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      from  ab8afd3   update changelog
       new  43ffaec   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  04d1e23   Update debian/changelog
      adds  758e7f9   Initial commit
      adds  480e79f   preparing VERSION for first release
      adds  fa3a649   local setup can't just override data values
      adds  ddf0eae   taking out the trash
      adds  f40b332   updating dep versions
      adds  c3ac93b   a little more documentation
      adds  1f5c47f   fixed local properties loading
      adds  9447667   colorize only if we're not being piped
      adds  d1c1791   another try to fix piped uncoloring (less & friends)
      adds  768748e   reftype() doesn't need to be imported
      adds  ce4c0ef   added another pod example
      adds  b6ddc3f   updating Changes file
      adds  62dbbda   simpler way to uncolor output
      adds  3cc952e   matching other files
      adds  b9ebd7a   testing colored output
      adds  0f40053   updating Changes file
      adds  0315189   global and local properties setup
      adds  8963007   removed d() in favour of void context p()
      adds  cb0f5a6   all possible regex modifiers
      adds  242b641   updated requirements
      adds  b608ffd   updated tests
      adds  82d3bca   tests for experimental local one-time configuration
      adds  edba447   properly handles GLOBs
      adds  d5603eb   adding filter support
      adds  52260df   making sure env is set at compile time
      adds  25657e1   coloring on Win32
      adds  b1c9bca   more docs
      adds  bab22c3   updating Changes
      adds  042fce6   updating Build.PL script for win32
      adds  569fe0a   bumping up version
      adds  e15b62d   adding filter tests
      adds  4d35758   reset colors before starting
      adds  fd4b4f7   supporting the new (5.13.6+) regex modifiers syntax
      adds  e95c09d   bumping version and updating Changes file
      adds  a15754e   local configuration file support
      adds  ea84d46   fixing pod typos and identation
      adds  e4a6b94   adding alias support
      adds  925f2a0   bumping up version
      adds  d724da8   adding more tests
      adds  6378989   more filter tests
      adds  e730cfd   updating SKIP
      adds  0dd6048   filter caveat when calling p() from inside
      adds  2ae62c1   testing filters with aliased function
      adds  aa40d0e   bumping up version and changelog
      adds  a55cae3   stricter tests, avoiding failure on win32
      adds  11625b2   File::HomeDir::Test was added in 0.91
      adds  77b524d   bumping up version and updating changes file
      adds  2db1631   making sure to unlink test rc file (netbsd was 
      adds  070f1e7   making sure Test::More knows about done_testing
      adds  f3d8f6d   improved handling of extended regexps
      adds  f465eb6   bumping up version and changes file
      adds  381c78b   removing controversial escaped char from tests
      adds  5200aa2   allowing for 'internals' customization
      adds  2ff4680   moar docs
      adds  927cf57   testing object parsing
      adds  3b9ebba   more class tests
      adds  bb9f791   bumping up version and changes file
      adds  f98efc3   key/values separator reduced to 3 spaces
      adds  824abae   allowing toggle for array indices
      adds  74cb72b   allow multiline display customization
      adds  3394b4b   allowing deparse of subrefs
      adds  e2a828b   allowing 'inherited' class display customization
      adds  297940c   allowing 'max_depth' display customization
      adds  ae3dd7a   updating changes file
      adds  2298b12   showing parents/ISA information only when it's there
      adds  9c8192a   option to customize class expansion
      adds  3ac1861   bumping up version for new release
      adds  d115565   updated README
      adds  ee3b19d   toggling keys/method sorting (default: on)
      adds  0b26dbd   removing double declarations
      adds  3c2fdbe   minor pod fix
      adds  787c464   parallel testing is toying with me
      adds  a8d39bd   renaming tests
      adds  a6fe9fa   new experimental feature: standalone filter classes
      adds  07165ff   class filter for date and time objects
