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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.69

Adam Herzog (1):
      Reorganize directory structure.

Alex Kapranoff (1):
      Fix heuristic test fails on hosts in .su (or .uk) domains [RT#56135]

Brendan Byrd (1):
      Add sftp scheme

David Schmidt (1):
      Avoid failure if the local hostname is 'foo' (one more file) [RT#75519]

Gisle Aas (440):
      First revision.
      /e was optional.  Fix emacs.
      Almost compile regexps.  37% speed increase when using second argument to
      Added more documentation.
      Don't import from Carp.
      Removed trailing whitespace and unexpanded the text (replaced initial 
space with
      First revision.
      Special guessing for some countries.
      Special treatment of 'localhost'
      Added rules for '.il'.
      Function name change: uf_urlstr(), uf_url()
      Recognize simple mail adresses.
      Documentation update.
      use strict.  Added $VERSION.
      Added $VERSION.
      Esthetic change.
      First revision.
      sub base
      Added rel()
      Remove "" wrapping.
      Implemented $u->abs().
      Don't force abs_path when path is empty.
      use overload
      First revision.
      First revision.
      First revision.
      Added some files.
      Fixed some typos.
      Documentation clarifications.
      We will try to use fields.
      First revision.
      Added Changes.
      s/draft-fielding-uri-syntax-02/RFC 2396/g
      Converted things to use
      Made $u->abs and $u->rel work with new layout.
      Got rid of '_scheme' field.
      URL --> URI
      Incremented version number.
      Merged every string object change into the main branch.
      First revision.
      More stuff.
      When URI->new($str, URI::WithBase->new()) is called the _init() will
      First revision.
      Simplifed constructor by always handling $url argument as a string.
      Unescape authority component.
      Always stringify $url string component.
      New faster uri_unescape.  Default escaping chars changed.
      Note problem with with :..:.. paths.
      Added t/mix.t
      *** empty log message ***
      uri_escape will not escape "?" by default any more.
      Fixed the documentation.
      0.09 again.
      0.09 release notes.
      Handle "." and ".." path segments correctly.
      Escape % and ;
      Start of documentation.
      Start of documentation.
      Start of documentation.
      Simplified joining of path splitted.
      0.09_01 changes.
      More documentation.
      More documentation tweaks.
      First revision.
      Added class and dump methods.
      Added URI/
      It is less experimental now.
      Got rid of $STRICT and $DEFAULT_CLASS.
      Explain differences in interface.
      Some more POD markup.
      :relative as in Common Lisp
      First revision.
      New interface.
      First revision.
      Simplified, based on new interface.
      Fix path
      New interface.
      New interface.
      Path must begin with "/" when authority is present.
      URI/file/FAT &
      Dos path fixed again.
      Allow undef path again.
      Added file.t
      Test that passes now.
      0.09_02 changes.
      Documentation fixing.
      Documentation typo fix.
      _init() parameter order changed.
      URI->new() will not inherit base any more.  Use URI::WithBase->new() then.
      Fixed tests.
      Added documentation.
      Don't pass original $scheme argument to _init() method.
      New URI::URL::strict implementation.
      New version number.
      New content.
      Check for MIME::Base64 instead...
      More changes.
      equery supported by base class directly now.
      epath for URI::URL compatibility
      Implemented $uri->host_port method.
      Incremented version number.  Documented $uri->host_port
      Summarized 0.90_02 changes.
      Added URI->new_abs method.  Incremented version number.
      croak instead of die.
      Use new new_abs method.
      1.00 ready?
      Version 1.00
      MacOS patch from Paul J. Schinder.
      MacOS patch from Paul J. Schinder
