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gregoa pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/1.314
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        at  6cfb449   (tag)
   tagging  c9ed353e997cce33a29f057ab4d36c085ddc6e51 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/1.312
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sat Jul 4 21:26:58 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.314

Alessandro Ghedini (1):
      Fix some spelling errors found by lintian.

Anton Berezin (1):
      Date typo in Git-Repository 1.301 Changes file

Aristotle Pagaltzis (5):
      evade format.pretty setting in user .gitconfig
      some POD copyediting
      small POD copyedit
      minor POD style fix

Babar (1):
      documentation patch

Christian Walde (2):
      the newline needs to be quoted or it ends up in the .bat file verbatim
      prevent the commandline args intended for the script to be passed to perl

Dominic (1):
      Update docs with example of options hash

Dominic Humphries (2):
      sudo patch
      Issue with installing Git::Repository

Jacques Germishuys (1):
      Added Git::Raw as an alternative

Kazuhiro Shibuya (1):
      t/40-plugin-log.t: Fixed fatal message doesn't match tests.

Lasse Makholm (1):
      Git::Repository::Log::Iterator: Add missing error handling

Mark Lawrence (2):
      Hash-to-accessor conversions in POD documentation.
      Can't specify a non-".git" repository name

Michael G. Schwern (3):
      Fix tests for temp dirs which have regex metacharacters in them like on 
      Allow create() to init an existing repository
      Fix support for overloaded objects.

Nigel Metheringham (1):
      Delete GIT_EDITOR from environment before test for it

