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  replaces  upstream/1.34
 tagged by  Lucas Kanashiro
        on  Wed Aug 5 16:54:37 2015 -0300

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.35
Version: GnuPG v1


Andrei (1):
      script demonstrating thread unsafeness

Brian Mach Aon Inneirghthe (2):
      Subclassability patch for difference and invert
      subclassibility test

Dave Mitchell (1):
      Fix use of incorrect macro in XS (RT#67289)

David Steinbrunner (1):
      typo fix

Jean-Louis Leroy (1):
      Allow later versions of the Artistic License

Lucas Kanashiro (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.35

Nigel Metheringham (2):
      RT#24965 - compare() of 2 empty sets returns disjoint (rather then equal)
      RT#24965 - fix ->compare() on empty sets

Reini Urban (28):
      Started fixing wrong types, and added PREREQ_PMs
      fix t/misc/threads.t skip_all
      fix SET_OBJECT_MAGIC_backref cast (back to -97)
      make Test::LeakTrace an optional dependency
      add MANIFEST, fix .gitignore and MANIFEST.SKIP
      Update docs
      fix t/misc/segfault.t: check SvMAGICAL before doing mg_find
      Fix [RT#83426] t/scalar/storable.t sort order since 5.17.10 hash 
      Fix [RT#83426] wrong weak test with globals
      t/misc/more_leaks.t: Also check for Moose as optional dep
      fix threads [RT#22760]: do not remove from an empty set
      use threads mutex for insert and remove
      t/misc/more_leaks.t deadlocks with threads, skip it
      fixed all thread deadlocks, tests pass now besides threads global 
      improve thread locks, try 10 inserts and remove enough
      Enable t/misc/more_leaks.t threaded: we are now thread-safe
      threads: TODO 2nd threads test, still refcount issues RT#22760
      threads merged
      Add missing typemap entry const char * for 5.6
      1.31: fix RT#85244, Changes.pod patch by Gregor Hermann
      1.32: Revert Changes.pod patch RT#85244
      Merge pull request #1 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      1.33: more pod changes (#90070,##87658)
      Merge pull request #3 from tadzik/patch-1
      1.34: bump version
      Merge pull request #4 from samv/master
      add more t/misc tests
      1.35: got permissions for the newer Artistic license

Sam Vilain (89):
      add failing test for Storable and scalars
      Implement a safer freezing protocol
      Release Engineering
      Remove debian/ cruft
      This shouldn't be here
      Add test for weakref support
      Add test for dclone+weakref
      Scratchings at implementing weak sets
      Convert test script to use Test::More
      Further revise test script for weaken
      weaken support now passes tests
      Move t/scalar/weakref.t to t/object/weakref.t
      Test new function to make magic visible
      Make dispel_magic clean up magic, and add get_magic()
      Test interaction with tie magic
      bad version.  sync.
      Fix bug of interfering with tie magic - probably leaky
      All tests now pass
      document new functionality
      Release engineering for 1.16
      Merge branch 'master' into good
      Add a Set::Object::Weak convenience class
      Add test for weak reference class
      commit in-progress Set::Object::Weak convenience class
      Attempt to fix compile issues on some systems
      Attempt to fix compile issues on some systems
      Release Engineering for 1.17
      change DEBUG macros back to more portable IF_DEBUG(_warn()) form
      Storable serialization warning
      Release engineering for 1.18
      Merge branch 'releng'
      convert threads demo script into test script
      Run all tests
      Fix test to recognise API change
      remove bogus inclusions of Data::Dumper and Devel::Peek
      RT#24508 - add test for flat item memory leak
      RT#24508 - fix memory leak
      Revert "commit in-progress Set::Object::Weak convenience class"
      Tidy up weak reference support
      Set::Object 1.19 release engineering
      RT24966 - add POD tests
      Complete documentation
      add test for Set::Object::Weak::set()
      fix Set::Object::Weak::set()
      Release engineering for 1.20
      Fix t/misc/pod_coverage.t plan(skip_all => ...) usage
      releng for 1.21
      subclassability - my attempt
      Import Set::Object::blessed into Set::Object::Weak
      Changelog new feature
      Document the new behaviour of Set::Object::set
      [releng] Set::Object 1.22
      Fix a compile error on some strict compilers
      Add tests for behaviour and guard against undef values in sets
      Document undef behaviour
      [releng] Changelog
      [releng] MANIFEST, .gitignore, etc
      Don't ship the threads test, and document lack of thread safety
      [releng] Changelog release
      fix more bugs in the MANIFEST.SKIP and .gitignore
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.13
      Add some missing dependencies for older Perls
      Add support for 5.6.x
      Tolerate lack of
      Merge branch 'master' of pumpkinpatch:Set-Object
      [releng] Changes, bump $VERSION
      Weak sets return strong sets
      Add a test case for the use case for weak sets returning strong result 
      [releng] Changes, bump $VERSION
      [releng] add AUTHOR and LICENSE fields in Makefile.PL
      [releng] add a further bug release note
      Fix a typo 'wand' vs 'want' in Object.xs for -DDEBUGGING perls
      [releng] Changes and bump VERSION
      Squash a warning [RT#37962]
      Squash another warning [RT#37962]
      [releng] more Changes
      Cast using (void *) instead of changing the type
      Squash some warnings from global clean-up
      [releng] More changes
      [releng] remove version number from README
      Remove a breakpoint that's been sitting there for years
      RT#52690: replace all // comments with /* */ forms for AIX
      Set::Object 1.28
      Fix a typo
      Add some deprecation notices
      Replace weak set cleanup code (RT#69967)
      Changelog for 1.29 release
      Add the test script from RT#53182
      Relax license of my own contributions

Tadeusz SoĊ›nierz (1):
      Make synopsis examples work

Yuval Kogman (9):
      convert object/union.t to Test::More
      add failing test for union on Set::Object::Weak
      localize error var
      don't leak wands
      unset pointer in DESTROY
      don't leak wand entries
      only cast magic if svrefcnt is bigger than 1
      various warning fixes
      simplify SET_OBJECT_MAGIC_backref define and usage

samv (28):
      Import of Set::Object 1.00 by jll
      Add Set-Object 1.01
      Add Set-Object 1.02
      Add Set-Object 1.03
      Add Set-Object 1.04
      Add Set-Object 1.05
      Add Set-Object 1.06
      Checkin Set::Object version 1.07
      Add Set-Object 1.08
      Set::Object 1.08_01 - Set::Scalar conformance
      Get rid of complicated parts of Set::Scalar API
      Bump version #
      r1574@speights:  samv | 2005-03-26 02:24:19 +0800
      add set() constructor
      First hack at de-reference interfaces
      Check-in of local 'head' revision
      Release 1.10
      Version 1.11
      Version 1.11_01
      Add ppport.h
      r16065@wilber:  samv | 2005-08-16 16:01:18 +1200
      Release 1.12
      Add debian/ build control directory
      Make Set::Object compatible with 5.6.0 again
      remove some unused variable warnings
      Set::Object cross-debian porting work.  Now builds successfully on 11 x86 
debian and ubuntu distributions.
      Last Changes.pod before release
      Fix build problem on Win32, release Set::Object 1.14


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