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      from  7a63feb   update changelog
       new  e956096   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  4519aca   Update debian/changelog
      adds  83c43eb   Directory for svk import.
      adds  169144c   Initial shell for Catalyst-Manual
      adds  cb93c9d   Moving Catalyst::Manual from Catalyst-Runtime to 
Catalyst-Manual dist
      adds  4be096a   updated C::Manual's MANIFEST; it's ready for use
      adds  d442cc9   Moving tutorial POD here
      adds  5e60262   Catalyst::Manual is now in the correct state.
      adds  2e13b90   fix a typo in
      adds  a0b8cf3   sync version number with makefile
      adds  3dcf2e2   Minor adjustment on reference to Task::Catalyst::Tutorial
      adds  8ae4746   svk-commitBGCdt.tmp
      adds  07db5f0   svk-commitBGCdt.tmp
      adds  cc765b4   version bump for 5.7005
      adds  d6a4622   manual 5.700501
      adds  3d9ae33   pointed out why the tutorial reference implementations 
are there :P
      adds  d712b82   Fix URL to match Catalyst-Manual.  Thanks to Jose María 
Sánchez de Ocaña for noticing this.
      adds  e74b1cd   fixed bit on session stores in Auth Tut
      adds  0897471   applying doc patch regarding :Private from Troy Davis
      adds  09f13e1   doc improvements
      adds  31bdf27   add .fcgi to the end of fastcgi paths
      adds  dd88c3b   mention that catalyst developers need catalyst::devel; 
bump catalyst version to 5.7 patch from jshirley.
      adds  3801748   Replaced WritingPlugins with ExtendingCatalyst (phaylon)
      adds  b7c570a   editorial work on extendingcatalyst.  Sorry, auto-filled 
before editing so diff is going to be screwy
      adds  7a600bf   added gentle warning about TTSite
      adds  ac37983   oops, removed ambiguity
      adds  76b32c6   WritingPlugins refers to ExtendingCatalyst now
      adds  14942ba   Added ExtendingCatalyst takeover to unloved Changes file
      adds  527a829   bump C::M version number for release
      adds  8dbc5a5   switch to Module::Install. fix up changes file. fix up 
some invalid pod.
      adds  8f45565   add strict to fix up Makefile.PL
      adds  3cca835   added lighttpd static deployment recipe
      adds  c1c35b0   oops fixed broken space bar errors
      adds  ad2a47a   Update dev server info in the Cookbook, took out warnings 
about IE and added more info about POE
      adds  5edc2aa   shlomi fish "patch" *sigh*
      adds  c718cfb   abraxxa's uri_for parent path explanation and some word 
wrap formatting
      adds  a300559   Thanks for Shlomi for a variety of fixes.
      adds  392906f   Update mailing list URLs
      adds  d90f54e   removal of redundant information while keeping the cpan 
indexer happy
      adds  7cfd8dc   updates to respective ::Manual pages to try to keep cpan 
and users happy
      adds  43abe2c   fixed botched version no
      adds  8428e94   cookbook patch thanks to bits
      adds  64fad53   why do I always forget to update Changes
      adds  58a04c5   update version
      adds  1972ebd   add explanation of CatalystX:: to manual; cleanup 
ExtendingCatalyst a bit
      adds  9d49ae0   fix sqlite CLI util name to sqlite3 to save people from 
'encrypted or not a database' errors
      adds  7d36d4a   bump version to 5.701003
      adds  cae937d   variable escaping issue [rindolf]
      adds  8c4a511   variable escaping issue [rindolf]
      adds  6d0971a   change example to match new Auth realms API
      adds  4f8ea4b   method name changed from login() to authenticate()
      adds  f632e28   Tweaking authenticate call and related text
      adds  b2aea8f   fixed documentation referring to deprecated Catalyst::Base
      adds  47a7927   typo oops
      adds  ed4d8e9   Replace DefaultEnd with RenderView
      adds  1338d10   rename back to
      adds  47a25d2   update Changes
      adds  792ad33   add text to L<> to avoid nonsense
      adds  22a6721   pod fix
      adds  dd76179   clean up changes file
      adds  be59772   update pod and podcoverage tests to match cat dist
      adds  2d0526d   updated manual
      adds  3778bcb   authorization doc fix
      adds  1def4a2   Some initial updates for a new tutorial.
      adds  50211f3   Fix typo in Intro.pod & add new header to AdvancedCRUD.pod
      adds  b80f58e   Add AdvancedCRUD "cover page" and stub files for 
FormBuilder.pod and FormFu.pod
      adds  fb67849   Fix typos.
      adds  3533daf   Rework tutorial.  Lots of things changed, but key items 
include: new content in CatalystBasics from Gerda S, move most of old 
CatalystBasics to MoreCatalystBasics, fix Authentication and Authorization, add 
PostgreSQL code from Louis M, etc.
      adds  c010ae0   yaml expurgation and placeholders for a couple of 
upcoming tutorial articles
      adds  15e1d0b   Add additional information for transition from YAML to 
      adds  bb2dbfb   fixing dynamic/static mix-up
      adds  45d511e   Cleanup other references to myapp.yml to myapp.conf
      adds  dc9a050   Add back warning that got deleted.
      adds  19c4908   tweaking warning against using create=dynamic
      adds  e13f83c   Fix reference to .yml file in debug log.
