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      from  0873e5e   update changelog
       new  107bbdd   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  ce02a7b   Update debian/changelog
      adds  f86bd80   First revision.
      adds  94efc29   /e was optional.  Fix emacs.
      adds  9940ee7   Almost compile regexps.  37% speed increase when using 
second argument to uri_escape().
      adds  5145328   Added more documentation. Passing undef to uri_escape() 
is now ok. uri_unescape() might take multiple values.
      adds  4e8f2df   Don't import from Carp.
      adds  9fa03e5   Removed trailing whitespace and unexpanded the text 
(replaced initial space with tab where possible.)
      adds  e33ee0b   First revision.
      adds  637c597   Special guessing for some countries.
      adds  2dbd2d7   Special treatment of 'localhost'
      adds  f5c8685   Added rules for '.il'.
      adds  813281d   Function name change: uf_urlstr(), uf_url() Support 
      adds  bdfcf6d   Recognize simple mail adresses.
      adds  d8f8fee   Documentation update.
      adds  7942b62   use strict.  Added $VERSION.
      adds  0cbced2   Added $VERSION.
      adds  8c4a5dc   Esthetic change.
      adds  8d6d4d1   First revision.
      adds  021b51e   sub base
      adds  6492a81   Added rel()
      adds  2cc250c   Remove "" wrapping.
      adds  9856f3b   Implemented $u->abs().
      adds  828b576   Don't force abs_path when path is empty.
      adds  76f4d4a   use overload
      adds  02466ed   First revision.
      adds  9011a9e   First revision.
      adds  28c0706   First revision.
      adds  fb5ea2c   Added some files.
      adds  ac7ecdc   Fixed some typos.
      adds  d41210f   Documentation clarifications.
      adds  7f03a1c   We will try to use fields.
      adds  14e184a   First revision.
      adds  fd6f83a   Added Changes.
      adds  5edecab   s/draft-fielding-uri-syntax-02/RFC 2396/g
      adds  01ae4d5   Converted things to use
      adds  666f60f   Made $u->abs and $u->rel work with new layout.
      adds  451524d   Got rid of '_scheme' field.
      adds  542a33d   make_accessor_method
      adds  b05b6c8   abs_path_query.
      adds  4878e0e   URL --> URI
      adds  961326a   Incremented version number.
      adds  ee593ea   Merged every string object change into the main branch.
      adds  71fed18   Bye.
      adds  7871d7f   First revision.
      adds  f844ed1   More stuff.
      adds  1826614   When URI->new($str, URI::WithBase->new()) is called the 
_init() will be invoked.
      adds  dab16a0   First revision.
      adds  bcc0be9   Simplifed constructor by always handling $url argument as 
a string.
      adds  0d93ab3   OK.
      adds  c908eb2   Unescape authority component.
      adds  999bc24   Always stringify $url string component.
      adds  41e3529   New faster uri_unescape.  Default escaping chars changed.
      adds  3df31f0   Note problem with with :..:.. paths.
      adds  819bef1   Added t/mix.t
      adds  baa5cdf   *** empty log message ***
      adds  8a3df8a   uri_escape will not escape "?" by default any more.
      adds  c72db3e   Fixed the documentation.
      adds  841aa31   0.09 again.
      adds  026f549   0.09 release notes.
      adds  9b1af3d   0.10
      adds  0a737ff   Handle "." and ".." path segments correctly.
      adds  692cc2b   Escape % and ;
      adds  53f95d0   Start of documentation.
      adds  38c28bb   Start of documentation.
      adds  b4c7d62   Start of documentation.
      adds  f2b699d   0.09_01.
      adds  2f71066   Simplified joining of path splitted.
      adds  bfbeb7e   0.09_01 changes.
      adds  3a69bae   _no_scheme_ok() First argument to eq() can now be a plain 
string. More documentation.
      adds  00e8bb4   _no_scheme_ok().
      adds  43cf5af   More documentation.
      adds  7859a5e   More documentation tweaks.
      adds  df66325   First revision.
      adds  bd74c10   Added class and dump methods.
      adds  45370fd   Added URI/
      adds  6a7784c   It is less experimental now.
      adds  4da903a   Got rid of $STRICT and $DEFAULT_CLASS.
      adds  923097c   Explain differences in interface.
      adds  fbefd5c   Some more POD markup.
      adds  cf851b7   URI::_foreign
      adds  71a4f5b   :relative as in Common Lisp Allow UNC with forward 
      adds  cffd342   First revision.
      adds  08cc251   New interface.
      adds  df24c6a   First revision.
      adds  aa7c63b   Simplified, based on new interface.
      adds  911ec0f   Fix path
      adds  243fecf   New interface.
      adds  b6510e5   New interface.
      adds  4f7b960   Path must begin with "/" when authority is present.
      adds  297e704   URI/file/FAT &
      adds  57adc44   Dos path fixed again.
      adds  87a1d53   Allow undef path again.
      adds  9532d30   Added file.t
      adds  2495da8   Test that passes now.
      adds  83cc9ef   0.09_02 changes.
      adds  dd474a2   Documentation.
      adds  7e4989e   Documentation fixing.
      adds  656952d   Documentation typo fix.
      adds  bfd7f14   _init() parameter order changed.
      adds  a0d240f   URI->new() will not inherit base any more.  Use 
URI::WithBase->new() then.
      adds  c396290   Fixed tests.
      adds  94c0e43   Added documentation.
      adds  0a424c9   Don't pass original $scheme argument to _init() method. 