      adds  68b0733   Data::Printer::Filter
      adds  6fa792c   docs on how to convert output to HTML
      adds  46e9c84   prevent user's .dataprinter from messing with tests
      adds  47cc7d7   clearer warning message
      adds  93b3206   renaming internal function
      adds  1cd84aa   removing unnecessary parenthesis
      adds  216a6aa   allowing colorization to be forced
      adds  3564917   make sure we check/load config file only once
      adds  9f9f837   letting standalone filters manipulate properties
      adds  c0a8987   newline() helper function for filters
      adds  bee27eb   indent() and outdent() helper functions for filters
      adds  c0831a9   p() function reference inside standalone filters
      adds  5f7beea   new filter tests
      adds  6e677a0   standalone filter documentation
      adds  407ca4d   db filter tests
      adds  2c1d928   more tests
      adds  e84bc75   database filter
      adds  cffc539   updated docs
      adds  87e2793   documentation for DB filter
      adds  ad0cc5c   allowing config without hashref
      adds  4916955   minor pod update
      adds  75224c7   bumping up version
      adds  0de5a28   updating Changes for new version
      adds  79b631c   fixing time filter tests for different timezones
      adds  227e84b   bumping up version for new release
      adds  47b56b5   trying to fix rare test failure reports
      adds  f87dacb   adding new 'class_method' customization
      adds  d6affe6   improving docs a bit
      adds  c6cae12   adding new 'show_tied' customization
      adds  1ed6e89   'external' now called '-external' to avoid clash with a 
potential class or pragma labelled 'external'
      adds  95291c6   display extra information (mode, flags, layers) on I/O 
      adds  93db09d   stacking up filter of the same type/class
      adds  6dbbbfd   docs on show_tied
      adds  ac015ec   noticing version where stacked filters were implemented
      adds  85ae91b   new '-class' filter option called for every non-perl type
      adds  b8770bb   simple (for now :)  DBIx::Class filter
      adds  34d8ea4   small improvements in documentation
      adds  a385a18   new "DDP" package alias
      adds  7881764   contributor list
      adds  4aefc39   bumping up version and updating Changes file
      adds  d2dc9bf   toggle colors via the 'colored' argument
      adds  cddf950   'class_method' defaults to '_data_pritner'
      adds  49cd485   updating depth count during indent/outdent
      adds  20950e1   new 'caller_info' display customization
      adds  52f1206   improving docs a bit
      adds  8ce0725   tidying up a bit
      adds  aeb1f3a   Skipping calls to fcntl() in systems that don't support 
      adds  1c8daff   small doc improvements
      adds  766a5c7   tidy
      adds  95cea9c   small improvement on file tests
      adds  f2e4e70   small typo fix
      adds  2783390   inserting repository information
      adds  e25a54d   rearranging documentation
      adds  970c212   updating Changes file and bumping version
      adds  9b8895d   datetime filter default coclor, updating docs
      adds  fa9cdb2   bumping up version and changes file
      adds  fc4c8ea   make it work on 5.8.8 again (randir++)
      adds  ea47be3   bumping up version and Changes
      adds  4d1ae88   Added automatic loading tip
      adds  1585fc9   Merge pull request #1 from 
      adds  85c90f5   make sure filter output is defined, not just true 
      adds  4db084c   Date::Calc::Object->localtime doesn't receive array 
      adds  676afa5   Merge pull request #2 from sugyan/master
      adds  b85dd17   fixed filter tests Date::Pcalc::Object as well
      adds  ac2ff64   corrected filter order
      adds  340a6b8   removed legacy test file
      adds  6abbd5b   fixed edge-case for p() inside filters
      adds  339b343   major internal refactoring allowing cool features
      adds  2131a8d   extra tips for Data::Printer usage
      adds  2d8106c   improved warning message
      adds  08628d1   prototypes in p() are now optional (default true)
      adds  7f9c57a   missing dot
      adds  063c17d   bumping contributors list. Thanks guys!
