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  replaces  upstream/1.60
 tagged by  Lucas Kanashiro
        on  Wed Jul 29 13:29:04 2015 -0300

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.62
Version: GnuPG v1


Adam J. Foxson (42):
      Initial import. Herein lies Test-Reporter-1.13.
      Herein lies Test-Reporter-1.16.
      Herein lies Test-Reporter-1.19.
      Herein lies Test-Reporter-1.20.
      Herein lies Test-Reporter-1.22.
      Herein lies Test-Reporter-1.24.
      Herein lies Test-Reporter-1.25.
      Herein lies Test-Reporter-1.26.
      Herein lies Test-Reporter-1.27.
      Herein lies Test-Reporter-1.29_01.
      Herein lies Test-Reporter-1.29_02.
      Herein lies Test-Reporter-1.29_03.
      Herein lies Test-Reporter-1.29_04.
      Herein lies Test-Reporter-1.30.
      Herein lies Test-Reporter-1.32.
      Adding a .gitignore file to cover Perl build artifacts
      Removing subversion 'Id' and 'HeadURL' keywords.
      Dramatic documentation improvements.
      Internal debugging improvements.
      Adding a mention of the cpan-testers mailing list in the docs
      Adding MANIFEST.bak to .gitignore
      Implementation, documentation, and tests for transport()
      We should ensure we have Mail::Send before we try to use it ;-)
      Indeed, we'll want cpantest to support transports...
      Bringing support files up-to-date.
      Compat for perl-5.005_05.
      Updating Changes file per the perl-5.005_05 compat patch from David 
Golden and
      Per 29690@RT cleaning up cpantest's -dump output
      Fixes for VMS compatibility
      Reversioning for 1.36
      Minor documentation clarification.
      Herein lies Test-Reporter-1.36.
      Additional VMS compatibility improvements.
      Merge branch 'vms_compat'
      Herein lies Test-Reporter-1.38.
      updating changelog address
      ensure each changelog entry has a single vertical space between its 
header and first line-item
      ensure all line-items within a changelog entry are delimited by a single 
vertical space
      all changelog line-items now start with a capitalized letter (where 
      all changelog line-items now end with a full stop (where appropriate)
      normalized format of dates in changelog headers
      ensure 80-column compliance

Andreas Koenig (1):
      fix rt-89404: read() does not overwrite local archname

David Golden (130):
      Net::SMTP::TLS support added to transport() method
      added partial support for tls
      removed boilerplate about cc-ing cpan-testers list
      added rough-draft of HTTP transport
      fixed syntax errors
      added stub test file for http transport
      bumped version to 1.38_01
      simple http transport working
      added initial http-transport tests
      http transport tests check failure result code
      document transporter changes; mention $ENV{MAILDOMAIN} workaround
      fixed tests for removal of message and change to
      Added Test::More to Makefile.PL
      Updated META.yml and Makefile.PL for 1.38_01 release
      Merge commit 'dreamhost/tls-support'
      Merge branch 'http-transport'
      Bringing copyright notices up-to-date.
      Added t/2-http-transport to MANIFEST
      bump version to 1.39_01
      make t/1-reporter.t clean up its own temp report files
      module transport (patch from rjbs)
      added additional modules from rjbs
      default transport to Net::SMTP; change transport error handling; fix tests
      bump version to 1.39_02
      fix missing semicolons in VERSION lines (ugh)
      fixed SMTP and SMTP/TLS bugs
      Removed stale SIGNATURE file
      bumped version to 1.39_03
      Added Pod for transports
      added File transport class
      prep 1.39_04 release
      remove use of newdir()
      add to gitignore
      bumped version to 1.39_06; fixed transport_args in new() bug
      bump version to 1.40; update meta info
      ignore cover_db
      set Net::SMTP as default transport during new()
      manifest skip cover_db
      bumped version to 1.4001
      time stamp Changes for 1.4001 release
      bumped version to 1.4002
      fix SMTP error handling for TLS
      update changes for 1.4002 release
      bumped version to 1.4003; doc fix in Transport::File
      bumped version to 1.50
      removed ability to cc report to other recipients
      avoid exclusive lock on tempfile
      bump to 1.51_02; _maildomain patch from kane
      bump to 1.52; fix parsing bug in read()
      switch META.yml author to dagolden
      change to Test::More; remove sig test
      bump version to 1.5201
      meta updates
      bump version to 1.5202
      fix Mail::Send transport (googlecode issue 19)
      updated Changes
      gitignore patch files
      update META.yml additions to latest ExtUtils::MakeMaker syntax
      bump version to 1.5203
      update URLs to
      update README
      update Changes
      remove author tests from t
      add required 'distfile' argument
      don't actually require distfile
      bumped version to 1.53_01
      bumped version
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      clean up Changes (wrap and trailing space)
      clean up Changes (wrap and trailing space)
      xt files shouldn't check for AUTHOR_TESTING
      require 5.005 and use warnings only if >=5.006
      convert build system to Module::Install
      git ignore inc and Meta.yml
      cleanup xt and remove MANIFEST
      Merge commit 'github/master'
      direct q's to wiki or cpan-testers-discuss; add diag on editor fail
      Added details to Changes
      encode SMTP with quoted-printable if any line has 100+ chars
      bump version to 1.53_02 for release
      send body of emails line-by-line
      bump version to 1.53_03
      timestamp changes for 1.53_03 release
      various POD changes
      bump version to 1.54; update M::I to 0.91
      regenerate _myconfig during read()
      Bump version to 1.55
      preserve distfile through read and write
      start switching to dzil
      add dzil files to gitignore
      convert to Dist::Zilla
      add releaser to dist.ini
      Changes timestamp
      bumped version to 1.56
      add Git plugins to dzil
      convert line endings during read()
      removing xt because dzil can generate it
      bump perl prereq to 5.006
      remove cruft that Dist::Zilla can provide
      add perl version header and full Perl -V output
      convert to new @DAGOLDEN dist.ini
      Remove legacy transport modules
      Add a Null transport class
      Remove Net::SMTP as default transport
      Document deprecation of email-related features
      Remove cpantest program
      upgrade tests to Test::More 0.88 and done_testing
      Switch dist.init to AutoPrereqs
      Add README.PATCHING file
      Updated Changes
      bump Changes
      updated Changes and meta
      clean up some perlcritic lint
      add stopwords
      bump Changes
      update dist.ini and support files
      remove files that don't need to be in the repo
      updated Changes
      add .travis.yml
      rely on Null transport for testing
      bump Changes
      updated Changes
      add VERSION declaration to files
      update repo for new @DAGOLDEN and boilerplate meta files
      After release: bump $VERSION and timestamp Changes
      note no changes from 1.61
      Update Makefile.PL

Ed J (1):
      Fixes for "perl in space"

Lucas Kanashiro (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.62

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa (1):
      Transport::File doesn't take dir => $dir style hash

Vincent Pit (1):
      Make _get_perl_V respect its 'perl' argument


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