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 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Tue Jul 7 19:09:07 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 2.1405

A. Sinan Unur (1):
      Don't add command line option if compiler is cl

Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker (4):
      Skip or TODO memory leak tests under Devel::Cover
      Reenable coveralls, and add badge to
      Fix Coveralls URLs
      Bump required Try::Tiny version

Dave Rolsky (40):
      Core overloading support for roles
      Deal with pod coverage errors
      Fix Delta doc buglet
      Replace "This is fatal error" in several exception messages with "This is 
a fatal error"
      Various fixes for overloading operator conflict detection
      Make overload fallback conflicts from role-consumes-role work like other 
conflicts - consumer silently wins
      Remove package {} syntax from tests
      Add missing "my"
      Make Moose::Exception stringification eliminate internal Moose & CMOP 
frames at top of trace by default
      Doc updates for exception class & manual
      Fix some tests of exceptions to check for the actual error message we 
care about
      Fix typo (& should be &&) in Moose::Exception
      Add some more overloading tests
      First pass at proper overloading support
      Add/update basic tests for CMOP::Overload class
      Make sure that overloads are cloned properly during role composition
      Update docs for overloading APIs
      Die if an exception class has no metaclass
      Add Changes & Delta entries for overloading changes
      On older Perls we need to set the fallback value every time we add an 
overloaded op
      Remove TOOD item for overloading support
      Remove error system TODO entry
      Remove mention of overloading in todo test list
      Work around weirdness with MX::MarkAsMethods and overloading roles
      Make the Makefile.PL a little more user-friendly
      Fix odd casing of =head2 in Manual::MethodModifiers
      Add docs on method modifier order in the presence of inheritance
      Remove authordeps that are there just to work around SurgicalPodWeaver 
being broken
      Tidy some code (removing tabs along the way)
      Make sure that an existing meta method is not overwritten when -meta_name 
is passed to Moose
      Add docs for -meta_name import option
      Make sure class list in pod-coverage.t is sorted
      Small grammar fix in Manual::Delta
      Added tests for Moose::Meta::Attribute->verify_against_type_constraint
      Simplify code for generating TC error when assert_valid is called
      Add Sub::Identify as a prereq
      Update Changes for prereq fixes
      Sort various lists of packages in dist.ini
      Fix grammar typo in Manual::Delta

Graham Knop (8):
      fix ::ToInstance::apply to return object
      fix resetting arena magic when applying overloads to instances
      test exporting subs by subref
      export confess and blessed by name rather than by subref
      update to new helpers location
      we aren't limited to the perl versions travis provides
      fix mistake in travis config
      list all runtime and configure prerequisites as authordeps