Olivier Mengué (1):
      Fix dependencies: remove IPC::Open3

Philippe Bruhat (BooK) (584):
      starter directories and files from module-starter
      Git::Repository::Command: a class to hold a command's state
      Git::Repository: clean up documentation template
      Git::Repository: command(), run() and run_oneline() methods
      Git::Repository: first implementation of new()
      t/10-new_fail.t: the many ways new() can fail
      t/00-load.t: auto-detect modules to test
      Git::Repository: a init() method to create new repositories
      t/11-init.t: test the Git::Repository->init() constructor
      Git::Repository::Command: repository object is optional, and also accept 
an option hashref
      Git::Repository::Command: env option allows to set environment variables
      Git::Repository: try to find the wc_path if not provided
      Git::Repository::Command: update status from $? when command is done
      Git::Repository: transparently pass options and object to 
      Git::Repository::Command: handle the 'input' option here, rather than in 
      Git::Repository: git does exit(128) on fatal errors, so croak for those
      Git::Repository: get rid of init(), clone(), etc. for a more generic 
create() method
      t/10-new_fail.t: fatals come from git
      t/11-create.t: tests for Git::Repository->create
      Git::Repository: remove wc_subdir for now
      Git::Repository::Command: _has_git() can check the git binary
      Git::Repository::Command: check the git binary works, and cache the result
      Git::Repository::Command: use the git binary that we just checked
      Git::Repository::Command: try to catch open3 errors
      Git::Repository::Command: run git commands in a "dumb" terminal
      tests: skip tests if no git binary available
      t/20-simple.t: a simple test script
      Git::Repository::Command: SYNOPSIS and boilerplate documentation
      Git::Repository: no need to shift in run_oneline()
      Git::Repository::Command: correct support for option 'input'
      t/20-simple.t: test a non-trivial command like commit-tree
      Git::Repository::Command: DESTROY makes calling close() optional
      t/20-simple.t: test looping on stdout
      Git::Repository: we don't need run_oneline(), so remove it
      t/boilerplate.t is not needed any more
      Git::Repository: simplify finding the work tree for a non-bare repository
      Git::Repository: abs_path() results may depend on cwd. Fix this.
      t/11-create.t: test new() on a repository built with create()
      Git::Repository::Command: improve _has_git()
      Git::Repository::Command: refactor _has_git()
      t/05-try_git.t: add a few "not git" test cases
      Git::Repository: allow command() to be called as a class method
      t/20-simple.t: test command() as a class method (no context)
      rename .cvsignore as .gitignore
      t/20-simple.t: improve test coverage
      t/20-simple.t: test chdir failure
      Git::Repository::Command: remove useless test
      t/05-try_git.t: check relative paths
      Git::Repository::Command: properly check relative paths
      Git::Repository: put proper code examples in SYNOPSIS
      Git::Repository: Documentation
      Git::Repository: examples in the form of how-to
      Git::Repository: comparison with other git wrappers
      Git::Repository::Command: complete the documentation
      Git::Repository: tiny tidying
      Document the env option
      add repository to .PL files
      ignore .bak files
      update README
      Build.PL: do not generate Makefile.PL
      Changes for version 1.00
      t/06-version.t: ensure the FAILs will give me some information about 
their git
      Git::Repository: also consider 'usage' messages as fatal errors
      Fix tests: git init doesn't take a directory parameter before v1.6.5
      t/11-create.t: move tests that require git > 1.6.5 in their own section
      t/20-simple.t: test wc_path, and avoid pointing to / when git init failed
      t/20-simple.t: accept older error messages
      t::Util: git_minimum_version will be useful for SKIP
      t/11-create.t: don't bother testing with git olders that 1.6.0
      t/20-simple.t: git var didn't know about GIT_EDITOR before 1.6.6
      t/20-simple.t: don't bother testing with git olders that 1.6.0
      Changes for version 1.01
      .gitignore: ignore editors swap & backup files
      t/10-create.t: skip a test that fails if /tmp is a git repository
      t/11-create.t: test new() on a subdir of the working copy
      Git::Repository: ensure wc_path is the top-level directory of the working 
      t/10-new_fail.t: search for top-level working copy makes this fail earlier
      Git::Repository: bring back wc_subdir()
      t/20-simple.t: cover the "usage" failure case
      Git::Repository: sensible defaults for Git::Repository->new()
      Git::Repository: check wc_path is top-level when all has been tried
      Changes for version 1.02
      tests: fix the case where /tmp is a symlink to some other place
      It seems that abs_path dies on Win32 with a path to a non-existent file
      t/05-try_git.t: fix precendence to get the full list of files to test
      indicate the correct minimal git version used in tests
      Git::Repository::Command: properly localize and work with the environment
      PL files: add pre-requisites
      t/05-try_git.t: test with the proper command name, but not PATH
      Minimum supported Perl version: 5.006