      adds  056394a   Runtime/Devel changes
      adds  d049619   Convert schema to MyApp::Schema, convert model to DB, 
misc adjustments
      adds  f31c1c3   Add warning about system clocks being in sync with IE and 
remove warning about -k
      adds  25ed8f4   Forgot to add Ubuntu quick time sync command to prev 
      adds  ae49286   
      adds  4299d9f   expurgating deprecated default and index actions
      adds  85d49fb   finalising default and index :Private expurgation
      adds  f473043   ready for release
      adds  955bdf3   final pre-release tweak to manual
      adds  cca5cd9   Initial update for AdvancedCRUD/FormFu.pod Add warning 
about StackTrace to MoreCatalystBasics.pod
      adds  9cb64a3   Add select to form and comments to config file
      adds  45c7830   Fix date
      adds  d682d02   First pass through add form with constraints and 
filtering.  Hope to add edit feature next.
      adds  59d6a03   Add edit/update section & misc updates
      adds  14e5ed6   Escape > chars and fix uri_for
      adds  9ad715b   Fix erroneous "Part #" cross references between parts of 
the tutorial.
      adds  0909d46   added password
      adds  0171092   added foolproof yaml
      adds  ee47dd2   change author
      adds  26a9168   bump version
      adds  6f3c19b   added a test :P
      adds  1fba236   lets use config::General
      adds  ca7528d   moving to use parent stuff for docs
      adds  3e9fd9c   tidy up changes file a bit
      adds  905a3a2   Minor: typo and format fixes
      adds  8a7c515   Apply patch from Adrian Lai to clean up a few out of date 
bits in the tutorials
      adds  816fc50   Added ProxyPass ignores for static files. Removed 
C::E::HTTP::POE and replaced with ::Prefork instead
      adds  0c51850   ec2 images, and some typo corrections
      adds  b411df0   rollback to use Catalyst qw/@plugins/
      adds  779cf50   Fix Template Toolkit website link (RT #37574)
      adds  c347179   some idiot forgot to hit save
      adds  aa0e9d8   version 5.7x not 7.7x
      adds  166c90a   Fixed 4 minor typos
      adds  2b6c29a   Fix part numbering (RT #37963)
      adds  6c3e46a   typo fixing
      adds  79a529c   Fix some typos and point out about converting to .conf 
file formats in Auth part
      adds  55beb65   Changed some Template Toolkit links to perldoc links (RT 
      adds  9555f8a   fixed error regarding naming of the Catalyst::View
      adds  a8df13c   clarified something about :Path and :Local similarities
      adds  54c2daa   Applied doc patch from lucs
      adds  f76813a   remove MyApp::auto
      adds  5fefca3   Removing invalid and confusing references to id_field
      adds  f279297   Applied doc patch from martins to improve the formfu 
      adds  0cc6ab5   improvements to ACCEPT_CONTEXT docs
      adds  a0c5188   Remove a reference to a FOREACH loop that did not exist 
(RT #39046)
      adds  0f7605f   prep release
      adds  bb7d119   Fix 2 typos - thanks to JGK
      adds  9567408   Update license
      adds  8482d55   Update license
      adds  865d3ef   Update for Ubuntu 8.10, update license, misc updates
      adds  c89d3e0   Fixing the typos introduced during the last typo fix ;-)
      adds  1390ef0   Remove TTSite in favor of manually created wrapper 
template and css Update and test for Ubuntu 8.10 (Cat 5.7014, C::Devel 1.07, 
DBIC 0.08010, etc.) Change flow of MoreCatalystBasics.pod (eg, use incremental 
build where run in smaller chunks) Change from "use Catalyst" to 
"__PACKAGE__->setup()" Whitespace cleanup Move TT Debugging section from 
MoreCatalystBasics.pod to Debugging.pod Misc edits
      adds  ab0db55   Update for Ubuntu 8.10 (HTML::FormFu v0.03006)
      adds  6daaedc   Take a couple of patches from the mailing list I have 
been sat on for months
      adds  20a4dd9   Fix the manual to encourage you to use MRO::Compat, 
rather than Class::C3 directly
      adds  82ab4bb   Update URL for latest copy in SVN to match new location 
of repo
      adds  cd9a3ff   Prep for release
      adds  2c12849   Fix URLs for final code tarballs (thx to K Gatdula)
      adds  191dee2   Minor adjustments to tutorial.  Mention tests fail in 
5.7014 for Part8.
      adds  ffeb744   Update "how to install cat" advice and misc minor updates.
      adds  6a72d1b   Add fix for failing test to Testing.pod
      adds  474c24b   Update thanks for tutorial (include dhoss)
      adds  2b75577   Update method used to free up disk space for live CD
      adds  94d8da4   Misc updates with thanks to JC Wren
      adds  028b4e1   Misc updates to adjust Parts 8 & 9 and update their final 
tarball code
      adds  51e85db   Misc fixes
      adds  533fee7   Pre-release updates
      adds  cf582e9   Minor updates: Fix filename for initial tests and latest 
H::FormFu version
      adds  c93b5ea   Comment on how to do more advanced stuff with DBIC and 
provide links; also add back a sentence on DBIC terminology that somehow got 
deleted a long time ago.