James Marca (1):
      MooseX.pod: echo MooseX::Declare deprecation

Karen Etheridge (139):
      bump next version to 2.1300
      Merge branch 'PR/74'
      changelog for Moose-2.1300-TRIAL
      new before-release plugin to check that the --trial flag is consistent 
with the version
      bump version to 2.1301
      ensure that we do not offset line numbers when we add $VERSION to .pm 
      ensure that we do not offset line numbers when we add $AUTHORITY to .pm 
files; also drop adding them everywhere except
      this test cannot possibly pass until the [Authority] plugin runs
      Merge pull request #78 from moose/coveralls
      ensure travis installs the right version for these [PkgVersion] options
      add explicit deps on the versions of strict, warnings available in perl 
      silence warning: Name "main::HAS_NC_AC" used only once: possible typo at 
t/metaclasses/exporter_sub_names.t line 36.
      Merge pull request #79 from 
      remove extra cruft
      changelog for Moose-2.1301-TRIAL
      Merge pull request #80 from moose/topic/more-overloading-conflict-tweaks
      rename these test packages to avoid using B
      bump version to 2.1302
      changelog for Moose-2.1302-TRIAL
      changelog for Moose-2.1302-TRIAL
      until [Authority] is fixed, use our own implementation
      add comment to my ugly hack
      add some test labels
      TODO tests for RT#98488 (meta_name not working as advertised)
      bump required version of [Conflicts], to bring back the -also section
      oops, this really should be a TODO test for now.
      bump the [Conflicts] version, to get a .pm immune to podweaving
      set_prototype was added in Scalar::Util 1.11
      Merge branch 'stable/2.14'
      bump version to 2.1303
      Merge branch 'stable/2.12'
      changelog for Moose-2.1303-TRIAL
      make sure that I "git merge --ff-only stable/2.xx" in master after a 
      Merge branch 'stable/2.12'
      bump next version to 2.1304
      oops, fix this new git code
      changelog for Moose-2.1304-TRIAL
      Merge pull request #82 from moose/topic/less-moose-in-errors
      remove build configs that did nothing
      fix typo causing test to not be gathered
      remove unused imports
      dramatically speed up builds in uncleaned directories by not gathering 
old build dirs and their contents
      [EOLTests] is now deprecated
      bump version to 2.1305
      changelog for Moose-2.1305-TRIAL
      document "meta" as a keyword to avoid
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'pulls/83' - Rewrite overloading 
      declare new prereq
      spelling fix
      fix pod coverage test
      bump version to 2.1306
      remove unused imports
      switched some uses of List::MoreUtils APIs to their List::Util equivalents
      moved tests into xt/author that are expected to pass after every commit
      changelog for Moose-2.1306-TRIAL
      Merge pull request #84 from moose/topic/export-names
      changelog for #84
      bump version to 2.1307
      changelog for #85
      add attribution for PR#83
      changelog for Moose-2.1307-TRIAL
      Merge pull request #86 from moose/topic/all-deps-as-author
      affirm at the end of the build that everything is declared as an 
authordep that should be
      pass no_refs option to Devel::StackTrace (RT#99811)
      bump version to 2.1400
      changelog for Moose-2.1400
      bump version to 2.1401
      changelog for Moose-2.1401
      Merge pull request #89 from mschout/master
      add changelog header
      bump version to 2.1402
      changelog for Moose-2.1402
      ensure we are running a fixed [SurgicalPodWeaver]
      remap my github email address which should not ever have been visible
      Merge branch 'pr/90'
      bump version to 2.1403
      Fix "Unrecognized escape \i passed through in regex" warning with MSWin32 
      Changelog for the test fix
      Merge pull request #91 from nanis/dont-set-dev-compiler-option-for-msvc
      be less snarky and more accurate in Makefile warning for MSVC
      fix synopsis: avoid conflict between two "thing" subs; ensure the source 
module has been loaded
      make it more clear that this isn't actually the finder we are using here
      some core dzil plugins must be at 5.x, so this requirement is redundant 
      clarify this comment
      keep unwanted files out of the shipped dist
      be respectful of systems where make is not "make"
      remove the package statement from this pod as well (done everywhere else 
in 2.1205)
      switch to [Git::GatherDir] for even more surety that we do not package 
things we shouldn't
      changelog for cl compilation option fix
      might as well use "our"
      keep a $VERSION assigned at all times (not including dzil modifications)
      dzil configs for getting $VERSION from lib/, incrementing version 
after release in all .pms and committing
      changelog for Moose-2.1403
      increment version after release
      fix commit message for post-release commit to bump $VERSIONs
      load the ConfirmRelease plugin last, to ensure all other BeforeRelease 
plugins run first
      move this plugin up, to live with other metadata-providing plugins
      push to git after the second commit, before going back to the master 
      avoid warning in synopsis code: "Attribute (name) of class MyApp::User 
has no associated methods (did you mean to provide an "is" argument?)"
      both of these changes are to documentation - combine them in changelog
      remove mention of packages that no longer exist
      add other directories we absolutely do not want to see traversed and 
      now that we use [Git::GatherDir] we should not have anything to prune -- 
and saves a bit of time in the build
      clarify the changes in 2.1210: Test::Moose actually had its code change, 
not tests
      remove more unused lib includes and imports
      abort the test sooner, before loading everything
      Test::LeakTrace fails tests on 5.21.6; leak tests fail on 5.21.7 and 
      Merge pull request #96 from moose/topic/simplify-tc-failed-exception
      Merge branch 'pr/97'
      canonicalize more contributor names
      update leak test to skip for 5.21.9
      fix enum syntax in example (thanks, ironm!)
      no longer needed - modules now have $VERSIONs right in the repo
      ignore new EUMM build artifact
      remove executable bit from test files
      bump the required version of Module::Runtime::Conflicts
      remove unused lib includes in tests
      missing punctuation
      Test::LeakTrace still segfaults under 5.21.10 and blead
      commit Changes once without the {{$NEXT}} in the release snapshot, and 
then again with the version bump with {{$NEXT}} restored
      also keep a copy of the LICENSE in the local repository, for visibility 
on github
      explain why this Makefile.PL is so terse now defaults to installing recommendations, and does not know how 
to resolve these circular references
      bump a prereq to avoid failing a leak test (RT#101124)
      List::Util::first is equivalent to List::MoreUtils::firstval
      clean up changelog a bit
      update spelling whitelist
      increment version after release
      add stopwords that are missing in travis's dictionary
      I noticed that the "sort" handler doesn't behave like "elements" in 
scalar context - possibly a bug?
      the sort handler was returning undef in scalar context; make it work like 
      give some indication to the user why tests are inexplicably failing
      use a more specific link
      add git commit description to's package line, as extra source 
      provide the failure messages, in case something unexpected is broken with 
one of these modules
      add link to rjbs's "Moose is Perl" OSCON 2014 tutorial

Kent Fredric (1):
      Remove superfluous entries from develop.suggests

Michael LaGrasta (2):
      Added Resources section as described in RT #101993
      purged dead links

Michael Schout (1):
      fix a test that was trying to load Test::Exception instead of Test::Fatal

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 2.1405


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