The constructor now adds "scheme:" to URIs that must have them. Updated 
      adds  3ef6077   New URI::URL::strict implementation.
      adds  b2c8790   New version number.
      adds  5a9b7e2   New content.
      adds  e337a40   Check for MIME::Base64 instead...
      adds  5c88025   More changes.
      adds  49850e2   Typo.
      adds  97c525b   equery supported by base class directly now.
      adds  749da81   equery
      adds  8f5753c   epath for URI::URL compatibility
      adds  9cb6df6   Implemented $uri->host_port method.
      adds  860bcdb   Incremented version number.  Documented $uri->host_port
      adds  8974e39   Summarized 0.90_02 changes.
      adds  ea35582   Added URI->new_abs method.  Incremented version number.
      adds  54a07de   croak instead of die.
      adds  7b594a4   Use new new_abs method.
      adds  69a6da2   1.00 ready?
      adds  e4f5e0a   Version 1.00
      adds  6dee496   MacOS patch from Paul J. Schinder.
      adds  f9c7319   MacOS patch from Paul J. Schinder
      adds  1a40610   MacOS patches from Paul J. Schinder.
      adds  11f5377   Documentation patch from "Michael A. Chase" 
      adds  b5a99d4   English patch from "Michael A. Chase" 
      adds  47c6d99   Documentation patch by "Michael A. Chase" 
      adds  47a646d   Ready for 1.01
      adds  f7c070f   Documentation update.
      adds  ad64aed   First revision.
      adds  349306c   URI::ldap from Grahams perl-ldap-0.10
      adds  09351cc   Adapted to the URI distribution.
      adds  5b20e11   Fixed escaping.
      adds  6f5d025   More tests.
      adds  146a1ba   Test $uri->canonical
      adds  44128ef   Improved canonilize.
      adds  f7fd677   Reference to ldap.
      adds  c611572   Added URI::ldap
      adds  731d01b   Updated copyrights.
      adds  79817e0   More stuff.
      adds  2b0fa74   Use version 1.10 for the official release.
      adds  5fa7fc6   Release 1.02
      adds  eda1d45   Some debug code left over.
      adds  accb9fb   Removed epath
      adds  dd56852   Nicer title line
      adds  3c635ce   Disable test when the "OFFLINE" file is present.
      adds  ba61d8d   Make the netloc method work for mailto URI::URL emulation 
      adds  bf59765   More escaping of query components.
      adds  3c2ef78   Incremented version number.
      adds  1a48ed0   Escape all reserved query characters when setting 
query_keywords or query_form.
      adds  05a74a5   Summarize 1.03 changes.
      adds  a98612a   /o flag to optimze $URI::scheme_re in abs() method.  
Since $uri->scheme always will be lowercased, we can depend on it when 
comparing schemes.
      adds  0c131db   Some extra tests.
      adds  718a332   Fix this bug:
      adds  167fbae   Typo patch from Graham.
      adds  feccd40   Get rid of defined(@ISA).  Patch by Nathan Torkington 
      adds  88862a8   Prepare for 1.04
      adds  3bf9f91   Typo.
      adds  31c3e98   First revision.
      adds  b4215af   First revision (almost as suggested by Dave Beckett 
      adds  7382eb1   Added rsync and QNX support.
      adds  1115b09   First revision.
      adds  4e3dbd1   QNX support.
      adds  0700ac5   2000.
      adds  3d1e36e   1.05/2000
      adds  ae44840   rsync documented.
      adds  ec44a9a   1.05
      adds  4c56004   Update mailing list address.
      adds  8a62bc0   From:     lane (Charles Lane) @ DUPHY4.Physics.Drexel.Edu 
Subject:  [patch URI 1.05] VMS mods To:       gisle @ Date:     Mon, 3 
Apr 2000 10:58:46 EDT
      adds  ab524bc   2000
      adds  27410f0   Version 1.06
      adds  9155ad6   1.06
      adds  187ba9c   Pushed date a bit.
      adds  cd5a5b8   Version 1.07
      adds  f912b93   More base testing.
      adds  9a392df   1.07
      adds  a45acb2   Support new_abs() constructor.  Handle "URI::URL" as base.
      adds  ff998da   Copyright.
      adds  b3127d3   Forgot to check this in for last release.
      adds  d829caa   _filter() and _scope() that does not default.
      adds  6d3a837   Incorporated some old rejects.
      adds  88e4e77   1.08
      adds  085da70   Test _filter and _scope
      adds  e3dbf9e   t/escape.t
      adds  1094eb3   uri_unescape in array context with multiple strings to 
decode did not work.  Patch by Nicholas Clark <>.
      adds  fd785fc   Document multiple arguments to uri_unescape()
      adds  99a864f   Copyright 2000.
      adds  9a32c3d   1.09
      adds  c265a8c   First revision.