      adds  4c2c3e7   making filename portable across systems
      adds  7420869   bumping up version and Changes file
      adds  eec2577   Adding "name" information
      adds  c5e4b25   toggle timezone display on DateTime filters (elliotjs++)
      adds  bedc6b6   giving credit where credit is due
      adds  98c03fa   new feature: showing weak references (randir++)
      adds  c79f98f   more concise output for empty structures (randir++)
      adds  6e13f13   tests for weak references display (randir++)
      adds  59ce336   tip on unified dumping interfaces (cat|grep++)
      adds  40a6372   extra tip on using Data::Printer with Devel::REPL
      adds  a357dc0   bumping up version
      adds  93f03f6   proper class filter fallback (RT#68674)
      adds  17a5b12   flags displayed even when not all are supported
      adds  07da75c   extra class display customization
      adds  53812b1   giving credit where it is due :)
      adds  fd33940   bumping up version and Changes file
      adds  fe2ce8e   using Hash::FieldHash directly
      adds  c089add   being less restrictive on dep versions (Sewi++)
      adds  560a5fe   credit were it is due :)
      adds  40c044e   swiching from M:B to a bundled M:I to go easier on deps
      adds  effcb15   better auto-coloring behaviour
      adds  ceb5de1   bumping up version and changes file
      adds  ec78e82   removed legacy dependency on Object::ID
      adds  2aee6af   increased Term::ANSIColor version
      adds  1215534   bumping up list of contributors. Yay!
      adds  ba20104   M:I was being naughty. Back to EU:MM
      adds  a0f3159   bumping up version
      adds  f28e757   updating Changes file
      adds  96a8526   A POD note about colors when returning a string.
      adds  8a18750   Merge pull request #6 from jest/master
      adds  938d73d   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  0be81f9   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  8990c6c   Improved automatic loading tip
      adds  7a63917   Tip on using Data::Printer inside the debugger
      adds  f98a67a   Fix debugger tip
      adds  2e357b9   Merge pull request #4 from arpadszasz/master
      adds  7668c61   displaying taint information on data
      adds  352e6f5   documenting show_tainted
      adds  3a8130a   big documentation overhaul!
      adds  4116353   control weak data exposition via show_weak
      adds  f2f36b9   small rewording in docs
      adds  1320bdd   sync'd VERSION with main module
      adds  1116162   bumping up version and changes file
      adds  a06c131   being less trusty on tests
      adds  317174e   improving contributor's info
      adds  4d774ad   tips for Devel::PrettyTrace (randir++) and dip 
      adds  73c95e7   control the return value of the p() function (mst++)
      adds  c9ad567   minor doc rewording
      adds  4f1761d   require was being naughty.
      adds  00e61be   updating Changes file
      adds  0f67a7b   tests for the 'return_value' feature
      adds  8b96008   tests for the return_value => 'void' feature
      adds  67fa01f   bumping up version
      adds  0ac37c8   new property: display an object's reftype (denis howe)
      adds  e2a2d7f   link to new URI filter by SYP++
      adds  51ff96c   only load Class::MOP when inspecting objects.
      adds  0a1875a   a bit for information in tests
      adds  37966d0   bumping up version for a new release!
      adds  d31f9b2   upgrading Test::Pod version (Fitz Elliott++)
      adds  b9d5a25   skipping POD tests unless you're a dev
      adds  1e29e0a   updated tests to handle newer Class::MOP (J Mash++)
      adds  1981ffd   ActiveState complained about ancient Class::MOP versions
      adds  f48066b   updating version and Changes file
      adds  8cdc4b7   can't defer a wantarray check
      adds  433ba88   preparing for a new release
      adds  ad1a4e8   Github link is out of date and since the module is on the 
CPAN it's probably better to link in a more conventional way anyway.
      adds  f9f1bfd   Merge pull request #10 from allanwhiteford/master
      adds  043d9e0   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  d67e767   giving credit where it is due
      adds  52171af   Escape nulls in strings? Otherwise, we can't tell the 
difference between a blank string and a string with nulls in it.
      adds  56f077f   Merge pull request #11 from oylenshpeegul/patch-1
      adds  91b157f   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  85d9b61   giving credit where it is due.
      adds  ef40c58   control the output target with the 'output' property.
