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 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sat Jun 27 23:57:32 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.23

Caleb Cushing (1):
      add test messages to the tests

Dave Rolsky (105):
      Add version checking via all entry paths to the code
      Clean up error handling a bit, and make sure to check if version is 
defined, not if its true
      Fix spelling error in comment
      use done_testing in all tests
      First stage of implementing PP/XS versions of Class::Load - PP version is 
      Add a shim module so that we can easily copy tests from this distro to 
      Handle difference between PP & XS case for $ISA in package
      Add load_first_existing_class
      Add a test for a corner case bug that was in the Class::MOP test suite
      Add corner case test from Class::MOP test suite
      Don't pass an undef $options to is_class_loaded, to avoid errors from XS 
      switch to dzil
      dzilize distro
      Fix spelling of i.e.
      Update .gitignore
      add some pod tests
      Add test for version object in $VERSION
      Bump version
      Fix name
      Loading version in a package causes false positives for is_class_loaded
      Handle an object in $VERSION correctly
      Say what implementation of the code the tests are using
      Changes for next version
      Add _implementation sub for tests
      Pod fix
      Add prereq on Data::OptList
      Bump version
      Changes for 0.08
      Remove extra whitespace
      use _is_module_name everywhere internally
      Changes for 0.09
      Bump version
      Bump version
      Add some tests from Kent Fredric for false positives on bad modules
      rename files and improve test descriptions
      Make failing test a $TODO
      Add more tests for false positives
      Fix comment typos
      changelog for starts with digit fix
      add missing package
      Test more bad module names
      Clean up code formatting and add some more bad names
      Add changes for Module::Runtime use
      Bump version
      Bump Module::Runtime dep to latest
      Changes for next version
      Bump version
      Add test for when no implementation is available
      Add a test for a bad $Class::Load::IMPLEMENTATION value
      Add a test that there is no warning from loading Class::Load when ::XS is 
not available
      Shut up "used only once" warning
      We need to use the catch from Try::Tiny to get the exception value
      Changes for next release
      Actually require Module::Runtime 0.011 in code too
      Bump version
      Need Test::Requires
      Use Module::Implementation to handle loading XS or PP version
      Changes for 0.14
      Small formatting tweak
      Use AutoPrereqs
      Bump version
      Accomodate latest changes to Module::Implementation
      Changes for 0.14
      Bump version
      Sort test prereqs
      Require Module::Runtime 0.012
      Changes for next release
      Bump version
      Changes for next release
      Bump version
      Require Package::Stash 0.14+
      Changes for next release
      Bump version
      Make Changes formatting more consistent
      Fix spelling, formatting, and tweak test description
      s/"/'/g as needed
      Tidy this t/003-load.t
      Test descriptions for all tests
      Make load_class() return the class name on success
      No need for Pod::Coverage::Moose
      A bunch of Cleanup on error throwing
      Tweak Changes formatting
      Add RT reference for load_class returns name
      Bump version
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'doy/master'
      Bump version
      Changes for next release
      Fix my grammarly
      Clarify my gibberish
      Add tests for handling of weird constants.
      Fix comment typoe

Jesse Luehrs (16):
      global variables are gross
      add a few more special cases here
      explicitly use Scalar::Util
      there's no reason to have different behavior here
      fix shawn's name
      use package::stash
      use try::tiny
      this is unnecessary
      don't allow invalid module names
      make sure the $@ localization doesn't hide errors
      package names can't start with digits
      use Module::Runtime
      stop relying on %INC here, it's not actually safe
      changelog and version bump
      reenable linkcheck plugin

Karen Etheridge (30):
      minor comment fixes
      switch to my pluginbundle
      canonical repository moved to
      add missing prereqs
      remove unneeded shebangs
      add contributors to metadata and pod
      tighten up entries
      remove unnecessary plugin
      use the new surgical config option for more succinct configuration
      now using [Git::Contributors]
      add irc channel and mailing list info to metadata
      try to keep our namespaces clean(ish)
      leave a blank like for [PkgVersion] to insert into
      capitalize abstract; move it up
      add keywords to metadata
      add reference to Module::Runtime (RT#97853)
      document some caveats - e.g. see RT#63013
      remove unneeded pod
      avoid namespace tests for now
      Coverage for Class::Load::PP is 0.0%, with 1 naked subroutine: 
      add a placeholder .mailmap
      hardcode the distribution name in Changes, to reduce churn on each release
      since we are still targeting perl 5.6, only use MakeMaker to build
      keep $VERSION right in the repo
      switch to my podweaver plugin bundle
      remove unneeded module
      avoid having to clean our namespaces by avoiding importing (most) things

Kent Fredric (8):
      fatalize 0003-load-class.t
      Move Test::Exception -> Test::Fatal
      update changelog
      Patches to make double-load error conditions more obvious/guarantee a 
fail on 5.8
      +Added load optional code and docs
      Update changelog
      Add to export
      Fix errors, add tests

Shawn M Moore (17):
      Cargo cult CMOP's old pure-perl is_class_loaded
      Changes and version
      Bump Module::Install, set repository
      Re-add inc
      Remove shebang
      Doc tweaks
      Bump to 0.06
      Be more explicit about try_load_class's contextual return
      Give doy credit
      Small prose fixes
      0.06 and its changes
      Bump Module::Install to 1.00
      Better SEE ALSO
      Bump Copyright to 2010
      Less boilerplate
      Link to tokuhirom's blog post

Shawn Moore (33):
      layout, working on this later :)
      the API
      A failing test!
      The first file will be is-class-loaded
      Step 1: check %INC
      A module that defines @ISA is loaded
      Method ISA works too
      $VERSION's cool too
      Check for methods, (failing) tests for ONLY @ISA and $VERSION
      Allow $ISA and @VERSION because checking the globref autovivifies :/
      Implementations of load_class and try_load_class, some tests
      croak, don't die
      If we fail to load a class, remove traces from it from %INC so 
is_class_loaded returns false
      More tests!
      Ensure that is_class_loaded is used before trying to load a class
      Fix test count
      Rewrite the class->file mapper to take into account different OSes
      Rename Class-Require to Class-Load
      Begin renaming Class-Require to Class-Load
      Move some files around
      Not yet sure if deleting from %INC makes sense, I'll wait on it
      doc fixes etc
      Back down to MI 0.70
      Ignore autogenerated files
      Update Makefile.PL and Changes
      Bump to 0.02
      Ignore still more autogenerated files
      Use my bps address for Class::Load
      Declare dep on Test::Exception
      Less ugly in the module one-liner :)
      Bump to 0.03
      Forgot to regen SIGNATURE; bump to 0.04

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.23


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