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kanashiro-guest pushed a change to branch master
in repository carton.

      from  5276a0d   releasing package carton version 1.0.12-2
       new  4481065   Initial commit
       new  63ea73e   regen README
       new  3e1585a   Fix messaging
       new  86ca2d5   misc docs
       new  9d90a00   regen
       new  9d2b48d   Check cpanm version
       new  28d11da   cleanup
       new  3d253af   typo
       new  4d03906   doc clarification
       new  59e10a3   dependencies
       new  84faad2   Implemneted list --tree
       new  1e66bca   Display errors and stops building carton.json
       new  ee18bbb   some backward compat for older Getopt::Long
       new  87bdfbb   Build index from the provides hash.
       new  1ec1147   dedupe based on the module name
       new  63b5e8c   Implemented the tree builder based on dependency tree!
       new  18de43d   s/App::Carton/Carton/g
       new  08d6be0   Add back the ability to install modules from cmdline arg
       new  4a09efb   let's try local now
       new  2ccd24d   Implemented install from carton.json
       new  5ea8f79   regen
       new  5d9e0c4   add cpantesters for faster indexes
       new  807b143   put stuff off of TODO
       new  d2d9a68   rename carton.json to carton.lock to make it obvious
       new  d3ea4e0   reorganized the command and docs
       new  23c50ae   Some refactorings
       new  df88976   fix pod
       new  b0ef548   Properly display errors
       new  f3cac18   Try to reinstall from build file
       new  c39d4ae   Use --skip-satisfied for conservative upgrades
       new  27abac7   added doc for list command
       new  3cacb81   cleanups
       new  dd6708d   Documented Convervative Update.
       new  2a1ddaa   clarified docs
       new  2c298b0   Started FAQ doc
       new  29cbfce   update/uninstall should be in 1.0
       new  e2f1bdb   misc
       new  9d5a332   Changed the way it uses lock file.
       new  4ce9fdd   use ~
       new  6145411   rm for rename
       new  8cbab2d   use the package name for Doc:: and auto generates pod2man 
doc files
       new  8702b59   fix tests and MANIFEST
       new  1958242   move Carton.pod to lib
       new  e67974c   add back in FAQ; renamed to docs to avoid stupid 
gitignore in HFS
       new  91772e6   cleanup
       new  75ef1cc   misc
       new  8df4265   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.1_0.
       new  5a31e69   use C<> for filenames
       new  2b78ae1   update docs
       new  61ef7fa   undo check command
       new  84268a0   updated links and homepage metadata
       new  d2e5fe8   update DESCRIPTION
       new  3181646   Fix the first run without carton.lock
       new  66b8167   basic check command
       new  491f327   check now checks if you miss some dependencies in your 
build file
       new  4ff38c2   cleanup
       new  13af7d9   remove check from tutorial
       new  dbb3ce2   Display tree for superflous modules in local
       new  3ad2117   Do not display warnings if one of the deps are not found 
in lock
       new  e2b35a8   Added Shipwright to the similar tool
       new  9afb11e   beginning unit tests
       new  e6273cf   added check test
       new  de34386   Fixed the plain list to use self->print
       new  a7ceaa6   fixed generator syntax
       new  b710d6a   Implemented carton uninstall. Fixes #4
       new  4c484ea   Implmeneted carton config #2
       new  ba2c6f8   Support local CPAN mirror #12
       new  27d7bb3   remove the mentions to App::carton
       new  7709139   added an unimplemented mark
       new  5ec8087   Implemented carton exec. #6
       new  7931546   Added unit tests for exec
       new  728a3cb   Implemented show
       new  f389280   capture system output like cpanm in the tests
       new  680d8c9   modules like have no VERSION in corelist. 