      adds  ee67e43   Skip test if MIME::Base64 module is not available.
      adds  79701c0   Allow "-" in host names.
      adds  9aef606   August 1998
      adds  c06aadc   Encode space in $u->query_form() using '+'. Also, 
$u->query_form() should return the empty list if the query is not a form (i.e. 
is missing a '=')
      adds  f84c278   Added t/query.t
      adds  d252081   There were actually 10 tests.
      adds  ecb8cfa   Space in headers now encoded using '+'.
      adds  6ee6ebb   Version 1.10
      adds  f1a0cb0   Copyright 2001
      adds  269343d   Document $u->xxx($1) problem.
      adds  1234753   Summarized changes for release 1.10.
      adds  b2c01cd   Updated change entry for $u->query_form
      adds  ac9c0c3 has now been taken.
      adds  99ad2e7   Release 1.11
      adds  6b1f2e7   Make implementor() only want's to try to load support for 
valid schemes.
      adds  877c972   Updating of base was bursted. The clone method was 
bursted too.
      adds  cca09f0   Test clone.
      adds  a0e3814   Release 1.12
      adds  b89e7b4   Documentation update.
      adds  0bae1c2   RFC 2732 support.
      adds  daf17dd   Allow '/' in  argument.
      adds  5c2d100   More RFC 2732 tweaks.
      adds  e379951   Version 1.13
      adds  e6e0d74   Make it work on perl5.004
      adds  f705917   Release 1.13
      adds  39e8312   Release 1.14
      adds  42d1293   Release 1.15
      adds  08e253c   From: "Sean M. Burke" <> Subject: truth 
and reconciliation in URI::WithBase To: Date: Fri, 24 Aug 
2001 01:06:49 -0600
      adds  4a3b1a9   New default for uri_escape().  Now reserved chars are 
also escaped.
      adds  74b2225   system() does not work with MacPerl.  Inline real code to 
fix for old perls
      adds  11d2f04   Updated expected test results as the default for 
uri_escape() has now changed.
      adds  e14b02c   Release 1.16
      adds  4f27036   Did not unescape %30 properly in $uri->canonical
      adds  f2ed7a5   From: "Sean M. Burke" <> Subject: Re: 
Deciphering a spammer's URL To: "Rodney Wines" <>, Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 19:49:55 -0600
      adds  48c17f8   Avoid "Character in "c" format wrapped" warning in 
      adds  d58b0f4   Disable debug output by default.  Reenabled if test is 
passed a TRUE argument.
      adds  ed4d08d   Release 1.17
      adds  89315dc   Make sure cache is not set when the RE wouldn't compile. 
<> suggested a fix.  Applied patch suggested by Randal L. 
      adds  3054984   ssh: support.  Contributed by Jean-Philippe Bouchard 
      adds  7f1e29d   Don't try to come up with the e-mail address of the user 
as the anonymous password.  Patch by Eduardo P�rez <>.
      adds  e0e4b64   URI/ssh
      adds  9211f0a   Release 1.18
      adds  f873333   Removed some garabge that sneaked in on the last change.
      adds  d0de94c   Guess better for ""
      adds  89566b2   Added href to
      adds  28da2e7   Deal with file:///-URIs
      adds  e38cadf   A little documentation tweak.
      adds  cf9b5e2   Stringify base so we avoid keeping the whole history.  
Various other tweaks.
      adds  4ace045   URI::URL->("x", "y")->base will return an URI::URL object 
      adds  909a948   Release 1.19
      adds  45b7cd8   The host for URI::file was not unescaped. Patch by Ville 
Skytt� <>.
      adds  b60b7dd   White space tweaks for the POD.  Based on patch by Ville 
Skytt� <>.
      adds  9fa0288   Legacy typo.  CPAN-RT-Bug 1224.
      adds  660c814   First revision.
      adds  1631694   Document the urn: scheme
      adds  5fb6636   Allow specific URI::urn classes for different URN types.
      adds  0f598da   First revision.
      adds  7e082c3   Added the URI::urn module (with isbn sample).
      adds  6be7b83   Added urn-isbn test.
      adds  0c68517   Added specific support for urn:oid:.
      adds  22075db   From: Matt Selsky <> Subject: 
additional modules for URI package To: Date: Tue, 16 Jul 
2002 02:30:25 -0400
      adds  05bbf6a   From: Matt Selsky <> Subject: Re: 
additional modules for URI package To: Gisle Aas <> Date: 
Wed, 17 Jul 2002 01:49:16 -0400
      adds  081f63b   From: Matt Selsky <> Subject: Re: 
additional modules for URI package To: Gisle Aas <> Date: 
Wed, 17 Jul 2002 01:49:16 -0400
      adds  f863d7d   RTSP modules.
      adds  b5de509   Don't complain about undef values for uri_unescape(). 