      MacOS patches from Paul J. Schinder.
      Documentation patch from "Michael A. Chase" <>
      English patch from "Michael A. Chase" <>
      Documentation patch by "Michael A. Chase" <>
      Ready for 1.01
      Documentation update.
      First revision.
      URI::ldap from Grahams perl-ldap-0.10
      Adapted to the URI distribution.
      Fixed escaping.
      More tests.
      Test $uri->canonical
      Improved canonilize.
      Reference to ldap.
      Added URI::ldap
      Updated copyrights.
      More stuff.
      Use version 1.10 for the official release.
      Release 1.02
      Some debug code left over.
      Removed epath
      Nicer title line
      Disable test when the "OFFLINE" file is present.
      Make the netloc method work for mailto URI::URL emulation objects.
      More escaping of query components.
      Incremented version number.
      Escape all reserved query characters when setting query_keywords or
      Summarize 1.03 changes.
      /o flag to optimze $URI::scheme_re in abs() method.  Since
      Some extra tests.
      Fix this bug:
      Typo patch from Graham.
      Get rid of defined(@ISA).  Patch by Nathan Torkington <>.
      Prepare for 1.04
      First revision.
      First revision (almost as suggested by Dave Beckett 
      Added rsync and QNX support.
      First revision.
      QNX support.
      rsync documented.
      Update mailing list address.
      From:     lane (Charles Lane) @ DUPHY4.Physics.Drexel.Edu
      Version 1.06
      Pushed date a bit.
      Version 1.07
      More base testing.
      Support new_abs() constructor.  Handle "URI::URL" as base.
      Forgot to check this in for last release.
      _filter() and _scope() that does not default.
      Incorporated some old rejects.
      Test _filter and _scope
      uri_unescape in array context with multiple strings to decode
      Document multiple arguments to uri_unescape()
      Copyright 2000.
      First revision.
      Skip test if MIME::Base64 module is not available.
      Allow "-" in host names.
      August 1998
      Encode space in $u->query_form() using '+'.
      Added t/query.t
      There were actually 10 tests.
      Space in headers now encoded using '+'.
      Version 1.10
      Copyright 2001
      Document $u->xxx($1) problem.
      Summarized changes for release 1.10.
      Updated change entry for $u->query_form has now been taken.
      Release 1.11
      Make implementor() only want's to try to load support for valid schemes.
      Updating of base was bursted.
      Test clone.
      Release 1.12
      Documentation update.
      RFC 2732 support.
      Allow '/' in  argument.
      More RFC 2732 tweaks.
      Version 1.13
      Make it work on perl5.004
      Release 1.13
      Release 1.14
      Release 1.15
      From: "Sean M. Burke" <>
      New default for uri_escape().  Now reserved chars are also escaped.
      system() does not work with MacPerl.  Inline real code to fix for 
old perls
      Updated expected test results as the default for uri_escape() has now 
      Release 1.16
      Did not unescape %30 properly in $uri->canonical
      From: "Sean M. Burke" <>
      Avoid "Character in "c" format wrapped" warning in bleadperl
      Disable debug output by default.  Reenabled if test is passed a TRUE 
      Release 1.17
      Make sure cache is not set when the RE wouldn't compile.
      ssh: support.  Contributed by Jean-Philippe Bouchard 
      Don't try to come up with the e-mail address of the user as
      Release 1.18
      Removed some garabge that sneaked in on the last change.
      Guess better for ""
      Added href to
      Deal with file:///-URIs
      A little documentation tweak.
      Stringify base so we avoid keeping the whole history.  Various other 
      URI::URL->("x", "y")->base will return an URI::URL object now.
      Release 1.19
      The host for URI::file was not unescaped.
      White space tweaks for the POD.  Based on patch by Ville Skytt� 
      Legacy typo.  CPAN-RT-Bug 1224.
      First revision.
      Document the urn: scheme
      Allow specific URI::urn classes for different URN types.