      adds  518f385   minor typo
      adds  7edc548   Fix Bug #42034
      adds  6abd302   Update style for path_to
      adds  09a9651   fixed old and meaning-changing typo; thanks, Mark Fowle
      adds  9a4214e   minor fixes
      adds  4feda61   typo fix (RT #42091)
      adds  4dc2dec   add Changes entries
      adds  c2dfb56   Resolve outstanding typo and suggestions in 
MoreCatalystBasics (RT #41491)
      adds  fed95b6   added info about wiki
      adds  3c27830   Fix typo (thanks to David Steiner)
      adds  fe01b24   Add comment/warning about simple links for changes to 
      adds  5fe0e6d   Tutorial patch
      adds  de966eb   TTSite cleanups and further deprecation in 
      adds  757230e   Spell the poor guys name right
      adds  492f2dd   mention prefork engine
      adds  aee2748   Apply manual patch from Del Merritt
      adds  89d3dae   Draft update to add Chained dispatch
      adds  dfb6399   Fix DBIC create for MySQL in Appendix (Jarom)
      adds  f5988ef   Add some "getting started" links to the Catalyst::Manual 
      adds  a6d800a   Added link to using other databases, per user request in 
      adds  813d364   Replaced user/dname from catmyapp/mycatapp to 
      adds  8a0214b   Fix .yml -> .conf typo
      adds  994b66a   Misc updates to factor out find()'ing an object into a 
common 'object' method and store the resultset inside 'base'
      adds  b2ad8bb   Improve use of uri_for() to use action_for()
      adds  e075db0   Misc updates in support of moving to Chained
      adds  4e1c810   Update Changes to reflect recent updates
      adds  0416017   More updates for Chained.  Rewrite the discussion about 
different action types and move it into MoreCatalystBasics.pod.
      adds  245b41d   More updates to action type summary based on input from 
      adds  8a7951a   Changed reference to "user base" into "use parent" to 
match code
      adds  fbbb908   Misc edits to fix & adjust things found during testing 
all the code from Part 3 through Part 8
      adds  bd8307d   Prep for release
      adds  b0eca00   Add comment about salt
      adds  d0e8c36   pod fix, thanks Janus
      adds  26c9cad   Prev fix should have moved the "=over 4" vs. removing it 
to balance out "=back"
      adds  1435672   Suggestions and fixes with thanks to Murray Walker (along 
with a few other minor adjustments)
      adds  c5d9418   Reword warning about not using GET for delete based on 
input from kd Change wording of "heading" for starter links in C::M
      adds  feb4555   Update the "DBIC terminology" based on input from MST.  
Put in a note about "load_namespaces" with some tips on how to get started.  
Hope to migrate full to "load_namespaces" soon.
      adds  565a85d   Fix name
      adds  1cde0fd   Add a new section to BasicCRUD covering more advanced 
features of DBIC ("EXPLORING THE POWER OF DBIC") plus a few other minor changes
      adds  8b8937d   Fix minor typos
      adds  0e71fc1   minor typo
      adds  fadc4ae   Adjust indentation a bit
      adds  c16b23a   Update version number required for 
Catalyst::Model::DBIC::Schema to avoid warnings
      adds  7c6892d   Oops, missing a couple C::M::DBIC::Schema version 
      adds  acbd7bd   Convert from Ubuntu to Debian 5 live CD as the 
recommended way to do the tutorial (all code and examples updated and tested to 
match) Removed Catalyst::Plugin::Authorization::ACL from Authorization.pod in 
favor of a "chained and model-based" approach at the urging of MST More 
conversion to Chained dispatch Lots of other small adjustments
      adds  a5af636   Prep for release
      adds  5549081   Fixed typos and missing words in BasicCRUD
      adds  636ba9f   Fixed menton to "flash" to point to part 4 of the 
tutorial (no longer mentioned in part 3).
      adds  4b4d388   Change from the use of "part" to refer to each .pod file 
for the tutorial in favor of the more intuitive word "chapter."
      adds  4ab6212   Move use of "load_namespaces" for DBIC from BasicCRUD to 
MoreCatalystBasics Update the "Table of Contents" in Tutorial.pod to match the 
current sections Prep for release
      adds  ccc9b2b   Fix errors in FormFu.pod (thanks to Adam Witney). Prep 
for release.
      adds  faa6f5b   Fix minor typo
      adds  8a472b3   Remove C<> from =head line b/c they look ugly on CPAN
      adds  9ffab57   fixed roadmap link
      adds  896ec18   Fix escaping issue (thanks to Evan Carroll for pointing 
this out)
      adds  a586a09   Add reminder about not totally skipping Intro.pod
      adds  7260929   light edits, mostly typo-like
      adds  4d63a0d   assorted doc tweaks in Tutorial
      adds  709ea2f   Fix reference to non-existant class
      adds  7817077   Some notes and changed examples for using Moose in MyApp. 
There is more stuff to write about here - ideas welcome
      adds  d6ea2bc   Revised action descriptions - should come in a more 
logical order and information added
      adds  11876a3   Small fix, changelog
      adds  d05dbc4   Fix typo in Timestamp -> TimeStamp (with thanks to Kiffin 
      adds  845ef40   More Intro cleanup, specifically adding a comment on what 
missing out :Args means
      adds  fa02531   Updates to ExtendingCatalyst, more to come
      adds  ebde193   Add comment about possible warnings in Template::Base and 
log levels
      adds  27909ed   Remove DBIC "create=dynamic" section.  Hopefully someone 
will proofread this for typos.
      adds  7e8cd00   POD typo corrected.
      adds  efdadde   Switch to use of DBIx::Class::EncodedColumn and 
      adds  8e571e4   Remove section of code that's no longer required now that 
we are using SimpleDB
      adds  56a2fe2   Remove old hack for Data::Dumper that should no longer be 
      adds  c3cf3bc   Add code in case users prefer to use myapp.conf for auth 
      adds  a46b474   Convert to more of a mixture of "DBIC" and "DBIx::Class" 
as per suggestion from Castaway Remove out of date XSUB hack from 
Authorization.pod Other minor adjustments
      adds  e179eee   Completely revamp the PostgreSQL section in 
Appendices.pod and make sure it runs
      adds  ed259a3   Catch changelog up with recent changes
      adds  85c3415   Bump required Module::Install version in everything. 
