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      from  5abf52c mark as 
forwarded upstream.
       new  c2c73dc   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  7199f36   Update debian/changelog
      adds  9b9b526   import of April 15 snapshot
      adds  977a75a   bugfix from Chas Owens, plus a cast to hush the compiler
      adds  6087193   add a button to test out Gnome2::About
      adds  d7b50f1   patch from Chas Owens to implement the authors and 
documenters parameter lists, and allow defaults on parameters following 
authors.  (authors is required by gnome_about_new)
      adds  084eae4   it needed to be done, cvs Header tags added to most all 
of the files
      adds  ddf3c11   it needed to be done, cvs Header tags added to most all 
of the files
      adds  d2a13f2   implemented object properties on Gnome2::Program->init 
(was a FIXME)
      adds  72cacee   build system hacks.  moved under G, so that G 
can install it. made a module of some boilerplate to handle dealing with 
pkgconfig, and converted the code in helpers/ and helpers/ 
into Gtk2/, stuff that can be called from Makefile.PLs. hacked up a 
the Makefile.PLs to reflect these changes.
      adds  5ae9fc5   use newSVGChar and SvGChar instead of newSVpv and 
SvPV_nolen for gchar*, to ensure valid utf8 handling.  this definitely needs 
      adds  43ea5f7   G->Glib, removed blib's, removed -I's
      adds  67b15ef   G->Glib, removed blib's
      adds  d4ba95e   G->Glib
      adds  010ea08   moved changelogs to submodules
      adds  8e67248   bumpversion to 0.20, update POD
      adds  10c3678   require Gtk2 >= 0.20
      adds  bd7bc8a   oops, missing files, kinda need these
      adds  6fd094f   updated
      adds  bb4113a   added copyright and license information in preparation 
for release
      adds  b083b89   added reference to gtk-perl
      adds  ace96f5   removed GnomeCanvas stuff
      adds  fc3d0df   don't allow trailing ::'s in package names
      adds  1de0d87   updated
      adds  f9be14f   bump version info and prepare for 0.24 release.  yeah, i 
know this skips 0.22.
      adds  9e0f521   intial import
      adds  8ef0438   updated, missing stuff added and/or wrong stuff removed
      adds  24c643c   initial import
      adds  2798c15   updates
      adds  f20ba40   removed all of the deprecated widgets, they had no xs 
files so they wouldn't be useful anyway.
      adds  bb006b4   bump to 0.26 for release
      adds  2ed1f03   missing files...
      adds  8502ce0   bumped version for release
      adds  db7e22a   *** empty log message ***
      adds  f3c8e8d   *** empty log message ***
      adds  a760a17   added support for GnomeUIInfo and ->create_menu/toolbar. 
basically just borrowed the code from gtk-perl and ported it.
      adds  49674b0   updated
      adds  04de786   bump version for cvs series
      adds  78642e5   updated
      adds  6f83387   bump version number to 0.28 for release
      adds  a74d884   change default for the module_info to libgnomeui (since 
that's what most people want) and allow it to be omitted.
      adds  810224e   d'oh!
      adds  92e9ce9   require Gtk2 >= 0.90 to get Glib >= 0.90, so we have 
      adds  7d38a98   prep for 0.30 release
      adds  bd63fb7   spam-proofing
      adds  ee29d75   use File::Spec->catfile to combine typemaps and cwd, use 
cached version of cwd rather than doing it over and over
      adds  f8528eb   bail out with proper error messages when build prereqs 
are not found
      adds  7d346dc   patch from james curbo adds debian packing stuff
      adds  fab29f0   update
      adds  57b49e5   properly refill uiinfos
      adds  0d88c19   updated
      adds  2d32ffe   info on the realclean addition
      adds  6bba011   added realclean removal of build dir to postamble section
      adds  abac4c2   prep for 0.32 release
      adds  96a76e1   prep for 0.34 release
      adds  e98702c   added
      adds  0ec967e   forgot one
      adds  437dd66   updated
      adds  66f7379   initial import
      adds  cc55057   improved dependancies for spec file
      adds  d6c1951   moved to new ExtUtils::PkgConfig module
      adds  7f1ac50   removed, this tested Glib::PkgConfig
      adds  bc86883   First parts of Bonobo.
