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      from  403ce4a   update changelog
       new  000d32a   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  8d5613f   Update debian/changelog
      adds  9e447f9   Big checkin of the Session plugin
      adds  9a9252c   Perltidy + restore of lost test fixes
      adds  69da5f6   Add Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Test::Store
      adds  3716071   releng of session stuff
      adds  c80e9f0   Releng, test fixes, bug fixes for Session plugins
      adds  300eb46   live_app.t for Catalyst::Plugin::Session
      adds  a596c78   Catalyst::Plugin::Session-  reccomend some modules for 
live_app.t to run
      adds  229a5b5   Catalyst::Plugin::Session - SYNOPSIS expanded, full pod 
      adds  45c0711   Perltidy + pod tests for all session plugins
      adds  99b2191   Override dump_these in session to add dump session info
      adds  a0dc265   Session plugin depends on 5.49, not 5.50
      adds  a2e8f3f   fix prereqs for Catalyst::Plugin::Session
      adds  7d139ee   remove use of List::Util::first due to leaking
      adds  3f18246   Session, fixed prepare_action to do its work before 
passing control to other plugins
      adds  a92c8ae   Better documentation of when exactly session related 
things happen
      adds  71666e0   ACL + tests misc fixes for the authen, authz::roles move 
dummy session store out of t/lib so that it's reusable
      adds  29543a6   Improve debugging messages for C::P::Session
      adds  7ae1753   Build.PL, prereq stuff for C::P::Session
      adds  52ef8b2   Pod coverage for C::P::Session::Store::Dummy
      adds  d45028d   Boilerplate for C::P::Session
      adds  4568f2b   Fix broken pod
      adds  3631621   AUTHORS section for C::P::Session
      adds  15ee2fd   Fixed
      adds  8f0b4c1   Doc improvements for C::P::Session
      adds  b1cd7d7   Version update
      adds  fb1a4ac   Teensy tiny doc fixed
      adds  cc40ae4   Fix LICNESE typo
      adds  8c7e922   Doc fixes to C::P::Session from Uwe
      adds  0974ac0   Refactor guts of C::P::Session to use _session and not 
{session}, add validate_sessionid method
      adds  aba9c04   Add Test::Exception to C::P::Session prereqs
      adds  baa9db9   Silly doc fix for C::P::Session
      adds  b7acf64   $c->session_expire_key
      adds  873f701   Untested $c->flash
      adds  29d1541   Lazy loading session data
      adds  a552e4b   changelog + doc fixes for C::P::Session
      adds  07e714d   Document $c->flash
      adds  da9aa7d   Test the flash feature of C::P::Session
      adds  9b0fa2a   Flash data is now in a separately prefixed session 
storage thingy
      adds  ea972e9   More refactoring of green things in general
      adds  78476ce   $c->flash can also create a session id
      adds  19c130c   flash_to_stash goodness
      adds  68fd02a   Some doc fixes and updates for C::P::Session
      adds  5faaa4b   Session, fixed bug in algorithm detection, it was always 
choosing SHA-256
      adds  d44bc68   Change method of expiry timestamp storage in Session, and 
write only if necessary. Breaks unit tests, but not live tests - some one 
please fix if you care.
      adds  d5ecbf7   unbreak backwards compatibility
      adds  09162d2   zap t/02session_data.t
      adds  4207ce8   Changelog, version bump
      adds  10c7207   pod fix
      adds  eb14a50   Add Object::Signature to prereqs of Session
      adds  7a02371   Workaround for Cache::FastMmap limitation in Session
      adds  d0e0cfb   version bump C::P::Session
      adds  6687905   the great $c->session_expires refactoring
      adds  ab634fe   Docs and a little more fixing for $c->session_expires
      adds  7db1c46   changelog for C::P::Session
      adds  ea1410b   Document new store semantics for Session in 
      adds  f420593   missing values are not errors, Store doc
      adds  f882799   Doc tweaks to C::P::Session::Store
      adds  4ccdbb0   Doc tweaks to C::P::Session::Store
      adds  23fbca0   make $c->flash not delete unless $c->flash was actually 
touched, "to allow multiple redirects" ;-)
      adds  44ab6d1   Document the new $c->flash "feature"
      adds  5d8cc4c   Session: fixed version to 0.05
      adds  a01af53   Session TODO
      adds  124488f   Remove warnings from C::P::Session test suite
      adds  bab8b74   gphat's undef patch
      adds  d81306e   Added test to be sure that sessionid cannot be stomped!