Fixing is_core()
       new  2efe6f2   Add . (current dir) to the INC
       new  908bee3   Allow -Ilib to exec
       new  96b1289   uninstaller can finalize earlier
       new  66aa10b   use canonical option to always generate the same JSON
       new  f9f77db   documentations
       new  daeb168   don't add version info to lock file
       new  32c6a86   If a custom mirror is set, skip cpanmetadb with 
--mirror-only. Fixes #18
       new  74328ac   fix POD
       new  2241a10   Unit test to prefer mirrors for searches. #18
       new  cb2f766   remove debugging lines
       new  0673a8b   Uninstalling modules should not remove dependencies in 
Makefile.PL. Fixes #16
       new  6ce6487   Added unit tests for uninstalling dependencies
       new  daeebc8   Added a test to not uninstall dependencies
       new  4a38128   fixed messaging
       new  6276321   Only display success messages when it actually succeeds
       new  9d34f6a   specify carton.lock version
       new  e646f7a   Use Config::GitLike for config management
       new  c56bdb0   Handle errors correctly
       new  1a8bbfe   Merge branch 'config_git_like'
       new  12a2747   use Mouse
       new  5d7cae0   Implemented alias like git
       new  e49c269   Added unit tests for alias. Fixed test bug not reloading 
       new  b552884   fix defaults to not override the one set in local
       new  d5aea4d   use lib::core::only
       new  925a1a9   use Exception::Class
       new  0503bd5   updated FAQ
       new  c17b370   --skip-satisfied is now default
       new  c58ac7e   rename install.json. Fix cpan default mirror
       new  99972e4   Fix the install.json path
       new  d3abbd7   Use CPAN::Meta to always convert MYMETA to version 2.
       new  9dda4b2   fix check
       new  258c338   Fix deps to bootstrap MYMETA support
       new  a9268d0   no Mouse
       new  2b1c870   notest is the default
       new  04b1b45   fix meta path for uninstall
       new  d69b0f1   Fix --path handling (Ugh)
       new  0bf8f56   Ignore perl from showdeps
       new  599ddfa   remove notest (repeated)
       new  36810eb   reenable skip-satisfied
       new  f1fec33   depend on cpanm 1.5
       new  7a17594   remove Config framework, commands and alias
       new  f38157f   Added notes about carton update
       new  2ab1cf1   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9.0.
       new  af798e0   Fix UTF8 warnings in encoding JSON
       new  cc4f795   Added auto-provides
       new  29a81ae   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9.1.
       new  ee1ddcb   declare VERSION using a simple string.
       new  af44bc2   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9.2.
       new  efa9826   Document perlbrew lib and carton
       new  2d7298f   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9.3.
       new  1e8ac6e   use capture instead of merged
       new  88ad590   use Capture::Tiny to capture cpanm output
       new  f392445   Merge branch 'cpanm_out_capture_tiny' of
       new  849fbaf   Return version of the module in the spec when installing 
from lock
       new  e481f24   Improve synopsis for carton exec
       new  00e13bb   Merge pull request #37 from dagolden/doc-nits
       new  8981300   merged from 'support-bundle'
       new  ccc7bbe   load mymeta when MYMETA.json is exist
       new  2e45877   remove core dependencies
       new  80c55a7   cleanup
       new  3627125   Merge pull request #35 from masaki/master
       new  a6fc211   Added dependency on Getopt::Long 2.36, as 
GetOptionsFromArray() isn't available before
       new  dd16815   Merge pull request #28 from pfig/master
       new  bdc3348   force the newlines in carton.lock to be \n
       new  67de48f   Merge pull request #24 from wchristian/force_newlines
       new  58bd088   regen README
       new  74a2707   Bundle doesn't necessarily mean DarkPAN
       new  9864f99   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9.4.
       new  7f4b406   Added cpanfile
       new  2114b05   Edit POD sentence.
       new  fc7ed2a   Merge pull request #43 from yanick/patch-1
       new  8151aeb   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  03ead7b   Support cpanfile!
       new  a8c3bed   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9.5.
       new  5cb2557   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9_5.
       new  538098f   use Module::Install::cpanfile
       new  58552f6   `carton` now runs `carton install` like bundle
       new  78d21f5   bump version
       new  2bdd1d7   rm unused
       new  65b4a6c   rewrite docs to mention cpanfile rather than 
       new  30f2112   merged "bundle using install.json" branch
       new  f21d7fb   remove unused method
       new  d9c90ee   Merge pull request #45 from masaki/master
       new  76204cc   drop uninstall command
       new  5a4c461   Rewrite tests to use cpanfile
       new  978e318   explicitly use CPAN::Meta::Requirements
       new  8e653eb   remove unused line
       new  788034f   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9_6.
       new  33af4ce   Bump cpanm dep. Fixes #48
       new  8a11818   support specify multiple mirror
       new  9fbc3b0   Merge pull request #29 from nihen/support_multiple_mirror
       new  491cee3   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  9602679   Fix multi mirror test to use cpanfile
       new  4088371   Bump up cpanm for cascade-search fix
       new  1454b2d   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9_7.
