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abe pushed a change to branch master
in repository libtext-markup-perl.

      from  c99eb7d   Add explicit build dependency on libmodule-build-perl.
      adds  543302e   Skeleton for new module: Text::Markup.
      adds  3d1a161   Base implementation with default parser.
      adds  428f832   Add Markdown parser.
      adds  c85a46c   Avoid early death.
      adds  b5a09ae   Don't write to a file, but return the HTML.
      adds  768e60e   Load core parsers on demand.
      adds  ab2d00f   Remove explicit list of core parsers from t/base.t.
      adds  e987bf8   Formatting.
      adds  56d08c7   Document adding a new parser.
      adds  d82f407   Return results encoded, not decoded.
      adds  ef7535f   Document all public methods.
      adds  fd9d801   Document Text::Markup::None.
      adds  bd44de7   Fully document `register` and `formats`.
      adds  d7125bd   Make `_parser_for` private.
      adds  ca33c02   Document the None and Markdown parsers.
      adds  2e687ab   Add test for Pod coverage.
      adds  8a88a29   Add HTML "parser".
      adds  647728a   Look for a BOM when opening files.
      adds  c933506   Encoding note in for the HTML parser.
      adds  8653db5   Fall back on UTF-8.
      adds  7844b3f   Require Text::Markdown.
      adds  c994ad3   Add encoding parameter.
      adds  94d4e2b   Proper param string to HTML parser.
      adds  89aea90   Add Pod parser.
      adds  b688ec9   Hadn't meant to delete that line.
      adds  66641e8   Leave UTF-8 in Pod-generated HTML.
      adds  34fece2   Encode the minimum unsafe characters in the "None" parser.
      adds  83ee26d   Add Trac wiki syntax parser.
      adds  1d89569   Add Textile parser.
      adds  d97b89d   Make sure Trac does not encode UTF-8 characters.
      adds  d622c23   Make sure Markdown does not encode UTF-8 characters.
      adds  35a00e4   Add MediaWiki parser.
      adds  afaffc3   Doc polishing.
      adds  1e3a85e   Timestamp for 0.10.
      adds  d818345   Increment version to 0.10.
      adds  75ac53b   List supported markups in README.
      adds  531329a   Rename README to
      adds  703c9b2   Update required modules in
      adds  c4c893f   Fix test failures on Perl < 5.12.
      adds  03ef468   Fix test failures due to the renaming of README.
      adds  6651488   Timestamp for 0.41 release.
      adds  a5d9136   Increment version to 0.12.
      adds  3593eb7   Remove redundant line in README.
      adds  325f078   Document that `file` is required.
      adds  7fa0876   Add MultiMarkdown support.
      adds  5ee1e53   Make sure t/formats.t always runsat least one test.
      adds  19fec0f   Timestamp v0.12.
      adds  a4bf615   Increment to v0.13.
      adds  9ec27f8   Fix broken regex.
      adds  eaaed92   Timestamp v0.13.
      adds  9a2083d   Add option processing to the Pod parser.
      adds  0daba40   Clean up undefined Pod parser option handling. Add tests 
for Pod parser options.
      adds  0d2dfa7   Merge pull request #3 from mrallen1/master
      adds  9a2f772   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  a64513f   Spelling.
      adds  d19218d   Credit Mark Allen.
      adds  66db237   Timestamp v0.14.
      adds  f353654   Increment to v0.15.
      adds  756d1c9   Return `undef` when no markup found.
      adds  d892085   Add reStructuredText parser stub.
      adds  37fc873   Register the reST parser with extensions .rest and .rst.
      adds  d2e321d   Implemented reST parser.
      adds  296e76c   Added test for reST parser.
      adds  3ec9901   Added bits of documentation for the reST parser.
      adds  0ba8f47   Merge pull request #4 from dvarrazzo/master
      adds  2e78fb4   Make ReSt support more robust.
      adds  a3e7905   Spelling.
      adds  c30c33c   Timestamp v0.15.
      adds  51129b0   Increment to v0.16.
      adds  237e09c   Suppress unknown diretive errors from the reST parser.
      adds  fc0bca9   README tweak.
      adds  748791d   Update copyright date.
      adds  a83c0ac   Improve reST handling of specialized docs.
      adds  44a6c16   reST parser refactoring
      adds  6900272   Added --test-patch version to verify if the script is 
      adds  04bf30f   Make sure we die if `--test-patch` fails.