      adds  0230769   Prep for release
      adds  278f816   Add note about removing mod_deflate when pages hang with 
      adds  98fd842   Added note on placing myapp.db on the app's basedir 
before creating model
      adds  c4fa597   Add note about non-standard database config and SimpleDB
      adds  28c32bc   Fix comment (and make it match earlier section)
      adds  3b98e49   Remove create=dynamic stuff left around by mistake (with 
thanks to garu)
      adds  87236f0   small typo
      adds  a70cede   Fix typos and add clarifying comments about using "sub 
      adds  ffb3eec   Add repository resource to all the MI Makefile.PLs
      adds  325bc0f   Suggestion from Stefan Kangas about "un-indenting" code 
in Emacs (thanks, Stefan)
      adds  3b1fa91   Merge from depluralization branch
      adds  418ded0   Update for latest prebuilt debian version numbers
      adds  3ab6187   Add numbers back to names of chapters
      adds  fce83e5   Initial set of tutorial edits to go along with 
depluralization update. Add warning about putting too much code into TT 
template and show how to factor it out in a new section of 04_BasicCRUD.pod Add 
RenderView dump_info=1 section. Remove TT 2.15 hack out of main flow since not 
many should run into that any more.
      adds  2a6eb5f   Finish review for depluralization and related updates
      adds  1c96f14   Update ToC for switch to numbered Chapters
      adds  5988477   Update for 5.80
      adds  25b7b34   Include huge thanks to Kiffin Gish for work on "database 
      adds  bd0700f   Update changelog for recent activity
      adds  6d97b97   Get comments back in sync between chapters (with thanks 
to Anne Wainwright)
      adds  8a10189   Contribution by Sebastian Willert about Cat 5.8 and Moose 
(thanks Sebastian!)
      adds  23cf3a3   Expand roles section to contain specific docs on caveats, 
and version numbers when things work. Also give better explanation, and link 
the appropriate part of the Moose manual
      adds  d237e05   Fix very minor typo
      adds  4d719c7   Munge content into different places, and edits for 
correctness + best practices
      adds  339313c   Prep for release
      adds  f68b710   Minor formatting fixes.  Get make test to run cleanly.
      adds  cc0ef55   RT#46159 - Fix typo (thanks to brunobuss)
      adds  683b9ce   Initial plug for books
      adds  b814470   Fix minor typo
      adds  58193af   Moved BindLex to obsolete plugins and added FormFu to 
      adds  d672dfd   Fix typos in appendix emacs note and misplaced quote in 
07_Debugging.pod - Thanks to Stefan Kangas Remove bogus escaping in command of 
      adds  4370705   RT #46618 fix
      adds  1ee1c3c   fix typo for cat-install script
      adds  14483b4   log
      adds  3f3d414   C::Manual - little Cookbook update (PAR creation)
      adds  3f043f4   Fix typo (Gerda Shank)
      adds  276c469   instructions on how to read the tutorial
      adds  d7db915   replace reference to deprecated 
CatalystX::ListFramework::Builder with Catalyst::Plugin::AutoCRUD
      adds  5a82cb3   changed linebreak position to avoid arrow "->" be 
represented as "- >"
      adds  51cafe1   fixed tabbing on changes file
      adds  b1a08fe   Shitload of ::Manual fixes, add some FIXMEs which I'll 
get to shortly
      adds  ad60b48   hyperlinked with() to point to Moose/with
      adds  e91e320   Expand CatalystAndMoose somewhat, re-arrange the 
DevelopmentProcess docs some more, and start adding better info on 
contributing, other misc cleanups
      adds  ca7329b   typo-fixing, light rewriting in DevelopmentProcess
      adds  614b484   fix PathPart typo
      adds  bbddff0   Loads of cleanup / updating work
      adds  6047cb1   Fix svn and git uris
      adds  46a5f2f   jester++ # A million spelling/grammar/typo corrections
      adds  5521f17   Fix unicode plugin docs in -Manual
      adds  2583e9e   Put Manual::Plugins back as a stub so we don't have 
finding old versions on CPAN issues
      adds  08cb655   Add fixme
      adds  601573b   Added 'use MooseX::MethodAttributes ();' for roles and 
      adds  2ad51a6   Show the new way of doing things
      adds  eecdf6e   Clean up and add to the docs about forwarding.
      adds  a481d68   Make =head1 NAME match the filename
      adds  3efd2fa   Double stupid the there. What was I doing when I did 
that, idiot
      adds  1d3a9ff   Prep for release
      adds  7c09881   Minor fixes
      adds  a7b39a0   Fix a Test::Pod failure and make Debian happier.
      adds  663a29b   Fixed some typos
      adds  1294e83   intall -> install
      adds  444d6b2   Update tutorial for latest versions of Cat-related 
modules for Debian. Misc cleanup/freshing up of tutorial. A few bug fixes from 
RT. Still need to wrap up Ch 7 - 10 before pushing to cpan.
      adds  c312468   Another Pod fix, RT#51488
      adds  1b4425c   Pod patch to Cookbook
      adds  e8556da   Fix indenting issue (with thanks to Kiffin Gish)
      adds  f34d7f6   Update version numbers to match current versions in 
debian and add package that now has to be manually installed 
      adds  a467a71   Update version numbers and misc adjustments
      adds  6290bf8   Integrate tome fix branch (with thanks to tome!)
