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abe pushed a change to annotated tag 1.001001-source
in repository libdist-zilla-role-bootstrap-perl.

        at  002d4b0   (tag)
   tagging  ab79bd2ef1dfe2f2d3720d86484f6195cfc92339 (commit)
  replaces  1.001000-source
 tagged by  Kent Fredric
        on  Mon Jun 29 21:05:54 2015 +1200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Kent Fredric (5):
      post-release cleanup
      Autonorm changes
      Add diagnostics on mtime test to see why it failed


This annotated tag includes the following new commits:

       new  fefa080   initial commit
       new  b7e73fb   First pass built from DZP:Bootstrap::ShareDir::Dist
       new  fc27fbe   Basic test
       new  0275f01   Basic interface tests
       new  6d769c1   Add travis.yml
       new  02ce015   Improve docs
       new  9cc9a63   Critics
       new  342f98e   v0.1.0
       new  da7b8a3   Add placeholder
       new  20e3532   Add maint dir git-subtree syncer
       new  ee34fda   use pull instead of merge, despite not really being sure 
how it works
       new  ec50d72   really use --pull again, cleanup code
       new  7eed2d5   Prepopulate message
       new  02b2872   Cleanup whitespace, be executable
       new  3541e8d   Update README
       new  2c6465e   make code snippets better
       new  f8fae57   move default dir to maint-travis-ci
       new  7b535b8   Add tree sterlizier stuff
       new  3c5ecaf   remove bogus \nls
       new  1a977e3   Perltidy code
       new  a7e40d2   Add alternative try_build_method mechanisms
       new  41f399a   Update Changes
       new  322740b   Document and make xtests happy
       new  3a9d2ea   Fixup metadata tests
       new  3fedf86   Add a 2 second delay between mkpaths to make sure they 
have a notable time difference on filesystems that lack subsecond precision
       new  af61a0b   v0.2.0
       new  746ad1c   Make sterilize env respond to more ENV variables
       new  aa7a090   Make sterilizing yaml have multiple modes for 
sterile/non-sterile envs
       new  bff08da   Bugfix: attempt to resolve path differences when tempdirs 
are behind symlinks.
       new  111f1d8   Update changelog
       new  6e8fc56   Add 'maint-travis-ci/' from commit 
       new  3a7472a   Increase test diversity
       new  4ab44a4   v0.2.1
       new  690b4f0   Force a faster CPAN mirror
       new  ff1895d   Add install_deps tool
       new  8bdb1fb   Force getting develop deps from META.json
       new  d891bfa   Travis uses new fanout dep pulling
       new  f57b28b   Customise script/beforescript
       new  f3c91b5   Reimplement all calls to system in a safe wrapper
       new  60239a8   Retidy maint stuff
       new  e76e141   add --timer to prove output
       new  3541740   Reduce number of tests required to cover what we're 
trying to cover, while simultaneously increasing total coverage
       new  3a02d1c   Document sterile.yaml
       new  8d4c533   Experimental hacks to support dzil building on master
       new  753f31f   Make tests work better on source trees"
       new  de3c46b   Pesky parentheses
       new  5fc9efa   Dont pull in --dev unless DEVELOPER_DEPS on master
       new  0dd6559   Don't call cpanm without deps to pull
       new  c0c129a   Always use -dev versions of Dzil and Pod::Weaver
       new  b902de6   Attempt to report cpanm failures when they occur
       new  fa0e9df   Tidy{
       new  1e519e4 properly parenthesise return
       new  c106b52   Properly parenthesize other things
       new  f64bef4   Make before_script more obvious
       new  8254efc   Force installing a custom DZP Git on master
       new  9b131b2   Get cwd() with so we can restore cwd()
       new  2dfb3ed   Start with a newer-than-cpan DZP GIt 2.017
       new  49b2786   Configure Git configuration data
       new  e7f9b4e   Report failure from cpanm
       new  26963a4   Cleanup report_fail script
       new  c331916   Use to sterilize
       new  2e063a3   Prune the dir, not the name of its key
       new  7773bf4   Temporarily downgrade ReadMeAnyFromPod
       new  7ca7e27   Great, I can't spell, sorry travis
       new  51f17b8   Make tree sterilization not run on <=5.10, with big 
pretty coloured messages
       new  424c651   Remove ReadmeAnyFromPod pinning
       new  e90a69e   Minimum empty tree test is 5.12 due to sterile tree bugs 
       new  4b93229   Further attempts at getting a sterile tree on 5.8
       new  0ec8137   Further improve the sterile list
       new  71dd4f5   Use more safe code
       new  ecddf35   Abstract out fix logic, and drop need for Git bundle fix, 
as upstream have fixed it
       new  c450538   instaldeps: exit 0 early when master + 5.8 or 
       new  bab0daa exit 0 early when master + 5.8 or 
       new  9c27a93 Early bail if STERILIZE_TREE does not 
exist, use only defined Config properties that exist
       new  3783dec   Refactor shared code between bits into a library
       new  76176a3   -e and -f don't stack before 5.10
       new  52bb503   Fix some minor formatting niggles
       new  76123d3   Pin to dzil 5.001 till 5.002 gets fixed
       new  5e4f316   add sterile 2
       new  6f46967   Use Dzil 5.003
