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carnil pushed a change to branch master
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      from  9d192ae   update changelog
       new  2224921   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  074461a   Update debian/changelog
      adds  37e6423   Initial revision
      adds  87772bf   ok
      adds  78bcaf3   ok
      adds  ac8e09c   ok
      adds  d492789   mmm git
      adds  6f3450a   making this a bit more modern
      adds  2685ff1   more updates
      adds  1abcd8f   started adding overloaders and cleaning house a bit
      adds  b288711   I added a todo to cover the things I just started ...
      adds  b2915df   added many more s/no/use/ warnings
      adds  b5b137e   stripped off a bunch of shitty nonsense docs
      adds  90035ee   more shit
      adds  3b4fbdc   whitespace
      adds  c16b497   whitespace
      adds  a7bd8f9   I couldn't get the overloader class to work ...
      adds  4ba42a4   ipres
      adds  46313f9   more todo and some re-writes/updates, etc
      adds  8e11790   we won't be doing this because the new(vector,size) style 
makes more sense
      adds  8f42f19   ok, I think these tests and overloads are finalized
      adds  a76ba36   gar, spellcheck
      adds  7e15c74   now split-jumps will work
      adds  7e59e29   mode seems all done, curious choice for first to complete
      adds  351df64   makefile.old, scalar::util
      adds  9ae55b3   did mean and median too
      adds  908529c   orien wrote part of this?
      adds  aec7f39   mmm tastey
      adds  27bf140   overloads for stddev
      adds  658de1a   vector is all set I think
      adds  70f633f   order
      adds  49a7821   the modifications to covariance caused test failures
      adds  15ee45d   I rewrote the tests a little, thinking about the new 
vector attribute support
      adds  2f97e05   I made huge changes to the vector object
      adds  5a81bb1   I tested much of the new Vector stuff
      adds  8c35e94   so many changes...
      adds  4880162   moving toward that beautiful-er arrangement
      adds  5c43361   k, mean and variance are both awesome
      adds  a0ad682   did the same cool things to stddev and variance
      adds  13dd2f8   tested the new cool things also
      adds  6381a44   fixed the weaken() code
      adds  c08207d   did the first-col stuff to median and mode
      adds  0d25d5f   we need the computers in covariance to use our new cool 
style, but clearly the computer for variance depends on which other vector it 
is paired with...
      adds  e86cbbd   described the last commit
      adds  547bacd   renamed CoVariance to Covariance
      adds  88a9b96   typo
      adds  9d2122b   the tests were wrong since we fix_size on the unshift end 
      adds  2e594e5   forgot to add this get_linked ...
      adds  ea9183c   taught covariance to return both sizes
      adds  2dc059e   started adapting Correlation to the new layout
      adds  5f54172   typo
      adds  72c44ea   I lost a couple lines from 0.42 that really shouldn't 
have been lost.  Perhaps the git import from CVS didn't go so well?  Odd.
      adds  c2ce64e   I updated LSF with the latest layout stuff
      adds  88a3114   better and more shortcuts
      adds  e63793c   fixed shortcut exports
      adds  3bb1d0e   this is better I think
      adds  a22b281   tested a bunch more stuff in t/07
      adds  9dabe09   this has come quite a ways, but there's a bunch of test 
problems in t/53 co
      adds  5184c9d   more tests (that fail)
      adds  b1a83be   more debugging messages
      adds  f56d5e4   more verbose debugging messages
      adds  b74529f   whitespace
      adds  26e8bd1   more debugging and changes that make no difference at all
      adds  5207e2c   I added all kinds of cool debugging before I found the 
really stupid bug (next commit)
      adds  14117c8   grrz, what a stupid bug
      adds  e9c1378   completed the tests
      adds  e9b4a72   fixed a bunch of problems with testing while debugging is 
      adds  7fe648d   completed many todos and added a couple others
      adds  2278489   new version and merged changelogs
      adds  cef04fa   I think the basic/Basic pod is complete-ish
      adds  8379517   documented those latest changes
      adds  aac085a   couple basic changes
      adds  f2f03aa   minor doc changes
      adds  290dd8a   this documentation is barely acceptable, but better, 
somehow, than the original
      adds  64cd371   typo
      adds  b642c67   did the doc for correlation
      adds  a9461bf   topos
      adds  e0adb11   typo
      adds  144fbd6   wrote up a nice Cov pod
      adds  160b9e5   these are empty
      adds  ee95be3   while documenting variance (done) I noticed typos in 
these others
      adds  0d3780f   did stddev
      adds  1f4d4b5   typos
      adds  efca1de   did mode
      adds  ec10153   typos and docs
      adds  cb32a67   documented vectors
      adds  b019598   this is fine... my bad
      adds  a300fd8   paranoid I guess
      adds  8b5052b   forgot some stuff
      adds  09d7038   from the docs
      adds  faf22a4   cranked out the insert/set stuff
      adds  744e2f2   hammered out a couple more todos
      adds  a845b82   noted the docs
      adds  238f966   I found a bunch of typos already, starting the 
proofreading over from the top.