      adds  9c68d4e   giving credit where it is due
      adds  a67fb8b   loosening up the glob match
      adds  3a30f61   if we're showing nulls, we need to work on a copy
      adds  2e28789   tests for null characters
      adds  1df932e   added tests for auto-coloring (doy++)
      adds  3673a9e   bumping up version and changes
      adds  2072eaf   improving documentation
      adds  02f4b09   NEW FEATURE: 'escape_chars' property
      adds  0a0db9d   fixed Changes file for spec compliance
      adds  217a423   more tests for escaped sequences
      adds  c7c1c17   bumping up version and changes file
      adds  adadab3   fixed unescaped null character during colored output 
      adds  1cd2a3c   giving credit where it is due
      adds  adca735   croaking on bad parameters - bIlujDI' yIchegh()Qo'; 
      adds  9981bca   custom rc file names via the 'rc_file' property
      adds  7cdb6aa   bumping up version and updating Changes
      adds  a64ced1   giving credit where it is due
      adds  e1c2553   documentation for the new 'rc_file' parameter
      adds  88fcb74   File::Temp is a dep's dep, but it never hurt to be safe :)
      adds  e51c693   using plain seek() instead of IO::Seekable (andy bach)++
      adds  4f49aa7   giving credit where it is due
      adds  1cc19fc   giving hash keys a little more love :)
      adds  b2a02fd   tests for escaping characters
      adds  70255a5   fixed 'escape_chars' documentation
      adds  4903ffc   empty hash keys should be quoted as well
      adds  135bc99   minor tidying
      adds  5dd6c2e   new print_escapes property, replacing 'escape_chars' 
      adds  52425e5   new 'quote_keys' property!
      adds  947c588   refactoring to allow proper hash key indentation
      adds  1e13111   bumping up version and changes file. New release!
      adds  6cd766c   let's carp instead
      adds  7b13974   linear_isa, with lasers!
      adds  b4e9e9f   new 'Digest' filter, for your MD5 and SHA needs! :)
      adds  cb0c143   separate colors for classes and methods
      adds  d6d4e53   skip rc file during taint mode
      adds  47b61b2   increased rc file security
      adds  880fd18   making the warning a little louder
      adds  6a651bf   checking taint mode (instead of whether the data is 
      adds  c4a0074   use MRO::Compat and Package::Stash for inheritance 
      adds  0dba6f2   switch method locating to B code to avoid Class::MOP
      adds  f31c391   switch dependencies and make MRO::Compat only required 
      adds  7d51fd1   excise Clone in favour of Clone::PP
      adds  44d279e   switch to perl core fieldhashes or compat package below 
      adds  232f1ce   Changelog dependency swap-out
      adds  5225ecb   Merge pull request #18 from shadowcat-mst/master
      adds  5b30602   Add $ENV{DATAPRINTERRC} override for rc location
      adds  311cc55   Delete $env{DATAPRINTERRC} in tests
      adds  06e9517   Un-hardwire line numbers in caller info test
      adds  a1d5107   Test $ENV{DATAPRINTERRC} overrides .dataprinter
      adds  702eb25   Test global config overrides $ENV{DATAPRINTERRC}
      adds  33e9874   Test use-time config overrides $ENV{DATAPRINTERRC}
      adds  0863a6e   Pod updates for DATAPRINTERRC
      adds  24de5dc   Merge pull request #19 from sdt/feature/rc_env
      adds  7f42492   add sample() function
      adds  9dbbc3a   Merge pull request #17 from yanick/master
      adds  5b5d086   excise Clone in favour of Clone::PP
      adds  1d60fd7   minor docs and strictness for DDP
      adds  14d41a9   sample code (yanick++)
      adds  d1e8aae   pod coverage test (developer only)
      adds  9010676   giving credit where it is due
      adds  bffb1f0   class_method call now includes the properties hashref
      adds  bb6312c   only 'can' once
      adds  1dcf0ae   Merge pull request #21 from jberger/master
      adds  604f2f9   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  3337050   minor pod fix
      adds  23264ae   New option 'end_comma'
      adds  1293262   Merge pull request #23 from bessarabov/end_comma
      adds  76f7510   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  25fdd93   new 'separator' and 'end_separator' properties
      adds  07357df   giving credit where it is due
      adds  19446cf   end_separator is now a boolean
      adds  6f59c4b   making test filename saner
      adds  facdf48   tests for the custom separator
      adds  5f93b48   .pl files under /examples are ok
      adds  ab5a42f   removing Class::MOP tests
      adds  be3a03f   support for DateTime::TimeZone objects
      adds  9c63b4c   bumping up version and changes
      adds  baf9df7   giving credit where it is due
      adds  d978b77   multiline handling for tainted rc files
      adds  f1b1895   giving credit where it is due
      adds  2b0aef6   bumping version and changes file
      adds  bb3b87a   minor improvement on the example
      adds  825c1c8   minor pod fix
      adds  4d3a0e9   new 'universal' class property!