Needed after the 4.12 change to URI/
      adds  7ffeb4c   Release 1.20.
      adds  ba065d2   Restore perl-5.005 compatibility.
      adds  6d800e7   One more file that need the \z treatment.
      adds  b4558d0   Release 1.21
      adds  649efd7   Additional query methods.
      adds  27cd191   From: Ryan Kereliuk <> Subject: URI::sip 
and URI::sips subclass + test To: Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 
15:44:56 -0600
      adds  e81add0   There was only 8 tests in this file.
      adds  801ef58   Added some documentation.
      adds  7613108   sip: and sips: scheme documentation contributed by Ryan 
Kereliuk <>.  He also discovered how bad I am with "it's" vs 
      adds  46e242e   Documentation tweaks.
      adds  73086c4   Want query_param to return values when key is provided.
      adds  a9a9705   Added test for URI::QueryParam
      adds  203d574   Added URI::QueryParam to the distribution.
      adds  61a39f9   More documentation tweaks.
      adds  b5ca6c2   Release 1.22
      adds  b8980e8   Do absolute lookups as suggested by Malcolm Weir 
      adds  fbe3ca4   Release 1.23
      adds  b11d7d0   Added a . to end the sentence
      adds  2b64b9f   tn3270 support is back.
      adds  edffad3   From: Warren Jones <> Subject: Fix for (recogizing UNC paths) To: Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002 
12:11:12 -0700 Organization: Fluke Corporation
      adds  495aeb4   From: Ed Avis <> Subject: Re: 
URI::Heuristic: should it call hostfqdn() on loading? To: Gisle Aas 
<> cc: Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 10:15:09 
+0100 (BST)
      adds  9aa1665   One more patch included.
      adds  6ac515a   The rel method did not work when the authority did not 
match exactly. This fixes Ticket #2558
      adds  29248a3   Added URI::Split module.
      adds  ffa5ae7   Allow all uri_join() arguments to be undef
      adds  43ccbe5   Uncuddled elses.
      adds  340ce76   Reset $. when we start on the next file.
      adds  1bbce5f   rfc2396bis restores the rfc1808 behaviour for 
absolutising "?y". See
      adds  a261ae3   Use module name in name section.  Seems more standard now.
      adds  c25ba1e   I think this will confuse less.
      adds  9a6362b   More proper escaping.
      adds  8f491d1   Version 1.24.
      adds  1b5d09c   Document URI::Split.
      adds  82c387f   Reference URI::Split module.
      adds  35d9318   Release 1.24
      adds  72a89c9   Typo.
      adds  9b58e1c   Want query_form to match behaviour of MSIE which do 
escape "[" and "]". These chars were added to the reserved set in RFC 2732.
      adds  5029e42   Enable warnings on tests.
      adds  3ef6bfa   Fix 'use of undef'-warnings during make test.  This 
module seems still to be broken in similar ways for the other methods. And it 
does not escape parts properly when it sets values.
      adds  b010df1   Allow literal '@' in userinfo.  If there are multiple '@' 
in the 'authority' component use the last (instead of first) as the 'userinfo' 
      adds  a0695c2   New test: ftp
      adds  fbcafc7   Release 1.25
      adds  abddc48   From: Ilya Zakharevich <> Subject: 
[PATCH] URI test failure on OS/2 To: Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 
19:07:57 -0700
      adds  1ad1234   Help out Storable.  Patch by <>.
      adds  fa337b0   Explain skipped.  Avoid blib warning in perl-5.6.
      adds  5123cd4   Release 1.26.
      adds  bdd19fc   From: "William G. Davis" <> 
Subject: not standards compliant: croaks when it shouldn't. To: Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2003 23:29:57 -0700 (PDT) Reply-To:
      adds  36b7ac0   Release 1.27.
      adds  995cec0   Extent copyright to 2003
      adds  e427e1b   Tweaks.
      adds  942b68e   Don't use [] to show optional argument.  Repeat argument 
list instead.
      adds  96fbed6   The query_form() and query_keywords() methods now allow 
array or hash reference as argument when setting the query.
      adds  13f0c5b   query_param_delete() was not able to delete the last 
      adds  a1d85e4   Release 1.28
      adds  0ea61e8   Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 20:02:19 -0800 From: Dan Sully 
<> To: Subject: URI patch to add mms:// 
Message-ID: <>
      adds  8c33845   Added support for ldaps as requested by Graham Barr.
      adds  9eb024a   Support ldapi:
      adds  61d34e3   Implemented un_path method for ldapi URIs.
      adds  47633c2   New ldap classes.
      adds  c5eba8e   Tweaks to the description of ldapi: and ldaps:
      adds  83f1cdb   Release 1.29
      adds  af2050d   From: "Croome, Paul" <> 
Subject: To: <> Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 16:07:46 
      adds  8ef99f2   Release 1.30.
      adds  dff5951   Avoid failure on $u->query_form(a => { foo => 1 }). Based 
on feedback from Torbj�rn Lindahl <>.
      adds  7178c60   Try to escape high chars.
      adds  a629e23   Implemented uri_escape_utf8.
      adds  afd1989   Document uri_escape_utf8().
      adds  9ec1ee0   perl-mode indents strangly.
      adds  0a9bf1b   From: Ville Skytt� <> Subject: [PATCH] 
Make URI::sip honor the new_abs(), abs(), rel() contract To: LWP mailing list 
<> Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2004 18:41:44 +0300
      adds  ad4c5d2   Release 1.31
      adds  ac1cac7   Introduce variable $URI::file::DEFAULT_AUTHORITY.