      adds  e65143f   Initial commit.
      adds  a287f1e   Add libbonoboui to the requirements.
      adds  54ea37a   Add Bonobo typemaps.
      adds  df82dc2   Add new .xs and .t files.
      adds  9f12ba6   Fix indention.
      adds  786c88c   Provide member accessors.  Implement various functions.
      adds  3473744   Implement various functions.
      adds  e6cfcca   Add FIXME comment.
      adds  2ed1f41   Provide a default for the history_id parameter.
      adds  ff0095f   Moved ModuleInfo accessors into their own file.
      adds  e8ea64f   Two fixes.
      adds  ac02d4c   Various improvements.
      adds  a9c9605   Replaced by the test suite.
      adds  c09accf   *** empty log message ***
      adds  19248f7   list -> results, type-o i guess. wouldn't compile now 
      adds  a7848bf   torsten is now one of the authors
      adds  3755e74   updated
      adds  ad219a3   GnomeIconTheme and GnomeThumbnailFactory didn't appear 
until about 2.0.6, according to the changelogs for libgnomeui.  only compile 
this stuff if we have the right types defined.
      adds  b79e231   Updated to reflect recent changes.
      adds  49ae301   *** empty log message ***
      adds  18cb057   add a slight hack to generate version-checking macros a 
la GTK_CHECK_VERSION for the libraries that don't do that for us.
      adds  963c470   use the shiny new LIBGNOMEUI_CHECK_VERSION() to avoid 
trying to compile gnome_icon_entry_set_max_saved on versions prior to 2.3.3 
(because they don't have it).
      adds  f19ba10   Wrap the version macros and make use of them.
      adds  5d37060   Free strdup'ed strings.
      adds  03b791d   Remove GnomePixmap
      adds  d525738   *** empty log message ***
      adds  5b33e61   Add FIXME comment.
      adds  d17fd00   GnomeClient fixes.
      adds  69e5f74   Allow undef to be passed for the cutom_icon parameter to 
      adds  bdc856b   fixed bug in specfile generation
      adds  6f5cadd   set_max_saved does not exist til after 2.3.3 so don't 
call it unless we
      adds  d6630e5   Changed test #2.
      adds  fdba90f   return value of test #2 is an array, have to catch it as 
such or else
      adds  48eee67   updates
      adds  cac713c   Fix indention.
      adds  c1f78f4   Use undef instead of "".
      adds  c4aca26   Added FIXME comment.
      adds  cda1c82   Initial implementation.
      adds  d6b3713   *** empty log message ***
      adds  6bfc4a0   2003/09/25 16:22 (+0200) kaffeetisch
      adds  ea64f4c   Adjust test number.
      adds  839c055   release 0.36
      adds  0d99b03   minor hacks to make the tests not fail
      adds  d0cea3a   2003/09/26 16:20 (+0200) kaffeetisch
      adds  f650eb8   2003/09/27 01:35 (+0200) kaffeetisch
      adds  f24f066   2003/09/29 16:33 (+0200) kaffeetisch
      adds  e638b2e   2003/09/30 15:56 (+0200) kaffeetisch
      adds  873ff43   Move variable declarations to the beginning of the block 
to make it compile on compilers that attach more importance to standards.  
Found by Nelis Lamprecht.
      adds  84fc4a4   release 0.38
      adds  fed3444   Alter documentation to better describe Gnome2. Don't 
repeat what
      adds  9d1ad11   LICENSE README Update license terms.
      adds  66aa34c   Use xs/gnome2perl-vfs-gtypes.c as the place for the 
GTypes for GnomeVFS.
      adds  6966d75   fix to compile with gnome 2.0.x
      adds  a06a597   Include xs/gnome2perl-vfs-gtypes.c when compiling the 
helper program.
      adds  4eee01a   Install gnome2perl-vfs-gtypes.h.