      Changes for version 1.03
      init can only init a already initialized repository since Git 1.6.5
      t/20-simple.t: Git::Repository->new( '.' )
      t/20-simple.t: Git::Repository->new()
      t/11-create.t: add a few extra checks
      Changes for version 1.04
      Git::Repository: version_eq and version_gt comparison methods
      t/12-version.t: setup for more specific test comparisons
      Git::Repository: add support for -rcX and development version comparisons
      t/12-version.t: a few more test cases
      Document git init behaviour changed in 1.6.5
      Git::Repository: add a version() method, and use it in version_eq() and 
      Git::Repository: add the other comparison operations
      remove t::Util, and use the version comparison ops in tests
      t/12-version.t: bring in the test and diag from t/06-version.t
      mv t/12-version.t t/06-version.t
      t/06-version.t: don't modify version elements that aren't numerical
      Git::Repository: document the version comparison operators
      t/06-version.t: add tests for the reversed and negated operations
      t/06-version.t: a few more test cases
      A note about version numbers, and some TODO tests.
      t/20-simple.t: small refactoring, planning future tests
      Git::Repository: accessors called on the class return a false value
      Git::Repository: allow passing an option hash to new()
      Git::Repository::Command: use the Git::Repository object options as 
      t/10-new_fail.t: test the new failure message of Git::Repository->new()
      t/20-simple.t: test usage of an option hash in Git::Repository->new()
      t/20-simple.t: test extra parameters to the command are ignored
      Git::Repository: document options()
      Changes for version 1.05
      t/06-version.t: make sure the test does not fail when git is not installed
      Changes for version 1.06
      t/20-simple.t: fix number of tests
      Git::Repository::Command: document how the Git::Repository object option 
hash is used
      Git::Repository::Command: add simple accessors
      Git::Repository::Command: add a 'cmdline' accessor
      t/20-simple.t: test cmdline
      Git::Repository: allow passing an option hash to create(), and use it to 
initialize the Git::Repository object
      Revert "t/20-simple.t: fix number of tests"
      t/11-create.t: tidy/refactor the test code a bit
      t/11-create.t: if GIT_DIR is specified but not GIT_WORK_TREE, then the 
repository is bare
      t/11-create.t: test with GIT_DIR ne '.git' and a GIT_WORK_TREE
      Git::Repository: compute wc_subdir when GIT_DIR ne '.git'
      t/11-create.t: refactor and normalize the tests
      Git::Repository: options() should always returns at least an empty hashref
      t/20-simple.t: use accessors instead of hash key
      Git::Repository::Command: remove useless test
      Git::Repository: wc_subdir is useless when we can use the cwd option
      Git::Repository: document what happens when working_copy is actually a 
subdirectory of the work tree
      t/11-create.t: add a test with non-.git gitdir, starting in a subdir
      t/11-create.t: test with repository and working_copy provided
      Git::Repository: complete rewrite of the computation of wc_path and 
      Git::Repository::Command: a Git::Repository object always has a repo_path
      t/11-create.t: small fixes
      Git::Repository: refactor computation of $self->{repo_path}
      Git::Repository: simple refactoring
      Git::Repository: let create() support clone in git versions post-v1.7.1
      t/11-create.t: test create() when cloning in a bare repository
      Git::Repository: document how to properly call git log
      Git::Repository: use better named git_dir and work_tree options and 
      fix tests to use git_dir and work_tree
      t/11-create.t: remove unused code
      t/22-backward.t: test backward-compatibility with working_copy, 
repository, wc_path and repo_path
      Changes for version 1.07
      t/22-backward.t: we need a version of git that supports 'git init'
      t/20-simple.t: need some identity to commit
      t/06-version.t: also test version() against an instance
      Git::Repository: optimize version computation
      Note to my future self: avoid useless optimizations
      Git::Repository: easily support older git versions
      bring tests to the oldest git version they support
      t/20-simple.t: add an extra test
      Revert "t/06-version.t: also test version() against an instance"
      Changes for version 1.08
      Handle SIGPIPE when writing to git stdin, and ignore 'input' option in 
      Changes for version 1.09
      Git::Repository: add support for mixins
      t/25-mixins.t: test mixins usage
      t/20-simple.t: avoit printing to git commands that may close stdin
      Git::Repository::Command: do not write input if there is nothing to write
      minor copyediting
      t/25-mixins.t: test load failure
      MANIFEST update
      Thanks to Todd Rinaldo for making me think of ::Mixin
      Git::Repository::Command: ensure the handles returned by open3() are 
IO::Handle objects
      Git::Repository::Command: add a version number
      Git::Repository::Log: an object representing a git log item
      t/30-log.t: some tests for Git::Repository::Log
      Git::Repository::Log::Iterator: an iterator over a git log stream, that 
returns Git::Repository::Log objects