       new  8e3bf57   bump up cpanm to the latest
       new  d5479fc   Do not build extra dependencies out of carton.lock. Fix 
       new  0306536   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9_8.
       new  f6b5c4c   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9_8.
       new  858b7de   Fix bundle command, so that it will use .lock to build 
packages to determine versions
       new  cdfaf03   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9_9.
       new  4e6b9c7   remove debug
       new  dc41a51   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9.10.
       new  50848ff   Ignore 'perl' key for now
       new  20ed12c   Install 'test' prereqs by default
       new  10a12d5   convert to Milla
       new  3a69907   v0.9.11
       new  cb359aa   add VERSION to all .pm because PAUSE indexed it as 0 with 
CPAN::Meta bug
       new  cc4e711   v0.9.12
       new  ae83a0a   v0.9.13
       new  0fc78c6   remove M::I from cpanfile dev deps
       new  179c76a   remove pod.t
       new  8a2c8ae   unset
       new  08f8930   v0.9.14
       new  a06519c   add minimum perl version
       new  ce80e7b   v0.9.15
       new  eaa1af7   bump CPANfile dep
       new  068e4f5   Fix docs. #84
       new  78162aa   Enable travis
       new  7cdf394   Add devel dependencies
       new  0d031bc   regen meta
       new  42afc5e   Only specify minicpan locally
       new  5c13391   remove tree related code.
       new  bd9b889   Simplified cpanfile detection
       new  e155ca8   Simplify install methods
       new  fc2cb16   Stop unnecessary deduplication
       new  96f4837   remove unused gz generation code
       new  4e62594   Remove unused code
       new  1687804   Add test for bundle
       new  f8eaf77   Simplify the bundle logic
       new  bf362c5   remove lock state property for Carton object
       new  a718db3   Move the 02packages writer to Lock module
       new  e3f32ea   remove uninstall method which is actually unused. Updated 
check doc as well
       new  0ade6c2   refactor with Package object
       new  900e637   Simplify package finder
       new  1a269d5   move index logic to Index object
       new  4f1a924   remove unused
       new  2c45cb6   remove unused walk_down
       new  d55af0f   remove configure
       new  3347071   move JSON parser to Lock
       new  24d96dc   Move dump JSON to Lock
       new  bb22b3f   stop chdir
       new  5c5d0bf   added TODO test for #83
       new  8ab8cb6   Band-aid fix for bundle options
       new  f51bf7d   v0.9.50
       new  078047e   Update docs
       new  649ae68   Woo, WTF femove Makefile.PL
       new  71279ce   strip dependencies
       new  2747e6e   Don't use mirror, because version fix won't work with 
       new  bba70e8   Add a test for version lock
       new  a86d540   v0.9.51
       new  2c45932   typo. Closes #53
       new  d56de5d   don't eat unknown options in system, effectively killing 
the need for --. Addresses #77
       new  3117d4a   Added more tests for exec with no --, as well as 
versioning tests with -M
       new  987402f   fix dep
       new  ff02f88   use cpanm installdeps to get with-develop from cpanfile
       new  8a68817   remove unused build_dep
       new  e3cb508   Stop collection dependencies when installing/bundling 
because cpanfile can be directly used by --installdeps .
       new  5c4d41f   Unimplement carton check. Also simplified carton show 
logic to use Lock directly
       new  32f0f49   remove unused list_deps
       new  8f93985   remove color output
       new  2e59b05   Add test for help
       new  14cd116   update deps
       new  30173dd   Make sure you have the latest cpanm
       new  1af46f4   unused
       new  5739372   Fixed the way to build the list of mirrors.
       new  5c8f945   Add convenience clean_local in xt
       new  7264929   use vendor/cache for bundling. Fix #88
       new  c1185b5   exec should not be run without carton.lock Fix #91
       new  40e0de5   v0.9.52
       new  a33467e   remove unused code
       new  1e1210e   spaces
       new  dc93979   remove unused module
       new  a7e8dad   Convert basic objects to Moo
       new  c470618   Refactor install/bundle to a new Builder class.
       new  4714032   TODO
       new  216e639   remove unused dep
       new  c69d7bd   (re)move deps
       new  1c9c5b6   remove unused
       new  cd21203   v0.9.53
       new  5f2a152   use Moo in CLI
       new  1ec0d83   move all God class into CLI and Lock/Builder 
       new  2d84aa2   Install develop dependencies as well
       new  de2b4d2   Stop using lib::core::only and PERL5OPT for now, in favor 
of simpler PERL5LIB. Re: #82 #70 #60
       new  e6a8bf6   doc update
       new  ca89628   v0.9.54
       new  67aba6c   update docs
       new  a697cb5   update docs
       new  9b3be89   Add carton list --distfile
       new  0565f88   Change $lock->find logic to search for provides maps. 