      adds  053459a   Make warnings and strict safe. Use descriptive variable 
names. Remove
      adds  32523c5   Remove calls to UNUSED.
      adds  25ed7bb   R t/GnomeVFSOps R t/GnomeVFSURI.t R xs/GnomeVFSInit.xs R 
      adds  4ccfa40   Fix line wrapping.
      adds  71383d2   Alter $list -> get_selection test to be more accurate.
      adds  4f48bc1   Correct a few mistakes.
      adds  10cfe37   updated TODO for future Gnome2 modules
      adds  db403c1   Use newRV_noinc instead of newRV_inc to avoid a memory 
      adds  37ad8b9   a few things i found while checking out the build on 
gnome 2.0
      adds  b3c5f69   Implement Gnome2::check_version.
      adds  4bda2bd   MakeHelper'd things, including pod generation.
      adds  7349cbb   whoops, that was me not he
      adds  524d07d   xs/GnomeApp.xs xs/GnomeAppHelper.xs xs/GnomeClient.xs 
      adds  4ebcb11   no more atleast crap
      adds  c088002   updated
      adds  677af30   Document GnomeUIInfo.
      adds  c262f2d   Remove FIXME comment about lack of documentation.
      adds  7897a57   dependencies were b0rken
      adds  c35264f   route Gnome's log domains through perl's warn() and 
      adds  0375c42   updated
      adds  9988773   xs/BonoboDock.xs xs/BonoboDockItem.xs xs/Gnome2.xs 
      adds  61e92db   Require Glib 1.01. Remove const_cccmd hack.
      adds  b29ccf1   remove debian control files from CVS to make wolfgang's 
life easier for packaging
      adds  e3525a2   updated
      adds  89ea627   xs/GnomeIconTheme.xs Plug some memory leaks.
      adds  1b3faf7   xs/GnomeIconList.xs xs/GnomeIconTheme.xs Plug even more 
memory leaks.
      adds  05e245e   Add a comma.
      adds  6e13dbb   shuffle docs around to keep from clobbering docs from 
other extensions.
      adds  6fed773   updated
      adds  1fdecae     A t/GnomePasswordDialog.t       A 
xs/GnomePasswordDialog.xs     * MANIFEST: Initial implementation of 
      adds  9969b42   gnome2perl.h put SvGnomeUIInfo in the package header to 
quell compiler
      adds  7ea7d64 META.yml Prepare the release of 0.49.
      adds  ad4e82a   Forgot to update the versions in there.
      adds  22a2a21   remove unused variables
      adds  932ab96   Include bonobo/bonobo-dock.h and 
      adds  de9e58b     A xs/GnomeIconTextItem.xs       * t/GnomeIconList.t     
* MANIFEST: Initial implementation and test for GnomeIconTextItem.
      adds  ee12fbb   Forgot to update the test count.
      adds  2fcee15   Fix critical bug in Gnome2::IconTheme::lookup that caused 
a segfault.
      adds  a093022   Use T_GPERL_GENERIC_WRAPPER for GnomeUIInfo's.
      adds  fec6353   gnome2perl.h t/GnomeHelp t/GnomeURL xs/GnomeHelp.xs 
Implement and test
      adds  d2e48a2   the _with_env functions didn't appear until 
libgnome-2.2.1.  use version guards to avoid missing symbols.
      adds  6678570     A xs/GnomeWindowIcon.xs         * t/Gnome.t     * 
MANIFEST: Implement and test GnomeWindowIcon.
      adds  710882a   Forgot it.
      adds  cee2599   A t/GnomeConfig.t A xs/GnomeConfig.xs Implement and test 
      adds  da17ed4   R t/GnomeClientReal A examples/ 
Completely revamp the
      adds  e81751f   Update to reflect presence: GnomeClient, GnomeIconLookup 
and libvte are
      adds  63b751f   xs/GnomeDruidPageEdge.xs Use GdkPixbuf_ornull for the 
logo and watermark
      adds  c00373a   Cast the return value of 
gnome_icon_list_get_icon_pixbuf_item to silence
      adds  cefcbb5   t/GnomeDruid.t Add and test an accessor for the vbox 
member. (Thanks to
      adds  bf954fe   Removed reference to gnome-ui-init. It's bound.