      adds  03e49d9   Added options to customize known directives output
      adds  e408441   Better rendering of Sphinx directives
      adds  78a4070   Props to @dvarrazzo.
      adds  c648bf7   Return UTF-8 encoded HTML from Rest.
      adds  a01207f   Find Python, use it to execute rst2html, make sure we 
have docutils.
      adds  421870f   Use $encoding to specify reST intput encoding.
      adds  2187172   Note encoding fixes.
      adds  1421273   Update comment.
      adds  5b2b5b7   Use HTML output for Sphinx math stuff.
      adds  18061ae   Always return UTF-8.
      adds  36b6dc4   Timestamp v0.16.
      adds  33c0183   Increment to v0.17.
      adds  25815d9   Add Asciidoc support.
      adds  a0b7e63   Timestamp v0.17.
      adds  b4d7e00   Increment to v0.18.
      adds  fac22ed   Require HTML::Tagset for Text::MediawikiFormat.
      adds  8c461a2   Exclude all Pod tests from the distribution.
      adds  42c7bf5   Fixed code-block directive with Docutils >= 0.9
      adds  209a5f6   Fixed reST with Docutils 0.7
      adds  aacc94e   Merge pull request #7 from dvarrazzo/docutils-0.9
      adds  b0085bd   Give credit where credit is due.
      adds  57add7c   Timestamp v0.18.
      adds  93bf163   repository metadata fix
      adds  82e72dc   Don't strip first line of verbatim block.
      adds  c5943e1   Remove --safe from Asciidoc.
      adds  9d54a1f   Update copyright year.
      adds  1b089d7   Add .travis.yml.
      adds  659c187   Timestamp v0.19.
      adds  d5fc971   Increment to v0.19 and timestamp.
      adds  42a1969   Increment to v0.20.
      adds  cd0f33d   Work around format change in CGI 4.11.
      adds  49f62d8   Upgrade Travis Perl.
      adds  950c995   Timestamp v0.20.
      adds  21eb365   Increment to 0.21.
      adds  7c70896   Fixed spelling test
      adds  f51c5e6   Add Asciidoc to the README.
      adds  6768760   Added BBcode regex in
      adds  0353aee   Created Bbcode class
      adds  310285d   Fixed POD spelling test
      adds  bfaf794   Created test for bbcode format
      adds  7ab84ec   Updated README with BBcode information
      adds  9958797   Added Parse::BBCode as dependency in Build.PL
      adds  b4564b2   Added .bb extension in BBcode parse
      adds  629f103   Pass content directly to BB parser.
      adds  95920ac   Merge branch 'bbcode' by @lucaskanashiro.
      adds  777366e   Credit @lucaskanashiro.
      adds  55b55ee   Use sudo -H.
      adds  3ebaf44   Timestamp v0.21.
      adds  ee3d755   Increment to v0.22.
      adds  a70ec08   Added Creole regex in
      adds  b949587   Created Creole class
      adds  132f6f5   Created test for creole format
      adds  f559679   Added Text::WikiCreole as dependency in Build.PL
      adds  0862913   Updated README with Creole information
      adds  a09dbcf   Credit Lucas Kanashiro for Creole.
      adds  841ad5e   Merge branch 'creole' from @lucaskanashiro.
      adds  9cca5b8   Timestamp v0.22.
      adds  6ec8428   Added BBcode and Creole in description
      adds  aa622e7   Note change.
      adds  f460ea3   Increment to v0.23.
      adds  8f292f0   Stop working around CGI change after 4.14.
      adds  6a8953d   Strip the shortest verbatim indentation.
      adds  6a68d3c   Timestamp v0.23.
      adds  66c093c   Imported Upstream version 0.23
       new  d49ea80   Merge tag 'upstream/0.23'
       new  51c8ae7   Update debian/changelog

The 2 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                          | 10 ++++++
 META.json                        | 30 ++++++++---------
 META.yml                         | 72 ++++++++++++++++++++--------------------
 Makefile.PL                      |  2 +-                        |  2 +-
 debian/changelog                 |  8 +++--
 lib/Text/               |  8 +++--
 lib/Text/Markup/      |  2 +-
 lib/Text/Markup/        |  2 +-
 lib/Text/Markup/        |  2 +-
 lib/Text/Markup/          |  2 +-
 lib/Text/Markup/      |  2 +-
 lib/Text/Markup/     |  2 +-
 lib/Text/Markup/ |  2 +-
 lib/Text/Markup/          |  2 +-
 lib/Text/Markup/           |  8 ++---
 lib/Text/Markup/          |  2 +-
 lib/Text/Markup/       |  2 +-
 lib/Text/Markup/          |  2 +-
 t/formats.t                      |  2 +-
 20 files changed, 89 insertions(+), 75 deletions(-)

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