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  replaces  upstream/0.925
 tagged by  Lucas Kanashiro
        on  Mon Jul 27 13:55:10 2015 -0300

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.926
Version: GnuPG v1


David Steinbrunner (2):
      typo fix
      typo fixes

Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer (5):
      Don't emit a warning if a dist contains no perl.
      Don't force release_status to 'stable'
      Added the like_pause option.
      Restore Randy's old dist.ini
      Found & fixed a bug.

Lucas Kanashiro (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.926

Randy Stauner (175):
      initial commit
      Add Abstract, Synopsis, and Description pod
      Define basic functionality: load CPAN Meta file
      Test loading CPAN::Meta from archive
      Copy Description POD to github README
      Initialize Change log
      Build default metadata with name and version
      Alphabetize use statements
      Define name and version methods
      Test guessing name/version from file name
      Change 'module' to 'package' in synopsis
      Add Pod index markers to forwarding methods
      Forward 'provides' method to meta object
      Add package_versions method (simplified 'provides')
      Make mocked CPAN::Meta return a blessed object
      Mock additional methods on fake CPAN::Meta
      Wrap CPAN::Meta->create with meta_from_struct()
      Don't call import needlessly
      Default metadata to valid values
      Determine packages if not provided in META file
      Add TODO comment/idea about limiting files to lib/
      Define base class for dist formats
      Define dist subclass for tar files
      Define a simple subclass for using a directory
      Define simple subclass for faking a dist from data
      Add Synopsis/Description pod for each Dist subclass
      Exchange format-specific logic for subclasses
      Use Struct subclass instead of Test::MockObject
      Use a constant for the 'unknown' value
      Move stopwords to dist.ini
      Add note about usage inspiration and suggestions
      Add TODO list to Pod
      Add See Also list with dependencies and alternatives
      Warn that alternate file_spec should be preloaded
      Add Pod::Coverage hints for CPAN::Meta wrappers
      Stop including removed test module
      Add unix is a stopword
      Fix typo so that Test::Synopsis passes again
      Skip Test::Portability::Files
      Add TODO stopword above the TODO list
      Fill corpus/ with fake dists to test
      Specifically test Tar methods
      Make TODO a project-wide stopword
      Simplify synopsis and ensure expected result
      Fix minor documentation issues
      Include xt/ in default no_index:directory
      Add ideas to pod TODO list
      Make sure package files are returned in Unix format
      Fix regexp path bugs for windows
      Load File::Spec (and subclasses) consistently
      Add more TODO ideas to Pod
      Fix path mismatch using Module::Metadata in tempdir
      Change POD format code from L to C for fake package
      Remove hash entry that is no longer used
      Reword opening description of the main usefulness
      Use Path::Class instead of File::Spec
      Pass phys. dir and native spec file paths to Module::Metadata
      Use Path::Class instead of File::Spec in test
      Test Struct-specific methods
      Move $/ localization to work around possible perl bug
      Store Path::Class packages in class methods
      Use Path::Class::Dir to cleanup dir attribute
      Be explicit about imported Path::Class functions
      Use a variable when testing required attribute
      Report version of JSON::PP to debug test environments
      Test Dir-specific methods
      Test remaining Tar-specific methods
      Croak if no dist attirbutes were found
      Test that Tar croaks for non existent file
      Test asking for content for a file that doesn't exist
      Comment unused mocked method in test
      TODO comment about croaking for file not in hash
      Comment on new dist format tests; add Doc heading
      Use "Native" to mean default/current File::Spec
      Consider File::Find::Rule::Perl in TODO
      Add debug output for weird test failures on 5.6.2
      Ignore Devel::Cover report data
      Move 1 test from t/struct to t/file_spec
      Reword 'common logic' line and remove typo
      Fix test regexp to match cross-platform paths
      Also identify installed version of JSON in tests
      Tell Archive::Tar to write with gzip compression
      Specify required version for Archive::Tar
      Update comment of perl bug with version/sha of fix
      Try parsing n/v from root before dir
      Fix 'use' statement for Archive::Tar
      Try to parse n/v with CPAN::DistnameInfo
      Exclue corpus/make_dists script from the release
      Remove comment that no longer applies
      Pass file paths to DistnameInfo in Unix format
      Trade File::Spec for Path::Class in corpus/make_dists
      Convert relative paths to Unix for
      Support older File::Path by using Path::Class's mkpath
      Specify author, license, copyright_holder in dist.ini
      Merge pull request #2 from thaljef/master
      Remove some redundant typos in comments
      Reword testing "dist" README files
      Separate reading the archive file into its own method
      Abstract common methods from Tar to Archive
      Document read_archive in the Archive base class
      Consistently describe methods that must be subclassed
      Support zip files with a new Archive subclass
      Pass file attribute to Archive::new()
      Create both tgz and zip files for testing
      Add zip files to common tests
      Test common methods for all archive types
      Test Zip specific methods
      Add zip file addition to change log
      Make extract_into() return $dir in scalar context
      Test physical_directory return values for struct
      Make Dir's phys_dir consistent with subclasses
      Test consistency b/t dir w/ and w/o root subdir
      Always no_index the default dirs (t, xt, inc)
      Make a test dist with incomplete meta info
      Reorder changelog
      Specifically test no_index on various platforms
      Add shortcuts for turning a dist file into an object
      Convert paths to unix when checking 'should_index'
      Update disable_tests config to reflect name change
      Merge pull request #3 from thaljef/master
      Quiet undefined VERSION warnings for tests during development
      Further describe the like_pause option in the Pod
      Simplify base-name grabbing and make style more consistent
      Document like_pause and credit thaljef in the change log
      Switch to DZP:Test::ReportPreqeqs which doesn't require a patch
      Remove inline INI comment after prereq version
      Include test data builder in the repo
      Only dump failed test result for smokers
      Directly test 'determine_packages' (and 'like_pause')
      Also remove package if file didn't match regexp
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'github-thaljef/master' into del-next
      Test combining meta no_index with like_pause
      Reverse "like_pause" to "include_inner_packages"
      Exclude Test::Portability via plugin-remove rather than attribute
      Use punctuation to clarify comments
      Add file_checksum method to Dist base class
      Add module_info method to add extra data to provides
      Test module_info method
      Test passing 'provides' and using official algo names
      Avoid test warnings for undef versions
      Document new (checksum) methods
      Add stopwords and remove whitespace to appease xt/
      Use Path::Class in new test for good measure
      Bump Digest prereq to 1.03 so it tries Digest::SHA
      Mail map addresses to cpan id's
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/pr/11'
      Update dist.ini for dzil 5
      Convert generated README from pod to markdown
      Configure travis ci
      List dev prereqs in dist.ini for builder script
      Use same perl as dzil to ensure prereqs are installed
      Also list Archive::Any::Create as authordep
      Merge branch 'pr/14'
      Test that certain dirs are always no_index'ed
      Attribute no_index change to Sawyer in Change log
      Copy no_index comments from PAUSE
      Fix version on develop preqreq
      Replace with sub to remove prereq

Sawyer X (1):
      Add additional ignore directories:


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