      adds  87058ad   Add a "negative" test to confirm that test02 does not 
have an admin create link
      adds  429e784   Integrate sqlite3 clarification and link by wolfman2000 
from tutorial_role_updates branch
      adds  0abc72e   Add FormHandler branch (with thanks to gshank!)
      adds  2314f85   Update FormFu AdvancedCRUD section to use pre-build 
debian packages and include a few minor fixes Add 
libhtml-formfu-model-dbic-perl to list of installed debian packages
      adds  17fc21e   Prep for build (5.8002)
      adds  9887a87   Fix this issue: 
lib/Catalyst/Manual/Tutorial/03_MoreCatalystBasics.pod (566): 
L<text|scheme:...> is invalid according to perlpod
      adds  f7f5632   fix links to FormHandler
      adds  fb89357   Fix link to FormHandler
      adds  0a52c71   Fix incorrectness re :Global and :Local
      adds  a19ac5d   Merge 'altreus-is-fixing-inconsistencies' into 'trunk'
      adds  39e260e   Add link to SQLite, ensure they get version 3.
      adds  8aa1e01   Fix minor grammatical issue.
      adds  1eaebcb   Add links to the databases. Let the users see what we're 
talking about.
      adds  fb51e5f   Out of data? I think out of date is meant here.
      adds  5641c0c   Fix dead link.
      adds  a75d00f   Add link.
      adds  513ae34   Merge 'tutorial_role_updates' into 'trunk'
      adds  1e4b9ed   Patch from osfameron++
      adds  8b75173   If the others are bolded, why not this one?
      adds  4790245   Add some descriptions to the components. I'm guessing all 
of them will have to be filled in eventually.
      adds  1febc43   Link to Template [Toolkit].
      adds  bfa445e   Merge in final set of changes from wolfman2000.  A big 
thanks to wolfman2000 for the updates!
      adds  e063611   Prep for release (v5.8003)
      adds  7978689   remove several sentences which were duplicates (strange, 
this wasn't in the last release)
      adds  3dc4813   fix more uses of L<http://..|blah> (causes Test::Pod 
      adds  c12b0d3   fix typos
      adds  7c63f9e   revert my changes, L<http://|...> is okay according to 
      adds  adb0550   Require Pod::Simple which understands L<foo|url> in 
author mode. Move the Pod tests to be author only using standard mechanisms, 
make running them mandatory
      adds  ab0bd0b   fix missing username/password in Login controller
      adds  54550e1   Fixed minor typo
      adds  e272808   Moved 'Extending RenderView' at the end of the 
Controllers section, and let 'Action Types' be at the start
      adds  7cfce6e   Fixed the URL for the Catalyst flowchart
      adds  3d0b2e0   make attribute list syntax consistant
      adds  08ae25e   update output
      adds  3dfcf16   update output for request
      adds  0f1ac65   add note on server reload and finding more options
      adds  9b531c1   make killing the server a note
      adds  e7cfb0c   show output of reloaded server after updating an action
      adds  f390ee6   remove now uneeded reminders to restart the server
      adds  1dc333c   change whitespace to reflect current formatting
      adds  b66dd08   updates to tutorial for new loader and sqlite fks
      adds  658b8c2   clarified docs on pural table naming
      adds  e586b5f   fix grammar typo
      adds  c5b13dd   add PRAGMA foreign_keys = ON; to the DDL
      adds  75b13da   tutorial reference implementations are no longer tarballs 
for dev convenience
      adds  61cb69f   no need to set resultset_class with load_namespaces, and 
a couple other minor changes
      adds  e12f801   chapter 5: recommend Memcached, minor changes
      adds  78b0b5f   minor change to chapter 6 POD
      adds  da59dbe   update chapter 8 POD
      adds  96a8735   update chapter 9 formfu POD
      adds  9372a4d   update chapter 9 POD
      adds  6163536   Switch to svn for sample tutorial code Update versions
      adds  7a296c6   Use -r option for server Switch to newer stash syntax 
Some minor adjustments, version updates, fixes, etc.
      adds  f058768   Add some additional background info & links about 
auto-defined DBIC relationships Amend directions to be sure they have new 
enough C::M::DBIC::Schema & DBD::SQLite Add background info on on_connect_do 
Adjust use of "-r" on dev server and provide some background info Other misc 
      adds  f2bbfc3   Better integrate the use of "-r" into the flow. Move 
comment about styles for setting stash to earlier ch to be in sync with always 
using the "new style" Other small/misc updates
      adds  ddfbd85   Move mention of different "stash styles" to Ch2 Switch to 
consistent attribute style (":Name" vs. ": Name") as per changes started in 
early chapters
      adds  6961c90   Additional adjustments to get consistent wording & usage 
of the dev svr "-r" option
      adds  9314188   Add DBIx::Class::EncodedColumn to required packages for 
install under debian
      adds  3c70030   Add some additonal info about DBIC relationships Continue 
with making "-r" on dev server fit with the flow Put in warning about leaving 
an extra myapp.conf sitting around Misc edits and adjustments
      adds  0ed3df5   Convert tabs to spaces. Convert to $c->stash(name => 
'value') vs. $c->stash->{name} = $value
      adds  2ff4920   Add back 'libperl6-junction-perl' for pkgs to install
      adds  6c0f71e   Convert to newer style for stash Convert to -r for server 
Misc changes
      adds  2e73e2b   Add "Quick Start" section Update version information Make 
Live CD Steps include a password for ssh
      adds  195424f   Add Test::Pod to modules that get installed (use in Ch8)
      adds  af0a93c   Add note about looking for compile errors in the "server 
-r" window
      adds  f33d1dd   Update flow to assume using 0.39+ C::M::DBIC::Schema now 
that debian pkg available. Remove another reference to manually 
stopping/starting the dev svr.