      Git::Repository::Mixin::Log: add a log() method to Git::Repository
      Git::Repository::Log: add some documentation
      Changes for version 1.10
      t/06-version.t: a few extra version tests, some of which fail
      Git::Repository: improve comparison when dealing with development versions
      t/11-create.t: skip tests that fail with a silent git clone
      It seems that abs_path dies on Win32 with a path to a non-existent file
      Git::Repository: _abs_path() should return the empty string instead of 
      Changes for version 1.11
      Changes: forgot the one change that prompted the other
      Git::Repository: documentation reorganisation
      Git::Repository::Command: allow empty 'input' option
      t/20-simple.t: test empty input
      Changes for version 1.12
      Git::Repository::Command: interesting bug (WONTFIX for now)
      Git::Repository::Command: 'git' can also be an option from the repository 
      Git::Repository: allow options in version()
      Git::Repository::Command: fix SYNOPSIS
      Plugins is a better name than mixins
      Git::Repository: use the Plugin interface to load new methods
      improve documentation and remove duplication
      fix tests for plugins
      Git::Repository::Plugin: document install()
      Merge branch 'plugins'
      t/30-log.t: test negative timezones
      add support for the + syntax for fully-qualified plugin classes
      Git::Repository::Log::Iterator: avoid infinite loops by emptying the 
      Git::Repository::Log: avoid some warnings
      Git::Repository::Log::Iterator: properly test the buffer emptyness
      t/40-plugin-log.t: tests for the Log plugin
      t/40-plugin-log.t: refactor some tests
      extra documentation regarding the Log plugin and modules
      Git::Repository::Log::Iterator: carp on bad options, instead of trying to 
be smart
      Git::Repository::Log::Iterator: more unsupported log format options
      t/40-plugin-log.t: check the extra content
      Git::Repository::Log::Iterator: better handle newlines between records
      Git::Repository::Log::Iterator: explain some failure cases
      Git::Repository::Log::Iterator: croak() instead of carp()
      Git::Repository::Log::Iterator: correct regexp for any --pretty option 
different from 'raw'
      t/40-plugin-log.t: test various option combinations
      t/40-plugin-log.t: test bad options
      t/40-plugin-log.t: --decorate supported only since 1.5.2.rc0
      Git::Repository: document the + prefix for loading plugins
      t/25-plugins.t: test the + prefix for loading plugins
      t/25-plugins.t: localize the capture of warnings
      Changes for version 1.13
      Git::Repository::Plugin: add a version number
      Git::Repository::Plugin: better design for listing keywords
      Git::Repository::Plugin::Log: use the new plugin specification
      test the new plugin specification and deprecation of the old one
      t/25-plugins.t: test the "no keywords" warning
      t/25-plugins.t: reformat code
      Git::Repository: also use the 'git' option when setting up a new 
Git::Repository object
      Git::Repository::Command: rename _has_git as _is_git, and greatly improve 
the caching algorithm
      _has_git renamed to _is_git in tests
      t/05-try_git.t: add extra tests if a git binary is available
      Git::Repository::Command: remove useless whitespace
      Git::Repository::Command: try Win32 extensions when searching for the 
command in the PATH
      Git::Repository::Command: the candidates in PATH should at least exist
      t/05-try_git.t: pick up an existing candidate in PATH
      t/20-simple.t: minimize the impact of changing environment variables
      t/20-simple.t: test not having git in the PATH, but providing the git 
      Merge branch 'options' into _is_git
      t/20-simple.t: need to pass the git option for the test to pass
      Git::Repository::Command: comment and formatting
      Merge branch '_is_git'
      Merge branch 'toddr/master'
      Git::Repository::Command: testing if the command is git is done later, 
and should update the cache
      explicitely specify the minimum requirement of Perl 5.006
      Git::Repository::Command: only worry about collecting output if the 
command succeeded
      Git::Repository::Command: List form of pipe open not implemented on Win32
      t/05-try_git.t: properly look for git candidates on Win32
      Git::Repository: _abs_path() should return a path, even when abs_path() 
      Git::Repository::Command: properly detect we were given a bare filename, 
and reorder tests by most common case first
      Git::Reposirory::Command: extensions only really matter under MSWin32
      Git::Repository: simplify _abs_path() using File::Spec's rel2abs()
      Git::Repository::Command: simplify _is_git() using File::Spec's rel2abs()
      t/11-create.t: fix path tests under Win32
      t/11-create.t: skip tests that fail under Win32, and add a Win32-friendly 
      t/11-create.t: update test count
      t/11-create.t: use relative paths with cwd option (Win32 fix)
      t/11-create.t: don't normalize paths that are known to be undef
      Merge branch 'unix'
      Git::Repository::Command: use $ENV{PATHEXT} to compute the list of valid 
extensions under MSWin32
      t/20-simple.t: skip tests that currently hang under MSWin32
      t/20-simple.t: use PATHEXT to find commands, and do not completely wipe 
out the PATH under MSWin32
      t/22-backward.t: fix path tests under MSWin32
