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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository cpanminus.

      from  00633b3   releasing package cpanminus version 1.7014-1
      adds  70cd872   reorder the wording. #369
      adds  7a72ae5   add a script to automatically merge devel to master
      adds  e3eebb0   add git push
      adds  4064399   up PMFile to 0.29
      adds  ff2d067   bump CPAN::Meta::Requirement to 2.129
      adds  d80f4f1   common-sense 3.72 is pulled from CPAN
      adds  d745781   1.7015
      adds  a9df1ed   use HTTPS instead of HTTP
      adds  4abdd42   Merge pull request #416 from kraih/devel
      adds  88a562a   added -M option as a shortcut for --mirror and 
      adds  11c06c8   renamed -M option to --from
      adds  6678222   added -M as an alias for --from
      adds  10c31c4   Merge pull request #417 from kraih/devel
      adds  7e8cfca   1.7016
      adds  92437b1   document --from/-M in pod/man
      adds  6ac72af   bump fatlib
      adds  b05becc   1.7017
      adds  e8a1e4f   bump version
      adds  00941ac   1.7018
      adds  7e7df62   change the header comment
      adds  306a26d   bump Parse::PMFile to 0.30. Fix #419
      adds  e9bc22e   1.7019
      adds  b5e2eff   bump Parse::PMFile to 0.31
      adds  38dd81b   1.7020
      adds  2e20819   bump 0.32
      adds  b2fe28e   bump HTTP::Tiny
      adds  8ba685d   1.7021
      adds  07dd127   add UNSAFE and ALLOW_DEV_VERSION
      adds  ce18205   1.7022
      adds  b7590aa   delete VERSION. Fix #420
      adds  a8e91f8   bump fatlib. Fix #424
      adds  488ed25   1.7023
      adds  c77c8be   fix copyright
      adds  a0957e9   core modules may be installed under 'vendor' paths
      adds  48c8784   Dont assume vendor paths are defined
      adds  e9be99e   use 2 arg version of grep for older Perls
      adds  f3dec44   Merge pull request #426 from tartansandal/add-vendor
      adds  bc2ced1   bump
      adds  f71f722   1.7024
      adds  20944bb   bump fatlib
      adds  b96ad31   bump fatlib
      adds  df04918   bump fatlib
      adds  c31101b   1.7025
      adds  859552d   Respect provides in META before using Parse::PMFile
      adds  b5c6319   Merge pull request #435 from gbjk/feature/respect_provides
      adds  f98df18   1.7026
      adds  80405d0   Respect provides if it's there, and stop extracting 
packages. #435
      adds  df469f0   test for the provides
      adds  b20e90d   1.7027
      adds  3e1bfca   keep mirror index file as absolute path
      adds  868ff52   Merge pull request #438 from shoichikaji/abs-mirror-index
      adds  d7391ae   use HTTPS
      adds  2b1fa01   Add troubleshoot for curl SSL errors/wanings re #441
      adds  da634bc   doc overhaul for first time users
      adds  fa971c0   1.7028
      adds  d88bb9e   unit test to reproduce cpanfile requirement issue. #363
      adds  ab35257   refactor to use merged_requirements
      adds  a411b42   keep cpanfile requirements object and merge it when 
chasing for sub dependencies.
      adds  5337373   more test
      adds  5364323   add comment
      adds  21e2a19   update test to be less brittle
      adds  bae9572   Merge pull request #446 from miyagawa/cpanfile-pinning
      adds  1dcf062   actually these requires are not necessary
      adds  f6366b1   Revert "retire --metacpan officially. #403"
      adds  446d68a   document --metacpan
      adds  b107547   bump fatpack
      adds  a05a1c2   1.7029
      adds  d12481d   1.7030
      adds  2baebef   disable report perl versions if running under CI
      adds  9e3e11f   failing test for #452
      adds  0ea3c71   when ensuring required versions are satisfied, use the 
original META requirement. Fix #452
      adds  5862387   speed up tests by eliminating deps with slow tests
      adds  5e8330e   remove this test
      adds  3f7c233   enable -j9
      adds  1a3288e   speed up slow test
      adds  6c0f06f   skip Module::Build tests
      adds  449ea4a   run this test with -L so it won't intefere with others
      adds  40f44b6   run this test in an isolation
      adds  e46238e   make this test more reliable
      adds  99eb27e   make the test target a smaller repo
      adds  f49534c   notest
      adds  a1b4346   1.7031
      adds  79f67b7   make notest the default.
      adds  4885346   added a reference to #453
      adds  59bf298   Only allow backpan with the specific version search.
      adds  ebe5994   typo
      adds  97f4691   use cpanmetadb history API.
      adds  ea94fc6   1.7032
      adds  56b56f2   remove unused
      adds  fd079b2   Remove MakeMaker and Module::Build from runtime deps, 
rather upgrade them as you go in the actual installation.
      adds  318a3b1   comment the reasoning
      adds  9e8107f   1.7033
      adds  3210e70   ignore Menlo- dist
      adds  e654407   Give an easier-to-understand error message on requirement 
merge conflicts.
      adds  45ee41f   make the test case work with 5.8
      adds  bf3cfa6   relax the error message matcher since the order could be 
      adds  f57998f   fix the syntax error in .t
      adds  862c613   1.7034
      adds  f6afe0d   bump Run::BeforeBuild
      adds  d243089   fix the test to actually set ENV
      adds  09662b8   Workaround for M::I 1.04 creating a bogus MakeMaker 
prereq in build requires. #463
      adds  819cf63   better test, to make sure that the dist is actually 
installed successfully
      adds  80eb706   1.7035
      adds  5cfdc95   remove from runtime too because Module::Install 0.79 does 
      adds  b1bd50d   fix tests to work with the MakeMaker runtime workaround
      adds  4cb1a4e   1.7036
      adds  21ab73a   Update fatpack
      adds  9315898   Successfully installed CPAN-Meta-Check-0.012 (upgraded 
from 0.011) #465
      adds  a475a63   1.7037
      adds  c6f0643   bump minimum perl requirement to 5.8.1
      adds  cdc750e   bump Getopt::Long
      adds  f90ceed   rebuild meta
      adds  ad98eb2   1.7038
      adds  2f475c9   when resolving name, try git uri first
      adds  0b4e2bf   Merge pull request #468 from shoichikaji/try-git-uri-first
      adds  147788c   comment
      adds  6353a21   Revert "fix tests to work with the MakeMaker runtime 
      adds  f9623f6   narrow the scope of EUMM requirement softening only when 
Module::Install exists
      adds  bdd4641   fix the test for Module::Install based mymeta
      adds  9d7490d   1.7039
      adds  3336022   Imported Upstream version 1.7039
       new  c130eb1   Merge tag 'upstream/1.7039'
       new  674e905   Update debian/changelog
       new  025a9dc   Update versioned runtime dependencies.
       new  ca9eab7   Update years of upstream copyright.
       new  3ba2078   update changelog

The 5 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                        |  140 ++++
 MANIFEST                       |    2 +-
 META.json                      |   52 +-
 META.yml                       |   48 +-
 Makefile.PL                    |   25 +-
 README                         |  206 +++---
 bin/cpanm                      |  154 +++--
 cpanfile                       |    7 +-
 debian/changelog               |   12 +
 debian/control                 |   21 +-
 debian/copyright               |    2 +-
 lib/App/           |   97 ++-
 lib/App/cpanminus/ | 1457 ++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------
 13 files changed, 1346 insertions(+), 877 deletions(-)

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