      adds  a608d8c   A few minor clarifications/adjustments
      adds  aa7ff32   Convert tabs to spaces Fix "=head 2" in comment to 
"=head2" Minor adjustments
      adds  0a2a4a5   Remove now old mention of "used more than once" errors 
Fix missing indent in code block Show all of __PACKAGE__->config in DB Model
      adds  aeaa7db   Convert to use of "-r" dev server option A few formatting 
      adds  766e64b   Convert to "new style" for stash
      adds  af20a15   Prep for build
      adds  057bb79   Update credits
      adds  32f4919   remove unessessary extraneous code
      adds  40a01e5   add note about using --help
      adds  5524259   Typo fix in CatalystAndMoose.pod: 
MooseX::MethodAttribute::Role => MooseX::MethodAttributes::Role
      adds  9163f59   Indention fixes in CatalystAndMoose.pod
      adds  30fc2cd   Minor typos in FormHandler Tutorial
FILES section
      adds  1bddcc1   updated changelog for previous commit
      adds  1ab117d   start work on single conroller
      adds  f588643   make note to use default_view
      adds  fa59770   Revert "start work on single conroller"
      adds  1edbdee   rename View::TT to View::HTML
      adds  b1d4f0a   apache fastcgi/mod_deflate note per awnstudio
      adds  31e9c5e   added documentation reminder to install when 
deploying to fastcgi
      adds  33f1d5d   change created/updated columns to type "timestamp"
      adds  09455db   Fixes #57361
      adds  97e6fe8   Adjust wording for mod_perl
      adds  c71e99d   Fix erroneous "-nc" in the license on this one file (it 
was removed from all the others years ago - apparently overlooked this one)
      adds  4768184   Update year on copyright
      adds  3a44dd3   Add missing requirement for Perl6::Junction
      adds  7677609   Fix for RT #56970
      adds  d09971d   minor ambiguity report, thanks asarch
      adds  861a0cd   changed user table name to users in order to dodge 
reserved word
      adds  bf6900b   Custom error page without throwing logging away.
      adds  db24da7   we should really tag releases, or move to git
      adds  e2eed30   fix link on Manual page intro
      adds  269bc95   bump version
      adds  e541538   put use_ok into BEGIN block
      adds  4621307   Fix a typo (thanks to asarch++ on IRC)
      adds  93dcb96   fix typo
      adds  046fbe4   RT #57989: typo
      adds  583938b   RT #61486: correct MySQL
      adds  3ce71ea   RT #62095: prevent XSS
      adds  b6ff405   RT #62095: persistent message on /login
      adds  d2ef352   RT #62610: typo
      adds  f63a9a2   RT #63057: typo
      adds  8fd01b0   RT #64087: typos
      adds  ec3ef4a   RT #64126: precise name of licence
      adds  3e1a224   RT #64126: typos
      adds  0b60bbb   Fix a typo in the DBIC example
      adds  95455c7   FastMmap is not good for new users
      adds  bbdce04   Fixed relationship declaration
      adds  caf6e9c   Fix url typo in the Actions section of Intro.pod
      adds  0ed0d69   Fixing various typos.
      adds  8011b69   Update changelog
      adds  a64a3d1   RT #67820 already fixed, changelog
      adds  ff2aeb4   Add a .gitignore
      adds  e823dae   Update MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  b1c292b   Version 5.8006
      adds  a10a5c4   Update .gitignore to skip built dists
      adds  21b9043   L<Foo> is the same as L<Foo|Foo>
      adds  436f45d   Port the auth tutorial to PassphraseColumn
      adds  9c2312e   Delete hatespace
      adds  a158987   Changelog the switch to PassphraseColumn
      adds  cea5c45   Version 5.8007
      adds  2a0a055   Ignore MYMETA.yml
      adds  1b2f984   Fix wrong attribute in Flexibility section of Intro.pod
      adds  333e015   Merge remote branch 
      adds  32882a5   fix links on DevelopmentProcess
      adds  f7cd906   Merge remote branch 'origin/people/mstratman/link_fixes'
      adds  7040a6c   use relationship bridge terminology with many to many
      adds  99ef08f   Merge remote branch 'origin/people/mateu/many_to_many_pod'
      adds  6d4f27b   DevelopProcess.pod should mention git before svn, 
deep-link to git repo
      adds  d1f98ee   Merge
      adds  433f1ad   fix some typos
      adds  13dadd4   fix session -> Plugin::Session docu error in the manual 
for flash_to_stash, fixes RT #68203
      adds  fb433ec   Minor grammar fix
      adds  e4be976   Add note about updating t/view_HTML.t after adding a call 
to MyApp->path_to() in lib/MyApp/View/ so tests pass.
