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  replaces  upstream/0.34
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sun Jul 5 18:23:52 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.53

Dave Rolsky (39):
      Make sure all tests use strict & warnings
      Use done_testing in all tests
      Add bit shifting tests for u?int64 objects
      Add .gitignore file
      Remove executable bit from files which don't need it
      Work in progress on dzilation
      Hide the Math::UInt64 package that's in
      Ignore dzil artifacts
      Use Config::AutoConf to probe compiler for int64 type
      Switch to my dzil bundle
      Mark POD as being in UTF-8
      Update all generated files
      Don't load Carp in Math::UInt64
      Use strict & warnings in all modules
      Get the version from the main module and bump it after release
      Tweak generated Makefile.PL to be saner
      Add Module::CAPIMaker to develop requires prereqs
      Remove extra whitespace
      Remove tabs
      Update docs and add =encoding to all modules
      Add pod_coverage_trustme for Storable hooks
      Remove some pod test plugins which are producing false negatives
      Reformat all Changes dates to YYYY-MM-DD
      Add a custom dzil plugin to generate the C API files
      Update generated Makefile.PL
      Pass the detected int64 implementation type as a define
      Add back the postamble to regen the C API files
      Changes for next release
      Ignore exist C API files when running "dzil build"
      Get the version from the .pm file in Makefile.PL rather than setting it
      Add some tests for shift operator overflow results
      Sort .gitignore
      Ask for all warnings when compiling in a checkout dir
      Fix spelling of cloning
      Remove NO_INIT vars
      Use signed char instead of unsigned for BER-related code
      Remove a few unsigned variables
      Don't run Test::TidyAll tests
      Remove version-related plugins now that drolsky bundle does this itself

David Steinbrunner (1):
      Added repository cpan metadata

Dylan Cali (2):
      add Module::CAPIMaker to dependencies in readme
      clarify that Module::CAPIMaker is only required if building the github 

Salvador (70):
      use ad-hoc i64/u64 to string function, solve bug in conversion to number
      use ad-hoc i64/u64 to string function, solve bug in conversion to number
      add support for C API
      doc corrections
      use custom strtoint64 conversor, add new functions for conversion to/from 
hex and string
      offer to add new functions to the C API
      there were a couple of bugs on str to int64 conversors
      prepare for release
      make helper subroutines static
      add support for 64bit random number generation
      add support for 64bit random number generation, selectively import from 
      include ppport.h in perl_math_int64.c
      include ppport.h in perl_math_int64.c
      add support for MinGW32 compiler on Windows to C API
      Merge branch 'master' of into 
      working on die_on_error
      document die_on_overflow feature
      document changes
      prepare for release
      prepare for release
      increment version number
      doc corrections
      doc corrections
      add overflow tests
      add support for old perls
      improve documentation
      add changes
      MS compiler does not like LL and LLU sufixes
      add tests to ensure that native_if_available really returns native 
scalars when using the IV backend
      working on as_int32 callback
      do not overflow on shift operations
      use Module::CAPIMaker to generate C API
      use Module::CAPIMaker to generate C API
      add compatibility with C API version 1
      make isaac64 function thread friendly
      documentation errors corrected
      add sample script for random number generation
      add sample script for random number generation
      support randU64 on the C API; use memcmp instead of strcmp/strncmp to 
check uint64/int64 object class
      prepare for release
      sanner semantics for MATH_INT64_NATIVE_IF_AVAILABLE
      add newline add end of file
      add c_api.h as a dependency to Int164.o
      do not if the C API fails to load but just set
      define new macro PERL_..._LOAD_OR_CROAK
      s/PERL_..._LOAD/PERL_..._LOAD_OR_CROAK/ in pod
      C API client files moved to c_api_client
      C API client files are now under c_api_client directory
      prepare for release
      add support section into the docs
      there was a race condition on strtoint64
      do not use sv_setpv_mg or sv_setpvf_mg as they are not always available
      add support for exponentiation operators
      prepare for release, include Module::CAPIMaker version in C API support 
      working on BER encoding support
      i64->string conversion was not setting the 0 byte at the end and that 
caused string->i64 conversions to fail, several bugs corrected on BER handling
      add a bunch of new tests for string,hex,native,net <=> int64 conversions
      document changes
      working on Storable support
      add support for OpenWatcom compiler
      document OpenWatcom work around
      add support for Travis CI
      declare error strings as contants
      declare error strings as contants
      fix spelling errors and add tests
      test under more perl versions on Travis CI
      prepare for release
      Merge branch 'master' of
      remove 5.8 from the list of perls to test as it is not supported by 