      adds  3119c45   Change the callback tests so that it's easy to know if 
they were actually
      adds  aa1edab   t/GnomeConfig.t Implement and test iterators.
      adds  0eb33a9   xs/GnomeAppHelper.xs Use custom marshalling for all 
callbacks specified in
      adds  3520e0e   In the custom marshaller for GnomePopupMenu callbacks, 
don't use
      adds  2d607ba   A t/TestBoilerplate Put some boilerplate code into an 
external file. Skip
      adds  313e04a   Add t/TestBoilerplate.
      adds  300f438   xs/GnomeConfig.xs xs/GnomeI18N.xs xs/GnomeIconLookup.xs
      adds  0fabdfe   Mention Gnome2::index.
      adds  a69e4ba   gnome2perl.h xs/GnomeHelp.xs Rename SvGnomeCharArray to 
SvEnvArray and
      adds  387e801   Add a TODO comment about a bug in libgnome.
      adds  1309a41   removed a type-o do_pod_files.
      adds  c270dd7   updated
      adds  32810c9   initialize variables to avoid 'may be used uninitialized' 
warnings in functions with alias switches.  it's not likely that we'll trigger 
them, but it's nice to shut them up.
      adds  b7c85f6   use the new DATE replacement in conjunction with VERSION 
to create the
      adds  513e3c3   don't have version numbers in the META.yml, if you build 
dist on system that doesn't do them, then they're wrong. if you do then it 
should be overwritten
      adds  0c271de   updated
      adds  b737bf7   mark ax unused in functions which don't touch the input 
stack, to hush compiler warnings
      adds  0c37a62   don't let RETVAL be used uninitialized in alias switches.
      adds  e6e864b   return type on PPCODE xsubs must be void.
      adds  0eeca8a   Remove functions that weren't supposed to be bound in the 
first place
      adds  9642b9f   *** empty log message ***
      adds  7946dbd   GnomePasswordDialog and GnomeAuthenticationManager didn't 
appear until 2.3.6, use version guards to skip tests on older releases.
      adds  6380c7e   updated
      adds  76363b4   updated
      adds  4d0e052   removed runtime_reqs stuff, replaced by the pkg-config 
      adds  7c703d1   hush unused var warnings
      adds  5db992a   #define GNOME_DISABLE_DEPRECATED, so 
gnome_window_set_title() is defined at compile time.
      adds  5d0cb9c   bad muppet, that should've been undef, not define
      adds  8e827a1   Use the correct Gnome2::Client->interaction_key_return 
      adds  dcc5867     Applying a patch from muppet.
      adds  75b606e   Re-enable the get_float_with_default, with skips. The 
relevant bug has
      adds  fa522b0   Makefile.PL xs/GnomeProgram.xs Use and test the new 
GPerlArgv helper.
      adds  52970ea   Only test if get_search_path returned something defined.
      adds  efc6c1e Makefile.PL Version 0.92.
      adds  8dda5b1   fixed some of the dependancies, added Gnome2-VFS, 
Gnome2-Canvas to the
      adds  074a58a   t/GnomeConfig.t t/GnomeEntry.t t/GnomeIconEntry.t 
      adds  df27801   xs/GnomeApp.xs xs/GnomeAppHelper.xs xs/GnomeClient.xs 
      adds  2787bc7   Document the recent API changes.
      adds  83579e6   xs/GnomeHelp.xs Use the new __gerror__ keyword to mark 
those function that
      adds  81cbe3a Makefile.PL NEWS Version 0.94.
      adds  1e15a96 Makefile.PL NEWS Version 1.00.
      adds  c0d0704   Add reference to the relevant bug to the 
set_contents_background comment.
      adds  5116ce0   Add Gnome2::Canvas to PREREQ_PM as well so that it 
(hopefully) gets picked
      adds  f588a00   Correct skip count.
      adds  0b6d8db   Make gnome2perl_popup_menu_activate_func,
      adds  dbf931a   Check if the icon data is a hash reference.