      First revision.
      Added the URI::urn module (with isbn sample).
      Added urn-isbn test.
      Added specific support for urn:oid:.
      From: Matt Selsky <>
      From: Matt Selsky <>
      From: Matt Selsky <>
      RTSP modules.
      Don't complain about undef values for uri_unescape().
      Release 1.20.
      Restore perl-5.005 compatibility.
      One more file that need the \z treatment.
      Release 1.21
      Additional query methods.
      From: Ryan Kereliuk <>
      There was only 8 tests in this file.
      Added some documentation.
      sip: and sips: scheme documentation contributed by
      Documentation tweaks.
      Want query_param to return values when key is provided.
      Added test for URI::QueryParam
      Added URI::QueryParam to the distribution.
      More documentation tweaks.
      Release 1.22
      Do absolute lookups as suggested by Malcolm Weir <>
      Release 1.23
      Added a . to end the sentence
      tn3270 support is back.
      From: Warren Jones <>
      From: Ed Avis <>
      One more patch included.
      The rel method did not work when the authority did not match exactly.
      Added URI::Split module.
      Allow all uri_join() arguments to be undef
      Uncuddled elses.
      Reset $. when we start on the next file.
      rfc2396bis restores the rfc1808 behaviour for absolutising "?y".
      Use module name in name section.  Seems more standard now.
      I think this will confuse less.
      More proper escaping.
      Version 1.24.
      Document URI::Split.
      Reference URI::Split module.
      Release 1.24
      Want query_form to match behaviour of MSIE which do escape "[" and "]".
      Enable warnings on tests.
      Fix 'use of undef'-warnings during make test.  This module
      Allow literal '@' in userinfo.  If there are multiple '@' in the
      New test: ftp
      Release 1.25
      From: Ilya Zakharevich <>
      Help out Storable.  Patch by <>.
      Explain skipped.  Avoid blib warning in perl-5.6.
      Release 1.26.
      From: "William G. Davis" <>
      Release 1.27.
      Extent copyright to 2003
      Don't use [] to show optional argument.  Repeat argument list instead.
      The query_form() and query_keywords() methods now allow
      query_param_delete() was not able to delete the last parameter.
      Release 1.28
      Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 20:02:19 -0800
      Added support for ldaps as requested by Graham Barr.
      Support ldapi:
      Implemented un_path method for ldapi URIs.
      New ldap classes.
      Tweaks to the description of ldapi: and ldaps:
      Release 1.29
      From: "Croome, Paul" <>
      Release 1.30.
      Avoid failure on $u->query_form(a => { foo => 1 }).
      Try to escape high chars.
      Implemented uri_escape_utf8.
      Document uri_escape_utf8().
      perl-mode indents strangly.
      From: Ville Skytt� <>
      Release 1.31
      Introduce variable $URI::file::DEFAULT_AUTHORITY.
      Cleanup.  "return undef" instead of bare "return".
      URI::file->new_abs() ignored $os argument.
      Must not add auth to relative file names.
      Export %OS_CLASS.
      Hide helper methods.
      Ask for old behaviour so that the tests pass.
      Test new behaviour.
      Release 1.32
      Make URI::file->canonical try to set authority to $DEFAULT_AUTHORITY.
      Apparently is no more.
      Release 1.33
      One more 1.33 feature.
      Fixed up bad advice.
      Make $uri->canoniacal always unescape the unreserved chars.
      Release 1.34
      Help Test::Harness print better error message.
      Don't trigger bug in perl-5.6.0
      Simplify as suggested by Alexey Tourbin in
      Explain why we don't do the %uXXXX escapes that Javascript's escape()
      Explain how absolute paths are mapped to path_segments.
      Release 1.35.
      GEOFFR: add some tests for gopher URIs [RT#29211]
      JDHEDDEN: lc(undef) reports warning in blead [RT#32742]
      From: Bjoern Hoehrmann <>
      Export uri_escape_utf8() by default.  The docs already claimed it was. 