      adds  021ca3a   add Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Tutorial
      adds  168d681   Fix scenario where only flash is used (as opposed to 
flash AND session)
      adds  8478f63   Fix unit test (code uses $c->log->warn now)
      adds  f4d79f8   Better flash expiration policy
      adds  bf6bd31   lame docs for KD's request
      adds  e03587a   Added tests for sanely persistent flash.  Will re-commit 
when I know if they work as expected.
      adds  2e41245   kd's tests updated, code fixed
      adds  47ca362   remove Carp::longmess from
      adds  f30b987   gave flash persistence tests a number
      adds  975728f   fixed test numbering b0rkage
      adds  e5b2372   Session changes, no docs Expiry protocol changed State 
plugins now implement get_session_id, set_session_id and delete_session_id
      adds  4c79feb   Make session extension a more explicit even of State 
plugins as well
      adds  fffeb18   delete_session is not an internal method
      adds  3759f39   zap bad test
      adds  1dbf4cd   Various refactorings and fixes for the session plugin's 
lazy loading
      adds  b92ce60   fix session_is_valid
      adds  c6eaa93   Help out state plugins a bit more
      adds  6f327a6   Changelog for C::P::Session
      adds  2b66193   Skip Build.PL in C::P::Session
      adds  708dd5f   version bump
      adds  340449a   releng for C::P::Session
      adds  98e7eba   Update second test
      adds  ec270ef   0.08.... *sigh*
      adds  88e5cd3   Remove hanging =back from Tutorial
      adds  ec299c0   Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Test::Store fix
      adds  9760b70   correct order of session data finalization
      adds  23a2bf1   releng for Session 0.10
      adds  260b14c   more session finalization cleanups
      adds  8f23652   releng for C::P::Session 0.012 - minor refactorings for 
      adds  4972769   various changes to C::P::Session, including clear_flash
      adds  d3e0ff8   fix the session/mock object problem
      adds  177c24f   changelog + version bump C::P::Session
      adds  99ad8ae   Found a bug in clear_flash
      adds  5a1f6ed   fix tests for clear_flash (mocking was bad)
      adds  33641c1   changing default behavior to NOT check IP address of 
      adds  c939682   Can now do $c->flash( key => param ) just like $c->stash
      adds  8655385   released 0.14
      adds  0466f6c   croak needs Carp!
      adds  2cf2efb   a typo and a link fixed
      adds  2a323f6   Just fixing a typo in the pod I noticed
      adds  3876194   releng
      adds  99a2e11   change finalize() to redispatch before saving session so 
other finalize methods have access to it
      adds  6053401   make sure finalize_session() is called after all other 
finalize() methods have run
      adds  4ad471e   cleanups; call to config() was unneeded
      adds  455d713   add check to make sure finalize_session() was actually 
      adds  84f65b2   foo
      adds  2c1e330   foo
      adds  cfb5031   foo
      adds  bcdad40   foo
      adds  325f6ef   foo
      adds  c48f1a4   fo
      adds  2a45c03   foo
      adds  c4dc7ba   foo
      adds  ab46e81   nasty hack
      adds  d505302   nasty hack
      adds  e3496e4   update changes file with some release dates and RT info
      adds  ccc7755   update cookie BEFORE sending to user; change finalize to 
finalize_headers so that expiry is extended even when streaming
      adds  462e524   we can't run finalize AFTER response is set; so deleteing 
test that ensures this
      adds  2e8bf31   change finalize to finalize_headers in test also (maybe 
should be finalize_session?!)