      adds  421df46   show_readonly option to mark read-only scalars
      adds  a2a199a   Protect against unknown core data types that don't 
implement "can", eg VSTRING
      adds  9c9136d   Explicitly support VSTRINGS
      adds  6d72ffe   Merge pull request #25 from iarna/vstrings
      adds  22b3568   Fix doc example
      adds  fe92cbd   Merge pull request #26 from iarna/doc-fix
      adds  6014922   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  55bcdef   adding 'version' as a dep
      adds  7284300   giving credit where it is due
      adds  d616695   bumping up version and Changes
      adds  ca9633d   Improved support for unknown core datatypes
      adds  806e131   Merge pull request #27 from iarna/better-unknowns
      adds  0f9bef2   minor code tidying
      adds  c5c2a90   short circuit
      adds  311f68e   5.8's UNIVERSAL doesn't have DOES() - RT78250 (Mike 
      adds  ce15199   Improved automatic loading tip
      adds  844a4ec   Tip on using Data::Printer inside the debugger
      adds  9253d65   Fix debugger tip
      adds  a9c353d   displaying taint information on data
      adds  b54a7a6   documenting show_tainted
      adds  797e275   big documentation overhaul!
      adds  d5bc196   control weak data exposition via show_weak
      adds  f47499e   small rewording in docs
      adds  7386ba8   sync'd VERSION with main module
      adds  eb5c2f0   bumping up version and changes file
      adds  487a20d   being less trusty on tests
      adds  c041d64   improving contributor's info
      adds  eb911a0   tips for Devel::PrettyTrace (randir++) and dip 
      adds  379992a   control the return value of the p() function (mst++)
      adds  0e50174   minor doc rewording
      adds  073fee3   require was being naughty.
      adds  7bb8331   updating Changes file
      adds  5230521   tests for the 'return_value' feature
      adds  1058a63   tests for the return_value => 'void' feature
      adds  831c472   bumping up version
      adds  4ea3872   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
      adds  5cfd10c   colorstrip() is unnecessary
      adds  019b346   Merge pull request #28 from creaktive/master
      adds  0bd12a5   giving credit where it is due
      adds  c506dc4   registering VSTRING as another type (no pod)
      adds  2568329   moar docs
      adds  396bfa5   issue warning (carp) when color/colour is not a hashref
      adds  c01bf8b   moar tests
      adds  4783c6c   bumping up version and Changes file
      adds  854ed55   DDP was warning when dumping refs to unopened or closed 
file handles
      adds  4cb9431   Merge pull request #29 from iarna/fix-warnings
      adds  2d77273   Add support for FORMAT and LVALUE refs
      adds  1aa485e   Merge pull request #30 from iarna/full-core-types
      adds  d609b8e   minor comments
      adds  84becb1   exposing lvalue data
      adds  47f5a75   Microsoft Windows does not really like Unix modes :/
      adds  5145ec3   updated coverage tests
      adds  7bb2dfd   bumping up version and changes
      adds  5b84455   new filter for DateTime::Tiny
      adds  85004ad   tests for the new DateTime::Tiny filter
      adds  5aa38ff   Merge branch 'datetime_tiny'
      adds  158fed3   new tip: Using Data::Printer with Template Toolkit (sdt++)
      adds  7f7c984   bumping up version and changes file
      adds  0bee605   fixed test failures in 5.8
      adds  59365f3   sanity check
      adds  a793002   cleanup
      adds  0f33e3c   bumping up version and changes
      adds  f0e7bb1   fixed test in older perls
      adds  2950aa2   older perl do not have the VSTRING type
      adds  9293621   pod fix (nuno++)
      adds  f74cb53   new, HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL, secret filter extra options
      adds  bea5a80   bumping up version and changes file
      adds  81702c5   fixed warning in external filters
      adds  ed57a1a   prevent repeated tie display
      adds  dc46a7c   removed deprecated 'escape_chars', as promised in version 
      adds  8d31dd5   bumping up version and Changes file
      adds  2aa6e85   better output for DBIC resultsets
      adds  0b24437   fixed permissions on test file
      adds  9dd2341   'Digest' filter now works on any Digest::base modules 
      adds  2661c14   new tip! dirk++
      adds  08c4a6e   The string quotes are printed without color
      adds  0e68fc2   Merge pull request #35 from bessarabov/no_color_quotes
      adds  cb8eded   no need for qq[], just use q[]
      adds  93899e2   updating documentation for external filters
      adds  bee696a   updating tests for the external quote colorization
      adds  1925dbf   updating version and changes file, new release coming up!