      adds  32cebe9   Remove suggestion to make RSS feeds with TT
      adds  c062293   Remove recurrent newbie mistake from tutorial
      adds  3d5fc70   Everything else (including some of the mysql docs) plural
      adds  a6a153e   Version 5.8008
      adds  01b62b1   Pull deployment info out
      adds  19a5b48   Fix a load of old style config statements
      adds  1d2376f   More cooked
      adds  c34dd09   Finish splitting out
      adds  45b58a8   Rip the stuff out of Engine::FastCGI in master
      adds  c62b44f   Grab the relevant docs from Catalyst::Engine::Apache
      adds  0e8eed8   Link things from ::Deployment
      adds  2d62c37   Expand
      adds  0191b43   Fix headings
      adds  eaeeb5e   Fix FIXMEs
      adds  3e00885   Tiny dinks
      adds  1c4fecd   Also ignore MYMETA.json
      adds  d250929   Version 5.8901
      adds  506ff3c   clean up whitespace
      adds  0e82033   Note that Apache 1.3 won't work with mod_perl with >= 
catalyst 5.9
      adds  17fad97   Revert "Note that Apache 1.3 won't work with mod_perl 
with >= catalyst 5.9"
      adds  5abded0   Assorted minor doc changes to Deployment sections
      adds  3871305   Trivial typo fix
      adds  b967d99   Version 5.9000
      adds  6e1417c   Clarify component configuration example
      adds  552daee   Additional link as suggested by Matt Hicks on -dev list
      adds  d782332   Fix minor typo
      adds  8c84846   Switch to metacpan
      adds  5324332   Point users to RT
      adds  7114a7d   Add place authors can stick local stuff while updating
      adds  8168726   Reformat/wrap paragraphs
      adds  040c478   Reformat/wrap paragraphs
      adds  6bd3438   Misc minor updates
      adds  a6b4cff   Misc minor updates
      adds  a562882   Update packages required
      adds  95968b6   Update version info
      adds  a8f4e28   Reformat/wrap paragraphs
      adds  b9e431e   Switch from Debian 5 to Debian 6
      adds  2217b25   Go from L<Module::Name|Module::Name> to L<Module::Name>
      adds  7a3a302   Fix minor typo
      adds  c988c8b   Lots of updates
      adds  ee53cc7   Reformat/wrap paragraphs
      adds  22fe0f1   Lots of updates
      adds  e18d15c   Reformat/wrap paragraphs
      adds  a9a6fb3   Make chapter reference a link
      adds  8fefbef   Put back in leading spaces to keep code blocks contiguous
      adds  c6b4984   Put back in leading spaces to keep code blocks contiguous
      adds  3dba69a   Put back in leading spaces to keep code blocks contiguous
      adds  b6e618b   Update for VM
      adds  01df1cc   Update for VM
      adds  d5d7ee9   Update for VM
      adds  d8e9b46   Lots of updates (incld migration to C::P::StatusMessage)
      adds  bf4d990   Reformat/wrap paragraphs
      adds  333f929   Update for VM and StatusMessage
      adds  b3876d9   Add clarification about need for "| html"
      adds  335a4fd   RT #68376
      adds  0a69983   RT #68377
      adds  0d360ef   Mention Log4perl and Log::Dispatch; fix path to match VM
      adds  20e4999   RT #68379
      adds  0e66261   Misc updates for VM release
      adds  503538b   Reformat/rewrap and add links
      adds  16d0d39   Rewrap/reformat paragraphs
      adds  fc6d2e3   Remove old ref to flash
      adds  8358866   Switch to C::P::StatusMessage
      adds  c016427   Updates for VM, switch to C::P::StatusMessage
      adds  bd8f28e   Fix many_to_many and Perl vs. perl
      adds  462f687   Update StackTrace wording
      adds  b1b6582   Update note about how to get the tutorial source code
      adds  3e29729   Add missing StackTrace
      adds  691a8b7   Remove todo
      adds  f6f24d4   Add warning to people making tutorial updates
      adds  232da04   Lots of updates for use with Tutorial Virtual Machine
      adds  24acc5d   Add "next chapter" links to the bottom of each page (RT 
      adds  d5eac60   Add comment for RT #31164
      adds  3f97ca7   Show more accurate login prompts
      adds  e684d79   Add comment about local::lib
      adds  ec5b24b   Misc updates for VM
      adds  014065c   Finalize things for VM
      adds  81a33ef   Fix pod2html warnings
      adds  d3b6155   Fix out of date link and make keepalive warning more 
      adds  bb0999d   Fix RT link, remove wrong link and fix date
      adds  89a6596   Mostly changes to avoid pod2html warnings
      adds  4f2ece8   Prep for build (v5.9001)
      adds  d35624c   Request VM feedback
      adds  5b61910   Update MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  18a544f   Merge branch 'tutorial_update_1108'
      adds  f0deaac   Add comment about $ vs # prompt
      adds  9be506a   Make MAINCOMPUTER prompt more prominent
      adds  46b6662   Add some docs about installing X Windows
      adds  477a6d5   Switch from user 'root' to 'catalyst' on VM
      adds  689db79   Reflect non-root prompt
      adds  d1598ab   Use 'sudo' to run root-level commands
      adds  09627be   Switch to Fluxbox as recommended way for X b/c of size
      adds  9afa2f9   Prep for build (v5.9002)
      adds  f1cee32   Trivial typo fix
      adds  4c33cb8   Yes, we do still emulate CAF, but let's not advertise that
      adds  a696baf   Fix mistake with auto method location
      adds  48bee5f   Note re SSL for nginx fastcgi as this is an FAQ
      adds  64775f1   Fix spelling
      adds  815bcac   chef deployment, thanks Alexey Melezhik
      adds  cbc0e76   clarified Data Dumper usage.  RT#71410 Thanks to Bill Corr
      adds  d28e06d   Hilight the importance of uncommenting the template line 
in the list action
      adds  f577e42   Changes prompted by RT 74869 (thanks William Blunn).