       new  a0720f7   With installing developer deps, use ~>= instead of ~ if 
the dependency is a pure number
       new  a45f5c8   Be aggressive on 5.12
       new  a50a1cd   Carp::Heavy can't be downgraded
       new  0e99d73   Undo previous optimisation as it causes confusion
       new  378eac8   Spell satisfied right, allow --dev
       new  f6ad853   normalise dev version
       new  a412ccc   Add misc corelist data
       new  c4b7b7c   try an even crazier approach to sterilizing
       new  539a5ee   fix syntax errors
       new  9c31e2d   Cleanup compile failures
       new  dd9e08a   Make file loading more obvious, skip installs if versions 
are undef
       new  9174ef5   Skip CPANPLUS::Backend on 5.12.5
       new  3cd9068   Blacklist Carp::Heavy on 5.12.5
       new  d2d597f   make clean/protect/skip diags clearer
       new  e35d06d   Blacklist DB_File on 5.12.5
       new  f041ac6   Blacklist Exporter::Heavy
       new  4e70bd0   Blacklist Fatal from 5.12.5
       new  2c382d1   Blacklist DB_File on 5.19.0
       new  fff96a3   blacklist AttributeHanlders on 5.8.9
       new  6195c4c   blacklist Carp::Heavy on 5.10
       new  b8a4f31   Blacklist win32 on 5.12
       new  7508c12   Blacklist Carp::Heavy on 5.14
       new  5010c49   Blacklist Cwd on 5.16.3
       new  3c8e7bb   Blacklist DB_File on 5.18
       new  e1baa3f   Blacklist Pod::Functions::Functions on 5.19
       new  de7e830   Add colons to AttributeHandlers on 5.8.9
       new  06f0e45   Blacklist DB_File on 5.10
       new  de92e6f   Blacklist win32API::File on 5.12.5
       new  c5c3ae6   blacklist DB_File on 5.14
       new  f716fe7   blacklist DB_File on 5.16
       new  b030625   blacklist Pod::Functions::Functions on 5.18
       new  6a5b52c   Blacklist Win32 on 5.19
       new  fcc4b5b   Blacklist Carp::Heavy on 5.8
       new  4d4adc4   Blacklist Exporter::Heavy on 5.10
       new  799d719   Blacklist Win32API::File::ExtUtils::Myconst2perl on 5.12
       new  e84ed41   Blacklist Exporter::Heavy on 5.14
       new  bc932a4   Blacklist ExtUtils::Command::MM on 5.16
       new  07c84fc   Blacklist Win32 family on 5.18
       new  5f6e8fa   Blacklist Win32 family on 5.19
       new  5f5cd52   Blacklist DB_File on 5.8
       new  ce3e931   Blacklist ExtUtils::Command::MM on 5.10
       new  9e777ff   Blacklist autodie on 5.12
       new  fc19249   Blacklist ExtUtils::Command on 5.14
       new  03a6317   Blacklist ExtUtils::Liblist on 5.16
       new  2395d44   Ditch all this shit, try newer sterile technique
       new  d36b1e8   version, not array offset, dolt
       new  89395a2   use key for copy source, not value
       new  43bd265   Dirs will never be files, dolt
       new  45ce3a2   No partial progress spam
       new  7d68792   use depth 1
       new  fab9112   Update Changes/Generated content
       new  dece906   Synchronise git subtree maint-travis-ci
       new  8d47254   Increase Travis coverage
       new  0dbba8c   v0.2.2
       new  6b30edb   Use SingleEncoding
       new  844ba7f   Depend on MXAS 0.015
       new  c36da34   Update changes
       new  8d52dcb   v0.2.3
       new  7c85f77   Use float versions, use EUMM softly
       new  b88df13   Update critic tooling
       new  d3f0812   Use 5.008 and utf8
       new  e17050b   Add #AUTHORITY comment
       new  45cb44e   Move imports forward
       new  b47f322   Variable name cleanup
       new  de8756e   Spelling cleanup
       new  b3c4a93   Final == criticsm
       new  dda427a   Update Changes
       new  64df25c   Update readme
       new  2c1bd76   Add human change info
       new  3449414   Nuke subtree
       new  dd3569b   git subrepo clone maint-travis-ci
       new  feab425   Update travis config
       new  6a132be   Add aggregates
       new  9647f8c   v1.000000
       new  18278de   Drop FindDev deps
       new  f8b73de   Update aggregates
       new  681be51   update readme
       new  5ec568e   v1.000001
       new  f0158f4   Update changes format + Automated changes
       new  bc23682   Remove subrepo"
       new  d5a0b5b   Update travis conf
       new  6dc26d0   update critic
       new  f39accc   bakeini
       new  74f0d6d   Use bumpversions
       new  62089cb   Add LICENSE
       new  8ccfb93   Update release notes
       new  21a8613   v1.000002
       new  96e1c74   Post-release cleanup
       new  7302e16   update travis conf
       new  81ea9fe   Autochanges ( reportversion )
       new  c92396e   Autochanges(develop deps)
       new  dbab5de   reduce whitespace
       new  1a82bbe   v1.000003
       new  8debe6e   post-release cleanup
       new  807cde9   Autochanges
       new  9e620cb   Maintenance steps
       new  dc4258b   Set
       new  4577d5f   Cease use of MX::AttributeShortcuts to remove autobox 
indirect dependency
       new  7552592   Update critic rules
       new  4976162   Set V=1.001000
       new  f0042b5   Furnish a simple DESCRIPTION section for README
       new  188d174   v1.001000
       new  218ce6f   post-release cleanup
       new  f0b7460   Autonorm changes
       new  7c81e03   Rebacon
       new  ab79bd2   Add diagnostics on mtime test to see why it failed

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