      adds  5fc8f05   fixing escaped chars colorization issue in bleadperl
      adds  70dbf08   giving credit where it is due (andk++)
      adds  0f1b6b3   small rewrite
      adds  8b229ee   moar tests
      adds  a718ed5   we can't guarantee sort other in bleadperl
      adds  aedcb6e   bumping up version and changes file
      adds  e31bd65   Added support for Class::Date in D:P:F:DateTime
      adds  485dd0e   Merge pull request #36 from bessarabov/class_date
      adds  f6698d5   escape_chars to \\x{...}
      adds  76be200   fix escaping of color codes
      adds  05fee58   fix escape_char bug with multiple chars in a row
      adds  38e478a   Merge pull request #38 from 2shortplanks/master
      adds  23d6ef1   Moved author tests to xt directory
      adds  dfc45fd   Fixing pod coverage test
      adds  16b12c4   Merge pull request #39 from bessarabov/xt
      adds  1e5a08f   wrapping Package::Stash calls to avoid crashing on weird 
      adds  de89382   moar tests!
      adds  3f81670   testing weird objects
      adds  a963ec2   Added file .travis.yml
      adds  6011eaf   Merge pull request #40 from bessarabov/added_travis_ci
      adds  92147eb   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  52152a6   updating Changes
      adds  ca1984a   minor tidy
      adds  0a52aa9   making sure test does not see user's .dataprinter
      adds  4fb642f   making sure tests don't see .dataprinter
      adds  5f33e61   giving credit where it is due (Changelog update)
      adds  4c0b0ea   removed (broken) support for Digest::Haval256
      adds  8aa9825   removing Digest::Haval256 from Filter::Digest's pod
      adds  e11da0d   new option 'as' => 'X' as shortcut for caller_info + 
      adds  153857d   Data::Printer::Filter::PDL added to documentation
      adds  fe8e65b   option to control value alignment in hash
      adds  a02de75   Merge pull request #47 from bessarabov/no_alignment
      adds  ff0fa4a   More accurate separation numbers from strings
      adds  cbad97e   Merge pull request #48 from 
      adds  e4c598c   typo fix
      adds  3c98bc1   typo fixes
      adds  a7666ef   typo fix
      adds  1d08eb8   Merge pull request #49 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      adds  b90c695   Fixing failing tests to work with DATAPRINTERRC
      adds  e1fda90   Merge pull request #37 from bessarabov/fixing_tests
      adds  8335469   fixme docs
      adds  0d8f16c   being extra loud when rc files fail to load
      adds  741b14b   test calling p() from inside a BEGIN block
      adds  84f2b6b   keep PERL5OPT from interfering with deparse tests
      adds  672737a   skip digest tests on modules not subclassing Digest::base
      adds  f507f54   p() return value now defaults to 'pass'
      adds  2c617f6   experimental np() function: like p() but always returns
      adds  1df83ed   bumping up Changes and VERSION for a new release
      adds  2c9fa29   New customization option 'scalar_quotes'
      adds  0dc8046   Merge pull request #62 from bessarabov/scalar_quotes
      adds  3a17ef7   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  7b8205c   moving issues to github
      adds  0bfd203   moving git to markdown
      adds  2de7c0a   bumping up version and changes file for a new release
      adds  6f9bab7   Imported Upstream version 0.36
       new  00826d1   Merge tag 'upstream/0.36'
       new  fd88f3f   Update debian/changelog
       new  cc5c73e   Update upstream metadata
       new  ea36516   Email change: Florian Schlichting ->
       new  e45703d   Bump years of packaging copyright
       new  2190432   Add NEWS entry about backwards-incompatible change
       new  61fd266   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.6
       new  54caf1d   Mark package autopkgtest-able
       new  235b972   prepare changelog for release

The 11 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                                      |  69 +++++++++
 MANIFEST                                     |  14 +-
 META.json                                    |   8 +-
 META.yml                                     |  38 ++---
 Makefile.PL                                  |  14 +-
 README =>                          |   0
 debian/NEWS                                  |  12 ++