      adds  ee44fa3   more doc fixes and the new x_given_y and y_given_x 
      adds  30bc00a   more whitespace
      adds  f273c71   little doc fixes
      adds  27ebc5f   moved a bunch of shit around
      adds  f3165a5   grrz
      adds  7432515   doc fix
      adds  15fb2c4   typo
      adds  da021aa   doc fixes
      adds  c6cb4e8   added a readme
      adds  049b7ef   isa() is smarter than ref() because ref() may not match a 
correct isa()
      adds  1160178   cvec is happening!!
      adds  6f46ea5   this will work shortly I hope
      adds  4f47843   new version
      adds  0873e0a   documented the 1.5 version
      adds  63cdb6b   self defined computers is better than a new class
      adds  5f71f26   awesome, the filtered vectors rock
      adds  615189c   lawl, the new filters rock
      adds  d441e70   missed the new pod
      adds  b3f05c6   whitepsace
      adds  6010409   I did some cleanup on the recalc code, but still can't 
account for the vile test failure in t/08_filter*
      adds  44c46b4   fixed median bug
      adds  77a997e   forgot to version up, as usual
      adds  3254031   n::f and abs(-1) patches
      adds  8d6cda5   this is pretty hot
      adds  ec31592   this will work more reliably now that the tolerances are 
installed I imagine, but we need to actually test it.
      adds  b2c961a   when there are math::bigthings in the vectors, overload 
freaks out with the lhs in s::b and the rhs in m::bt
      adds  f1bec90   talked about bigint in the changelog
      adds  317209e   failed to remove debugging note
      adds  663d643   these dot ohs were for bignum (didn't help)
      adds  d952a4c   this test is hard to get working
      adds  d55b2c9   moved the exists() to compile time
      adds  a285a03   installed a typo
      adds  31b702c   I put the 'eq' function back
      adds  35dc7df   wow, cut and paste accidents
      adds  b1843e8   moved tollerance before compile of use S::B
      adds  b526e84   described this new compile time requirement
      adds  de6624a   whitespace, non math::, etc
      adds  2d51820   insert notification got promoted to debug=1
      adds  5617dea   I was really thinking about the blessed() check 
      adds  f2c4707   this is releasable... I'm going to wait to see if I hear 
back from William R. Ward first though
      adds  908d098   forgot to manifest the t/60 M::BF test
      adds  0b50209   reply to rating
      adds  b58f752   better note
      adds  991b113   fix the t/60 failures?
      adds  8c3a227   require NF 1.61
      adds  6dbfa14   version mismatch
      adds  569c06d   this didn't help, but I didn't want to throw out the 
      adds  5de7c45   bye bye
      adds  09ca9d4   1.6003
      adds  86589c0   bug found by Raj Chandran <>
      adds  43b697d   little cleanup
      adds  985997b   meta yml stuff
      adds  1b125d7   fixed manifest bugs
      adds  b38542c   typo
      adds  a4016d7   meta.yml patches
      adds  4f476b8   fixed copyright information by request
      adds  c685a20   docbug
      adds  8c613e2   never finished my thought...
      adds  1c65631   documented docbugs
      adds  aff8708   5.8.1 is actually required for this module... might work 
in earlier perls, but *NOT* 5.8.0
      adds  42b9701   this test is going to be awesome
      adds  7f2ffab   instead of freaking out when there are undefs, print them 
with sanity
      adds  88eb165   ok, so these are highly correlated even though there's 
missin data...
      adds  fa6d793   new help function named
      adds  c333049   document new feature(s)
      adds  b46973f   call it what people actually call it
      adds  b2a1ca9   version bump
      adds  0d021e4   add best practices tests to the dist
      adds  6548f98   note additional tests
      adds  ca99c07   bump version for new shit
      adds  93fc9d2   renamed all the recalcs
      adds  abf806b   lose the warnings for early stringifications
      adds  7d0be83   made ginsert grow instead of setting the size
      adds  a84c669   Made a ton of doc changes to satisfy pod_coverage.t (plus 
some extras).