      remove tabs
      Changes for version 1.14
      collect useful test function in Test::Git
      use Test::Git in most tests
      Test::Git: add a test_repository() function
      use test_repository in tests
      words of caution with regards to version comparisons
      experimental MSWin32 support using IPC::Run
      don't skip tests under MSWin32
      give up on IPC::Run and try another pipe-based approach for Win32 support
      Git::Repository: croak() based on the exit status, rather than errput
      friendly error message even if we lost the error output (happens on 
      Git::Repository::Command: close sockets using shutdown (MSWin32)
      flush input before closing (on MSWin32)
      acknowledgements for the MSWin32 implementation
      don't bother too much with dir separators
      factor out the subprocess spawning code
      use the command spawner everywhere
      _is_git() now also caches the version of the tested git binary
      add a comment about the limits of the git binary cache
      Git::Repository: use the cache computed by _is_git() in version()
      simplify the version faker code
      Acknowledgements regarding the MSWin32 implementation
      Known bug of the MSWin32 implementation
      Revert "Git::Repository: use the cache computed by _is_git() in version()"
      Revert "_is_git() now also caches the version of the tested git binary"
      Git::Repository::Log: make message() return a "cleaned up" log message
      t/30-log.t: test message/raw_message
      t/06-version.t: test exotic version strings
      t/23-scope.t: test a currently non-working construct
      t/20-simple.t: always use accessors on Git::Repository::Command objects
      Git::Repository::Command: turn off buffering on Win32
      Merge branch 'win32'
      Changes for version 1.15
      t/23-scope.t: test various scope situations, and destruction times
      Git::Repository::Command: handles() return all handles at once
      Git::Repository: use the Git::Repository::Command accessors internally
      t/07-version.t: test options on the version_xx methods
      Git::Repository: accept options in the version_xx methods
      Test::Git: has_git() also takes an option hash
      adapt our expectations to pass with Perl 5.6.2
      fix test to pass with Perl 5.6.2
      fix test: older versions of Cwd used `pwd`, so it should be in the PATH
      Delay child process reaping until later (a better time)
      t/23-scope.t: adapt the tests to the existence of the Reaper
      t/23-scope.t: an extra test
      t/23-scope.t: use *FOO{THING} notation to access the DESTROY coderef (if 
      Merge branch 'scope'
      Revert "Git::Repository: use the Git::Repository::Command accessors 
      Revert "Git::Repository::Command: handles() return all handles at once"
      Changes for version 1.16
      git config --file=... appeared in git 1.6.3
      t/23-scope.t: scope testing with stdout and stderr
      small documentation fixes
      Git::Repository::Command: make it a subclass of System::Command
      fix tests now that we support multiple option hashes
      obsolete test: see System::Command
      add a dependency on System::Command
      Changes for version 1.17
      document how to run git shortlog
      some copy editing on the git shortlog example
      deprecate create(), and issue a warning about it
      document the deprecation of create()
      quit using create() in tests
      don't test create() failure modes any more
      the output of git clone is now irrelevant
      modify the create() warning a bit, and add a test for it
      git init only exists since 1.5.0
      Changes for version 1.18
      Ensure git config returns a "boolean" value.
      git config only exists since git 1.5.0
      be fair to Git::Class
      actualized information about Win32 support
      Be more specific about minimum Git version requirements
      delete temporary test file, and improve its Unix source
      Test for errors in the log command
      t/40-plugin-log.t: expect actual git errors when given a bad log command
      final_output(): returns all the remaining output and does error checking
      Expand the discussion about the other git wrappers
      A more generic sudo patch, to allow for space in the command or arguments
      test using a sudo-like command as the git option
      test the skip condition before running the code
      move the HOW-TO section to a tutorial page
      tutorial: basics of Git::Repository
      tutorial: init and clone
      tutorial: simple command
      tutorial: sudo
      tutorial: git submodule add
      tutorial: sort versions
      tell about the tutorial in the main module's documentation
      tests for submodule
      update MANIFEST
      Changes for version 1.19
      Changes for v1.20
      t/21-submodule.t: skip this test if git is not available
      t/21-submodule.t: need some identity to commit
      we need a basic identity for every test that does a commit
      our test suite requires at least git 1.5.0
      Changes for version 1.21
      Fix expected test output with submodules
      adapt the expected output to the version of git used to test
      Changes for version 1.22
      t/07-version.t: do not fail when /tmp is mounted "noexec"
      Changes for version 1.23
      improve error message when _is_git() fails on the git option
      use arguments as part of the _is_git() cache