      adds  eb09ba2   Mention PSGI in Manual::Intro RT# 74872 (Thanks to 
William Blunn).
      adds  7c8f8c0   remove extraneous stuff oops (thanks the_jester).
      adds  7010157   terms were the wrong way round
      adds  498f110   wrong bloody URL
      adds  d38b465   Update for nginx non-root to have more info
      adds  8e728a1   Fix Pod
      adds  89dc8e9   Pointless .gitignore in wrong place
      adds  80b4913   Version 5.9003
      adds  0930053   Fixed wrong app name for socket in non-root config
      adds  420693b   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      adds  19d5a2d   update nginx+fcgi deployment guide for PSGI compat
      adds  959ce39   copy 2 lines from chapter 5 to chapter 6 code. RT 71178
      adds  57016d8   Removed mention of Catalyst::Plugin::Email and 
      adds  aa82583   some small changes to Components.
      adds  d4ee8f4   version and changes
      adds  8835e16   fix typo
      adds  9c5abba   RT 77322 fix
      adds  083e20b   Fix typo.
      adds  8c45463   Fix typo.
      adds  11bd764   Seems to make more sense that way.
      adds  3df6325   Fix typos.
      adds  0f387d9   Fix typos.
      adds  be09394   Typos and minor style fixes.
      adds  69d57cd   Fix typos.
      adds  a1de5b6   Some typos and minor style fixes.
      adds  eec35f6   RT 78545 minor typos
      adds  689b0b1   Note use_request_uri_for_path directly in IIS7 docs
      adds  3ea31f0   Fix repository URI in metadata
      adds  c07b194   warning about IIS inferred from conversation with frew 
and mailing list threads
      adds  8ced286   bump version
      adds  2857be0   Fix missing = in =head1
      adds  a7a910e   Prep for build (V5.9006)
      adds  d302068   correct repo URL
      adds  a8d9d22   RT #83398: Patch to fix POD warnings
      adds  7af3a61   typo: correct file name
      adds  8a80e15   include the r/w repo spec for contributors
      adds  61faa55   fix missing Changes entries
      adds  53fbd68   bump version for release
      adds  5fd4501   changelog for next release
      adds  7e4aa7c   add =encoding to make pod tests happy
      adds  68559a7   fix mispaste in Changelog
      adds  5c54246   fixed typo (link) (from mauke)
      adds  6570c3a   grammar; minor correction to namespace references
      adds  be3349e   fix methods and action names to match the next example 
(which is supposed to be equivalent)
      adds  7fcc54f   typo
      adds  030e99c   use proper markup for code snippet
      adds  0497a2a   remove deprecated package (older versions will still live 
in the index to contain the deprecation notice)
      adds  834c324   remove references to M/V/C directories (deprecated for at 
least 5 years)
      adds  608ea8a   fix autocomplete error (RT#91544)
      adds  0254134   one more typo (thanks Zoffix!)
      adds  e0dfa38   fix backwards link
      adds  5336f54   Fix typos
      adds  400fa4c   Fix typo (RT#91747)
      adds  6ee38e2   Remove "5.80 latest" dead link
      adds  dc19927   Add a missing L pod command
      adds  4307eb1   Fix capitalization in L<...> so links work in HTML.
      adds  3f60663   changelog for next release
      adds  840f08a   convert packaging from Module::Install to Distar; bump 
script somewhat modified to deal with different version formatting
      adds  5446cbc   make bump
      adds  b86fa46   fix dead link (RT#96342)
      adds  47363f8   fix typos in example commands (RT#89475)
      adds  4ad342e   fix pod link (RT#80361)
      adds  d07ce79   Template Toolkit is used in the tutorial, so install this 
too (RT#78646)
      adds  f6fb02d   Release commit for 5.9008
      adds  8f19d4d   Fixed typo (RT#99132)
      adds  b6e53c1   Fix DBIC::Schema helper invocation examples (RT#100597)
      adds  7dae181   fixed lots of markup
      adds  3656a65   mark :Regex and :LocalRegex as deprecated
      adds  ac93bae   bump version to 5.9009
      adds  81abd7f   changelog for 5.9009
      adds  b9ebe73   Release commit for 5.9009
      adds  0d1c63d   Imported Upstream version 5.9009
       new  8835188   Merge tag 'upstream/5.9009'
       new  42d99e1   Update debian/changelog
       new  6fa381d   Update changelog info generated by dpt
       new  14d239e   Declare compliance with Debian policy 3.9.6
       new  624636f   Set debhelper >= 9
       new  3b04f13   Add autopkgtest-pkg-perl
       new  6b70cf3   Add module name in package description
       new  8a4d984   Release libcatalyst-manual-perl 5.9009-1 to unstable

The 10 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                                            |  4 +++
 META.json                                          |  4 +--
 META.yml                                           |  4 +--
 debian/changelog                                   | 15 ++++++--
 debian/compat                                      |  2 +-
 debian/control                                     |  7 ++--
 debian/upstream/metadata                           |  8 +++++
 lib/Catalyst/                             |  2 +-
 lib/Catalyst/Manual/Cookbook.pod                   |  2 +-
 lib/Catalyst/Manual/Intro.pod                      | 40 ++++++++++++----------
 lib/Catalyst/Manual/Tutorial/04_BasicCRUD.pod      |  2 +-
 lib/Catalyst/Manual/Tutorial/05_Authentication.pod |  6 ++--
 lib/Catalyst/Manual/Tutorial/10_Appendices.pod     |  6 ++--
 13 files changed, 65 insertions(+), 37 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata

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