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kanashiro-guest pushed a change to branch master
in repository libclass-c3-perl.

      from  0d070e1   move IGNORE-VERSION to the top
       new  e95bd7e   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  b942519   Update debian/changelog
      adds  2d65439   creating the Class-C3 dir
      adds  95bebf8   verison 0.01 of Class-C3
      adds  15eeb54   adding a TODO list
      adds  6a8a367   whoopse forgot the changelog and to update the MANIFEST
      adds  d401eda   pre-0.02 checkin
      adds  60de85f   more tweaks
      adds  d0e2efe   0.02 release
      adds  5d5c86d   Class::C3 - 0.05 release
      adds  4e47d2a   version with the better diagnostics
      adds  680100b   Class::C3 - overload fix
      adds  f7facd7   Class::C3 - 0.07 release;
      adds  ac6b091   Class::C3 - version 0.08 for release
      adds  494799c   hmm
      adds  e90e14c   damn C3
      adds  5dd9299   whoops
      adds  7bb662d    I am an idiot
      adds  bad9dc5   Class-C3 - the real 0.08, released as 0.09
      adds  08c2921   0.10
      adds  2ffffc6   version 0.11
      adds  58f0eaf   0.11
      adds  d304984   0.11 stuff
      adds  51aae17   final 0.11
      adds  5f01eb5   changes
      adds  322a592   applying patch from Robert Norris for next::can
      adds  fa91a1c   Applying Patch from Robert Norris again
      adds  476aa1b   foo
      adds  f480cda   0_12
      adds  f4a893b   use Alg::C3 0.05 persistent merge cache parameter, 
VERSION/Changes for 0.13
      adds  3044605   setting release date for 0.13
      adds  ff16860   version bump + potential fix for #12558
      adds  6262b4c   convert to Module::Build
      adds  0d6538b   add generated MANIFEST
      adds  7cab475   Changes update for 0.14 release
      adds  2723529   MANIFEST updated by Build.PL
      adds  620971c   meta stuff for 0.14_01
      adds  f093ecf   no need to be 0.14_01 just yet...
      adds  60cddcc   make new branch for PurePerl
      adds  ecb0388   break out most of the code to ::PurePerl
      adds  7f657ca   updated for core support
      adds  62802f6   latest sync-ed up c3.patch against perl-current
      adds  8fca9ed   new c3.patch with next::method in core, new changes here 
to support it this branch is now getting ugly, will probably wipe it and take 
some of the diffs to a new branch soon, this PurePerl in the package name thing 
was a poor idea
      adds  dbf1c4a   NEXT/next::method thing needed updated for removal of the 
c3 assumption in next::method
      adds  e86d671   got rid of PurePerl in classnames, fixed up a few other 
things, possible alpha release soon
      adds  8d45f44   fix pod coverage, etc
      adds  663e8dc   0.15_01 final changes (includes final patch, works with 
normal and patched perls)
      adds  030b48e   Fix for overloading to method name string, from Ittetsu 
      adds  43dddf8   Merge 'trunk' into 'Class-C3-PurePerl'
      adds  0a4d4e2   Class::C3::XS support
      adds  dd6d58f   0.15_02, supports Class::C3::XS
      adds  ff5d583   replace patch with link
      adds  c926270   manifest update
      adds  f29041c   0.15_05, assumes 5.9.5 has patch
      adds  bfcddb6   new overload fallback fixes, matches the behavior of 
normal overload and overload+c3 in blead
      adds  cd8d362   Merge 'trunk' into 'Class-C3-PurePerl'
      adds  60e3751   support XS calc_mdt, improved BEGIN block
      adds  5621542   Module::Install, small things
      adds  2d8ea98   oops, fix META.yml
      adds  09cd5d3   Merge 'Class-C3-PurePerl' into 'trunk'
      adds  9ecc7ab   0.16 release changes
      adds  c578562   remove Build.PL from dist, release 0.17
      adds  ebcf148   0.18 (require XS 0.04)
      adds  14178c4   added new test file for goto on next::method, etc
      adds  0c2e9b7   0.19, to push XS 0.07 fixes
      adds  2662690   arg, Makefile.PL/README updates, not critical