      test _is_git() when only a directory matches the search
      _is_git incorrectly tries to execute directories
      test what happens when $/ does not have its default value
      protect against changes to $/
      ignore MYMETA files
      Changes for version 1.24
      fix test plan when git is not available
      Changes for v1.25
      more recent versions of System-Command have less bugs
      add a date indication to the OTHER PERL GIT WRAPPERS section
      add a 'quiet' option to suppress warnings
      Git::Repository->run() is one level above 
      test for the 'quiet' option
      POD fix
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      test_repository() requires git version 1.5.0
      test_repository() requires git version 1.5.0
      git checkout used double quotes until version
      Add a section about the quiet option to the tutorial
      small format fix
      update copyright notices
      Changes for version 1.26
      Tests fail with a directory named 'git' in the path
      Changes for version 1.27
      typo fix
      Disable color in the logs meant for machine consumption
      use L<> instead of C<> to increase documentation linkage
      better document the call to new() without parameters
      make wc_path() and repo_path() warn about their obsolescence
      remove the create() method (make it die if called)
      remove the wc_path() and repo_path() method (make them die if called)
      ignore commit hooks in the test repository
      make the repository and working_copy parameter to new() obsolete
      remove documentation for obsolete accessors wc_path() and and repo_path()
      temporary exceptions to pod coverage tests
      test that create() now dies
      test that repository and working_copy parameteres now make new() die
      add parentheses to method names in warnings
      add parentheses to method names in croak() message
      add tests for warnings for obsolete accessors
      t/23-quiet.t fails if you don't have email/name configured yet
      bump version numbers
      Changes for version 1.28
      add support for coderefs/callbacks in run()
      tests for run() with callbacks
      add callback examples to the SYNOPSIS
      point at Git::Repository::Plugin from the tutorial
      a simple comparison for the callbacks
      Changes for version 1.29
      simplify _extract_special_from_list to nothing
      thoroughly cleanup @cmd
      Git::Repository::Command now dies if given more than one Git::Repository 
      cleanup the test by removing useless code and adding test messages
      "git init $dir" is only valid from git version 1.6.5 and later
      Git::Repository->new now dies if given more than one option hash
      update MANIFEST
      more things to ignore
      use dzil
      dzil: remove generated files
      dzil: use PodWeaver plugin
      update Changes for dzil NextRelease plugin
      there is no --color option to git log prior to
      check the version before adding possibly unsupported options
      Changes for version 1.300
      Merge branch 'deprecation'
      dzil: use Git::NextVersion plugin
      ignore cover_db
      Merge branch 'dzil'
      list authordeps
      Changes for version 1.301
      properly handle empty log messages
      properly handle multiline headers in commits
      new gpgsig and mergetag accessors for Git::Repository::Log
      Some notes about the initialisation data for Git::Repository::Log
      test Git::Repository::Plugin::Log with multiline headers
      Changes for version 1.302
      set CarpLevel error reporting for Git::Repository::Command->new
      skip some tests on Win32
      add a dependency on System::Command 1.100 for better Win32 support
      Git::Respository should now work under Win32
      Changes for version 1.303
      Document how to obtain the git exit status after a call to run()
      add a section about Git::Sub
      minor changes to the OTHER PERL GIT WRAPPERS section
      use PodSyntaxTests and PodCoverageTests dzil plugins
      use the MetaTests dzil plugin
      silence some git clone warnings
      test when run() dies and obtaining the exit status
      use a somewhat more readable variable name in run()
      add support for a 'fatal' option
      ignore the 'fatal' option while constructing the object
      Merge branch 'dzil'
      factorize the error testing into a dataset
      add some tests for the 'fatal' option
      use an alias to finely control the exit status
      show extra warnings that weren't tested
      ignore the 'fatal' option in test_repository()
      optionaly create a new repository at the beginning of the test
      factor out the alias.exit value
      do not modify the option hashes that were passed
      a test repository where all non-zero exit status are fatal
      more appropriate comment about fatal exit codes
      test a repository where ALL exit codes are fatal
      replace the alias by a fake git program
      "!0" can be used as a shortcut for 1 .. 255 in 'fatal'
      small copyediting
      document the 'fatal' option
      add a section about 'fatal' in the Tutorial
      Merge branch 'fatal'
      fix error message for older Git versions
      git branch gave a different error message before version 1.5.4.rc0
      before 1.7.0.rc0 git status would exit 1 in a dirty work tree
      git clone on an empty repository dies for git between 1.7.0.rc1 and