      adds  9918c6b   if I can DRY Correlation, then Covariance is next.
      adds  a5059d0   rename twovector package
      adds  9dd6eb9   use eval so errors burp up in the caller
      adds  a1dfa7f   it was harder than expected to make these truly DRY by 
using a baseclass, but they seem to work now
      adds  627cf69   renamed base class
      adds  ab14468   DRY progress notes
      adds  187ba84   pod for two vector base
      adds  fe9d85a   manifest the new pod
      adds  f160130   move this stuff to the base m odule
      adds  e782f5a   decided to include this afterall
      adds  59f981c   moved query to the _TVB
      adds  0fd4a37   LSF using _TVB
      adds  571adf6   doc bugs
      adds  42591e9   doc bugs
      adds  5739fc7   built the better pod for cov
      adds  ede5c53   the Mean conversion to a base package went flawlessly
      adds  c7376df   ws
      adds  ee6a330   too correlation-centric
      adds  7d159d3   I began working on the conversion of Mean to _OVB, and 
noticed tons of POD issues
      adds  6e6c944   add norm
      adds  90f095e   change this language, which is wrong... combe back in a 
      adds  739badf   renaming normalize ... nofil
      adds  4d1ccd3   query_filled
      adds  2e62d62   query_filled test
      adds  31d3c2b   document the fill disabler (changes)
      adds  65dee9e   facilitate using vectors that can be less filled than 
their max size and respond with undef when used
      adds  9a9faab   more query_filled stuff
      adds  43ff436   had a lotta stuff tracking that I didn't really need to 
      adds  8102dbb   note the removal of the functions from LSF
      adds  b3fd245   FILL and NOFILL
      adds  bcfa938   return objects from accessors
      adds  c8efa4a   return objects from accessors
      adds  d8df413   this test doesn't work at all
      adds  8122ee3   manifest the moving average test
      adds  9035c84   moving average test
      adds  cb0483b   eh
      adds  0dc9de8   _OVBed Mode
      adds  3635747   converted median to _ovb
      adds  ef0adad   fixed some debugging bugs
      adds  2479b9d   _OVBed: StdDev, Variance
      adds  dd86593   bugs introduced by base-classing
      adds  3446263   (full details)--
      adds  dfb850c   worked on the pods quite a lot
      adds  b589286   a lot of these shall not be documented and threfore, 
should be marked private
      adds  2d3b2f2   note new changes
      adds  8228ae0   started fixing the privates
      adds  3f45fdc   for consistancy, size() should be query_size(), jesus
      adds  3a68a7d   size -> query_size
      adds  dec84d3   note changes
      adds  db5f8d9   epic fail at renaming these previously
      adds  29ef1ba   finish fixing the privates (?)
      adds  e052151   working on the pods a bit
      adds  f0f7dbf   these pods are getting to be a nightmare, what can ya do
      adds  50fe567   more pod stuff
      adds  df01d38   more pods
      adds  5ce1b84   more renamings
      adds  aba98ff   made another accessor return the object
      adds  bf5b0eb   changed ginsert to append in the docs, and changed a 
couple things
      adds  27bd1ff   note changes
      adds  2560d83   failed to bring my critic config over from 
      adds  480e549   failed to mainfest the rc
      adds  0b01439   altered whitespace
      adds  d460216   ginsert vs append
      adds  2fab03f   trying to make things really consistent
      adds  c13ab40   completed the docs for vector
      adds  d0f2f18   I *just* noticed leftover pod_coverage trustmes from PJF, 
      adds  ad10522   typo
      adds  4c914fc   might be re-designing computed vectors very slightly so  
= computed(1,2,3)->insert(4) will work
      adds  1bba9a4   return the object for these accessors
      adds  5ca57c7   I screwed this up I guess
      adds  cc8d6fa   append
      adds  6e06b22   ws
      adds  e08851b   I actually made all these do something though, so this 
was academic
      adds  b14812f   altered whitespace
      adds  28596bb   Superfluous
      adds  aa7c644   fixed copy
      adds  587b096   note changes
      adds  5a1bd11   note to self
      adds  63d3bec   taught this to understand set_vector from computed vectors
      adds  cc175bf   taught this that it's wrong to do what I taught it last
      adds  c960806   noted autofill stuff
      adds  f1f3ff5   did some of the computed() docs
      adds  65f1b20   typo
      adds  1522def   make the dates a lot less specific... I've been ignoring 
the times anyway
      adds  5edef67   this stuff is hard to keep track of
      adds  51159f4   extra space
      adds  31b8e6d   note that you can affect the contents, but shouldn't
      adds  c1fcf1b   use stronger language to discourage changing the ref
      adds  0bc80fa   copy vectors instead of linking them.  Computed vectors 