Return Dependency objects
       new  0f71a18   Add back the tree command!
       new  d6e42f2   readd modules to cpanfile
       new  253d19e   simplified tree output
       new  20ad0f6   added test for test
       new  a3c34cb   v0.9.55
       new  eacd7dc   rewrite dumper code
       new  cfb2ca0   fix tests
       new  d634518   Skip modules that are referenced early in the tree to 
avoid duplicates.
       new  37af4f4   v0.9.56
       new  41b908d   change the output of tree
       new  2ddfe58   refactor dependency tracker as Carton::Requirements class
       new  2567705   use configure block
       new  51b550c   rename use_darkpan
       new  4dcb91e   rename version as a requirement
       new  5a350c9   Add Dependency#version method to find the version in the 
dists locked
       new  a1b4a1c   Experimental: Make carton install save dists to 
local/cache, then carton bundle copy the tarballs to vendor.
       new  4f2c963   use Path::Tiny. Also saves temp index in ./local not 
       new  9faaae2   fix quotes
       new  0a26b67   refactor CLI with Moo
       new  0500906   simplified test output check
       new  0a99c8b   unuse Directory::Scratch
       new  3e70edc   $self->dir is already Path object
       new  1c2f5b2   move CPANfile load out of CLI
       new  551719a   remove unused code
       new  5bfa6f3   Re-implemented carton check
       new  3909aef   Ignore installations that doesn't match cpanfile in check 
(and update later)
       new  68f4fa7   wrap errors with eval
       new  082d027   return empty hash
       new  5349f7d   rename is_perl to is_core
       new  ed7e584   install develop dependencies in cpanfile as well
       new  d3116be   add comment for badly named properties, for now
       new  75affd3   Implemented carton update
       new  46783c1   Added more test for install
       new  26f9ea0   this test should now always succeed, i hope
       new  453642d   Honor newer versions of install if there are multiples 
that both satisfy cpanfile requirements
       new  655b5fb   Add test for mismatch deps #68
       new  405cf0f   v0.9.57
       new  97dbe3b   typo
       new  cbb183e   typo fixes
       new  3ce7de9   typo fix
       new  35a05d3   typo fix
       new  4f4172e   Merge branch 'patch-1' of into 1.0
       new  f89d2f8   run install twice
       new  a97c7f5   run check
       new  b658c13   Added a failing TODO test for downgrading with carton 
update, then collectin wrong install info
       new  8137ec0   add write_cpanfile() convenient method
       new  9404447   use subtest
       new  4485e09   added a TODO test to detect unused modules in local
       new  9e5c900   typo
       new  a3753e1   Rather running install twice, make it a TODO test
       new  7d74850   carton exec without an argument should die
       new  732083f   newline
       new  4271dc6   v0.9.58
       new  bd30e7c   only warn (and eat) -Ilib when it's right after exec. Fix 
       new  e5e9542   v0.9.59
       new  ef570cc   Bump Module::Build and MakeMaker to support test requires.
       new  bcb365b   v0.9.60
       new  a2642c7   Add more perl versions
       new  fa4d849   use ack instead of mojo for testing on 5.8
       new  43e06ab   update Try::Tiny
       new  3476c24   Support carton install --without develop #66
       new  187db31   update obsolete doc
       new  e498315   Document --without develop
       new  04aa066   TODO comment
       new  1a2ba94   push --without options
       new  dfadaee   unit test for without
       new  5f805c8   Enable without for 'features' as well
       new  8857cbb   v0.9.61
       new  4a6c2a7   Support develop feature as well
       new  4e40539   introduce Carton::Environment object
       new  277c543   Add Lockfile class. Refactored cpanfile/carton.lock 
locator to Environments
       new  fe439cd   Builder now takes install target off of detected cpanfile 
       new  0cdbb4c   v0.9.62
       new  9fc639f   Bump cpanminus to support --cpanfile
       new  d2d11bb   Support --cpanfile option for carton install, as well as 
       new  8603ef3   use stdout due to cpanm update
       new  bc43709   Document --cpanfile
       new  43664af   Support --cpanfile in check
       new  3d11044   Fix a bug in CLI test runner where some app instance 
variables are cached
       new  15474ca   v0.9.63
       new  f1f7075   Merge Lock and Lockfile into Lockfile
       new  b8470a2   refactored to remove environment attribute and 
unnecessary methods
       new  56555b6   locate cpanm within App-cpanminus dist dir. Fix #92
       new  0b38275   v0.9.64
       new  da21622   rename lockfile variable so that later refactoring gets 
       new  16832db   Massive rewrite of lockfile format. Use cpanfile.snapshot!