Salvador Fandino (118):
      version 0.04 imported from CPAN
      remove as it is automatically generated
      bit operations were broken
      update copyrigth years
      typo was broken compilation with MS tools
      add pointer to GitHub
      add IV backend
      support for fallback to native 64bit integers feature added
      skip some test when using native backend because semantics can differ
      prepare for CPAN release 0.09
      add support for srand, document, working on 64bit random numbers
      use better date format
      use better date format
      prepare for release
      update ppport.h to version from perl 5.10
      merged 0.15 and 0.16 derived from 0.14
      add overflow checks
      copying code from the internet to try to fix the non-detected hint, just 
      uint multiplication and shift were converting operands to int64 instead 
of uint64, callback code for as_int64/as_uint64 was placed on the wrong scope, 
some tests added
      uint multiplication and shift were converting operands to int64 instead 
of uint64, callback code for as_int64/as_uint64 was placed on the wrong scope, 
some tests added
      use a new stack for callbacks
      IV backend is used when sizeof(IV) == 8 only
      prepare for release
      do not cache Math::Int64/Math::UInt64 stashes
      reorder the SV to I64 conversions are tried
      improve SV conversions
      optimize SV to uint64/int64 conversion
      prepare for release
      add support for limit constants
      Merge branch 'master' of
      prepare for release
      minor improvements
      minor improvements
      prepare for release; solve syntax error on XS; change overflow tests for 
shifts as these operations do not overflow anymore
      trying to make it work under MS compiler again, define limit constants, 
do not use 0xXXXpXX constants for NV overflow checking
      solve precedence bug on srand
      native_to_uint64 was not setting RETVAL correctly
      prepare for 0.20 release
      make unused 'other' and 'rev' arguments optional as besides the overload 
interface, they may also be called directly
      make rev argument optional
      encode NV limits as calculated constants as some versions of MS compiler 
are not able to convert from uint64 to NVs, prepare for release
      place all the local variable declarations in PREINIT blocks; remove other 
gcc-isms; uint64 multiplication was wrongly using int64_t temporals; prepare 
for release
      include more informative message in case the test fails
      workaround broken conversion from NV to uint64 in MS compiler
      From MS knowledge base: "Our floating-point to integer conversions are 
always done to a signed integer", so conversions from NV to unsigned long may 
also be broken. This patch removes them
      prepare for 0.24 release
      typo in preprocessor conditional corrected
      prepare for release
      solve other uint64->NV not supported by MS compiler issue, release as 0.26
      increment version number
      STORABLE_thaw methods were broken, corrected
      create file for Math::UInt64 in order to allow autoloading of Math::Int64 
from Storable
      add new files required for Storable support and testing
      check Storable integration
      better tests
      document Storable integration and BER encoding methods
      prepare for release
      solve bug on SvSU64 and SvSI64 C functions
      make internal SV read only
      prepare for 0.27_06 release
      prepare for release 0.28
      prepare for release 0.28
      skip Storable tests when module is not installed
      update copyright notices
      update copyright notices
      add support for perl 5.6
      add support for perl 5.6
      prepare for release
      64bit native math is broken on 5.6
      fix compilation errors/warnings when compiled with gcc format-security 
feature enabled, bug report #85688
      trying to build on Travis CI
      prepare for 0.30 release
      BER_length was broken, fixes bug #98734
      add more tests for BER functions
      prepare for release 0.32
      remove perl 5.19 from the list of perl distributions and add 5.20 on 
      prepare for release 0.32
      operator ** over floats may not be precise enough on some architectures
      update Changes
      prepare for release 0.33
      fix native_to_uint64 conversion
      add sv_seti64 and sv_setu64 macros to C API
      prepare for release 0.34
      document old change that had been uncommited on my old laptop for a long 
      add test for bug #100861
      update files generated by dzil
      Do not use SurgicalPodWeaver plugin
      Set corret copyright notices in LICENSE
      use a static license file and name it COPYING
      compiling from git was failing due to bad ccflags
      compiling from git was failing due to bad ccflags, fix it in the right 
      Solaris make doesn't like non ASCII chars on Makefiles or so
      remove gcc-isms breaking compilation with Solaris Studio
      regenerate files
      test was relying on unspecified compiler behaviour when converting from 
NV to int64
      update Changes
      Revert "Remove NO_INIT vars"
      fix history!... in Changes at least
      update Changes
      update copyright notices
      increase version to 0.50
      disable Dist::Zilla Test::Version plugin
      add autogenerated files tidyall.ini perlcriticrc perltidyrc to .gitignore
      sv_bless may corrupt int64 in NV slot; prepare for release 0.51
      tell git to ignore emacs backups
      check for stdint.h using Config::AutoConf
      quote author argument to CAPIMaker properly on Windows
      increase version; prepare for release 0.52
      update Changes; prepare for release 0.52
      Bump version after release
      Add a proper
      fix docs
      warn when both die_on_overflow and native_if_available are enabled

Salvador Fandiño (5):
      solve version mismatch of c_api.decl; prepare for release
      Merge pull request #2 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      Merge pull request #3 from autarch/master
      Merge pull request #5 from calid/dependencies
      Merge pull request #6 from bulk88/master

bulk88 (2):
      support building from github on Win32
      Visual C >= 2003 supports uint64_t to NV conversion

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.53


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