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in repository libcpanel-json-xs-perl.

      from  b304ad1   update changelog
       new  06a6ae3   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  9b02db4   Update debian/changelog
      adds  cb37f67   initial import of JSON-XS 0.1 from CPAN
      adds  77d4e2b   import JSON-XS 0.2 from CPAN
      adds  aa9a67a   import JSON-XS 0.3 from CPAN
      adds  b782327   import JSON-XS 0.31 from CPAN
      adds  abc9ae9   import JSON-XS 0.5 from CPAN
      adds  ed434bb   import JSON-XS 0.7 from CPAN
      adds  ec2ace3   import JSON-XS 0.8 from CPAN
      adds  ea9707c   import JSON-XS 1.0 from CPAN
      adds  3af96b4   import JSON-XS 1.01 from CPAN
      adds  79156c5   import JSON-XS 1.1 from CPAN
      adds  0c534f1   import JSON-XS 1.11 from CPAN
      adds  8da3ff7   import JSON-XS 1.2 from CPAN
      adds  15c51ee   import JSON-XS 1.21 from CPAN
      adds  b47e722   import JSON-XS 1.22 from CPAN
      adds  79ffd20   import JSON-XS 1.23 from CPAN
      adds  dcdb257   import JSON-XS 1.24 from CPAN
      adds  fc1efdf   import JSON-XS 1.3 from CPAN
      adds  9d384ed   import JSON-XS 1.4 from CPAN
      adds  83d024e   import JSON-XS 1.41 from CPAN
      adds  64099bc   import JSON-XS 1.42 from CPAN
      adds  9246a30   import JSON-XS 1.43 from CPAN
      adds  f1bafd1   import JSON-XS 1.44 from CPAN
      adds  f6cf88e   import JSON-XS 1.5 from CPAN
      adds  994becd   import JSON-XS 1.51 from CPAN
      adds  068b80b   import JSON-XS 1.52 from CPAN
      adds  bbc2a03   import JSON-XS 1.53 from CPAN
      adds  f88057c   import JSON-XS 2.0 from CPAN
      adds  6164683   import JSON-XS 2.01 from CPAN
      adds  27820d0   import JSON-XS 2.1 from CPAN
      adds  389a00b   import JSON-XS 2.2 from CPAN
      adds  ea175c0   import JSON-XS 2.21 from CPAN
      adds  90b938b   import JSON-XS 2.22 from CPAN
      adds  748cb31   import JSON-XS 2.222 from CPAN
      adds  fa3a4fc   import JSON-XS 2.2222 from CPAN
      adds  4acd886   import JSON-XS 2.23 from CPAN
      adds  5c9bba2   import JSON-XS 2.231 from CPAN
      adds  354900b   import JSON-XS 2.2311 from CPAN
      adds  e67d62e   import JSON-XS 2.232 from CPAN
      adds  ed7e55a   import JSON-XS 2.24 from CPAN
      adds  e93afdb   import JSON-XS 2.25 from CPAN
      adds  46fcec2   import JSON-XS 2.26 from CPAN
      adds  3f57f15   import JSON-XS 2.27 from CPAN
      adds  4f8a659   import JSON-XS 2.28 from CPAN
      adds  a38f990   import JSON-XS 2.29 from CPAN
      adds  36ee614   import JSON-XS 2.3 from CPAN
      adds  5f2333c   import JSON-XS 2.31 from CPAN
      adds  12f3c58   import JSON-XS 2.32 from CPAN
      adds  6aeaebe   first upload for 5.6
      adds  f60946b   generate README manually
      adds  cb51753   do not recode utf8 on 5.6
      adds  9d50bba   Update to prevent conflicts with JSON::XS
      adds  3225c4b   Merge pull request #1 from bdraco/master
      adds  378df6a   adjust README: no JSON fallback
      adds  92d25d1   merge with JSON-XS-2.33
      adds  eb567c7   2.33_01: revise 5.6 tests, allow 5.6 {to,from}_json 
      adds  4b16695   regenerate README from revised POD
      adds  8fcd763   fix crash with invalid JSON, empty sv
      adds  afad9e2   Increment version number
      adds  e6a72ef   Remove stray sv return from XS.xs in the garbage detector
      adds  a6a47a1   Merge pull request #3 from bdraco/master
      adds  c1b7558   Update to v2.33_03
      adds  c539007   Merge pull request #4 from bdraco/master