      adds  a469423   a test that checks no warnings are generated when 
MRO::Compat is loaded before Class::C3
      adds  ed5a217   stop the redefine warnings?
      adds  2d03114   demand Module::Install 0.75
      adds  93e4bb3   Update MANIFEST.
      adds  4a840d4   Version 0.20.
      adds  ba3ac13   Remove fake Build.PL. Module::Install doesn't support it 
      adds  6daca07   Stop using auto_install in Makefile.PL. Its use is 
strongly discouraged.
      adds  656e026   Exclude dotfiles from MANIFEST.SKIP.
      adds  841060b   Remove MANIFEST. It's generated from MANIFEST.SKIP.
      adds  c5fb024   Remove README. It's generated by Makefile.PL.
      adds  5da1604   Add .gitignore.
      adds  97d5154   Whitespace cleanup.
      adds  d5af0c4   Version 0.21.
      adds  a86fb54   Make it clear you should use MRO::Compat not this
      adds  3dc6261   Version 0.22.
      adds  7eb0468   Fix various doc errors
      adds  10d61ed   Version 0.23
      adds  e861fe1   Require Class::C3::XS if a compiler is available
      adds  6e2617b   Version 0.24
      adds  321a86a   Fix POD typo
      adds  0382e71   More POD typos (RT#77453)
      adds  38a897e   We don't always need Devel::Hide (RT#81106)
      adds  e3c0c9d   Use EUMM instead of MI, drop compatibility back to 5.6.0
      adds  2266be0   Make sure PP test re-run works on space containing paths
      adds  cf11b23   Fix SYNOPSIS to actually be executable (RT#78327) Also 
stop using 'B' as it brings a spurious Exporter inheritance into the mix
      adds  d31fd50   More typo fixes (thanks to D. Steinbrunner)
      adds  8460582   Version 0.25
      adds  4dcc132   use ExtUtils::CBuilder if available by reversing broken 
      adds  ef29cd7   remove extraneous garbage from tests
      adds  eb1b0f2   update changelog
      adds  aaa36b5   version 0.26
      adds  8473355   declare min perl version in meta
      adds  9ab3d5c   distar-ify
      adds  18fbaf5   distar fixes
      adds  cd12aa4   bump version
      adds  1362057   update changes
      adds  ae76c40   Release commit for 0.27
      adds  e63446b   update Makefile.PL boilerplate
      adds  983b40a   use link for dylan paper as original has gone 
      adds  471e6fd   changelog for dylan link change
      adds  0a012da   fix maybe::next version
      adds  7c43642   Bumping version to 0.28
      adds  48f0093   move pod tests to xt
      adds  0374fc2   pod tests required for author mode
      adds  fdaef9c   Release commit for 0.28
      adds  bb97baa   Imported Upstream version 0.28
       new  32901c1   Merge tag 'upstream/0.28'
       new  409bad5   Update debian/changelog
       new  1370a0d   Update changelog info generated by dpt
       new  747e367   Bump debhelper compatibility level to 9
       new  5d17cf6   Declare compliance with Debian policy 3.9.6
       new  22684b4   Add autopkgtest-pkg-perl
       new  4fa5246   Update build dependencies
       new  113b516   Release libclass-c3-perl 0.28-1 to unstable

The 10 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                  |  4 +++
 MANIFEST                 |  4 +--
 META.json                |  4 +--
 META.yml                 |  4 +--
 Makefile.PL              | 84 +++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------
 README                   |  3 +-
 debian/changelog         | 15 ++++++---
 debian/compat            |  2 +-
 debian/control           | 11 +++----
 debian/upstream/metadata |  8 +++++
 lib/Class/          |  4 +--
 lib/Class/C3/     |  4 +--
 t/pod.t                  | 11 -------
 t/pod_coverage.t         | 13 --------
 xt/pod.t                 |  8 +++++
 xt/pod_coverage.t        |  8 +++++
 16 files changed, 99 insertions(+), 88 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 delete mode 100644 t/pod.t
 delete mode 100644 t/pod_coverage.t
 create mode 100644 xt/pod.t
 create mode 100644 xt/pod_coverage.t

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