      adds  d3c9712   move finalization to finalize but keep header munging in 
finalize_headers; re-add finalize test; update POD
      adds  f6009ca   whitespace fix
      adds  509f9b2   foo
      adds  c214c89   version bump
      adds  431b4eb   foo
      adds  1961343   foo
      adds  7048c24   switch to module::install
      adds  bfa4f9c   typo fixing
      adds  52feb18   Unfuck Makefile.PL
      adds  d423b91   Add shipit config
      adds  eb25051   flash data is now stored inside the session
      adds  92eaec3   finalize session before sending HTTP headers
      adds  2842d93   Merge flash in session and finalize before sending 
response patches
      adds  fe0d5eb   Switch to MRO::Compat's maybe::next::method. I could 
probably use just next::method for some of these, but I'm feeling paranoid
      adds  7550f09   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.19_01.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  c5af59b   Add irc log of conversation about where ::Session should 
go, so next time this comes up I can link it in channel and we've got a 
starting point for discussion
      adds  87ed529   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.20.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  66017cb   PAUSE hates me, didn't notice in the dev release as they 
aren't indexed. These packages shouldn't be PAUSE visible, so hide them.
      adds  fff59d6   switch from CAF to Moose (fixes bug raised in 
      adds  c0c50a2   If we're doing this, we're doing it with namespace clean
      adds  32c879d   some helpful diag
      adds  53aa145   require specific versions
      adds  93fd6a1   require specific versions
      adds  eee1173   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.21.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  06e8ee7   Bump required Module::Install version in everything. 
      adds  3253438   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.22.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  c635e92   Fix .shipit after the move
      adds  73d1f3a   No session fixation I can see here
      adds  42117cb   Add repository resource to all the MI Makefile.PLs
      adds  06c621b   C::Plugin::Session - branche for verify_user_agent option
      adds  b97042c   Merge verify_user_agent branch
      adds  e79a686   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.23.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  f8f8174   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.24.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  5104edb   Fixed minor grammar in Tutorial.pod
      adds  e108bc2   C::P::Session - branche session_fixation: more 
sophisticated tests for session_fixation
      adds  0ade68b   C::P::Session - branche session_fixation: new method 
change_session_id (incl. doc), new session_fixation tests pass, tested with a 
real application as well
      adds  af1e4bc   Changelog, attribute kmx, strip trailing whitespace
      adds  3e2a53a   minor change that unfucks ::State::URI (provided by 
      adds  a4bd569   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.26.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  6945eb5   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.26.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  064c370   Tidy up config namespace and the TestApps
      adds  9a50355   Bump versions for dev release. Clean up other mentions of 
      adds  f8bad6f   Ignore .git from MANIFEST
      adds  5b30cf8   Add .gitignore.
      adds  1c4a1a4   Version 0.27.
      adds  836b0a1   Fix session fixation tests, kentnl++
      adds  42eec4a   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.28.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  a491a59   Code, test, docs.
      adds  894dd59   Merge 'accessor_change' into 'trunk'
      adds  bb5f369   Changelog
      adds  3c2ec89   Added a failing test for a situation that occurs when you 
have a cookie for a session that's expired.  If you subsequently call 
'session_is_valid' in the same request, the newly created session is deleted 
for being expired, despite the fact it was just created.
      adds  cb10402   This patch makes it so that the expiry is not looked up 
in the underlying store when a session has not yet committed to the store. 
Probably not the most graceful way to do it, but it works.
      adds  093e102   Merge 'session_deleted_bug' into 'trunk'
      adds  e8ce575   Changelog
      adds  d966a05   Small cleanups
      adds  382d609   Bump versions
      adds  2f038cb   requred -> required, begining -> beginning
      adds  b6dae3d   Clarify docs
      adds  c0430ac   Fix Makefile.PL's is_upgrading_needed() routine (RT 
      adds  5d56ebd   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.30.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  2110d07   Fix over-long example of forever session.
      adds  834ab0b   Fix RT#58856
      adds  20a21dc   Optimisation - only save session if data added by 
      adds  3b667f7   Back out, breaks shit
      adds  f4f7330   Version 0.31
      adds  2a1463d   Test for verify address and fix reset __address
      adds  b212d3b   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.32.