      adds  68d58ea   2.33_04: disable ->incr_text as lvalue on 5.6
      adds  f0dc821   Updated README from pm (too late for 2.33_04, but for the 
next round)
      adds  b044826   2.3305:  t/99_binary.t: non-numeric test names, use is 
instead of ok
      adds  2b57f50   updated README
      adds  731b9b6   2.3306: fix decode_utf8 for 5.6 (bdraco), updated deps
      adds  014a506   harness: fix lots of -Wincompatible-pointer-types and 
-Wpointer-sign warnings
      adds  7a1b5e2   2.3307: add binary, allow hex and octal with binary
      adds  58301a3   test fixes for 5.6, update README
      adds  4aa0793   2.3308: 5.6 utf8 binary special case
      adds  d6017ba   2.3309: fix 19_incr.t broken with 5.17.10 hash 
randomzation [RT #84151]
      adds  010707d   2.3310:  add testcases for JSON::XS RT #84244, 
double-encoding with utf8
      adds  a42d7b7   2.3311: maintainer=cpanel, fixed and tested with JSON
      adds  7206f17   2.3312: make common::sense optional
      adds  c4732f8   avoid re-blessing where possible re-blessing breaks when 
SvREADONLY (sv), e.g. restricted hashes
      adds  65d52ae   2.3313: bump the version
      adds  21b78e1   Pod::Usage 1.36 is enough
      adds  0350db8   fix Gv_AMG (SvSTASH (sv)) for <5.8.9 clang
      adds  00da300   fix 12_blessed.t for older Hash::Util
      adds  ee88f8f   [RT #84244]: clarify the ops problem, and workaround for 
stricter Encode versions
      adds  4c13104   avoid <5.10 const warnings with sv_chop
      adds  f42a093   2.3313 release: changelog
      adds  2c13ee8   fix for latest 'Encode'
      adds  9d6416e   Merge pull request #8 from syohex/fix-for-latest-Encode
      adds  3693734   2.3314: utf8 fix for latest Encode
      adds  bb5d61a   add more binary tests, including 5.6
      adds  cdbf2ab   Favor GH issues over RT
      adds  473b8c3   Fix homepage META
      adds  9c400ce   Fix homepage META in generated README
      adds  ef96ee5   Fix #10, add t/97_unshare_hek.t: unshare hek assertion 
resp. valgrind error
      adds  cec9508   2.3402: t/z_*.t, _{from|to}_json, get_binary pod
      adds  47d6bea   typo fix
      adds  d8cec78   typo fixes
      adds  7fb783a   missed typo fix
      adds  44f7fcd   Merge pull request #12 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      adds  9fc084f   2.3403: fix json_atof on AIX without HAS_LONG_DOUBLE 
(powl in libm)
      adds  db7dcca   use HAVE_NO_POWL instead of defined(_AIX) && 
      adds  4cdaab7   2.3404: fix interop with JSON::XS booleans
      adds  bb9186d   add ithread support, const a table
      adds  be12c58   Merge pull request #17 from bulk88/c_optimizing
      adds  ccdf6cd   t/96_interop.t: broke with LEHMANN/JSON-XS-3.01
      adds  9cbdcf9   t/96_interop.t: add JSON::PP test
      adds  1bb90f9   3.0101 release: fixed booleans for JSON 2.9 and 
JSON-XS-3.01 interop
      adds  585a594   add PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT
      adds  0746fd7   3.0102 release
      adds  0be564d   Types::Serialiser::Boolean for JSON-XS-3.01 interop
      adds  3650f45   3.0103: backport allow_tags, decode_tag, FREEZE/THAW 
callbacks from JSON-XS-3.01
      adds  22e719a   t/z_leaktrace.t added, #19 not repro yet
      adds  3297024   fix C89 builds
      adds  1dedeaf   Free MY_CXT.sv_json on exit
      adds  bac92ab   Merge pull request #20 from bulk88/master
      adds  dd10228   3.0104: new release
      adds  0f7b81d   3.0105: minor doc improvements
      adds  3d7cfa7   fix d_Gconvert test in t/11_pc_expo.t for 5.6
      adds  53e3980   Remove Marc's opinions about YAML.