can serve this role, and it makes little sense to do this with regular vectors
      adds  fa25a96   note changes
      adds  2809373   this should always work now, or it's probably a bug
      adds  b230554   make accessors return the object
      adds  fa50f72   this stuff all checks out
      adds  2ae4490   note changes
      adds  b76b54c [critic.t]
      adds  c865904 [critic.t]
      adds  c789b95 [critic.t]
      adds  f024de2   tons more [critic.t] changes
      adds  667cabe   end of [critic.t] changes
      adds  7921482   continue making sure query refs stay the same under 
various transforms
      adds  18275f0   since we copy instead of link, I think it *will* do what 
we want now
      adds  7b9608b   test the set_vector vs query_vector (ref) stuff on 
computed vectors
      adds  5bdcb8c   I think these docs are correct and complete
      adds  377876a   todo
      adds  4122188   note
      adds  5e42b49   note append vs ginsert
      adds  c543d3f   allow set_vector(1,2,3,4)
      adds  a9f81c9   all these objects should be true if asked
      adds  d82ead2   take nonscalar arguments that look like numbers
      adds  75d2a94   use the nonscalar set_vector and the new bool overloads
      adds  5e36b58   note changes
      adds  887d90b   more places to use the new bool context overload
      adds  c317fec   made this pass tests using the new set_vector
      adds  56d10b2   strip useless spam
      adds  5ca3bf0   major bug, introduced in the set_vector(@_) epoch
      adds  bb1ffd6   no uninitizlied warnings.  undefs are allowed.
      adds  82b0188   there's no real reason the elements have to be numbers
      adds  207be01   last night, I re-did this test a little so I could see 
what was coming back instead of a boring fail
      adds  fe7ca3a   a new test to find warnings and size failures on 
      adds  2ff051c   note changes
      adds  1b167fc   make these more descriptive so its easier to see which 
object is fail (all so far)
      adds  6c9e890   fix initialization bugs
      adds  73d56e7   remove debug msg
      adds  133df78   fixed up the LSF docs to pass pod_coverage
      adds  f318ee9   k, these docs are ready for public consumption I think.
      adds  45f50ce   note about new
      adds  04ea86f   new test that shows oddball warnings
      adds  7598a73   less vertical when applicable
      adds  786a4cc   less vertical when applicable
      adds  d057511   add tags to computed vectors so they work in the various 
objects that get linked computers for two vector computations
      adds  14c6b55   add query_vector
      adds  41ffe90   I think the CV is ready
      adds  e7f5e30   use B<> instead of C<> for =items
      adds  bdbc3d4   made the overload txt really consistent
      adds  59fb4f9   note chaining
      adds  db44846   TODO REFORMAT
      adds  4e002f7   debug typo
      adds  0d3cc48   the pods are coming along, so tedious.
      adds  e4905e2   introducing rand() to tests makes the tests fail sometimes
      adds  0dd34e3   use chaining
      adds  db0be58   provided an interface to the ENV vars without having to 
interact with %ENV at all.
      adds  55124e0   critic bug
      adds  698b8ca   trying to eliminate the ENV vars alltogether
      adds  cc51ab2   note changes
      adds  c781077   this is annoyingly difficult
      adds  55ddb5a   removed ENV crap
      adds  0224660   must load base modules later
      adds  696281a   use qw(toler) rather than ENV{TOLER}
      adds  9db86c4   leftover debug
      adds  08244e2   rework tests to avoid ENV (mostly)
      adds  d1b0a8c   new critic problems ... shhhhh
      adds  2bd9e7e   that was a lot of documentation to change, but I think 
it's all set
      adds  0a0f782   fixed the rest of the docs too
      adds  2a30686   pod todo updates
      adds  511f02e   Mean seems ok
      adds  2ca2a23   couple little things
      adds  02957e8   did a few more pods...
      adds  5c93770   did a couple more pods... tedious
      adds  81c2585   pods, tedious
      adds  6a2b537   I'm tired of updating this
      adds  137650c   this should be all of it
      adds  69b3dff   pod bugs
      adds  5f6142b   note changes
      adds  7ced263   English bugs
      adds  504ae91   little doc changes for readability
      adds  d06aa5a   typo
      adds  70e2526   additional notes
      adds  d8ec5ef   lists, not arrays ... probably
      adds  fbe063d   doc change
      adds  fc5f54b   make the line of fit way more easy to understand and deal 
      adds  431d5a8   handle_missing alias
      adds  f582f8c   one more test
      adds  9c74132   allow 5.6.x, not that it helps
      adds  d5582e2   ignore this stuff (updates)
      adds  51a7aca   don't set TEST_AUTHOR, when you're not the author, and 
then complain to me about the problems you have.
