      adds  d4751fd   Versions
      adds  2295215   Note perl6 support plans
      adds  fe816dc   Misleading comment
      adds  4b976fb   Remove perl recommendation from META as it breaks cpan 
      adds  358929e   some README remains from the github move
      adds  46402ec   versions
      adds  61e922c   filter made more useful (access to other fields)
      adds  17ea1e7   incorporate META updates from other projects
      adds  4ddb3f8   versions
      adds  2c06c03   Enable overruling $csv in csv ()
      adds  5515ef9   Typo in doc
      adds  1c27ee8   Try out travis
      adds  252f3e1   Don't ship .travis.yml
      adds  6c60ce1   try if beta osx passed travis
      adds  d14422b   Show travis on IRC
      adds  4cc17f4   Allow encoding to be shortened to enc in csv ()
      adds  45b5de6   versions (including new Devel::PPPort)
      adds  01c6437   sync: no ChangeLog date check on meta-check
      adds  889c02f   Document that Unicode for sep and quo are allowed
      adds  70118ac   Allow "filter" to change values
      adds  b1b4b20   remove a stray diag
      adds  4f430cd   Add say (print with default eol => $\)
      adds  a24d52a   blush/shame
      adds  681fcbc   combine constructs a record, not a string (doc)
      adds  5bdb1c6   Make a reference to the perl6 version in SEE ALSO
      adds  880d40c   Yet another META validator
      adds  df4d019   versions
      adds  02fd7f8   And back to 5.20.2
      adds  92f0c19   Cached record number
      adds  3ddd903   Allow sep=; on first line (RT#100304)
      adds  76c968a   Keep csv-1203 spec
      adds  97e0e5d   doc and test sep=
      adds  15f5c25   A sample fail file
      adds  23f3cbf   SKIP doesn't work because of hard fail
      adds  748eb06   more deps, more deps to skip downriver
      adds  35a5412   ChangLog shipped devel state :(
      adds  f9133e3   Add quote_empty attribute
      adds  4c1832c   sync META work
      adds  d4dc851   Add database NULL documentation
      adds  c5b8cae   typo in (new) doc
      adds  743d430   Auto-spawned csv functions should inherit attributes
      adds  a1c73d8   We have perl-5.22.0 (RC2 released today)
      adds  518ce31   keep test script
      adds  42682a7   Skip (new) downriver that are failing not because of me
      adds  fb3a755   The performance impact is bigger than expected. Try again
      adds  071c4ce   bad cut/paste in test comment
      adds  c49b2bd   release is neigh
      adds  68fd7ee   Add () in expression
      adds  f9156b2   Guard tests against $PERL_UNICODE
      adds  c4d879e   Remove garbage left by 5.6.1
      adds  920bdb4   5.22.0 is out, no more testing in 5.21.x
      adds  9d2a17e   5.8.x doesn't like :raw on open in scalario
      adds  e6a2210   harmless typo, but still wrong
      adds  88795d1   tested under 5.22.0, so we get a new ppport.h
      adds  388fa28   some perlcritic finds
      adds  5e03f84   don't shadow $csv
      adds  82e8850   combine perl5.2x.x tests versions to one line
      adds  1fefc05   keep_meta_info is numeric, not boolean
      adds  69cffb5   Numeric options were sometimes interpreted as boolean
      adds  5a93830   Safer meta_info use
      adds  285f655   A few more tests for keep_meta_info >= 10
      adds  98436c4   Imported Upstream version 1.19
       new  fcab691   Merge tag 'upstream/1.19'
       new  e6ea4f2   Update debian/changelog
       new  448d48a   releasing package libtext-csv-xs-perl version 1.19-1

The 3 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:        |  95 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------
 CSV_XS.xs        |  82 ++++++++++++++++++-------------
 ChangeLog        |  21 ++++++--
 META.json        |  78 +++++++++++++++---------------
 META.yml         |   6 +--
 debian/changelog |   6 +++
 ppport.h         |   2 +-
 t/12_acc.t       |   5 +-
 t/15_flags.t     |  22 +++++++--
 t/20_file.t      |  27 ++++++-----
 t/21_lexicalio.t |  26 +++++-----
 t/22_scalario.t  |  36 +++++++-------
 t/41_null.t      |  20 ++++----
 t/45_eol.t       |  84 ++++++++++++++++----------------
 t/46_eol_si.t    |  50 +++++++++----------
 t/50_utf8.t      |  10 ++--
 t/51_utf8.t      |  19 ++++----
 t/65_allow.t     |  39 ++++++++-------
 t/70_rt.t        | 144 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------------
 t/75_hashref.t   |  16 +++----
 t/76_magic.t     |   9 ++--
 t/77_getall.t    |  11 ++---
 t/78_fragment.t  |   8 ++--
 t/79_callbacks.t |  26 +++++-----
 t/80_diag.t      |  10 ++--
 t/90_csv.t       |  76 +++++++++++++++++------------
 t/91_csv_cb.t    |  32 ++++++-------
 27 files changed, 535 insertions(+), 425 deletions(-)

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