      adds  b10fc12   There is no "I" in "team".  And people know software has 
      adds  f7db865   People know software has bugs.
      adds  4a2d6a0   Merge pull request #26 from 
      adds  a6f12b3   3.0106: release
      adds  77c408c   fix callback stack mishandling
      adds  7d38a5a   Release 3.0107
      adds  c0fdc19   Fix POD typo.
      adds  d949c5f   Merge pull request #30 from perlDreamer/master
      adds  6eb923d   Todo fix number detection heuristics (JSON-PP PR #10)
      adds  1a448d9   Tolerate literal ASCII TABs in strings in relaxed mode
      adds  d0b82e9   Bump ChangeLog and MANIFEST
      adds  fc48ace   Preserve types of numeric values better
      adds  cb9007d   Prompt for inf/nan handling. Default as null or stringify
      adds  169b6dd   Change stringification of false and true to 0 and 1
      adds  59a5f26   Release 3.0108
      adds  39cc8fe   Changes: Clarify prompt
      adds  34a18e6   Fixed serious bug with encode of dual-vars to strings
      adds  b05e726   Release 3.0110: Fixed panic: realloc with perl < 5.10
      adds  0b5407d   3.0111: Fix negative -inf/-nan, windows 1.#INF/1.#IND, 
      adds  decc602   win32: add "1.#QNAN", fix invalid C89 declaration (old 
      adds  c49a5a9   Release 3.0111: Adjust Changelog
      adds  0c67261   Add get_stringify_infnan method, compile-time only. #32
      adds  ee35dd0   add run-time stringify_infnan setter method
      adds  a7c7ebb   Remove unneeded infnan prompt at build-time
      adds  3370d68   fix t/117_numbers.t for cygwin and MSWin32
      adds  67a6f63   fix for croak format str, adjust cygwin TODO msg
      adds  21659e3   add Solaris support for inf/nan
      adds  a2825bd   Release 3.0112: weaken windows nan tests
      adds  372f3e9   Release 3.0113: relax negative nan tests for all platforms
      adds  ad1efcc   Fix bad powl with Freebsd 10 -Duselongdouble
      adds  0ca532f   fix stack corruption when encoding nested objects with 
FREEZE method
      adds  6ec4cc6   3.0115 Release
      adds  a12ea2b   Imported Upstream version 3.0115
       new  62e9954   Merge tag 'upstream/3.0115'
       new  e8f38e1   Update debian/changelog
       new  02e2713   Reformat debian/control with cme
       new  6d7dc4b   Mark package as autopkgtest-able.
       new  b45bbde   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.6.
       new  2cbcb60   releasing package libcpanel-json-xs-perl version 3.0115-1

The 8 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                  |  56 ++++++++++-
 MANIFEST                 |   3 +
 META.json                |   4 +-
 META.yml                 |   4 +-
 Makefile.PL              |   1 +
 README                   | 236 ++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------
 SIGNATURE                |  31 ++++---                    | 229 ++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------
 XS.xs                    | 138 +++++++++++++++++++++++----
 debian/changelog         |  13 ++-
 debian/control           |  19 ++--
 debian/upstream/metadata |   6 ++
 t/03_types.t             |  19 +++-
 t/117_numbers.t          |  54 +++++++++++
 t/11_pc_expo.t           |   8 +-
 t/17_relaxed.t           |   4 +-
 t/23_array_ctx.t         |  19 ++++
 t/24_freeze_recursion.t  |  24 +++++
 18 files changed, 588 insertions(+), 280 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 create mode 100644 t/117_numbers.t
 create mode 100644 t/23_array_ctx.t
 create mode 100644 t/24_freeze_recursion.t

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