      adds  f7fa1e6   Cleanup.  "return undef" instead of bare "return".
      adds  823eda0   URI::file->new_abs() ignored $os argument.
      adds  6274e82   Must not add auth to relative file names.
      adds  869a908   Export %OS_CLASS.
      adds  1f86336   Hide helper methods.
      adds  cb2227f   Ask for old behaviour so that the tests pass.
      adds  b7be644   Test new behaviour.
      adds  2fa6481   Release 1.32
      adds  23568bb   Make URI::file->canonical try to set authority to 
      adds  150e097   Apparently is no more.
      adds  4c74d81   Release 1.33
      adds  8649d6e   One more 1.33 feature.
      adds  8e6f500   Fixed up bad advice.
      adds  9267fe2   Make $uri->canoniacal always unescape the unreserved 
chars. Previously this only happened for the http scheme.
      adds  4b402a6   Release 1.34
      adds  4b41dff   Help Test::Harness print better error message.
      adds  fecb412   Don't trigger bug in perl-5.6.0
      adds  854b83a   Simplify as suggested by Alexey Tourbin in
      adds  6479232   Explain why we don't do the %uXXXX escapes that 
Javascript's escape() function does.
      adds  a728958   Explain how absolute paths are mapped to path_segments.
      adds  97619fc   Release 1.35.
      adds  0f6fec1   GEOFFR: add some tests for gopher URIs [RT#29211]
      adds  418bb22   JDHEDDEN: lc(undef) reports warning in blead [RT#32742]
      adds  4d011d1   From: Bjoern Hoehrmann <> Subject: 
Base64 data: URLs vs url encoding To: Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 
08:56:28 +0200
      adds  b1afa89   Export uri_escape_utf8() by default.  The docs already 
claimed it was. [RT#18304]
      adds  28cc9e2   Check that URI::file->cwd works under taint.
      adds  8c716ab   Get rid of the CVS $Keywords$. They don't work much under 
      adds  c840d85   Adjustments for the git repo.
      adds  afdbf44   Convert to  Added some extra tests.
      adds  48e0781   Keep a copy of RFC 3986 around for reference.
      adds  78a5cc3   BDFOY: Test fails with Business::ISBN installed [RT#33220]
      adds  1b62ac3   Escaping multi-byte characters [RT#15294]
      adds  930f80e   Change log summary for R1.36.
      adds  3ea8c43   We get different test result when doesn't 
      adds  d549f27   Support ";" delimiter in $u->query_form
      adds  ff6eea2   URI::Heuristic didn't work for generic country code 
      adds  d28b0a7   Release 1.37
      adds  da5499e   Add ; to code example so that ActivePerl's syntax 
coloring kicks in.
      adds  e4e7bfe   Avoid "Insecure $ENV{PATH} while running with -T switch" 
error with perl-5.6.
      adds  dda096b   Spelling fixes.
      adds  4af5412   skip DNS test if wildcard domain catcher (e.g. OpenDNS) 
is there
      adds  fbc369c   Documentation spelling fixes.
      adds  9350591   Refer to JavaScript encodeURIComponent() instead of 
encodeURI(), it's closer to uri_escape_utf8().
      adds  7472ff5   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  ef23663   Release 1.38
      adds  6e40012   Fill in META.yml
      adds  bc44119   Test exactly the DNS names we care about [RT#36554]
      adds  3926019   Release 1.39
      adds  1f555ea   2nd attempt to get heuristic.t to pass [RT#36554]
      adds  dabea3c   Fix != overloading to match ==
      adds  24e05ae   Note that mailto does not contain a host() and this is 
not a bug.
      adds  7492904   Strip brackets off IPv6 hosts [RT#34309]
      adds  ce3c0b1   Added more tests for setting IPv6 addresses using the 
host method
      adds  b537ac1   Document how the host methods deal with IPv6 addresses
      adds  f55abbf   A "test case" to start IDNA prototype from
      adds  a9ee32f   Escape IDNA hostnames
      adds  db77e15   Introduce the as_unicode method
      adds  3c2c497   Make as_unicode undo punycode for server URLs
      adds  5d8e5a1   An IRI class might be helpful (RFC 3987)
      adds  bd01080   Must punycode each part of the domain name separately
      adds  8a7065e   Include initial private Punycode module
      adds  42de554   Get URI::_punycode working
      adds  965f098   punycode of plain ascii should not edit with "-"
      adds  557a215   Some more tests from RFC 3492
      adds  f62034e   Add private URI::_idna module based on encodings/
      adds  b78d158   Start using URI::_idna for encoding of URIs
      adds  38c8b89   Avoid various use of undef warnings
      adds  9d15c07   Fix test affected by IDNA
      adds  c8f0261   Keep reference to IDNA::Punycode in the URI::_punycode 
      adds  48d9ee3   Ensure upgraded strings as input
      adds  ebaac6f   Update manifest with the new idna/punycode files
      adds  c95422c   Rename as_unicde to as_iri
      adds  6de6e2d   draft-duerst-iri-bis-07: The proposed RFC 3987 update
      adds  4216d8c   Load Encode when its used
      adds  de83c78   Rename host_unicde as ihost
      adds  bfd43c8   Add basic iri test
      adds  280962b   Hack to make as_iri turn A-labels into U-labels
      adds  b1a7706   Make as_iri leave escapes not forming valid UTF-8 
      adds  d1bf8e0   Merge branch 'iri'
      adds  ddf841b   Don't include RFCs in the cpan tarball
      adds  2bbd768   Release 1.50
      adds  8f282e9   Don't chdir and then try lame attempt at fixing up @INC
      adds  2e7c908   use strict && use Test
      adds  8af481f   Release 1.51
      adds  7890fe1   Encode::decode('UTF-8',...) with callback implemented in 
      adds  e1bf358   %%host%% hack can be removed when URI::_server::as_iri 
      adds  64f3cbb   Don't croak on IRIs that can't be IDNA encoded
      adds  3a583e9   IDNA roundtrip test on wrong variable
      adds  39b7ed1   Check behaviour when feeded URI constructor Latin-1 chars
      adds  be1ec53   Add some test examples from draft-duerst-iri-bis.txt
      adds  7a2788a   Need to recognize lower case hex digits as well
      adds  3b27987   Release 1.52
      adds  06cb7e1   Suppress wide caracters warnings in iri.t [RT#53737]
      adds  026d5de   Remove unneeded execute permissions.