      Check that URI::file->cwd works under taint.
      Get rid of the CVS $Keywords$.
      Adjustments for the git repo.
      Convert to  Added some extra tests.
      Keep a copy of RFC 3986 around for reference.
      BDFOY: Test fails with Business::ISBN installed [RT#33220]
      Change log summary for R1.36.
      Support ";" delimiter in $u->query_form
      Release 1.37
      Add ; to code example so that ActivePerl's syntax coloring kicks in.
      Avoid "Insecure $ENV{PATH} while running with -T switch" error with 
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Release 1.38
      Fill in META.yml
      Test exactly the DNS names we care about [RT#36554]
      Release 1.39
      2nd attempt to get heuristic.t to pass [RT#36554]
      Added more tests for setting IPv6 addresses using the host method
      Document how the host methods deal with IPv6 addresses
      A "test case" to start IDNA prototype from
      Escape IDNA hostnames
      Introduce the as_unicode method
      Make as_unicode undo punycode for server URLs
      An IRI class might be helpful (RFC 3987)
      Must punycode each part of the domain name separately
      Include initial private Punycode module
      Get URI::_punycode working
      punycode of plain ascii should not edit with "-"
      Some more tests from RFC 3492
      Add private URI::_idna module based on encodings/
      Start using URI::_idna for encoding of URIs
      Avoid various use of undef warnings
      Fix test affected by IDNA
      Keep reference to IDNA::Punycode in the URI::_punycode docs
      Ensure upgraded strings as input
      Update manifest with the new idna/punycode files
      Rename as_unicde to as_iri
      draft-duerst-iri-bis-07: The proposed RFC 3987 update
      Load Encode when its used
      Rename host_unicde as ihost
      Add basic iri test
      Hack to make as_iri turn A-labels into U-labels
      Make as_iri leave escapes not forming valid UTF-8 sequences
      Merge branch 'iri'
      Don't include RFCs in the cpan tarball
      Release 1.50
      Don't chdir and then try lame attempt at fixing up @INC
      use strict && use Test
      Release 1.51
      Encode::decode('UTF-8',...) with callback implemented in 2.39
      %%host%% hack can be removed when URI::_server::as_iri works
      Don't croak on IRIs that can't be IDNA encoded
      IDNA roundtrip test on wrong variable
      Check behaviour when feeded URI constructor Latin-1 chars
      Add some test examples from draft-duerst-iri-bis.txt
      Need to recognize lower case hex digits as well
      Release 1.52
      Bump MIN_PERL_VERSION to 5.6.1 [RT#54078]
      Test 8 didn't pass (failure introduced by 70e812cfa)
      Release 1.53
      Release 1.54
      Treat ? as a reserved character in file: URIs
      " is not a URI character [RT#56421]
      Release 1.55 also need to work for tests 6..12
      Use a mockied gethostbyname for testing
      Release 1.56
      Convert test to use Test::More
      Adjust tests for query_form
      Avoid "Use of uninitialized value"-noise from query_form
      State test dependencies [RT#61538]
      We also depend on ExtUtils::MakeMaker
      State 5.8 dependency in the META.yml file
      Release 1.57
      Revert "Distingush between empty and undef values in query_form 
      Release 1.58
      Increment version number [RT#69041]
      More version number bumps
      Don't need to work around lack of \z-support any more
      Specify Mac classic as past history
      URIs should be utf8::downgraded() internally [RT#70161]
      Document how Unicode strings are treated by the URI constructor
      Release 1.59
      Make query_form() encoded "\n" as "%0D%0A" for HTML/4.01 compliance
      Merge pull request #4 from hiratara/fix-repourl
      Updated repository URL
      Avoid failure if the local hostname is 'foo' [RT#75519]
      Revert "Make query_form() encoded "\n" as "%0D%0A" for HTML/4.01 
      Release 1.60
      Provide ->has_recognized_scheme test [RT#71204]
      Define $URI::data::VERSION [RT#77099]
      Singleton attributes should't return empty lists

