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bengen pushed a change to branch master
in repository sepia.

        at  932975e   Gave package to the Debian Perl Group, added Vcs-* fields

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  46d2bd0   Imported Debian patch 0.69-1
       new  cc086cd   Imported Debian patch 0.70-1
       new  46f1f0d   Merge branch 'upstream'
       new  479d587   Imported Debian patch 0.72-1
       new  9fc75cf   Merge branch 'upstream'
       new  b136285   Imported Debian patch 0.73-1
       new  2c5c4c8   Merge branch 'upstream'
       new  b1e940d   Imported Debian patch 0.73-2
       new  30dd6a3   Imported Debian patch 0.74-1
       new  6dd0fb1   Merge branch 'upstream'
       new  fc0f65a   Imported Debian patch 0.74-2
       new  010a00e   Imported Debian patch 0.76-1
       new  fd244fd   Merge branch 'upstream'
       new  b98583f   Imported Debian patch 0.92-1
       new  07f0044   Merge branch 'upstream'
       new  118034b   Imported Debian patch 0.92-2
       new  d147cb5   Imported Debian patch 0.96-1
       new  e46d739   Merge branch 'upstream'
       new  99aad25   Imported Debian patch 0.96-2
       new  8ca6af2   Imported Debian patch 0.96-2.1
       new  31affaf   Merge branch 'upstream'
       new  5d09378   Merge branch 'upstream'
       new  324a85f   work on 0.96.02-1
       new  5875bbc is geneerated automagically.
       new  fa57de5   Build-Depend on Test::Expect, so 50expect.t is run
       new  0ad9309   Fix stricture in Perl 5.10 (patch from upstream)
       new  005991d   Merge branch 'upstream'
       new  46b1fd3   Merge branch 'upstream'
       new  db7cae7   ignore more stuff
       new  08874ec   drop emacs21 compatibility
       new  1fe1fd2   Merge branch 'upstream'
       new  e100098   0.97-1
       new  ce62b76   fix segfault
       new  84c10d9   Merge commit 'ce62b76b432ad8882a2df9e4c51db069038d5fdd'
       new  3d9d617   Added changelog entry
       new  b226f8e   Add w3m source directory to load-path for byte-compiling
       new  adcb435   New upstream version
       new  eea444b   0.98-2
       new  f320c61   Dependencies: emacs-w3m, new emacs first, 
       new  af42fc3   Use debian-pkg-add-load-path-item on startup, as demanded 
by policy.
       new  6bd43d7   0.98-3
       new  5607266   Merge branch 'upstream'
       new  841bad6   Makefile.PL: do not install .elc files if they haven't 
been generated
       new  75f44c7   Removed PREFIX usage as suggested in Upgrading Checklist, 
dealt with Makefile.PL changes
       new  ecfead5   Bumped Standards-Version
       new  b4fe71e   0.991.05-1
       new  1e4defd   Merge commit 'upstream/0.992'
       new  26750e8   Updated dependencies, Standards-Version
       new  6a67621   Added sepia-scratch to autoloads
       new  1948ab4   No longer remove info file in clean target
       new  b430a75   Added symlinks to .el files in the directory containing 
.elc files which should result in a link to the source file being added to the 
help window provided by M-x describe-function. Thanks to Kevin Ryde for 
pointing this out. Closes: #653789
       new  52807cb   Removed default mechanism for emacs from Makefile.PL
       new  bf5bdc2   Added build-arch, build-indep targets to debian/rules, as 
suggested by Lintian
       new  bfec0db   0.992-1
       new  6ac42c4   Added build-dependency for install-info (Closes: #689701)
       new  d3a8449   0.992-2
       new  fc5fd36   Sepia also works with emacs24
       new  682bae7   0.992-3
       new  eb1b5cc   Modernized package
       new  0d80f76   Fixed expect-based tests (Closes: #789836)
       new  59aa02b   0.992-4
       new  9486c3b   Added version to libtest-expect-perl build-dependency
       new  932975e   Gave package to the Debian Perl Group, added Vcs-* fields

The 63 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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