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kanashiro-guest pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/0.33
in repository libcatalyst-plugin-static-simple-perl.

        at  abd399f   (tag)
   tagging  56f463b0e70f1bea8143a494ad8588728699102e (commit)
  replaces  upstream/0.32
 tagged by  Lucas Kanashiro
        on  Wed Aug 12 16:02:12 2015 -0300

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.33
Version: GnuPG v1


Alastair McGowan-Douglas (7):
      Fix and test failure to merge include paths
      Release date in changes
      Forgot to add the TestLog class I created
      tidy up cargo-culted stuff
      Blitz CRLF line endings
      Functionally void: Replace CRLF with LF

Alexander Hartmaier (9):
      Change configuration key to 'Plugin::Static::Simple' by default.
      fixed Changes
      Version 0.30
      Updated docs to reflect config key change from 'static' to 
      mention RT#77709 in Changes
      added information to Changes that the repository has been migrated from 
svn to git
      fix MIME::Types 2.xx compatibility be removing call to an undocumented 
      bump the MIME::Types requirement to 2.03
      version 0.31

Andy Grundman (33):
      Imported Static::Simple 0.05
      Released Static::Simple 0.06:
      Released Static::Simple 0.07, preparing for 0.08
      Released Static::Simple 0.08 - Added tests for everything except Apache 
      Static::Simple, pre-0.09
      Static::Simple, few tweaks to the no_logs support
      Static::Simple, added failing test for subrequest NEXT problem
      Static::Simple 0.09, ignore common template file extensions, 
ignore_extensions/ignore_dirs config options
      Static::Simple, released 0.09
      Static::Simple, add date to Changes
      Static::Simple 0.10, replaced slurp for 5.5+, removed Apache feature, 
added tt2 ignored extension
      Static::Simple, better detection of SubRequest version
      Static::Simple, fixed warning in test, perlcritic tweaks
      Released Static::Simple 0.10
      Changed Static::Simple to pass an IO::File object to res->body
      Set binmode on static files for win32 support
      Static::Simple, documented internal methods for coverage, fixed binmode 
      Removed the 304 Not Modified code from Static::Simple, it breaks under 
      Released Static::Simple 0.11
      Static::Simple 0.12, play nice with other plugins
      Static::Simple, added path security fix
      Static::Simple 0.13, fixed win32 bug in ignore_dirs
      Static::Simple 0.14, fix for files with spaces
      Static::Simple 0.15, fixed issue where dirs config option did not quote 
      Static::Simple 0.16 - fix 204/304 bug under mod_perl.   Allow files in 
static dirs defined by 'dirs' to be served even if they match ignore_dirs or 
      Static::Simple 0.16
      Static::Simple: Added serve_static_file patch from groditi, plus tests
      Static::Simple 0.17
      Static::Simple: Support a less confusing way to enable logging
      Static::Simple 0.18
      Static::Simple 0.19, fixed a test that fails on some systems
      Add tab test to all my modules
      Static::Simple 0.20, fixed static dirs regex and added content-type 
text/html to 404 responses (Will Hawes)

Brian Cassidy (1):
      switch to Module::Install

David Kamholz (1):
      clean up Static::Simple, remove classdata

Florian Ragwitz (11):
      Switching to MRO::Compat also fixes RT#44553.
      Bump prereq to MIME::Types to 1.25.
      Changelog jester's doc changes.
      Exclude git files from MANIFEST.
      Version 0.21.
      Add test for delivering empty files.
      Require the soon-to-be-release version 5.80008 of -Runtime.
      Add .gitignore.
      Remove autogenerated README from version control.
      Version 0.22.

Graham Knop (1):
      update repo metadata

Henry Van Styn (4):
      Turns off logger 'autoflush' - required by new Catalyst API
      version 0.32
      Added Travis config (based on cfg from Catalyst)
      Merge branch 'master' into travis

Jess Robinson (1):
      Doc patch from initself, clarify static files dir

Jesse Sheidlower (3):
      Doc rewriting for Static::Simple
      Added details of Aliasing filesystem paths to Using with Apache docs 
      tweaked doc to cover deploying to root location in VH

John Napiorkowski (2):
      Merge branch 'master' of
      updated changes

Jos Boumans (1):
      * make it clear your application must generate a 404 or a file if 
static::simple can't find the file requested

Justin Wheeler (3):
      Moving code around so $@ is only checked if eval is called, since it 
      Ugly test script to verify $@ out-of-scope issue is fixed.
      changelog entry

Lucas Kanashiro (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.33

Marcus Ramberg (2):
      added todo to manifest.
      added support for squishing logs.

Matt S Trout (4):
      fix config key
      fixup copyright for Static::Simple
      from override to around, because that actually works
      bump version and add release line to Changes

Toby Corkindale (1):
      Add Cache-Control:public header

Tomas Doran (24):
      Change from NEXT to MRO::Compat - RT#40628
      May be the last setup method
      Fix docs in Static::Simple.
      Bump required Module::Install version in everything. janus++
      Add repository resource to all the MI Makefile.PLs
      Back out accidental commit
      Revert config key change which broke all the tests and provided no back 
compat. svn diff -r9644:9643 . | patch -p0
      Ignore props
      Fix warnings in new Catalyst
      Bump versions
      I don't need .gitignore in my dist, ta
      Version 0.25
      Test actually dies hard due to that division, fix to just die and so get  
      Bump dep for tests
      Bump versions
      Ignore built dists
      Be less fugly
      I clearly failed to actually ship that fix to the failure, do so now
      Switch to being a Moose role
      Don't override setup, rather hook setup_finalize otherwise as a role we 
won't play nicely with other plugins
      Cleanup author tests
      Bump versions
      Bug fix for debug mode from RT#53338
      Bump version


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