       new  ae44395   sort snapshot formats
       new  637dad8   rename "Lockfile" variables/classes/methods to Snapshots 
all the way
       new  36f2d7f   v0.9.65
       new  b9874f1   more rename
       new  9d175c6   Fixed bug where parent scanner hash is not preserved
       new  d2d2519   move Requirements to Tree
       new  bb9da3b   Add an exception when parsing fails.
       new  bb3ce1e   undef dumper to avoid leaks
       new  b911e10   Allow stopping tree DFS with tree command.
       new  47799bb   make check scan faster as well
       new  7700f4a   Fix a check bug where $dist->version is used instead of 
module's version
       new  b1c90ba   v0.9.66
       new  c56f261   Run fatscript by locating it in @INC rather than from 
share dir
       new  b07bcf4   bump cpanm with fatscript
       new  66b6f01   s/carton.lock/cpanfile.snapshot/
       new  ccf5523   Merge pull request #111 from oalders/master
       new  220ae67   v0.9.67
       new  1f9ab39   install CoreList for < 5.8.9
       new  480b1c3   change the dist name case to simplify toolchain
       new  67342d7   v0.9.68
       new  1e139dc   Document that vendor perl without core modules is not 
       new  b9ca60f   Fix documentation
       new  324b25f   Add Update doc
       new  58cab96   Not supported on mod_perl #114
       new  170109d   doc update
       new  fa156dc   Up cpanm dependency
       new  401c6be   bump cpanm dep
       new  95c186c   v1.0.0
       new  51a06eb   remove warnings in the doc
       new  4a2a4e1   Support version ranges in prereqs. Fix #117
       new  e093ead   v1.0.1
       new  88dd7ac   Bump cpanm dependency. Test ancient distributions for 
missing package extraction
       new  5f04544   v1.0.2
       new  d1c839c   Display usage when passed unsupported command
       new  1030fcd   Fix outdated documentation
       new  475ce80   Add missing docs
       new  1785123   v1.0.3
       new  d01f9ab   Bump cpanm. Added test for #120
       new  2a5c95d   v1.0.4
       new  5a8be44   bump cpanm. Test for qv()
       new  a80db93   remove globs auto-generated by can(). Fix #123
       new  0fa33c4   fix docs about carton install --cached
       new  c65fea9   Merge pull request #124 from 
       new  d2b8bac   Add notes on differernt Perl versions
       new  757f547   typo
       new  95f00dd   Set module name for ::Core dist
       new  1f904ec   bump cpanm
       new  13adefd   v1.0.5
       new  85e9adf   Fix error message
       new  46f0c43   Add Upgrading doc
       new  3928a83   Beta: install fatpacked carton in vendor/bin Fix #109
       new  a98f10f   fix error
       new  6c3e161   v1.0.6
       new  658541b   Bundle File::Spec and Cwd in non-arch path for perl < 5.16
       new  520305a   Load extra modules for fatpack, detected from Carton's 
MYMETA files
       new  4293059   Only select MYMETA actually matching the dist
       new  9e3c698   local::lib isn't actually required for Carton anymore
       new  33906cf   v1.0.7
       new  dcd9b21   TODO comment
       new  e2c668d   Add documentation for carton(1)
       new  1dff6f8   v1.0.8
       new  7f0f11d   bump Try::Tiny
       new  c251c9a   workaround carton help/perldoc Carton for case 
insensitive filesystem
       new  433bf55   v1.0.9
       new  60c8862   bump
       new  14291d3   Link to cpanfile documentation explicitly
       new  c3f9e7a   add cpanfile to git
       new  72c0704   support CRLF in cpanfile.snapshot
       new  7453ffa   add unit test for support CRLF in cpanfile.snapshot
       new  2131a6a   Merge pull request #133 from kan/master
       new  d1280e5   quote versions in example
       new  155aba1   Add LICENSE
       new  e3fa597   v1.0.10
       new  80a58aa   disable fatal warnings
       new  bd6456c   v1.0.11
       new  02b164b   up Path::Tiny dependency
       new  4c20148   Add an option to skip fatpacking
       new  28957e7   document
       new  827b2e0   ignore vendor