      adds  1cedb55   Use the gnome-fs-directory icon.
      adds  665280e   Actually use() Gnome2::Canvas so users of Gnome2 are not 
required to do so
      adds  a6049a4 Unstable version 1.010.
      adds  8bfe0ad   Test the fixed set_contents_background, now that the 
properties were
      adds  325eaec NEWS Version 1.011.
      adds  7e6802a   A t/GnomeSound Add a test for GnomeSound. It's not run 
during make test
      adds  ef51e70   Version 1.012.
      adds  d53e690   If available, use the new gnome_program_init_paramv to 
      adds  8308afb   Version 1.013.
      adds  82f7401   Patch from Kevin C. Krinke adds code to generate 
Gnome2::enum -- a list of
      adds  4638ac3   Bind and test the newly added
      adds  f3d1bcb   Version 1.014.
      adds  a626b6d   Make all version checks refer to stable releases.
      adds  9be280a   a sweep through of spec file and MANIFEST(.SKIP) updates
      adds  0b8b456   Do it like all the other cool kids and alter 
dl_load_flags() to avoid
      adds  6fece58   Mark failing test as TODO till we have a solution for the 
      adds  592d29a   Version 1.021.
      adds  baa53d8   Remove the TODO around a test that previously failed due 
to the now
      adds  cb828d7   Remove the old lad since it's unused nowadays.
      adds  20fb1f4   Use is() instead of is_deeply() to test flags values 
since the latter was
      adds  0f25c33   Version 1.022.
      adds  f8ba021   Use is_deeply() on a flags value.
      adds  0d9ed7d   Unstable release 1.030.
      adds  137a421   Stable release 1.040.
      adds  13c6687   Fix a POD error.
      adds  35b8e5b   Fix a test failure.
      adds  92ececf   Stable release 1.041.
      adds  a202a98   t/GnomeProgram.t Special-case 
      adds  6db41ef Stable release 1.042.
      adds  ec8931e   In preparation of the move to SVN, replace every $Header$ 
keyword with $Id$.
      adds  b266ce4   Add MAINTAINERS; adapt to git
      adds  2db83f8   Fix typo in error message
      adds  c113e2a   Replace MAINTAINERS with perl-Gnome2.doap
      adds  55e625e   Add gitweb link to old ChangeLog
      adds  cc46a49   Update auxiliary files
      adds  0d08874   Avoid misusing PL_na
      adds  6faf5b7   Fix typo
      adds  e94d7f2   Fixed links to Gnome lib docs in POD; closes RT#86968
      adds  e5cd55b   Remove FSF address and shorten license notice
      adds  5961ba3   Update copyright date in files with PL_na changes
      adds  d592ee1 Update copyright, shorten license notice
      adds  d0111ed   Created %meta_merge which follows v2 of CPAN::Meta::Spec
      adds  0f30b57   Makefile.PL: add output directory for Gnome2/enums.pod
      adds  209b586   Stable release 1.043
      adds  5c6335e   RT#89188: Make enums.pod depend on Gnome2 directory 
      adds  dc18f71   RT#89191: Fix FSF's address
      adds  f501a6c   Stable release 1.044
      adds  2252e34   Fix typo: correspoding -> corresponding
      adds  b92621d   BonoboDock.xs: update copyright date
      adds  6968743   Stable release 1.045
      adds  57dbbb9 don't include timestamps in generated 
      adds  70c2823   Stable release 1.046
      adds  644d478   Imported Upstream version 1.046
       new  375492b   Merge tag 'upstream/1.046'
       new  e483db3   Drop merged 
       new  12e7807   libgnome2-perl (1.046-1)

The 5 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:                                          |  2 +-
 META.json                                          |  5 ++--
 META.yml                                           | 33 +++++++++++-----------
 debian/changelog                                   | 10 +++++++ | 24 ----------------
 debian/patches/series                              |  1 -
 debian/upstream/metadata                           |  8 ++++++                                     |  2 +-
 8 files changed, 40 insertions(+), 45 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 
 delete mode 100644 debian/patches/series
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata

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