      adds  cc44daf   Rewrite the URI::Escape tests with Test::More
      adds  a3a2e2c   Update URI::Escape for RFC 3986
      adds  6a21081   Bump MIN_PERL_VERSION to 5.6.1 [RT#54078]
      adds  445ec21   Add $uri->secure() method.
      adds  cca6c81   Documentation and comment spelling fixes.
      adds  e982efe   Fix heuristics when COUNTRY is set to "gb".
      adds  70e812c   Use HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE, LC_ALL, and LANG in country 
      adds  ff66905   POD linking improvements.
      adds  7191b4d   Test 8 didn't pass (failure introduced by 70e812cfa)
      adds  88a40c3   Release 1.53
      adds  64971a3   Fix heuristic test fails on hosts in .su (or .uk) domains 
      adds  601f518   Release 1.54
      adds  8e33656   Avoid test failure unless defined $Config{useperlio}
      adds  d68f481   Treat ? as a reserved character in file: URIs
      adds  6b6a2c7   " is not a URI character [RT#56421]
      adds  706b8d6   Release 1.55
      adds  2dfa864 also need to work for tests 6..12
      adds  900fdff   Use a mockied gethostbyname for testing
      adds  be99a89   Release 1.56
      adds  0300132   Guess HTTPS and FTP from URI::Heuristic input with port 
but no scheme.
      adds  2378af6   Try harder to guess scheme from hostnames besides just 
"$scheme.*" ones.
      adds  62086db   typo fix: s/do deal/to deal/
      adds  f43297d   best practice: s/foreach /for /
      adds  1b6bc4b   Whitespace: fix inconsistent use of tabs vs spaces
      adds  cfb868f   Code style: fix inconsistency with subroutine braces at 
the end of the line vs below it.
      adds  3e02229   Modernize: s/use vars/our/ ... since we require 5.6 as a 
minimum version now
      adds  bbeef30   Whitespace: fix indentation so blocks are consistently 
      adds  5e14caf   Add formal terms "Percent-encode" and "Percent-decode" to 
the NAME and description to match the RFC
      adds  fec082d   Drop support for Perl < 5.8.1     Perl 5.8 was released 
almost 10 years ago. It's time.
      adds  493e6f2   Convert test to use Test::More
      adds  7594213   Distingush between empty and undef values in query_form 
      adds  dadef8c   Adjust tests for query_form
      adds  f231a61   Avoid "Use of uninitialized value"-noise from query_form
      adds  e1cdc35   State test dependencies [RT#61538]
      adds  01acfb4   We also depend on ExtUtils::MakeMaker
      adds  cbf100f   State 5.8 dependency in the META.yml file
      adds  04678c7   Release 1.57
      adds  f202246   Revert "Distingush between empty and undef values in 
query_form [RT#62708]"
      adds  6276f5c   Release 1.58
      adds  6d2e004   Increment version number [RT#69041]
      adds  8783e99   More version number bumps
      adds  7e13cf1   Don't need to work around lack of \z-support any more
      adds  a6f3b99   Specify Mac classic as past history
      adds  8803283   URIs should be utf8::downgraded() internally [RT#70161]
      adds  a939134   Document how Unicode strings are treated by the URI 
      adds  a211a0e   Release 1.59
      adds  dd80e79   Make query_form() encoded "\n" as "%0D%0A" for HTML/4.01 
      adds  187ac24   Fix the URL of the repository.
      adds  3e60a78   Merge pull request #4 from hiratara/fix-repourl
      adds  915349c   Fix RT#59274 - courtesy of a stupid 5.8.[12] join bug
      adds  63e7730   Do not reverse the order of new parameters
      adds  70b5f93   Updated repository URL
      adds  f94f982   Avoid failure if the local hostname is 'foo' [RT#75519]
      adds  a79d276   Revert "Make query_form() encoded "\n" as "%0D%0A" for 
HTML/4.01 compliance"
      adds  1ce8b35   Release 1.60
      adds  83fbf44   Avoid failure if the local hostname is 'foo' (one more 
file) [RT#75519]
      adds  34bf38d   Provide ->has_recognized_scheme test [RT#71204]
      adds  b4c7de8   added a missing $
      adds  a606455   Define $URI::data::VERSION [RT#77099]
      adds  4a83898   Comment spelling fixes.