      no need to explicitely require a given Git::Repository version
      skip some git submodule failures
      remove a useless test that fails with git < 1.5.1.rc1
      remove the now useless output test
      skip some more git submodule failures
      git init is actually available since git 1.5.0.rc1
      also test with the release candidates for git 1.5.0 when possible
      create a repository with a commit pointing to a non-empty tree
      git clone with local repositories fails for git between 1.5.4.rc0 and 
      Merge branch 'vintage-git'
      silence a warning ("Already on 'master'") in recent versions of git
      Changes for version 1.304
      list the 'fatal' option in the documentation for run()
      link back to Git::Repository::Command for the list of all options
      check the git exit script availability before using it in tests
      tempfile() croaks on error, so catch the exception (and ignore it)
      the newline needs to be quoted or it ends up in the perl file verbatim
      t/24-errors.t fails if you don't have email/name configured yet
      don't bother with installation instructions, and update copyright date
      Changes for version 1.305
      small doc fix
      document the default for the cwd option
      tutorial: run the git command from the current working directory
      avoid issues with i18n in tests
      LC_ALL=C is a safer way to ensure the absence of localization
      tutorial: prevent localization of the output of Git commands
      document all the ways to setup LC_ALL
      weaver.ini configuration file for Pod::Weaver
      acknowledge Mithaldu's help in supporting Win32
      Changes for version 1.306
      improve comments about 'fatal' in the tutorial
      remove what had become a lie with the release of System-Command v1.03
      avoid creating zombie processes with a broken System::Command
      typo fix
      require the latest System-Command, as it properly works with Plack et al.
      Changes for version 1.307
      System::Command 1.102 was a bit broken, so require the next version
      new tutorial item based on RT#87334
      remove authordep comments
      Changes for version 1.308
      fix typo in TODDR's name
      some guidelines for naming the attributes added by plugins
      load each module in isolation when testing use
      move Git::Repository::Plugin::Log to its own distribution
      Changes for version 1.309
      explicitely document the options hash in the SYNOPSIS
      document a few more details about the option hash
      fix code example
      simplify the titles when documenting methods and functions
      update copyright year
      better document the test_repository() options
      add support for a 'clone' option in test_repository()
      tests for test_repository() and its clone option
      chdir back home before propagating the error from git
      test with both possible repository url
      no need to do the chdir dance around init and clone
      Merge branch 'documentation'
      minimum version support for git init and git clone
      test_repository only supports clone for git >= 1.6.2.rc0
      document minimum Git versions supported in test_repository()
      clone has no default value
      Changes for version 1.310
      pod syntax fix
      Fix typo in Todd Rinaldo's name
      acknowledge Nathan Nutter's help in designing the clone option to 
      use git init-db for older git versions
      avoid warnings when we get nothing out of "git"
      this test should work with any version of git
      so dzil wants the Changes file to be in UTF-8
      Changes for version 1.311
      typo in error message
      how to create a repository with git versions older than 1.5.0.rc1
      more details about create() obsolescence
      show the date for Git::Repository version, to give some context
      in some cases (msysgit) git outputs some messages before the error
      Merge branch 'vintage-git'
      this section is really a "SEE ALSO" section
      reduce the indentation of the Changes file
      Changes for version 1.312
      move the Git::Raw section at the end of the SEE ALSO section, and clarify 
the source
      the venerable is now available from CPAN
      contributors, as listed by git
      use addresses for contributors
      generate META.json
      Changes for version 1.313
      GNUSTAVO told me about in RT #100957
      greatly simplify _version_eq
      remove _version_eq entirely
      version 1.0.0a and 1.0.0b are special cases
      no more TODO tests for version arithmetic
      explicitely tests 1.0.0a and 1.0.0b for equality with their numerical 
      reformat code
      document the change of behaviour regarding 1.0.0a and 1.0.0b
      golfing my bit-flipping skills
      shorten the replacement using a positive look-behing assertion
      dzil plugin ReportVersions::Tiny obsoleted in favour of 
      document the existence of Test::Requires::Git
      Changes for version 1.314

Thomas Klausner (1):
      potential fix for deep recursion

Todd Rinaldo (2):
      change open3 call to open since we're just getting STDOUT. open is core 
and more stable than open3
      Fix for making sure nobody messes with STDIN/ERR/OUT, breaking open3

Yanick Champoux (1):
      skip tests if core.editor presents in config

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.314


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