 debian/changelog                             |  13 +-
 debian/control                               |   6 +-
 debian/copyright                             |   2 +-
 debian/upstream/metadata                     |   6 +
 lib/                                   |   2 +-
 lib/Data/                          | 205 ++++++++++++++++++++-------
 lib/Data/Printer/                   |  17 +--
 lib/Data/Printer/Filter/                |   4 +
 lib/Data/Printer/Filter/          |  10 ++
 lib/Data/Printer/Filter/            |   4 +-
 t/00.2-begin_load.t                          |  23 +++
 t/01-p.t                                     |   2 +-
 t/02-colors.t                                |   2 +-
 t/02.2-autocolor.t                           |   2 +-
 t/03-conf.t                                  |   1 +
 t/03-conf_not_ref.t                          |   1 +
 t/04-multiline.t                             |   3 +-
 t/05-obj.t                                   |   2 +-
 t/06-obj2.t                                  |   2 +-
 t/07-sort.t                                  |   1 +
 t/08-deparse.t                               |   2 +
 t/09-alias.t                                 |   2 +-
 t/10-filter.t                                |   1 +
 t/11-aliased_with_filter.t                   |   1 +
 t/12-filter_class.t                          |   1 +
 t/13-filter_datetime.t                       |  15 ++
 t/13.2-filter_db.t                           |   1 +
 t/13.3-filter_digest.t                       |   6 +-
 t/14-local_conf.t                            |   2 +-
 t/15-rc_file.t                               |  13 +-
 t/16-rc_file2.t                              |   1 +
 t/16.2-rc_overwrite.t                        |   2 +-
 t/16.3-rc_env.t                              |   2 +-
 t/16.4-rc_env2.t                             |   1 +
 t/16.5-rc_env3.t                             |   2 +-
 t/17-parallel.t                              |  10 +-
 t/18-class_method.t                          |   2 +-
 t/19-tied.t                                  |   2 +-
 t/20-handles.t                               |   4 +-
 t/21-ddp.t                                   |   2 +-
 t/22-class_method.t                          |   2 +-
 t/23-caller_info.t                           |   2 +-
 t/24-no_prototypes.t                         |   2 +-
 t/25-weak.t                                  |   2 +-
 t/26-tainted.t                               |   3 +-
 t/{16.2-rc_overwrite.t => 26.2-tainted_rc.t} |  19 ++-
 t/30-print_escapes.t                         |   1 +
 t/32-quote_keys.t                            |   2 +-
 t/33-end_separator.t                         |   2 +-
 t/33-separator.t                             |   2 +-
 t/34-show_readonly.t                         |   2 +-
 t/35-vstrings.t                              |   4 +-
 t/36-valign.t                                |   3 +-
 t/37-format.t                                |   3 +-
 t/38-lvalue.t                                |   4 +-
 t/40-escape_chars.t                          |  95 +++++++++++++
 t/41-yaml.t                                  |  43 ++++++
 t/42-alignment.t                             |  41 ++++++
 t/43-_is_number.t                            |  53 +++++++
 t/44-number-colors.t                         |  66 +++++++++
 t/45-np.t                                    |  20 +++
 t/pod-coverage.t                             |  13 --
 t/pod.t                                      |  15 --
 xt/pod-coverage.t                            |   8 ++
 xt/pod.t                                     |   6 +
 72 files changed, 766 insertions(+), 182 deletions(-)
 rename README => (100%)
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 create mode 100644 t/00.2-begin_load.t
 copy t/{16.2-rc_overwrite.t => 26.2-tainted_rc.t} (68%)
 create mode 100644 t/40-escape_chars.t
 create mode 100644 t/41-yaml.t
 create mode 100644 t/42-alignment.t
 create mode 100644 t/43-_is_number.t
 create mode 100644 t/44-number-colors.t
 create mode 100644 t/45-np.t
 delete mode 100644 t/pod-coverage.t
 delete mode 100644 t/pod.t
 create mode 100644 xt/pod-coverage.t
 create mode 100644 xt/pod.t

Alioth's /usr/local/bin/git-commit-notice on 

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