      adds  3dd72de   Singleton attributes should't return empty lists
      adds  232d8f2   Use $ENV{TMPDIR} if defined
      adds  76c941e   Merge pull request #14 from dex4er/porting/android
      adds  b76e884   use File::Temp for randomized tempdir
      adds  531ccb5   remove occasional tabs
      adds  4b2f78a   changelog for 1.61
      adds  c8bed2e   tighten up entries
      adds  fe818d9   bump main version to 1.61
      adds  481fab8   bump all versions lower than 1.61
      adds  19a7286   pull in default content from ExtUtils::Manifest
      adds  c402af3   newly-generated MANIFEST file
      adds  70a17ba   remove all remaining uses of "use vars"
      adds  94bd02f   resolve "Unescaped left brace in regex is deprecated" 
warning (new in 5.21.1)
      adds  294d919   use strict and warnings in all modules, tests and scripts
      adds  312e841   Switch from manually setting @ISA to "use parent"
      adds  457206f   ignore my todo list
      adds  575a10c   import Exporter's import rather than subclassing it
      adds  e03b1f9   changelog for changes made so far
      adds  90e11b8   convert this test to Test::More
      adds  7e03cdd   apply patch from RT#96941 to fix new "\C is deprecated in 
regex" warning in 5.21.2
      adds  2dc24d3   add TODO test for encoding issue in escape_char
      adds  fa596ce   add prereq declaration for utf8
      adds  b15e366   prepare for 1.62 release
      adds  62d7a0a   ignore .ackrc
      adds  afd2970   commit MANIFEST additions made in 1.62
      adds  359a70c   remove duplicate changelog entry
      adds  3a52d2b   fix MANIFEST.SKIP entry
      adds  d0163ec   with the recent changes in URI::Escape, some tests now 
fail on older perls
      adds  8782cc2   prepare for 1.63 release
      adds  5ea3dac   Revert "with the recent changes in URI::Escape, some 
tests now fail on older perls"
      adds  e7aa4a6   force a fetch in advance of using $1, for older perls 
(see RT#96941) - patch from Eric Brine
      adds  3bdb8dd   faster way to split a string by character (patch from 
Eric Brine in RT#96941)
      adds  fa1ec43   bump Test::More prereq to 0.96, for subtest without 
explicit plan
      adds  26f1ae5   improved Makefile.PL, with more accurate metadata (no 
prereq changes here)
      adds  6e523e6   also ignore our own untarred dist dir
      adds  61c147a   prepare for 1.64 release
      adds  20367ba   license is properly perl_5
      adds  97ab11c   stop calling UNIVERSAL::isa as a function
      adds  d47fc46   implement TO_JSON
      adds  18347c7   use strict utf8 validation in this test
      adds  d140883   prep for release of 1.65
      adds  4871ac3   building a dist should be allowed to finish even if it 
      adds  a7ce24a   Reorganize directory structure.
      adds  3851013   Merge pull request #20 from 
      adds  96c32bb   ignore build artifact new to EUMM 7.04
      adds  bca6d57   make manifest
      adds  f182834   changelog for github #20
      adds  937b286   add irc channel to metadata
      adds  a8a4318   dd an author test for MANIFEST/MANIFEST.SKIP consistency, 
and fix issues
      adds  c6c5a2d   prep for 1.66 release
      adds  70b0e4e   remove superfluous whitespace
      adds  3db3dba   skip test before trying to load Test::DistManifest
      adds  404772b   prep for 1.67 release
      adds  e5f9c52 Sort hash keys if given a hash.
      adds  4fd7ab9   Add new test script t/path-segments.t
      adds  fd9b6c9   Add sftp scheme
      adds  76dcaa6   Move URI::sftp into lib folder.
      adds  01bf6b3   Add new tests to MANIFEST
      adds  58651eb   Update changes for 1.68
      adds  dc1ce90   bump version to 1.68
      adds  d91759a   add a bit of extra safety in case the prereqs get weird
      adds  959f5b3   specify the required version right where we use it
      adds  c397ff3   generate a README from the main module pod
      adds  b3c055e   generate a LICENSE
      adds  6e2cc44   add authority to metadata
      adds  9508aa1   add contributors to metadata
      adds  fd023f0   modernize URI::sftp
      adds  a21f04a   remove the use of global warnings, which can expose 
suppressed warnings in third-party modules
      adds  34a3d31   drop the use of
      adds  14cd6cf   prep for release of 1.68
      adds  f3878eb   remove redundant MANIFEST.SKIP entries
      adds  b63a6c1   bump version to 1.69
      adds  7a1aeb1   add $VERSIONs to all modules that lack them
      adds  e60a59c   Add sftp schema to docs.
      adds  df8bf9e   Changes note for URI::sftp docs
      adds  d221683   Clarify how query_param method is to be used.