      adds  d32c2b5   fix extend_session_expires to extend the current session 
      adds  d0a11c1   Add MYMETA to yaml
      adds  94222de   Move call to _save_session_expires to finalize_session
      adds  7febc06   Clarify the comment here, it was causing confusion
      adds  ad3142b   Version 0.33
      adds  83a3f0e   tests pass for address change test per
      adds  1cc0918   tooting my own horn, added myself to contributors section
      adds  32f9709   removed trailing hatespace
      adds  f2993f2   updated Changes and bumped version
      adds  f9515ef   updated git repo metadata
      adds  618c210   Merge branch 'master' into tags/0.32
      adds  76b677b   updated changes
      adds  a2e23c0   call 'extend_session_expires' in 'session_expires'
      adds  182d946   add test for extend_session_expires
      adds  601be17   implement 'change_session_expires'
      adds  fa02211   tweak doc for 'change_session_expires'
      adds  f851ba4   Skip test if we don't have the cookie state module yet
      adds  02323f3   Ignore MYMETA
      adds  0455600   Make author tests properly author only
      adds  f394eae   Fix Pod coverage
      adds  221e3f2   Changelog
      adds  a3dc40a   Version 0.35
      adds  743fb44   Skip MYMETA.json
      adds  24c1039   Fix VERSIOON, eugh
      adds  ea548a8   Revert "Move call to _save_session_expires to 
      adds  1b41775   expand t/cat_test.t to test session with authentication
      adds  71bde3b   add some tests to t/cat_test.t
      adds  df76da4   Chop out crap that is not needed
      adds  f4e8370   Fix tests
      adds  e7e91d8   Version 0.36
      adds  d7cb232   Fix RT#81506
      adds  06d0ceb   Version 0.37
      adds  d681594   Fix typo
      adds  dd7f087   C<< requires space after << and before >>
      adds  f30f78e   Prototype implementation of expiry_threshold, with POD
      adds  c31fa45   Removed useless parameter
      adds  0421e89   Added tests for expiry threshold
      adds  4bb2f00   Added _get_stored_session_expires method w/related code 
      adds  e4f489f   Updated Makefile.PL appropriately
      adds  079b2fb   Fixed so that session_expires == stored session expires
      adds  076c159   Updated POD
      adds  9cfd00b   updated version and changlog in prep for release
      adds  3d03a2b   Fixed bug with updating session when expiry_threshold is 
      adds  3217bc8   Updated POD w.r.t. contributors
      adds  7b42017   Updated Changes
      adds  2656f7b   upped version, prep release
      adds  6afac92   finalize session earlier
      adds  3ebdf42   make early finalization an option
      adds  fda0363   docs
      adds  2790acd   prep meta data for release
      adds  3d5587f   Imported Upstream version 0.40
       new  93e4b86   Merge tag 'upstream/0.40'
       new  df49d63   Update debian/changelog
       new  24d6b12   Update changelog info generated by dpt
       new  87d0708   Set debhelper >= 9
       new  fe4c651   Declare compliance with Debian policy 3.9.6
       new  4de78cd   Add autopkgtest-pkg-perl
       new  4873a55   Set year of upstream copyright
       new  7c038b4   Release libcatalyst-plugin-session-perl 0.40-1 to unstable

The 10 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                              |  5 +++++
 META.yml                             | 16 ++++++++--------
 debian/changelog                     | 15 +++++++++++++--
 debian/compat                        |  2 +-
 debian/control                       |  5 +++--
 debian/copyright                     | 23 ++++++++++++-----------
 debian/upstream/metadata             |  5 +++++
 inc/Module/                | 22 +++++++++++++---------
 inc/Module/Install/           |  2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/            |  2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/          |  2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/       |  4 ++--
 inc/Module/Install/       |  6 +++---
 inc/Module/Install/          |  2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/       |  2 +-
 lib/Catalyst/Plugin/       |  8 +++++---
 lib/Catalyst/Plugin/Session/ | 12 ++++++++++++
 17 files changed, 87 insertions(+), 46 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata

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