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        at  7478964   (tag)
   tagging  abae728c916ba84972afd34605363016bd65c1d8 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/1.006001
 tagged by  Axel Beckert
        on  Tue Jun 30 01:03:19 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 2.000001
Version: GnuPG v1


Axel Beckert (1):
      Imported Upstream version 2.000001

Bob Kuo (1):
      Cleanup some documentation to make it more newbie friendly

Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker (1):
      use Sub::Util instead of Sub::Name if available

Diab Jerius (1):
      prevent pre-existing attributes from being overridden when composing a 

Doug Bell (1):
      document clearer behavior for lazy attributes

Graham Knop (91):
      fix wording of chat links
      Distar can bump versions, we don't need our own script
      use simple numbers for return values in sub defer thread test
      changelog for non-lazy clearer behavior docs
      point to Type::Tiny rather than MooX::Types::MooseLike in docs
      document Sub::Defer exports
      note caveat on undefer_all
      add Sub::Defer::undefer_package to undefer all subs from a package
      test false return from does
      explicit imports in Sub::Quote test
      fix capture_unroll call in inlinify example
      use /x on inlinify regex to improve readability
      use normal conditional for inlinify regex instead of odd substitution eval
      direct tests for capture_unroll
      fix handling of reusing matching names of inlinify variables
      directly test Sub::Quote::inlinify
      fix nit in dependents test
      update dependents test with better options handling and state save
      detect failure correctly for skip report
      refactor _constructor_maker_for to make special handling of specific 
superclasses easier
      scan for new to find package rather than using can
      use docker for travis builds
      Fix inflating MGC by moving 'use Moo;' to top of file (RT#101111)
      Test for inflating Method::Generate::Constructor
      don't overwrite attributes when composing roles into roles
      tests for conflicts and composition order of attributes in roles
      update changes
      Merge branch 'role-attribute-conflicts'
      test global destruction all in one process
      avoid once warning in 5.6 in gd test
      update changelog
      bump version
      Release commit for 1.007000
      add fulltest make target
      don't need to realclean Distar, it does that itself
      correct syntax mistake in Makefile.PL
      explicit imports in Sub::Defer and Sub::Quote
      add Bob Kuo to contributors
      use Devel::GlobalDestruction directly
      avoid warning on 5.6 from eval with empty block
      pass __no_BUILD__ to Moose and Class::Tiny
      surpress BUILD running when __no_BUILD__ passed to constructor
      add test for __no_BUILD__
      one todo test has been fixed by no_BUILD
      Class::Tiny is a dev prereq
      if a class has no attributes, don't store anything passed to new
      Merge branch 'no-build'
      Merge branch 'no-attr-no-store'
      Throw errors when modifying an inlined or foreign constructor
      avoid used once warnings on 5.6
      Merge branch 'modify-new-protect'
      die if @ISA is modified after we set up the constructor
      Only check for changed parent constructor if isa chain has changed
      more useful error message about ISA changes
      Merge branch 'isa-modify'
      don't use strictures internally in unless env var is set
      enable strictures internally during dev
      move strictures to recommends
      make sure clean eval really is clean
      don't silence errors in DESTROY - allow them to be converted to warnings
      enable strictures in travis testing
      disable fatal warnings where we undef an object in tests
      test Moo::_strictures
      Merge branch 'nonfatal'
      more extensive changelog entries
      Class::Tiny 1.001 needed for xt test
      expand dev prereq formatting
      update docs on namespace::autoclean now that it better supports Moo
      bump version to 1.999_001
      use strictures 2
      Release commit for 1.999_001
      take x_breaks from meta file in test
      add new x_breaks
      CPAN::Meta also test recommended
      add _eumm to gitignore
      use mro::get_linear_isa directly
      allow meta inflation on non-Moo classes if requested
      fix calling methods on FakeMetaClass class
      test for calling class methods on FakeMetaClass
      changelog for FakeMetaClass fix
      remove dev release from changelog
      require Role::Tiny 2
      Bumping version to 2.000000
      remove one last "use strictures"
      travis test 5.20
      Release commit for 2.000000
      clean up _name_coderef test
      changelog for Sub::Name/Sub::Util loading fix
      Bumping version to 2.000001
      Release commit for 2.000001

Michael Jemmeson (1):
      _name_coderef set with both Sub::Name and Sub::Util loaded

dams (1):
      remove importing strictures in caller, but suggest it in synopsis and doc


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