Jan Dubois (1):
      We get different test result when doesn't resolve.

John Miller (1):
      Distingush between empty and undef values in query_form [RT#62708]

Karen Etheridge (69):
      Merge pull request #14 from dex4er/porting/android
      use File::Temp for randomized tempdir
      remove occasional tabs
      changelog for 1.61
      tighten up entries
      bump main version to 1.61
      bump all versions lower than 1.61
      pull in default content from ExtUtils::Manifest
      newly-generated MANIFEST file
      remove all remaining uses of "use vars"
      resolve "Unescaped left brace in regex is deprecated" warning (new in 
      use strict and warnings in all modules, tests and scripts
      Switch from manually setting @ISA to "use parent"
      ignore my todo list
      import Exporter's import rather than subclassing it
      changelog for changes made so far
      convert this test to Test::More
      apply patch from RT#96941 to fix new "\C is deprecated in regex" warning 
in 5.21.2
      add TODO test for encoding issue in escape_char
      add prereq declaration for utf8
      prepare for 1.62 release
      ignore .ackrc
      commit MANIFEST additions made in 1.62
      remove duplicate changelog entry
      fix MANIFEST.SKIP entry
      with the recent changes in URI::Escape, some tests now fail on older perls
      prepare for 1.63 release
      Revert "with the recent changes in URI::Escape, some tests now fail on 
older perls"
      force a fetch in advance of using $1, for older perls (see RT#96941) - 
patch from Eric Brine
      faster way to split a string by character (patch from Eric Brine in 
      bump Test::More prereq to 0.96, for subtest without explicit plan
      improved Makefile.PL, with more accurate metadata (no prereq changes here)
      also ignore our own untarred dist dir
      prepare for 1.64 release
      license is properly perl_5
      stop calling UNIVERSAL::isa as a function
      implement TO_JSON
      use strict utf8 validation in this test
      prep for release of 1.65
      building a dist should be allowed to finish even if it warns
      Merge pull request #20 from adamherzog/reorganize-directory-structure
      ignore build artifact new to EUMM 7.04
      make manifest
      changelog for github #20
      add irc channel to metadata
      dd an author test for MANIFEST/MANIFEST.SKIP consistency, and fix issues
      prep for 1.66 release
      remove superfluous whitespace
      skip test before trying to load Test::DistManifest
      prep for 1.67 release
      bump version to 1.68
      add a bit of extra safety in case the prereqs get weird
      specify the required version right where we use it
      generate a README from the main module pod
      generate a LICENSE
      add authority to metadata
      add contributors to metadata
      modernize URI::sftp
      remove the use of global warnings, which can expose suppressed warnings 
in third-party modules
      drop the use of
      prep for release of 1.68
      remove redundant MANIFEST.SKIP entries
      bump version to 1.69
      add $VERSIONs to all modules that lack them
      Changes note for URI::sftp docs
      fix these typoed entries
      commit regenerated README
      remove unneeded shebang
      release prep for version 1.69

Kenichi Ishigaki (1):
      URI::Heuristic didn't work for generic country code [RT#35156]

Kent Fredric (1): Sort hash keys if given a hash.

Mark Stosberg (8):
      typo fix: s/do deal/to deal/
      best practice: s/foreach /for /
      Whitespace: fix inconsistent use of tabs vs spaces
      Code style: fix inconsistency with subroutine braces at the end of the
      Modernize: s/use vars/our/ ... since we require 5.6 as a minimum version 
      Whitespace: fix indentation so blocks are consistently indented
      Add formal terms "Percent-encode" and "Percent-decode" to the NAME and 
description to match the RFC
      Drop support for Perl < 5.8.1

Masahiro Honma (1):
      Fix the URL of the repository.

Matt Lawrence (1):
      Do not reverse the order of new parameters

Michael G. Schwern (5):
      Fix != overloading to match ==
      Note that mailto does not contain a host() and this is not a bug.
      Strip brackets off IPv6 hosts [RT#34309]
      Rewrite the URI::Escape tests with Test::More
      Update URI::Escape for RFC 3986

Olaf Alders (5):
      Move URI::sftp into lib folder.
      Add new tests to MANIFEST
      Update changes for 1.68
      Add sftp schema to docs.
      Clarify how query_param method is to be used.

Peter Rabbitson (1):
      Fix RT#59274 - courtesy of a stupid 5.8.[12] join bug

Piotr Roszatycki (1):
      Use $ENV{TMPDIR} if defined

Salvatore Bonaccorso (1):
      Suppress wide caracters warnings in iri.t [RT#53737]

Slaven Rezic (2):
      added a missing $
      Add new test script t/path-segments.t

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa (1):
      skip DNS test if wildcard domain catcher (e.g. OpenDNS) is there

Torsten Förtsch (1):
      Avoid test failure unless defined $Config{useperlio}

Ville Skyttä (12):
      Spelling fixes.
      Documentation spelling fixes.
      Refer to JavaScript encodeURIComponent() instead of encodeURI(), it's 
closer to uri_escape_utf8().
      Remove unneeded execute permissions.
      Add $uri->secure() method.
      Documentation and comment spelling fixes.
      Fix heuristics when COUNTRY is set to "gb".
      Use HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE, LC_ALL, and LANG in country heuristics.
      POD linking improvements.
      Guess HTTPS and FTP from URI::Heuristic input with port but no scheme.
      Try harder to guess scheme from hostnames besides just "$scheme.*" ones.
      Comment spelling fixes.

gerard (1):
      Escaping multi-byte characters [RT#15294]

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.69


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