      adds  2de1480   fix these typoed entries
      adds  33bc388   commit regenerated README
      adds  57ac9f3   remove unneeded shebang
      adds  e558bc9   release prep for version 1.69
      adds  0421829   Imported Upstream version 1.69
       new  f65260a   Merge tag 'upstream/1.69'
       new  988d29a   Update debian/changelog
       new  f6ca111   Update years of packaging copyright.
       new  32093e6   Bump debhelper compatibility level to 9.
       new  e3e2c7e   Reformat debian/control with cme
       new  1e99cad   Mark package as autopkgtest-able.
       new  375ef7e   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.6.
       new  fbecfed   Drop libnet-perl from Depends.
       new  f5648ce   releasing package liburi-perl version 1.69-1

The 11 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                        |  50 +++
 LICENSE                        | 379 +++++++++++++++++++++++
 MANIFEST                       | 109 +++----
 META.json                      |  41 ++-
 META.yml                       |  36 ++-
 Makefile.PL                    |  46 ++-
 README                         | 683 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--
 debian/changelog               |  15 +-
 debian/compat                  |   2 +-
 debian/control                 |   9 +-
 debian/copyright               |   2 +-
 debian/upstream/metadata       |   8 + => lib/           |   9 +-
 {URI => lib/URI}/     |   2 +-
 {URI => lib/URI}/  |   2 +-
 {URI => lib/URI}/        |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/ |  13 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/      |   4 +-
 {URI => lib/URI}/        |   2 +-
 {URI => lib/URI}/   |   5 +-
 {URI => lib/URI}/   |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/   |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/      |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/      |   2 +-
 {URI => lib/URI}/     |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/  |   2 +-
 {URI => lib/URI}/     |   4 +-
 {URI => lib/URI}/   |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/    |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/  |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/       |   2 +-
 {URI => lib/URI}/       |   0
 {URI => lib/URI}/file/  |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/file/   |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/file/   |   2 +-
 {URI => lib/URI}/file/   |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/file/   |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/file/  |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/file/ |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/        |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/     |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/       |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/      |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/       |   2 +-
 {URI => lib/URI}/      |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/      |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/     |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/        |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/       |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/       |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/        |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/     |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/      |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/       |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/      |   2 +
 lib/URI/                |  10 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/        |   2 +-
 {URI => lib/URI}/       |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/      |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/        |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/     |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/     |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/        |   2 +
 {URI => lib/URI}/urn/   |   0
 {URI => lib/URI}/urn/    |   2 +
 t/abs.t                        |   2 -
 t/clone.t                      |   2 -
 t/cwd.t                        |   6 +-
 t/data.t                       |   2 -
 t/distmanifest.t               |  11 +
 t/escape.t                     |   2 -
 t/file.t                       |   2 +-
 t/ftp.t                        |   2 -
 t/generic.t                    |   2 -
 t/gopher.t                     |   2 -
 t/heuristic.t                  |   2 -
 t/http.t                       |   2 -
 t/idna.t                       |   2 -
 t/iri.t                        |   6 +-
 t/ldap.t                       |   2 -
 t/mailto.t                     |   2 -
 t/mix.t                        |   2 -
 t/mms.t                        |   2 -
 t/news.t                       |   2 -
 t/num_eq.t                     |   2 -
 t/old-absconf.t                |   2 -
 t/old-base.t                   |   2 -
 t/old-file.t                   |   2 -
 t/old-relbase.t                |   2 -
 t/path-segments.t              |  33 ++
 t/pop.t                        |   2 -
 t/punycode.t                   |   2 -
 t/query-param.t                |   2 -
 t/query.t                      |   2 -
 t/rel.t                        |  16 +-
 t/rfc2732.t                    |   2 -
 t/roy-test.t                   |   2 -
 t/rsync.t                      |   2 -
 t/rtsp.t                       |   2 -
 t/sip.t                        |   2 -
 t/sort-hash-query-form.t       |  22 ++
 t/split.t                      |   2 -
 t/             |   2 -
 t/storable.t                   |   2 -
 t/urn-isbn.t                   |   2 -
 t/urn-oid.t                    |   2 -
 t/utf8.t                       |   2 -
 107 files changed, 1480 insertions(+), 201 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 LICENSE
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 rename => lib/ (99%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (99%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (99%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (96%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (94%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (97%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (99%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (95%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (77%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (99%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (98%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (99%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (89%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (99%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (96%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (94%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (99%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (97%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (99%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (100%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/file/ (98%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/file/ (95%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/file/ (99%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/file/ (95%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/file/ (92%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/file/ (97%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/file/ (98%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (97%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (99%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (94%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (83%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (99%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (94%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (83%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (98%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (80%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (98%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (81%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (98%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (81%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (88%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (80%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (80%)
 create mode 100644 lib/URI/
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (98%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (83%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (86%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (86%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (81%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (81%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/ (98%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/urn/ (100%)
 rename {URI => lib/URI}/urn/ (91%)
 create mode 100644 t/distmanifest.t
 create mode 100755 t/path-segments.t
 create mode 100644 t/sort-hash-query-form.t

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