      adds  4e862d2   grrz
      adds  171cd48   I happen to like it.  Until perl itself removes this, why 
should I?
      adds  b1a6237   stfu
      adds  ecbf8a3   fixed actual problem
      adds  536fa1d   resurrect 5.6.1
      adds  802ad85
      adds  966d90e 
      adds  6e21403   version bump
      adds  bb0563c   updated this so people know which version.
      adds  4c51a88   ignore this stuff (updates)
      adds  795999d
      adds  0d31761   minor tweak
      adds  f4698a3   it's 2012 now?
      adds  9b72253   update copyright and add note about 
      adds  214092c   version up for re-release
      adds  d888ef2   bug
      adds  7e47dd6   version
      adds  a581b13   LC_ALL=C
      adds  2ddc89c   Revert "LC_ALL=C"
      adds  26ca90f   locale hack to pass tests that assume 22/7 is 3.142 and 
not 3,142
      adds  2a4d31d   ignore this stuff (updates)
      adds  3477382   ahh, I think this is what we want
      adds  5a4b4c4   a workaround for RT #100943
      adds  44f5dc5   Merge branch 'RT100943' of
      adds  78ef218   oops
      adds  95cec17   Imported Upstream version 1.6611
       new  ddb8574   Merge tag 'upstream/1.6611'
       new  a936ad4   Update debian/changelog
       new  fcf1bde   Update copyright years for debian/* packaging files
       new  c9111ea   Drop ProhibitIndirectSyntax.patch patch
       new  9de0393   Declare compliance with Debian policy 3.9.6
       new  a0c2906   Declare package as autopkgtestable
       new  ebc09b9   Prepare changelog for release

The 9 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:                                    |  2 +-
 Basic/                     |  2 +-
 Changes                                     |  8 ++++++++
 MANIFEST                                    | 17 ++++++++--------
 META.json                                   | 10 +++++-----
 META.yml                                    | 16 +++++++--------
 debian/changelog                            | 15 ++++++++++++---
 debian/control                              |  3 ++-
 debian/copyright                            |  2 +-
 debian/patches/ProhibitIndirectSyntax.patch | 19 ------------------
 debian/patches/series                       |  1 -
 debian/upstream/metadata                    |  5 +++++
 t/05_load_them.t                            |  1 +
 t/07_vector.t                               |  1 +
 t/08_cvec.t                                 |  1 +
 t/08_filter_outliers.t                      |  1 +
 t/09_test_importer_vars_debug.t             |  1 +
 t/09_test_importer_vars_debug0.t            |  1 +
 t/09_test_importer_vars_debug1.t            |  1 +
 t/09_test_importer_vars_ipres.t             |  1 +
 t/09_test_importer_vars_ipres1.t            |  1 +
 t/09_test_importer_vars_ipres2.t            |  1 +
 t/09_test_importer_vars_nofill.t            |  1 +
 t/09_test_importer_vars_nofill0.t           |  1 +
 t/09_test_importer_vars_nofill1.t           |  1 +
 t/09_test_importer_vars_toler.t             |  1 +
 t/09_test_importer_vars_toler1.t            |  1 +
 t/10_mean.t                                 |  1 +
 t/10_median.t                               |  1 +
 t/10_mode.t                                 |  1 +
 t/10_moving_average.t                       |  1 +
 t/15_covariance.t                           |  1 +
 t/15_variance.t                             |  1 +
 t/17_stddev.t                               |  1 +
 t/19_combo.t                                |  1 +
 t/20_LSF.t                                  |  1 +
 t/20_correlation.t                          |  1 +
 t/25_correlate_computed.t                   |  1 +
 t/30_empty_constructor_tests.t              |  1 +
 t/53_co_persistance.t                       |  1 +
 t/53_persistance.t                          |  1 +
 t/54_doc_example.t                          |  1 +
 t/60_bigfloats.t                            |  1 +
 t/75_filtered_missings.t                    |  1 +
 t/75_missing_correlated.t                   |  1 +
 t/                            | 30 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 46 files changed, 115 insertions(+), 48 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 debian/patches/ProhibitIndirectSyntax.patch
 delete mode 100644 debian/patches/series
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 create mode 100644 t/

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