       new  dcc4dfb   v1.0.12
       new  7d2e0a9   fix brittle tests
       new  d93fb77   new cpanm has actually fixed this
       new  5aa2ce1   require 1.7030
       new  d422cbb   use MakeMaker
       new  d0e6504   remove Exception::Class
       new  082f6e7   Moo -> Class::Tiny
       new  54857d1   add 5.20
       new  255ec4c   for old perls MakeMaker might be upgraded for -L support 
       new  675e230   support generator for Index
       new  76c4c3c   v1.0.13
       new  5e0c893   ignore blib
       new  a5d9b9e   v1.0.14
       new  258f7f1   remove Moo in test
       new  1a863b3   demote fatpack related tools to recommends
       new  9a9012d   v1.0.15
       new  a865356   disable sudo
       new  138bef7   enable -j9
       new  47e5479   format 02package like PAUSE does
       new  1b1bf5e   v1.0.16
       new  40a7231   Fatal warnings during system() or exec() call
       new  c6407cd   Merge pull request #193 from hachi/die-on-exec-fail
       new  dd5dc6d   exit 127 if the command is not found. #193
       new  57f51cf   add back warnings
       new  57fc954   v1.0.17
       new  9ebc525   sort case insensitive, like PAUSE
       new  447aa8a   v1.0.18
       new  da388c3   new cpanm will upgrade MakeMaker etc. as it builds 
       new  579f2a5   v1.0.19
       new  206fe9c   move carton fatpack into its own command.
       new  be59e0d   v1.0.20
       new  05b9653   Fixes typo.
       new  1dd1fa9   Merge pull request #179 from oalders/master
       new  0e49368   Don't die if no .meta directories are present.
       new  a151452   Merge pull request #196 from mavit/master
       new  d6dcec9   change Module::Reader to requries so that Fatpacker will 
contain that for the runtime
       new  1c484f0   v1.0.21
       new  85bc439   Imported Upstream version 1.0.21
       new  8d468a0   Merge tag 'upstream/1.0.21'
       new  3211105   Update debian/changelog
       new  2a3c819   Increase debhelper version to 9
       new  9a30a5e   debian/changelog: silence lintian
       new  7b90d61   debian/changelog: release to unstable

The 472 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Build.PL                       |  69 ------
 Changes                        |  35 +++
 LICENSE                        |   2 +-
 MANIFEST                       |   4 +-
 META.json                      |  44 ++--
 META.yml                       |  60 ++---
 Makefile.PL                    |  73 ++++++
 README                         |  89 ++++---
 cpanfile                       |  13 +-
 debian/changelog               | 532 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 debian/compat                  |   2 +-
 debian/control                 |   2 +-
 dist.ini                       |   2 +-
 lib/                  |   2 +-
 lib/Carton/          |  19 +-
 lib/Carton/              |  42 ++--
 lib/Carton/         |  27 ++-
 lib/Carton/       |  12 +-
 lib/Carton/             |  18 +-
 lib/Carton/Dist/        |   7 +-
 lib/Carton/Doc/Bundle.pod      |  11 +-
 lib/Carton/Doc/Fatpack.pod     |  15 ++
 lib/Carton/Doc/Install.pod     |   2 +-
 lib/Carton/      |  24 +-
 lib/Carton/            |  46 +++-
 lib/Carton/            |  30 ++-
 lib/Carton/           |   6 +-
 lib/Carton/          |   8 +-
 lib/Carton/           |   6 +-
 lib/Carton/         |  32 ++-
 lib/Carton/Snapshot/ |   2 +-
 lib/Carton/Snapshot/  |   2 +-
 lib/Carton/             |   6 +-
 t/release-pod-syntax.t         |   5 +-
 xt/                      |   6 +-
 xt/cli/check.t                 |   2 +-
 xt/cli/mirror.t                |   4 +-
 xt/cli/mismatch.t              |  11 +-
 xt/cli/update.t                |   2 +-
 39 files changed, 969 insertions(+), 305 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 Build.PL
 create mode 100644 Makefile.PL
 create mode 100644 lib/Carton/Doc/Fatpack.pod

Alioth's /usr/local/bin/git-commit-notice on 

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