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commit 4f4172e478a8f3d9858edef98a4be99a8fecd70c
Merge: 97dbe3b 35a05d3
Author: Tatsuhiko Miyagawa <>
Date:   Wed Jun 5 23:36:50 2013 +0900

    Merge branch 'patch-1' of into 1.0

 lib/Carton/Doc/Check.pod | 7 ++++---
 lib/Carton/Doc/Exec.pod  | 2 +-
 2 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --cc lib/Carton/Doc/Check.pod
index 7421b46,06b6d8e..96313d8
--- a/lib/Carton/Doc/Check.pod
+++ b/lib/Carton/Doc/Check.pod
@@@ -18,7 -29,13 +18,8 @@@ found in your local environment, C<cart
    $ carton check
-   Following dependencies are not satisfied. Run `carton install` to install 
-   JSON (2.00)
 -  Following modules are found in local but couldn't be tracked from your 
 -    FCGI-0.73
 -This means you probably installed this module in an ad-hoc mode so you
 -have to add it to I<cpanfile>, or you originally declared the
 -dependencies but found out that you don't need it, so deleted from
 -your I<cpanfile>. In that case you can uninstall the module with the
 -L<uninstall|Plack::Doc::Uninstall> command.
++  Following dependencies are not satisfied.
++    JSON has version 2.51. Needs 2.52
++  Run `carton install` to install them.
 +You can run C<carton install> again to reinstall these missing dependencies.
diff --cc lib/Carton/Doc/Exec.pod
index 04e1c17,e174c37..4e9f731
--- a/lib/Carton/Doc/Exec.pod
+++ b/lib/Carton/Doc/Exec.pod
@@@ -14,6 -14,20 +14,6 @@@ only ones from perl's core library path
  (i.e. C<local/lib/perl5>) and the current directory.
  This is useful to make sure your scripts and application use the exact
- same versions of the modules in your lirbary path, and are not using
+ same versions of the modules in your library path, and are not using
  any of the modules you accidentally installed into your system perl or
  perlbrew's site library path.
 -=head1 OPTIONS
 -=over 4
 -=item -Ilib
 -Like perl's C<-I> option, this allows you to specify the library path
 -you want to pass to the script you're going to run. Because of the
 -complexity of how perl's C<PERL5OPT> and C<-M> and C<-I> command line
 -options are handled, you have to pass this option to the C<carton
 -exec> command instead of the actual C<perl> command.

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